Spotted: Jessica Simpson – Mom on the Move

11/30/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Jessica Simpson Out With Maxwell

What a little hipster!

Looking trim and fashionable, Jessica Simpson was spotted with fiancé Eric Johnson at the Los Angeles International Airport Thursday with daughter Maxwell Drew in tow.

Simpson, 32, and former NFL player Johnson returned on a flight from New York as reports continue to swirl that she is expecting their second child. Baby Maxwell, her first, was born on May 1.

Becoming a parent, Simpson said, was “life-changing.”

Her publicist, speaking to PEOPLE on Wednesday, declined to comment about a second pregnancy.

Simpson, a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, recently made headlines with a 60 lb. post-pregnancy weight loss.

— Andrea Billups

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Robyn on

She looks JUST like her daddy!

And I’d say judging from “declined to comment” means she’s pregnant! I don’t know how some women do it, with children being that close together! My girls are nearly 3 years apart and it’s a challenge juggling two children!

Stacey on

Cute baby and the outfit is adorable!!!!!!!!!

TG on

Maxwell is such a cutie!

Lau on

Ahhh Maxwell is just adorable!

Marie on

Maxwell is absolutely beautiful. Looks just like her dad with her mom’s mouth. Such a cute little girl, cannot wait to see what she has next.

Holiday on

Beautiful baby girl

Anonymous on

Robyn- I’m right there with you! “Not commenting” generally means “yes”. 😉 That being said, the fact that the news got leaked so early (she clearly isn’t showing yet, so obviously she can’t be more than a couple months along) makes me a bit concerned for her.

I hope everything goes okay and she doesn’t find herself in the heartbreaking position of having to announce an early miscarriage as Lily Allen did (and yes, I’m aware things can go wrong later in pregnancy too, as they did for poor Lily the second time around. But the odds of something going wrong are the highest in the first trimester, which is why most women wait until at least the three month mark to announce their pregnancies!).

Also, before anyone starts bashing Jessica for having another kid so quickly and not following through on her plan to wait awhile, it sounds like this was a surprise baby. US Weekly quotes the “source” close to her that they spoke to as saying this pregnancy was “definitely not planned”.

In anycase, I wish Jessica, Eric, and Maxwell all the best!

Anonymous on

And Maxwell is a cutie!

Cara on

God, It’s probably awful but I kind of hope the rumors aren’t true. She literally JUST lost 60 pounds and now she is going to go through the weight gain all over again SO SOON after her first child??

I don’t know…I am just not an advocate for popping out babies so close (which is weird since my siblings and I are all CRAZY close in age-ie. I was 6 months old when my mom got pregnant with my sister) to eachother. I think a woman should enjoy more quality time with her kids until she puts her body through pregnancy again.

That said, tons of women are super vocal about having kids close in age. Mine are 3 years apart and that was what I needed personally. I couldn’t imagine having a one year old AND a newborn. I guess it would be like having twins in a way? Anyhooooo…not judging. Just not something I would ever do.

I wish them the best though! Maxwell is sooooooooo cute & she looks a lot like her daddy!

Mia on

Someone looks like their dad! As Jessica does hers – cute.

Mia on

She looks just like her dad!

dsfg on

Cara, Jessica was heavy to begin with when she got pregnant. She is thinner now than she was before she got pregnant. So hopefully if she is pregnant now she won’t gain 60 lbs.

Anonymous on

Cara- Not all pregnancies are planned, and if you read the article in US Weekly “announcing” Jessica’ supposid second pregnancy, this one wasn’t.

Anonymous on

dsfg- Good point! She has also admitted that she indulged more than she should have during her first pregnancy and regrets it. So I’m guessing that if she IS truly pregnant again, she’ll be more careful about what she eats this time around (and thus not gain as much weight).

D.L. on

Jess actually looks better now, than she did for the last 3-4 years. She was kinda overweight before she got pregnant the first time, and she’s slimmed down a lot since then.

Amanda on

I think a lot of women overeat during their first pregnancies. I gained 50lbs with my first baby, luckily I lost it all quickly and easily (I actually lost all 50lbs faster with my first than I lost the 30lbs with my 3rd) and with my other pregnancies I watched to be sure I wasn’t eating just to eat. A craving for ice cream can be just a scoop, not an entire overfilled bowl 😉

I actually think she does look like she might be showing based on Maxwell’s leg position. That’s how I held my babies when I was pregnant, leg drapped over the top of my belly, but she also showed very early with Maxwell (she was showing quite a bit when she announced at Halloween and didn’t deliver until May) so who knows.

As far as the age spacing, to each their own. I’ve done 2 under 2 twice now and though it was tough I wouldn’t change a thing. I had all 4 of my kids in 7 years and now I’m done and onto raising my kids.

Amanda on

I gained sixty pounds while I was pregnant. It was gone in three months from exclusively breastfeeding my eleven lb little monster. When he was nine months old, I got pregnant again. I gained 55 lbs, and my daughter was born on July 8. I look better now than I ever have at 138. She was nearly ten pounds. I’ve never exercised a day in my life, other than chasing my son around. I didn’t get a single stretch mark either. So I guess I just got lucky. I don’t see why it’s newsworthy that a woman who was once dedicated to being fit managed to drop sixty lbs in six months. BFD. That’s what I expect from young, healthy people who breastfeed.