Marisa Miller: Embrace Your Body (and Your Bump!)

12/03/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Pregnant Marisa Miller Poses Nude
Brian Bowen Smith

Pregnancy hasn’t put a damper on Marisa Miller‘s decision to dare to bare.

Showing off her sexy new shape for, the model — who is expecting a boy this month — shares her secret behind her successful stance.

“I always felt, even before I got pregnant, that it’s better to accentuate your curves. A lot of women try to tuck their butt in or kind of slouch because they’re trying to hide,” Miller, 34, says.

“Obviously you can’t suck it in, but it’s important to really show off the belly. For some reason, for me, from the side, it looks the biggest, so that’s what I tried to do.”

Celebrating the changes to her famous figure, Miller has learned to “embrace” all pregnancy has to offer — even the extra pounds.

My sister said to me, ‘You’re eating healthy and you’re working out, so whatever your body gains, it knows what it’s doing,'” she explains.

Transitioning from never tracking her weight — “I had never even owned a scale,” Miller admits — to watching the numbers slowly start to climb was a challenge for the mom-to-be. But, by surrounding herself with “a lot of positive support,” she chose to put a sunny spin on the situation.

“Gaining weight is part of charting your progress,” the actress notes. “Yes, I was seeing numbers I had never seen before, but I let go out of that because I had a new goal and focus.”

Pregnant Marisa Miller Poses Nude
Brian Bowen Smith

Her belly isn’t the only thing growing by leaps and bounds; To accommodate an “increased blood flow,” Miller has had to make amends to her grooming routines. “It was the first time in my life I’d actually cut my nails with a clipper!” she says with a laugh.

But perhaps the biggest change — or lack thereof —  for Miller was to her luscious locks.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I cut all my hair’s breakage off thinking, this is the only time I can have a break and do a little hair boot camp. My stylist was worried I was going to cry, but it was for my hair’s health — I didn’t care how it looked,” she says.

“Once I got into my second trimester, I asked my stylist about a few small highlights around the face, just to break up the color a bit. We used organic dye and to make sure I didn’t inhale anything, we even did it outside.”

As a first-time mom, Miller has had her fair share of surprises as she navigates her way through pending parenthood. Fortunately for the expectant model, there have been plenty of newly minted mamas to offer tips, tricks, and tried-and-true concoctions to a few of pregnancy’s side effects — particularly stretch marks.

“I’d been on Molly Sims‘s blog a lot — she was in her third trimester when I had just gotten pregnant — and she posted this recipe: shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and Vitamin E,” she says. “I made it myself, boiling the ingredients, and I poured it into mason jars.”

Pregnant Marisa Miller Poses Nude
Brian Bowen Smith

— Anya Leon

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ykeesa on

Argh so tired of naked pregnant women – I mean the pictures are beautiful and special but should be kept private and cherished with your sig other not broadcasted to the world – how is that special now ?

kim on

beautiful pics but seriously, women need to keep these pics in their personal family album, not out there for the entire world to see. pregancy is beautiful and magical and special, it should be treated as such and not exploited and flaunted.

MollyF on

Why should they “keep it between family?” I think they are beautiful and if they want to show them in public I don’t have an issue with it. People need to get over thinking the naked body is a sexual thing.

Brooke on

I think it’s beautiful! Since they are celebrities they are a “big deal” to the mags, when they’re pregnant of course they offer a ton of $$ and pose! I would! 😀

Jenny! on

Each to their own, she is very beautiful, full and healthy. That is what matters. I don’t like putting down women for doing pics like these, i much more look at how lovely she looks

deezy92 on

Beautiful, yes. But so cliche.

Steph on

Incredibly gorgeous photos! Thank you Marisa Miller for sharing your beautiful pregnant belly with us. It’s a time to celebrate, not to hide.

Steph on

Marisa Miller looks stunning!

Anne Marie on

For the ladies who want this woman to keep her pics in the family album: it is not her fault you looked like a water buffalo when you were pregnant. She is stunning.

Brandi on


Samantha on

Her face is so painfully average!!! If it wasn’t for her amazing!!! body she would never have been a model. Height+super skinny+huge boobs=success…most men don’t even notice her face or just call her a butter face.

Jenn on

Correct me if I’m wrong but the article title “Photo: Pregnant Marisa Miller Poses Nude” MIGHT indicate that there are pics of a pregnant woman..naked. One with a small bit of intelligence might have this mental conversation. “I do not want to see this naked pregnant woman. What shall I do?” The answer to this question would be “Don’t click on the article!”

If you are ‘tired of naked pregnant women’ or think women ‘need to keep these pics private’ common sense would indicate you should skip this article, not read it and comment how you don’t like it. If you think your comments will prevent other women or from posting these picture, you are sadly mistaken.

Elizabeth on

Well Sam, I’d certainly like to be that average then. 🙂

KyGal on

She looks beautiful and I really don’t understand why anyone feels the need to complain about pictures of naked pregnant women…I think the photos are beautiful and very tastefully done too.

pinklily on

If you’re comfortable with your pregnant body, why not flaunt it? I think posing while pregnant is more classy than posing for playboy, etc.

Chloe on

She looks stunning- I say if you’ve got it, flaunt it! She seems very sweet, wish her and her baby the best.

Denise S. on

Never heard of her. Is there a husband in the picture or just a “fiance”?

Jill on

Denise, if you click on her name in the first sentence of the article, it mentions her husband whom she married in 2006.

yoyo on

She actually looks pretty hot to me for a Pregnant chick! Go Marisa.

kim on

@ anne marie, i went from 100lbs pre-pregnancy to 126lbs full term. hardly a water buffalo

Barb on

The woman is gorgeous but seriously she can’t weigh more than a buck ten soak and wet so she really not need to worry about “gaining” weight. Although, I would like to throw the newly purchased scale she bought at her 🙂

Stacey on

So tasteless!!! I KNEW this woman was trash the first time I saw her. Keep your nude body between your four walls, not for the world to see!! Gheeez

Duane Sherry, M.S. on

People have no sense of privacy anymore.

martine on

Yes, the naked pregnant pictures are cliche… But Marisa looks amazing. So healthy and beautiful So nice to see a model with a real bump!

obamagirl on

I don’t even know who she is…

stoner H on

I think Marisa Miller looks amazing! Wow, so amazing and so many haters climbing the ropes on this one. She is unreal. So happy for them both.. And yeah. tons of JELLIES or just ugly fat asses reading this…. geezzz

stoner H on



Another copycat of Demi Moore’s iconic photo spread….

TJ on

Why do some women feel like they have to do this? We, the public, don’t care to see your naked, pregnant body. Please keep it to yourself!

Brandi on

Lol please speak for YOURSELF and not for me or many of the other people that think she looks stunning and don’t see why anyone would be offended by very tasteful and beautiful pictures that celebrate impending motherhood. It’s no secret that she posed in the buff for these pictures from the title of the article, so if you find stufg like this offensive, why in God’s name would you take the time to look at the pictures anyway? I think it’s a beautiful thing that in a society that’s obsessed with being thin that a well-known model is sharing her weight gain during her pregnancy with the world and putting a positive, open-arms kind of spin on it. People like you either need to lighten up or keep your whiny negativity to yourselves and keep it movin.


ang on

These are beautiful pictures and I for one am glad that these women are sharing them with us. They are NOT to be “hidden” away like a dirty thing. You people who say so are very closed minded and ignorant.

ro90045 on


Sandy on

she sounds like a total flake

BlueSkidoo on

If pregnant women need to keep their bare bellies to themselves, then so do non-pregnant women. Stop selling bikinis or shirts that ride up, keep the belly covered always! It’s such a weird double standard to say beautiful pregnant bellies should be covered and kept only to personal albums. I’d far rather see a naked belly with a baby in it than a regular bare belly. She looks gorgeous!

gilda on

Why do people feel the need to do this? I mean, it’s a personal and intimate time… why pose nude? I think it somehow takes away from it all. We know she’s a VS model and has a beautiful body… but why the need to pose naked while pregnant? Sorry – i just don’t get it.

bmwsmama11 on

To all the haters: pregnancy photos of women are beautiful. Especually “naked” ones. If you hate these kind why click on the article in the first place? you all must be jealous or something. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. If you cant see that then you must not have ever been pregnant.

Congrats Marisa & Family

VB on

Eh she doesn’t have anything on Adriana Lima.

Charli on

It’s not like this is anyhing new. Its the same 4 poses, just different women. Snooze.

Dona on

Her boobs are too big. Seriously. And is People publishing pornography now. I can see the nipples. It’s gross. Leave something to the imagination.

confessionsfromtheborderline on

I’ll be impressed with women “showing off their curves” and “embracing their body” when the body they’re embracing has a lump, a roll, or a stretch mark — not when it’s airbrushed to perfection. Acting like this is a triumphant “Everywoman” story hurts women everywhere.

a on


Anonymous on

TJ- Please don’t attempt to speak for everyone. Some of us happen to be perfectly fine with these pictures. I, for example, think the pregnant body is a beautiful thing and see no reason why pictures like this shouldn’t be shared.

I also happen to think these photos were very tastefully done. All of her “naughty bits”, so to speak, are covered up (and incidentally, she didn’t techinically pose nude, since she has bottoms on!).

Anonymous on

Love the first picture!

Shawna on

WHY?! Why must every expecting celebrity pose nude?! You’re pregnant… growing a life… its a miracle… We GET IT!

BBB on

Not a fan of pregnancy pictures taken head on. Profile shots look nice and show all the curves, head on you can’t quite tell what’s going on as quickly. It just looks odd to me.

Ann on

Blah!blah!blah! another Baby Bump………why do these females think the world wants to see their baby bump is a mystery……

Mandy on

She looks amazing! Makes me miss me pregnant with my baby. To the person who said she is only a model because of her height & boobs, think again. I’m pretty sure she is only around 5’5″ & usually big boobs don’t help a modeling career.

JF on

Really??? I’m happy for her but I don’t need to see yet another picture of a pregnant woman who feels the whole world needs to share in their joy … whatever.

Tara on

What an idiot. They say the brain shrinks by 10% you are pregnant. She was only using 5% to begin with.

Amber on

You cared enough to click, scroll through the article and pictures, and to comment..but you “don’t care to see them!”? Jealousy is an ugly thing. She looks beautiful! I’d never feel comfortable showing my pictures, but hey..if her and hubby are, that is their business.

Kim on

Who is she? She looks familiar…I think I saw her on a car commercial….but other than that I have no idea? Love the pregnant belly…but who in the heck is she?

corie on

It’s not the pictures that bug me here. It’s that she only talk about the superficial side of pregnancy. Sure, she is a model but there is more to this experience than weight gain and stretch marks.

Kara on

If I had looked this good pregnant I would have taken a thousand pictures and posted them everywhere! That is hot and amazing! And for the person who called her a “butterface” well jealously will make you say ugly things! She is stunning, pregnant or not!

Samantha on

Mandy…Um she’s 5’8 not sure where you got 5’5…5’8 is normal model height..

And agree with Sam, her face is not very cute and actually really manly and hard looking. And I see Lots of models that make it that aren’t very pretty…ummm giselle anyone? They aren’t all Candice Swanepols and Adriana Limas…

Oh and Boobs do account for fame. Look at Kate Upton…now she IS a cute girl, but her 5’10 height and those boobs sure did help for her sky rocket to fame 🙂

Tee Tee on

I find it both sad and amusing that people that wish a person would keep naked photos to themselves are labeled as a prude or a water buffalo or any other nasty names. Newsflash… being modest doesn’t mean you’re ashamed of your body. It simply means that you recognize that some things should remain private.

Melinda on

Kara I disagree, saying you don’t like the way someone looks does not mean you’re jealous. That is so played out. You don’t find someone attractive….so you’re jealous? So if I say her body is fab but her face is ugly, what does that make me? Half jealous?

sobreezy on

@ykeesa, @kim > true they are private but she wants to share it, so what? I’d rather see beautiful/classy pics instead of these hoe bags running around the US now starting at 12 years old. Nasty! She finds it special, your opinion is to keep it private, doesn’t mean it’s not special anymore. SHIT!

Anonymous on

carefull with cocoa butter, it has caffine in it and can cause arrhythmias in the baby!!