Shakira Gives a Sneak Peek at Her Bare Belly

11/27/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Pregnancy does a body good. So good that for Shakira, nine months might not cut it.

Posting a picture to Instagram on Tuesday, the fresh-faced singer bares her bump — it’s a boy! — while snuggling up with her sweetie, boyfriend Gerard Piqué, and admitting she’s living the life of an expectant mama — and enjoying every second of it.

“I could have another nine months like this!” Shakira, who announced in September she was expecting the couple’s first child, captioned the sweet snapshot.

The laidback look is a far cry from just last month when the mom-to-be, 35, rocked out on stage in an edgy all-black ensemble.

Shakira Gives a Sneak Peek at Her Bare Belly
Courtesy Shakira

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Momof4 on

Beautiful couple and I am sure they will have a beautiful child =)

sarahi chanes on

Ya. They do make a great couple

dyl on

They are both so attractive, that baby is going to be gorgeous.

Shea on

That is going to be one gorgeous kid.

Anonymous on

that baby will be genetically blessed!

Isaiah on

Great picture- what a happy time for Shakira and her family. wow!

Kim on

I think this is the first time I’ve seen her boyfriend. Yowza! That’s going to be one gorgeous baby boy!

Nisa on

I assume you never watch European football. He’s one of the foremost defenders.

Betty on

They are both beautiful and look very happy. Congrats!

erika on

wow, that baby is going to be pretty!

boohoobytch on

awww, too cute

Ella on

Cute picture. Congrats and good luck 🙂 (but ugh Piqué).

Megan on

How far along is she?

Anonymous on

He looks like Chris Evans to me (that’s the guy’s name that plays Captain America, right? lol)

They look like a very loving and happy couple.

awf on

Ha! I thought he looked like Chris Evans at quick glance as well.

Sarah S. on

They look so happy and relaxed–I love it! 🙂

fanofboardwalkempire on

they are beautiful couple and the baby will just be stunning!

So happy for them both!

Kate. on

So cute! They’re perfect for each other: she’s beautiful, he’s handsome! The baby’s gonna be one of the cutest ever! Wish them all the best!

Margo on

There child (and future children) are going to be beautiful!

Willa on

How far along is she? She might be whistling a different tune the further along she gets. I loved pregnancy until I reached 34 weeks – it was pure hell after that.

Aud on

Good-looking (good-hearted) people!

Anonymous on

He’s hot – way to go Shakira lol

Madison on

@ Megan:
Probably around 5 months. Most people announce their pregnancy around 3 months and she announced in September — 2 months ago. Plus she knows the gender so 5 months seems pretty accurate. 🙂

camila on

I am so trilled for her, she looks so happy!!!!!!!

vada on

She is so beautiful. They are going to have a gorgeous child.

Raveena on

Wow…her boyfriend is hot! And she’s so pretty, too – that baby is going to be one beautiful kid.

Laila on

He has some piercing blue eyes. They will see their child as beautiful no matter what, because it’s theirs.

Anonymous on

What a sweet looking couple. Both good looking. They look so happy. I bet their baby is going to be adorable. Good looking couple!!!!!! Wish them happiness for always and a healthy little baby. For sure it will be good looking.

. . on

He is hot!!!

AT on

Probably the most adorable pic ever! 🙂 Wow he is so cute!

Teri on

@Madison, she found out at the beginning of October that she was having a boy, so she is further along than that. She could be due to give birth anytime for all we know. 🙂

Jazz on

Anyone who knows anything about soccer knows who Gerard Pique is.

Anonymous on

She’s never announced a due date (or even the month or time of year she’s due), so how far along she is is anybody’s guess! I also don’t think we can use the fact that she found out she was having a boy in October as a gauge of how far along she is.

While most people find out around the four-month mark, some find out earlier. The earliest a doctor (or ultrasound tech) can determine gender via ultrasound (albiet with less accuracy than at four months or later!) is twelve weeks.

Not only that, but given Shakira’s age she probably had some genetic testing done…which allows you to find out the gender even earlier!

Bottomline: Pretty much all we can assume about how far along she is at this point is that she’s past the first trimester, as most celebs (with good reason!) don’t announce their pregnancies before then.

Anonymous on

Love the picture!

brandi on

she looks beautiful, Definitely a natural beauty, I’m sure the baby glow helps just a tad bit too. So happy for them!

Um Pire on

So this is the guy who will go down in history as having ruined Shakira.

Is just me or what? on

Give it time..suing will come. How long is the bet for the couple? 5-10 years…another Demi Moore case, wait and see.

Anonymous on

Is just me or what- Not all relationships or marriages with large age gaps fail. Granted, they seem to have a much better success rate when one partner is, say, in their 40s and the other in their 50s, then they do when one partner is in their 20s and the other is in their 30s.

But even so, I don’t think it’s right for us to already be condemning Shakira and Pique’s relationship!

Um Pire- Since when does have a baby ruin you (I’m assuming you meant that Pique “ruined” her by getting her pregnant)? With that attitude, it’s no wonder so many women are in such a rush to get back into tip-top shape practically as soon as they leave the hospital!

JM on

Lol, i love all the people saying this is the first time they have seen her boyfriend. anyone who follows football knows who he is. He is a huge star.

This is a good picture of them, I have never thought of either of them as being hugely attractive. not that it matters at all. all the best to them.

Naia on

He has a very huge bank account (and he comes from a wealthy family), she also has a very huge bank account, they are beautiful, I don’t like Shakira’s music but I am F.C.Barcelona supporter. That boy will be beloved and very lucky, who gives more!!!!.

Anonymous on

Who cares

Anonymous on

It looks so big but she’s so pretty