Spotted: Halle Berry and Nahla Book It

11/30/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

Halle Berry and Nahla Book It
Bruja/Pacific Coast News

Book buddies!

Amid all the drama in her personal life, Halle Berry tends to her little bookworm, 4½-year-old Nahla Ariela, in Los Angeles on Thursday.

After reportedly being denied permission to move with her daughter to France, a Thanksgiving Day brawl between ex Gabriel Aubry and her fiancé Olivier Martinez — and subsequent emergency protection orders — it’s been a hard few weeks for the actress.

But on Thursday, Berry’s lawyer confirmed the former couple had reached “an amicable agreement” in regards to custody of their only child.

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Rosie on

Lets hope it stays amicable. nahla is a beautiful little girl and deserves to have her dad around. They should be mature and work for her to have all the people who love her around, whether its a parent or step-parent.

. . on

She looks like her daddy. She is going to be a knockout.

Kayte on

Too bad Halle seems to have only wanted a sperm donor when Aubry obviously wants to be a dad. Kudos to the judge who wouldn’t allow the little girl to be taken out of the country to live.

torgster on

Kayte you’re spot on there. She as much as confirmed it to InStyle shortly after they brokeup – that she always knew he wasn’t going to be the “one”. B**ch please – you have a baby with him for his sweet genetics then think you can punt him to the curb? Can’t stand her!

Isabel on

Katye, I couldn’t agree more. If she wanted to use a sperm donor she should’ve done so. Instead, she chose to have a child with this man and now wants to sever all ties with him simply because he wants a relationship with his daughter. It doesn’t work that way. I hope all three adults involved begin acting like adults and do what’s in Nahla’s best interest.

Anonymous on

I really feel for Nahla right now. Clearly she loves her daddy more than anything (I’m sorry, but anyone who can look at the heartwarming pictures of the two of them together and deny their obvious bond needs to have their head examined!), yet her mother seems to be doing everything in her power to take her away from him.

And now for her to have to see her beloved father’s face all banged up (TMZ has pictures showing them being reunited yesterday)…I can’t even imagine what that has done to the poor little girl!

My heart aches for her, and I can only hope that Halle and Oliver don’t ruin her completely!

Anonymous on

By the way, before anyone jumps on me, I don’t think Gabriel is a perfect angel either. I think he’s made some not-so-good decisions, too. But given Halle’s track record with men and the fact that she seemed just fine with Gabriel until Oliver came into the picture, I think she deserves most of the blame for this crazy circus!

Mia on

She looks just like her dad! But with her mom’s coloring. I hope her parents can work it out for her sake….ridiculous.

Kelly on

I think the whole fight thing was done because she wasn’t able to take the child out of the country and became angry. Fighting with the ex and causing discord between the ex and the child and mom is as old as time.

I really lost any respect I had for her after hearing about that. The dad obviously wants to be in her life and she’s pushing everyone out.

There are many dads who aren’t in their kids lives (my ex husband included) and this dad obviously cares about his daughter. If my ex cared half as much as he did that would be a good thing. Women these days really puzzle me.

Cara on

Whatever happened between Aubry and Martinez, it was a very vicious attack on Gabriel Aubry. Martinez has some serious anger issues there to inflict those kind of injuries..

Nahla is beautiful, and it’s just awful for such a precious little innocent to be surrounded by such misery, bitterness and violence.

dsfg on

I was definitely on Gabriel’s side of the custody battle until this fight. Gabriel’s side of the story didn’t make sense and sounded like a lie. But who knows what really happened, he did look like he had been beat up.

dsfg on

” . . . and the fact that she seemed just fine with Gabriel until Oliver came into the picture,”

Anonymous, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey have been at odds ever since they split up, well before she met Olivier.

happygolucky on

It’s sickening that so many women are so quick to believe that Aubry is an innocent angel. Aubry’s former business partner testified for Berry and against Aubry. The nanny accused him of assault and a judge ordered him into anger management. The police have ruled that Aubry was the instigator in the fight with Martinez. G. Aubry started a fight he could not finish but that doesn’t make him a victim. It was not until Berry had secured a restraining order that Aubry changed his story to obtain one of his own. The police gave him several chances to talk and he never mentioned threats. He has lost jobs because of his attitude and behavior. But many of you think everyone is lying but him. It is just sad and pathetic. Grow up.

Kayte on

I agree, Cara. Halle should be very afraid of her new fiance and what he may do with his anger issues. The news reports state that Aubry was treated for several head/face injures, while Martinez was treated for a bruised hand. Sounds pretty obvious who the aggressor was. Halle should be ashamed of herself, her fiance, and the example she is setting for adorable Nahla.

martine on

It’s not a ‘fight’ when one guy is beaten into a pulp, and the other has no injuries. Halle wants to move to another country because she’s afraid of the paparazzi… yet she has no problem sharing her home (and her daughter’s life) with a man capable of pretty serious violence. I don’t understand this woman.

Elizabeth on

Disappointed in Ms Berry. I often wonder how sincere she is about not wanting publicity for herself and her daughter. Even though she cannot run to France now because of the court decision she still manages to get a lot of photo ops which makes me think that she knows where the paps are going to be. Believe me there are many stars bigger than Ms Berry who manage to lead very private lives and keep themselves away from negative press. Her PR people must be in overdrive now because people are getting turned off.

Re Martinez-I hope that she is thinking (like the rest of us) that if he could do that to Aubry -what can he do to me if provoked? If I were her i would be very very careful. This may not be a man to throw off or get rid of .He may not go gently into that good night. It’s time for a reality and a maturity check.
Ultimately we are all judged by our character and how we treat people that cross our paths during our lives.

happygolucky on

“It’s not a ‘fight’ when one guy is beaten into a pulp, and the other has no injuries. ”

It is still a fight. One person is just better at it than the other. When you try to punch someone they have a right to defend themselves. Aubry should have kept his cool.

nattie31 on

He did not know who he was messing with. Halle has a real man now ,I bet he won’t be saying anymore slick sh..t to Halle from now on?

nattie31 on

Oh please, Gabe is not the victim he’s a gold digger. I feel bad for Nahla and for Halle. I think Gabe is causing all these problems because is money pit dried up. I mean this man is an international model why is Halle paying him 20k a month in child support? Go get a job man and support your child yourself since you have joint custody.If that was me, I would get someone to beat his ass up too!!!

Elizabeth on

For someone who wanted to run to France to escape the press she is always strategically positioned for photo ops. I think a lot of the public realize this and are getting fed up of this whole scene with her and her companions.There are so many famous people in Hollywood who have bigger problems than Halle Berry and manage to stay out of the press. Grow up please.

martine on

This is not about Gabriel Aubry. The guy wants to be a father to his daughter, imagine that. Halle has accused every man in her life (including her father, three boyfriends, and two husbands) of physical abuse, cheating or both. And now she’s living with someone truly violent, and has no problem with it.

Anyone who can beat up another person that severely has issues. If Oliver felt he were in danger, he would have knocked Aubry to the ground, and stopped. That’s obviously not what happened. Halle, if your guy enjoys using another person as a punching bag – there is a problem. You or your child may be next.

Jen DC on

I’m with HappyGoLucky: No one told GA to attack OM. All this business about GA being “set up” and having it so hard… He’s a francophone model. He would have absolutely no trouble plying his “craft” in France if he so chose.

With regard to this fight, that’s what he gets for starting a fight with a man’s whose father was a boxing coach. Secondly, OM did suffer injuries to his hands after the altercation. If you are attacked, you have the right to defend yourself to the same extent to which you were attacked. GA came in swinging; OM handled his business. I can’t find any information with regard to OM being violent in any situation before this one, which is not to say that he doesn’t have a record, but if he did, I’m sure someone would have made news out of it since it’s germane.

Anyway – it’s pretty ironic that GA gets beat up, attempts to get a restraining order, then suddenly comes to an agreement with the woman with whom he’s been feuding for the past two years. Says to me there’s more evidence on the side of OM and HB than there is on GA’s and HB’s attorney took full advantage. That’s how these things work: If you don’t have anything to lose, you’re in a perfect bargaining position. But that position only lasts so long as you keep your nose clean.

getreal on

I agree with others, I can’t stand Halle but I sure as hell can’t stand Gabe’s lazy gold digging ass. What really took the cake for me was when he wanted her to pay for his trips a few times a year so he could take Nahla to visit his HIS family. Are you freaking kidding me? Get a job, bum and pay for your own trips to visit your family and I’d feel the EXACT same way if the roles were reversed.

Lola on

Poor Nahla….no child deserves this. I hope Halle gets some help, she obviously needs it.

tlc on

Why is it that every single man that Halle Berry has been with has been “emotionally unstable” or “violent” with her? She is the common denominator in ALL of this. Halle most likely is a control freak and a diva and there’s rumours all over the place that SHE, not Aubry, SHE instigated this fight. Martinez met Aubry at the door and told him “YOU NEED TO MOVE ON”.

Halle obviously wanted a sperm donor for a baby before she got dried up and old. Aubry fell for it and he’s now paying the price. He LOVES Nahla with all his heart (as evident in ALL photos seen with him and Nahla) and all he wants to do is be a daddy to her. At least he is trying to be in her life…what about all the scumbags who leave their kids and never see them?

I applaud Aubry for fighting for what is his…his RIGHT to see his daughter..his flesh and blood.

Halle Berry has lost all my respect..she’s a witch.

Megan on

Jen, Olivier shoved a photographer to the ground and backed into another with his car on purpose in Dec. 2010:

He definitely has a temper. If Gabriel hit first and Olivier hit back, fine, but just look at the photos – the side of Gabriel’s head is completely misshapen and his eyes are totally blackened and bloody. Olivier most definitely took things too far and I think he knows it.

dsfg on

Jen DC, I’m not siding with GA on this, but I definitely don’t feel he should have to move to France! It doesn’t matter whether or not he can get work there . . . just because Halle Berry meets yet another man and wants to move in with him and live in France doesn’t mean GA and their daughter should uproot their lives and have to move also.

dsfg on

tlc, most women who date one man who is unstable and violent end up dating more men who are unstable and violent. It’s a pattern and many women jump from one abusive relationship to another. So it actually has always made sense to me that most of Halle’s relationships have been with violent, problematic men.

While I’m sure GA loves Nahla, it’s pretty ludicrous to think you can know this only from looking at pictures.

But yes, I agree, he’s Nahla’s dad, and he has a right to spend 50% of the time with her unless he has abused his parental privileges.

Deidre on

Halle has the most drama in her personal life. On the bright side Halle, your tabloid life is usually more interesting than the poor quality movies you star in. You are not A list like Hathaway and you don’t hold a candle to Charlize Theron or Sandra Bullock. So enjoy your drama in your self created pity party that you always thrust in the media. Not a good representative for the Academy of Motion Pictures at all. I bet they are rethinking that 2002 decision. Shame on you Halle you had a higher standard to hold than having Olivier beat Gabriel’s face in because he prevailed in court.