Molly Sims: Mommy and Me Makes Me Competitive

11/30/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Molly Sims: Mommy and Me Makes Me Competitive
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Molly Sims‘ motherhood motto is simple: May the best baby win!

According to the model, her 5-month-old son Brooks Alan is on a roll when it comes to meeting his milestones — especially with his motivated mama cheering him on.

“We have been going to Mommy and Me classes, which are interesting because you start to be in competition,” Sims, 39, told PEOPLE during a Rembrandt Holiday Party Prep event on Wednesday at Blow, a New York City blow dry bar.

So who is the latest contender? None other than Brooks’ cousin Wyatt, Sims jokes. “My husband’s cousin just had a baby so that makes them second cousins,” she says of the two boys.

“He was only three weeks older than Brooks … and he was crawling. He was almost standing up. I was like, ‘Okay, we have got to move it. We’ve got to work on tummy time!'”

Unfortunately, spending time on his belly isn’t on Brooks’ list of favorites. “He is not going to be able to crawl well because he doesn’t like tummy time,” the new mom admits.

When it comes to his set of chompers, however, Sims’ son seems to have skipped the gummy grins and went straight for the toothy smiles. “He was born with a tooth and now he has another. He has two teeth on the bottom in the front,” she shares.

As for his nighttime schedule, a proud Sims reveals her son excels in the sleeping department, too.

“Thank God, I sleep trained him. We used … Jill Spivack and she owns this company called Sleepy Planet,” Sims explains. “It is an amazing book and an even better DVD. And [you’re] done in three nights! Done!”

Since her son’s arrival, Sims has been setting a few records of her own. Once happy to soak up hot showers, she has now cut her time down to a few short minutes.

“I used to take these long 30 minute showers. Now it’s like two minutes — in and out,” she says. “That’s the one thing that has definitely changed. I don’t even know what I did with all of my time before.”

When she’s not spending time with “the best thing in the world” — Brooks — the first-time mom is busy battling the last 12 pounds she has to lose before returning to her pre-pregnancy weight.

“The best thing is when I have Brooks in the Baby Björn and I go hiking with him. I am sweating my ass off! That is the best way to lose weight,” she shares of her exercise routines, which also include working out with fitness trainer Tracy Anderson.

“Even if it’s cold outside — get on a treadmill [or] go to the gym. The biggest trick when you are in a gym is to … talk to a friend on the phone. I’m telling you that I have burned the most miles talking to my girlfriend! I vent about my husband and how I have no time anymore.”

While she’s not quite at her goal weight, Sims and her husband Scott Stuber are already reaping the benefits of her hard work.

“My lingerie pre-baby weight is what makes me feel sexy,” she says. “I can almost fit into it now. I just have a little muffin top coming over the sides.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Lorina Lana

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Lisa on

What a waste of precious time to worry over such nonsense.

melissa on

maybe her interview was taken out of context but to me it comes across as annoying and childish and is just perpetuating the idea that moms should be in competition with eachother

A on

That’s what I thought too melissa! Being a Mom is hard enough – let’s not compete with each other!

Robyn on

Why does it have to be a competition? Babies do things as they’re ready!

And maybe its just me, but she doesn’t seem to be enjoying motherhood…she’d rather talk about how she can lose weight. I know she’s a celebrity, but it just kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

Jemma on

Sounds like someone doesn’t know how to enjoy the moment.

krah on

My husband’s sister-in-law is like that. Competitive over the most trivial things when it comes to her babies. Just relax and enjoy the milestones when they come. Who cares who does it first.

Anonymous on

Oh jeez – talk about people reading too much into this. I think it’s normal to look at other kids around your child’s age and go, “Wow, he’s crawling/walking/talking already – why isn’t my kid doing that?” It’s more about worrying you’re doing a good job as a parent than being competitive or not enjoying parenting. Cut the woman some slack!

And I’m sure there are nasty posts to come because she sleep trained her kid…

BBB on

Wow, totally got a different feeling from reading this than the rest of you. I thought it was light, fun, and honest.

Val on

I agree BBB!! She’s just saying what the rest of us do!!

Anonymous on

I think it’s normal to look at kids around your child’s age and think, “Wow, he’s crawling/walking/talking already – why isn’t my child?” It’s more about worrying you’re doing a good job as a parent than being competitive. Cut the woman some slack!

OutWithCompetitiveMamas on

ew get this woman out of here!

Krissy on

“My husband’s cousin just had a baby so that makes them second cousins.” Umm…no. Your parent’s cousin is your second cousin…and your cousin’s child is your first cousin once removed.

tevasmall on

Do some research before you say something dumb Krissy. Yes, her husband’s cousin’s kid would be first cousin once removed to her HUSBAND, but to their child it would be SECOND cousin!! She is right… you are wrong!!

Mariac on

She is one of those people that talk on their cell phones while on the treadmill? Those people are SO ANNOYING, I hate being next to one of them!

shannons365days on

I remember being all excited and pushing for the next milestone with my first. It was just all so exciting! I learned quickly to let them take their time now. My third is 14 months now and I find myself trying to slow him down! lol

Jan Carlson on

What an idiot. She is totally missing the point of motherhood and pretty much wasting it. You idiot, enjoy these precious moments while you can, no matter when they happen… because their childhood flies by! My kid is in high school now, seems like it was only yesterday when he was born. I sure didn’t waste his childhood on such sorry nonsense as this and I’m sprry to see you’re wasting your son’s childhood.

Jenny! on

I didn’t enjoy reading this about her and being a mom, i never heard of a mother talking about competition after having a baby, thoes 2 do not go together.

Nancy on

Seriously all of you “negative ninnies”. Geez . .

Nancy on

Wow, what a bunch of negative people . . Gosh, can’t the girl express herself about how she does things? Speculate all you want you don’t know anything about her!

Maggie on

Ughhhh no! These sancti-mommies who have to compete over every single thing their baby/child does and over who’s the bestest mommy just don’t seem healthy to me. Enjoy your kids for who they are! Enjoy their childhood- don’t make it into a competitive sport! Support other women instead of needing to be superior to them!

happy on

People take things WAYYYYYY out of context. That, or they are comprehensively challenged.

Maggie on

Love the people saying it’s normal to compare your kid to everyone else’s. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you or your child!

Jennifer on

She seems mentally unstable to me.

Marie on

Skipping milestones or forcing a baby doing what he is not ready to do is very bad for his neurological development. Every baby has his rhythm! Let a baby be a baby!!!

gb on

My daughter hated tummy time too and didn’t turn over til she started to sit up on her own and was still crawling before 7 months like a champ and walking at 11 months.

Krissy…she’s right and you’re wrong. Children of cousins are second cousins and your first cousins’ children are your first cousins once removed.. Look it up.

kim on

how sad. i didnt know having a baby and raising it was a competition of sorts. she needs to relax and enjoy every moment cuz they grow up so fast.

Anonymous on

i think people are reading into her comments. i think of a lot of her comments are in jest and sort of funny. i totally get where she’s coming from. very cute.

Julianna on

Isn’t this ‘competition’ (that I’m sure exists only in your head, Molly) a lot of pressure to put on a baby? He’s just five months, for God’s sake.

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who said s/he took Molly’s comments as being in jest)- That’s exactly how I took it, too! To me, she was clearly being light-hearted about it and joking around. Apparently nobody has a sense of humor these days! 😦

Wondering on

I couldn’t read past the first part about babies being in competition. I remember a lady that practically forced her baby into walking and her child is now bow-legged as a bad bowling throw.

Anonymous on

Molly, if you’re reading this, don’t worry too much about how well your son will crawl. Some babies don’t do it at all but go straight to walking or moving in a different way!

sharon on

What shame. To be competitive so early in childhood. The kid will have enough competition later , let him be a baby!

dsfg on

I’m pretty sure she was joking when talking about being competitive about her son . . . relax guys . . .

dsfg on

Maggie, your comment makes you sound like like a superior sancti-mommy yourself! Molly’s just joking around . . . . Why not support HER instead of criticizing her for making a joke?

Christy on

She actually seems like a fabulous mom. I get the sense that she does a lot of the work when it comes to raising her child, as opposed to handing him off to a nanny. She is often photographed with her baby doing the same sorts of things that us non-celebrities do with our babies. On another note, let’s continue to encourage new moms every chance we get, not chastise them for no good reason. Sheesh!