Dannielynn Birkhead Models for GUESS Kids

11/26/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

Dannielynn Birkhead Models for GUESS Campaign
Courtesy GUESS

Look who’s taking after mom!

Dannielynn Birkhead is following in Anna Nicole Smith‘s footsteps and making an adorable appearance in the GUESS Kids spring 2013 campaign.

And judging from the pictures (seriously, check out that sweet stance!), the 6-year-old is already a pro.

Dannielynn’s modeling debut also has special meaning for her and the company. Not only was her late mother named the face of the brand in 1992, but it marks the first time GUESS has tapped the child of a former model.

“Dannielynn has the same playful spirit that her mother had on set,” says creative director Paul Marciano. “She is a second-generation GUESS girl.”

The cutie also joins the ranks of fellow camera-ready celeb kids including Alessandra Ambrósio‘s little girl Anja, Cindy Crawford‘s daughter Kaia, and Jennifer Lopez‘s twins Max and Emme.

— Anya Leon

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kjc on

She is adorable, but I’m disappointed to see her modelling. I have nothing wrong with child models/actors, as long as their parents keep them grounded and the children are having fun. I don’t know if her father is doing it for the fame (I sure hope not, he seems like a good enough guy) but knowing the path her mother went down should make him want to steer clear…. Wouldn’t it? Maybe it’s just a one time thing, I don’t know. But she sure is a cute little girl.

Lexi on

I completely agree kjc!

Momofsdg on

Totally thought the same thing kjc.

Vee Vee on

I couldn’t agree more…and what a tacky headline ‘look who’s taking after mom.’ That is not something she should aspire to.

She is a beautiful girl, but too bad her dad couldn’t have kept her out of the spotlight so that she could go on and try to live as normal a life as possible.

Anna on

honestly I think Larry has done a great job keeping her out of the spot light so I don’t know what y’all are smoking. You very rarely see tabloid pics of them together. Maybe here or there but rarely even an interview. Just because his daughter wants to have a little fun and model doesn’t make her dad a fame whore and just because her mom died of drugs doesn’t mean he should keep his girl locked in a closet and hinder her from experiencing things in fear she might end up like her mom. Yall should be ashamed for being such judgmental bitches.

Kim on

Amen anna! I couldnt have said it better myself!

prettybird on

I agree. Its okay if he only lets her do this one in her mommys honor one day thay will hang side by side on a wall for her children to adore..

windi on

I remember when Larry Birkhead obtained custody and said “My child is not for sale”…What happened with his promise? This whole story reminds me of Kris Kardashian Jenner, Octomom, Kate Gosselin. I remember when Anna’s son overdosed and died. He was a typical Hollywood kid who lived in a shadow of a famous parent. He had depression and experimented with drugs.

Mareena on

Wow, she’s really PRETTY!!

poppykai on

I am actually pleasantly surprised by this ad. Dannielynn looks cute and playful- not overly mature looking. It is much more tasteful than the usual Guess ads. I am just so glad they didn’t “sexualize” a 6 year old like I have seen in other ads. Young children should actually look like young children- not mini adults. On another note, Dannielynn looks soo much like Elizabeth Rohm’s daughter in this pic!

tinyfairypeople on

Are you kidding me? Who puts a girl in a skirt that short?? That is completely inappropriate for a child to be wearing.

Agree on

Totally agree! That skirt is a little on the short side. At least put some cute leggings under it or something!

Wendie on

My daughter has that skirt, and it is a skort. There are shorts under it. Most kids sized skirts have shorts under then now.

onyata on

Most little girls skirts are actually skorts…besides, the way she is standing her skirt has risen up a little. She looks adorable!

kaitlyn on

Beautiful girl, just like her mama!

Stacey on

She is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Annie W. on

I think she looks precious. Just wish People had not chosen to use the phrase “following in her mom’s footsteps”. Considering how she turned out, it gave me the creeps. Lovely child, hope her dad protects and does right by her.

kh in sj on

No kidding! She’s a beautiful little girl, but “following her mother’s footsteps” isn’t exactly what I would wish for her. Her mother’s train-wreck of a life is nothing to emulate.

Sarah S. on

@AJW…you took the words right out of my mouth! 100% agreed.

LAT1 on

She is A PRETTY LITTLE GIRL!!! May GOD Bless and continue to Protect her (and her father:-) !!!

kaitiemac374 on

poppykai – you don’t think that outfit is a tad mature or revealing for a six year old? I am disappointed for several reasons…

gia on

Dannielyn is not Anna Nicole. People are judging her and what wrong path she MAY go down based on the sins of her mother, a woman who is long gone and who had no hand in raising her whatsoever. Larry is a professional photographer and he knows the business well so I don’t doubt he will be there to guide his daughter appropriately. There really is no difference between Dannielyn modeling than any of other child models we see in ads.

Connie on

You couldn’t have said that better gia!!!

Emry on

she looks just like her mom, hopefully she turns out to be better though.

BlueSkidoo on

She is absolutely beautiful. She looks just like her father.

Kayla on

She is adorable:)

. . on

She is such a beautiful little girl. She is going to be a knockout when she is older. I only hope she doesn’t go down the same path her mom did. I hope Larry keeps her grounded. She looks like her mom. Gorgeous little girl.

denverpeet on

Ridiculous!!!! Let her grow up like a normal kid instead of her crazy mother!

Guest on

She is gorgeous BUT I cannot believe her father has allowed her to enter into modeling. With a mother who destroyed her own life from chasing money and fame I would leave that alone if it were my daughter and hope she’d be an architect or something. Just me though…

Martha on

Beautiful girl!!

Melissa on

She is beautiful! I’m sure she will be happy she did this when she is older since her mother modeled for them too!

Emily on

Well, we liked Larry Birkhead. Til now.

Aud on

I think the outfit is cute…however, witnessing photoshop and airbrushings, it looks like they elongated her legs. I doubt the jean skirt was that short during actual shoots…jmo

Josie on

She is an extraordinarily attractive human being. Call her Larry’s daughter, not Anna’s. Anna was gone very shortly after this kid was born. I wish Larry had changed her first name, it’s a real clunker!!!! She’s named for two dead people, yikes. I think he’ll put all her earnings in trust for her, and she’ll grow up embracing diverse lifestyles. I love that her hair is brown, not like (another unfortunately named and beautiful child) JonBenet Ramsey’s bleached locks.

Wendie on

Josie, just because her mother is no longer living you think she doesn’t deserve to be called her mother? Anna Nicole gave her life. She loved her baby girl and was excited for her to join their lives. She was so in love with her baby girl when she was born. Anna Nicole may have had her issues, but one thing you have to give her credit for is how much she loved her children and loved being a mom. No matter what, Anna Nicole will always be her mother, nothing will ever change that, not even death.

Kata on

She is a beautiful happy normal girl. As long as they stay in the midwest and this is only an occasional thing to help with future plans (school etc.) it’s a great idea. This is like playing for a kid.

Connie on

I think Larry Birkhead has done a very good job with keeping her out of the spotlight and if you read the article she wasn’t the only child of a famous mom that posed for the shoot..I think these pictures of her are very cute and age appropriate!

JP on

Good grief lets hope she DOES NOT take after her mother. I don’t like speaking against someone who can’t defend themselves but the woman was a total train wreck.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Dannilyn is just beautiful! too young to be modeling for sure!

Ann on

I don’t see anything wrong with her modeling, I doubt her dad is going to let her take the same path as her mom. I actually forgot about her so her dad seems to have done a good job keeping her out of the public eye. What a pretty little girl.

Nadia on

soooo cute, wow ❤

deannefox on

She looks incredibly cute and photogenic. I hope her dad is REALLY careful with doing this with her, looking at the destructive path her mother took.

Wendy on

Wow! Look at the face on her! Wow!

S on

He’s probley doing it for the money. That’s what anyone does it for. He knows with her mom dead that Lil girl is gonna b making a ton of money.

anne on

It’s nice to see a picture of Dannilynn. Sorry to see it in a modeling situation. Her skirt is too short–and I see the publicists are having her (as many kid models) with no smile. The two pictured below her look sullen and unhappy. What a ridiculous way to portray children.

Danielle on

I hope she doesn’t have the mother’s same ending……

Diana on

I am disappointed. I guess Daddy needs more money then he thought.

LMS on

Josie – really? You say Don’t refer to her as Anna’s child? Anna Nicole IS her mother, just because she died shortly after the child’s birth for whatever reason does NOT make her less of her parent. Just because Anna Nicole made bad choices, does not mean the child should be penalized and NOT know who her mother was. Good grief and then comparing her to a dead child whose parents exploited her? Really? I think you need to think before you post again. Your post disturbed me more than the article!

Sonia on

I don’t think that their is anything wrong with her modelling as long as she is having fun and if her father stops if she’s not. I hope that is the case. If she enjoys it and it isn’t going overboard or something risque like we saw with the Marc Jacobs and Dakota Fanning ads then I think child modelling as long as it is age appropriate can be a great confidence booster if it is tasteful and the child enjoys it. Also I hope the money she earns is going to her college fund, if so that is a win win situation. I think she is absolutely adorable. I don’t however believe in comparing her to her mother and using words like gorgeous and so on because she is a little girl and her body and face will change and that may create unrealistic expectations.

Shanice on

Anna Nicole was gorgeous as a Guess model. I remember stopping dead in my tracks the first time I ever saw her on a magazine cover. Dannielynn’s photos made me smile and she is a gorgeous, photogenic child. This child deserves only the best in life and from the interviews, photos of her home, etc. Larry has done his best to give her a normal childhood with stability and love. Had Anna lived and raised her, things would have turned out for the worst. For those saying “Hope she doesn’t go down her mother’s footsteps”, how incredibly ignorant. This beautiful child is already blessed beyond words and she has a grounded family to make sure she turns out just right.

Seeing Red on

Oh Gawd! Please dont take after your mom. Strive for better, smarter and classier.

Leslee on

The camera loves this child.

I’m sure that Guess paid a nice sum for Dannielynn’s time, likely to help get her top notch education and a safe home.

Comparison to her mother is a bit unfair, given she had nobody looking out for her the way this little girl does. Anna Nicole came all wrapped with a bow just waiting for someone to exploit her over and over, which many did.

Danielle on

Please keep Hugh Heffner away from her.he is already thinking about it.

Kim on

Lost some of the respect I had for Larry after seeing this. He talked about her having a ‘normal’ life, yet here she is being tossed into the world of modeling. She is a lovely little girl, but still……

Kelly on

Larry Birkhead has been very protective of Dannielynn for her entire life…keeping her out of the public eye except rare times they have been “caught” or agreed to do some pics(like her birthday). He seems like a very level headed and doting parent. She is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe she wants to model. In the long run its up to Larry to protect and guide her…not anyone else.

Tiffany on

I think she is a pretty girl. The ad looks good 🙂

Anonymous on

She is beautiful.

Ms. Ari on

Yet another child being used by a parent for gain. The writing is on the wall. Anna Nicole #2. We know how that turned out.
It is so very sad.

Tasha on

She is not Anna she is herself. Her mother was not the best by far but she never had a hand in raising her daughter. People need to not judge a little girl by her mom. Her dad has done a great job so far and because she does one thing everybody wants to say what they have. It’s really nobodys business what they do. If they don’t like it then don’t look. I’m sure the money she makes for the pictures will be put away for her for when she is older. Everyboy with bad post need to stop. This little girl lost her brother, and mother. Isn’t that bad enough?

Julianna on

she looks adorable!

blacnite on

She is a pretty little girl! Great mix of both parents. I hope that her father keeps protecting her and she grows up well!

blacnite on

Cute little kid! Great mix of both parents. Hoping that her father keeps protecting her and that she grows up well!

Charli on

Beautiful young girl. Her dad seems very protective of her so I think she will be ok. Her mom was drinking and doing drugs and playing by her own rules but her dad seems very stable. Plenty of kids model or act and grow up normal. Not being around Anna or Howard K. Stern will improve her chances.

Jesse on

Freaking Adorable!!!!!! goodluck to her

kim on

stunningly beautiful. im sure anna nicole is smiling down on her little angel here on earth

KP82 on

This little girl is stunning, but I just hope she doesn’t follow her mother’s footsteps :/

Amy on

She’s a beautiful little girl. Just because her father allowed her to do one print ad for the same company that discovered her mother doesn’t mean she’s going into modelling per se. Let’s wait and see.

Really?! on

A beautiful child but sorry to see her on this path. Leave her be until she’s older and can make her own decisions.

guest on

She is absolutely adorable, but then again, so was her Mom before fame and fortune took her life. Why wouldn’t this family be doing everything possible to protect this poor little girl from what stole her Mommy from her. I think this is beyond tacky and sad.

Cyndi on

WOW- what a huge disappointment, Larry Birkhead. Thought that Dani was going to be raised away from the limelight? Anything for a buck, huh? Nothing like whoring out your innocent child ; you’ve just sentenced her to death. Way to go, Sperm Donor.

Magnolia on

Geez Cyndi! Calm down a bit! Its one photo shoot and she looks like she got to be a kid on the beach! Good lord! Until now he has seemed pretty responsible with this little girl and it seems like she has had a pretty normal childhood thus far! You’re a real fire and brimstone kinda gal, eh?

Gloria on

Wow! She has really grown up and is so cute! I just hope Larry keeps a firm handle on this and not let her grow up too fast!

esymmons on

Poor kid. That is so wrong in so many ways. Sort of like Honey Boo-Boo. No normal life. I don’t want to see a mini-Anna Nicole, suicide at 10.

Magnolia on

Please reference reply to Cyndi’s comment above… Ditto! Geez!!

CS on

She is beautiful! Lucky little girl who is being raised by a daddy who so obviously loves her. Anna Nicole’s upbringing wasn’t anything like that.

I do not think that Jennifer Lopez’s kids are model material, though. They look exactly like their twerpy-looking father.

Diana on

Beautiful girl and very nice picture. I am not disappointed to see her model. Most little girls dream of doing this and she gets the chance so good for her. I seriously doubt her dad is using her for a cash cow…as Anna Nicoles survivor I’m sure she had s few bucks in trust.

Pam on

Larry Birkhead has done right by his daughter and I am sure he will continue to do so. I love the pictures, she is a beautiful child.

NM on

I sure hope her father leads her down the right path, and she doesn’t end up like her mother. She’s a spitting image of Anna Nicole. Hopefully she’l have a MUCH better life than that of her mother.

MeMe on

thats nice…she is such a beautiful girl! and her Dad is not selling her…and I think this would be good for her. I think her Dad will keep her grounded…he’s done a good job so far with her!! i wish them to best!!

pixie on

Why is this child wearing a skirt that short?! Come on!!

snarkette on

As cute as she is, this verges on child abuse. Putting the child of a substance abuser into the limelight at this age is asking for trouble down the road. Let her go play in the sprinkler, use glue and glitter to make her own tiara if she wants one, but do not do this to her. Even if she says she wants it, she’l too little to know what she wants! Besides, you give a kid what they need, not what they want.

Mina vantera on


Suze on

She is a beautiful child for sure, but I remember thinking that being with her dad was going to give her a better chance at a “normal” life. The modeling worries me. We do NOT need another Honey Boo Boo running around.

nj on

She is cute and looks nothing like her Mother. She takes after her father and he has done a great job raising her and keeping her out of the spotlight. You do not see the Paps chasing after her when she goes out in public. People will complain that she is being exploited now, however I see a child who is a natural in front of the camera and looks as if she enjoys it.

Ms Jordan on

katiemac374 – Childrens’ clothing and styles change. Dannielynn’s skirt is the current length and style for a child of her age group. My grand daughter has dresses and skirts of similiar lengths, purchased in stores off the rack and ready to wear, for her age group and size. The Guess brand is not the only manufacturer of little girls’ dresses making them the length of the skirt Dannielynn is wearing in the photo.

Jojos Momma on

she looks beautiful in this picture. looks so much like her mama. i hope her dad doesnt let this get too out of control. like let her model once or twice and then let her b a child like she should be.

Diane on

She is beautiful.

Becky on

Beautiful picture. I see nothing wrong with her outfit. The skirt is probably not as short as it appears. What would y’all like to see model a childs clothes, a teenager? Kind of like a size 2 model modeling clothes for a size 12-14 womens outfit.

susan schweitzer on

Looks like another Brooke Shields

lovestojog on

Beautiful child. Disgusting father for putting her out there.

heather on

Sweet stance? Hardly.

shea on

Do any of you think maybe Guess asked for her to be in a ad because of her Guess legacy? No one has said that Larry is going to allow her to model full-time…..Anna-Nicole is the best known Guess model that has ever modeled for the company, and it marks the 20th anniversary that her guess ads made her famous. This IMO, was done as a tribute to her mommy. I think it will probably be a one time thing as Larry doesn’t usually allow Dannielynn in the spotlight this way…usually the only time we see photos of her is her yearly birthday pictures.

As for the outfit, it’s a cute kids outfit. Nothing sexy or scandalous…here in SC where i live, in Florida, and in LA where it is warm this is how little girls dress…..You people usually it seems, log on here just be leave negative, nasty, judgmental and harsh comments. Are your lives that boring and sad that you have to attack others that you don’t even know just to make yourselves feel better? Geez…..

LM on

Indeeed she a beautiful little girl but Im saddened by the sudden career in modeling. Please Larry take her home and let her be a little girl first and not follow in her moms footsteps.

Tammy on

She sure is a pretty little girl. Hope she doesn’t grow up to be as looney as her mother, though.

ana on

Making her a “cash cow”? There’s nothing wrong with her modeling. I assume all of you have jobs, thus making yourselves “cash cows”, amirite?

jojo on

you know, larry probably let her do it to have some connection to her mother and guess probably asked to hire her for the exact same reason. let her have her connection. she is raised by a good father far from the glare of hollywood. the child deserves both happiness and a link to her mom that she can visibly see and touch. good parents aren’t just those that say “no” good parents are those that watch and guide with their child’s best interest at heart. i believe that larry has that. he’s never shown anything else to us.

Diane on

This photo is adorable…her Daddy is doing a great job…and her Mommy would be happy to see her little girl doing well. She is beautiful and makes a great model and her Daddy is a great photographer…go for it…GREAT TEAM! Love her!!!

Mary on

I hope she is doing this because it is what she wants to do & not what daddy wants. She is a little cutie, but I wouldn’t want her to follow her mother’s path. Larry seems to have done a good job keeping her grounded, I hope it stays that way.


DANNIELYNN iz SOOOO BEAUTIFUL just like her MOTHER: ANNA NICOLE & I hope she DOESN’T go down da same TRAGIC road as her BEAUTIFUL FAMOUS DECEASED MOTHER but I think her FUTURE iz BRIGHT & after all her mother never raised her & LARRY seems like a GR8 DAD & seems 2 have her BEST interest!!!! RIP ANNA, DANNIELYNN definitely inherited her mom’s BEAUTY GENES!!!! lol

Anonymous on

I am sure that Danilynn Birkhead is going to have a good head on her shoulder due to the fact that her Father has it together. I wish her much success. 🙂

Anonymous on

Much success to Danilyn and prayers for strength for Larry to make sure she doesn’t follow her Mom’s example. Kudos!!!!

Honeybooboo on

Jennifer Lopez’s kids look a lot like Marc Anthony.

Honeybooboo on

Jennifer Lopez’s children are a carbon copy of their daddy, Marc Anthony.

Gagetta on

I think it’s a nice ad for children’s clothes. The girl is really cute. ’nuff said. Not all the people who model overdose later in life.

Anonymous on

Why all the comparison to Anna’s life? From one photoshot no less. Anna had no one looking out for her, had no one that wanted to keep her on a good path, no one that didn’t want to exploit her.. Dannielynn has her father. He has had countless opprotunities to use his child for gain and he hasn’t. Letting her do a photoshoot as tribute to her mother doesn’t erase all he has done. He also said it was fun for her but back to school. He seems very grounded to me.

Carrie M on

Wow! What a pretty girl! Please Papa Larry – watch over this little girl. I don’t want her to end up used and abused…

RKF on

She is a stunning child and I think this is a very tame, harmless ad. It also appears her Dad has been a wonderful, loving father and I have no doubt she’s a lovely little girl.

epmmrp on

Why is she dressed like an adult – she is 6

MissScarlett on

She’s a pretty little girl, not a little girl trying to look like a grown woman.

Nancy on

Her Daddy raising her is going to be a good thing! She is precious.

Shawna on

People! Shes 6 years old! Its FUN to dress up and be a fashion model! Who says her father is making a bag of money off this? How do you know that any money earned isnt going to a charity? This child cant be denied life experiences because of the sins of her mother. If Larry is indeed a good father, then Dannielynn knows who her mother was and wants to be “pretty just like mommy.” Why is everyone always so quick to see negativity in everything?

Anonymous on

Wow! She’s beautiful just like her mama:)

leslye on

What happen to the Larry that said his child would not end up like Anna did. Why is it not good enough for her to have just a plain old normal childhood. He is doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t do with this beautiful little girl. He is using her an exploiting her for money…. He is NO different then all the other users of her mom Anna… This is so sad…. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Lisa on

Didn’t take Larry long to go back on his word and throw her into the environment that ended up killing her mother. So disappointing! Thought he may have learned something from Anna’s death.. guess not.

Anonymous on

She is gorgeous!

Anonymous on

Beautiful little girl she is. Keep a close eye on her daddy!

Katelyn on

She is absolutely GORGEOUS! Hopefully this modeling thing is something she wants to do and not something that her father has forced her into.

Michelle on

Very Cute!


Geez, why don’t you all be a bit more negative? She is a gorgeous little girl and maybe she just wants to model. And no matter what her Mom, while she is young she will probably think her mom was an amazing person who she never got to meet. You people don’t know if she will turn out like her… So stop being know it alls!

Alison on

Shes adorable and there’s nothing wrong with her outfit or her modeling!!


And WOW at the not needing another honey boo boo comment… You take things a bit far, huh?

Nadia on

She is stunning. How many stunning 6 year olds are there? Let her enjoy it. I think Larry Birkhead will stop anything out of control. Whats wrong with her doing a couple shoots to pay for her own private school and college?

lngrsh on

This little girl should not be supporting her father. What does he do anyway?

ema on

she is a beauty, but i sure hope the press and cameras stay away from her and not track every move she makes for the rest of her life. God Bless her and keep her safe!

mary on

This picture is cute, HOWEVER There are other poses I have scene from this shoot that I don’t think are as cute or appropriate…. just saying

Anonymous on

Dannielynn is so cute-she has her mom’s good looks. I loved Anna Nicole-she was beautiful-funny & I miss her. She had some blooper’s but who doesn’t?? Our’s just don’t make into People magazines. I think her dad has been a wonderful father.

Patti on

She is such a cute little girl, she was lucky to have 2 good looking parent’s. Larry has sacrificed a lot to care for his princess, I don’t think he would get her into anything that could harm her-he loves her. He loved her mother. Anna Nicole was a beautiful woman with a lot of issues and left this earth with a broken heart when she lost her son-so sad. I think that lawyer guy she was hanging with was the worse influence on her life. I have really missed seeing Anna in reality TV or anything she was funny-I liked her. Good luck to Dannielynn & her dad with the odd modeling gig.

Patti on

She is adorable-looks like her mom. I really liked Anna she was funny & beautiful and her life went so tragic. So sad. It was wonderful when Larry maned-up and became the father figure she needed-one who cared about her & protected her from the vulcher’s.

rosey on

I agree with,many of you, rooted for Larry but very disappointed with him now. Seems like Anna once said he was after the fame and money and was why she avoided him. Maybe not as bad as Stern, but does not look good here because after the loss of Anna AND her son u would think he would run not walk this lil girl from the spotlight. Crying shame.

L ANN on

I feel if ANYONE will keep this child….a child….it will be her Father, Larry Birkhead. He loves her more than anything. I don’t see anything wrong with the pictures of his little girl either. They don’t have her in any provocative clothing or positions…..and that says a lot. She really is a pretty little girl….but look at her parents. Both great beauties themselves.

ninatrans on

My goodness! All of the harsh judgments about Larry Birkhead because his daughter appeared in a print ad looking healthy, happy, and decidedly like a very normal 6 year old. He appears to have done a wonderful job with Dannielynn and limits her public appearances. Why not build a college fund or secure her future in this entirely professional manner?

Anonymous on

Oh wow, they can’t have her live a normal life eh… have to resort to selling her innocence for money.. well I guess she will turn into a whore like her mother..

Ella on

She’s adorable! And for anybody who comment her skirt is too short, have you ever consider that it might be a Skort not a short?

NickyAngel on

She’s so beautiful. Reminds me of Chloe from Kick Ass

Anonymous on

did any of you think maybe she WANTED to do it. no need for bashing here. she’s beautiful and gorgeous!

Amy on

I love the picture! To people with negative comments, you are just jealous. Since when little girls have to wear long skirts? It’s the adults who have to wear longer skirts, but some of them think they could act like little girls.

Nicole on

Modeling didn’t ruin Anna Nicole Smith. Growing up in an abusive environment did.

Anonymous on

she’s adorable

Anonymous on

I think that people should just stop judging others and their decisions. It is one model job, and honestly, we need all kinds of people in our society, whether they be good or bad influences. They still make up what our world is, and if someone is making the wrong decisions, you can just think: Hey, now I know what NOT to do. Criticism won’t stop people from doing what they want, and in most cases it is generally useless. This may be an old and annoying saying, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Chrissy on

She is really cute and the ad doesn’t look bad, but I’m disappointed that she is doing modeling work. I had the idea she was going to be brought up out of the limelight, at least for the most part. I hope this isn’t the start of a lot of work for her. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised she’s being used to make $.

Sandra on

Beautiful yes but even sadder.. To much to soon, to fast. Just look back on Anna Nicole. He dad doing a great job. up till now.Please take a step back,bring Dannielynn to living without camers like other star parents do.

NaMe90 on

Wow, she continues to get cuter each time I see her. She didn’t have a place to go but up as far as being cute! So proud of her and she seems so happy in this picture. I wish the best of luck to her and her single dad. Being a single mother of a 7 year old son is not easy, but he sure seems to be doing a good job with the single father role. Congrats to them both and I hope they continue to find happiness. Her mom would be so proud.

NaMe90 on

She is gorgeous…what a proud dad he must be to have her joy and happiness in his life. I wish them both the very best.

Tanya R. on

She’s absolutely perfect like her late mother… I miss Anna Nicole & Daniel so much… And i’m still think their deaths were are murders…

sookie on

Never too young to start pimping her out, eh, Dad? Didn’t you learn ANYTHING from her mother’s life and DEATH?

rebmafaith on

I’m conflicted with this one. My gut reaction was, “How could he let her get into modeling after what it did to her mother??!” But then I thought, “Wait. She’s not her mother. Things could be completely different for her, especially since she has such a loving and supportive father.” I pray that Dani has a peaceful, fun and fulfilling childhood and that she grows into a healthy and happy adult.

Leslie on

She is gorgeous little girl and Guess is very smart to seek her out. She’s going to grow into a beautiful young lady. It’s in her blood. Give her dad some credit and allow him to guide her as he sees fit. He’s done a great job raising her so far. Pray for them, don’t condemn them for the mistakes of her mother.

sookie on

Sad that he has her modelling. I hope he protects her.

Liz on

She is beautiful.

cb on

This little girl is always photograhed on her left side, only. I think there must still be a problem with her eyes. Hopefully she’ll outgrow that soon, so she won’t need surgery.

Anonymous on

Very cute lil girl, there’s nothing wrong with the fact she would wanna follow in her moms footsteps, maybe its the best way she knows how to feel connected to her, lots of people make bad choices with drugs, and her fame I’m sure wasn’t the only thing to blame, people saying she’s like her dosnt mean she’s gunna od like her, I’m sure there meaning the good things about her, we didn’t know her, we knew of the flaws the media wanted us to see, I’m sure part of her was a great person!

Ann on

Hope she doesn’t go all Hollywood…..

angela on

and it begins….

new girl on

She is darling! What a doll! I have a feeling that LB was there and was managing each and every par to this shoot. He seems like a super father. I bet she has all the best traits of her mom and her dad keeps her on level ground.

Steph on

I don’t get how some of you are saying “I hope she doesn’t take after her mother”. How many of you are doing the exact same thing your mother did when she was younger? I know I’m not.

She is her own person, Her mother passed when Dannielynn was very young, she probably doesn’t even remember her.

She looks beautiful and is definitely not sexualized in anyway in this picture.

little Tx on

She is a Beauty, but what did we expect? Just because her Mom was wild doesn’t mean Dannielynn will be wild. I’m sure her Daddy learned something from the past. He will take care of her. He’s done a great job so far.

San T. on

Dannielynn Birkhead is a stunning child! I wish her and her father nothing but the best in life, they deserve it.

mb on

Beautiful little girl. I agree with kjc; disappointed to see her modeling. She undoubtedly deals with comparisons to her mother, but this will make them more striking.

Deb on

She is a beautiful child, but fame and fortune didn’t help to save her mother from a tragic end; why put the offspring in harm’s way? Please allow this little girl to have a normal life. Six years old is way too young for her to embark upon a life in the media. I had high hopes for Daniel Burkhead and his and Anna Nicole’s little girl–he was seemingly doing such a great job providing what seemed to be a near normal lifestyle.

kitty62862 on

She is very beautiful.

valeskas on

Larry, you did not keep your word. Shame on you for p!mp!ng your daughter.

Anonymous on

Keep her out of the limelight. Hopefully he can keep her grounded and she doesn’t end up like all the young starlets.

Anonymous on

Cute little girl..Hope the money is being set aside for her future needs like college . Nothing wrong with some child modeling to fund a nest egg IF the egg is for that childs future.

Kat1129 on

She’s darling and she looks just like her father- not Anna!

Deanna Jones on

She looks just like her mother….so adorable!

christina on

She is beautiful !! I hope that she is successful in her adult career no matter what she does. Poor thing lost her mother … let’s give her a fresh start and hope for the best here. 🙂

Anonymous on

Larry is a great dad. There are child models all over the world and the only reason this is being bashed is because of who her mother is…and that is going to follow her throughout her life no matter if she is a model or a taxi driver.

Its a classy photo and I see nothing wrong here. Beautiful child, keep up the good work Larry!

Anthea on

What a little doll! Adorable!

mary on

She is very cute!! I just hope she doesn’t end up like her mother did.

CC on

she’s much more prettier than her mom was. Beautiful kid.

Sarah on

Awe…she is so sweet and beautiful! I hope for nothing for the best for her…PS my Daughters are just as BEAUTIFUL…but I am so scared to get them into this…

LoLo on

u would assume if it was anyone else but Guess Larry wouldn’t have bothered. The photo is totally appropriate and very cute…normally i would not approve but in this case i do

Julie on

She looks like she is having fun and its nice that she gets a chance to play dress up. No one criticized Cindy Crawford for letting her daughter model but all the haters jump on the chance to jump on Larry. He has done a beautiful job with his daughter by allowing her and protecting her privacy. I’m willing to be if Dannielynn had said no she didn’t want to do it she wouldn’t have had to. It is very sad that she lost her Mom but I think she has lead a much more normal life with her Dad.

TheNiteNurse on

She is so cute! I hope Larry keeps her grounded.

jessicad on

I think she looks adorable and age appropriate, she’s beautiful! I have a 5 year old and I’d probably let her wear this, and I dress her pretty conservatively. Larry Birkhead has done a great job keeping her out of the spotlight and I don’t think we should judge him so harshly.

Danielle on

Her father says that the money she made from those pictures , is for college fund…..the college of Hug Hefner or Larry Flint Universities.

Arleen Blackstone on

Lovely child. Not certain that ANY child should be exposed to this all too public, too exposed life. Too much of an unwholesome lifestyle, unless good Christian parents remain in control.

tm on

Would you people grow up. She isn’t modeling for PlayBoy. She’s modeling for Guess .. her outfit is adorable … she is adorable. There are lots of kids who model and you all don’t carry on like they are the scum of the earth. Good grief ….

Hooty on

What a sweet angel, so sad Anna Nicole isn’t around to see her. I wish this one the best life; Larry seems to be a fantastic father. There’s nothing wrong with modeling either. Peace to all.

LuvBigCity on

I think this is sweet, she is beautiful, her mom was before she let drugs run her life : ( so no surprised on how pretty this kid is….

Mira on

What a beautiful girl! She looks just like her father, not her mother. I wonder how Larry is doing financially– did the girl inherit the big money or not? Maybe it all went to lawyers.

Kimmie on

Dannielynn is a natural and I’m glad to see the kid make a little money and possible have a long career in modeling, since Larry is a single parent. In this economy, if you see talent in your kid, don’t sleep on it.

ST on

I thought way back when this sleazy looking dude first surfaced, he was in it for money only. Now I know I was right!

Anonymous on

What happened to “I just want her to have a normal childhood out of the spotlight”?????

Brooke on

I am very disappointed in Larry. He always seemed like he kept Dannielynn grounded and away from that kind of life. I just think this is a bade decision.

bee on

he obviously loves his kidand wants to help her make as much money as she can for her future. he is a photographer, and a decent person. anyone criticizing him ‘ get off your high horse. They are innocient photos, and he seems very caring and responsible and is raising her very well from what Ican tell

Anonymous on

What happened to “My daughter is not for sale?” I GUESS maybe she is….

Anonymous on

She is going to be a knockout when she is older. Hopefully dad doesn’t push the modelling or acting and ruin her like Lindsay Lohan

Elizabeth on

..Anna Nicole, you gave birth to a beauitful little girl, and God made sure she has a good father to support her, and raise her. How many of you, speaking out negatively on her modeling, lived perfect lives??? Dannilynn’s mother, like a lot of other addicts, paid a price..THAT doesn’t mean, Dannilynn will .allow her the joy of playing dress up and getting paid to do it..no where is it written, that this will be her carreer choice.she is 6, let her be ….

Robyn on

Clearly modeling is in her blood and with the love and guidance of her father, she should stay grounded and avoid the pitfalls her mother fell into.

dawn on

Cute kid as pretty as her mom now lets hope she doesn’t go down that road.

self-employed on

Let’s hope she doesn’t follow in her mother’s footsteps…..to an early grave.

Sad to See It on

Unfortunately this little girl shows the same unruly behavior that her mom was famous for (sans drug abuse, etc at this time). Larry doesn’t seem to have any control over her behavior, and she appears to lack any discipline. While Guess may call it “same playful behavior that her mom had,” I think we all know where this is going. Sure hope not.

Robbie D on

she is a little beauty

Anonymous on

What a beautiful little girl. I hope she doesn’t follow in her mom’s footsteps.

Sun on

Whoa she looked like her mother!

kim on

i hope shes NOT “just like mom”, who was a drug addict wh*re who posed nude for mens magazines and videos and married for money. i would hope her lifestyle and death would make her daughter go in the complete opposite direction.

Selfenchanted on

I certainly hope he already has been doing a great overall job of being a dad. If this gives the girl poise, confidence & a work ethic, then it’s all good. I wish them both the best.

Jennifer on

Maybe she enjoys this and wants to walk in her mommy’s footsteps. What’s wrong with it? Many models make it out of the industry alive, people…

Cynthia R. on

Her dad fought so hard to keep her out of the spot, why now? But she a beautiful child, looking like her mom.

sue on

Just out of curiosity, Would any of these upcoming models make it in the modeling scene if they already didn’t have the “connections”. Cindy Crawford, Anna Nicole, Jennifer Lopez already are big names, so it is easy for their “kids” to get hired. What if the parents were NOT celebrities?

victoria passoni on

she’s a cutie pie, so sad her mom can’t see her now.

Good Tx Girl on

My goodness she is beautiful!

Sandra on

She is beautiful and shame on all of you for criticizing her mother. Let this child have a journey of her own without added critics on the sidelines. She lost her mother and will never have the opportunity to meet her. Dannielynn is dressed decently as a child should be and this is not a horrible thing her father has permitted for her to participate in.

cynmx72 on

gosh, you people relax, if “your” ugly children had the chance to model for Guess, you would do it in a SECOND. Please, stop judging, whatever the reason, this child was not hurt or place in dangered. STOP JUDGING OTHERS!!

cynmx72 on

kaitiemac374 Relax!1 You are the only asshole thinking anything sexual about this picture. Take a chill pill or drink a glass of wine and calm down. It might be time for you to get a man!

Deborah on

she sure is model material. BTW, for the people here posting about being disappointed that he “selling her out”, WRONG! if someone offered you a huge contract to model, wouldn’t YOU do it? It can pay for her college,etc. Brooke Shields, Cindy Crawford, and other actors & models that started at a young age are sure living a secured and comfortable lifestyle, why not her?

Tasha on

I completely agree. A lot of haters out there! It’s ok for other celebrities to have their kids model but not Anna’s daughter. People are to fast to judge. I think her father will keep her grounded.

Anonymous on

Hermosisima, wow. Hope her father guide her to grow up nicely.

Jeanine on

She is adorable and I can see why her father let her do it…it is a wonderful connection to have with her later mother. It is harmless people let it be.

sarahsmommy09 on

Ive seen other pictures of dannielynn, but i never realized how adorable she is! She looks a natural. I agree that it is a tad bit early to start modeling but there could be other reasons as to why she may have wanted to model.

Kerri on

I love this little girl.

hopelove on

Honey Boo Boo moment…hopefully the 15 minutes are over soon.

mdd43 on

Larry Birkhead may claim that his daughter isn’t for sale, but he has been selling her all along. Those yearly birthday parties staged and filmed for entertainment shows such as ET, the occasional articles in People, and now the modeling–these things bring in cold hard cash. I just hope he is saving that money for her college fund so that she doesn’t end up having to depend on her looks to make a living, just like her mom did. (We all know how well THAT turned out.)

One Two on

I think the little girl is absolutely adorable, and I’m disappointed when I hear people talk against this child using her natural talents, or want to see this girl’s talent go to waste. She’s 6 years old, an absolutely GORGEOUS model, and I absolutely support Dani and her Dad!!!

jst4gp on

Larry, let her be a kid….. youve done a good job so far being a dad…. just let her have a relatively normal childhood.

michelle on

Oh, sure….because we all know how well that turned out for Anna.
Disappointed in Birkhead. Thought he had his head on straight, but the love for money wins out. Shouldn’t suprise me…he WAS a star****er after all….

cjj on

very cute, very nice. why the harsh comments folks?? at least she isn’t a mouthy Boo boo or a botoxed 6 yr old model wearing makeup.

darlene lyons on

She is gorgeous and obviously a natural. I wish her all the best

mamabear on

Danilynn is doing a TRIBUTE to her mother. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! She is not wearing anything inappropriate or not in her age range. She is a beautiful 6 year old child who has a loving father. I am shocked at the negative comments on here.

Dawn on

She is adorable, and obviously has both mom and dads looks. Very Sweet!

cw on

what a beautiful little girl.

ERS on

Such a beautiful little girl! I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with her modeling for Guess. Her mama would have been proud:)

Anonymous on

She is a beautiful little girl but has time to do this later. She looks uncomfortable to me. Hasn’t she been through enough? Does he really want her to emulate her mother?Her mother had a very sad life. Just wait a while…

Chelsey on

Just because Dannielynn models, doesn’t mean she is going to be like her mom and brother. It’s not fair to blame Hollywood for the decisions an adult made. Let the little girl do what she wants. Kids model all the time for Kohls, The Gap etc. She is no different. It’s not like she is wearing something risque. I think her mom would have been so proud of the little person she has become.

Anonymous on

I’m not disappointed by this at all. I don’t know why I should be. Like it has previously been stated, she’s not Anna Nicole and I don’t think she should have to live under the dark shadow of her mother. I think what causes more damage is people constantly bringing it up and making her feel like she’s going to turn into her mother if she doesn’t watch every step she makes. I think we just have to hope that she has a sensible parent, which is how I feel about every celebrity child.

BcLiles on

I’m sorry but have you seen Jennifer Lopez’s kids?

Anonymous on

This is not about “living in anna shadow” or “following in anna’s footsteps”. It is about making a connection. She didn’t get to do things with her mother, but she got to model just like her mother. I think it is a very sweet gesture. Let’s not get crazy people it is just a picture.

Cynthia on

OMG. Dannielynn is seriously gorgeous at just 6 years old. Larry is gonna have his hands full when she hits her teens – probably even before. Anna Nicole and Larry’s DNAs make gorgeous children – too bad they had only one. I think Larry is doing it for Anna Nicole – that would be what she wanted for Dannielynn but is it a good thing? I am not so sure.

Pauline on

Ah one and ah two and ah, ‘hee we go again..A tragedy in the making, she doesn’t look happpy! 😦

Terri on

Her dad has done a wonderful job at protecting her and keeping her out of the spotlight. As long as they keep the pictures tasteful and cute, there really is nothing wrong about this. I’m sure her father will help keep her on the right path so she doesn’t end up like her mom did. God bless them both. She is such a cutie. 🙂

Sandy on

I can’t believe her daddy would allow her to go down the same path her mom went down.. but then… for him to be still friends with the Stern guy is freaky too.

The kid is cute as a button and this will be the start of the end for her… I was proud of her dad so far not looking for the “money” and trying to be a dad but now, not so sure. I worry about this little girl so much….


Remarkably attractive young lady.

Hope she stays away from drugs.

Boston Fan on

She’s a doll!

bailey on

She is adorable. Wish the family all the best, I hope she is watched over carefully and does not go down the same road as her mom.

gyl on

Beautiful girl like the mom. Hope the father keeps her grounded. She has such a tragic background.

Barb on

Gorgeous. Guess has done many campaigns over the years with celebrity kids and this is just one more example of their continued work. She is adorable and there is no reason she shouldn’t have done it. She’s 6 people, get over it

sad. on

Why would you put a child out there in the same world that sucked her mother in to drugs? She has that genetic makeup. Larry, she is gorgeous, but vulnerable. Protect that precious girl and forget the fame. And you don’t need money.

Kelly Jo Hensley on

Well ive read alot of coments and she is cute, and it is wrong to judge her for who her mother was. Also about the short skirt its long compared to Shirley Temples little dress, u could see her butt for gosh sakes. now thats short. get over it!!

skg on

I think it’s sad that her dad’s raised her to pose for the cameras. Every move she makes seems to be for the camera, and her looking for Larrys ok. Poor little kid’s like a robot. There’s something about Dearest Daddy that gives me the creeps.

CS on

I sincerely hope she is not like her mother. It would be very sad if she ended up like her mother.

Margie on

Josie, You say Dannielynn was named after 2 dead children. I know Anna’s son’s name was Danny but who was Lynn.

Theresa Small Smith on

The child just got the modeling job and already she is under scrutiny. Her mother was an intelligent, witty, beautiful, sexy woman acting is acting not real life and Anna Nicole Smith was a femme fatal, business is business you have to use what works. Danielynn is too young to be compare to her mother and I hope the rumours don’t discourage her from her career and Dad be her best security and hire others because they are already given her too much negative attention for a guess ad.

Marty on

I feel sorry for the child….Folks, STOP comparing her to her mother!!! She is an individual, like we all are. Comparing her to her mother is what will do any damage. Modeling is a very rough industry, for anyone. It is a dog eat dog world. So, again, stop comparing this child to her mother.