Spotted: Katherine Heigl and Adalaide – Wheels Up

12/03/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

Katherine Heigl and Adalaide at LAX

Fly baby!

Katherine Heigl smiles as she totes her newest addition, 7-month-old daughter Adalaide Marie Hope, through Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday.

The pair were on their way to the Utah home the actress, 34, shares with Josh Kelley.

Heigl and her musician husband, 32, are also parents to daughter Naleigh, 4.

“Herย full nameย is Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley,” Heigl explained about how the family chose their little girl’s name came about.

“Adalaide because of my great-grandmother, Marie after my middle name, and Hope because that is what the process became.”

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dsfg on

Many people who adopt or who have a child after losing one name their child Hope. It’s kind of cliche.

Mika on

Is her daughter biracial?

klutzy_girl on

She’s cute!

alicejane on

dsfg, it obviously means something to them, and others who use it. Much of the adoption process is hope, and waiting, and hoping that the waiting pays off. I like it, personally.

She’s a cutie – and I love the classic name Adalaide.

Shannon on

@Mika, obviously yes. She is adopted, the article does not state where she was adiopted from. Heigel’s older daughter is adopted from China, I think.

lexa on

I live in Australia and the only thing that annoys me is that they have named their daughter Adalaide and its actually spelt Adelaide (the city) . Everyone does have the right to spell a name how they choose but to me being someone who is used to seeing it spelt Adelaide I guess it is just weird for me to see it spelt any differently.

I do love Katherine though. And both of her daughters have cute names.

mamato3littles on

Lexa I agree! I LIVE in Adelaide so every time I read the name I have to really think about it!

Vanessa on

Another Aussie here.

Be the same really if someone named their kid Sidney.

I don’t think of Adelaide when I see her name. She probably doesn’t even know where it is anyway LOL.

snowballice on

What race is that child?

Amy on

I think earlier reports state that she adopted the baby from Louisiana. I actually like the name and hope that she is a much nicer person in reality than she comes off in print…she is not my fav celebrity.

Amy on

By the way, hope is never cliche. It is an awe inspiring emotion that gets us through hard times. Let’s remember that means something different to each person but it’s not cliche, ever.

Anonymous on

Shannon- The older daughter is from Korea. As for Adalaide’s adoption, all they’ve ever said is that it was domestic (i.e., from here in the states). So techinically, Adalaide could be any ethnicity. I agree that she definitely looks bi-racial, though.

That being said, I think the fact that she has a loving family who were willing to open their hearts and home to her is far more important than what race she is! ๐Ÿ™‚

NickyAngel on

Katherine and her hubby seem like really good parents, they’ve got beautiful children…maybe they’ll adopt a boy next ๐Ÿ™‚

Marky on

I like Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley both. They seem to have a good marriage and a sweet family; she’s a good actress, as well. She seems to strike a nice balance with career and family, and her girls are adorable! I, too, have a daughter from Korea, so I always feel a connection with those who have adopted from there. I have adopted domestically, too……. Adalaide is darling–love that little bald head……

Hea on

What is it with some of you and the obsession with race? It’s not a dog, it’s a cute little girl!

niki on

I think your completely right. I am czech and indian and I have a italian and black husband and our kids are very beautiful. Ones darker then thr othrr two. AND WHY SHOULD IT MATTER WE ARE OF THE HUMAN RACE. I hate whwn ppl say that I cross bred. What does that mean? I am sure that being of one ethnicity is rare now days. And its better to have the baby adopted then being in a NOT so good home. She has security and love and two ppl who are committed to raising her as their own. That in itself is amazing.

Elisa on

I’m from Brazil and everytime I read that hear daughter’s name is Adalaide I think “I thought it was Adelaide…”, so I think I’m not totally crazy.

But it is a cute name. And a very cute baby. I love Katie.

meghan on

lexa, she’s named after a relative, not a city, so it’s not misspelled.

Brooke on

Oh Sweet girl! Happy to see her little face.

Philippa on

I think you’ll find that baby Adalaide belongs to the human race (this is me saying ‘who cares’?). She’s very adorable! ๐Ÿ˜€

Anonymous on

NickeyAngel- Actually, I think they’ll have a bio baby next. Katherine has said that she and Josh have talked about having biological children, but wanted to adopt first.

amy on

Darling baby girl and as someone pointed out..her race is human. End of story.

seila on

named after her grandmother, and herself… where’s hubby’s family in the name game?

erica2 on

@seila…the child’s last name duh that’s where hubby made his mark

Marisol on

Her daughter is African American and was adopted from New orleans.

Anonymous on

Marisol- Actually, Katherine and Josh have never confirmed either of those things (all they’ve said about Adalaide’s adoption is that she was adopted domestically), so we don’t know that for sure.

seila- In addition to what Erica2 said, it’s entirely possible that Josh doesn’t like the names in his family and so didn’t WANT to use them for his children!

dsfg on

Erica2, I agree! I’ve always thought the first and/or middle names for children should come from the mother’s side, since the last name usually comes from the father’s. It just always made sense to me.

dsfg on

Amy, I wasn’t talking about the emotion, I was talking about the name. I like the emotion, not so crazy about the name.

niki on

I think that some ppl have some ignorant and stupid comments. I mean I love my husband but NOT so crazy about his moms name at all. And his family helped us wt our last daughters name we wanted a j name his family all has j names so we went with it. I am also white and my husband is half Italian and black and I hear STUPID stuff all the time. Katherine and her husband ARE great ppl adoption is wonderful. Good job.