Harvey Weinstein: Baby’s Sex ‘Makes No Difference to Me’

12/04/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Harvey Weinstein Georgina Chapman Pregnant
Johns PKI / Splash News Online

You can hardly tell, but Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein have another baby on the way.

Stepping out in New York City Monday night for MoMA‘s film benefit honoring Quentin Tarantino, the couple told PEOPLE that they’re still undecided about finding out the sex of their second child together.

“We’ll see — either way,” the Marchesa co-founder and Project Runway: All Stars judge, 36, says. “Just as long as the baby is happy and healthy.”

Her husband showed his cards, but the Weinstein Company chairman insists it’s all in good fun.

“I’m wearing a football jersey and baseball cap every day,” Weinstein, 60, jokes with PEOPLE. “After four girls, I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. It makes no difference to me.”

In addition to his three daughters from his previous marriage, Weinstein and Chapman are also parents to daughter India Pearl, 2.

— Michelle Ward

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Cooper on

That’s nice to hear. So many men want sons to “carry on their name”. What’s so special about a name anyway it’s who you are as a person and how you contribute to society that counts.

I am one of three girls and I have tried to make my daddy proud.

D on

Good God!! I HOPE this child gets it’s looks from it’s mother………let’s just say that!

Lydia on

I just don’t get them.

Romy on

I like his statement. D, I bet under his weight he is not so bad looking.

snowballice on

Money talks!

Anonymous on

snowballice- Considering the fact that Georgina was extremely succesful in her field and had plenty of money long before she ever met Harvey, I doubt it was his money that attracted her.

Rather, I’m guessing it was the wonderful personality that he displays in this article! 🙂

rhonda on

Harvey is at least 100 times richer than she is! Clearly that explains this coupling!

Cara on

You think she would even have given him a second glance if he was your average 60 year old soon to be Old Age Pensioner, no matter how great a personality he has !

Of course it’s his money and his status which made him attractive to her, plus his personality and all his other qualities. It doesn’t mean she does not love him !

Cara on

BTW Marchesa is a very small label, with a niche market, relatively new, I am sure if it is turning over a profit it is a very small one. Just because the brand is well know does not mean it’s owners are earning millions from it.

Also, the brand Marchesa, became known for it’s red carpet gowns, an extract from The guardian newspaper

” It came to prominence when actresses suddenly began to wear this unknown label’s enormous ballgowns to film premiers. It might be worth adding at this point that one of Marchesa’s two designers, Georgina Chapman, happens to be married to the movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein.”

meghan on

Cara, she was wealthy before Marchesa, oh expert on all things.

Seriously, are we going to have to hear this Gold digger bullshit every time there is a post on this couple?

Erin on


It seems you have a lot of free time. Is the economy in the UK THAT bad? Find a hobby…

Sandy on

Am I the only one sickened by this photo? what these women do to get money and notoriety! He’s 60 and look at her! The little trophy wife- he gets a hot young babe and she gets all the money she wants to spend and kids that will be rich too. NOt worth it to me. I wouldn’t want to sleep with that every night!

Erika on

This is really sweet to hear! Most men want a boy to play sports with or whatever, but honestly I find it adorable to see men with their little girls. My dad always used to tell me that there was nothing he could do with a boy that he couldn’t do with a girl, but the bond with a daughter was much greater. It made me feel so wanted and appreciated.

Erica on

Hopefully their baby does not inherent his slovenly boar genes.

Anonymous on

meghan- Agreed! Why people refuse to understand that Georgia had plenty of money AND fame well before she met Harvey is beyond me!

It also saddens me greatly that so many people seem to think it’s impossible for someone to love and be attracted to a person who isn’t drop-dead gorgeous or handsome unless they have a lot of money!

I know this may be a shocker to some of you, but some people don’t care about looks, and some people (myself included) actually find people with unconvential looks to be more attractive than those with the classic “wonder” boy or girl looks!

Anonymous on

Cara- “if he was your average 60 year old soon to be Old Age Pensioner” Ageist much?! I feel sorry for the elderly people in your life!