Jada Pinkett Smith: Lay Off Willow’s Hair!

11/28/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

Jada Pinkett Smith: Lay Off Willow's Hair!
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Whether daughter Willow is whipping it back and forth or cutting it all off, Jada Pinkett Smith is committed to allowing her daughter wear her hair any way she chooses.

The actress and mom of two took to her Facebook page to address critics of her parenting style, particularly those who questioned why she “let” her 12-year-old chop off her locks and sport a super-short style a few months ago.

“This is a world where women, girls are constantly reminded that they don’t belong to themselves; that their bodies are not their own, nor their power or self determination,” she writes.

Pinkett Smith, also mother to Jaden, 14, continues: “Willow cut her hair because her beauty, her value, her worth is not measured by the length of her hair.”

She also added that “even little girls have the RIGHT to own themselves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deepest insecurities, hopes and desires.”

And it sounds like she has husband Will Smith‘s full support. “When you have a little girl, it’s like how can you teach her that you’re in control of her body?” the actor told Parade earlier this year.

“If I teach her that I’m in charge of whether or not she can touch her hair, she’s going to replace me with some other man when she goes out in the world.”

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Corrie on

Kudos to Jada! My mom always made me wear my hair short when I was growing up and hated it, because people would often think that I was a boy. I had a Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut from the time I was about ten up until fifteen. I’m glad that she’s letting her daughter embrace her own individuality.

Mark on

Looks like her dad

Kimberly on

I believe Jada & Will are and have been on the right track for their fam. Good 4 them ALL. Gods speed ya’ll

Andrea on

That was awesome!!! So many women push their own insecurities onto the daughters. Kudos to her! We are not our hair!! Love it!

Kristen on

I am not usually a fan of this family but I agree whole heartedly with Jada on this subject.

Lily on

Yes! My mom felt the same way about me, self-expression is so important for girls as long as it doesn’t involve showing too much skin.

Claire on

Love this! So many other qualities are more important than HAIR! My parents had a rule: I could cut, style, and color my hair any way I wanted to, as long as I kept it clean. I would rather teach my daughter how to be a strong, kind-hearted, caring, respectful, independent woman than tell her exactly what she can and cannot do to her hair. You go, Will and Jada!

Susan on


NLP on

I personally am surprised her hair has even raised comment let alone caused people to question Jada’s parenting style. Why would you cast a value judgement on a child’s hair? On anybody’s hair, for that matter. We must stop assuming that our yardstick on values is the same for everyone. It is a fundamental part of what is wrong in America right now.

Donna on

β€œeven little girls have the RIGHT to own themselves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deepest insecurities, hopes and desires.”

These are words of an excellent mother who values her child above all else… Bravo I Say Jada….Excellent Job! Well Done!

kpmonkeymommy on

I just think that in the hot California summers, that short cropped hair had to be so much easier for Willow to keep looking neat and clean… period… not only are we not defined by our hair, but I think it’s easy for people to forget that black women have textured hair that requires extra care and work (even to keep natural) than the rest of us. I’ve had my hair super short, I’ve had it really long (still do at the moment) and I totally agree that it should be HIS/HER choice… always within reason of age and dress codes at school/job… from as early as a child can both voice a preference and permit and cooperate with required maintenance.

nettrice on

I think the point Jada is making is that the issue is deeper than hair. It’s about the long-lasting effects of subjugation and enculturation in African (Black) American communities and among the African Diaspora in mainstream (Western) societies. We are not afraid of Willow Smith’s hair but we are afraid of being perceived as “other”. What Jada Pinkett Smith is doing as a parent is deemed subversive, even if it’s empowering her daughter to take charge of her own “image”. She is not too young to do that. That Willow has an opportunity to speak up with her own voice about her “image” is a good thing. We all need to listen and let our daughters and sons listen, as well.

Anonymous on

I think she is an awesome mom by letting her kids decide their looks. To many parents these days push gender roles on their children and it’s not fair. I grew up playing with babies and rock/tree climbing. Kids will never find their way if parents don’t let them! Way to go Smith family!!

Melissa on

Expressing yourself is great but letting your 12 year old daughter have too much control of her own decisions is ridiculous. Being a parent is about guiding your child through life and helping them make decisions…I don’t think the hair cut is as much an issue as the fact it’s pink.

American Mom on

I agree. These aren’t parents, they are their children’s friends & seem to let them do whatever they want, whenever they want! They teach them that there is no such thing as authority, and therefore respect for authority. It’s sad. It’s obvious that these kids are very narcissistic and spoiled. My children respect me and my God given authority over them, they also respect other forms of authority in society. They also have self respect and do not place their ego ahead of the needs of others like the Smiths do.

Katy on

Just got to say American Mom, I’m really glad you’re not my mom.

Gigi 3000 on

Because she cut and colored her hair, that makes her “spoiled and narcissistic”? When I have seen these children in interviews they are well behaved, articulate and appear to be kind.

My mother was the boss in my household- you praised God, you respected your elders, you worked hard and you contributed to society….oh and I was allowed to have a blonde mohawk in the 7th grade-quite the look on a little black girl, I must say. American mom-
It’s hair.

Teresa on

My girls respected me and God, but if they wanted to dye their hair at 12 I let them. So many more important battles to fight that that. My children are now grown college graduates and doing very well for themselves. Your children will rebel in other ways. Choose your battles wisely

Amelia on

I second that American Mom!!!!! You hit it right on the head!!!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Jada, you are truly enpowering your daughter and I salute you. You are so right- Let her own herself! BRAVO!

Becky on

It’s hair–it’ll grow back, or they can get extensions. SO not an issue. Good for Jada for allowing her daughter to have that control and not making it a big deal. I love her quote about her daughter’s worth not being measured by the length of her hair. Well said!!

inez cooper on

You look beautiful no matter what you tend to with your hair so if anyone wants to say something about it then they jealous because they cant do what you do sweety. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I personally believe that our parents have to leave us having certain risks, making mistakes sometimes in order to learn.

I entirely support Jada.

MrMonkee on

I’m sorry, I never like negative comments but I have to say this girl is not the least bit attractive. If they hadn’t mentioned the picture was a girl I would have never guessed it. I would think a girl that age would want to embrace her feminine side not the opposite. But I guess if she and her family think it Ok, who am I to complain but I still have my opinion. I hope my girls never try it.I’m pretty sure they won’t.

cariaschray on

MrMonkee – She’s 12. A little girl. She better not be “attractive” yet, THAT would be the sign of a negligent mother. She is a beautiful, confident young woman, and YOU SIR, are an a$$.

Lee on

This society places far too much value on the exterior instead of the interior!!!

Jessie on

AGREED! Which is why most women(myself included) spend way too much of our time plucking, waxing, painting, and sculpting. I grew up in a household where the way you looked directly effected how ppl saw you and I would love to teach my daughter that all that maintenance is a choice…and that it’s only her choice.

Dhalia on

Good for them and their children!!!

Cammy on

Unfortunately, if you put yourself in the public eye, if her daughter does actin/modeling, etc… she will be judged. We live in a tabloid culture, and especially in Hollywood, actors and especially actresses are under the microscope. Unfortunately, it never starts too early. Ms. Pinkett Smith, unfortunately cannot protect her daughter from the cruel things the tabloids or internet commenters may make, no matter how hard she would like to protect her child. It’s a shame, but the reality….

well on

As long as she parents on the important topics and doesn’t let her kids run wild then hair is not an issue. It’s people who let kids have too much independence at a young age that will have future problems. You learn to pick your battles with kids, and hairstyle is not a battle.

kim on

I totally agree! Pick your battles on important issues..hair is not one.

Cropgurl on

When I was pregnant with my son my husband and I were at our local mall when a group of kids walked past us with rather “unique” hairstyles. My husbands reaction was “if our child ever comes home like that they will never leave the house again!” My reaction was “if that’s the least of our worries – we’ll be doing pretty good!” If it isn’t hurting anyone who cares!?!?

Brianne on

Bravo, Jada, for being a good mother and allowing Willow to express herself by wearing her hair however she chooses to wear it! My mom thinks the same way: she was all for me getting a tattoo for my 18th birthday a decade ago, and she was totally cool when I got my nose pierced 4 years ago. I now have 3 tattoos and a cartilage earring, and she’s cool with it. Job well done!!!

crystal on

That’s good that she is letting her daughter be her own person, instead of making her into something she isnt , my 9 year old daughter wanted to have her hair half shaved and half long so I let her, its only hair and it growns back, then she wanted the alice haircut from twilight and now she has a hair cut like willows bangs long and hair short on the sides, its only hair and will grow back,

Yolee on

I do somewhat agree with letting kids express themselves but I think this is too much too quickly for a girl her age.

Vida on

Well said, Jada! I’m a mom who loves and educate a daughter but not in a controlling way. Communication is our strong point and things that help to develop her personality and uniqueness are welcome in this process.

Anonymous on

I absolutely agree that she should be able to wear her hair the way she wants and if she wants to walk around looking like a little boy then thats her buisness…

Teri on

As much as I loved my daughters all having long hair, when they all wanted to cut it and try new things, I was hesitant because I really REALLY loved their long hair. But I realized,who am I to say no? It’s their hair, and it does grow back. I’m very jealous, in fact, of their ability to want to try new things with their hair. I also have VERY long hair, and I don’t have the guts to chop it off. πŸ™‚

klutzy_girl on

I absolutely love their parenting style! What they both said was awesome.

DaisyMoon on

I applaud her mother’s choice to allow her to express herself this way…it’s only hair, it’ll grow back.

I believe the message she’s receiving from her parents is enpowering and important…

caryp on

Sorry guys, but that girl is fugly !

cariaschray on

And you’re an a$$hole caryp.

shasmith95 on

I agree with Jada. Lay off Willow. Hair will grow back and if you don’t like it don’t look. I’m not real fond of it but that is just my opinion.

Ellarae on

The best gift you can give your child is to help them learn how to make decisions. The earlier you do this, the better. The child will have more confidence and self-esteem and will have a better handle on making important decisions as they age. It takes an extremely confident, secure mother to instill this in their child. Hats off, Jada! You have my respect.

11234 on

@MrMonkee Why does it matter if she doesn’t look like a girl? Why do you think women/girls need to look a certain way? A lot of girls wear their hair long – that doesn’t mean they all do OR that they SHOULD.

And yeah I’m sure your daughters won’t cut their hair because their father will put ideas in their head about how girls and boys should look and act. Think about the meaning behind what you say before you say it. It’s more important than you think, especially when you’re a father.

Momto2 on

I agree with children being allowed to choose their own hairstyle. 20 years ago, my son sported a flat top with slash marks in the sides and crossed hockey sticks cut into the back. My mother asked why I would let him do that, and I said I control who he hangs out with, where he goes, when he goes to bed, etc. He is allowed to control what his hair looks like.

indiana Tavarez. on

I agree with jada,let her choose the style she likes,that means her daughter is not insecure at all,its just a kid,and I find her pretty,,:)

Kelly Creed on

Wow….. its just hair people! As a daughter of a hairstylist……I’ve been every color under the since. Had ever need hair cut. Its just hair! It grows back! Why is everyone making a big deal about it????

Gord Maddock on

Good for you she is doing nothing wrong let her live her life and for the rest of you that have nothing better to do mind your own business

kbunyon on

Melissa –

What’s wrong with having pink hair? Who does it hurt for this girl to have pink hair?

I dyed my hair funky colors growing up. My parents figured that if that was the worst rebelling I did, then what’s the big deal? This summer my pink streak celebrated its 21st birthday, and I’m proud to wear it everyday. I just don’t see why people get so bent out of shape about pink hair, then turn around and dye their own hair to cover grays, or freshen up their own color.

If messing with her hair is the worst she’s doing, then that’s a pretty well adjusted kid!

vingtsunguy on

So, if a teenage girl cuts her hair short, there’s something wrong. But Justin Bieber was ok wearing his hair on his face for years and years. WTF?

Tiffany on

I let my daughters wear their hair they want to. They are now at the age that they want to do their own hair. It doesn’t always look great but I let them. It’s just hair!

Sandy on

why do people care about what other people do with their hair….they need to MTOB!!

dolphin74 on

What an AWESOME way to raise your kids! πŸ˜€

Anonymous on

Whatever you say Jada. Hey wasnt it just last week the interview came out that you and Will have an “open” marriage. I agree the hair style is not an issue compared the the real damage your bizarre lifestyle is doing to those innocent kids. Shame on you and your husband.

vingtsunguy on

I’d like to know where all these critics were when Justin Bieber spent years wearing that awful hairstyle that covered his face… Should we tell Slash next that he should wear his hair ‘like a man’? I double dare you!

Kudos on

Wow, that’s awesome that Jada and Will empower their daughter this way. I’m not usually a fan nor do I dislike them but I have to say: I have a lot of respect for this couple after comments like this.

Maggie on

Pick your battles! It is hair and will grow back. Just keep it clean.

essie on

not sure who is more annoying, jada or her daughter

sunniemonnie on

I am with Kristen ..not a huge fan of Jada’s but I too agree
with Jada on this..totally

Stultz on

I’m usually not a big fan of this family but this is just good parenting! My daughter is a tomboy and likes to wear anything but frilly dresses. My mom tells me that I give her too many choices. My response is…if I don’t allow her to feel comfortable making choices under my protection than how will she ever learn to be assertive when with others who are applying peer pressure. Well done Jada…just don’t let your girl grow up too fast.

Kim on

If the worst thing your child ever wants to do is cut her hair short and dye it pink, you did a pretty darn good job as a parent. Good for the Smiths! People need to take a page out of their book and lighten up.

Sandra on

Those 2 kids of theirs are spoiled rotten! Willow is a super freak of a kid! What is she trying to prove with all of those ridiculous hairstyles of hers? It sure isn’t helping her look good because she looks like a guy and is super fugly!!!!!!!!!

me on

That little boy in the photo needs to eat some food

Greetings on

Sounds to me like she wants to be more of a friend than a parent

nan on

Awww dang bad parent here, i couldnt have long hair as a child was on drugs that would just dry out and ruin my hair! So when i had my little girl i let her hair grow! And braided it and did all the thimgs i wished my short hair with odd bangs my dad cut! P.s.it dont always grow back either

Raevynn on

While I wholeheartedly commend Jada as far as letting Willow define her own style, I must say that I’m displeased that she would allow a 12 year old to (supposedly?) have a tongue ring. However, I don’t think this article truly mentions all the expression the children have so it’s a very narrow minded piece. (Not that it’s bad, I’d like to know MORE about what she permits, to be honest)

Lena on

I guess I will be the only one to disagree with an 11 year old (her age when she cut all her hair off) having control and dying her hair any color she wants. Parents are there to guide their children and help them make responsible decisions and I think children should look like children. I guess if she wants to get tatted up, that’s okay too. If you listen to Willow being interview she is very disrespectful but all that matters is that she is in control.

Teri on

LOL, really Lena?? Tattoos are pretty permanent while cutting hair and coloring hair different colors are very much not. Not EVEN in the same category. Not a very well thought out argument.

Cher on

Another mother afraid to do her job. Ever hear of the word “no”? What an idiot mother!

Liz Bauer on

I dont think length or color of her hair should even be an issue. If her daughter is happy, healthy, and not engaging in any sort of behavior that is detrimental, then who cares. There are other problems in this world and with parents that we should focus on, than people trying to call out Jada for letting her daughter cut her hair. These are the same types of people who raise children to be so rigid that it negatively impacts them as adults. I don’t see what the big deal is. People act like this is going to be a gateway for her daughter to start working the corner, turning tricks for drugs. It’s time we started to empower young girls to love who they are and to stop trying to conform to what society thinks little girls should look like.

Trip on

Can this family go away already??? Who cares what the H this girl does with her hair! There are much more important things going on in the world! These children are over- promoted and arrogant- get a life Jada!!

J on

I am so glad to hear Jada stand up! My mom always said, “It’s hair, it will grow back, so try what you want”. It’s her choice how she wants to wear it. Whatever makes her feel beautiful!

Wednesday on

Oy vey, can you imagine living with that harpie as a mom? Wow. Take a chill pill, Jada.

Sophia on

I wish every girl read this. I’m tired of how people create an image a woman should look like, and when someone looks different than that she is “not feminine/beautiful/lady-like…etc” Everybody should do whatever they want with their body, and wear whatever they please.

Millie on

I half -heartedly agree with them, if that works for them great, but on the other hand I’m so glad my mom didn’t let me chop off all my hair when I was a young girl. I would have regretted it big time.

Jester on

I don’t have a problem with a girl wearing her hair short and having a fun color added is also not a problem. But, this girl is not very good looking (fact!) and doing what she is doing is actually making a mockery of herself and inviting unwanted comments. It’s almost like she is going out of her way to bring the enwanted attention to her. On the other hand, maybe she is Gay and this is how she is dealing with it?

sondra on

Your comment seems like your hating so lets turn the table if you were this rich family am sure your attitude would be tbe same as theirs.
I think their approach is good especially in todays society how kids are

Olivia on

I entirely agree with Jada and Will. As a parent you will have so many times when you must say no. Having shorter hair shouldnt and doesnt have to be one of those times. Does it really matter if youre kid has short or long hair? Shes 12 years old and I think its amazing that she is so confident at that young of an age to take the risks she does. It takes good parents to raise a strong, confident and independent young woman like that.

Confused on

Totally understand that you need to let your kids express themselves. But, there are limits. Will and Jada made the decision to be in the public eye. So therefore, it is their responsibility to set an example for younger ones. They get paid enough to do so, and it is a shame they don’t take advantage of the opportunity to be a family that these children can relate to. Parenting is the # 1 place where teaching takes place. School is 2nd. But, let’s face it. These children are getting a lot of these crazy ideas from music and television. Will, Uncle Phil would be very angry at you right now!

Cher on

What an idiot! Another parent afraid to say “no”! If her son wanted to wear dresses would that be okay too? Give me a break! Be a parent for gods sakes. Freakin liberals are ruining our kids!

Teri on

My 16 year old has dyed her hair soooo many colors. Right now it is blonde and black. A few summers ago, it was turquoise and purple. She is a straight A student with a job. Tell me again, Cher, how letting my daughter play with her hair is ruining her.

Cupcake Mama on

This is why so many men are turning away from black women. They are already so argumentative and confrontational. Now let’s teach them from infanthood that NO ONE can ever offer a suggestion or have an opinion, and if they do, they should be defied immediately, with great fanfare.

paula on

Somebody HAD to play the race card. You’re a racist idiot. Congratulations

Anonymous on

It’s hair! It grows back. I have let my daughter dye her hair purple, pink, blue and purple/pink at the same time. She is an A/B student, never gives me trouble and never gets into trouble. Everyone says what a great kid she is. You have to let them be in control of some aspect of their lives. Or they will grow up resenting you.

shieroc on

I totally agree with Jada’s perspective on this. Good Momma.

sydney on

I’ve had hair that was a 1/4″ long…I’ve had hair that was past my nips. I’m straight. Short hair means nothing, even if it’s dyed pink. I cut my hair as short asi did because I liked how it felt. Yes hair can be a means of expressing ourselves. I know lesbians with long and short and medium length hair. You’re a crackpot if hair is the signifier. Those feelings are INSIDE a person, I promise you that. Now I dare you to shave your head and see how you feel….

Anonymous on

There is pushing insecurities and there is dropping your responsibilities, two very separate things.

sal on

Wow…Im actually impressed with her comments. I think its AWESOME!

booba on

This is publicity stunt to try to stay relevant.. it was probably her mother’s idea anyway…..

Ashley on

Bravo for sticking up for your child. Yes, a parent is supposed to “parent” in various topics in life but how to express themselves by attire and hairstyle should be something a child should be able to decide on. We all have our own personalities and it’s shown through the way we dress. I wish people would stop being so judgmental about little girls, esp Shiloh Jolie Pitt, and let them be. It’s so true that guys can have cropped hair, wavy hair, long hair, pony tails but no one would say they’re feminine yet when girls have cropped hair, then they’re labeled masculine and possibly gay. We are so biased against females.

Canadasue on

I am a mom of two. My concerns for my soon to be teenage children are: Are they happy, healthy, polite, respectful and hard-working? Shaving off their hair or dying it pink/orange/blue? Small potatoes.

Hmmm on

Jada appears to be a wise mom. However, this child seems a tad serious for a 12-year old. You’re young and carefree for a brief moment in time and she seems far more serious than others her age. Being the child of high profile parents can’t be easy though. I guess it’s serious. But I would hate to see her carrying around so many issues just yet. Preparing her for the type of man she’ll be in a relationship with can wait just a couple of years don’t you think? All this out of a hairstyle? We definitely need to relax.

TMB2012 on

Good for you Jada!


Kat on

This! All of this that they said is just awesome! Can’t ❀ it enough

schilling985 on

Initially I was “what the hell is wrong with her mother!”. But then I read her comments, and Will’s comments and I have to say it changed my mind, and my thought process about my own daughter. Especially the part about being a slave to their mothers insecurities, hopes and desires. So, much as I think it’s an ugly haircut…here here to her mom about the hair. (I would however draw the line at anything overtly sexual. )

MommytoanE on

Horrifying. So we teach our little girls to behave like adults, dress like Peggy Bundy and do what they want with THEIR bodies? What’s next for the Smiths? Tattoos on a 13 yr old? Belly button piercing at 12? Kis NEED and thrive off of limits. Parents are there to teach children responsibility and how to be better adults…not to teach them to express theirselves with horrifying haircuts, and body mutilation.

Nita on

Amen MommytoanE!!!

karen on

she’s a CHILD! Let her experiment to figure out what she feels comfortable in. I never tell my kids how to do their hair. Only rule I have is to let a hairstylists do the do. No do at home like my 5 year old tries.

aq on

If her daughter and son are making adult decisions while they are children what else will there be once they become adults. IJS

candykane on

this is the scientology way of raising kids

Anonymous on

You know what I say? Amen.

Janet on

Way to go Jada! Agree with your stance on young girls right to wear their hair the way they want. It grows back–again and again–so have some fun with it once in a while..

Nita on

This is not a common practice in the black community. A little girl’s hair is her glory so to cut it, it is seen as detrimental.

Mawma on

Her hair looks retarded. She reminds me of a butch lesbian.

Aunt Cathy on

WHEN will folks learn to only use the “r” word if truly appropriate to the circumstance & in the proper context?!?!?!?! It wounds/enrages me every time I see it used as a derogatory adjective to describe a look/action/behavior INSTEAD of using words like “ridiculous” or “unflattering”. I suppose you’ve never had the HONOR of KNOWING a ‘special-needs’ person. When the “r” word is used in the improper, flippant manner displayed in your comment it is incredibly hurtful & disrespectful to ANYONE who KNOWS & LOVES a ‘special-needs’ person!!! Not to mention the fact that it makes YOU sound/appear ignorant! Please think before you speak/type!!!

chrissy on

I think girls should be able to wear their hair any way they want,or get piercings or tattoos or express themselves…when the time is right. Just because your rich and famous doesn’t mean you should stop parenting.yes it’s just hair and people should not be defined by that.but realistically, it’s hollywood.people don’t care about being a true to life family..they only care about what kind of publicity they get…give it a rest Jada and Will take control of your kids

Morgan on

She’s right. There never should have been critics in the first place.

Jan on

What’s the big deal? It’s only hair & it will grow back. I would rather have her do that than for her to want wierd piercings or tattoos! It’s a harmless form of self expression. My son had a mohawk for his middle school graduation ceremony many, many years ago. So what?

Shiloh on

Doesn’t Shiloh pick out her own clothes/hairstyle? She’s much younger. Imagine what she’ll be allowed to do at 12!

lynn on

The real reason is that they are Scientologist and kids are allowed to act like adults and do whatever they want-ie-Suri never wearing a coat. Guess she can get tattoos next and piercings if she wants.

Michelle on

Katy, that is the most hilarious comment I have ever read…EVER!

Anonymous on

I agree with letting your children express themselves, but this is too much too soon. What will she have to look forward to when she’s a teenager. Be a kid.

Melissa on

So far I am always a fan of this family. I am sure there are times they wish they weren’t famous – people need to stop bashing ANY kids!!!

Inda Stree on

Way to justify not parenting, Will and Jada! Since you don’t have a marriage either (being into spouse swapping and “permitted” cheating) you should be voted Parents of the Year! Let’s check back with Willow in, oh, about three or four years. I’m so sick of this “hands off” parenting BS. That’s not parenting. It’s a cop out…you sprain your arms from patting yourselves on the back when all you are doing is refusing to parent while calling it progressive. Sorry, not buying your BS, in your family or in your marriage. But, I guess that’s because I’ve seen too much BS in your lives and know how you operate.

amanda on

great job jada ! what a wonderful role model she is for her children !

Lisa on

So proud of Jada. What a good mama!! I knew she was a smart lady when she scooped up Will Smith. He’s awesome too.

mama3 on

it’s hair…chill

guest on

good for her! I don’t understand why people are criticizing a 12 year old’s hair. WTF is wrong with those people?

S on

Whatever she likes, she’s now her brothers twin!! But if she’s happy then have at it

shannon on

Let her do whatever she wants to her hair. It dosen’t really matter anyway with that ugly of a child what her hair looks like.

sue on

I doubt that the parents have much control over this kid.Seems like she has been doing whatever she wants since age 9 .I could care less about her hair.

Debra on

Cutting ur hair don’t mean that ur Gay give me a break, it just Hair, not her Mind or her. Heart just a kid enjoying. Her youth………

arnaux on

Hard to be more rediculous than these self-absorbed Hollywood people. Her daughter has no clue who she is at this stage of her life. It is just empowering kids and then we wonder why they have no respect for elders.It is interesting to read the inane comments by the foolish poeple.

Jessy on

My 13 year is currently sporting blue and purple hair…Last month it was pink and blue…She’s also an honor student who volunteers at a local cat shelter on the weekends because she wants job experience for when she’s old enough to get a paying job…It’s just HAIR…It’s not like Willow is running wild all over town doing drugs…Jada doesn’t have to justify herself to anyone. Her kid, her rules.

Indira on

I understand where she is coming from but to me, Willow is no better off than the girls who put weaves in their hair or straighten it. I think the point(and this is only my opinion) is that a young girl should be dissuaded from focusing so heavily on her appearance in the first place. To me, she could still be getting the wrong message because she didn’t shave her head and dye it pink in a vacuum. She is definitely influenced by what she sees around her just because she chose a different style doesn’t mean that a thing.

FlowerGirl on

Willow is in charge of her own body? Wait till she starts getting tattoos and piercings.THEN we’ll see who’s in charge!

Anonymous on

That’s why your children and the children of western people are so wild and not disciplined while the rest of the world gets educated and moves ahead in life. You people will never learn, and your children are the ones who have to face everything in the end…

B.J. (the girl) on

Sigh, I had hoped the comments on here would be positive, but I should have known better… Hair is not that important, ladies. Maybe your hair is what makes you feel feminine, but obviously that isn’t so for everyone. Shame on you griping fools for criticizing Jada and lovely Willow!

Sofia on

I LOVE the fact that she can experiment with her hair and style. It’s a great way for her to find herself:) kudos to Jada!

Megan on



With kids you have to choose your battles as they navigate adolescence in search of defining themselves. Allowing them to choose their own clothing or hairstyles are relatively low-risk forms of empowering them to feel they have at least some minimal control of their physical selves. It’s far better for them to dye their hair green than to see them overcompensate for a lack of control in their lives by developing eating disorders or cutting themselves.

news on

My problem with Jada and Will parenting style is there seem to be no limits! If williow is doing all these things young what will she have to look forward to as adult. Children should have boundaries, I am not my child friend I am a parent and my job is guide them to make right choices for them. Too many parent make the mistake of being their child friend and they suffer the consequences later.

Really??? on

Anyone (especially those of you who identify as adults) calling a little girl ugly should be absolutely ashamed. It’s truly disgusting what the internet allows people to do; to spew hatred and ignorance with the shield of anonymity. I fail to see how anyone making such revolting comments can justify judging anyone else. When someone makes an effort to send hurtful things out into the world (and saying no offence does not in fact render something inoffensive) over something that is completely irrelevant to their life it speaks volumes about that person’s humanity (or lack there of). Maybe this sounds trite and cliche, but why not invest even the littlest bit of energy it takes to spread animosity and use it for good instead.

Anonymous on

Awesome Miss Jada!

Dr. Janel Ross on

Girls should wear dresses and have long hair. Women were made to please men. Even the Bible says so.

Tara on

if she truly felt that way, she’d steer her child as far away from show business as possible since we all know the pressures put on celebrities to fit molds and set standards. i think it’s just a way to get her daughter’s approval while still being able to rake in the cash since she’s a minor. weird family all around.

Terri on

The last comments in the article were from Will, not Jada.

meghan on

i have never been a huge fan of jada or will, but i wholeheartedly agree with their statements in this regard. great parenting points!

CS on

It’s only hair–it will grow back. Mom’s right.

Wondering on

When I care about this, Lord, please give me a life. I remember when People first started up and it was about “real” people.

Tspoon on


Anonymous on

Do we really care??? NO

mindy on

I’m fully on board with Jada. Like Corrie, my mom forced me into short haircuts that I didn’t like. It’s the kid’s hair. If this is how they want to show their originality, fine. You need to pick your battles and hair isn’t a big deal. Plenty of people couldn’t believe when I let my daughter start dyeing her hair crazy colors (blue, purple) when she was 14. Guess what? She still carried a 93 average, volunteered with 4H and at the vet hospital, was always where she said she’d be when she said she’d be, and just got a $100,000 scholarship to one of her top two college choices. It’s hair. It grows back. My daughter knew I’d require her to dye it back to a more natural color for her senior portraits. She knows she won’t have pink hair when she is a veterinarian. It’s not permanent like a tattoo or those gross huge ear piercings (I forget what they’re called)

Nannyto1 on

I agree with her completely. It’s only hair and I think that Willow looks awesome. Go Jada!! I think you’re an awesome parent.

little Tx on

Willow is being allowed to be herself. If there were more moms like Jada, women would be different.. Let her do what she wants with her hair. Her parents are embracing a new way of raising children. Although I think it will only work with the rich and famous. Regular children have to go to public schools where this isn’t allowed to have pink hair. When she’s alittle older who knows she might want to embrace her beauty one day. My thought is she is going to be one strong young lady. Interesting to watch her grow up. Although Mom does need to take a chill. If your teaching her its ok to be different your gonna have to teach her to be able to handle the blows.

Emmy on

How come Willow looks like a fugly dude?

Halflyng on

When I was a kid, my parents put down rules for my sister (10 yrs older) and I.
1. No piercings until you’re 16.
A. My mom took me to get mine pierced at 8 because she decided to get my hair all cut off and looked like a boy.
2. No wild hairstyles.
B. I put hydrogen peroxide in my hair and laid out in the sun after hearing a story about my mom doing it and it gave her highlights. I was 15 and had bright orange hair afterward.
C. At cheerleading camp I shave the sides of my hair and got a whacked out haircut, and was grounded until it grew back.
3. Stuff about dating.

I am now 34 with a daughter of my own. I have had every hairstyle/color known to man and have 7 piercings. My point is, I still did what I wanted eventually. And I am rather normal now. So whether you like the Smith’s parenting style or not, people should probably just pay more attention to their own kids.

david burns on

This is what happens when you get rich and famous – you lose touch with reality. These people live in a world apart and think normal and reasonable they just can’t be. She probably listens to the moron Nicki Manaj too.

Melissa on

When my children were in a stroller and I struggled getting the double wide through the mall door, guess who assisted me? Not the average looking citizen, but TWO young teen boys who had crazy haircuts and color! They actually turned around to come help. First thing I thought was, “Their mom would be proud!” To this day, I no longer judge the outside! What Jada said about having a man take the place of a judgmental mom was spot on!

d.k. on

At twelve she’s old enough to choose what to do with her hair. Good for her parents for letting her make her own decisions on things like that.

Anonymous on

That is one cute kid!!!

Ann on

Who truly cares as there are far greater issues going on in the USA than how this adult 12 yr.old wears her hair………those kids dress awful but none of our concern……..

Anonymous on

she is a freak anyway

kk on

she shoudl teach by example, mostly.. she looks like a slut, this mom.. kidding.. but just like anothe rwoman tryin to be se-xy for men
no offense but.. and those crazy mom,s , sometimes dotn do the stuff they preach, and go like. “do this and that..
but they dont do it their own


Really? She is going to replace you with another man anyway. Jada, what do you mean by “even little girls have the RIGHT to own themselves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deepest insecurities, hopes and desires?” That is why they are “little girls”, they need to be guided, tutored and mentored, when they are grown we can only pray that they put to good use what they have been taught. Otherwise why don’t you let her live on her own then? After all she owns her own body. PLEAASESE.

Sandy on

wow Willow is a very lucky girl to have such a mom. mine made me form to what she felt I needed to be. I was verbally berated by her and even my sister if they didn’t like my style. I def did not come from a think outside the box kind of family. And I have many hang ups to show for it.

Halley on

Will and Jada are absolutely right. Good for them. Its just hair anyway, I dont know why people are so wound up about it.

?!? on

Sorry but I totally disagree. Kids need to have boundaries. I don’t let my daughter dye or shave her hair, not because it won’t grow back but because she is too young to realize that it ruins your hair! Once you start dying your hair it’s ruined and takes years and years to be natural again. Duh. It takes years and years to grow back too…kids don’t have the capabilities of understanding the consequences of a decision like that and they’re stuck with it long after the “fad” is over. As a parent it’s my responsibility to parent and guide. My kids are very much their own people and aren’t suppressed. They are confident, loving, respectful and straight A students. Jadas argument is dumb…too many kids never hear “no”. The kids who express themselves with wild hair and crazy clothes are screaming for attention and to be noticed. There’s nothing wrong with girls looking like feminine girls and boys like boys and nothing will change my mind about that. The world is way too liberal…look around!

Angel on

I couldnt agree more!

?!? on

And people are saying its better than cutting themselves or doing drugs. Stupid! Why do they have to do any of it?!? It’s a matter of good parenting and you don’t have to give in one department or over compensate in the hopes they don’t become drug addicts. Omg people… It’s the tail wagging the dog here! You teach kids by setting boundaries not by giving them none! What’s next, sure dear your in love at 14?!? Have sex in your room and if you want a baby that’s fine too! Lol Being the cool mom is not cool, try being a parent and don’t let your kids look stupid they are a reflection of you and like it or not people will judge you!

joxmas1950 on

Way to go, Jada! I have seen my grandchildren with flaming red hair, neon green hair, blue hair, etc. I have seen them with various outrageous hair cuts. They are wonderful, well behaved young people who know who they are. I wish my mom had been so supportive of my choices as a child.

mighty M on

smarl lady and mother. I am a mother to a very beautiful and unique young lady too. I needed to hear your words.

guesswho on

Good for Jada! I have a mother who is the most insecure and jealous woman on earth and started perming my hair at age 5 just so I would look good to HER friends. I got the message early on that my self-worth was measured by my hair and face and it’s definitely affected my own self image. Today I wear nice wigs because unlike my mother, I don’t want to waste 3 hours in the morning playing with my hair when I can sleep in instead.

Lisa on

Mawma- Your post proves the point that people in trailer parks shouldn’t have internet access.

BL on

Go away Jada

susan schweitzer on

Of course Jada defends Willow. Look at Jada’s hairstyle in this picture! Willow learned from the best!

Anonymous on

Why are people making such a big deal about this girls hair? It’s HER hair!! You worry about you and your hair and let this family worry about theirs!! Geez, don’t people have better things to be concerned about? And yes, kudos to Jada!!

Just Me on

Good for Jada! How is letting your daughter cut her hair being a bad parent? My mother made me keep my hair until I was about 14 when I finally began rebelling. I looked like a boy and most people thought I was a boy. I hated it. Now I have hair down to my waist and I don’t care if it’s in style or not. It’s healthy, it’s clean, it’s well groomed and I’ll have long gray hair down to my butt when I’m 95….still rebelling πŸ™‚

Deb on

As a mom of a daughter who grad from Jada’s Arts High School we have had some teen “artistic” battles (daughter told funny story in Seventeen Mag about my 007 style parenting and met Mr. Bond haha) BUT sadly I disagree with Jada (I wouldn’t let my daughter shave her head at that age). I think Jada’s mother being on drugs has affected Jada being a parent and not her daughter’s friend!!! These Hollywood kids have fame/money should aspire to do more than be pop tarts imitating Nicki Minaj!!! I admire how Diana Ross and Trump have raised college educated intelligent kids in spite of the criticisms!!!

Julia on

Can’t wait to hear that Jada and Will let little Willow’s boyfriends sleep over when she’s 14. There’s still a thing called parenting, and being a parent means finding compromise between your child’s extremes (because they will push as far as they can go) and your common sense.

Susan on

Not a big deal at 12, it looks cute, but later in life, if you go into certain professions, you have to “look the part”. Unfortunately, looks do matter. You still, even today, see very few fat women on TV or in the movies. If you do, it’s usually in a comedic role. Some physical attributes are connected to some conclusions. Some are accurate, many are not. It would be nice if things would change, but I don’t see it happening. Not with so many young kids following the Kardashians.

Kelly on

Like many others I think Jada’s position on this subject is awesome! One person commented about “guiding” our children as parents. Jada and Will most likely do guide their kids, but realize that hair is a way for us to express ourselves and yet not make a permanent change to our bodies like tattoos and piercings. Personally, as a parent I tend to pick and choose my battles with my headstrong teen. Trying to strong arm her only makes things worse, so a hairstyle & funky color would be a walk in the park.

Anonymous on

I agree with letting your children express themselves, but letting a 12 year old have that much freedom is ridiculous. What will this young GIRL have to look forward to when she becomes a teenager. She’s 12, Jada needs to remind her of that, and remind her she needs to be a 12 year old kid.

sofia v. on

There’s nothing wrong with letting children express themselves. This is ridiculous. Jada’s giving her 12 year old too much freedom. What will this child have to look forward to during her teenage years. Remind her she’s only 12 . She should be a 12 year old kid.

Anonymous on

You tell ’em, Jada! You are an awesome mother….and it’s no one else’s dang business….the people who are watching your daughter’s hair length need to get lives!

Victoria on

I completely agree. Well said!! What is important is that we love and admire ourselves the way we are, not the way others see us and think we should look. Good for her.

Duane Sherry, M.S. on

Yeah, good luck with that ‘let’s be her friend instead of her parent’ attitude when she decides to rebel in other ways. I have to laugh when parents come out talking like they know all the answers.

Beth on

Let your kid do what they want to express themselves, but a lot of schools have dress codes about how extreme hair can be as it can be seen as a distraction. I am assuming, of course that their kids do not go to regular schools.

Guest on

Jada is a brilliant parent!

Willow will definitely be more stable than Lindsay and other child stars who have been controlled by their moms.

Cindy on

Love her thinking on this! Wish my mother had been more like that, and let me be myself the way Jada does with Willow. My mother did the best she could, but she didn’t understand that I needed to be myself, and not hers, or anyone else’s, version of what I should be. I’ve always fought to be myself because of that, but Willow won’t have to, because of how Jada and Will are raising her. Good for them!

Dawna on

I agree with you MrMonkee. This hairstyle makes her look like a boy and it’s not attractive. At some time we need to remember to be parents, part of that is being honest and explaining ” This hairstyles is not attractive” this modern day parenting “My kid is just expressing themselves, so let them do what they want” is ridiculous.

Erin on

I always got to pick my hairstyle from as little as I can remember! My mom and grandma would talk to me about different styles (nothing crazy, long-short, bangs-no bangs, that kind of thing) and I always got what I wanted. Even if they didn’t agree with it (and tried to talk me out of a few different styles!) they let me do it. The only rule was no hair dye until I was in HS they let me try it a few times.

T in Texas on

I am a parent of 5 girls and would never let my girls cut their hair like she did , nor dye it all different kinds of colors , nor let her pierce her tongue ! I have girls from 22 down to 9 years old . And wouldn’t let them get that ridiculous . Jada I bet has lost control of her children . And just wants it to seem as if though they are free spirits .

TJ on

I agree to an extent on what she’s saying here, however, self-expression can go way too far if parents allow it. There are also many dangerous forms of self-expression…If Willow decided to smoke, drink, try drugs, get a tattoo, cut herself, etc…would that still be OK? Because her parents are making it sound as if they’re letting her make ALL her own decisions regarding her body. Parents are supposed to guide their children and set boundaries and it’s been proven that kids not only need this guidance and discipline, they actually like having it. While I realize we are talking about hair styles here, I hope that’s as far as it goes.

be on

she is a lesbian

Lily on

Hurray Jada!!!

Maradeth on

Forget waiting till your 18 RIGHT? Forget discipline, Forget Rules. Own yourself! Why didn’t I think of that? Kudos to everyone who supports the parenting ways of a “swinger” mom. Yep that’s right the “Smiths” have regular sex romps with other couples. Sure Willow do what you want with your hair/body. Try a lil sex, get a few body piercings maybe a tattoo sleeve hey why you’re at it why not totally own yourself and become someone who has no respect for how your actions effect those around you! Kudos to the people who are going to be terrible parents. Jada has no accountability as a mother.

Anonymous on

The girl is unpretty and with haircut seem like alien

Hailey on

Who cares!!

Claire on

Good for you Jada! A GREAT mom guides her children yet gives them to room they need to grow and develop. You got dis grrl!!!

maggie on

Outstanding!! Beautiful and Inspiring πŸ™‚ Thanks!! ❀

Karen on

The only thing is… she does have access to professionals to do her hair for her. I have a daughter who has bleached and colored her hair to ruination. Sometimes it’s okay to step in and say, no.

Gina on

Ditto Sandra!

Diana on

I agree with Jada to a point. I hope she discussed this with Willow prior to the hair cut. Being a “free willed person” is great, but a child is a child is a child…..they always need guidence. My daughter is not a star like Willow. If she would have done that at her age, she would have been bullied and not understood. The rich and famous have an advantage others do not have all the time.

dee on

I agree if she wants to cut her off and look like a boy so what.

boohoobytch on

very odd looking kid

Diana on

I agree with Jada to a point, but she has to remember….Celebreties and their children get accepted for what they do, as long as it is for the right reasons. If I had a daughter Willow’s age, and she cut her hair like that, I am sure my daughter would be bullied and picked on. A child is a child is a child. They need guidence from their parents.

cathi on

Is anyone else getting sick and tired of this over-opinionated, on-line world??!?

Barbi on

Now her ears stick out and she looks a boy. She’s not an attractive child, but I’m sure with the money this family has – and in Hollywood – there are enough people around telling her she looks adorable… far from it. To me this haircut looks ridiculous… then again, this child is usually dressed ridiculously in a way that screams: “give me some attention pleeeezzeeee!”

Victoria on

Fabulous message to send girls, BIG and small. I wish we all grew up with such an empowering message!

JRose on

What would her daughter’s hair style have anything to do with her parenting skills? Sometimes I think this world is so warped. All parents should let their children express and be themselves.

Allie on

She’s a great mom for letting her daughter express herself. I’m in my mid twenties, a lawyer, straight, and I have a very short haircut (looks like Pinks). It goes to show we need to stop stereotyping and let children express themselves. My parents were very supportive when I first cut all my hair off as a kid and I wasn’t a bad rebellious kid.

Mya on

That makes no sense. Childre need boundaries. There are other ways to let a child know that they are beautiful, have self worth, and own their bodies. If anything she is opening the door for Willow’s self esteem to be hit especially hard because people will talk about her and put her down.

Anita on

Love it!!!!

Anonymous on

Good for her. When I first read this on I think TV Guide’s website, I asked the question, how is this news? Yes, it’s a little strange, but obviously Willow has her parents’ permission to do that.

Bobby on

Please don’t start with this African American crap this family is so far removed from that community that it would be a joke to try to tie them to that, Black actors and actresses are good at acting like blacks in a movie and that is about it. They don’t live like the average black they live among caucasians only and have very little to do with the average black, of course blacks always seem to think because they are black they have a connection which is not the case.

Lynette on

It’s not that important. I wish people would stop talking about it period.

Pamela on

Love this article…. Very well SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NW Mama on

I don’t feel like Jada had to explain anything about her parenting skills as a mom over her two kids. Hair is hair and not a big deal. She is obviously teaching her kids what is important in life and raising them to be independent. Kudos to her, but please don’t feel like you have to answer to the public’s outcry over anything you do with your family. It’s your life enjoy all you can!

Anonymous on

Mom needs to be a mom and not a friend……bullying coming her way then what is mom going to do

Lola on

I love the fact that she is not allowing her daughter’s beauty be defined by her hair. She is showing a sense of freedom as to who she really is and what she is all about. I love it!!

Linda on

Yeah well….we will see how good her self expression is at 21 years old as a spoled self indulged child of hollywood stars. It is truly sad.

Lola on

I love it that Jada is allowing her daughter to be free and express herself differently. She is teaching her to be a leader and not a follower in a world where hair plays such a role in a lot of women’s lifestyles. The longer and straighter it is the better they feel. You go Jada, I am so in your corner!!

yvonne on

There is a difference between trying to “own” your child and parenting your child. If you give them too much control of their own lives they forget they live in a world with other people. Trust me, I had a child when I was 17 (I’m 35 now) and I tried the same thing the Smiths are doing, it doesnt work. You cant be your child’s friend, they have enough of those, you must be their parents.

Kim on

Willow – you look beautiful any way you do your hair.

Critics should keep in mind that God made us all different, and sadly there are some 12 years olds who have illnesses and CAN’T keep their hair to that “acceptable” long length. The shame is not on Jada but rather those who judge.

Janice on

Wow Jada does not have her mothers look, she has a very manly look the poor girl

dreamer4u on

Figures Jada has no class either..she needs to give her daughter sime kind of guidance….and her hair is disgusting BTW

Michelle on

Who cares? In a couple of years when she’s into boys she will get extensions.

Anonymous on

Uh they looks freak-design with past her mom lead ex-exotic about her daughter a horror.

This cultures sickness that idiot make freak-africa, the peoples not populations named lead south africa stubborn enough.

Nancy on

I defy anyone to tell me that Jada did not have CHEEK IMPLANTS put in her face.

Elara on

So long as a child’s hair is clean and sanitary (no lice) there is nothing wrong with styling it however they want. Just because this kid likes hairstyles that are a bit on the wild side, does not mean she actually behaves like that. Maybe being allowed to express her wild side with her hair is what will prevent her from acting out as she gets older, like so many other young girls do when they get a sense of freedom. I mean really, Jada has a point here. Leave Willow alone. She seems pretty well adjusted, confident and happy. Those things are most important for young girls, not what color their hair is. She’s a good kid who has done nothing to earn ridicule from the masses. All of Will and Jada’s older kids are responsible young adults, and there is no reason to think Willow will be any different. She’s no Paris or Lindsay.

Lori on

Absolutely Jada. When my daughter was a teen she used to change and color her hair. Questions and eyebrows were raised in out small town, I let it go. We all tried to find ourselves as teens and with all the bad stuff out there these days, changing her hair was not an issue to me. It’s just hair! My daughter was given free rein to be a strong, independent, young girl and make her own decisions. She is now a strong and successful young woman in the medical profession. She works very hard everyday to make total strangers lives better. I’m sure these suffering people don’t care what color or length her hair is. Why does society care so much about hair?

Sun on

It’s her hair and just worry about your own hair already!

WMacias on

Jada is right! Sounds like great parenting to me!

Anonymous on

My mother fluffed mine. It was awful. These are good kids, It is just a haircut. Leave them alone. They are an awesome family.

One Two on

I wouldn’t have ever thought of cutting off all my hair when I was 12 years old! I was just a kid who wanted to ride my bike. I put my hair up in a pony tail and played with my cousins and other kids my age. Sorry, but this little girl sounds like she’s growing up really fast.

Anonymous on

Many comments are saying how they agree with Jada. I just wonder if these people are as open-minded with their own children. How many of us say ‘sure’ to our kids when they ask for pink hair or a mohawk, especially on our daughters? I will be one to admit that I am uptight about my child having complete freedom with his hair. However I aspire to be more like Jada because I want to relax and not be so controlling. I guess it is about letting go, which is hard for me. Just being honest…don’t fry me!

Samantha on

The Whole Family Need HELP HELP and Help!!!!!!

Stacey on

Most of these comments are positive…which makes me wonder why so many were judgmental when Angelina & Brad’s little girl cut her hair to look like her brothers. Interesting….

Tillie on

That is a very unattractive young lady….perhaps they should have named her Willard….not Willow.

Anonymous on

As a parent it is our job to guide our children to making good decisions, and sometimes “controlling them”, that way we do not lose them in the long run. We should be involved and discuss what they want to do so that they are aware of the consequences to their actions. Cutting her hair is not a big deal but there are consequences…everyone talking about her doing it and if she is gay or not. Hollywood doesn’t really understand “consequences” this like the rest of the world, as they do not pertain to them…for example Miss. Lohan and the many others!

Momomo on

Jada, I love you. But you are so wrong on this one! Make your child wait on some things, so that she will have something to look forward to when she grows up. Tell her she cannot color her hair until she is 14, wear makeup until high school, date until she is 16. Give her some boundaries. Otherwise, who is running the house? You, or your little girl?

Ally on

Is that seriously a girl? Her hair is terrible. While a hair cut does not define you, people do take note of it. I’m pretty sure there will nto be a run on girls wanting their hair done like that.. Her mother needs to act like a mother instead of trying to come off as a “friend” to her kid. I bet when she gets pregnant our of wedlock, or does drugs, we will have to hear poor Jada whine poor me. Jada is just allowing her daughter to fit the young image of Hollywood and then blame them for her short comings. Learn to say NO, you can still give her space by doing so. Dayum, I really thought that was a boy.

Katie on

AHEM! 100000000% AGREE!

Anonymous on

I was sitting behind a girl with rainbow brite colored streaks in her hair at church the other day. Then I got to looking at her very religious conservative (at least I thought) family matriarch and guess what? She had a streak of red at the nape of her neck that was barely visible in her long gray hair! My point? It’s just hair.

Ann on

Maybe Jada should put out an effort to keep her daughter out of the spotlight then people wouldn’t have anything to talk about………out of sight out of mind!!!!!

CJ on

Great job Jada and Willow! I had the same issues with family and friends when my 16yr old decided to shave one side of her head and have a design in it as well. Family and friends initially tried saying how dumb it was to do that, but she stood up for herself and said that was her style choice and she was not going to do/wear things to make others happy or for approval, she is herself and not changing for anyone else.

tlc on

It’s fine to let your kids express themselves through their looks (hair, make up ect) because most likely once the novelty wears off, they will go back to a more conventional or “normal” style that suits them.

However, Jada and Will do not seem to want to PARENT these kids. They seem to let the kids parent themselves. They have not taught these children to respect people or have any consequences for their actions. They want to act?, get them a movie deal. They want to sing? Buy them a recording contract. The kids never have to work for anything or show respect to EARN it. It’s just handed to them and that’s where I think these kids are being taught wrong.

In photos, interviews and even posting their own photos on their twitter pages, they look condesending and rude. Jaden looks stoned half the time and the kids seem to never be polite to others. What is THAT teaching them? That they will be able to buy their way into any situation and that they don’t have to respect anyone.

They are homeschooled I believe so they don’t even get the discipline from teachers or the socialization with other kids. You never see them with other kids..only adults. It’s so sad.

SLB on

Why do the negative comments on here suggest that the ONLY way to parent is by dictating how your kid will act/dress/be? My son is only 3 but he goes to a reggio emilia inspired school and they practice respecting the child. They believe children learn through exploration and being creative through art, music and play not by forcing them to learn what we say they should when they should. It is a proved method of learning and teaches an immense amount of confidence. It amazing how simply respecting your child and what makes them tick at any age will produce confident individuals who are truly that INDIVIDUALS. I have always loved how Will and Jada have parented and I hope to be a similar parent. I always say if my son says he wants to be a Cowboy when he grows up I’ll be right next to him researching the best darn Cowboy Colleges there ever was! I will not crush his dreams for the sake of conforming him to anyones ideals!

Anonymous on

Luv this! Love the whole Pinkett-Smith family. Great parents and fantastic children. πŸ™‚

Kate on

it’s hair. calm down.

Anonymous on

Thank goodness theirs a mother who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, OMG IT IS JUST HAIR!!! Willow looks lovely as she is with or without long hair she has a beautiful personality SO LET IT GO PEOPLE get a life so the Smith’s can live theirs.

Anonymous on

All I can say is, Go Jada!

Morgan on

I really really like the Smiths. πŸ™‚

jvbzook on

Jada is now free to play sports, dance or do anything else! Hair is a non-issue! Too many black girls and women are overweight (health issue, NOT fashion) because they will not work out over fear of messing up their HAIR! I applaud Beyonce for modeling a health female body image. I am a substitute teacher and, in middle and high school PE (gym) classes of free days, I notice the girls just standing or sitting around while the boys are playing basketball, throwing balls in the gym or outside. Is it because the girls are so concerned about messing up their NAILS or HAIR and the idea that “girls are not supposed to sweat”?

Anonymous on

it’s no big deal on her cutting her hair, it’s what she is doing with it….toooo bazaaaaar for a young person.

Llala on

Her hair matches her manners!!! Absolutely none. If anyone was able to catch her appearance on Oprah I’m sure they would agree. She is way to grown and rude. She had a lack of respect for Oprah and referred to her as “girl” several times. Horrible

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