How Adriana Lima Got Her Body Back for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

12/04/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Adriana Lima
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With just eight weeks between the birth of daughter Sienna and the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion ShowAdriana Lima wasted no time hitting the ring.

Taking three weeks off to recover from the delivery, Lima had the five remaining weeks to prepare — and she did, following an intense workout plan designed by her trainer of six years, Michael Olajide, Jr. of Aerospace NYC. According to the model’s fitness guru, Lima’s “working weight” varies depending on what project she’s working on but for the brand’s big event, “she wanted to be more defined and athletic.”

But before the bombshell could start Olajide’s cardio muscle aeroboxing endurance plan, “her doctor had [to give] her a clear pass to do everything we’d done together before,” he explains. “Adriana’s metabolism had slowed down, and that’s what happens when you’re nesting, but we had to get her burning 24/7.”

He’s not kidding: “We were doing four to six hours every day, seven days a week,” Olajide shares.

Starting at 9 a.m., Lima’s twice-daily workouts included 20 to 30 minutes on an exercise bike, followed by 20 to 30 minutes of core work and a “quick-reflex” shadowboxing routine created by Olajide, a former middleweight boxing champion. Next, the mom-of two would don real boxing gloves and practice punching combinations to learn speed and power, followed by glute and leg sculpting exercises, and a rigorous jump-roping routine finished with stretching.

Sound exhausting? That’s just her morning workout. “She’d head home to be with the family and the babies and then, pow! She’d come back that night from 5 to 8 p.m.,” he marvels. “It was incredible to see that type of dedication and fortitude.”

Although Lima came under fire for her pre-show diet last year, Olajide ensures she’s responsible about her health.

“Adriana enjoys her food. She eats anything from chocolate mousse to steak and hamburgers,” he says. “But when it’s time to prepare for something, she has the discipline to prepare for it.”

This time around, that also meant working with a nutritionist to cut out salt and seasonings, and eating steamed dark greens and lean proteins. “It was a roller coaster, but she’s a fighter. She just bit down on her mouthguard and got it done.”

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

— Catherine Kast

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Isla on

How sad is it that Adriana missed out on the first few weeks of her newborn’s life so that she could walk down the runway in an overpriced bra, set unrealistic expectations for womens’ body images and appease the superficial male pyche, yet again. Isn’t the true remarkable accomplishment that she gave birth to a human being weeks ago? Guess not.

Lauren on

If you look at her body she’s not super skinny and yes she was still with her child. But when you’re paid millions of dollars, you have to do what you have to do because she’s not going to be modeling forever. Plus she’s only modeling for Victoria’s Secret. Stop being a hater. She looks good and muscular and she’s doin her job to support her kids. You probably own a few of their bras. They may be expensive but they’ll last you.

Lauren on

Yeah you don’t get a maternity leave when you’re a model. You get paid by the job.

Holly on


Lauren on

Fear Ida all this chick isn’t paper thin Get over yourself and stop trying to bring a girl down. If he was starving herself then she has no reason to have a personal trainer let alone have 2 kids. The girl did what she did to get for for her job

Kate on

I’m pretty sure it says right there that after her morning work out she’s at home with her 2 kids every day until 5. Stop being so judgemental the baby is so young it’s asleep when she’s gone I’m sure.

Lauren on

She could’ve spent time with her child but nobody told her to sign a contract to say she’s be in the show this year. Oh an no there bras are not over priced. Sorry you can’t afford to get a good bra but your just another hater

Lauren on

If you watched the show, she wasn’t super skinny and she did have a little belly but she always had an athletic build to me. More power to Victoria secret cause some of those girls looked average in looks tonight

Sara on

Totally agree with Isla. Besides that little helpless baby surely understands that its mother can’t be with her because she needs to do her job. As it seems Adriana is also NOT breastfeeding and therefore denying her daughter the best just to workout hard and then walk down the catwalk for the fashion industry that gives a damn about her. But her baby cares! And has needs that now will be satisfied by …a nanny?! Truly sad.

Deanna on

That is the most ignorant comment ever. Anyone talkin bad about er working out ‘so soon’ let me ask who are YOU to say when she can & cannot work out? She’s a world known supermodel that is not here on earth to please you. It clearly states she spends time with her family in between workouts. Don’t judge someone when most of you go back to working your daily job a month after birth also. Read before you type people.

Ghl on

You clearly can’t read. Nowhere in that article does it say she missed fact it says she took the first month off.

anna on

It’s not like she is doing it constantly. It was only for 5 weeks and they said she didn’t even start till baby was 3 weeks old so how did she miss out on her babies newborn stage. No different than a mother that has to go back to work and leave her child at day care. For only 5 weeks, I would do it if it meant a few million bucks in my pocket too.

Penelope on

It’s her job … A job that has made her millions. She obviously spends time with her children, don’t be jealous and judgmental you’re probably making no money, fat and/or lazy and probably feeding your children McDonald’s… Just sayin

Jess on


That New Yorker Guy on

Congratulations to you Adriana on the birth of your child.

You look amazing baby!

crystal on

She still got to make that money Isla. Sound just like a hater. The objective of the story is she looks damn good!!!

Sara on

Being critic doesn’t mean you’re a hater! Of course she looks amazing and did a great job on gaining back her figure but nobody should forget that she is a mother who should care for her kids, esp. for a newborn. Otherwise she should have waited with babies till her model career is over and she finally has the time to care for them herself.

Anonymous on

You must be fat.

Ashley on

What an asshole. You must be fat? Fat doesn’t make you a bad person but being a judgemental asshole who posts anonymously does. Dick.

LT on

Yes, that’s what it takes to look like that 8 weeks after birth, which is why it’s totally unrealistic for 99.9% of women. Work out 4 to 6 hours every day? When I had two little kids, one a newborn, I was lucky to sneak in a shower. Good for her, but don’t promote this as attainable or even desirable.

Kate on

I agree completely. It was a little selfish for her to start trying to prepare for a fashion show 3 wks after giving birth. I dont buy the ‘she had to earn a living’ thing. She has a partner and has made millions with VS.

situpgirl on

giving birth to a child is something to cherish and enjoy. regardless of what her doctor stated, she should have waited longer than three weeks to start her workout routine. she could have had serious health complications from such an extreme diet and exercise plan. shame on her for wanting to share this horrible “got my body back” story.

Elise on

I’m with you, Isla! I wouldn’t have traded those precious weeks with my babies for anything! You have forever to get back into shape. Your babies are only babies for a short while. It’s sad to see where her priorities were.

Melissa on

Well this is her job to look good. She can put 4 hours into a work our session because it’s her job. this isn’t realistic. This article is stupid. we know they work out hardcore, obviously. but they get paid to do it.

jrs on

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Isla’s comment. The value this woman is putting on starving herself and working out all day is ridiculous. That’s a horrible example to set for children and other women, losing weight that fast all for the sake of saying you did?

Lisa on

I wish I looked like that -any old time, much less two months post-birth!

Guest on

@Isla – Gee, don’t we sound jealous?

Ashley on

Jealous of what? A person starving themselves for money? She doesn’t even look that good. Hater is a very overused term anytime someone disagrees with something.

A Mom of two on

I agree with Isla. Those weeks are irreplaceable.

Very sad to put “working weight” before baby…

And no, I’m not fat.

Libbi on

I am with you all the way Isla! These stories disgust me! I just wish women would take pregnancy and the birth of their children seriously. I’m an ER nurse and I can’t tell you how many women end up in the ER with serious bleeding because they refused to follow the doctors orders of resting and no exercise.

Tammy on

It really is sad that society (and People Magazine) glamorize this lifestyle. What’s wrong with staying home with your newborn and just relaxing/enjoying it? Why do we women need to lose every ounce we’ve gained in record time? Who decided this was what is acceptable? When did being a mom to your newborn and not worrying about being stick thin mean you were “fat”?

I feel sorry for daughters – think of how cruel & judgmental the world will be in the next 10 years?!

Guest on

This is reality for supermodels like Adriana- I’m sure she would have loved being able to stay at home with her babies, but this is her job. I think it’s admirable how much commitment and willpower went into her regime – I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it. Moreover, it shows that supermodels have to work for what they look like – they’re not just made toned like that. Congratulations to her!

bb on

very sad story. breastfeeding and bonding with her baby seems to be no priority for her.

LisaR on

Totally agree Isla, shes 30something…. thats 4 to 6 hours… shes not giving to her newborn! bravo Adrienne.

Lauren on

I’m confused on the reactions I’m reading. What is the difference between going back to an 8-5 job after being on maternity leave and being away for a couple of hours twice a day? It’s her job. I don’t know many people fortunate enough to be able to stay home indefinitely after giving birth. Yes she is probably a little more well off than most of us but this is still her career and in order to stay relevant she must maintain it. In her line of business this is the biggest night of the year. She might have missed out on a couple of weeks but I guarantee that now that this fashion show is over she’ll have more time with her children than most of us stuck behind a desk all day every day.

Megan on

She missed 6 hours a day of her baby’s life to go WORK Isla, just because you disagree with her career choices, doesn’t mean that she isn’t making money.

Magnolia on

At least she’s not one of those starlets that say “all I had to do was breastfeed and run around after her! It’s a great workout!” It totally may be a great workout but not Victoria Secret workout in 5 weeks!!! I’m glad for her honesty; thank you Adriana, you’re very classy!!

Kim on

At least she’s honest – I half expected to see the ‘I just breastfed and it fell off’ routine (like Giselle).

Anonymous on

Is it even healthy to begin working out 3 weeks after giving birth?

Emily on

“Olajide ensures she’s responsible about her health.” Wow, there is nothing remotely healthy for mom OR baby about this type of regime post pregnancy. Don’t believe any responsible doctor would okay this.

Kim on

I can’t believe the judgy moms on here, you read the article just so you can tell yourselves how you are a better mom because you would never do this or that……….and of course it’s not the norm, does she look like your typical mom? NO! Good for her, get it girl!

Anonymous on

This is her reality. After these first few weeks of crazy workouts, she’ll get to be home for days upon days because she scored the money to afford to do so. This is the dedication and work in order to live the privileged life she does, that her child will now benefit from. It’s not like she’s never ever seeing, she’s just going to work for a few hours a day. And then she’ll be off. Lucky girl.

Jess on

she looks awesome and her thighs touch!! luv her she looks healthy n happy unlike other girls on the runway

mobile20 on

Sadly, some women only GET three weeks off work after baby. Her choice, but if I had the opportunity, I’d stay home and screw a fashion show for that one night. She does look great though.

Wr on

All of you women criticizing her dont make 7 figures a year working about a month or two out of the year. If you did im sure youd take a few hours out of the day for a few weeks. At that age most of a babies time is spent sleeping so she isnt missing too much. Id rather miss a few hrs a day and make sure my newborn will have everything they could want/need.

Aria on

I love the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!!

Thinker on

Lima’s experience sounds exceptionally unrealistic and superficial and shame on people for glorifying it. Moms should not be exercising within the first 6 weeks generally and many don’t have the ability to leave their newborns longer than 2 hours or so as they need to breastfeed. The article promotes a highly unlikely scenario for a new mom. This article is a depressing depiction of the inequality that exists in this world. Disgusting!

Julie on

Majority of women go back to work after taking maternity leave (if they are lucky enough to be able to take maternity leave). Her exercising routine is similar to a working mom’s 8 hour work day. Being in shape to model is her full time job.

summer on

I have to agree with Isla. Working out that much to be in a show takes away from your newborn. No amount of money will get that time back and that is far from being a hater. Good for her for looking amazing so soon after her baby is born but she really missed out.

Hello on

Isla, this is her job and like any other job the woman has to go back to work, she has too and in good shape. If not, she loses her job. So is your advice to women out there to quit their job to stay home with their babies? A lot of families would starve and they follow your advice. Therefore, keep you jealousy to yourself.

s beach on

So what…….. she worked out and lost pregnancy weight. This is a headline? Asian women have been doing this for many millennia. Its called working on the rice paddy until birth, and immediately after birth. Factory workers have been doing this for centuries. In fact, >>>Anyone<<< who has to earn a living will probably lose their pregnancy weight. what is the difference if they lose it in five weeks, or fifty weeks? You are not unique, Adriana. ….. you just think you are.

Hello on

LT, she is not promoting this to other women as attainable or desirable, but for her, in her situation especifically, it is attainable and desirable. She can afford the 6 hours workout, and she has to in order to keep her job. So what works for one person may not work for another person, but we need to understand that people have different lives and backgrounds. We can have acceptance for all, there is no need to criticize or hate other because their situation is different from ours.

s beach on

so what,she lost weight….this is a headline? She is not unique, but she has heard a few too many compliments…….. the word “beautiful” too many times…..and has an oversized ego….

N on

I lost all my baby weight very fast after giving birth. Without working out. I guess I’m just lucky. Adriana u look great.

Amanda on

Surprise people, some women who aren’t famous work out regularly as well. I value my health and consider taking care of myself a huge gift to my children. Yes it is healthy to workout 3 weeks post partum assumig you have an uncomplicated vaginal delivery and have your dr’s okay. Working out doesn’t mean you have to be away from your baby or not breastfeed. It’s fine if you don’t want to workout but jealousy is not attractive.

Olivia on

NOT healthy. NOT a good role model for anyone, specially her daughter.

LT on

@Hello, I wasn’t suggested that she is promoting this, I think People magazine is promoting this. And I specifically didn’t say anything negative about Ms. Lima. Her choices are her choices. My problem with articles like this is saying that she “got her body back” in 8 weeks, which implies that it’s achievable when in fact most women can’t.

s beach on

@hello: What makes you qualified to label Isla as “jealous”? . Isla believes that early mother-newborn bonding is a hgher calling, and a higher priority, than prancing around in an iron-covered brassiere on cable TV.

Iris on

You guys relax!!! The article states how “she got her body back”, not how you should do it too!!! Of course this is her job and she can spend 8 hours a day in the gym. It’s like being in the office for 8 hours away from your baby. The article is not encouraging anyone to follow this routine. But I can say she looks amazing and they do have to work hard.

ugene on

i wish my job was to exercise and look hot all day!

Anonymous on

Its gross to think that she’s still bleeding from the birth in this photo. You’re not supposed to wear tampons…I don’t think she has a big pad in there.

Most women get at least 6 weeks of paid or unpaid maternity leave, 3 weeks is abnormal, and so is wearing that kind of clothing while still recovering from birth.

Abby on

Adriana has kept up a smoking body for years. She would have worked out during pregnancy which alot of women do to keep healthy. Her doctor gave her the go ahead to work out 3 weeks after birth cause her body is use to it. She didnt just get her body over night. She has a job and everyone knows that the Victoria Secret show is the biggest for these ladies.

Good for Adriana! Now she has time for her baby and even though she was gone working out she wasnt at the gym all day she still had 18 hours a day to bond with her baby.

sara on

No no you got it wrong…she just didnt work out five hours she went home and then came back for another FOUR……well if I was getting paid what she got paid just for one time…..hmmmm yup Id probably do it but other than that it does set unrealistic expectations… just does! I can’t run on the treadmill while I am at work…nope…though I to try to run up stairs lol

arewa07 on

Crystal, in my opinion, the objective of the story seems to be, “look how fit she is 8 weeks after baby, if she can do it, why can’t you?”

The truth of the matter is, while she looks lovely (which I guess is the point) in the end, this particular image of this woman as well as the information that she had a baby 8 weeks ago will be more damaging than it is beneficial. Honestly, I was horrified when I read the article.

ana on

Ok so I’m a mother of 3 and if my job required me to stay fit to be able to provide for my family i wouldn’t even think twice about it cause it’s my job. This is just an article of course it’s not going to tell you all that she does with her kids after her workouts because the story is about her getting back into shape so she can go earn a living, like the rest of us have to do after having a baby.

ashley on

Oh for crying out loud people its just a freaking article for entertainment purposes not “change the world or peoples views” purposes. It’s a gossip celebrity magazine. Go read Time or Newsweek for things that matter in this world. Do you really think People or Ms. Lima’s feelings are going to be hurt by your disapproval of how she went about things? Please… Go be a part of a book group so you all can voice your ideas to others who might listen to what you have to say. If you don’t approve of the content read something else!

Abby on

@ Sara – ok then instead of 18 hours left in the day then she has 13-15 hours left. Tons of time. This is her life, she works out to look good, that is how she makes her money.

maria on

how totally unrealistic!!!!

Anonymous on

Isla is absolutely right. A new mom should be able to enjoy this time with her baby without the pressure. I get that she had to do what she had to do to work that fashion show gig, but People, don’t promote this as a good idea for most women.

Ella on

Makes you wonder why she even had a child.

Sass027 on

You all are morons. It shouldn’t be her job to work out for hours each day, being a mom should be her job. Celebrities, models included, can do meet n greets, store openings and other crap to make money. She is not in dire need, she could’ve and should’ve waited a few months to go back to “work.”

Hotmom on

ANYBODY who says Isla or any of these women who do not agree with Adriana’s priorities are “haters”, please make it more obvious that you are not a parent, and if you are, shame on you, you’re probably a piece of shit, no offense. A newborn NEEDS their mother every second of the day, any mother would know that. It is so sad to hear she was away from her babies so frequently and for so long. She chose to bring a baby into this world, she should be there for her. All these mothers who make comments about her having superficial motives are correct. A woman who thinks that her true job is being in shape to walk a runway should utilize birth control to the fullest extent, we do not need more dead beats on this earth.

I am not fat, I love to work out and wear sexy clothes, I am in better shape than anybody I know, and I am a proud mama who would never chose work over my baby, no matter the job.

Suck on it. Power to the moms.

m1nt1e on

Ladies, ladies! Enough with the bashing! Don’t forget that she is under contractual obligation to work the runway for Victoria Secret…I’m sure there was plenty of tears from her side too. This was not a happy return to work!

Hotmom on

Let’s not forget that standard recovery time for a healthy vaginal birth is 6 weeks, her contract might have suffered if she had major complications from too soon, over strenuous work don’t you think?

Sass027 on

Thank you Hot Mom! I’ll change my comment to MOST of you are morons.

Hotmom on

No problem, have no problem setting morons with no children straight.

“Oh the baby is sleeping most of the day”.

While a newborn sleeps on and off during the day, they need to nurse or drink formula, preferably the former, every 2 hours. What baby have you come in contact with that sleeps 8 hours straight?

denise on

Is she truly a healthy woman? Did she breastfeed long enough? Does she have thyroid or bone density problems? Does she have sufficient body fat for brain function? What about post partum or other mental health issues? Dancing with the Stars Brooke Burke-Charvet, is having her thyroid removed due to cancer. She is physically fit for 41 but not completely healthy. Worry about your own health and fitness. Models, actresses and other female personalities are very self-absorbed and have more money to take care of every health problem / cosmetic concern from a wrinkle to cancer! In the end, we all end up in a casket or an urn. Some of them may look really great at 95, except for Suzanne Somers, Priscilla Presley and others who zealously overdue all the botox and plastic surgery. Perhaps when Adriana is 40 , her excessive regime will destroy her thyroid function?!

Lauren on

Denise STFU seriously we’re talking about one person and your bringing someone else into this. All the woman looked good. Sometimes you can only model for a good 10-15yrs and they’re making it work along with their family lifestyle. More power to them

Iana on

She gave birth almost 3 months ago! Modeling is her job and she does a damn good job at it

Whitney on

Yawn. Who cares? She looks great and this is her job. How many women drop their babies off in daycare a month after giving birth (or less) so they can go back to work. In no way she is attempting to pass this off as a real sustainable thing for real women. She makes it clear that what she’s doing is her job and that it took grueling workouts to drop the weight quickly. I find this much more honest than say Jessica Simpson, claiming she’s eating WW, when all the while she was starving herself on a liquid diet. If AL wants to lose the baby weight fast for her job let her – at least she’s being completely forthcoming.

me on

I 100% agree with Isla! I was shocked when reading this article!

Curly Fry on

How does one ‘sound’ fat? That ‘sounds’ stupid. FYI you don’t have to be fat to know the miracle is the baby, not the weight loss. She looks amazing and congratulations on having a healthy baby but society is really screwed up when a woman’s worth is measured by her size.

larsen on

lol you people will find anything to complain about, now her getting back into the gym equals being self centered and a bad mother? most moms would have to go back to work by then and be away from their babies at least 8 hrs a day. Being in shape is her job. get over it.

jojo on

Isla’s comment is silly. She works maybe two months out of a year, so yeah, do what you need to do to get it done. She gets to spend all of the rest of the year enjoying her baby. She’s actually lucky in this aspect!

Kim on

I do not believe there is any issue with Adrianna working out to get her body back. She has a job just like any other working mother. I bet she spends more time with her children than women with the 9 to 5 jobs. So I believe the people making the negative comments are jealous that they can’t look that Adrinna after 2 kids. Or really look like Adrinna at all, kids or no kids.

MrsOsborne on

Adrianna is a beautiful woman but even with all that working out she must not have lost all her baby weight. Those have to be the biggest Victoria Secret panties ever!!! Her other outfit had her covered up too,

Curly Fry on

Lol!!Hot Mom and Mrs Osbourne made my day! Nuff said. Peace!

The truth is that... on

…your negative comments about this mother are just a reflexion of who you are. Adriana’s discipline, determination, and self-motivatation are admirable qualities. In her competitive line of work, she not only has to ‘show’ for work but she has to look amazing in order to keep her job. If you snooze you loose. Someone else will take your job if you are not present – baby or no baby. Most mom’s have to return to WORK right after giving birth – especially in this economy. Whether you are a model or a nurse! Thank you Adriana for being an inspiration to us WORKING MOTHERS outside the home too!

smartie on

Whatever… Athletes do stuff like this (and even worse) all the time! She is right, that is the mind set, and it is part of her job. When I train for a marathon food becomes building blocks, not something I actually enjoy. It is about what is this type of food going to do for me? If the answer is : gives me energy or builds muscle, then I will eat it! If it is plain sugar I will pass…. Easy as that! Lots of people do it, it is not a big deal.

BTW, even if you have kids you can do it! Get your lazy bum off the couch or the desk chair and start working out! Anybody can look like her after 8 weeks of giving birth, as long as they exercise and eat healthy (eh eh most of the time) during pregnancy!

smartie on

Who cares anyway!

smartie on

I would love to have her job :-)))

Shelliec69 on

I am so utterly sick and tired of people labeling others as “haters” when they have a dissenting point of view. THAT is hateful!! WTH happened to a good debate??? Oh wait, the labelers are completely incapable of holding one. They feel so smug in going for the jugular!

Anonymous on

We always have something to say about people, whatever they do is up to them, its their choice and their life.

Bijal on

I agree with you Isla. It’s not even about the money or dedication, its about setting realistic expectations for yourself in situations. And like it or not, she is a very influential person for young children, especially teens. Its giving a message that women need to look like that right after they give birth. Yikes. They couldn’t have a plus-sized model on the runway there?

Grace on

People this is her JOB. Staying fit and keeping an unbelievable body is crucial for he line of work. Thousands of women must go back to their jobs a few weeks after giving birth. This is no different.

audra426 on

I am so glad she got her body back. I was scared there for a moment. Who cares if people are poor and starving, as long as she got her body. So relieved.

Mia on

I agree with Isla. She is not poor and her husband is rich so why did she have to do it? She could have at least sit out this years show and be with her new baby.

I think some people are just very vain self centered and always want attention because there was no need to do this and her kids should come first. Why would someone not want to spend time with their kids if they can?

It is not heathly to lose weight that fast either and to do liquid diet. That is unhealthy for herself and baby breastfeeding.

I think she is getting too old to be modeling much longer anyway. I think the mothers should retire and be a better example to their daughters then parading around in nearly naked in lingure in front of millions of people most of them are married to rich man and it’s not like they need the money but I guess they need the attention instead of spending time with their new babies most mothers have to work and wish they had a rich husband and could stay home with their new baby.

She didn’t have to do it she wanted to which I don’t understand what could be more important then your kids? Parading around in your underwear in front of millions?!

RealityCheck on


You’re totally right about the superficial male psyche.However, criticizing a mom about going back to work shortly after giving birth is insulting and a little unrealistic yourself. A lot of women don’t have the option of maternity leave.
It’s also annoying to see everyone criticizing women on their parenting skills while completely leaving out men. Lima has a husband and probably a whole community of people to help her raise a child.

Statements like these are why women still struggle with being treated equally in society–because their value (and function) is narrowly defined as being human incubators or sex objects. You may have got it right about her sex object status (it’s obvious), but creating life isn’t a person’s sole value either!

PS–Plenty of women make babies. Statistically its harder/rarer to be VS model especially at 31.

Jenny on

I agree that this is not a plan for average women to follow, but I don’t see stated anywhere in this article that she suggests that average women SHOULD take these extreme measures.

She is telling the story (or her trainer is) of how SHE managed to look this way a few weeks after giving birth, because it is very unusual and apparently people are interested in reading about it. I clicked on this article so I am 🙂

The reason she did this is not simply to prove a point that she could or to hurry back in her jeans to impress her friends, but to do her job. This is the career that she has CHOSEN and she is at the top of her game, so I can imagine she worked very hard for many years to get there. She makes millions of dollars doing this. Many women starts working a couple of hours a day 3 weeks after giving birth. This is of course a personal choice, but one that she has the right to make.

Regarding how healthy it is to train this hard 3 weeks after giving birth – I am not a doctor so I can’t say but, again, she is not at all an average woman (again the reason so many of us read and comment on this article, this is unusual) and it sounds like she had proper supervision by a professional trainer and a go ahead from her doctor.

I also think it’s safe to say that she was in far better shape than most of us before she got pregnant, and during her pregnancy, so it was not as hard to get back in that shape (the photo) as it would have been if you didn’t look like that before hand (I look pretty similar before and after my kids, not like her, but on my terms) Also, the reason she is a super model is because she has a genetic advantages that most of us don’t have.

Should she have skipped this years show to enjoy time with her baby, since she certainly already have the means to miss out on the paycheck? Maybe, but again that’s her choice. Her career is important to her and that doesn’t necessarily make her a bad mother. The VS show seem to be a very big deal in her industry so maybe missing it even one year was a big deal to her and worth the effort it took for her to be able to participate.

I do think that we need to get a bigger variety when it comes to how models look, so that more girls can identify – not only the very thin ones. At least she does look athletic in this photo and not as sickly thin as some models do. I also like that the VS show uses smiling models, not girls that look like depressed ghosts, as some runway models do – in my opinion. I am more inclined to want to buy something that a smiling girl is wearing 🙂

Anyhow, congrats to Adriana on the birth of her healthy baby!

ana on

How sad is Isla people? Poor hater…

ana on

She worked out 6 hours a day in get in shape in 5 weeks!!!! That’s not every dingalings!!!!!

Jenny on

@grace – exactly! It’s her personal choice when she wishes to return to work after labor and this is what it took for her to be able to do that. No need for average women to compare themselves to this. She simply told the story (or her trainer did) of how she could accomplice this, since there is a public interest.
Congrats to Adriana on the birth of her healthy baby!

W on

Actually I think it is kind of sad if you can’t even have some weeks where you can be just a mother and your newborn is the only priority – but money rules the world, I guess. Although I think it is beneficial to eat healthy and to be moderately active during pregnancy and several weeks after birth – I doubt that extreme diets and hard workouts are healthy.

Personally I really enjoyed bike tours during pregnancy and long walks after birth and I ate lots of vegetables and fruits, but I could have never gone to these extremes. My body told me that it needed energy for breastfeeding (so I also ate food with carbs, fat and proteins) and that it was not ready for real sport (so I only did moderate walks of 1-2 hours).

Daniel on

I am sure that all the young mom will lile to look like this 8 weeks after birth.And if they would have the chance to have body treatments, massages, trainers, nutritionists , doctors at their disposable would start working out.Even the ones that blame Adriana now.And if you are paid milions for that and your baby is with family, grandma, nanny is no problem at all that she is away for 5-6 hours.Plus that she affords to have a gym at home.Stop being mean , you would all like to be like her.

Anonymous on

I wonder how tight that latex thing is, that is covering a lot there, still beautiful face though but way too soon to be on runway, need way more gym time

W on

Actually, in this pic she does not look extremely thin, her legs look really good and toned though – maybe she gained a lot of weight and therefore had to go an extreme regime? If you are lucky to have good genes, gain only a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy and always moderately work out 2-3 times a week, you can look like that without that much extra effort (I have friends like that).

I have the impression that many celebs don’t live healthy all the time, but rather are kind of lazy for a while and then go on extreme diets and sport regimes for certain projects … should we really applaud them for that?

weezer on

Why couldn’t she enjoy her time with her newborn? Instead of starving herself and being so egocentric. So very sad. She will regret this!!

Nicole on

These supermodels are on high-figure contracts.. They are obliged to do these sorts of things, and are obliged to look amazing.

The workouts were probably easier than what she would face if she broke the contract.

Big Fan on

WHO CARES? I agree with Isla!!! And we all don’t have access to thousand dollar an hour trainers either. I am doing it the right way, the healthy way—over time through Zumba.

Donna on

not even sure why they televise this anyways! I mean who is buying this stuff??? Are the boyfriends and husbands buying it for us for Christmas?? NO!! who could afford it??? not my thing looking at 20 year olds parade around in their underwear just not me!! 😀

Cara on

As others have said, good on her for not pretending it was just “good genes, breastfeeding and running around after the kids”.

Have to say I don’t see anything glamourous about working out 6 hours per day ! Most people I know would hate it, but her career is her image and she won’t be working if she looks like the rest of us do 8 weeks post partum.

Liz on

Commenters are so harsh! How is this different from a new father heading back to work three weeks after his baby’s birth? It’s true that she needs more physical recovery, but we shouldn’t lambast her for mixing career and family. Don’t get judgy about her choices. I admire her exercise discipline…. I certainly couldn’t do that!

Sierra on

I’m guessing she’s the breadwinner in her family so I would imagine that’s why she got back to work so quickly. I’m lucky we get a year mat leave in Canada but I know a lot of other countries and in certain professions that’s just not possible. Gotta do what you gotta do if it’s your job to be both a mother and money maker!

Sass027 on

Smartie…who the F said anything about eating sugar?? We are saying she should be spending time with her THREE WEEK OLD BABY instead of being at the gym. I’m convinced that, as a tax payer, I’m paying your mental health bills.

brandy on

so she worked out 3 weeks after her child was born? BIG DEAL PEOPLE!!!! it is not like she commutes for an hour each way an works an 8 hr day, She gets to spend more time with her baby than most mothers because of her profession and it is because of shows like these that she gets to be home more….. since you do not walk in her shoes…. dont comment that she is missing out on things that she is (more than likely) NOT missing out on!

little Tx on

Wow That is great. Haters… you dont have to spend 6 hrs away from your baby. You can do it at home also. I have a feelin most of the haters are fluffy and mad they didn’t have the ump to get off their duffs and lose the weight. Adriana, You look great. Job well done sweety.

Heather on

Good for her! These models often have contracts that they are committed to – if she didn’t go back to work and make it for the show, she might have been sued or lost out on millions of dollars. There is nothing wrong with working to support your family. Yes, it sucks that it was so early but she made arrangements to her schedule so that she could work out and be there for her kids. The rest of us can only dream (and hate) of getting paid to look good and being able to have the majority of our time to spend at home with our children.

Lou Duignan on

Yup! It’s amazing how motivating a decent dollar will drive you. I wish I had the luxury of working out with a trainer four to six hours a day. That’s right I am jealous – only human.

Rebecca on

This is incredibly sad. How self centered do you have to be to miss the most important bonding time with your child to do a fashion show? Why have children?

miki on

Most of us won’t and can’t spend 6 hours a day working out with a personal trainer…


And unleash the usual barrage of “mommy judgement”. Sickening to see everyone on here criticize her life and her body; if I were her, I’d be laughing all the way to the bank. What a bunch of over critical, jealous hens, congrats on showing the world how nasty you “moms” are.

Congrats Adriana, keep going…oh, and I am about 20 pounds overweight.

Kat on

I’m with Isla….enjoy those first few weeks with your baby. I got my body back but it took a year and I took my time and enjoyed my newborn daughter. So sad that this what our society has come to.

W on

Look at other pics from the show! She did NOT get her fomer body back within 8 weeks – at least in my opinion. After googling to get other pics from the show where it was more obvious that she wasn’t that thin and still had a little belly, I don’t understand the need to write that article.

Nik on

Are you kidding me. Not everyone breast feeds that doesn’t mean they’re denying their child anything. Babies that are strictly formula fed turn out just as fine. Taking 3 1/2 hours to herself a day isn’t a dam crime she still has bonding time with her baby and her other child. And I want to work out as soon as I can cuz once you’ve been a size then having your body change so drastically you want to go back to how you were. And who cares if she has a partner to help financially making more money to support her kids and themselves isn’t a horrible thing to do. More money means the kids will have more. Since when is cutting out salt and seasonings starving yourself. Geez I’m sure if you were in her shoes you wouldn’t be so judgmental about HER choices.

Jenny! on

I have to say that runway show was soooo amazing i was in awe of all thoes beautiful women.
I won’t sit here and attack this model for pushing herself back into shape to do what she loves, by the sounds of it she had the afternoon to be a mother. U can’t throw away everything, she is doing what women do best… multi task. Or at least most of us.

Deb on

Come on ppl… They do infrared, heccus, lipo… That is how they lose all that wheight so fast

Snow on

I have no idea who she is, but you have to give Victoria Secret some credit for not having rail thin models and instead with some curves.

Elle on

I’m sorry but why is this even a story? It’s totally unrealistic & not something that women should look up to. If you’ve just had a baby your first thought shouldn’t be, how much weight can lose & how fast, it should be about taking care of your new baby.

I’d much rather spend time with my new baby then spend it constantly working out & making sure I don’t eat much. I understand she gets paid for it, but still. I feel like there’s not even a point to the VS Fashion Show other than to just show off their bodies & make normal women feel bad about themselves.

Maria on

Well, at least she didn’t completely lie & say that she lost all the weight by breastfeeding. That is SUCH a BS answer that so many celebrities give when, in reality, the workout/diet plan described above is the ONLY way to lose massive amounts of weight quickly. I have to ask though…What’s wrong w/ seasonings on your food? I completely understand cutting out salt, but seasonings??? It’s not like pepper or herbs will cause you to retain/gain weight.

star on

You find it sad but for them its also their career and way of supporting their family. Plus it clearly states the hours she worked out and when she went back to her family so you don’t really know that she missed out on her babies life. Their are plenty of moms who juggle both and do and excellent job at it. The VS fashion show was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey on

Well said Isla, well said.

Anonymous on

Isla dont be a hater…she worked her butt off to look like that.

BBB on

I never feel bad for models that have to workout this much. It’s their job, they get paid to look the way they do. Also, many parents have to go back to work after a baby is born. This is what she’s doing, working. She’s not going to be modeling for many more years, it’s a young person’s game, so she needs to earn a living now while she still can.

Anonymous on

Isla you are ridiculous….she worked out for a few hours twice a day…thats not missing out on your baby’s life..its not like she was out of town for 5 weeks…some women have 1950s expectations..women work…its her job to “walk down the runway in her overpriced bra!” Stop being a hater!

Melisa on

So CRYSTAL…for someone to voice their opinion about this story means that they are a hater??? Grow up. This baby deserved ALL of her mother in her first months, not 3 weeks.

Lil on

I think I would be more impressed if one of the models said that they were not doing the runway show soon after the birth of the baby, not because they were incapable of preparing but because they were choosing to spend the time with their baby. Now THAT would be impressive!

khrobo1 on

OMG everyone talking about how this sets unrealistic goals for women need to calm down….this is her job..its not like she is neglecting her child..And for Isla….People put thier children in daycare for 8 hours a few weeks after giving birth so they can go to work…are they missing out on their childrens lives? NO…stop hating! Maybe more women should teach their children about body image so they dont have to worry if they dont look like models…..

Savannah on

you know this was a great article on an amazing women. also keeping in mind that modeling is her job, how she supports her family. so to all those lazy fat moms making horribly rude and degrading comments why don’t you go jump on the treadmill and leave Adriana alone.

Yery on

Who says she is not enjoying with her newborn? She is working her body at the same time that spend time with her newborn, and for me thats so good.

Anonymous on

Dear Isla,
She did not miss out anything. Most women have a job, you know, and hers is to work out because she is a model. That’s all.

brandy on

it does not take everyone months and months to lose the baby weight! She was fit to begin with, had a healthy pregnancy where she maintained a healthy weight for her and her baby… those things contribute to her losing her wieght faster and if she is nursing that is helping as well.. and if she is not nursing BIG DEAL!

I had my THIRD child 4 1/2 months ago and lost 27 lbs (i only gained 10 lbs being pregnant) within the first 3 weeks. I am not a model (but not grossly overweight either) and I am not implying that i am runway thin BUT it does not take MONEY or being a model to lose baby weight.. its takes some time and motivation!

If somone offered me what Adrianna Lima made for the VS fashion show to workout for 5 wks for 4 hrs a day after having my daughter.. i would have JUMPED at the chance. I have a great bond with each of my formula fed children and as much as i enjoy being around them… mothers (and fathers) are allowed to have time away from their children as well (no matter how old the kids are)!!

There are many ways to be a GOOD parent and one way includes earning a paycheck to provide for the children and other is taking the time to be the BEST you that you can be for your children as well and IF Ms. Lima feels her best by working out… why are you going to fault her for that?!

helen on

thats beyond sad.

Erika on

Jeez louise… Hate much?!?! She sacrificed for those 5 weeks to be able to spend as many MONTHS as she wants afterwards with her babies. She made more than any of us can even dream of and now gets to spend as much time as she wants with her babies. When I have my baby, I get 6 weeks at home and then it’s back to work. Does that make me a bad mom? I don’t think so.

Rob on

All this “oh its unrealistic” is all bullshit. When it comes to your body and fitness everything is realistic. You can do anything youd like if you put in the time and work.

Memphis on

I’m sure we would all like to spend every waking hour with our baby but it’s her JOB to look like that, so good for her having the dedication to do it.

brandy on

to my prior comment…. i did not mean A DAY after having my daughter i meant 4 hrs PER day

Misty on

It is absolutely no different than all of the rest of us working mothers that have to leave our children behind for 8 hours a day to go to work and bring home money. She missed out on less time with her babies than I did! Props to her, I only wish I had that much dedication to lose my baby weight. I tell you so many haters, its just rediculous! Isla, you seem to be the type of person that will never be happy and you can only see the negative in everything! Try seeing the positive for once!!!!!! Oh and by the way she is not setting unrealistic expectations for women, each and everyone of us could look as fab as she does with a little work and dedication. She is a hard worker and obviously wants her children to never have to go without because they dont have the money…you go Adriana!!! 🙂

Anonymous on

She worked out a couple of hours a day. Did you read the article it said she would work out in the morning and go home to her family then return later. Newborn babies sleep most of the time and she has a husband. What is so wrong with sneaking out the house a couple hours a day to work out? Especially when you are a VS MODEL? She still had plenty of time to be with her children.

Manomer on

I would hope people would realize that at almost 6ft tall and in shape losing baby weight is not as hard as it is for the rest of us shorter people. She can still cherish her baby and have a goal. It is possible. I don’t see her saying if I can do it anyone can do it and someone who thinks that has their own issues. Lighten up people worry about your own family…..

Anonymous on

She looks fabulous!

Angela on

Does she look good? Absolutely! Was it worth it? NO! You are right, some do have to go back to work right after birth to pay bills, but I’ll wager she has enough in her savings account to have stayed at home and made the right decision. Sad. Very sad. Well done America. Promoting the wrong things once again…..

Cowboyiride on

She might really regret all that jumping in the future. You HAVE TO give your pelvic floor time to recover, like minimum 9-10 months. She might look fab now, but in the future she will be peeing her pants with urinary incontinence. All for a fashion show? DUMB!!

trose68 on

For Isla an LT this is an attainable goal, I have two kids and I was back in the gym the day after both my kids were born, my choice, because I love to exercise and this was this was my way to relieve my stress. Did it take away time from my kids, why yes it did for a couple of hours that I needed, other than that I was with my kids all the time. The jealousy on this board is disgusting, like some of the other the women who have posted that are not haters. This is her job, this is what she does for a living, just like those who work 8 to 5, except now that she is done she gets to spend a whole lot more time with her kids, than parents who still have to work 8 to 5 and she looks freaking fabulous. All you women who want to judge her should be ashamed of yourselves. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

Kate on

I understand that his is her job, but the everyday working woman still has 6-8 weeks of maternity leave before going back to their job. I work in human resources and if my boss told me 3 weeks after birth to get back in the office and handle my job (HR tasks), I’d laugh. I just think she could have sit this how out or been incorporated in a safer, more realistic way.

Suz on

Bunch of bitter women commenting on this article. It’s an article, about THIS woman’s choice, why criticize her? You have your choices and don’t like being judged especially when it comes to choices made post labor. The Dr cleared her so what’s it to you? Babies sleep, often, so not being w/ them every minute isn’t a crime esp. when you’re taking time to be healthy, active and strong. Kids benefit from physically fit parents.

guest on

I’m sorry but I’m tired of the politically correct crowd that says you can’t judge ANY unhealthy behavior. Having a baby is a serious issue! The fact that her priority is working out speaks volumes to me. This woman is not a doctor, she is not saving lives, she is not living in poverty. She is promoting lingerie (which last time I heard is not vital to our society). She is trying to show that she can still wear lingerie and be sexy 3 weeks after pregnancy – which I think is pathetic. If you want to get graphic her uterus hasn’t even healed yet. Did she have stitches? Is she wearing a pad – how sexy is that! There is a sickness in our society when sex and money (even among those who have money) takes precedence over pregnancy, birth and the nurturing of a new life.

Now let those who say we shouldn’t judge being their judging.

Christine on

That isnt healthy at all and I think it exemplifies how wacked our society is in regard to its attitude toward women and beauty. Yes he job is to model clothes, but the industry maintains extreme ridiculous standards.

angelina on

You are on a contract and the show is part of the contract stipulation, unless she wanted to get sued. Plus, there are millions of mothers who go back to work right away because of financial reasons or just because they want to make sure their career is strong in the long term. Shame on all of you to judge.

guest on

a personal trainer DUH!

yawn on

I don’t see how working out 6 hours a day is different than working 8-10 hours a day at a regular job. That doesn’t make her more dedicated or having more fortitude. She’s just doing her job.

trish on

Just ike any other job – if she is needed she better show up and perform. Otherwise they will find somebody else. It’s her job to look good and perform. She looked great and worked hard for that body.

guest on

All those who say this is just a job and her job is no different than other people’s jobs. I say that’s exactly the point. This is JUST A JOB! One that she has made a lot of money at and being that she is a SUPERMODEL I’m sure she can negotiate certain things in her contract, like time to heal after a pregnancy. A new Mom’s number one job should be to take care of themselves and their newborn and we as a society should support that for ALL new moms! There is so much pressure put on new Mom’s to return to work and it is because of women like Adrianna (who could be setting a good example) that women feel even more pressured. I’m not talking about her body, she’s a beautiful woman, with a great body, but she needs to take care of herself beyond the superficial.

Whitney on

I just don’t understand why everyone is jumping to the assumption that she didn’t spend time with her newborn. The article says she worked out in the morning, from 9-12 and then 5-8, that leaves PLENTY of time for her to spend with her newborn, and when she wasn’t there for those 6 hours (perhaps while the baby was napping) her husband, you know, the baby’s father could take the reigns. This is much better than women dropping their kids in daycare for 12 hours a month after popping them out. And it ensures she’ll be able to spend countless hours with her child later.

Honestly, stop second guessing a woman’s choice, maybe it isn’t what you would do, but it doesn’t mean she’s a bad mother. Further, I hate how you people automatically throw women into some barefoot and pregnant traditional gender role. Inequality at it’s best. Further, people bitching about how this isn’t a real role model.. Look she flat out SAYS this is a grueling work out that isn’t realistic. She said it on all the interviews. If someone can’t understand that this is not a typical woman’s routine, then they have bigger problems than choosing poor role models. Geez, find something else to be negative about!

elaine on

Babies that age sleep most of the day so if she takes 4 hours to exercise, it doesn’t lessen her bonding.

Mia on

What is she and victoria secret teaching women and young girls? That you are nothing more then a sex object for men. They should just retire this show they just look like high paid strippers. There is more to life then looks and being a sex symbol. Woman can be smart and use their brains to get ahead we don’t have to use are bodies.

Her husband makes millions of dollars a year playing basketball she didn’t need that money. Woman are different then men because are bodies go through a lot when we have babies and it takes a lot of time to heal and men can’t breast feed babies women have to do that. It is every unhealthy to starve yourself and do a liquid diet for the baby when breast feeding.

She is not being a good example to her to daughters. She is suppose to be catholic? Well I don’t think the popes would agree with this. Using there bodies parading around in their panties for all the world to see. I guess people would rather have more money then morals and standards. Her daughters are going to be saying a “dolla makes me holla” pretty soon.

shannon on

no, i totally agree with Isla, it is true and she doesnt sound like a hater, shes being realistic

michelle on

how dare she not sit on the couch all day eating and watching soaps, you goo girl

Amy on

Way to Go Adriana you Look WONDERFUL! You will be a great role model for your little ones! Instilling in them a love of fitness will be the perfect stepping stones to a long, healthy life. So many people will demonize you for getting back in shape and not staying overweight and sloppy forever. Many moms will slam you because you took a few hours each day for yourself! But you have to be the best “you” so you can be the best wife and mother……..Rock it Girl !!!

Lacey on

It’s her job to have that body. She’ under contract with VS, that she has to look a certain way, and honor her agreement with their projects, that including that she walks in the show. Good for her, for getting back in shape and mantaining a healthy pregnancy.

I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant, with my second. I hate when woman use the excuse of pregnancy and get given birth as an excuse to be unhealthy (eating fast food and seconds of dessert) and unfit (not even going for a walk). She looks amazing and just because you have children, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice health, personal time and career.

Sascha on

Ugh yet another one setting unrealistic expectations for real women. It’s just not normal to leave your baby for that long just to workout and starve yourself. I truly hope she is not breastfeeding all the stored chemicals n your body burning it off that quickly would be horrible for the baby. What is healthy is getting the weight off in a year. It took a year to put on it should take a year to come off healthfully.

Melissa C. on

Why do sooo many people get mad at this. She is a working mom. Newborns sleep practically all day anyway. I have two kids and i was bored out of my mind the first 8 weeks of their life all they do is sleep. And not everyone breastfeeds. Yes its good for the baby, but don’t knock those that don’t. Her JOB is to look good. Every body is different if the doctor gave her the okay then it was fine. Also there are a lot of stuff left out of this article. So you can’t complain about what she did and didn’t do because it was said. She may very well pump and give milk that way. She could be eating a well balanced diet. She doesn’t look starved in this picture. One other thing. Moms choose what they want to do. My two boys are 2 years apart they did everything with me. So if i was in the shower they were there too. You see moms all the time running with their babies, working out with their babies. This isn’t unrealistic. How do you know she doesn’t have a gym at home where the baby wasn’t close by? She could have brought the baby with her. She has a husband too you know. The dad’s arent’ allowed to bond as well with the child. I get so annoyed with people who complain all the time. Get off the computer if things like this upset you so much.

kim on

before i had children i thought you could be a mom and have it all.. now that i have 2 children i think–why on earth would i want to have it all? thats way to much work and i would rather put my efforts into my kids. thats me–this model the article is about–the only thing that bothers me is she obviously didnt breast feed –when you become a parent your prioritys are family first–espically easier to do when you have the cash to do so–but then again you can BUY breast milk so why bother breastfeeding… pffft!

Aj on

I wish I had motivation to look as toned as she does and money for a trainer. Yes, I do exercise and am healthy but looking like a Victorias Secret supermodel takes serious discipline!

dsfg on

Isla, did you read the article or do you have reading comprehension problems? She spent the first three weeks with the baby, not working.

dsfg on

Kim, why are you bothered she isn’t breastfeeding? Do you know why she doesn’t breast feed? Are you aware that many women CANNOT breastfeed? It’s her body and she should be able to do what she wants with it without being judged.

dsfg on

Lacey, I agree! The kids have a father too, you know, or do you all object to him taking care of the kids instead of their mother?

julianna on

Leave Adriana alone. She’s the breadwinner for her family – her husband Marko is a retired athlete. As a model, a lingerie model at that and, more importantly, a Victoria’s Secret Angel (arguably the most famous Angel there is since Gisele and Heidi left), it’s her job to look good. I don’t doubt she wanted to be there for Sienna, but she had to work.

Plus, I’m sure Victoria’s Secret put some pressure on her to get back on shape quickly for the show taping. They usually tape it on early November (that’s why she didn’t take part on it on 2009 – she gave birth to Valentina on the week of the taping). It’s my opinion that they WANTED Adriana to be there; they delayed taping this year until late November – giving her enough time to lose the extra baby weight and look runway good.

Myleesa on

What are you ladies whining about ? Her guts was practically hanging out of her undies. Look: // You fatties need to get off your butts.

The Radical One on

She should not be working her body like that right after giving birth. It’s not one bit of a shocker that a mother looks good. I’m a mother and I rock bikinis every year but I let my body rest and nursed my baby. But her body needs to recover and she needs to bond with her baby. I mean, if her career is more important surely with all that money she could afford some good birth control.

The Radical One on

OK people (I mean the comments, not the magazine). Men do not give birth so therefore they should provide all the needs of their families. A massive workout routine like this wouldn’t affect the father because he didn’t lose massive amounts of blood or go through surgery or who knows what. But she did. As a retired athlete I’m sure he has plenty of money put back. There is no reason for her to have put her body through this just to get on stage. And if the family needs money, the father should go to work. I don’t care if he doesn’t want to or he would rather stay home, it is his responsibility to make sure all of the needs of the family are provided for. He should just man up and accept the responsibilities of manhood. Now, if the woman wants to be the breadwinner then that is their choice (although I doubt many women would be happy with such an arrangement for very long) but it should still be the legal and social obligation on the husband/father to provide all of the needs. Unless he is truly unable to work for some reason or there is an emergency, the obligation of supporting the family should never fall to the mother/wife.

Mandy on

I can’t believe the women on here who are judging Lima like she is choosing fashion over her baby. She had 3 weeks of uninterrupted bonding. Then she did her job. Do you also shame women who need to go back to their 9-5 job to make ends meet?

I would love it if I could work 5 hours a day and then be with my baby the other 19 hours. Being in great shape probably gives her more energy to keep up with the newborn too. And then after the 1 gig have the luxury of spending as much time as I wanted with my children. Doesn’t sound like a bad mother to me. Also, a diet of protein, greens, and low salt sounds pretty healthy.