Spotted: Reese Witherspoon’s Sweet Snuggle

11/21/2012 at 02:45 PM ET

Twins on the Way for Marshall and Jamie Anne Allman

How adorable!

Reese Witherspoon smiled as she hoisted 8-week-old son Tennessee JamesΒ onto her shoulder during an errand run Tuesday in Los Angeles.

“Reese has been in the best mood since she gave birth,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She recovered very quickly and has been feeling great.”

The actress has been spotted out with husband Jim Toth and ex Ryan Philippe at 9-year-old son Deacon‘s soccer games, and daughter Ava, 13, is enjoying family time as well.

“Tennessee is now smiling at the kids, and Ava especially likes to help Reese with him,” a pal tells PEOPLE. “Ava likes to dress Tennessee and Deacon likes to play with him.”

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Leslie on

Oh Lordy Reese, please dont’ call that sweet baby Tennessee……

Lucille on

Her baby, her name choice. You can name your own kids. She prob won’t like your choice either.

gagirl on

Thank you Lucille! Some people are just so opinionated. And no one cares anyway.

Anonymous on

She kind of already did Leslie…

Huh on


kim on

she is glowing

tm on

I know parents can name their kids anything they want to ….. but honestly, Tennessee is the dumbest name for a sweet little boy I have ever heard. Come on now!!!!!

Monika on

Then don’t name your kid that tm.

lexa on

Tm-plenty of people call their kids Dallas, Dakota, Montana, Phoenix, Carolina and didn’t Ashlee Simpsoon call her kid Bronx? Quit your judging. Tennessee isn’t your baby so he can be named whatever his momma and pappa want him to be named. I’m not the biggest fan of the name myself but it isn’t up to me.
Reese is gorgeous and her kids are all beautiful πŸ™‚

Jenny! on

She looks so happy!! I’m so glad for her πŸ™‚

miranda on

She probably named her son Tennessee because she grew up there. It’s not your baby. It’s hers. Let her name him whatever she wants. It’s a cute name. There are worse names out there like Pilot Inspector and Apple and Moses Martin.

private on

Congrats πŸ™‚

francesca on

Sorry , but the baby is not very cute at all. Maybe he will cuten up in time.

Laine on

Are you kidding me? You sound incredibly bitter and unpleasant, and you can’t even see the baby’s face in this picture. Get a life.

gross on

What a hateful human being you are francesca! Every baby is beautiful

Christine on

Franseca- I’m jealous of your amazing vision. I mean you can tell if the baby is cute or not by looking at the back of his head?!? WOW!

fanofboardwalkempire on

What a precious photograph- Tennessee is just so cute!
Congrats to the happy family and Happy thanksgiving! Blessings abound!

merry on

I’m not from the US, so I don’t feel it that way as some of you do, but I actually like the name very much.

Anonymous on

adorable baby!

Jennifer on

You b*tches just seriously crack me up.

Calling a baby ugly and going on and on and on over what a stranger names their kid. LOL! Seriously, take up knitting or do charity work or something else with your spare time, or better yet, turn on me and aim your vile anger at me. Then I’ll just laugh harder. We all know what perfect mothers you are and how beautiful and flawless your children are. *cough*

Kristin on

I am curious as to how Francesca can tell if baby Tennessee is cute or not in this photo. Maybe I am blind or something, but I only see some hair on that kid. Weird, I must need to get my eyes checked.

Anonymous on

I think she is a wonderful mom and wife…..those kids are really lucky

Heather on

Maybe these celebs just say they name their kids these crazy things, so noone (the public) knows their real names? Just a thought………

Cassie on

Aww, he’s so sweet.

Ali on

I bet his nickname will be T.J. That would be so cute!

jane on

Why is she taking a baby so young out in public? Its flu season!

Guest on

Come on, really? How long do you expect her to stay in the house? I had my second out grocery shopping when she was 5 days old. Life goes on.

Natalie on

I agree with those shocked at the rude comments. Wow, people calling babies ugly and mocking her name choice and now the bottom poster disagreeing with her taking the baby out too early. Get a life people! Who cares what she does with her baby or what she names him. So immature and I hope you aren’t mothers yourself. I would be walking on eggshells if I was your kid….worried my mama was going to think I was ugly or what not. You are probably going to be the mother in laws women despise.

Elara on

I’m thinking they will most likely be calling him TJ. But really, parents can name their baby whatever they want. Children are a blessing no matter what their name is. Obviously some people have never heard the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

jojo on

I personally like the name, but I like names that are a bit different. No Michaels and Jessicas for me. In fact, when I hear people name their kids Emily and Landon, I always just cringe a little at the common names. But not my kids, not my choice. Having a different name myself, Faun, I’ve always just been drawn to the different ones.

Also, the baby is 8 wks old and should be going out in public. A good pediatrician will tell you the same. You do not keep your kids cooped up in the house for months. Not good for mom or baby. And you may mean it’s RSV season and it is, but they were out for an errand. Could it be possible that this errand was a Dr. appt. or baby photos? Sure could be. Get a grip.

Teresa Asaro on

Why does that baby never have socks on his feet and a little hat on his head???

Deanna on

I don’t seen anything wrong with the name. Not any worse than – few examples: Hunter (really did you buy your baby a spear when he was born), Gunner (did you all ready sign him up for the army or he going to run guns for gangsters), Travis (so your child to end up in a trailer park) and all time worse Madison – after Darryl Hannah took that name in the movie Splash (because of the street sign), the name took off. So many more awful popular names makes Tennessee look pretty darn good.

gross on

You’re a bitch Deanna.

Jill on

I’m pretty sure Deanna is the all time worst name Little Miss Judgy Pants

Becky on

Haha @ Miranda, you’re right..Don’t forget about Moxie Crimefighter..

@Teresa Asaro..Could be because they are in cA where it is very warm..

mommameg on

A baby should still have a hat and socks on. Especially a hat in that sun.

Isabel on

She has a life and other children. There’s no reason to stay in the house until spring. It’s not like she’s handing him over to every stranger she meets.

missy on

I have 4 children: Cheyenne, Tevin, Denver & Phoenix.. People may say weird, I say “I LIKE THEM & THAT’S WHAT MATTERS… MYOB!!!! Also, Jon Bon Jovi named his daugher Stephanine, ” a normal” name & she just O.D. on heroin, obviously a “normal” name doesn’t shape the person!!!!

lexa on

Missy your kids names are awesome. I have 3 kids and another on the way. They don’t have normal names but my two older kids who are in school have no issues with other kids.

My kids names are Paisley, Fallon and Oscar and we plan on naming my second son Maverick or Channing (no not after Channing Tatum, its my maiden name) but you know what, I am their mother and I will name them whatever I want to. Plus, their are worse names then this. Pilot, Bingham, Moroccan and so many more. Mairah careys son is named after a room in her apartment.

Rant over.

jodi on

You stupid bitches need to shut the F up and worry about your own kids and parenting them!! Do you have nothing better to do than sit behind your computer and talk crap about people? I wonder the crap you talk about your own friends, if you even have friends. So what if she wanted to name her son that, maybe it has family meaning, so what if the baby doesn’t have socks or a hat on maybe it was warm or hot that day. She’s a mommy…she has 2 other children, she can handle it, she knows what to.

amelia on

Exactly jodi! Who are you all to judge her name choice, sock choice or lack thereof, and if you didnt take your kid out within the first two months you,should seek therapy. Go do something with your lives that actually count and mind your business!!

gomezhectar on

whenever a baby is named after a month or state, they were most likely conceived at that time/place. i bet this little guy was conceived in tennessee.

Carrie M on

Absolutely heart warming! Awww, I want one too!!

alisha on

Yes, adorable baby, reese looks great, love the pic, blahblahblah… But, I can’t stand to see babies without socks on. It’s common knowledge that’s where they lose their heat. they are smaller with less fat than us. don’t overheat the baby, just throw some socks on!

CanadaGurl on

I love how babies toes curl into the foot πŸ™‚

gross on

Evil evil people. Who pissed in your cheerios today?!

Josie on

What a stupid name! It’s so trailer-trash…

sandy on

awww, so cute. Love the name but guess they will call him TJ so that is cute as well.

Christina Gonza on

Ahhh. She looks so in synch w/her baby. She also looks like she’s in heaven on Earth. I hope to someday carry a baby of my own one day. I pray God will give me a family one day and a lovely man. I want a family so bad.

guest on

Why did she name him Tennessee???

diane on

its okay to name your babies or baby ,some famous name but just, to do it because you or a celebrity is sad because to me because you do not have the time to exactly to sit down and think about it i think they just go with whatever pops in their mind at that moment.

JJ on

People crack me up…. you want to know why there is so much bullying in society? It’s because of people like the ones making the rude comments saying Tennessee is an ugly name or the baby is ugly, etc. You wouldn’t want someone saying that about your child. So how about you do the world a favor and keep your trap shut? Didn’t your parents ever teach you if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? Geez….some people….

Rachel on

Personally, I think Tennessee is a cut name. I think I could have seen it more for a girl, but that’s just me. Beautiful name, and if y’all have seen pictures, he is ADORABLE..!

Andrea on

I’m curious to know if anyone who’s complained about Reese naming her son Tennessee ever heard of the iconic American writer Tennessee Williams? Yes, I know that Tennessee is not his real name. Williams wrote many classic plays and screenplays. Considering both Reese and her husband are in the film industry, the name is fitting. Not to mention that Reese is from Tennessee. The truth is, this is her child and not yours. She can name her son whatever she wants. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it for your next child.

Anonymous on

gomezhectar- Actually, Tennesse is where Reese was born and grew up, so that’s likely where the name comes from. πŸ™‚

As for all the hat and socks comment….This is Reese’s third child. Don’t you think she probably knows how to dress and care for a baby at this point?!

Somehow I think Tennesee will survive! πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

Also, to the poster who said Tennesse should have had a hat on to protect him from the sun…It seems pretty obvious that he and Reese were going straight from the car to whatever office or store they were at.

I doubt he suffered any sun damage in that little bit of time! Anyway, Tennessee (what we can see of him, anyway!) is adorable, and I wish I could stroke that soft hair! πŸ™‚

TN mom on

Seeing that sweet baby makes me so jealous of Reese. Wish mine were that tiny again! Cute kid, cute name!

Shawna on

Why do people keep saying “I bet they’ll call him TJ”??? They have never indicated that they plan to do that. My son is Elijah, that would be like people saying, “I bet they’ll call him Eli.” They named him what they wanted to name him and until they appear in public calling him TJ stop saying his name is TJ! There is nothing wrong with his name!

Donna on

Every baby is beautiful.

laurie on

Tennessee Toth? Poor baby.I hope he has a normal middle name he can use….

laurie on

I correct myself here-he DOES have a normal middle name he can use.Sweet little baby!

KC on

Why is it such a problem to people that she named HER son after a place she’s proud to be from? It’s not your son and there are others named Tennessee like Tennessee Williams.

KC on

@ the B!tcb Josie It’s not a trailer trash name. Not everybody from here is a redneck trailer trash.

Phoebe on

Actually, naming children after is very old school. There was a famous editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal named Connecticut Vermont Royster (long deceased). All his sibs were named after states, and they were all born around the turn of the last century. When I worked in the alumni office of a small local college, there was an older alumna named Tennessee Virginia.

Ann on

Tennessee is a big name so lets hope that doesn’t stick but then again James is not hip either….what was she thinking?

atleastimnice on

JJ you made my day with your comment. I agree 100%. Women are so catty. Pull your claws back ladies, as the saying goes, to each his own and it’s not up to you what she names her baby or what she does! She’s a fantastic mom and person! That’s all that matters and it’s none of your business!

Anonymous on


Sue on

She’s such a good mother..

Kimmie on

Francesca is a stupid idiot because I saw a photo of the baby and he is beautiful. (Please make me understand why someone would think a baby is not cute)

meghan on

alisha, that’s an old wives tale.

missy, that might be the stupidest thing anyone has ever said.

Sun on

Wonder if she named her son, Tennessee after a song from the movie “Walk the Line”? Very cute baby

Carol on

I agree with Leslie, Tennessee is not a great name. Hes adorable but you have to think about when you kids go to school, they get so picked on with those strange names.

Anonymous on

Okay, I have to put in my two cents: Tennessee is an old Southern name. Old-money Southern. Landed-gentry Southern. Like Virginia or Georgia. Not “redneck.” Calling your child initials instead of their name, like TJ (or KJ, or JR, or JP) is redneck. And I know, as I grew up in the South.

Travis on

I hope Halle Berry is reading this article, she and her men could use a lesson on how to conduct themselves like adults.

susan on

so many comments, so many opinions… as if what she named her baby, how she dresses him and whether or not it’s ok to take him out were any of your darn business… and i am sure all of you who are so opinionated have done or will do a perfect job of everything that you all do… NOT!!! LOL… it is her child, and I am sure she is doing just fine without your help and/or your two cents worth…

Ginger on

@anonymous she was actually born in New Orleans but grew up in Tennessee! Thank God she didnt name him New Orleans. I really hope they have nickname in mind. I really wish people would think about how mean kids can be and how unusual names can cause them to get picked on. Either way he is looks adorable. And she looks great!!

lusafdie on

LOVE her glasses! Anyone have an idea where they are from? Thanks!!

Amber on

Everyone has their own opinions. It is not our right nor our business to judge Reese based on what she named her child. It’s HER child not ours. Everyone is entitled to name their children what they want to name them. Who cares what others think? As long as the child is healthy that’s all that matters!

Amber on

Why are people always criticizing other people on this site? I’m not a parent but I don’t believe anyone has the right to criticize another parent based on their parenting style or name choices. What YOU name YOUR child is YOUR business. How YOU raise YOUR child is YOUR business. There is no such thing as a “perfect parent”. What Reese names her son is HER business. Why should it matter what others think? Tennessee isn’t bad compared to some other names I’ve heard…Is it harming anyone? No. It’s no one’s business as long as the family’s happy that’s what matters.

Amber on

missy I LOVE your children’s names! Who cares if they aren’t normal? I think they’re BEAUTIFUL! Good luck with your four children! I wish them all the best.

Amber on

Elara I totally agree with you. People don’t know how to be nice anymore…

Amber on

Why would anyone call an innocent child ugly? What is running through people’s lives? Is idoltrary so bad that you have to hurt other people to feel better about yourselves?

Amber on

jojo I agree with you. I don’t like names that are too common either…

Amber on

Why is everyone so obsessed with normality? Why is that when someone does something society doesn’t “like” we have to criticize other people. It’s their decision in terms of naming their child. Why should he have a normal name? So children don’t tease him? You’re not responsible for the child so it’s not your responsibility. Let’s all learn to respect eachother as human beings…

Denise S. on

Such a precious picture. And for the people wondering why he doesn’t have on a hat or socks, they are in Los Angeles. From what I always read, you dress your baby like you would dress yourself for the weather that day. Unless it is sick or a preemie, I see no reason to bundle a baby up when it’s a warm climate.

Anonymous on

amelia- I’m sorry, but I think that say if you don’t take your baby outside for two months you need therapy is a really mean thing to say. I get what you’re saying, but sometimes it IS best to keep a baby inside that long.

For example, if a baby is premature or sick, it’s often advise to keep them inside and out of public areas longer since their immune systems are even more fragile than those of healthy, full-term babies.

My point is that we don’t know people’s individual circumstances, and I don’t think it’s right to judge!

ginger- Kids with “normal” names can get teased just as easily. For example, a girl named Mary is bound to hear “Mary, Mary, quite contrary” more than a few times on the playground. And an overweight boy named Benajamin will probably get called “Big Ben”.

naknuwisha on

Regarding all the drama in the comments string…funniest thing I’ve read through in days!

naknuwisha on

This comment string and all it’s drama… Funniest thing I’ve read all week! πŸ™‚

luvmykidsndog on

Im so happy for her family & thier new baby. If you dont have anything nice 2 say,be quiet. Not everyone likes every name or thinks everyone is good looking. You dont meet someone in public & say ‘hey your ugly’ so dont do it hiding behind your screen. Your just a bully.

dsfg on

How can you say he’s not a cute baby just from looking at the back of his head???

And this is a blog, people are going to comment on whether or not they like his name or not. I’m sure all the commenters saying they don’t like the name Tennessee realize that Reese doesn’t care; they are just stating their opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s what a comment section is for.