Jake Owen Welcomes Daughter Olive Pearl

11/22/2012 at 08:30 PM ET

Jake Owen Welcomes Daughter Olive Pearl Courtesy Jake Owen

It’s a Thanksgiving baby!

Jake Owen and his wife Lacey welcomed their first child, daughter Olive Pearl Owen, on Thursday, Nov. 22 in Nashville, Tenn., his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Pearl, as she will be called after Owen’s late godmother, weighed in at 6 lbs., 3 oz. and is 19½ inches long.

“Lacey and I are so excited to start our own family,” Owen, 31, tells PEOPLE. “We are looking forward to teaching Pearl everything we learned from our parents and also learning from her.”

Sharing a photo of his newborn daughter on Twitter, the musician wrote, “Today is the greatest day of my life. Turkey baby!!! Happy Thanksgiving.”

It’s been a whirlwind year for Owen and his wife, 23. After getting engaged on stage in April, the couple wed on the beach in May and announced the pregnancy in July.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Dam

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denise on

Congratulations she is beautiful!!!!

Liz on

Aw, her birthday falling on Thanksgiving is too cute. Certainly something to be grateful for most of all! 😉

Awesome name and an awesome dad. That kid is going to grow up super loved, and is going to be loving, kind and understanding of everyone from all walks of live growing up. It’s a beautiful thing. Congrats on becoming a dad and the future of parenting done right! So happy for them.

Curious on

Congratulations to Jake and Lacey! Pearl is absolutely stunning! Does anybody else think Jake looks like Jesus in this picture?

Shauna on

She is smiling at him.

Kat on


Pam Sanchez on

Congratulations to you both on the birth of your new lil bundle of joy. She is beautiful

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

She’s beautiful! Wow, Hollywood has enough “Olives” lately to serve martinis to everyone. Apparently that name is the new “it” name.

Marky on

Sounds as if they are off to a good start, thinking of how they plan to parent. Their baby is precious, and love the fact they chose to name her after someone so special to them. Lovely legacy!

Curious, no one knows what Jesus really looked like, but Jake looks like many of the pictures people have painted to represent Jesus.

Ashley on

Congratulations to them!

However if she is going to be known as pearl and called pearl by her family… then why not name her Pearl???? i actually don’t get it. Its quite a pattern in america isn’t it.

Pearl Olive would be just as sweet!

Anonymous on

Cause then the little girls initials would be……..POO!

smart move on the parents behalf to think about the future! Congrats, little girls truly are the most precious gift in the world:)

Anonymous on

My sentiments exactly! 🙂

Anonymous on

Can anyone come up with their own name for their kids? Get your own ideas people.

Anonymous on

It’s called honoring a loved one. Rude.

Elizabeth Picca on

shes so precious congrats to you and your family

Sadie on

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl. It’s a lovely tribute to same a child after a special person, but I think it is sometimes confusing to go by your middle name. Pearl is a lovely classic name that works as a first or middle name very well.

pinklily on

Olive Pearl flows a lot better than Pearl Olive. Congratulations to the new parents!

davecat on

@ curious, How do you know what Jesus looks like?

Ginger Smith on

Beautiful….congratulations…..being a person who’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving….she will have more than most… birthdays on Thanksgiving because of it being the 22 th….with the help of leap year….too

Megan on

Ashley – Pearl Olive Owen would make her initials POO. I am willing to bet Jake and Lacey wanted to avoid that.

olivia on

did anyone consider that they chose olive first because of the initials, if it was pearl first the initials would be p o o

Anonymous on

What a beautiful baby !

NM on

My daughter was born on Thanksgiving day too! But a long time ago.

NM on

@Curious-No, he doesn’t look like Jesus, because no one knows what Jesus looks like.

Candykane on

Olive sure looks happy to be here

Holiday on

Congrats on the sweet baby girl. My son was also born on Thansgiving day but 7 years ago. It was the most memorable Thanksgiving ever

Jayda on

He does look like Jesus. I really like both names but it does seem like they’re are just copying all the other celebrities that used Olive or Pearl this year.

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who said it’s called honoring a loved one)- Exactly! They specifically said they picked Pearl because they wanted to honor Jake’s late godmother. I don’t get how translates to copying other celebs!

NM- If know one knows what Jesus looked like (which is true, as the Bible never describes his appearence), then wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that we don’t know if Jake looks like Jesus? 😉

Anyway, congrats to them! Also, I wonder how old Pearl (since that’s what they’re calling her, that’s what I’m going to call her!) was when that picture was taken. It looks as though she might have just slipped into the world. 🙂

Tee on

Why do people do that? Name their child and then choose to call them by their middle name (or some other name altogether)? So their child has the first names of both Drew Barrymore (Olive) and Jack Osbourne (Pearl). I don’t like the name Olive for a child, but not my baby, not my choice, congrats. She’s 22, I hope she sticks around (in the marriage), she’s just 4 to 5 years out of high school, not good odds.

chels on

Olivia is a better alternative to Olive..

Lexa on

Tee – if the love is there they’ll make it. i got married a year out of high school and only 5 months later had my first child and i have been married for 10 years. but i understand what you’re saying. a marriage is hard work.

Love the name Olive Pearl. Okay, so i am a little biassed because both of my daughters have one of those names as middle names 🙂 (Kaylie Pearl & Gracie Olive).

Congratulations to the happy couple.

nat on

Daddy…Jesus is that you??

edwardsheroin86 on

Congratulations to The Owen Family, she’s beautiful! As for the name, I love it! It’s cool that they’ve paired a classic name with something more modern. And the sentiment of naming her after his godmother is very sweet! Welcome to the world, Pearl!

BH on

awww – a little butterball. Cute picture.

Jay on

I agree with the whole calling them by middle name why not just make that the first name. However in this case if they did Pearl Olive Owen her initials would be POO.

Jane Holliday on

What a horrible name to hang on such a beautiful baby.Some parents apparently dont realize their children have to live with these terrible names all their life. Popular or not!

Becky on

Love the name Pearl, not so big on Olive..As for them calling her by her middle name, umm, 50 yrs old here & have been called by my middle name without any problems..I think its more common in the South..

JustMe on

Her birthday wont alweays be in thanksgiving, the date change every year. TGiving is the 3rd thursday of November, not the 22nd every year.

Anonymous on

4th Thursday

Debby on

Hey Y’all ! She is a beauty for certain! Going by the middle name is mostly a southern thing, especially when the first name is a family name or a tribute. However, Marie Osmonds real name is also Olive Marie (after her mother), and she hs always gone by her middle name. I am just glad that TheOwens chose a classic name, instead of some piece of fruit. They chose a gem! : )

Debby on

BTW…. For those who say we don’t know what Jesus looked like… Well, for sure he was a Jew, and a Rabbi. So for certain he was fair and wore a beard, because back in the day they did not shave or cut their hair. Technially Israel is in the Middle East, however Jews and Israelis are white and not Middle Eastern at all. I have yet to meet an ugly Israeli. However, Iranians ( Persians), who want to remove Israel off the map, also consider themselves “Pars”, or pure white! And history shows that men in power wore and wear beards in the Middle East. So, I believe people can pretty much piece together what Jesus looks like, just from history. Gorgeous!

Becky on

I took the comments about him looking like Jesus, as he looks like most pictures that we’ve seen that are of Jesus..No need for people to be rude to those that mention him looking like jesus..

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the happy family. What a great photograph.

Pearl is smiling and so is Jake- what a great smile on both of their faces. What a Thanksgiving day blessing!

Charli on

That’s a great pic! Congrats to them!

meghan on

What’s so ‘horrible’ about it, Jane? Here’s a big shocker for you, not everyone agrees with you on what a ‘horrible’ name is.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Pearl is darling and is smiling up at her daddy- How precious is that? what a great thanksgiving day blessing- Congrats to the family!

Schmerk on

I think the reasoning behind Olive Pearl and NOT Pearl Olive, is that Pearl Olive is really close to Pearl Onions… Maybe they didn’t want people to think they named her after a martini garnish? Either way… Pearl is cute. And congratulations to them!

Meagan on

So what? They named her Olive Pearl and chose to call her Pearl…

They probably went this way instead of Pearl Olive Owen because her initials would have been POO…

Congratulations you guys, she is a beauty!

Tammy Jackson on

To all who think that jake shouldve given his baby a dofferent name screw you its not your choice on baby names its the parents choice if they want to name their child after a loved one then let so for all you idiots out there get a life. Congrats To Jake and Lacey on your new arrival.

Cara on

Here’s what scientist believe Jesus looked like:



Don’t like the name AT ALL! Sounds like a VERY old lady.

Stacey on

Congrats! The name is completely horrible, but Daddy is BEAMING!!!!!!! How precious is that!!

Anonymous on

I can’t believe people are saying this precious little girl’s name is horrible! What’s horrible about naming a baby after a loved one?!

blessedwithboys on


Taylor on

For one thing adorable baby! for another how do you know that it really is jesus in those pictures? we wouldnt know intill we go up there! so how u do figure u know what jesus looks like?

carrie on

No you can tell its not a homebirth, look at the equipment behind him across the room.

Congratulations on the new addition, a child is a blessing no matter who may or may not agree with the name. If you dont like it you dont have to comment. You can already tell what a beautiful family it will be!

Ariel on

What a what a precious little baby!

Blessedwithboys- In the full photo on Jake’s twitter you can see the IV needles in Lacey’s arm. So not a homebirth.

Nef on

How is one of the names modern? They’re both classic, old fashioned names.

Marky on

Pearl looks ecstatic even though she was born in the big, bad hospital, so guess she’ll do fine, BWB. How can anyone criticize anything about this ecstatically happy family? Love both her expression and her daddy’s!

tlc on

I see all the haters and negative nellies can’t even find anything nice to say on a holiday. TYPICAL!!!

Congratulations to the couple and their BEAUTIFUL PEARL!!!

Michelle on

Holy eyebrows Batman!

TJ on

Don’t like the name Olive at all. Like Pearl.

a on

that is a precious picture ❤

Mich on

Beautiful baby! Love that smile!!!!