Holly Madison: I Want Six Kids

12/03/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Holly Madison Wants Six Kids

With a daughter on the way in March, Holly Madison switched it up by wearing blue to Saturday’s Animal Foundation Happy Anniversary Hour, held at the House of Blues Foundation Room in Las Vegas.

It was a welcome change for the former reality star, who admits she was hit with “a tide” of pink product upon announcing the sex of her baby. Not that it’s unwelcome, of course — Madison has been patiently awaiting the bundle of joy she’s now expecting with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella.

“We knew we wanted to try to have kids, but probably next year,” she tells Las Vegas Weekly. “I don’t know why this is, maybe because I am 33, but I didn’t think it would be that easy for me to get pregnant. But it was.”

And if Madison has it her way, it will continue to be. “I want six kids,” she says. “We’ll see how it goes, but I want a big family.”

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rachael on

She’s beautiful! It’ll be interesting to see what this baby looks like as I know her looks have changed through the years. She seems to be enjoying this pregnancy.

stacy on

I wanted six kids forever! After the first was born, reality sunk in! Three is plenty for me now!

Amy on

Haha!! That was me too stacy!!

melissa on

She looks beautiful but nothing new there. I love reading about her and her pregnancy. I wish her only the best!

Jean on

I love when women who haven’t had any babies yet say they want a big family. Then you give birth and deal with two year old temper tantrums and you rethink that….

happy on

Wasn’t really sure the hubs and I wanted kids. Accidentally got pregnant and now I have an eight year old. Love her to death but this is hard! Like the person above said wait until the realities hit! Wish her well. I would love to adopt. . Now that is really selfless.

motherlovehavingkids on

It sounds like u hated having kids all I heard was complaints I had a big family it was wonderful I’m proud to say even though the haters will get pissed some people would give there eye to have what u hate and complain about

Cindy on

I wish her the best

lepf on

This color hair suits her instead of the platinum blond. I hope she keeps it! She really looks the best ever 🙂

librababe on

she looks lovely in that pic.

Lisa on

Holly has never looked more beautiful! Congrats and best wishes to her!

Janet on

She looks beautiful in this picture – healthy, happy and glowing. Love the hair this color and not the bleached out blonde she use to be.

Today on

this hairstyle looks so nice on her…wow

kim on

its gunna be kinda hard for her to have 6 kids once her bf is in prison…great way to bring a family into this world…

Kim on

I was thinking the same….

ftailsffxi on

It is SO nice to see Holly so happy after the heartbreak of Hef. She was meant to have babies with a man who’s going to be around to see them grow up & have their own children. I think she’ll be a great mommy.

Dana on

of’course she is beautiful she is all plastic….

ftailsffxi on

lol Dana I think the only fake thing about her is her boobs. In my experience the all plastics are NOT beautiful. Look at how JWow’s face has changed since the start of Jersey Shore! Only 30 & her face is starting to resemble Joan Rivers, eeek!

Daniel on

Quit drinking the hater-ade Dana…lol..seriously only a hater or a jealous person would feel the need to make a comment like yours. She’s a beautiful woman & her baby will be beautiful too!

motherlovehavingkids on

I love hearing that women drown themselves in haterade it would be nice just to be polite and happy

dawn on

Awww she looks soo adorable pregnant too! God bless her and her little family! Cant to see pics when the baby comes!!!

ace11 on

LOVE these people that say that

Try 1 first..see how it works out

Alyssa on

That’s what a lot of women think….until they go through childbirth. Then the count goes from 6 to 4….to 3…then 2 seems suddenly like a good idea, but only after a little bit when your clock starts ticking again and the memory of the pain clears a little.

boohoobytch on

relax lady

fanofboardwalkempire on

wishing Holly well in her pregnancy.

Tessa on

Have your baby first dear! It’s so much different when you are actually taking care of the children. You will probably change your mind about the amount of kids you want.

motherlovehavingkids on

Stop whining and climb the ladder if its so bad you don’t need inviting to enjoy your brood

Mandy on

I’ve had a kid & if I was younger & had more money I would probably have 6. Yeah the pain sucks (my epidural didn’t work at all), but as soon as I held my baby girl I knew it was all worth it. I would go through it all over again because my baby is going to give me a lifetime of happiness where as I was only in pain for 16 hours.

motherlovehavingkids on

That’s wonderful to say I’m happy for u

Katie on

Pregnant looks very good on her. She looks more beautiful than she’s ever looked.

kayakkimi83 on

I remember watching her on Girls Next Door and I always thought “what a gold digger” like all of them are. But the more I watched I really think she was in love with Hef and its sad she invested what…most of her 20’s hoping that she would have a future with him. Then after she leaves Hef purposes to the new girl right off the bat? Thats was a dirty move on his part so I am SUPER excited and happy for her…I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST HOLLY! You deserve better 🙂 Good luck with the little one!

ftailsffxi on

I agree kayakkimi, Holly is the real deal. She really loved that old man. Did you see her show when she brought him the replica of the house he grew up in for his birthday? That’s a great girl, she paid attention to his stories and details & got him something thoughtful & meaningful. I think Hef didn’t want babies and he knew it was important to her. That bitch Crystal wouldn’t dream of having a kid, too shallow.

Noodles on

weirdly she reminds me of a young lisa kudrow in that picture

Manon on

Although I think Holly will be a great MOM, until she see’s the reality of a newborn ( & on) that’s easy for her to say. After the “NO SLEEP , constant crying ( only way the sweet little creatures can communicate) demands & how her life WILL change, Holly shouldn’t make comments like that. Just my opinion! I do wish her all the best!

motherlovehavingkids on

The only constant piss crying complaing is YOU

laura on

Aww i’m so happy for her! She looks beautiful and glowing in this picture, and I especially love her new short haircut. Its very “mom-like.” She will be a great mom and she deserves it; its all she wanted with Hef and she can finally be happy knowing she’s going to be a mother.

sookie on

How about getting married before the six babies? They are not accessories. Give them a stable base.

motherlovehavingkids on


Emily on

Oh wow, I didn’t even recognize her without that platinum blonde hair. She looks beautiful!! I’ve never really followed her career at all, but I wish her the best. From what I can tell, she seems pretty genuine.

missintexas on

all you people congratulating her blow my mind. a daddy who is probably going to spend years in prison? what a great life for her precious child on the way and very selfish of holly.

motherlovehavingkids on


trish on

Find a man who will marry you, then start a family!

abby on

when was it that this TRAMP became a lady????

sarah S on

U look cool. Good luck with the baby

Jenny! on

I love holly she is such a sweet lady. I can’t believe how big she is!!! And still so stunning. So excited to see her baby, it will be beautiful, just like her.

Maximus on

So she can tell her oodles of kids about mommy’s career choice as a paid whore? Such a fine example.

motherlovehavingkids on

And u can tell your kids that there mommy is a dried up bitter angry shrew

melisa on

I’d like to see if she wants six kids after this one is born…

But I gotta say, she looks amazing!! Why do women think they have to be bleached blonde bimbos to look beautiful??

kim on

thank you, MISSINTEXAS!!! my thoughts exactly…everyone congratulating her when the poor little baby will be daddy-less. NOT a way to bring a child into this world. shes an idiot for staying with him. if that doesnt scream ‘red flag’, i dont know what does!! do NONE of you people know the background story here????

Embee on

I think her hair looks just beautiful, sooooo much better than that fried bleach blond color….

Maggie on

I wanted lots of children. My husband wanted 2 we settled with 3. I would have had more, but he didn’t. 3 has been good.

Danielle on

Holly looks radiant and I’m so happy for her……unlike her ex boyfriend,,,,he still looking for a wife, and is going for the one who kicked him……men , are like dogs,,,,,,

Cappy84 on

She looks as beautiful as ever! And is completely glowing. Love Holly!

Sendra on

Holly looks nice in that picture, she did act like she was crazy about old Hef, but he didn’t want to marry her for some reason and she is now better off. Hef required all his ladies to have platinum blonde hair.

Christine on

Beautiful woman but why an article on her? A well paid stripper with her realtiy show is news worthy? She is known for being the whore of a dirty old man and taking her clothes off. Bet her future kids will be so proud.

steph on

to all the people that say having a baby and taking care of it is hard…it really isn’t that hard. If it were really hard, not everyone would do it. Its about stepping out of you comfort zone and it looks like holly is prepared to do just that.

princessesmom on

she looks beautiful!….about the six kids, lets wait till she deliver the first one…

Chrissy on

Some people really took the time to write a snide comment about a woman being excited and happy about starting her family and wanting 6 kids? She didn’t say she was absolutely having a big family, she said she wants a big family but “we’ll see.” And just because this is her first child doesn’t mean she can’t say how many kids she’d like. Most people do that. Men and women alike. And then you re-evaluate your situation after one and go from there. She’s a grown woman, she can afford this baby, and she is entitled to her opinions about how large a family she’d like. Get over it.

Lina on

what an idiot…I think I said the same thing, when I was maybe ten??

Gina on

All of a sudden she is adored by many. Hope she doesn’t pass her “skills” to her daughter.

Gina on

Ditto Christine!

Khadijah on

Holly carries very well..

Gina on

Why buy the cow when the milk is free??

larsen on

lol good all she needs is 5 more felons to father the rest.

oooo on

Bullsh*t. Kids are a lot of work. Have 15 kids! I prefer my dogs over a thirty year commitment. Yeah I said 30 not 18. Kids are disrespectful and rude nowadays. You are not contributing to society you are delusional. Misery loves company. It is so wonderful . .blah blah blah. Keep telling yourself that. Why not adopt? I want my own kids. Now I call that selfish! I prefer volunteering and helping than producing like bunnies. There is more to life than babies babies babies . .gah!! Let the comments come . .HAHAHAHA

Christee on

talk to me AFTER the first one!

anna on

If she is the same sweet person in real life that we see on TV than her baby is one lucky little girl. Holly seems like she will be a wonderful mother and she looks gorgeous. Congrats Holly (not like she will ever see this but Congrats any way)

Barb on

Pasquale Rotella was indicted on charges including bribery and embezzlement over concerts he produced.

Yeah, this sounds like the man to have children with. Way to go!

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

This is healthiest/happiest I’ve ever seen. Before, she looked like a bad Barbie doll caricature…she looks MUCH better with that shade of blond.

Cooper on

I gotta admit even though I love busting on her her haircut is awesome.


Oh my gosh!!! She looks radiant and she’s glowing!!! She’s beautiful! So happy for her!

Scarlet on

6 kids…yeah right. Just wait until her daughter is born, she will change her tune real quick.

Lauren on

I like how she mysteriously stays the same age every year. If she wants six kids, she better have twins, then triplets in the next couple of years.

Meena on

A baby is not hard work. At least, mine wasn’t. Now my 15 year old…that is another story. Labor wasn’t even as bad as other mothers scared me into thinking it would be. Good luck, Holly.

Aj on

Six kids? Really? I think Holly Madison would be fortunate enough to pull of taking care of one or two children! I’m talking about on her own, with no nannies!

Aj on

Holly needs to worry about taking care of the child she’s pregnant with first! It’s a lot of work even taking care of one child (without nannies). I doubt after the second one (maybe even the first one) that Holly could take care of 6 children without any nannies.

Mumx5 on

A little OT but all babies aren’t that miserable to have around
#1 dream text book baby
#2 complete opposite if #1 >..<
#3 our 'last' …. what a gem
#4 our 'last' Again So glad we didn't stop
#5 our lil surprise bubs and really our lay … After 5 sections 4 girls – 1 boy the talley is final. as mama cannot (tubes tied) have anymore.
I wish 1000)3784587665368 percent I could have more … I LOVEbeing a mummy, every stage and every age … People in the street literally stop me and ask me how I do it … One day at a time 😉 lol

Ohhh and yes they are ALL mine and hubby's.

Can someone let me know why I am 'crazy' for having these kids??? People will say negative and I wanna dish it straight back …. But some of us NEED to be adults.

Kids are amazing
They make raising them a dream job and I'm sorry to boast if your in hell but we all see things differently and some of us just don't whinge and whine as much as others … See the blessing … A 2 week old baby screaming at 2am is much better than the alternative … Right???

Sorry about spelling
My phone is an a**