Tina Fey’s Daughter Plays a Young Liz on 30 Rock

11/30/2012 at 03:30 PM ET

She has worked alongside her fair share of good-looking actors (Jon Hamm, anyone?), but Tina Fey‘s latest costar may just be the cutest one yet.

During Thursday night’s episode of 30 Rock, we did a double-take when Fey’s character Liz Lemon — who tied the knot with boyfriend Criss Chros (played by James Marsden) — recalled her first-ever wedding experience as a flower girl.

When the scene cut to a snapshot of a younger Lemon decked out in a blue dress and matching headpiece giving some serious attitude, there was no denying the bespectacled brunette’s resemblance to the actress.

So who’s the little girl with the adorable bowl cut? None other than Fey‘s real-life daughter, 7-year-old Alice Zenobia. And if there was any doubt, cue the eye roll!

Tina Fey's Daughter Alice Plays a Young Liz Lemon
Courtesy NBC; Inset: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

— Anya Leon

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Sarah S. on

The apple does not fall far from the tree, huh? That bit was funny!

Simple on

She is so cute 🙂

Mawma on

That’s awesome!!

Kelly on

OMG…this child looks just like me when I was her age, Dorothy Hamill haircut and ALL!!
LOL! 😀

Anonymous on

She is adorable!

KiKi on

Too precious!

Leslee on

I’m glad Tina let her daughter take the role. If she decides to be in the business, a nice start, but if not, it will be something they can look back on and share as a “Mommy and Me” moment.

Katie on

She is ugly, just like her mother! EWW!

kk on

What kind of low life calls a 7 year old girl ugly!?! Katie, you have issues.

Daniel on

Katie you are a LOSER to call a 7 yr old child ugly!!! You probably aren’t so good looking yourself so you feel the need to insult others looks. If you are attractive on the outside then you’re definitely ugly as it gets on the inside!

Paula on

Talk about a mini-me, just adorable.

Lee on

So young and already in SAG!!! Not fair!!! (LOL) BTW- Tina is one lucky lady to have such a cute kid!!!!

Holly D. on

I thought it was just an excellent casting job. Alice really looks like her Mom! I think it’s great that they had a little moment for Alice before the show ends.

jae on


denise on

katie should be ashamed…why bother to comment?

Beth on

Thank you, Denise. I thought the same think about Katie’s rude comment She’s a little girl, and like all little girls, she’s a treasure.

kitty62862 on

OMG! Tina Junior! awwwwww

vin on

Is she autistic?

Stacy H on

Um..Katie…her daughter is playing a role. It’s not what she really looks like!!!!!!

Cathy Bramlage on

Katie, the one who is ugly is the person who puts down a little girl and her mother so that she can feel better about herself. You may want to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you can’t be a better person.

BL on

Wow – she is Tina’s clone! What a doll!

Melanie on

She’s absolutely adorable. It’s so nice that she got a little part in the show – that must’ve been fun for her.

And, yes, as Stacy H. says, Alice is playing a role. She’s wearing a wig and makeup for character.

Ginger on

Oh my god she’s adorable.

Anonymous on

Call me a clueless dork. I said to myself “wow that kids looks alot like Tina”

donna on


just me on

she is homely

Julianna on

Aw, little Alice is adorable!

Maria on

Alice was the one that came up with “I want to go to there” which I now use at least once of week. J’adore this!

alice on

russ on

that kid is not pretty, and I mean on any given day, not in the movie. thats why they choose her.

Jameison on

Lol. I love that look. That little girl is so freaking cute I could eat her up!!!

Anonymous on

vin- What makes you ask that? If it’s her expression and lack of eye contact, it’s not real. She’s acting as it states in the article. 🙂

As for Katie, she’s clearly a troll. Let’s not feed her! Anyway, Alice is adorable, and the picture makes me smile because that could easily have been me playing dress up with my mom’s glasses when I was a kid! 🙂

Sarah on

Only a nutcase can call a 7 year old ugly. She is cute and will make a great actress.

Anna on

This is awesome. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Anonymous on

Children rolling their eyes are not cute. Neither are adults who do the same thing.Can’t stand Tina Fey.

Angi on

Anyone who says negative things about a child’s looks is a jerk! You ladies should feel very ashamed!

Amy on

Hey “Just Me” she looks homely because they made her look that way for the show! Hello!? Have you never heard of someone changing looks to play a part? Idiot.

smm817 on

WOW Vin, I did not know autism has a look, If that’s the case I guess my daughter is not autistic.

Fresh. Fab. Fantastic. on

Avid viewers of 30 rock know she was made to look dowdy because she’s a young Liz Lemon. The girl is undoubtably gorgeous and is in her costume for the segment. How dare anyone criticize the looks of a child? That’s the most vulnerable time for a child and their self esteem. Good luck Alice! You were wonderful in the episode and have a great and talented mother. No doubt you received those same genes!

stacy on

Cute! Clearly she is playing a role! She is wearing a wig!

Michelle on

People who comment about kids looks are very sad! Shows that you have a very low intellect. If you’re just trolling, then please stand up, go outside and GET A LIFE! Karma is a bitch!

vonne on

I thought that was Marcella Roy… The credits at the end of the episode credited her. I could be wrong. Can anybody fact check this?