A.J. McLean Welcomes Daughter Ava Jaymes

11/27/2012 at 06:30 PM ET

A.J. McLean Welcomes Daughter Ava Jaymes
Nate Beckett/Splash News Online

This Backstreet Boy finally has his baby girl.

A.J. McLean and his wife Rochelle welcomed daughter Ava Jaymes McLean on Tuesday, Nov. 27 in Los Angeles, the singer confirms.

“Rochelle and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our baby,” McLean, 34, writes on his website. “She arrived at 4:51 a.m. weighing 7 lbs., 7 oz. We are so in love with our bundle of joy and happy to have started our family now.”

After confirming the pregnancy via a video announcement in April, the parents-to-be brought back the cameras to reveal they were expecting a girl.

But while they were happy to share their news, their daughter wasn’t so ready to make her debut. On Saturday — her due date — Rochelle took to Twitter to admit baby girl was taking her sweet time with her arrival.

“Come on AVA!!! It never takes Mommy this long to get ready!” she wrote. “Being punctual is a great quality to have!! Now come out so we can see you!!”

— Anya Leon

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Becky on

Congrats..Love the name..

bb on

The first Backstreet girl! (The others have only had boys!) Congrats AJ and Rochelle! 🙂

Andrea on

Congratulations to them! I can’t wait to see photos!

Madison on

I love the name Ava! But Jaymes, no. Jaymes is too masculine for a sweet little girl. Congrats to them, though! 🙂

Elizabeth Picca on

congrats to you AJ And little family

kristy on

Awe! I’m so happy for them. LOVE THE NAME! That’s my daughter’s name too. Aiden John is my sons name. It’s funny that we say AJ and the both of them turn and look at us like which one? lol CONGRATS!!!!!! ❤

librababe on

Congrats A.J. & Rochelle on Little A.J.!

d.k. on

Always my favorite BSB. Congrats to them all!

whoknew on

His wife’s arm is SOOOO attractive (eye roll). Tattoos make you look like trailer trash.

Andie on

Love it! Two AJs in the family. Best wishes to you all!

Aly on

Yay!!! Congrats, AJ and Rochelle. Ava is such a popular name now! Backstreet Girl, alright!!

Ariel on

I’ve been waiting for this announcement! Finally a little backstreet girl! Congratulations to AJ and Rochelle.

denise on

Congratulations beautiful name. Best Wishes

Lb on

Best wishes, new mom and dad!

Margo on

I don’t know if I would have gone with Jaymes for a girl, but it’s their decision. I like that she has the initials “AJM” like her dady.

Congrats to the McLeans!

Latrice on

Congrats to AJ and Rochelle I like the Ava it’s a beautiful name once again congrats she is the first Backstreet girl

Jessi on

Congrats to them!! =)

as for the people commenting on her tattoos, for ignorant people it is considered trashy, for people who truly appreciate it know that its art!

at least she has parents who express themselves despite what anyone thinks which is something great to pass down.

nicky on

Today is my birthday as well. It’s super cool to share it with little Ava. Congrats and many blessings, Rochelle and AJ!!! xoxo

Charli on

Good for them! Congrats!

Bree on

Congrats!! Love the name Ava Jaymes 🙂 While I generally prefer girls to have feminine names I love the way Ava Jaymes McLean sounds and that she has the same initials as her Daddy.

My daughter was 13 days overdue so I get how long every day you go after your due date is, I did everything I could to naturally induce and nothing worked, even with the medical induction it still took 48 hours for Elianna to make her arrival.

As for the tattoo comments, everyone is welcome to have their own opinion but I do find that most people who don’t like tattoos aren’t open to listening to why people get them or looking at their artistic value. I have 10 tattoos myself and love them, they all tell a story about my life just as I am sure Rochelle’s sleeve does about her.

And my mom loves my tattoos, she has several of her own and only started gettting them after I got my first because she loved the artwork and the fact that I was proud of who I am and not afraid to show it. And if you look closely at Rochelle’s arm you would see that if, for whatever reason, she had to cover the ink up, she could simply by wearing a long sleeved shirt. The same way My mom, my sisters, my husband and I can all cover up ours.

ANYWAY!! I will get off my soapbox now!!

Congrats to the new family, I am sure Ava is a doll, can’t wait to see pictures.

beckster on

maybe AJ could have painted his nails pink for the baby girl instead of blue.

jadeleg on

That was before they knew if it was a boy or girl. He actually had one hand pink and one blue as a tease. I believe Rochelle did as well.

lseitz on

I love the name Ava Jaymes, I’m glad somebody in Hollywood gave their child a normal name!

rachel on


Jessica on

The name is pretty. I am a little tired of Ava though. I think I have 8 friends that named their girls that. My dad, James, passed away 8 years ago and a few of my family members have already named given their boys middle names in his honor but I never thought of spelling it with a y for a girl. I am going to have to put in on the name list.

Tara on

Some of you are ugly b!tches!! Sorry your lives are so worthless and pathetic that you troll the internet for the sole purpose of making nasty hateful comments about others. Grow up and act like a classy lady please!

. . on

Like you are by cussing in your post Tara? Sounds like your the one who needs to grow up.

Julianna on

YAY! I was anxiously waiting for this announcement – so happy for Alex and Rochelle! I’m sure Ava is a beautiful baby, can’t wait to see pictures of her!

It’s definitely going to be an interesting change of pace for the guys, having a little girl around instead of the boys they’ve all had so far – the boys should release a pic of Mason, James and Baylee with baby Ava.

Rachel on

Um… Jen, her name is Ava… not AJ. She can have the same initials as her father and have her middle name after her father and not be called AJ. I’ve followed both AJ and Rochelle on twitter recently to if she had arrived and never once seen either of them refered to her as AJ… only Ave — occasionally her full name when retweeting something from a fan or friend and when they announced her name. And as for it being a boy’s name… haven’t met a male Ava yet.

Angela on

I don’t understand the need for such criticism. Today is a great day to be born; my daughter is 13 today. Congrats!

Penelope on

Boring name. Congrats.

Meghan on

To “whoknew” and whoever else decided to make comments on the parent’s tattoos: the difference between someone with tattoos and someone without tattoos is the person with doesn’t give a crap that you don’t have any. Tattoos are not reflective of a person’s ability to be a good person, member of society, or parent. Tattoos are a form of self expression, among many other things. Having a lot of tattoos doesn’t make someone “trailer trash”. Living in a beat down trailer park and being a complete deadbeat makes someone trailer trash. Get a clue.

Anonymous on

Jen- How in the world is Ava a boy’s name?! And as far as her middle name is concerned, I don’t see what the big deal is. I mean, most people don’t even use their middle names in day-to-day lif!e (heck, some cultures consider them so unimportant that they don’t bother giving them to babies at all!).

whoknew, et al- Thankfully not everyone is as closed-mind as you. I personally don’t care for tattoos and would never get one myself, but I don’t think they make a person look trashy. I am also intelligent enough to realize that a person’s skin, or in this case what’s on it (or in it, depending on how you look at it) doesn’t define who they are.

Anyway, congrats to A.J. and Rochelle!

Roxy on

Congrats AJ & RO! May God bless your family. SN; this is to give good wishes to him, so keep the negative crap to yourself, her body, NOT yours so what if she has tattoo’s, I bet your no super model

myladyeve on

Congrats to the family!

pinklily on

I think her ink is beautiful. Some people do look trashy with tattoos but Rochelle doesn’t fit under that category.

Congratulations on the new baby!

ZsMom on

Congrats to the McLeans. Love the name!!

Tori on

It’s great seeing A.J. has cleaned up his act and is finally having a healthy and happy life. Congrats to the new mom and dad!

Hea on

Wow, there so many sexist fools around this forum…

Congrats to the parents and welcome to the world Ava Jaymes!

Stacey on

Well, aren’t they a cute and lovely couple!

Me on

Yayyyyyyyyyyy! Finally! AJ’s had a lot of struggles, but he and Rochelle are going to make GREAT parents.

sara on

I also think that that many tattoos on women are very unattractive.

As for the name, I’m not a fan, sorry. Ava is boring and overused, it’s one of the most popular names for little girls in America, so unoriginal. And her middle name just plain stinks. James is a MALE name and spelling it with a y doesn’t make it more feminine, it just makes it look trashy and downmarket. Congrats tho

Tanya R. on

Why is so many middle names James/Jaymes for girls now? Scarlett James, Poppy James, Ava Jaymes… Scarlett & Poppy are good with the middle name James but Ava… well, their daughter – their choice!

TJ on

Congrats but his blue fingernail polish grosses me out!

Rebecca on

Congrats to Aj and Rochelle on the birth of Ava. Who cares if they have tattoos or not doesn’t mean they are trash, hell they are probably living in better homes then the ones talking garbage. As for the name Ava is alot better than Poppy, Apple, Blue, Ashley for a boy.. whatever else ppl are naming their kids. Jaymes is a fine middle name.

Julesy on

A little A.J. for A.J. Wonderful and congrats!

Amy on

Im so very happy for A.J and his wife…i love the name except for jaymes they could of done Jaymee or something but i wish them nothing but the best of luck and congrats to them on the first backstreet girl

Anonymous on

Rebecca- Living in an expensive home doesn’t neccesarily mean you’re not trash, either. That being said, I completely understand and agree with your point!

Linda on

She could possibly have more tattoos than he does.

Love the name Ava!