Twins on the Way for Marshall and Jamie Anne Allman

11/20/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Twins on the Way for Marshall and Jamie Anne Allman

Jamie Anne Allman is good at keeping secrets — but she’s ready to let this one out of the bag.

The Killing star and husband Marshall Allman are expecting their first children — a set of twins! — this spring, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.

“We were ecstatic to find out we were pregnant and overjoyed to learn they were fraternal twins,” the couple tell PEOPLE.

“Twins run in both of our families so we were prepared for the possibility, but we know we’re gonna need all the prayers and help we can get.”

Jamie Anne and Marshall, best known for his roles as Tommy on True Blood and L.J. on Prison Break, broke the news to friends and family the best way they knew how.

“Both of us being actors, we made a film,” they tell PEOPLE. “It made it super fun and easy to share the news in a surprising way across the country.”

The Allmans were married in Austin, Texas in June 2006.

— Sarah Michaud

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Joy on

cute couple…happy for them!

Heather on

What is it with True Blood actors having twins lol!? Anna & Stephen have twins as does the actor who plays Sam…crazy!

Tee Tee on

I’m not familiar with this couple but congratulations to them! Twins are so much fun! I will admit that I always giggle when people talk about twins running on the husband’s side of the family, though. It really doesn’t matter!

. . on

OK. .kewl

Anonymous on

She married a hobbit.. hope they have an unexpected journey.

Jessica on

Something’s in the water over at True Blood… isn’t this the third or fourth set of twins for the actors on that show?

Heather on

It’s called IVF.

KH AD on

twins only run in a mother’s family……the father’s line doesn’t have any effect at all!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the happy family! what fun !

again...shut up on

There must be something in the water on the set of True Blood. Having fertility problems? Visit the set and walk away with twins! Goodness. On the other hand, I imagine they’ll probably be two pretty cute kids!

Heather on

Why are they worried? They have enough money to hire a nanny, or two. Is she afraid if ruining her figure?

I had triplets and was back to pre-pregnancy weight in 3 weeks. I didn’t get stretch marks either. No diet or exercise, I just double pumped milk every 3 hours.

Best of luck to them!

dawn on

had to laugh “” broke the news to friends and family the best way they knew how” come on it’s twins not cancer or aids.

Just My Opinion on

Congrats to them both, I too have a set of twins. However, the fact that Marshall has twins on his side of the family didn’t increase your chances of having twins. What did is the fact that she has twins on her side of the family. Her doctor should have told them that.


Every one is Hollywood have twins. Imagine that.

meghan on

Heather, not all actors are wealthy. You seem to hate celebrities. Why are you on this site?

Kelly on

Prayers lifted for the beautiful Allman family! So exciting!!!!!

Dheniss on

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, iยดm soooo happy, Jamie Anne & Marshall deserve it so much!!! cool family.She`s soooo lovely & he`s very cool. Iยดm very happy cuz they`re aperfect match!!

Dheniss on


Carrow on

Oh wow! he looks much younger than he is! Congratulations to the Allmans.

Ml on

If they were smart they would know only moms determine how many babies. The man does not ever determine how many just the sex

Annie on

Congrats! I am a mom of twins… God’s most wonderful blessing. Our biggest surprise ever!!! Nothing more amazing than 2 little loves!!!

meghan on

And if you were smart, MI, you would realize that several people have already pointed that out.

Anonymous on

Heather- In addition to what Heather said, Jamie specifically said that twins run in her family (Marshall’s, too, but as other posters have pointed out, that wouldn’t have contributed to their babies on the way), which indicates they were concieved naturally.

Like it or not, some celebs DO concieve twins the old-fashioned way! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, congrats to them! Oh, and I wonder if they fact that they know the twins are fraternal means they’re having one of each (to my knowledge, that’s the only way you can know whether or not twins are fraternal before birth. While identicals commonly share the “outer” sack and have a fused placenta, they can also each have their own sacks and placentas just like fraternals)?

sillysara on

There is no way to tell at this point if there are 2 separate sacs and 2 placentas as identical twins can also have that. There is also no way to the the genders this early unless they had an amnio but it is also too early for that. So really they have no way to tell this early that the twins are definitely fraternal unless they did IVF and know that they transferred more than 1 egg.

Marky on

Congrats to the Allmans! So exciting to hear they are pregnant with twins! Hope they have a blast and they have a great time with their new family!

sillysara, if she is due in the spring, and it is the end of November, she could be at least as far along as 20 weeks, and would be able to know the sex of her babies, therefore, could know if they are fraternal. Amnio can be done at 20 weeks and often is. In our family, we knew the sex of most of the babies by the 14th week. When the babies are twins, they are usually checked more often to find out whether they are identical, because there are certain issues that can happen if they are. Usually things go well, but they need more checking, thus the parents may know about fraternal and identical, and the sex of the babies.

Everyone in H’wood doesn’t have IVF, and even if they did, what of it? Their business…..

Anonymous on

sillysara- Actually, they very well could know the babies’ genders by now. “Spring” could mean as early as March, which is less than four months away and would put Jamie around five months.

And even if she’s not due until May, she’d still be at least three months along, and some doctors and ultrasound techs can tell the gender that early (from what I’ve read, gender can be determined via ultrasound as early as 12 weeks, albiet not as accurately as later on).

She also could have had a test known as CVS, which can be done earlier than an amnio and can also determine gender.

Nicole A. on

I love how everyone thinks they are an expert.

1. Not all sets of multiples are conceived through IVF
2. It IS possible to know if the twins are fraternal or identical . . . (we did.)

Welcome to the twin club, Allmans. It’s a fabulous, crazy journey.
[ Sleep while you still can! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]

Erin on

@Heather – How do you know their financial situation? Your why worry, they can afford a nanny or two comment is obnoxious. It’s not like they’re A listers raking in the millions. And perhaps just perhaps they don’t want a nanny. I’m sure most people would find that whole package overwhelming.

kiley on

ivf much? ๐Ÿ™‚

AmandaC on

Wow he looks like her son!

dsfg on

โ€œ’Twins run in both of our families so we were prepared for the possibility . . . ‘”

It doesn’t matter if twins run in her husband’s family, that has no bearing on whether or not she conceives twins. A woman is only more likely to carry twins if fraternal twins run in her maternal line.

Jen on

Wow, what is with the water over there at the set of True Blood? Third set of twins? Seriously? God bless ’em!

sillysara on

Actually, I have fraternal twins so yes, I am aware of the extra appointments and the constant ultrasounds. Any good tech or perinatal doc would never give an indication of gender from an ultrasound at a mere 12 weeks. That is way too early to be accurate. So unless they had CVS (and she does look old so that’s possible) they don’t know if they are having boy/girl twins for certain. I just find it interesting that they came out and made all of these statements about twins running all over their families so as to leave no doubt that they conceived naturally. Guess what – I have several sets of natural fraternal twins in my family (both my grandmothers are twins -and they didn’t have fertility treatments back then) and my twins had a little help from a reproductive endocrinologist. I could have made the same statement as they did. Doesn’t mean anything.