Fred Savage: We’re Still Deciding on Our Son’s Name

11/30/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Fred Savage Still Deciding On Son's Name
Jason Merritt/Getty

The mystery has been solved: The reason behind Fred Savage‘s decision to not divulge details surrounding his new son‘s name is because … well, he doesn’t have one!

But leaving the hospital sans a moniker has become a tradition for the director and his wife Jennifer, who are also parents to Oliver Philip, 6, and Lily Aerin, 4Β½.

“We started this really tough precedent for ourselves where we just seem to leave the hospital with no name, and kind of live with the baby for a little while,” the former Wonder Years star told PEOPLE during Details 2012 Hollywood Mavericks event in Los Angeles on Thursday.

However, with a Friday deadline, the couple are under a serious time crunch. “The paperwork is due at the hospital tomorrow afternoon, so we gotta figure it out,” Savage shares.

“But we’re narrowing it down. We’re working on it — just as you are! We have some names in mind, but we kind of let the baby tell us a little bit.”

While the proud parents are caught up in the name game, Oliver and Lily have happily stepped into their new roles as big brother and sister.

“You’re always worried about how your kids will respond to a new baby, but they’re super excited and love holding him and being with him,” Savage says of the “awesome” sibling bond.

And with a new baby in the house, the family of five is looking forward to the upcoming holidays. “We do a lot of baking,” he shares.

— Anya Leon

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AmandaC on

I’ve had friends that could not agree with a name for their baby and literally had to keep the baby in the hospital a day or two extra because of it. You can’t leave the hospital with the baby without him/her having a name. I mean you have 9 months to come up with one…really!

Sara Campbell on

Ummm….yes you can AmandaC but you do have a short period of time to decide and finalize …otherwise we would have a very confused society. I like Kevin.

FYI genius amandac on

Actually, amandac, it depends on the county you live in. I was given 48 hours but some hospitals give you more time. FYI

Traci on

You actually can leave the hospital without naming your baby, I did. So what if they need extra time the kid’s stuck with it for life! Congrats!

colleenscreatives on

Actually a lot of places let you leave without a name for the baby, you just have a a time limit to send in the paperwork….like he stated. Waiting until the baby is born to come up with a name is not unusual, you have to see if the name suits the child.

tanya on

This is not problem! Their oldest children have great names. I think this new born boy will have great name too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cammy on

When my children were born in Europe you had to have the name picked out before they were born. Here, everyone decides a week or two afterwards!

Xan on

I kind of think it’s kind of a little disrespectful to have your baby, take it home, and not deign him with a name. I understand that you want it to be perfect, but the idea of an unnamed babe saddens me for some reason…

MJ on

Hi Fred, your baby’s name is Oscar. Just thought I would help out (smile)!

TC on

They should name him Oswald.

Barbgw on

Lol love it TC!!!

Anonymous on

Traci and colleenscreatives- Exactly! From what I’ve read, some hospitals will claim your baby can’t go home without a name (likely to make things more convienient for them!), but that simply isn’t true. It is not illegal in any U.S. state for a baby to leave the hospital nameless!

Xan- I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t have warm and fuzzy feelings about that practice. While I wouldn’t say I’m “saddened” by it, I don’t quite agree with it. I get waiting to meet the baby until naming him/her (after all, you don’t always know what’s going to be the best “fit” until you actually see him/her!), but don’t see why that can’t be done while still in the hospital.

I think the best strategy is to come up with a list of names before delivery and then choose from that list after the baby is born. But that’s just my opinion, and others are free to do as they choose!

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that going by Fred’s comments about the naming deadline being today (Friday), I’m going to say that baby boy was born on Monday, the day Fred tweeted the picture of his hand. πŸ™‚

Mindy on

I think William would go nicely with the siblings’ names.

delo on

I like Andrew or Luke.

CanadaGurl on

And do you actually think they care what other people think THEIR son should be named???

Mary on

Back in the 80’s you couldn’t leave the hospital until the baby had a name, it took us til the last day to name them, we couldn’t agree on a name.

Mia on

I think William would be a great fit with Oliver + Lily!

Lou Duignan on

Sam Savage – it has such a great ring to it!

Jennifer on

Name the boy Kevin, after the character Fred played on β€œThe Wonder Years.” Just whatever he does, DO NOT under any circumstances name the kid Spike!!! That’s the name I gave to my pet hamster when I was a kid.

CC on

I love Xander

Cathy Bramlage on

It’s important to them, so he wants to take their time and do it right. His other kids have great names, so why question his judgment?

Oh, and congratulations on the new baby!

Randy on

Moley, moley, moley, moley, moley!

Heidi on

If Friday was the deadline, then I hope he lets us in on what he chose! I am always intrigued at the moniker given to a child, whether the parent is a celeb or not!

The names they chose are traditional and yet not top five, so I’m guessing they go with something like Christian or Benjamin.

Anonymous on

Miles, Nolan, Pierce

cmonppl on

You had 9 months to think about it! I don’t get when people don’t have a name…

denise on

Name him Michael

American Mom on

I know a couple who actually changed their baby’s name when he was nearly a year old! They just regretted their choice and changed it. It’s apparently easy to do up to a year old with the paperwork, so they took of that and simply started calling him by the new name! Now it’s just a funny family story πŸ™‚

Denise S. on

I like the name Aidan.

Emily on

Adam Everett πŸ™‚

Ol' Bob on

I was happy all three of our kids were girls, esp. the last two – because we just COULD NOT pick out a boys name! To paraphrase Barbie – “Boys names are hard!”.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations on your new baby boy! I am sure you will pick out a great name!

Becky on

Luke Savage sounds good to me..

kristy on

Aiden John. lol

LuluAZ on

Totally disagree with AmandC – why should you name something you don’t yet know?

Emily on

For the love of all things holy, please don’t follow the Hollywood trend of saddling their newborns with bizarre names. These kids WILL one day be on the playground one day, and children can be cruel.

That said, Mr. Savage and his wife chose beautiful names for their first two children, and I’m sure they will pick out the perfect name for their baby boy. Congrats to the whole family! πŸ™‚

Angie on

In honor of The Wonder Years… Kevin Arnold Savage πŸ™‚

Cynthia on

I think the name Code (Cody) Scott Savage (CSS) has a nice ring to it:-) ….and l resembel Winnie fr the wonder yrs;-) l know this b/c when my boy was a toddler & he saw The Wonder Yrs one time & saw Winnie, he pointed @ her on t.v. & said “Mama?” How cute was he to see the resemblence @ such a young age?;-) Congrats to the new precious baby.

Heather on

i think Darren would fit them nicely.

Dixie on

I think Max is cute, and it goes well with the other kids’ names. Then again, Max Savage sounds like an action hero, but the kid might like that later on. Charlie would work also.

angee on

I love the name Daniel or Andrew….either one goes well with Savage.

Olivia on

Henry James Savage

gloria on

how about dominic thats a nice name for a boy

Dawn on

Lol! It’s not like parents plan to have no name for their newborn. You can like the name ‘Matthew’ or ‘Jessica’ and have it picked out from 5 months pregnancy as the name you want to give your child. But what if little one comes out and he/she is not a Matthew or a Jessica? It just doesn’t fit and feel right? It’s so not a big deal…the child will be named and is already loved. Besides….he will be “the baby” for the next 3 months anyhow. β™₯ Congrats to the Savages!

AmyP on

Kevin Arnold Savage. πŸ™‚

Jay on

I agree with Olivia, Henry would be perfect and goes great with Oliver and Lily!!!

HayloStarr on

Oscar James Savage

shootnstarr1126 on

Kevin after the beloved character who snuck into all of our hearts just like this precious baby has snuck into thiers.

Colleen on

If your reading people’s post Fred Savage here is a nice boy’s Name: Andrew Benjamin Savage or Jackson Benjamin Savage.

sep on

xan- there is nothing wrong with not having a name ready for a baby. People are different, and many parents can not agree or they want to see and get to know a child before they are given a name. My friend has 4 children, so the last child was 2 months until he had a name because they were 5 people trying to decide on a name. ItΒ΄s a difficult decision considering the child has to live with it forever.

dudley doright on

name it kevin arnold savage……..e z

Nicole on

Just in case they actually do read this, I think Jace Savage or Roman Savage or Jace Roman Savage or Roman Jace Savage, I think those sound nice together…..

Jeanne on

Fitz is a cute name and never heard of anyone using it.

Kate on

I think the name Ian Savage has a nice ring to it… and it fits with Oliver and Lily.

Scott on


Doc Savage

Sarah on

Name him Wonder

Sarah on

None of the names I had thought of in advance suited my kid. I agonized over a name for 3 days.

Stephanie on

Names are important. I think it’s terrible when people pick out one definitive name before their child is born, because there is no consideration of that child’s personality. I commend them for waiting. They are at least giving their child the courtesy of knowing him, before deciding something as important as his name.

dsfg on

It could be that Fred and Jennifer are arguing over the name and that’s why they haven’t named him. It should be a name BOTH parents like.

But I don’t understand why some people think you have to see the baby before seeing if the name fits him/her–the baby makes the name, the name doesn’t make the baby!

Lisa on

Briar Savage has a nice ring to it!!! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

This is the most ridiculous article heading I have ever read.

RKF on

@ Heidi – Fred and his wife are Jewish, so they’re not going to name their child “Christian.”

On another note, I love the names of his other children.

Lina on

What about Kevin Oswald…..for Fred’s 2 t.v. characters?

Alayna on

Well not that he really would listen to what we would say but I think the name Jack, Liam, Zander are good for a boy. And they go w/ the names Oliver and Lily.

pam on

Jerry! After the main character in “Room Four”, or maybe Knauss after the author. Too old fashioned? No, make that too old-fashioneds. As Jerry would say.

Melanie on

How about “Kevin Arnold” his name in The Wonder Years. LOL!

sunniemonnie on

You can leave the hospital without naming your baby.

You have to fill out paper work and other red tape at Town Hall after though.

Anne on

Here’s one, Pierson Savage (“Pierce” or “Perry” for nicknames).

Shar on

I have a whole list of names that could work well with Savage with some mixing and matching or just someone who likes the names! Those names are Ezra, Archer, Maurice, Morris, Parker, Porter, Logan, Carter, Sion, Clarke, Cooper, Flynn, Fritz, Gilbert, Hunter, Josiah, Josias, Joachim, Judah, Kane, Keane, Kelton, King, Kingsley, Landyn, Maverick, Potter, Pierson, Pierce, Preston, Quinn, Wyatt, Wyeth, Solomon, Vaughn, Winston, Wiley, Zachariah, Zachary, Ezekiel, Zeke, and Zane.

rosa on


Anonymous on

Fenn (Fred and Jennifer together)

Kelley on

Gregory. “Greg” for short.

Heidi on

I know two Jewish parents who chose the name Christian – it didn’t mean Christ follower to them, it was just a name they really liked!
But if that doesn’t jive then I still like Benjamin, and I also agree with posters who liked Henry or Ian. I also like Asher alot, its one of my favorites, but maybe too out there to go with Oliver and Lily. What about Jude?

Anne on

Jed (a combination of Jennifer & Fred)

liarlairpantsonfire on

When Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t come up with a name for over a week with his youngest, people thought it was odd. Then, a dozen or so yeara later, we learned that his mistress had a child a few days after that youngest son. I figure he was waiting to make sure the boys didn’t have the same name. Sometimes you don’t have the reason for things until later.

Anonymous on

They should name him Hunter. Hunter Savage…yeah, that’s it.

Ruby0 on

They should name him Milo. That would be cute πŸ™‚

Shar on

I don’t like Hunter Savage. That name sounds beastly and violent-like a murderer!

ecl on

I will never understand the need of people on here to say what other people should name their kids. Do you think they come here for suggestions rather than a baby name book?

lisa on

Please name him Austin

Anonymous on


JQ on

Name him Noble. Then he’d be a Noble Savage.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

How long do parents have to register a child’s name in the US? Doesn’t sound like it’s long, her e in NZ think you have around 6 weeks or may be longer, can’t remember now. Like the name Lily, Oliver not so much, I agree that a name along the lines of Luke/Lucas would go well with othe other names, or Henry, Harry, etc…as they don’t seem to saddle their kids with wacky celeb names, fortunately…!!

Aussie Girl on

Wow in Australia we get a few months before we have to register the name. Big congrats to them both. If they are reading…. Blake is an awesome name πŸ™‚

kelley hackney on

Liam or Xavier are cute names or Landon.

Amy on

who gives a flying fig! they’ve had nine flippin months to figure that out!

dsfg on

Haha, ecl, I agree, I’ve never understood that either. Fred and Jennifer should name their child something THEY like, and I hihgly doubt they are going to take suggestions from the comments board here.

And yeah, Anonymous, I like the name Avery too, but since everyone is giving their daughter that name nowadays,I really hope Fred doesn’t name his son that. That would be pretty cruel.

Anonymous on

I am sure they will pick a wonderful name for their baby….I do hope they stay away from the fruit family, though…i.e., Coco, Apple, Kumquat……

I am just betting it won’t be Wayne.

Anonymous on

Oswald or Kevin Arnold Savage…….that’s funny.

Anonymous on

Emmett Michael

Val on

In pa you have up to a year to name your baby!!

jacki on

I think Zachary would be great. Not only is it a beautiful name but I also have a friend whose 3 children are caller Oliver, Lily and Zachary in that same age order πŸ˜‰