Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman Expecting Another Baby

12/01/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman Expecting Again
Dave M. Benett/FFR/Getty

There’s another baby on the way for Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein.

“We are both over the moon,” the Marchesa co-founder and Project Runway: All Stars judge, 36, tells the New York Post.

The couple are already parents to daughter India Pearl, 2. The Weinstein Company chairman, 60, also has three daughters from a previous marriage.

“We don’t know the sex — it could be Harvey and five daughters,” Chapman, who’s due in the spring, jokes. “I’d be happy either way.”

She and Weinstein wed on Dec. 15, 2007 at his Connecticut home.

— Sarah Michaud

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rhonda on

He’s a little old to be fathering babies.

Susan on

She must have been artificially inseminated. He doesn’t look too agile. It says he’s 60, he looks more like 70. Yuck. Money can do many things.

seila on

well something he must have… and i don’t think it’s the money, she is succesful and rich on her own, so she must really love him, that’s what she sees.

Marcia on

She is so gorgeous and seems like a really nice person. I enjoy her on Project Runway. How she ever married him is beyond me. I don’t care how rich he is–he is a troll.

Kat on

My thoughts exactly.

Money talks, I doubt he’d get himself such a hot chick if he was a regular 60 yr old Joe on the street.

Anonymous on


Sandra on

Really People, What the hell is your problem?? If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t speak or type! Congrats to the couple 🙂

American Mom on

Thank you! Someone with some class finally has spoken. For the rest of you- Ms. Chapman is an extremely talented and successful fashion designer (Marchesa) with no need of her husband’s money. She happens to be a beautiful woman, but as you all should learn, people of quality don’t base relationships purely on looks but on more important factors. I’m certain her husband did the same, considering how talented, creative, intelligent, and kind she appears to be. Perhaps maturity is something is something she appreciates and to which you should aspire.

Ludmilla on

I’m with you on this topic Sandra. I’m sure rhe ppl commenting must be rich and are runway material.

Em on

Congrats to them!

I prefer not to judge when it comes to people’s ages and parenting children. Families come in many shapes and sizes. My Grandfather was 55 when my mother was born and he lived to be 98. My own father passed away at 37 but I had 10 wonderful years with him.

marina on

You guys are horrible! So what if he is not the most handsome men around, he still could be adorable and a great person, for all you know.

Ckrd856 on

So nice that in her comment she acknowledged ALL of his children, not just the children they’re having together. Says a lot about her character…I wish them the best!

Jennifer on

What a bunch of negative, gossipy cows on this comments thread. Just the type of women I despise.

They are happy and married. Congratulations to them!

Tara on

He’s wealthy! So even if he passed away he can take care of his kiddos at least financially (sorry to be so abrasive, I do agree he is too old to be having kiddos!)

Andrea on

Why is it that people are so negative? Is he asking you for help to support his family? New life is always a blessing. Plus, both of them work. She isn’t living off of him. She makes her own money.

So shut up. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

treat each other with respect on

she is the co-founder of a major high-end fashion empire, this is clearly an example of marriage for love, not money, so rejoice for their new addition and wish them well!

Sunny on

Eww she had to have sex with him.

sydney on

Eww, people had sex to make you.

Cassie on

Don’t know a thing about him, but I think she is a sweetheart on “Project Runway All Stars” and so pretty too. And they seem like a happy couple, so what does age matter? Congrats to both!

Kim on

Money and fame. Why else would a much younger beautiful woman marry him.

Courtney on

But, she is rich, famous, and successful on her own. She doesn’t need his name or money.

Lisa J. on

He’s 60 and worth $150 million. BUT, she fashion empire, Marchesa, is worth over $4 BILLION. She doesn’t need him for fame or money. They also have a two-year-old daughter. So, as strange as it may seem, it may be “true love!”.

Dhalia on

Beauty and the beast

a on


Meena on

It’s power that has attracted them. They are both rich and powerful people. Those who are saying she is in it for the money obviously do not know who she is.

Roo on

Georgina Chapman was already famous and wealthy for starting the “Marchesa” clothing line when she met Harvey, so the idea that she married him for money is unlikely. Just a happy couple in my opinion.

Jumbybird on

What is amazing is that any woman would let that nasty looking pig between her legs. But there’s nothing some wouldn’t do for money.

Anonymous on

Gross. Hope the money is worth it but I can’t imagine having to face that in bed every night. YUCK.

Decemberbaby98 on

Carbon footprint, anyway? Seven billion and counting. Sen. Wyden age 63 just had his fifth kid so this fellow is in his company. They are both clued out. Yes it is wrong for someone that old to have a newborn. If the fetus were allowed to weigh in it would say “er, no thanks!” Yes I know Tony Randall was a loving father and a good guy, but his kids didn’t know him for very long and they never knew him as an agile man in his 40s (or even 60s). These people are sickening. EVERy human impacts every other human, but the ones in First World countries impact most heavily of all.

at first I thought the headline said Harvey Fierstein (that’s why I clicked it) and I thought “What the F?????” HAHAHAHA

Decemberbaby98 on

His midsection suggests he is at high risk for death or near death.

Sam on

Ok, he’s gross. She clearly married his wallet, he financed her label. She must throw up a little every time she has to sleep with him.

Lacey on

I was actually wondering if Georgina would have another baby while I was watching Project Runway All Stars the other night. Guess I was on to something! Congrats to them, hope it’s a boy this time!

Tara on

Harvey’s net worth is 150million and Marchesa is worth 4.2billion, do put the money issue to rest!

Miriam Poulsen on

Wow, why is everyone so cynical?? She’s actually a lot richer than him. I call love! Congrats!

Anonymous on

Wow. Wow. You know what I mean.

Anonymous on

Wow. All the things you think I mean, I mean.

guest on

For all of you saying SHE married for money, obviously have NO CLUE about the high end fashion line of Marchesa that she helped co-found. Think before you speak. Congrats to the couple. It doesn’t matter his age, at least hes a father who can support his children

Nunyaz on

Haven’t you ever heard of the casting couch? He’s a notorious pervert. He gets the starlets he’s banging to wear his wife’s designs.

Rose on

I hope its a boy this too…..but don’t name him Harvey Jr.

I hate the name…I have a brother named Harvey

Rose on

I hope its a boy but does not look like him

. . on

I hope the baby is happy and healthy. Congratulations.

dsfg on

Em, it might have worked that way for your family, but a man who has a child at 27 is still MUCH more likely to see his child grow up than a man who has one at 55. There are never any guarantees, but anyone with a brain can see that the odds strongly favor the younger man.

Lacey on

Georgina may have started Marchesa before she met Harvey, but you can’t tell me it’s coinidence her label became a Hollywood must wear on the red carpet.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them both. My mom was born when her mother was 40 and her father was 60. She was definitely a “surprise baby” with brothers who were 15 and 18 when she came along. But she turned out just fine. I’m sure that this little one will as well.

Anonymous on

wow, i dont know if he looks will be enough for the kid….

Terri on

Boy, so many bad, ugly comments. As long as they are happy no one should judge them. And why is he too old, just because you wouldn’t have a baby with someone who is 60, doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t. How about just being happy for them.

mama3 on

what??? I didnt know they were married!! I love her on Project Runway.

Tara on

why is she having sex with him? guess she wouldn’t have much of a career without his financial backing eh?

traci on

Congrats to the happy couple.

Britt on

Personally, I feel like it’s better for them to bring new life into this world, than freak out over their age. Every child is a gift from God, no matter how old or young their parents are. Congratulations to them!

Terri on

Some of these comments are just plain mean. Who are you to judge if someone is too old to have a baby. And maybe she see’s more in him than outside appearances. I guess it goes to show you how many people can really be mean and superficial.

Unkown on

Uh, Susan? Men don’t have menopause. Charlie Chaplin fathered a baby at 77. Chill and be happy.

Anonymous on

All you funky bitches need to take your Mask off and look yourself in the face before you Judge someone else

Angie on

She is also from a well to do family, it isn’t like she was broke or poor and has a successful business of her own. How she married him will baffle me for ages. She is beautiful and I love her on Project Runway. I guess you can never have enough money or he has one amazing personality.

I also agree that he is too old to be having babies. Sure he has the money to support them but having your father there for you is priceless.

anonymous on

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.how many ppl marry someone not good looking to others.Poor nd not good looking or rich nd not good looking.. i’ll take the rich as long as their happy.Who cares

Unknown on

Its so sad that people just can’t be happy for a couple. Everyones time on earth can be limited no matter what a parents age. Enjoy and savor the time you have. And wake up call for men and women…lots of people believe you’re with the wrong person too! They just choose not to tell you…lol! So enjoy your life and stop being jealous of what love looks like for the rich. Look in your own backyard! !!

Lisa on

She is GORGEOUS. But I don’t think she married him for money – she made/makes millions on her own from designing the Marchesa line and it’s not like she quit her job after they got married.

cheri on

If any of you have ever seen an interview of Harvey on TV you’d see what a wonderful, jovial guy he is. I’ve always heard that everyone who does business with him loves him.

Age has absolutely nothing to do with it and besides 60 is not old anymore. I am 65 and train horses everyday and am as physically fit as I ever was and look much, much younger.

I’m sure many 60+ ers would fool you as to their age in today’s world. It’s all a mind-set anyway….feel young, you ARE young !

Anonymous on

What does she see in him? Most likely access to celebrities. She, of course, comes from a wealthy family to begin with so she doesn’t need his money. Notice 90% of the stars of the red carpet wear her clothes. Harvey probably strong-arms them into wearing them.

Ariana on

See, the old guys want the young, hot wives. There are very few Hollywood marriages that last with the original wife, yeah a few but a lot don’t.

Chi on

lots of haters here tonight…congrats to weinstein/chapman family!

J in NYC on

The man with the money… didn’t he finance her business? What a shocker that he is now fathering her babies. I wonder how long this will last.

NM on

I don’t usually say this, but I’ll have to agree, that he is too old to be fathering children. She’s still quite young at 36, but at 60, he should be thinking about being a grandfather and not a father.

susan schweitzer on

God, what does that beautiful woman see in that old, fat, ugly man. It must be all about money; however, she has enough in her own right. I just don’t get it.

NM on

@guest who wrote that it doesn’t matter how old he is, it actually does matter quite a bit. Just as a woman’s biological clock ticks, so does a mans. Their sperm ages, and at 60 the risk of having a baby with genetic abnormalities, because of old sperm increases with age. Sixty is really pushing the envelope to be fathering more children. At that age, being a grandfather should be on his agenda, but not fathering more children.

Anonymous on

She’s a sell out for his power and money which does buy your love…well at least hers anyway.

Becky on

Well, I must be really blind, because I don’t think he’s as horrible looking as everyone else..I’m not saying he’s a hunk, just not the most handsome men I’ve ever seen..

Becky on

Oh and by the way, congrats on the new baby..

Kasia on

Can you say beauty and the beast?! Yikes

oneeye on

why do people feel the need to procreate with every marriage? The world’s population reached 7 BILLION last week. Wake up people! Get a dog.

Gigi on

Hope it looks like her because he is absolutely revolting.

Crisostimo on

She comes from money too. Dont hate and assume. Congrats to them!!!

Catca on

My goodness we have some shallow comments on here today. Georgina was a successful musician before starting Marchesa, which she started before meeting Harvey and had plenty of Hollywood connections in her own right (which is how she met Harvey in the first place). What does she see in him? Perhaps a man with a gorgeous smile and beautiful blue eyes. A man whose extremely intelligent and well liked and is the creative force behind many beloved movies. I’d say that’s quite a bit he’s got going for him besides his wallet!

Josie on

Wow, she’s a beautiful woman. She must just close her eyes and think of all his money…

meghan on

All you people calling him ugly and gross, is he really any more “disgusting” then any man you see around you on a daily basis? He looks like a perfectly average man to me. Georgina is lovely and talented and I think we can trust her judgement. I’m sure he is a very nice man.

Shelliec69 on

Harvey is far from ugly. He’s a pleasant looking 60 year old guy. She is beautiful. Congrats on the new addition.

Holiday on

There are some seriously mean and shallow people on here

Anonymous on

cheri- Thank you for sharing! That pretty much confirms what I had guessed, that she most likely married him because of his wonderful personality. Some of us DO actually value inner beauty more than outer beauty!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

She is a nasty gold digger…could it be more obvious…puke.

Chrissy on

So many nasty comments. Yes, he is a bit old to have such a young child and one on the way. However, they are very well off and if anything happens to him, the mother is younger and the child will be well taken care of. On the other hand, 60 is unusual to be a new father, but it’s not dead. He may live many, many more years. You cannot always tell a person’s health and energy level by their appearance. You also cannot tell other personality attributes by appearance either, and he may be less attractive than her but be a terrific and fun man.

Lydia on

I am soooooo shocked that she is married to him! I love her on Project Runway: All-Stars and she seems super sweet and charming! I can’t understand the love-connection here. I mean, she is independently wealthy as the co-founder of Marchesa so I can’t see why should would marry for money so maybe they truly are a match made in heaven?? I just don’t get it though. That’s just me. I couldn’t be married to a man that was double my age let alone someone I wasn’t attracted to in the slightest. I guess we are all different like that.

Sarah on

I worked in the film industry for many years, and had a few run-ins from Harvey, and also some stories from co-workers and industry folk. He was rude rude rude, so it can’t be a “well his personality makes up for his looks” thing. Go figure.

Ruth on

Georgina Chapman was born into a very wealthy family and I doubt if she married her husband for his money. He did back her company when it started but there is obviously a lot of love as well and good luck to them.

As for a baby – strictly their business but I’m sure that he/she will be much loved and have a great life.

anyonebutbrady on

…or maybe, Sandra, GASP, she actually loves him and isn’t sitting around waiting for a bunch of trolls with empty lives to put their two cents in on whom she should be with. I realize that its Hollywood, so its a long shot, but MAYBE his worth as a partner and father isn’t measured strictly by his outward physical appearance. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to pretend to understand…

rachel on

My first thought, yuck

Denise S. on

My husband was 50 & 52 when are kids were born. He lived to see them into their mid 20’s. They adored him as he did them. He was 20 years older than me and we were happily married for 28 years. Love happens.

Congratulations to the couple.

Tiffany on

A lot of shallow people on here. True love is not about looks. Which he is not even bad looking. AND she is not exactly poor, so I doubt it’s about money. They obviously love each other. And he can have kids if he wants, it’s not your life!

Congrats to the couple. Best wishes to them and their family.

Megan Hughes on

Congrats to them! and shame on those who are saying she’s married to him for fame and money, Georgina Chapman is very successful on her own as co founder of Marchesa.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the Weinstein family!

anna on

I had a relationship with a man who was overweight, and looked very much like Harvey Weinstein. He was an incredible lover. Weight and age really don’t matter if you’ve had that kind of experience….those that have, get it.

Jill on

How come people only say they are “over the moon” when it comes to having babies? They don’t say it when they are happy about getting engaged or married, getting a new job, graduating from college, etc.

Lizzie on

Oh my.

dsfg on

Haha, Jill, I always wondered the same thing too. And can a celebrity make a baby announcement WITHOUT using the cliche “over the moon”?

dsfg on

Anna, looks aren’t everything, of course, but Harvey is known around Hollywood for being . . . let’s just say not a very nice person. So if he isn’t hot or young or nice and she doesn’t need his money, why is she with him?

Jillian on

WOW, talking about out kicking your coverage !! She is beautiful …

MollyF on

It’s fine and dancy to state your opinions, but most of the people here are mean. I’d hate to bump into you guys in the street. When did people become so jaded?

We don’t know Harvey, yeah, we’ve heard that he’s not a nice guy, but has he ever said anything to you guys? If he has, then you have a right to say he’s mean, but since most of us here haven’t met him, shut up.

So many ugly people here. Even to those who make comments to others commenting is personal sounding. Why can’t you guys state your opinions in a nice way without being so mean. You can be critical without being mean.

Anonymous on

Considering the obesity problem in America, I’d love to see what all the women posting such nasty cr@p here look like. I doubt any of you posting such hateful comments are exactly runway material. Maybe Georgina’s just beautiful, both on the inside and outside? And Harvey looks like any other man out there to me.

Congrats to them on the new baby! Can’t wait to hear what it is.

Cara on

I’m gonna side with the people saying he is too old to have kids. I never really knew how to feel about this issue until I became close friends with a co-worker whose father is 82. She is 25 years old. Her mother is in her 50’s. She is constantly worried about her father and his health and is even rushing into marriage with someone she isn’t truly in love with just so her father can walk her down the aisle before he passes away. She also says she wants to conceive a baby right away so her father can meet his first grandchild before he dies. She is very, very, very stressed about her father at all times because of his age and constantly saying she wishes he were younger. It just makes me grateful that my parents are both in their 50’s and healthy. It makes me sad to think that my friend is always so anxious about her dad like that and is throwing herself into a loveless marriage just to see her father happy before he passes. Seems selfless on her part but just very sad and unnatural to me. A woman can’t physically have children after menopause and I feel like it should be the same age-range for men too. It’s a tough situation. I guess to each their own.

amy on

“over the moon”…yet another phrase that needs to be retired…like “baby bump”.

Cara on

So what …… she is not the first young pretty woman to fall in love with a wealthy older and ugly man !


lisa on

She is so beautiful. Carolyn Murphy may be the cute model of Project Runway but Georgina Chapman is the gorgeous talent.

Nurple on

Wow, there are some pretty nasty comments on here. First off, hate to break it to you but 60 year old men can have children, she is not 40 and she is heatlhy so it doesn’t need to be artificial insemination. Secondly, there are many unhealthy men with healthy sperm and healthy men with little or no sperm. That is life and perhaps the joke of the universe. There are also a lot of men who are healthy looking, do everything right and end up with cancer. Some of it is lifestyle and some of it is genetics. As for their marriage – who the hell knows. She was well off and she seems genuinely affectionate towards him. She doesn’t need him, that’s clear…so she must want him. Maybe unlike many people here, she sees something beyond the ‘wrapping’ – maybe he is a good father, someone who cares for his kids, someone who loves her every day, makes her laugh, or someone who cares about the community he lives in…she is old enough to not be a silly girl getting married so there must be something. Then again, maybe he left his devoted first wife for a young thing and we are missing something. Point is, we don’t know in this case and we’ve been given nothing substantial to assume the worst. Maybe she isn’t as shallow as the rest of us – I don’t know if I could get past the way someone looks but maybe he’s just that incredible. I will say this…a powerful man that doesn’t abuse that power, that is genuinely kind would definitely be attractive on some level.

Nurple on

Also, just one more comment about him being too old….I would agree typically, except they don’t live in our world, not really. They have ALL the money that we don’t and even if we pretend it doesn’t make a difference it does. Children won’t be left taking care of him, he now has money to buy time with his kids. Is it ideal, no…is it the worst case scenario, no. There are many young broke parents who would have a harder time raising children than these two but they manage.

zee on

Wow, how did such a slug get such a beautiful woman? She has totally closed her eyes. Tight!!

julianna on

Congrats to Harvey and Georgina!
As for the age issue (or how he won’t last long enough to see their children grow up), my father and his wife welcomed a healthy and gorgeous baby boy nearly 3 years ago when he was 50. Since the birth of my brother, my father started taking better care of himself: he began watching his diet and stopped drinking. His blood fat levels dropped and he’s healthier now than he was before. Who says the same didn’t happen to Harvey after the birth of their daughter?

Lippy on

Fyi, Georgina was a struggeling starlet before she met Harvey, taking her chances on another hunk- Quentin Tarantino. The bar was clearly set for the poor-sighted girl with bigger ambitions than costume designing at your local theather, cos Marchesa was launched AFTER her and gobby Harvey became official.. Harvey is a big boss in H-town so marketing those frocks was a no brainer, and he’s also involved in the brand- not like ms Pretty face is worth billions on her own!

So, sure love happens at all appearances.. with the aid of connections and a few blue pills! 😉