Michelle Branch: Owen Wants to Be an Ornithologist

12/03/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

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It seems as if Michelle Branch‘s daughter won’t be following in her musical footsteps any time soon.

While the Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter and her husband, bass player Teddy Landau, are no strangers to the stage, 7-year-old Owen Isabelle has found her niche in nature.

“I think because my husband and I are both musicians, she kind of feels like she has to do something a little bit more serious than her mom and dad,” the Cook Taste Eat host, 29, tells PEOPLE.

“Since she was 3 or 4 years old, she was always into science and dinosaurs and watching nature shows.”

In particular, all-things aviary has struck a chord with the little girl, who has already happily declared her future dream job.

“She’s obsessed with birds. She’s been begging to have a pet bird, which I will not allow,” saya Branch. “[Owen] claims she’s going to be an ornithologist when she grows up. Literally, it’s birds 24/7 — every book she wants is birds, stickers, drawings, clothes, everything.”

And as sure as she is of her pending career plans, Owen is just as confident in her political views. Happy to reveal who would have earned her support, the little girl has no qualms about divulging the deciding factor during the recent Presidential election.

“Around election time she said, ‘You know Mom, if I could vote, I would vote for Barack Obama.’ And I said, ‘Oh, really, that’s so interesting. Why?'” Branch recalls.

“And she said, ‘Well, remember that one time we got to go to the White House and meet him? I don’t vote for strangers.'”

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— Anya Leon with reporting by Michele Stueven

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alexis on

Love her! Love this. Was a cute little bright moment in the day 🙂

seila on

when i read owen i thought it was a boy… and then i read isabelle.

Anonymous on

Really enjoyed this video. Love Michelle Branch.

kiley on

LOVE michelle branch so much

Just my 2 cents on

Dont care why she named her daughter Owen, but Owen is a BOY’S name!

knd on

Ashley, Shannon and Lynn were also considered to be boy only names once.

UnKnown on

First off to these two idiots and their stupid comments: Just my 2 cents on December 9th, 2012
Dont care why she named her daughter Owen, but Owen is a BOY’S name!


seila on December 5th, 2012
when i read owen i thought it was a boy… and then i read isabelle.

You both are MORONS!

Second Michelle Branch ROCKS as does her daughter’s name!

K on

Shut up. Owen IS a boy’s name, what’s the big deal with them saying it.

Holly on

If her daughter has a dream to be an ornithologist, you’d think her mom would let her have a bird. I imagine Michelle got to where she is today because of a lot of support for her dream.

Guest on

I wonder why she won’t allow a pet bird?

Meg on

“I don’t vote for strangers.” That is so cute! Very enjoyable article.

auroramia on

Mama Cass’ from the Mamas and the Papas had a daughter name Owen. Maybe it has special meaning to their family. Stop Judging.

Emily on

I love Michelle Branch. She is incredibly talented and she’s very cute!

jena on

I think Owen is cute for a girl…its a trendy thing now to give your kids gender opposite names…a name carries a special meaning that is significant to the parent(s), and doesn’t necessarily have to conform to the sex of the child. Let’s be a little more open minded people!! Different isn’t wrong, it’s just different.

Anon on

Ummm, Owen IS a boy’s name….

Guest with 3 Names on

Love a girl with focus, confidence and perspective! It will be interesting to see if she in fact does become an ornithologist. It took me 40 years to know what I truly wanted to do.

As for names, as some posters are worried about, the child doesn’t strike me as one who would be concerned about it, so neither should either of us adults. The name Leslie was once an exclusively boys’ name around the Civil War. Somehow it became a name for both genders. Perhaps Owen and James will follow this same path. Several generations from now, it will be common for both.

Aud on

Why won’t she let her daughter get a bird?

Anonymous on

Marion and Vivian are also considered boys names…I know two!

Anonymous on

Why won’t she allow her daughter to have a pet bird? Strange.

holly on

Let the kid have a bird

just_me on

Just guessing here, but birds are messy and I doubt a seven year old will be able to keep up with cleaning after it.

Beth on

I know a lot of bird owners and am not putting them down, but personally it makes me sad to see a bird in a cage . They have the most awesome gift in the world, to be able to fly, and I just can’t cage one. Feel the same way about declawing cats and making them stay indoors.

Montie on

She probably won’t let her daughter have a bird because they’re very messy. My brother had parakeets as teenager and even cleaning the cage regularly, there were feathers and seeds everywhere. As Owen is only 7, it would probably fall to Michelle to take care of them. Maybe when she’s older.