The Rycroft-Stricklands Celebrate Thanksgiving

11/22/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

The Rycroft-Stricklands Celebrate Thanksgiving Courtesy Melissa Rycroft

Happy Thanksgiving from the Rycroft-Stricklands!

Melissa Rycroft and husband Tye Strickland pose for a holiday shot with daughter Ava Grace, 21 months, on Thursday.

“Got lots to be thankful for this year,” the Dancing with the Stars all-star season finalist, 29, Tweeted.

“Off to practice this morning, then spending the afternoon with some of my favorite people … and EATING!!!”

Rycroft joins Shawn Johnson and Kelly Monaco in the show’s first all-female finale.

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liarlairpantsonfire on

she is SO cute, both look and peraonality wise. how was she not famous before the bachelor?

Hiiii!!! on

Her daughter is soooooo adorable!!! She looks just like her daddy!!! I am cheering for Melissa to win DWTS!! She was always my favorite dancer!!!

princessprettyxx on

Her daughter is soooo adorable!!! She looks just like her dad. I love Melissa and I have since I saw her perform for the first time on DWTS!!! I hope she wins it all because she deserves it!!

Anonymous on

She certainly deserves to win it all. Kelly is so full of herself and is a sour puss. Shawn is good but her acrobatics does not take the place of good dancing.

Anonymous on

Love Melissa and hope she wins DWTS!!!

karenkbabb on

Cute family and a good dancer…….melissa is from my home state……

Marky on

What a cute family. Ava Grace is darling, and so sweet looking!

da fox on

what an awesome family pic…happy turkey day to you and yours…go melissa go…rooting for you to win dwts…you deserve it the most…will have my nitro spray handy…lol

Anonymous on

I truly hope that Melissa doesn’t win, she is such a phoney!! her husband must not realize that she loves fame and fortune much more then anything else in this world. She failed on the “Bachelor” even after sleeping her way through the show. I wish poor Tony had not been matched with her he is a great guy and deserves to win! Can’t wait to see her voted off and her fake little crying act

Judi on

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, Melissa. You’ve earned it (and you can dance it all off starting Friday) 🙂

Amy on

I hope she and Tony win the whole thing. She’s my favorite!

Mariel on

Nice looking family! Personally, I think it’s pretty cool how Melissa came from obscurity, went on a reality show and has been making the most of the opportunities that have come her way. Bravo to her!

Anonymous on

Anonymous- Considering Melissa and her husband were a couple long before she ever became famous (she did “The Bachelor” during a brief period where they were broken up), I think it’s safe to say that he knows her better than any of us ever will. 🙂

Anyway, Ava is a cutie!

kitty62862 on

Such a cute family

Terrie on

Glad to see she’s human. Fake people disgust me. That’s why I’ll never vote for Shawn.

valeskas on

She is a great dancer and I have been voting for her and Toni from the beginning of DWTS this season. Yeah, I know, but DWTS is my guilty pleasure, I am not into the reality shows, but I like the costumes they wear and every season I watch it again.

seila on

her husband has some stroong genes, the girl looks just like him. in my country that little girl would turned out with brown eyes and brown hair. only these things happen in the states. bring those genes to south america!!

MIchelle on

I like Melissa a lot, but the Bachelor was not her first reality show. She was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and was featured on the first season of “Making the Team”.

She was just as adorable then as she is now.

Anonymous on

Love Melissa !!! I hope her and Tony win, they both deserve it, don’t understand how people see her as a fake or even Shawn as a fake, all 3 women in the final deserve to be there.

sharon on

This has been an incredible year for DWTS and I have to admit I thought Kelly would be gone by week 3 but I’m really proud of her and if she wins this time she honestly deserves it, not like season 1…

Melissa is someone I never wanted to see on the show cause being a jilted gf is not being a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But whatever she’s there again and I have to admit that she is a great dancer …

Who ever wins deserves it this time with all the crazy dances they’ve had to do to make it this far is something…..

I honestly think Shawn deserves it more , but it is what it is so they’ve all put on a good show… good luck to all of them!

Leslie on

Go Melissa…you and Tony get my votes!!!!!!!!

Leslie on

Can’t believe the stupid comment from anonymous about Melissa being a phony…what a moron you are !!!!!!

Shelly on

Melissa was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader before she was on the Bachelor.

Stacey on

Love this family!!!!

katherine on

wow! tye strickland is so handsome -melissa is so lucky

Stormy on

I like Melissa and I do HOPE she wins D.W.T.S.. Can’t wait for the show and see who wins but i’ll be VOTING for her..

mama3 on

gorgeous family!!!

Anonymous on

sharon- Techinically being on the bachelor does make Melissa a star…a reality star. 🙂