Vanessa Lachey Shows Off Her Little Turkey

11/22/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

It’s Camden John Lachey‘s first Thanksgiving!

“Oh no!!! My turkey is making a run for it,” mom Vanessa Lachey Tweeted Thursday, sharing a photo of her 10-week-old son wearing a festive outfit. “Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”

“Wow, not a hard year to find things to be thankful for,” added husband Nick Lachey. “Feel so blessed to have such a beautiful family. Hope you all are enjoying yours!!”

Having welcomed their first child in September, the couple isΒ adjusting to parenthood.

“We look at him and we’re like, ‘We made this!'” VanessaΒ said recently. “I know it sounds corny and cheesy, but it is your love personified.”

Vanessa Lachey Shows Off Her Little Turkey Courtesy Vanessa Lachey

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Luca on

That is too cute! Love the outfit!

mrsodell on

He’s such a little turkey. lol. So, so, cute. God bless the Lacheys!

Dany on

Sooo Cute!! what a sweetie!!

liarlairpantsonfire on

seems like a lot of hair and very big for 10 weeks! or have i just forgotten(?) ha’s a cutie πŸ™‚

Jenny! on

Uh oh! gobble gobble haha that is a very sweet pic of camden, what a happy looking baby πŸ™‚

bette on


Tina on

They grow so fast, don’t they? He’s delish…

Cinder Lou on

Absolutely adorable photo. Congrats again to Nick and Vanessa. They seem so happy!

itsallgoodnroanoke on

This is a blessing. This baby have the beauty of two good looking parents. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

Sunburn on

That’s one cute little butterball!! =0)

Brooklyn on

Very cute.

Nancy on

I guess noone remembers the picture of her holding a knife to Lindsey Lohans neck when they were both drunk and high?!?

Nichole on

Cute baby, but couldn’t help but notice how flat the back of his head is. They leave him on his back a lot :0( hopefully its just the way the picture was taken..

Doreen on

I LOVE him!! Precious!

Rose on

He is ALL her!

meghan on

Nancy, are you seriously bringing up something that happened seven years ago? It should be brought up now, why? Grow the hell up.

Marky on

Meghan, it’s no different than people ragging on Angie and Brad, and ridiculing their children because of something the posters think happened years ago. People need to let go of the past; we are not these people’s judges; we should just enjoy the threads we like, and let go of the rest. Camden is cute, and the picture is very sweet…….

meghan on

Why are you lecturing me? Talk to Nancy.

dudley doright on

cute fam

ccct0304 on

Yes marky that was kind of random, you need to lecture to Nancy! Anyways, his is the cutest little butterball I’ve ever seen!

lola on

Ha Ha! I think all the 1st borns have flat heads. Then with child 2, 3… Mom & Dad learn : )

Heather on

the poor kid’s head is not flat! the pic is a little blurred and he is rocking back and forth.

Sydney on

Vanessa in so lucky, a handsome loving husband and an adorable little boy.

Kelli on

Pwecious little guy! What’s the deal with the ‘flat head’ comments? There’s a little tuft of hair near the top (if that’s what you mean)… otherwise, I don’t get your negativity.

Carrie M on

Cute outfit… Having an infant always makes the holiday season a bit more merry that’s for sure!

Lena M. on

Cute kid. Terrible name….

margie on

Adorable baby… children are a blessing.. something to be thankful for.

Kathy on

β€œWe look at him and we’re like, β€˜We made this! ummmm…NO! I am pretty sure GOD had a hand in this.

Isabel on

Really Kathy? That’s what you got out of this post?

Tiffany on

He’s such a handsome little man! Vanessa and Nick sound like wonderful parents. Happy Thanksgiving!
Today was my son’s second thanksgiving and I still haven’t stopped thanking God for blessing me with him!

Anonymous on

He looks like such a happy baby!!

Anonymous on

Nancy- So what? She made a not so great decision in her past, just most of the rest of us have. The important thing is that she seems to have matured since then. πŸ˜‰

Tee on

Grab his drumstick (LOL, couldn’t resist). Very cute outfit. He has so much hair thanks to his Momma I’m sure. I’ve never seen a baby born to a hispanic parent who didn’t have a very full head of hair. I’ve even seen a few who have dark hair on the ears too and look like a cute, lil baby gorilla (no offense intended at all).

Sydney on

Tee, Vanessa’s mother is Fillipino and her father is Italian/Irish. No Hispanic there.

Just my 2 cents on

What a gorgeous baby!

jackie2830 on

That is a cute lil butterball!!!!!! And Vanessa’s comments are personified. If we had children, we would echo her remarks. Truly a miracle of life. God Bless you all!

valeskas on

So, so, cute.

seila on

he looks like her. uglyyyyyyyyyy!

Missy on

He is too the outfit πŸ™‚

Mira on

@Kathy, what a dumb comment. Lol. Though, it’s a close tie with Tee’s “baby gorilla” comment. Oh my…

me on

too stinkin’ cute

Tara on

Yea, you are a ginormous jack@ss Kathy.

JackieJ on

I love them! Their baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

shannon on

omg what a beautiful happy lil chubster! Soooooo cute!

luvmykidsndog on

Every1 has done stupid crap in the past,most grow up & stop talking about it. She is unlucky 2 have a pic of her poor decisions but people need 2 leave it alone. Shes a responsible mother now 2 a super cutie. Let her enjoy her little bundle.

Misty on

Very cute!

macey on


k on

She is ugly and so is he. wonder when these two will realize how irrelvent they are. how long until they have to actually get a real job since no one cares abnout them.

Ashley on

Seila said “he looks like her. uglyyyyyyyyyy!” So sad that your hatred even goes to a poor little baby. You know in your heart that the child is beautiful and so is his mother. Shame on you.

Julesy on

Adorable outfit for an adorable baby. Look at him laughing!

Ruins on

such an adorable child.

and to all who can’t say anything nice, why say anything at all. it’s quite obvious you’re either jealous or unsatisfied with your pathetic, little life that you have to talk about other people in a mean way. grow up!!!

Peggy Smith on

So cute!

Daisy Mae on

Family is what its about!!! Its all in the love in your heart not what a person looks like!!! Blessings & Kiss

Lizzie on

Waaaaaaaay too ADORABLE, CUTE & PRECIOUS!! Baby Camden IS sooooo 4unate to have such a BEAUTIFUL Mommy & Handsome Daddy!! They make a Grrr88888
lookin’ Fam!! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

k- Glad to you know you’re an expert on what is and isn’t a real job! πŸ˜‰

macey- I’ve never heard Vanessa complain about paps taking pictures of Camden, so I don’t see how your comment is relevant. And for what it’s worth, Vanessa’s posting so many twitter pics of Camde will probably lessen the demand for them, hence the paps won’t be as likely to stalk her to get them and she CAN sort of have it both ways. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Mira- I see nothing wrong with Tee’s “baby gorilla” comment. Babies with lots of hair DO often look like baby gorillas…which isn’t an insult (and Tee made it clear she didn’t mean it as one), because, aside from a human baby, the only thing cuter than a baby gorilla is a baby chimpanzee! πŸ™‚

Cheryl on

Interesting comments from some. I view the reference to a baby gorilla as a “tongue n cheek” insult; insult, then say it is not an insult. Babies in the ape family are not cute, small but not cute. Baby Camden has hair on his head but he does not have hair on the rest of his body.

lvb on

(Nancy- I guess noone remembers the picture of her holding a knife to Lindsey Lohans neck when they were both drunk and high?!?)

LoL Nancy I haven’t forgotten that, trust me! No one changes that much over night!

Anonymous on

Cheryl- Obviously you haven’t been coming to this site for very long. Tee is a longtime commentor here, and it has never been her style to insult a celebrity baby. And even when she disagrees with a celeb’s parenting choices, she does it respectfully. In fact, I’d have to say that she is one of the nicest, most respectful people on here! πŸ™‚

Also, I don’t see how saying a baby looks like a cute baby gorilla is any different than saying a baby is an adorable little chunky monkey (something that a lot of parents say about their own children at some point or another!).

Anonymous on

Ivb- And no one said that Vanessa did! The knife incident happened seven years ago, which means that Vanessa has had plenty of time to change and mature. Most of us change quite a bit in seven years, and it seems like Vanessa did, too!

Also, some people DO change practically overnight. Nicole Richie (who pretty much no one would have pegged for a good mom when she was younger) is a perfect example of that.

TG on