Beverley Mitchell Debuts Her Baby Belly

11/23/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

There’s not just turkey in there!

An expectant Beverley Mitchell debuted her baby bump on Twitter Thursday

“Happy Thanksgiving! Here is my first belly pic! 21 weeks,” the actress writes. “Watch out! The belly is getting bigger!”

Mitchell, 31, and husband Michael Cameron will welcome their first child in early April.

“I took seven pregnancy tests,” The Secret Life of the American Teenager star tells PEOPLE. “I went to the doctor and had two more tests and they were like, ‘Bev, usually when the first one comes out positive, the rest of them will all say the same thing.'”

Beverley Mitchell
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di on

31? Beautiful people always look way beyond younger than their real age.

Jane on

Oh my she is adorable!

luvmykidsndog on

That many tests? Duh? Get over yourself.

erin on

I took many too. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, especially if you’ve seen so many negative. It’s not about being full of yourself, it’s about needing the reassurance.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations for having such a cute baby bump!

Emily on

Is she really on “Secret Life of the American Teenager”???!! Love Beverley Mitchell, but that is one terrible show.

deewriter on

Aw, I love Beverley – since her days on 7th Heaven. She looks great! Congrats to her and her husband 🙂

deewriter on

Aw, I love Beverley – since her days on 7th Heaven. She looks so cute. Congrats to her and her husband!

BH on

Another intelligent mother.

Robyn on

Too Funny! I am 20 weeks, due April 11th and I also took 6 or 7 tests…. LOL

Mary Beth on

Loved her on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”…

Jessica on

congrats to her and her hubby. i’m sure she will be a great mom

Julie on

BH have you ever been pregnant or tried to get pregnant. Perhaps it was a difficult road to get pregnant and she wanted to be sure or is over excited/protective over the little one to be. Either way it didn’t cost you anything so why be negative? Congrats will do just fine!

Kimberly on


Tee Tee on

Beverley looks wonderful!

meghan on

very cute!

Bree on

I took 5 tests and phoned the number on the box to ask about the possibility of a false positive and the phoned my mom and asked her the same thing. After months and months of trying and countless negative tests you go into shock and total disbelief when you finally see that positive sign.

I still didn’t really believe I was finally pregnant until I heard my daughter’s heartbeat the first time and felt her move.

Anyway, Beverley looks so adorable!! She has barely aged a day since her 7th heaven days!!

Congrats to her and her hubby 🙂

Vanessa on

I took 6 pregnancy tests after conceiving my daughter. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they’re correct when you want something so badly. Congrats to her and her husband!

Big Fan on

She’s adorable!

Millie on

Loved her on 7th heaven, Secret Life show is just awful! Congrats on the baby!

Aja1223 on

I took 3 with my first pregancy because it took my husband and I almost a year to conceive. When my son was 10 months old I took 7 because I couldn’t believe I got pregnant “by accident.” Sometimes it’s just hard to believe! Doesn’t mean she’s dumb.

Jan on

Why is she even important? She was annoying on 7th heaven and that was enough.

Tiffany on

I took 3 at home. And took one at a clinic and had to take one when I went to the OBGYN. It’s not unusual for someone who is expecting their first child to take a few tests. It’s exciting 🙂

Melissa Rivera on

Congrats Beverly.

Curl Sue on

Loved her on 7th heaven. Congrats! Looking at the picture, I’m guessing it’s a baby girl,

Jamie on

Congrats to Beverly and her husband. I loved her on 7th Heaven. Great show! It should have never ended. I watched every episode. I am very happy for them.

Alana on

Congratulations to her! It can be hard to believe it when you finally get a positive pregnancy test result. I took a lot too and I’m sure many women do.

tanya on

I don’t understand why but i thinking she’s having a girl!

Anonymous on

Curl Sue- The way a woman carries has nothing to do with the gender of the baby. Girls being carried high, boys low, boys causing a “basketball belly”, girls causing a “watermelon” one, etc. are nothing but old wives’ tales!

That being said, I’ve been guilty of guessing at gender based on a woman’s belly, too. 😉

dk on

when I was pregnant, my husband is the one who made me take 5 pregnancy tests – he was in shock! lol

Katelyn on

I grew up watching her on 7th Heaven! I am sure she will make a great mother. Her baby bump is so cute! 🙂

Lillian on

How cute is she? I swear she hasn’t aged since 7th heaven.

Candykane on

Our last one was a surprise. I had taken a walmart brand test and my husband did send me out to get the “good” ones.

jenna on

wow. anytime anyone who was in any movie or tv show ever gets an article about them when they are pregnant. who are you again? oh thats right, you were in that show fifteen years ago. DON’T CARE.

Brandi on

Then why take the time to read the article and comment if you don’t care, genius? It’s not rocket science…if you don’t care, keep your mouth shut and keep it moving. Simple enough even for someone as simple-minded as you to understand. Then again, maybe not…lol…

Anonymous on

Why do you bother to post if you don’t have anything nice to say. She is a wonderful person and deserves to enjoy her pregnancy with out you say thing something pointless.

Shawna on

Jenna – you don’t care but you took the time to comment?

lactivist jaQ on

how adorable! i always loved her, being a 7th heaven fan, back in the day. very cool when celebrities share their pregnancies with us. she’s due about the same week as my sister- -my first blood-related niece. congrats to bev and family!

sarahsmommy09 on

I took a 2-pack pregnancy test (used both). I told the father and he made me take another one, i was still in denial that i was pregnant, so i went to the hospital for a blood pregnancy test. 3 years later, i have a beautiful little girl. 🙂 congrats to the family!

Meena on

Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and your husband. To those who state they don’t care, then don’t read it. I also with those people Best Wishes as well because they are obviously sad inside.

me on

For those of you that “don’t care” why do you bother to post? If you don’t feel this is important news, then why read the post? Why go out of your way to be negative?
I guess what I’m really asking is, “Why the anger?”

Melissa on

I took four pregnancy tests and also called the 1-800 number to see if there was a chance of a false positive. It’s not being stupid its just so exciting at the thought of being pregnant sometimes it takes more than one test for you to actually beleive its true.

Anonymous on

Meena and me- I get the feeling that most of the “don’t care” people comment because they want to get a rise out of the rest of us. I say we quit giving them the satisifaction!

Candykane- As someone who never buys anything from Walmart if she can help it, your story really made me chuckle!

Julianna on

She looks a lot like Nina Dobrev in that picture. Anyway, she’s glowing!

Lola on

She is too cute!!

meli on

She looks cute!