Larry Birkhead: Why I Let Dannielynn Model

11/27/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Larry Birkhead: Why I Let Dannielynn Model
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With his daughter’s modeling debut for GUESS Kids drawing a variety of reactions, Larry Birkhead is setting the record straight.

According to the 6-year-old‘s dad, his decision to allow Dannielynn Hope to be involved in the campaign was motivated by the opportunity to let his little girl bond with her late mother — and iconic GUESS modelAnna Nicole Smith.

“Dannielynn has always looked up to her mom’s image and said that her mom’s an angel,” Birkhead told Good Morning America on Tuesday.

“I think that this is kind of Dannielynn’s way of paying tribute to her mom in her own special way.”

And now that she has seemingly spent time following in her famous mama’s footsteps, Dannielynn — who was only five months old when her mother passed away — is soaking up the sweet experience.

“To see her mom’s picture next to hers as a GUESS girl and say, ‘Hey, I was a GUESS Kids girl and my mommy was a Guess girl,’ that might be her only connection with her mom,” Birkhead explains.

But, despite dipping her toes in the fashion industry, Dannielynn will not be making a career out of modeling — at least not for now.

“My goal for her is for her to be a child and just do what all kids do,” he says.

— Anya Leon

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LuvBigCity on

Poor guy should not have to explain himself…this kid has not been anywhere near the spotlight since her moms death, he is doing what he can to keep her deceased mother in that childs life, good for him. So many daughters want to be somewhat like their mother, no all but most, so what is really wrong with what he did?

Mindy on

I agree.

Angela on

Well said! I think he has done a wonderful thing. He appears to be a loving father. I think what he did was very special.

Cindy on

I totally agree with you.

Tanya R. on

She’s very cute! I miss her mommy & brother

Pam on

I don’t see what the controversy is. The photos were beautiful.

Magnolia on

Everyone should read the comments from that story that came out today! People were already saying that poor little girl “will be a whore”, and that he has already doomed her to the same fate as her mother! It was a horrible string of comments about a perfectly normal picture and Dannielyn who is never in the spotlight!!

Jenny! on

Poor lil girl. Never knowing ur mother growing up i can understand why she wants to do what her mom was doing. Just like anyone who has one parent gone u will reach out in anyway to feel closer to them. It’s a tough situation.

Just My Opinion on


Linda on

I like Larry and Dani Lynn is adorable….I am glad he has not had her in the spotlight very often and maybe he is right about the connection thing with modeling to her mother…But I do hope that she Does stay normal and has a normal childhood…I truly hope he keeps that promise. Time will tell. I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

If she chooses this when she is much older then we will know it is HER decision and nobody else’s.

bubbles on

Say what you want about this situation, but I think he is a wonderful father. I think the modeling shots were sweet and very age appropriate.

Emily on

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, especially if it is a one-time thing. From everything I’ve read or heard, he is a good father who’s protecting his child and allowing her to enjoy a normal childhood.

Connie on

He seems to be doing a fantastic job so far. She hasn’t been in the spotlight and she isn’t anywhere near that other man who controlled her mother and kept her hooked on drugs.

Melanie on

modeling is suppose to help with identity and self esteem for young girls so he should continue with it.

Cassie on

What a beautiful little girl. I don’t know Larry Birkhead personally, but he seems like a decent person and a good father.

Cyndee on

LuvBigCity- I completely agree. What is really wrong with it? Like others have said, for the most part he has kept her life pretty private. He seems to be doing a fine job as a single dad raising a daughter and she appears to be very close to him. What’s the difference between this and any other parent of a Guess kids model?

. . on

He seems like a great dad. She is beautiful.

Momof4 on

He seems to be such a good Dad. All kids should be that lucky. She is one beautiful little girl.

kathy on

A very appropriate modeling assignment for his daughter.

It is Guess Kids after all. No explanation. This guy has done a great job keeping her out of the spotlight and this is not some kind of explotation.

karen on

Larry Larry you dont need and should not explain what you do and when you do it to no body. People need to mind their own.

Rosey on

Sheesh my friend’s daughter did children’s Gap clothes. It’s perfectly fine! The only difference is that this child’s mom is Anna Nicole. I’m pretty sure this child is in better hands. Her pics for Guess children’s clothing look cute!

KS on

I think he is a great dad! I hope this doesn’t sound real mean because every little girl deserves to have her mom around but i think she has a much better chance of growing up normal with him raising her than if her mother was still alive and raising her. Glad she has such a good role model like her Dad!

So Not the Drama on

How many children model every day so their parents can make money and no one says a word? How many dads wouldn’t have even been there to step up for their daughters in their time of need, how many haven’t been there? My heart was moved then and it is now at how much this man truly seems to care for his daughter. I don’t know what I would do if my mom died today and I cannot imagine who I’d be if I would have had to grow up without her. If this helps her feel close to her momma then who am I to judge that?

Wondering on

I agree there is absolutely nothing wrong with this child modeling. People just have to pick on everything, don’t they? This man has been an exceptional father and is raising an exceptional daughter. Come on, folks, give credit where credit is due!

dawn on

She is as pretty as her mom. Just hope her life choices turn out different and larry keeps her out of spot light

Stacy on

I agree, he should NOT gave to explain himself. I think it is great that she is a Guess Kid….come on, what kid wouldn’t want to be?!

Jeanine on

I agree he should not have to explain what he does for his child. He is a good father and he is trying to keep her mother as alive and in her life as much as possible. He seems to be doing a wonderful job raising her so let him be.

jessica laine on

i feel bad for him that he even needs to defend his actions. there are millions of kids who are child models, it’s not that big of a deal. her pictures were adorable and his intentions from the beginning have never seemed anything but honourable.

Jess on

This little girl is beyond beautiful. The pictures are so pretty and done is very good taste. I believe Anna and her big brother are smiling down on her every day. Larry should be proud of the way he is raising his daughter and shouldn’t have to justify his actions to anyone. I imagine if Dannielynn wants to make a career out of modeling or acting one day she will have no problem doing just that and not just because of who she is. For all the tragedy she has already experience in her young life she has one thing Anna never really had. She has a strong, confident , LOVING man in her life who truely wants what is best for her. For that she is a very lucky little girl. It’s just to bad Anna couldn’t see who Larry truely was before it was to late.

Manon on

Larry is doing a fabulous job @ raising his daughter, especially under the horrid circumstances. He’s been a very devoted, constant presence in her life. NO ONE has any business disecting nor mocking his parental skills- People need to mind their business & take care of their families!

Kelly on

It looks like he is doing a great job raising his daughter. His daughter is beautiful! The Guess photos were innocent, and she looked like a natural. It is a shame he has to explain himself when he is being a great Dad. It is the sad truth that some people are going to criticize everybody no matter what. I will bet that if the the people criticizing him had the opportunity to put their kids in a Guess ad, they would do it in a second! Bitter hypocrites.

susan schweitzer on

Why let her model? MONEY

Manon on

Who’s business is it of ANYONE to knock the way Larry has been devoting his life to his daughter? He gets an A PLUS for loving her the way he does! Go Larry!

Nancer on

If you look at the background all the ladies have hats. Probably Easter or Kentucky Derby where ‘dress up’ is appropriate. Lighten up! At least she’s not all made up with wigs and makeup.

Magnolia on

It was the Kentucky Derby!

me2 on

Hello “Me”….they were attending the Kentucky Derby, where the tradition is to wear a hat ….lots of people choose to wear flamboyant hats …so her headwear fits in perfectly for the event they were attending

Alyssa on

“LuvBigCity on November 27th, 2012

Poor guy should not have to explain himself…this kid has not been anywhere near the spotlight since her moms death, he is doing what he can to keep her deceased mother in that childs life, good for him. So many daughters want to be somewhat like their mother, no all but most, so what is really wrong with what he did?”

—-WRONG….she’s been to numerous public events with her dad and put on the cover of magazines in the past, specifically US Weekly, Ok!, Life and Style and here on PEOPLE. He’s cashing in on her name and her relationship to her mother, it’s no shocker that she’s now doing work with Guess. She should be allowed to grow up without cameras in her face.

Momo3 on

He has offered up an explanation that quite frankly is noone’s business and he is doing an excellent job at letting his daughter have a life outside of the glaring spotlight. The pictures are cute and the reason is beautiful now leave them alone.

Nicole on

Anna Nicole didn’t model as a child. She grew up in a horribly abusive environment. I don’t know why people are suggesting this is somehow setting Dannielynn up to follow her mother’s self-destructive path. All Larry seems to be doing here is connective his daughter with one of the brighter points of her mother’s life.

Ann on

I think it was a fun and sweet thing to do. Don’t see the problem with it at all. Beautiful young lady and her dad seems to know what he is doing.

Lorelei on

It’s sad that he has to explain his decision to allow his little girl to model for Guess Kids. She is a beautiful little girl. Believe it or not he has the right to determine how to raise his little girl without every decision being questioned. I think the photos are a beautiful keepsake and the decision he made for his family is the right one for them!

Valerie on

What he did was wonderful! The pictures were very tasteful! He is a great Dad!

FaithC on

She’s a beautiful little girl. Just like her mommy. I always enjoyed Anna Nicole…I thought she was fun and light hearted. Never took anything too serious. Except her children. She lived a tragic life. Now, her father seems to be doing a great job with her! I love the photos. She’s gorgeous! He doesn’t have to defend them. There are child models all over the place! Let this beauty shine like her mother did. XO

Krystin on

She looks just like her daddy!

angelina on

To make money- that s why you did it. Period.

Chrissy on

Guess came to him.

joanne on

hey would u rather have that honey-boo-modeling? come on people, its up to her to do this,,,,i think she did a great job and leave her and her dad alone….shes a beauty queen, and a kid at heart. her mom and brother are watching her.

Kerri on

I think Larry has the right idea, a way for Dannielynn to feel closer to her mother. I believe his intentions are good. I wish them both the best in life, Dannielynn is the cutest. Her mom is missed.

Lisa on

He really seems like a good guy and a good dad to her. Good for him for taking such good care of that precious girl.

Kata on

As I said in my comment on the previous article… this is not using the sweet little girl. Larry is a great dad keeping her away from Hollywood and other stars. A photo shoot like this is nothing more than taking your kids for photos elsewhere.

Bee on

I don’t have an issue with the little girl modeling but his reasoning as to why she’s doing it is ridiculous haha.

Sam on

Considering Dannielynn has had well-documented surgeries to fix her strabismus (one crossed eye, a likely reason she is often photographed from the side), I am surprised no one has considered the fact that modeling might be a great boost to this child’s self-esteem. My mother put me in modeling school because I was self-conscious about my height as a teen, and it really helped me feel better about it. It’s nice to remind kids with physical differences that they are beautiful.

southerngirl on

Plain and simple you did it so that you can live off of her and her mothers earnings forever!!!!!!!


I am suprised that people would even comment on this, as a parent it is his choice and no one elses.
I think Dannielyn is a beautfiul little girl and go for both of them. This is likely every little girls dream… for all you haters stop being jealous beacause you know you are…

Angel on

I think she is a beautiful child and that Birkhead is doing a great job raising her. She is not in the spotlight often and if this is a one time thing I think it is great. Much love to them!

susan on

I think he is doing an amazing job with raising this child. Even in KY I am sure there are paparazzi who clamor for photos of her. The pics at the KY Derby was the first I’d seen in a long time. He is giving this child as much normalcy as possible considering her mom’s fame. Larry nothing has to be explained. I think it’s wonderful.

laurie on

this is his own private business..his decision his child….she’s adorable and im glad she had this opportunity..i think he is a great dad

Guest on

@Me – that “contraption” was a fascinator she wore at the Kentucky Derby.

ninatrans on

Wow, I read someone even making a snarky comment about the “contraption” on Dannielynn’s head in the picture and saying that kids dont’ wear something like that. The photo in question was taken at the Kentucky Derby and silly or not, almost all females in attendance wear crazy hats. It’s perfectly normal and part of tradition. Why attack when you don’t have all the facts?

UnKnown on

Look everyone CLAM DOWN and stop with all the negative comments!

This little girl is obviously in good hands and NO HAMR will come to her, her dad is smart and there is his family as well!

DaisyMoon on

Yeah, he seems like a devoted and loving dad, BUT, he also seems like he enjoys the spotlight, just a little.
It’s the reason he allows her birthday parties to be aired on “Entertainment Tonight” and photos to appear in different magazines…
It keeps his toe dipped into the celebrity world.

Carrie M on

Very well said Larry! You are a great dad and Danni is so stinking adorable.

Jenny on

he’s kept her out of the spotlight for most of her first 6 years. i can understand his reasoning. he’s not that kind of dad.

guest on

@Me – I believe the pic above was taken at the Kentucky Derby – thus the “contraption” on her head. The rest of us call them “hats”.

kitty62862 on

He’s being held to a higher standard than is normal. It isn’t fair.

Amy on

I do not see anything wrong with this. And she is a beautiful little girl and the pictures look tasteful, not trashy or anything. I seen it as a tribute considering her mother modeled for Guess

rena on

I think her Dad is doing a wonderful job of raising her. The pictures for the shoot are age appropriate and not at all done in a bad manner. She looks wonderful in them and very happy, she is just being a little girl and getting her picture taken.

michelle on

…because he needs the money.
….because he was a star **ker when ANS was alive.
Good Lord. I thought that kid had a chance when her mother died and he got custody of her.
He’s putting her on the same path as her mother…holding her mother up as an ‘angel’ when everyone knows she was anything BUT.
When that kid finds out what kind of person her mother was… it’ll be Anna Nicole part 2….

BW on

There was nothing controversial in those photos, she wasn’t overly made-up or dressed provocatively. You see kids walking down the street in less clothing than she had on. He seems like a great father, she’s very lucky to have him as a father after losing her mom so tragically.

Anonymous on

The contraption on her head that one of the posters mentioned is a hat and she was at the Kentucky Derby…

Lynne on

I’m happy to see she is happy, and that Larry is taking good care of her, I however don’t think I would even put my child in front of the camera after all that went on with her Mom. The life Anna lead was very sad, when it got to the point it did, for that reason i would not put her in the public eye anymore then she has to be. Public attention on this young lady is the last thing she should have. If they let her model, I’m afraid the press will hound her to no end. God Bless her to be happy. I hope Larry won’t put her in a position of being the subject of the media. She is extremely cute and would be a great model, but lets remember the past and not repeat it.

ST on

She has been in the spotlight, he has been giving Extra interviews and updates on her for the last few years, and she appeared on camera. He was paid for the interviews. I’m sure he’s a getting manager’s fee. He doesn’t seem to work, he lives off of her inheritance. He seems like a real opportunist, I thought that years ago, when he first surfaced. We will be seeing her again, as long as he can off of her. Disgusting.

Manon on

To The VICIOUS person who commented on her “crossed eyes”- Do you really think Guess would have had her model for their company if her eyes are bad? Go take a deep breathe & MIND YOUR OWN NASTY BUSINESS!

Rose on

Cindy Crawford is letting her 10-year-old model and that hasn’t ever sparked criticism. Larry Birkhead has always seemed to have the right motivations for his daughter and shouldn’t have to have explain himself.

tina on

Larry doesnt need to explain why he is letting her model. Its his daughter and he sounds like he is a great father.

lynn on

He has been a hands on father and if he wants her to model childrens clothes it’s no ones business. He knows how drugs killed Anna, don’t think he’s going to let Dani go down that road.

Duane Sherry, M.S. on

For everyone who has a negative comment about this story; live your own lives for goodness sake; there is NO WAY you can know the details of the situation (or ANY other situation that gets published about celebrities . . . who by the way are people MOST of us don’t even know!!!).

Lisa on

can you imagine that someone ever tried to question that he was this child’s father? she looks exactly like him!

shanp on

seriously, shut up!! he’s been a great dad and now she gets to share this with her mom… get over it.

jane tyler on

It is not like he is putting her on the pageant circuit or is acting like a Dina Lohan stage parent. He seems like a loving father and I don’t think a bit of modeling for a major company is going to hurt her a bit. People need to mind their own business. If they are truly concerned about the children of the world, they should consider becoming a foster parent, donate money to a children’s charity, etc…

Anonymous on

He seems like a great dad, very compassionate

Lana Russo on

She is beautiful , and Larry you are doing a beautiful job ! Her Mother is missed !

Anonymous on

Agree with most of the posters – he seems to be a good dad, other kids model, the pics are adorable, she is a beautiful little girl and my thought is that this kind of controlled p.r may also help prevent paparazzi stalking the kid. Can you imagine what it is like to be Suri Cruise or one of the Pitt kids? Yes, their parents chose to live in the public eye but somehow that became an acceptable excuse as to why grown (creepy) men are allowed to photograph children and exloit their image for profit which would be completely unacceptable to a non-celebrity parent. At least with a modeling gig, Dannielyn is getting paid as oppposed to some sleazy tabloid Making a profit off of her image.

whoknew on

He doesn’t need to give an explanation to anyone. Everyone should mind they’re own business!!! He has kept this girl out of the limelight for six years now, and she looks very happy and well-adjusted. If he wanted to do something that is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her, than so be it. But if she wanted to continue modeling, she could do it. She’s BEAUTIFUL!!!! He has stayed true to his word on how she would be raised, and he is doing a kick a$$ job compared to the life she would have had with Howard Stern! She’s been raised well. Everyone needs to back off Larry. He’s a great father!

De on

I think the ads were beautifully done for a 6 year old little girl. I think it is HIS business what he lets his daughter do. And from everything I see he has been a great Dad to her. She has the right to live and if good opportunities are there for her, then they should embrace them. I can only believe the negative comments are from very hurtful, vindictive and mean people.

itznia on

What a nice guy!!!

Lisa on

can you believe that someone once questionned his paternity? She looks exactly like him!

Anonymous on

This is another attempt to milk the cow. She didn’t get the money from the old man, so Birkhead has pimped her out. Disgusting.

erika on

larry birkhead is a great father. i am so glad that he’s the dad and that he’s raising her so well. everytime i hear about how he is with his daughter, i am impressed.

Anonymous on

Yeah, right

Jerry on

This is a most blatant case of child exploitation The well was starting to run dry, so he came up with this. He clings to her as any desperate gay guy might to prove he’s straight. But everyone thinks it’s “so SWEET.”


I think what he said makes sense, I’m sure she will feel connected to her Mom by doing this. The picture is adorable

Jerry on

Especially when they are TOO accurate.

shanice on

Larry, if you read this please know that some of us were so happy to see Dannielynn’s campaign. I believe you are a great father and have done your best under the circumstances and as a single father. Anna Nicole’s Guess photos were some of the most gorgeous photos to date and THAT is the Anna Nicole I choose to remember. Dannielynn is a beautiful, beautiful child and very photogenic. I think you should continue to allow her to have fun, model, engage in dress up activities because after all, she is a little girl and it’s what most little girls like to do. I wish you and Dannielynn nothing but the best but always remember, you owe the general public NOTHING regarding your daughter. She’s yours and yours only, what you do is your business! xoxo

Lily on

“This is her way of looking up to her mother?” Please – the kid is 6 years old. I don’t care that he has her modeling, but don’t make up some stupid excuse. He doesn’t have to answer to anybody.

Lb on

He’s a great dad….I admire him for that.

Kat on

It seems this guy has a good head on his shoulders and is really trying to do right by his daughter and Anna Nicole. Glad he is keeping his pretty little girl out of the spotlight and Hollywood.
She really is a good combination of both parents. Very cute.

Anonymous on

I think he’s a great Dad!

gomez hectar on

good for you. we should never live our lives based on what others think………..god bless you for being a single parent and having your childs best interest at heart.

Paula Flowers on

What little girl does not dream of being a model or movie star. As long as he’s not exploiting her and he doesn’t seem to be. Anna N had a terrible life and this guy is stable doesn’t do drugs. Maybe she will get a good education and have a great life.

Maria on


I’m afraid you’re right. Dannilynn HAS been featured in many magazines over the years, and I’ve seen her featured on entertainment programs as well. She’s a beautiful girl but her dad is definitely profiting from her existence and her connection to her tragic Mom, Anna Nicole. Any exposure she has to the media she has because Daddy Larry has exposed her. Anybody who believes that Larry isn’t profiting or benefitting from Dannilynn being a Guess model or featured on tv/magazines is fooling themselves. What happened to the media savvy readers of People who can spot an agenda a mile away? Are they not reading here today?

SoNotHollywood on

I think he has done an amazing job as a father to try to bring her up in some sort of normalcy. Better than alot of Hollywood “dad’s” as of recent…

Wes on

I can only recall a few stories about this beautiful little girl since her mother passed. I think her father is doing a wonderful job protecting her. It seems that he speaks nothing but kind words about her mother.

We all know we have seen other kids modeling wearing much less and much more disturbing. He shouldn’t have to defend a decision for all we know was hers.

Andrea on

I agree.There’s no need for him to explain himself as there’s nothing wrong with the pictures.Dannielynn is adorable and he’s a great dad.End of story.

Anne on

She’s a very pretty little girl, and I am sure she misses her mommy. But, there are MANY OTHER WAYS to help her “connect” with her mother and her memory than to expose her to modeling at such a young age. I think it’s a bad idea to encourage her to be in the public eye in any way. Her mother spent years addicted to drugs and alcohol. Her brother died of an overdose. Not the best gene pool, and why tempt fate? I say protect her and keep her safe with a normal life outside of stardom until she is an adult and decides for herself, and hopefully has developed character and qualities that will keep her from choosing drugs and alcohol!

Ally on

I think the pictures are very cute and there is nothing wrong with her doing this at all. He seems to be a great dad, and if she wants to model in the future as per her own decision, then that’s up to her.

meghan on

Rose, there were plenty of fit throwers when Kaia did that Versace ad. You’d think Cindy had her posing for Playboy.

Larry’s reasoning sounds so disingenuous. Does he really think it’s realistic that a six year old would think of paying tribute by modeling for the same company she did? Is he kidding? And all you silly women lapping it up and acting like he is some saint!

Anonymous on

Thank goodness this child is not being raised by the scumbag lawyer boyfriend that pumped her mother with drugs. There were many times that Anna Nicole was a pure delight. May her daughter have the same zest for life! God bless Dannielynn and her loving father.

Anonymous on

Adorable! and he seems like a great dad,she is rarely seen…looks like she’s happy like he said being a kid.

Emmaleigh Sims on

Poor Larry. He seems to be a great father and should not have to explain himself to anyone. In reality, how many parents would jump at the opportunity to have their child model? Most parents would feel a lot of pride to have that opportunity for their kids, especially if they knew it was something that their children wanted to do. So even if this is not a one time thing, it is no one’s business how Larry raises his child, at least when it comes to such harmless matters as taking a photo for a kid’s clothing campaign.

Kellie on

When I saw those pictures, I was shocked at how old she was. I know, it’s been a while since Anna Nicole Smith had been gone, but she’s been out of the spotlight since the death. He’s been doing a fantastic job. As for the money, I think they have loads of that. And those Guess pictures were the cutest!

DjaksMom on

Sounds like most of us agree here…no way in the world he needs to explain himself! She’s so cute, seems to be a natural at modeling, and it’s very cool that she could model for a company that her mom worked for. It’s clear he’s a great, doting, attentive father and she appears very happy, normal, and loved. Larry Birkhead getting custody of this child is the best thing that ever could have happened for her.

guest on

This is the top story???LOL Slow news day I guess.

noor on

Let em get this straight: a 6-year old is thrown in the modeling world cos the mother made a name in it. Well, the mother also was sexually abused and had body and addiction problems. Would the dad be okay if the Danielyn REALLy ‘followed’ her mother? The fact of the matter is, a 6-year old doesn’t know what is good for her. And dad is raising a cash cow not a daughter.

lilly on

So what’s next, Larry? Playboy? Because Mommy was a Playboy model too?

Kerry on

Larry, Don’t explain yourself. Dannielynn is loved and cared for! She looks so happy and healthy! SHe is blessed with beautiful features and why not send her out to so some modeling! Great job at being a dad! Keep up the loving ways!Anna Nicole would be so proud!!

Kasee on

Michelle, read more carefully – he said she thinks her mother IS an angel, bc she is no longer alive but looks over her daughter. He did not say that he tells her Anna lived her life as an angel. And why on Earth would it be appropriate to tell a 6 year old anything else? Heaven forbid the child should think well of her mother or believe she was loved by her (sarcasm!)

Carol R. on

It’s a shame he feels a need to defend himself. She’s a beautiful child, and he’s done a good job keeping her out of the spotlight.

Cyndi on

Really? A 6 yr old is able to conceptualize a “tribute” to her mother??? She just said “Hey Dad, I want to go model for Guess like my mommy did”?? I suppose the physical similarities between her and her mother are no connection? I suppose having photographs and videos of her mother would offer no connection?Gee, Larry, even Barbara Walters expressed concern on “The View” today, that this was all about money and publicity. Hopefully, you WILL let her be a child. If not, her blood will be on your hands someday…

Meg on

she’s wearing kid apprpriate clothing-not posing in provocative poses-nothing is wrong with this.
if anna nicole hadn’t died, he would have never been able to see this girl. anna nicole’s lawyer claimed to be the father-sad situation. he would have fought for years to see his daughter

fanofboardwalkempire on

doing one modeling job won’t hurt and I hope it won’t become a regular thing as she is very pretty and I can see how folks would want to exploit her looks and her mothers reputation for being bad. Hope she is protected from all the glare and has a normal childhood!

mg on

I like him. He will do what is best for her. Pics are lovely.

Anonymous on

This is about making money & nothing else. Guess probably offered him a good amount & he couldn’t pass it up. Watch & see if she does it again. He says he won’t do it again but I don’t believe it.This is profitable for him because people have been obsessed with Anna Nicole and he can make money off of it. Give me a break.

katrina on

I saw the pictures they were cute and age appropriate

whatever on

So it’s OK for other “celeb” babies and kids to model, sing or act but not her?

Misty on

He seems like a very good father. I don’t think she was exploited for the pictures.

Anonymous on

Get a grip people…..this man has stepped up to the plate , fought to raise his daughter and he still has a heart for his true love, give him a break , she is a lucky lady to have a father that loves her very much to do that , this young lady has been through more than the average person has to deal with in a life time ….god bless them and give them some support and love , maybe we should all do that in life with people …this world would be a better place ….and for god sakes stop assuming that she is going to follow in her mothers past …..she is a person , human being ….

kim on

Give the guy a break. He fought for his daughter, has kept her away from the public eye and seems to be doing an awesome job raising her. The photos are adorable, now lets leave their family alone.

Anonymous on

Mr. Birkhead is a photographer and a good one ! It makes complete sense for his little girl to start modeling. What a great opportunity to be a Guess Kid and follow in her Moms foot steps. Now if he was trying to make her a pagent kid or a Honey Boo Boo that would be wrong….Good Job Larry!

Guest on

I don’t know, I just don’t see myself allowing my child to enter into an industry that absolutely destroyed her mother.

KSC on

If you mean the yellow hat… it’s an old picture and they were at the Kentucky Derby and all the ladies/girls wear hats there… so there is NOTHING wrong with it…

Me on November 27th, 2012

“All the kids” don’t wear contraptions like that on their heads!

denise on

I think she is a beautiful girl. He looks like he is a great dad. They seem to enjoy each other. Sad her mom and brother aren’t around to see how beauitful she is growing up.

adreona mimi on

He shouldn’t have to explain himself. An opportunity came up and who wouldn’t let their child do it. My granddaughter lives with me and is also 6 years old. I’ve been trying to get her into modeling. She loves taking pictures and has her own nikon camera. Nothing is wrong with her modeling and the pics were gorgeous! Get over it people!! He seems like a very loving and protective father and he seems to keep her protected.

Holly on

It is such a shame that Anna Nicole had such a tragic life. She got mixed up with bad people. Her little girl is so pretty.

Boston Fan on

He’s a great dad. Nothing wrong with these photos. Thousands of “regular” kids pose for clothes websites, magazines, etc.

KiKi on

This father shouldn’t have to explain his actions! His daughter, his choices. It’s not like he’s having her do something criminal. Sheesh, lighten up.

Bella T on

I’ll say it again, I am SO HAPPY that Larry is that little girl’s father. He handles her time in the spotlight just right, he really isn’t pushing her but he knows how the public is curious about her. I actually think she is going to be more beautiful than her mother. Good job Larry!

Jennifer on

THANK YOU! He should not have to explain themselves – tons of models make it out of the industry alive people shouldn’t be judging this experience b/c of Anna Nicole’s history. This little girl is simply doing this to connect w/ her late mother. When really…she seems like a natural and I think she should take it up as a career. Personally.

Danielle on

Larry needs the money to raise her….he is a free lance journalist and work is not easy to find….it’s nothing wrong on doing modeling,,,,,not all models end up like Ana Nicole, some are rich like Cyndi Crawford and Kathy Ireland.

Willa on

If he wanted to whore her out for attention, he had plenty of opportunities before now to do it. I think it really was just a way for her to connect with her mother. She’s getting older and probably realizing what she is missing out on. Good for him for allowing her to seek out that connection, while maintaining her childhood innocence.

edwardsheroin86 on

It is sad that he felt the need to defend the photos. As long as it doesn’t cause harm to the child, the reasoning isn’t really our business is it? She isn’t a kid that is in the spotlight constantly and I applaud Larry for that. Yes, she is photographed when they go to events. It happens, they can’t stop it. And I’m sure he’s sold photos to magazines before but I really haven’t heard anything about them until now in a long time. They are just beautiful photos of a beautiful little girl, they aren’t provocative or anything so it’s not a big deal. The only thing that upsets me are the ones that say she’s going to end up like Anna because of this. Anna had a very horrible childhood and maybe you should educate yourself before you say anything. That is all I have to say about it!

B on

This is completely off topic but I wish Larry would get a new hairstyle!

Joy on

He seems like a great father, the picture were tasteful and she looked adorable! No controversy.

shea on

You people that made a big deal out of this and said horrible things about Larry should feel ashamed.

All the kids in the ads for everything from Target to Gap, have normal lives. My daughter modeled and did pageants when she was a little girl, from the age of about 4 until she was 12….she wanted to try it…there was a competition at a local mall and that was the first thing she did, when she was 12, she decided she was done and that was that. She is now 17, a high honors student at school and not at all scared or traumatized by her experiences. She is fact learned a great deal from it, how to carry herself, how to dress and accessorize, and she also gained confidence and self-esteem. Dannielynn isn’t being raised a “Hollywood” kid, her modeling experience will no more scar her than my child’s did or it does to any average kids that are in various ads. Leave Larry alone.

Nonja on

I agree that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s trying to help her feel a connection to the mother she’ll never know.

Many of us have a natural curiousity to see how this little girl is growing up, and a one-time modelling gig allows us to do that, without sacrificing her privacy. It’s not like he’s signed them up for a reality show.

MAndy on

I think it the pictures were great and i love the fact that he is remebering her mother. Leave him alone she is growing up to be a very beautiful young girl with a normal life.

Deb on

I think Larry is doing a great job raising Dannylynn. She seems happy and well cared for. However, I’m sure Guess offered him a sum of money to do the campaign that was irresistible to turn down. He may just be looking out for her financial future. Hopefully he put the money in a trust for her and he is not benefitting from the publicity of it all. Although, I don’t understand how he makes a living anymore. He used to be a photographer himself??

Corrie on

To the person complaining about her hat, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that photo was taken at the Kentucky Derby, which would explain it. I think it’s cute, and I also think he is doing an awesome job as a father.

Doreen on

Yeah, Anna Nicole ALSO did PORN!! Is he going to let her get into THAT as she gets older to be closer in a sense to her Mom?!

amy on

I see nothing wrong with letting her pose for a few ..very age appropriate… photos.She’s a lovely little girl and the pictures are great.

Charli on

It is his child and he shouldn’t have to explain. His explanation was sweet though. He seems like he is doing a great job and giving her balance.

Zip on

The reason he feels he has to explain himself is because American fans get upset and then start tweeting death threats because they feel THEY are the ones in control of a celebrity’s life. Just ask Justin Beiber what kind of nut jobs his fans are. You can’t even have an opinion of him one way or the other before they track you down and threaten to kill you.

eatmylicorice on

There is no way anyone should be judging this man! He is taking very good care of little DannieLynn! Her pictures were very cute and age-appropriate. She is very photogenic!

Stacey on

The child’s mother is dead and the mother of his child is dead. Let the man let his daughter have a moment shared with her mother. Most of you on this board would pimp your own child out for a few bucks, so quit kidding yourselves!

Shanna on

She’s a cutie and he seems like a loving father. There will always be people who don’t have nice things to say.

deannefox on

Prettttty sure the little girl is too young to be making the decision of how to honor her mom’s memory!!! All Larry had to do was say he’s being careful and leave it at that. Plenty of kids model.

Chrissy on

I am glad he explained it. It was put very well, and hopefully he truly is not planning a celebrity career of any kind for the child after this, because I don’t really think it’s good for anyone, but especially not her with all the history of her mother’s problems.

Whatever on

I have to laugh at people who have a problem with a little girl in the spotlight but choose to read People MOMS AND BABIES Celebrity baby blog!!!!! lol. If you don’t like celebrities flaunting their kids then maybe this isn’t the site for you. If you saw the Guess ad and it wasn’t Dannielynn Birkhead would you even have gave it a second thought. A photo is a photo in whatever sense it is released to the public. What is the difference between Larry and anyone to your right (the baby boom section or the celebrity blogger section). Maybe Larry isn’t a good father, maybe he is, how is anyone to know, just as we don’t know for sure if Nick Lachey, Rob Schnieder, Jake Owen or Chad Lowe are good fathers.

MaddoxsMom on

By the way Rachel, she already did have surgery to “straighten her eye out”….what a horrible thing to say, to make a rude and degrading comment on a childs appearance….but I guess you must the picture of the perfection….

christina on

She is a cutie pie. Go for it. Within reason.

MaddoxsMom on

I watch “Toddlers & Tiaras” (often in shock) and watch parents claim “we does pagents because my daughter loves to do them and the first time she says she over them we’ll stop” and then you see the kids not wanting to practice or being bribed too, talking about the contestants and how they’re going to beat them because they’re better which is horrible sportsmanship and then the day of the pagent the kid is screaming not wanting to get their hair done and those fake lashes put on and all that garbage and the parents are jacking them up on sugar products like they’re going out of style…..I hjeard those kids a dozen times say “I don’t want to do this” or “I want to go home” yet the parent weho claimed they would stop at the childs first request still sends that same child on stage and gives them crap if they’re not perfect its disgusting and then the child freaks if they don’t win ultimate supreme…..I have kids in sports and if they’re team doesn’t win I don’t kids who are bawling their eyes out they just say we have to work harder next time….I see far worse parents on TV parading their children around doing things they do not seem enjoy because their parenhts want to live through them….give these parents the grief not Larry who seems to be doing a great job with Dannielyn

Carmen on

We know why he’s doing it. The same reason he invites reporters to watch his child watch videos of her dead mother, the same reason he shows up to events with his child in order to get his picture taken, the same reason he seems to do anything. Money and publicity.

Barbara on

There are many people in Hollyweird just waiting and watching Dannielynn grow up. She’s a beautiful little girl and Larry is exposing her just enough to show us how she is doing. He’s doing a good job of keeping her out of the spotlight. As far as modeling, I can only imagine how many offer’s he gets and turns down because she is a natural beauty. So doing this one campaign ad and making the connection about her mother is a wonderful idea. She is being raised completely different than her mother was. She has a strong male figure in her life, she has stability that Anna Nicole never had and Dannielynn will never be exploited the way her mother was. Dannielynn will be able to pick and choose what she wants to do with her life. Unlike her mother who wanted out of the life she had and she chose Playboy as her way to escape. Dannielynn will never have to pose for Playboy to get out of a bad life.

Tina on

Big deal! He’s a nice guy but my goodness that kid is a brat! I saw her interview on Access Hollywood or something like that.

annachestnut on

I liked the picture. She is really cute so why not?

Anonymous on

I think Larry Birkhead has done nothing but a wonderful job being a father. He has kept her from the spotlight as much as possible and they are both adorable. I’m so happy for them both! I luv that he is keeping Anna’s memory alive for their daughter. Good job Larry! I’m sure Anna is smiling down at both of you 🙂

Lisa on

Larry and Dannielynn are in the press (willingly!) FAR more than Howard K. Stearn, yet he was ‘the creep’ everyone blamed for over exposing Anna and doing everything to be in the spotlight himself.
Back when Anna died, I remember thinking the same thing, and happy Larry had custody and was going to give her a normal childhood. So much for that. Actions speak louder than words. He has had every birthday party covered by the press, anniversaries of Anna’s death, countless interviews, now her modeling.. the list grows every year!
Man up Larry, get a real job and show your daughter what it’s like to live a respectable honest life. I guarantee Dannielynn will grow up to resent him for living off her and her mothers name!

Niko on

Predictably, some people have pounced on Larry Birkhead over this. Damned if he does—or doesn’t. Even before Dannielynn modeling for GUESS, you’ve got folks calling him an opportunist, a low-life, an exploiter and what not. Baffling the hatred directed at this man they don’t even know personally or socially. A man who seems to be raising a pretty happy and well-adjusted child!.

Niko on

“Poor child needs her eyes straightened. Larry is letting the child model because his bank account is at zero. He’s disgusting”.

Rachel, just shut up, ok? Attacking a child now?? You really should be ashamed of yourself!

Lauren on

The thing is, he’s going to have to keep a REALLY close eye on her, just to make sure she doesn’t have the alcoholic/ addict genes that killed her mother and her brother. With that likelihood in the future, it would probably be a good idea to keep her far away from the Hollywood life and influence.

lovely123 on

Some of you women are crazy. So what if the guy lets his kid model. It’s not like he is going to get a “normal” job. The kid’s mom died, and he is doing what needs to be done. If you feel it isn’t right then send him a check and relax.

lovely123 on

He seems to be doing something right. We rarely see his kid in the rag mags.

jenny on

looking at the two of them together now is funny how everyone speculated if he or howard stearn was her father, because she is the spitting image of him! She might have Anna’s mouth but her eyes are all him. Beautiful little girl and he seems like a great father

a5632110 on

I’ve said that least 5632110 times. SKC was here…

S.C. on

Considering how Dannielynn has not been seen nor heard from since her father Larry got custody of her, I’d say he’s a wonderful, protective and attentive dad. Being a very particularly subjective mom to celebrity parents, I can only imagine her life if she was with Anna’s family or with her attorney flame, Howard K. Stern. Thanks to Larry she’ll have as normal a life any child can have. Keep up the good work Larry! Great job so far. If you can get her to age 18, drug and alcohol free and understanding how God has a greater plan for her being born to you and not the other flames in Anna’s life, then you’re doing better than most parents commenting on this site.