Melissa Joan Hart: Why I Dreamed of Having a Daughter

11/20/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Melissa Joan Hart: Why I Dreamed of Having a Daughter
Scott Gries/Invision for The Hub/AP

Now the mom of three boys, Melissa Joan Hart once found herself dreaming of a life with daughters.

The inspiration behind her fleeting fantasy? Tackling the terrible twos — and a coloring book! — with eldest son Mason Walter.

“[He] just would not calm down, he was such a wild man,” the Melissa & Joey star, 36, told PEOPLE during The Hub‘s Playdate Premiere Party sponsored by The MOMS on Nov. 10 in New York City, where a new Guinness World Record was set for the largest coloring book ever.

“And I would keep saying, ‘Why can’t I have a little girl that just sits and colors?'”

But despite taking his time to show his true talents, the now 6½-year-old not only works wonders with a crayon, but has moved on to creating his own picture books.

“He steals our printer paper and he makes up books about different animals,” the proud mama shares. “He has a collection of books he’s made under his bed.”

And with Hart currently in the process of writing her own memoir, her son’s sketching skills could one day be quite useful to the author. “He may very well end up doing the illustrations for my book,” she jokes.

The actress recently welcomed her third son Tucker McFadden — Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson are also parents to Braydon Hart, 4, pictured above — and would love nothing more than to expand her family further … if it weren’t for the pesky pregnancy process.

“I would have seven babies if I didn’t have to be pregnant. I hate being pregnant — the lack of energy at the beginning [and] having to change your diet,” she says. “It’s a huge adjustment and you have to change your whole lifestyle for a few months.”

But with such a bright light at the end of the tunnel — her baby boy! — Hart knows the best days are yet to come.

“What gets me through the rough months [is that] I remember that it is going to get better as his personality changes,” she explains. “Soon he is going to be crawling and walking.”

Mason and Brady also have been making the transition easier on Mom by offering a helping hand — and a turn at diaper duty! — when needed.

“The older boys help with diaper changes. I am like, ‘Can you grab Mommy that?’ and after weeks [of that] they are like, ‘Gosh, you can never do anything for yourself,'” Hart says with a laugh.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Debra Lewis-Boothman

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nicole on

adopt a girl lol

Holiday on

She said so many times since the birth of her 1st son that she wants a daughter. Now 3 sons later she still doesnt have one 😦 Her boys are adorable but I know what it feels like to want a daughter so badly. I was considering IVF for a girl if my 2nd was not a girl but luckily I did get my daughter.

Jennifer Kresicki on

I have 3 sons each a year apart and I wanted a daughter, when I got pregnant the 4th time, I was OK if it was a boy. Everything happens for a reason, I always wanted a big family. My daughter’s pregnancy was difficult. Each child is different you love them all the same.

Anonymous on

I have three boys myself. Every time I get the urge for a daughter, I remind myself to try not to stereotype genders. Having expectations of your kids before they are even born is bound to set everyone up for disappointment. Simply having a girl does not mean that she would be the daughter that I have built up in my head. Not all girls are quiet, complacent, and calm. Not all boys are rowdy, hard to manage, and dirty. My sons are all so lovely and they each bring something different to our table.

Jemma on

I know people are going to comment on what I am about to say so here it goes… You would think with being in the public eye, taking so many pictures and walking the carpet she would know what poses work for her body and that position is not working for her legs!

I know she just had her 3rd baby and some might find it refreshing to see a “real” mom yeah, yeah I got it but come on you are a celebrity!

Laine on

oh yes. I forgot that celebrities can’t crouch down to their kids, lest they look the slightest bit not skinny. She obviously was thinking “I’ll pose with my son”, not “how can I crouch down so as to look as beautiful and thin as possible?” Not to mention that she looks gorgeous anyway.

Diedra on

There is nothing wrong with that picture. I hope she doesnt read this stuff

ava on

I can understand why she’d want a girl, but personally, I think boys are very special 🙂

margie o on

I agree! I love my little man and his wild ways.

Erica on

I don’t understand her comment. She makes it sound like the only way to have a child is through pregnancy…if she wants a little girl that badly, adopt one who needs a home.

In the mean time, she should also re-evaluate her reasons for wanting a girl if she thinks they can’t be just as wild as boys or sometimes wilder! It just depends on the kid’s personality.

Stacey on

Pregnancy changes your life for a few months………..try the entire pregnancy! I had morning sickness and heartburn 24 hours a day for the whole nine months. And I did have 7 babies, and I swear if I was younger I’d do it again. I guess it boils down to how much do you really want another child.

Alissa on

I too am the mother of three boys and I too always thought I would have a daughter. I was never disappointed I had sons or wanted to “try again” for a girl.

I attribute my thoughts of daughter from a childhood spent playing with baby dolls and doing things that are “girly”.

Here is what I found out: I can still do all the “girly” things with my boys that I want…shop, pedicures, facials, baking, sewing, fashion, dance, etc.

I have a great time with the boys…they are more fun to dress now as teenagers than a girl would be any day…boys look great in everything and none of their clothes are too sexy. I feel blessed everyday to have sons.

Mari on

Thank you do much for the reminder. I’m a mom of two boys under the age of 5. It’s hard to see what lies ahead! Thank you so much for helping me see that. I never post but I had to tell you that!

Mel on

I’m not a mom, but I’ve always said I’d love all boys.

I’d be terrified with a little girl. My parents didn’t know (and still don’t know) all the things I got into lol.

I would love to the only Queen in my castle!

Nicole on

I hate it how so many people act like adopting is as easy as getting a puppy. Many adoption agencies won’t even deal with couples who aren’t infertile, and you can’t choose a gender.

meghan on

Erica, maybe she doesn’t want to adopt. Adoption is a bit more of a commitment then, say, a cell phone plan. You make it sound like no big deal. It’s as big a deal as marriage and not everyone wants that.

Anonymous on

Nicole- Actually, sometimes you CAN choose a gender (as well as age, whether you’re willing to adopt a special needs child or sibling group, and for domestic adoptions a certain race), especially when you adopt overseas.

That being said, I agree with you. Adoption can in some ways be more difficult than pregnancy, and not everyone is comfortable with those challanges…or with having a child that isn’t genetically related to them.

leni on

Melissa: Not all girls sit quietly and colour. My 18 month old is a real wild child too and she’s a girl. She can never sit still, run around constantly, climbs on everything and gives me mini heart attacks every day. A good friend of mine has a son the same age and he can sit and play with a toy for half an hour and he’s happy colouring at his table for most of the afternoon. It’s nothing to do with gender really but with the child’s personality. I love my daughter just the way she is as she’s got fire and spirit but yes I sometime also envy my friends chilled out son. Like she wished he had more energy.

Your sons are adorable! Hope I get one some day (preggo now but don’t yet know!!)

Erica on

lol I actually work in the adoption field, I know how hard it can be and that it’s not for everyone. No need to preach at me. I’m not a fan of Melissa so, so her complaints about how she wishes she could have more kids but won’t b/c pregnancy is so hard + the wording of the article particularly irritated me…

Sarah on

Melissa should be happy that she has three health, happy boys!!!

Diedra on

I’m with you Sarah.

Wow on

Wow guys, where did she say that she wasn’t happy with her kids?! She laughed and said she’d like a girl…stop trying to find something wrong with her comments. Since when is it wrong to want a girl?! She obviously loves her kids. You all are such drama queens. Gag

Meredith on

I think she should keep the comments to herself. One day her boys could find all the articles of her wishing she had girls instead of boys because of how her children misbehaved. I am the oldest of 3 children (2 girls and 1boy) and my mother ALWAYS said that my brother was better behaved than me and my sister, which is pretty much right since I was a devil of a child. Gender really doesn’t matter when it comes to that. A little girl will throw a screaming fit the same way a boy will.

Lisa on

As a mom of three boys as well, I can honestly say that after my last son – and knowing he was my last baby – I did go through a period of mourning the IDEA of having a daughter. With that being said, I wouldn’t change having my boys ever and am so happy that they are in my life.

Kresta on

My firstborn was a son and he was very restless and active. My second baby was another son with a completely different personality. Snuggly and placid. My third baby was a girl and she was also restless and active. No matter what the sex, babies have different temperaments from when they are born.

Anonymous on

Sarah- She’s never said that she isn’t! 🙂

Erica- Melissa indicated that she’s hesitant to have more kids because she doesn’t like being pregnant. She never said that she’s NEVER going to have more kids! I also didn’t see her comments as complaining.

Rather, I assume that PEOPLE asked her if she’s going to have more kids and she answered truthfully. 🙂

Amy on

I think people should adopt more kids instead of having more

Mindy on

I have 3 boys also. I know what it feels like to want a daughter but I’m so fortunate to have my 3 healthy boys. They are priceless to me. I also enjoyed being pregnant.

shannon on

She isn’t complaining about her kids being boys! I have 3 boys and before I knew what my last was I kind of wished for a girl. Now I wouldn’t change it for the world. I think she is so down to earth and honest. Nothing wrong with not liking pregnancy and not wanting to adopt. Melissa has a beautiful family.

gt on

melissa just has to keep trying for that girl!

desiree on

I think she is very brave to ADMIT what most of us think anyway. Being pregnant does suck!! I don’t know why moms won’t just admit it. I guess fear of judgement. But, hey it dosen’t mean you don’t love your baby just b/c you don’t love bloating, doctor visits, sleepless nights, heartburn, etc…

I also think if you asked most people honestly, they’d admit they have a preference on which gender they’d like to have. Nothing wrong with that either. Dosen’t mean they don’t love the child they have.

mommameg on

I LOVED being pregnant – all 5 times. I. love it so much, I wish I could be a surrogate, but cannot because of medical issues.

Not every mom hates being pregnant.

Lauri on

I am sure Melissa realizes how blessed she is, but this article is hard for me to read. My husband and I cannot conceive naturally. Our only option is IVF with no guarantees. I would give anything to experience a life growing within, no matter how I felt during pregnancy. We have considered adoption as well, and we know that however a child comes into our lives, we will be blessed. Each child is a miracle, no matter how it comes into your life.

babygurl on

A girl who would just sit and color, my daughter is 2 and she never sits still, i am currently pregnant and this ones a boy im hoping hes the opposite of her. Gender doesnt determine personality

Julie on

Here we go again with the usual posters saying “adopt a daughter”. These posters don’t seem to get that many people are not the slightest bit interested in adoption, they want their own biological kids.

gues on

We have 2 kids and I hate when people assume we’re done trying because we got one of each. If we had had a second boy, we would have considered ourselves equally blessed and our family would have been every bit as complete as it is with one of each. I think many girls grow up thinking they’ll have daughters but once I held my 5 year old son in my arms, those dreams went out the window.

Elara on

Just because celebrities happen to have a job that makes them famous doesn’t mean they don’t face the same struggles as other parents. I happen to really like MJH as an actress and as a woman. She isn’t afraid to be honest about how she feels, despite what all the overly critical strangers think. There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting a daughter. Especially if she already has sons. She has a beautiful family and she obviously loves her boys. I’m sure if she really wanted a baby girl, she could probably adopt one.

Canadasue on

How can she hate being pregnant? I loved being pregnant (both times) — even through the hard bits. Pregnancy is such a miracle and a gift.

guest on

hahaha, if she really thinks boys are automatically worse than girls she is naive. Girls can be just as “bad”.

guest on

ava, boys are not more special than girls. a child is a child is a child.

Tracie on

She should be happy that she can get pregnant and carry to full term. Some of us are not able to and would give anything to be able to have another child, The Lord blessed my husband and I with one biological child and one adopted and are the loves of my life!

chrystal on

I agree. There are several women who can’t get pregnant. She should be thankful.

Kiki on

Pregnancy is a blessing. Not every woman who wants to gets to experience it. I really watch my words when talking about pregnancy and having a specific gender knowing so many couples have infertility struggles.

JessiMarie on

“I would have seven babies if I didn’t have to be pregnant.” Well, adopt then. Problem solved.

Susan King on

I am the mother of three boys, one of whom passed away at just 17 days of age. I loved being pregnant, but my body did not. I would LOVE to have another child, but cannot. Ms Hart, I am a living, breathing example of being grateful for what God gave me!

anne on

knowing so man women who struggle with infertility i think it came across a little insensitive .. just saying.

Marci on

I have two sons and I adore them. My oldest is quiet, patient and the sweetest kid. My youngest is loud and rambunctious. I would have liked to have had a daughter but it was not that important. I think the difference between having a daughter or a son for mothers happens when the children become adults. When my mom had cancer, she only wanted my sister or I to take care of her. She felt comfort with having her two daughters looking after her, but she loved my brothers. She was a great mom. I am not saying sons can’t take care of their aging/dying parents but this is just what I experienced.

Stephanie on

Well if she doesn’t like being pregnant, then DONT GET PREGNANT!!! There are millions of us that have a hard time getting pregnant and once and if we do get pregnant, we love it!!

unknown on

I know people are going to jump down my throat for my comment but I’m going to comment anyways. As a woman in her 20’s who has been trying to get pregnant for over 3.5 years and have tried many fertility treatments I find MJH’s statement that she hates being pregnant stupid and offensive. I would give anything to get pregnant. Boo hoo. So you have to change your life for 9 months. As a parent you have to change your life anyways. And as for the people who say “just adopt” its not that easy. Adoption costs tens of thousands of dollars and takes a lot of time. Adoption is not for everyone. I commend the people that do adopt. I know pregnancy is not great for every woman but I think every woman who gets pregnant should be thankful because there are many women like me who would love to be in their shoes.

Izzie on

While I know Ms. Hart didn’t mean to sound like a jerk, she certainly came off as incredibly selfish to me. I haven’t been blessed with children, but I would certainly change my diet, way of life, etc., to welcome a child into my life. To think that a little girl would be sugar and spice is quite an assumption on her part.

another selfish celebrity on

Well, easy solution to your problem….Stop having babies if you hate being pregnant. I mean really, there are so many babies HERE IN THE US that need homes- why don’t you try that? Another selfish celebrity…….

S on

I hate pregnancy too!! I have 2 boys and 1 girl and another daughter on the way. I’m done! When u have preeclampsia every pregnancy and gestational diabetes yea it makes it pretty miserable.

Jada on

Here’s a thought STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX! Then maybe you would “Hate being pregnant” 🙂

S on

Don’t get me wrong I am very thankful for my wonderful kids. But when u have alot of problems it makes pregnancys less exciting. All ur enjoyment is focused on making sure this baby even comes out alive and healthy, and that more things don’t come up

Amanda on

Some people dislike being pregnant. My sister struggled w/ infertility and inexplicably conceived. Twice. She was sick for 6-7 months w/ each of her boys, nearly lost the first during labor which resulted in an emergency c-section and THEN suffered postpartum eclampsia which nearly killed her. (She was in ICU due to a bleed in her brain.) They assured her it was a fluke thing, but she got pregnant a second time and again suffered from postpartum eclampsia and was again hospitalized. She’d love to have a girl and she and her husband would like to adopt. I guess according to some of you, this makes her a horrible mama.

cathy on

Wow the haters on this board. Its not insensitive to point out that pregnancy is not enjoyable for every woman. That doesn’t make those who are blessed w fertility ungrateful. Nor does the longing for a girl. I’m sure mjh knows she is blessed and loves those boys to death. Its her decision to weigh whether she wants to go through another pregnancy for the chance at a girl. And its also not insensitive to say that adoption is not for everyone. its costly, heart wrenching and takes a long time.

Bal on

Agree- 100%. We all have our opinions. We are all blessed !

Anonymous on

Jemma I SWEAR I didn’t notice her legs until you said something. Maybe if you were happier with your life you wouldn’t try to make others feel bad

Laine on

I didn’t notice either. I just noticed how happy she looked with her sweet little boy. Some people are just so critical.

Anonymous on

People who say they hate being pregnant are completely ignorant. I had HELLP syndrome and gave birth to my stillborn daughter 6 months ago. I would take the morning sickness, tiredness and diet change for the rest of my life if I could get my daughter back. People need to appreciate their families- especially their healthy children.

mommommommom on

Boo hoo-“I’m infertile and offended.” Those of you struggling with infertility shouldn’t pass judgement until you’re actually pregnant yourselves! Pregnancy is hard on a lot of women. I was sick and exhausted for 9 months and had severe back pain-I absolutely hated it! I loved that I was going to be a mom and realized how lucky I was but that didn’t change how I felt day to day as I was dragging my sick butt to work! MJH is just being honest.

guest on

Im sorry u had a hars pregnancy but maybe if you had fertility issues u wouldnt be such a witch

Guest on

You weren’t lucky, you were blessed!!! Unless you’ve struggled getting pregnant, then you cannot understand. Same thing for those who lose a child.

Pammie Anne on

I think she should count her blessings to be pregnant and I wish she had not complained – it breaks my heart. How many women would love to be in her shoes. That’s it. Enough said.

lizardbrain on

I really appreciate her honest candor. She’s right, pregnancy is tough and so it having a newborn. If one more famous new mom goes on and on about how happy they are and how motherhood was just meant for them, I will explode. Having babies is amazing, hard, beautiful and soul altering. It pushes you right to your limit and asks for even more. Unless of course your rich with nannies and never have to do the grunt work. Then you basically suck.

Whodunit on

Not all girls are laid back and quiet! My two nieces are terrors who don’t listen, hit, back talk, throw toys, and are always making huge messes where my two nephews are totally laid back and sweet kids. The nieces are 6 and 2 and the nephews are 4 and 2.

Elizabeth on

mommommommom on November 24th, 2012

Boo hoo-”I’m infertile and offended.” Those of you struggling with infertility shouldn’t pass judgement until you’re actually pregnant yourselves! Pregnancy is hard on a lot of women. I was sick and exhausted for 9 months and had severe back pain-I absolutely hated it! I loved that I was going to be a mom and realized how lucky I was but that didn’t change how I felt day to day as I was dragging my sick butt to work! MJH is just being honest.

Until you’ve lived through the devistation of IF, I wouldn’t shoot back at them. My husband and I struggled for years to become pregnant with our son. I was 8 months along when he died due to placental abruption. 17 months later we became pregnant again with a baby girl. I was so afraid the same thing would happen again.

When I was 29 weeks I became very ill and my little girl was born sleeping that night. We were told they’d do an autopsy to determine why she died but for reasons unexplained it was not done.

Pregnancy is tough yes but I realize despite the outcome of my pregnancies how blessed I was to have my son and daughter for however brief a time. I was in pain and very sick through both pregnancies but I don’t complain because I know just how blessed I was to be pregnant in the first place.

Wanting a child and not having them or unable to have them is extremely painful especially around the holidays. I wasn’t able to even go to work because I was on bed rest from the time I was 4 months until I lost my children. Those ladies don’t need that their hurting badly enough. I’m glad your not in their shoes and have your children with you to celebrate the holidays with.

KatenAz on

From someone experiencing infertility, I would love to be pregnant and stay pregnant. Not sure what to make of her comment. So many women take pregnancy and having healthy children for granted.

Anonymous on

Wow — she sounds so pathetic! She should be ashamed of herself. The small sacrifices during pregnancy are worth every wonderful moment a child brings. Oh so sorry you were a little tired or couldn’t drink — please! Count your blessings already and stop whining Melissa.

Happy Mommy on

Anyone who read anything negative into MJH’s comments needs to reread and evaluate your heart! This is an honest mom who seems to genuinely enjoy her kids! Just because you didn’t like being pregnant does not mean you are not beyond thankful for your children. This could be a conversation I would have with any of my girlfriends and I would not judge them thinking they were insensitive, ungrateful, would have rather had a girl, or should just adopt. I hope MJH is just as sweet and fun of a mom as she appears to be!

Katydid on

Some women absolutely love pregnancy, but I’m going to keep it real and say there is another group that feels the opposite. Doesn’t mean you love your children less.

I had “morning sickness” all day every day up to delivery with both children and a constant metalic taste that just put it over the top. Medication wasn’t helpful because it made me sleepy. I liked the growing belly showing my pregnancy but hated it otherwise.

Every woman is different.

rhonda on

3 girls myself but deep down have always wanted a little boy. Wouldn’t trade my 3 girls for world though.

CCEx on

Pregnancy sucks. Mind you I was hospitalized numerous times and almost died.

Laura on

Maybe instead of wanting a certain gender and complaining about being pregnant, she should be thanking her lucky stars that it was easy for her to get pregnant, carry three babies to term, and have three perfectly healthy children. Some of us are not so lucky and would do anything to have those things. I get that this is just a silly article, and I actually really like her, but maybe she shouldn’t take things for granted than not everyone is lucky enough to have. Wasn’t it just thanksgiving?? Maybe be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on how you wish you had a girl. Also, how does she think her sons are going to feel one day when they read this and learn that she was disappointed that they were males? 😦

Marky on

I adopted a daughter and she is a delight to our family, now married with children of her own. We were crazy about our boys, but really wanted a daughter, and I have no big hang up on my genes being sooo much better than others.that I had to drive myself crazy and have 10 boys before I had a girl, LOL. I had a cousin who had so many girls before she had a son, I figured that out before I was 17!

Personally, I could have been pregnant a dozen times because I loved being pregnant! I had an easy time, felt great, etc. I had friends who felt the same way Melissa does, though. It was worth it to have the baby, but just barely…….

Mona on

Coming from someone who is unable to get pregnant hearing her complain about having to make changes to her diet and all the other “problems” makes me sick! I would give anything to have a child. She should be thrilled to have 3 wonderful,healthy children and another on the way!!!

Melissa on

I have lost all respect for her. Bitching about being pregnant. Do you know how many women struggling with infertility would LOVE to be pregnant. If you don’t like being pregnant stop having sex.

Astrid on

My daughter is the oldest of three and she is the straw that stirs the drink, if you know what I mean. lol

Rachel on

Lol @ Alissa.. Boys are more fun to dress as teenagers? Ha, sounds like someone is in severe denial..sorry you never got a daughter..sons marry and disappear into there wives family..a daughter is forever …it’s very sad for you

Bethany on

I love how the title of the article is about why she wants a girl and then I scroll down and the first thing I see is a suggestive balloon.

Chica on

Geez. Lots of you are overreacting to just small parts of her comments on this article. People really didn’t help by titling the article about her hating pregnancy. That was not the main point of the article at all.

Angela on

Well, I’m a mother of 3. I had 2 boys first and was shocked at how aggressive and physical they were. Baby stage is a piece of cake. Once they hit ages 2-6, they are WILD!! I won’t like, there were many nights my boys made me cry because I just couldn’t control them. They jumped off couches, dived into furniture, fought over toys, pounded on each other…and that’s when they were getting along and playing!!! It was horrible. My 3rd child was a girl, she was born 3 yrs ago. I can honestly say she was a breeze compared to my sons. I would’ve loved and been happy with another boy, but when she was born, gosh, what a difference. I think a lot of people stereotype boys,, they make them this ‘prize’. Especially those that have no sons or only have 1. Girls are beautiful and sweet and for me, my daughter is so much more calm. I love all my kids, am very happy I’ve gotten to experience boht (boys & girls) but if I had another I’d definitetly want another girl. That testosterone is no joke! lol

Heather on

It’s really sad that a busy mom of three can’t vent the normal frustrations of motherhood without having to worry about every woman that cannot conceive.

So…to all of you women who cannot conceive and think she’s wrong for venting a bit…does she have to keep her mouth shut for the next 20 something years about motherhood’s frustrating times because you cannot naturally have a child?

It’s like when people complain that their legs are tired and amputees are upset because at least the complainer has legs.

C’mon, give her a break! She’s obviously a very hands on mommy if she’s getting a tad frustrated. When you’re up to your eyeballs in diapers and children all day its OK to be a tad frustrated at times.

Cmg on

Thank you Heather. Damn y’all are fairly evil here. I only have one and would have liked more but don’t feel the need to hate on everyone whose life is different from mine.

Cmg on

Amen Heather.

Angela on

BTW I loved being pregnant. Each pregnancy was different, my 2nd being a little tougher with the morning sickness all 9 months, but I survived. To say I hate it or that it was horrible would be overreacting. Being pregnant is the easy part, it’s after the babies are born and you have to raise them, that’s HARD.

rachel on

I agree with her, i hated being pregnant. I do have 3 girls and no boys. My girls never sat quietly and played, they were everywhere, i couldnt take a shower even when they were sleeping cause i was afraid they would wake up and i was terrified about what they would get into. They are now in their 20’s and calm prodcuctive adults, i’m very proud of them, but just because they’re girls does not mean they are quiet and sweet. Mine were complete nightmares! I love them anyway, but it wasnt easy.

Tara on

she sounds like a whiner. poor boys.

reallove on

If you want a daughter so badly I’m pretty sure there are PLENTY of orphaned little girls who dream of nothing more than having a mother to love them and I’m pretty sure not having parents is a bigger tragedy than not havign a daughter, most of all if you hate being pregnant even more reason to adopt a beautiful little girl in need of a loving home and don;t for one second think your boys aren’t perceptive enough to realize you wanted a girl and got them instead.

Laura on

Omg yuck everyone look at her leg how nasty and full of cellulite it is disgusting barf!!

allibites on

Good lord folks! The woman simply said she hated being pregnant. Some of you make it seem like she said she hated her children with all your negative comments. My first pregnancy was miserable and I loathed it. I attributed that to my mother passing away when I was 9 weeks along. Guess what? I’m 9 weeks pregnant again, and it’s just as miserable. There is nothing fun about 24 hour nausea and vomiting, fatigue from h*ll, hemorrhoids, constipation, or peeing everytime you sneeze, laugh, or giggle. A beautiful baby makes it all worth it at the end, but the nine months leading up to it just plain sucks.

SRD22 on


Anonymous on

many women, like myself, only dream of being pregnant. Pls don’t say you hate it. So many struggle with infertility.

melissa on

Writing your memoirs? What’s so important about you – really? Who do you think would buy this? Just because you’re a mom to three boys doesn’t make you newsworthy. Even if you were in some lame shows at one point.

BeNice on

I think it’s great that she is being honest. She wants a girl but she still loves her boys.

The balloon made me laugh. just saying 🙂

alynafors on

I really wish women, celebrities included, would stop and think before opening their big, stupid mouths to complain about being pregnant. Do you have any idea how insensitive that is?

I would give anything in the world to be able to conceive a life with my husband, feel that life grow inside of me and be able to give birth to a healthy baby, boy OR girl, that is our love personified.

Everyone has a different experience with fertility, pregnancy, labor and delivery. But regardless of your experience, if you are not willing to deal with the “inconvenience” of being pregnant, then you shouldn’t be a mother.

Being a mom is hard, from start to finish, no one is denying that. But, as life has taught me, anything worth having is worth working for. So, thank God you are blessed with the miracle that it is bringing life forth and quit your complaining! Your children are worth every moment of sickness, pain, exhaustion you will ever feel. All you have to do is look in their little eyes to know that.

Mommy2pink on

So I assume then that you never complain about a bad day at work, because so many don’t have jobs and would kill for them.

I assume you never complain about a meal since so many people are starving.

I assume you never complain about bills, since so many would love to have the services you are capable of having.

I assume you never complain about the cost of gas or car repairs since you are blessed enough to own a car and that mom toting her babies on the bus or walking in the snow would give anything to have.

I have two beautiful daughters. My first pregnancy was by the book, no sickness. I didn’t love being pregnant. She resulted in an emergency c section that almost took my life. My second pregnancy I was extremely sick, in dibilitating pain the whole time from my scar tissue ripping to my back and not being able to walk. Extreme fatigue and trying to give optimal care to my 3 year old at that point. So yes, I hate being pregnant. Because I had the ability to have a child does not take away my right to have an opinion about my experience. I’m truly sorry for those who can’t conceive. I’m watching my best friend go through it right now. I’ve offered to be her surrogate and would hate enduring that pregnancy as well. But the end result is always worth it. Adoption is not the bandaid for the desire to have biological child that so many seem to imply.

By having something that someone else desires does not strip you of your right to an opinion. Experiences are extremely different for each pregnancy and mother. We need to band together and support one another, not tear each other apart.

I have gorgeous daughters, but always saw myself with a son. I still have that desire, however I will never know. And I’ve become ok with it, but I doubt the desire will ever leave.

Congrats MJH. Wish you all the best.

JJ on

As someone who struggled with infertility and was eventually blessed with 2 healthy boys, all you people attacking MJH need to back off. Pregnancy can be easy or it can really suck…she’s brave for saying what all mommies know! If you’ve never been pregnant and want to be, I am sorry because I know exactly how that feels, but stop being so sensitive.

Shanna on

It sure is refreshing to read about a celebrity that is honest about pregnancy. I get so annoyed reading about all those celebrities that brag about how much they love being pregnant.

Lanna on

Its pretty sad when there are people all over hte world who cant enjoy the blessing of having children naturally, and she is complaining about having to change her lifestyle for a few months to have kids. Maybe someone needs a reality check, not everyone was given a golden spoon, and have nothing more to complain about that the inconvience of pregnancy.

Erin on

Adoption is an option and a very obvious one to someone with this much money…

Kristin on

I’m a little disturbed by this story (and I’ve NEVER commented on a story before, either). I am a mother of one child and have not taken ONE MOMENT of his life, or my pregnancy for granted. Our son was the result of our SIXTH IVF cycle and we are extremely lucky to have had him. He is our true miracle child!

To hear people with multiple children complain about their pregnancies makes me sick!

People, please please please do not take one moment of a pregnancy for granted! Please remember there are ladies out there who would do ANYTHING to have a difficult pregnancy in order to have one child, while you bitch about your morning sickness during your FOURTH pregnancy. Consider yourselves lucky to experience a pregnancy….or four.

Maren on

I always wanted a daughter, and I ended up with two. However my oldest is a total tomboy-even dresses in boys’ clothes, and likes her hair short. Ha ha!

Diedra on

If you look carefully is the calve, w a boot, is not cellulite, is the skin crushed between the boot and the bent thigh. I dont think you can get cellulite in the calves.

jin on

If you hate being pregnant cross your legs and adopt.Be grateful that you can even get pregnant,

Canuck5 on

I honestly do not understand why saying you didn’t enjoy being pregnant is so offensive to infertile mothers.

Can these women be so naïve that they think pregnancy is 24/7 sweetness and light? Between the heartburn, nausea, morning sickness and constant worry about your baby, his/her health and development in utero – pregnancy is tough, and admitting you didn’t enjoy it in NO WAY means you are not grateful and blessed for your baby.

I think people are forgetting that you don’t get pregnant for ‘pregnancy’s sake’ but so that you can have a child. A true mother loves her child beyond all reason, not the pregnancy.

Jessica on

I think that if she wants a girl it would be up to her not u so what ever she do it is cool with me and dont get mad at her because she wants a girl and u cant have none so what get a life ur just mad because she can have kids and u cant look at it like this whew cares thats on u dont hate on her because u cant thats not her problem if ur going to get mad then go head o well so sad for u.

Ali on

I think it’s good she’s speaking out. There are a number of women who struggle with pregnancy and with post partum depression, and even in this day and age there are numerous pressures on these women to say nothing about the struggle, only to talk about the beautiful gift, this wonderful journey.

For the women who cannot concieve, I am truly sorry for you. But implying that an admission that pregnancy is hard should be accepted as valid. What these women go through is just as valid as your struggle – only they are much more likely to be judged for speaking out. Please keep this in mind also.

Carolyn on

What a boring non-story.

guest43 on

I hated being pregnant too! It was a means to an end. I can totally relate to her wanting a girl too.

Carrie M on

Sometimes I wish my boy was a girl because he’s so nuts. And then I kick myself, my boy is so beautiful and I love him so much! I do, however, get what she’s saying and no I don’t think she’s being ridiculous. Lighten up people!

Nancy on

I know SEVERAL women who have both given birth and adopted and all of them say thay adoption is WAY unless you had severe complications with your pregnancy..stop moaning.

Secondly, I know a woman who was so angry about having a 5th boy that she wouldn’t name him for a while. If you don’t think your child will hear or perceive that they were not what you wanted..think again.

mindy on

I guess I was the opposite of Melissa – I loved being pregnant, I loved giving birth, I could have done it a million times, but a million newborns – no thank you! It’s funny how when you have one sex only of kids, you make assumptions about the other. I had a girl and a boy. My girl was a very hyper toddler and preschooler. There was no off switch. She didn’t sit and color, or really sit and anything.

Nori on

I have 3 boys (13,11,10) and so wanted a girl so I read about timing methods to conceive a girl and it worked!!! With the boys we just wanted to get pregnant so we didn’t care. I love all my kids to death wouldn’t change a thing however there is a difference in girls and boys IMO . Had I had my daughter first I may have only had 2, girls are strong willed, opinionated, all my boys were laid back and easy going. Also if I had more than one girl we would probably broke….lol. I love clothes and all things pink:)

SRD22 on

The younger years with my daughter were a breeze. At 13 years old now, I wish I could go back to when a simple snack or toy would make her happy. I’m scared about how long this will last and how bad it will get. She’s defiant, mouthy, and full of snotty attitude. She can be a wonderful kid when that “switch” is off, but the bad moments are NOT pretty. I love her to the moon and back, but having a girl is NO walk in the park…just sayin 😉

Katydid on

Should married people not talk about the hard times because single people aren’t married and may want to be?

Are you not allowed to vent about a hard day at work because you have a job and someone else doesn’t?

Pregnancy, delivery, and raising children can be tough. I don’t think a mother should be put down just for saying so.

It’s unfortunate to want to have your own biological child and can’t but does that mean you can’t vent your own frustration because parts of your life may be better than someone else’s otherwise?

Jessy on

I’ve got 3 kids and I hated every minute of being pregnant…The end result makes it all worth it, but not every woman enjoys the pregnancy stage of parenthood…And personally, as a mom to 2 girls and 1 boy, I find boys much easier to raise…I love my daughters and we’re super close, but my son is so laid back in comparison to his sisters…

Erin on

At least you can get pregnant! I hate pregnant people complaining. How about trying for over two and a half years to get pregnant! THAT’S SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!

Rozzy on

I took me 4 years to get pregnant. I understand your frustration Erin, but seriously, maybe you should avoid reading articles like this. Seriously there is no need to throw the “At least share can get pregnant card.”

Jessica on

Warning people just because u can’t have any kids dont take it out on her its not her faut .

yikes on

Boo hoo-”I’m infertile and offended.” Those of you struggling with infertility shouldn’t pass judgement until you’re actually pregnant yourselves! Pregnancy is hard on a lot of women. I was sick and exhausted for 9 months and had severe back pain-I absolutely hated it! I loved that I was going to be a mom and realized how lucky I was but that didn’t change how I felt day to day as I was dragging my sick butt to work! MJH is just being honest.

Stacy on

I’m with her – if I didn’t have to be pregnant, having a baby would be a wonderful thing. I absolutely HATE it. Between the morning sickness, the being tired 24/7, indigestion, not sleeping… I’m just not a fan.

guest on

I’m so glad I had boys… they are so much fun.. girls are a mess during their teenage years and I can’t tolerate that.

Anonymous on

You can be Thankful for everything you have and still be honest about it too. The two ideas aren’t mutually exclusive. I hated my relatively easy pregnancies (after years of infertility!), and also daydreamed about things being different when going through particularly rough patches of parenting. Both normal. The “we can’t have kids so everyone should pretend pregnancy/parenting is rainbows and kittens” group is misguided at best. Such misplaced bitterness. I’m sorry you aren’t currently able to reach you dreams, but tearing down the very people you hope to become (mothers) in nonsense.

shell-b on

I totally agree PLEASE ladies its an artical in a magazine. She was honest and NEVER ment to hurt or disrespect ANYONE!!
She has a right to her opinion and feelings.
Y would anyone want to take that away
u all have your opinions and want to be heard.
Just live and let live. U can not judge ANY ONE becuz u don’t wank in their shoes.
I am sorry for the hurt and pain some of u suffered BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STATEMENTS OF ONE WOMAN.

Becky on

I wish I had the luxury to get pregnant without spending tens of thousands of dollars. She should count her blessings.

Jemma on

“And I would keep saying, ‘Why can’t I have a little girl that just sits and colors?’”
“He steals our printer paper and he makes up books about different animals,”
“He has a collection of books he’s made under his bed.”
“It’s a huge adjustment and you have to change your whole lifestyle for a few months.”
Does she even hear the way she sounds?? Must be a lovely mother and wife…. NOT !

ki on

i think she is being so negative here..

Rozzy on

Wow. I love how people think that hating pregnancy means being ungrateful for having a baby. How untrue!! I struggled with infertility for years and then went on to have 3 healthy beautiful babies.

My first pregnancy was fine. My 2nd and 3rd pregnancy were physically horrible. I was growing this little person in me and I could barely function day to day without either feeling ill or having to nap. I felt AWFUL.

I completely understand what she is saying.

Jemma on

Oh and don’t forget this gem

“The older boys help with diaper changes. I am like, ‘Can you grab Mommy that?’ and after weeks [of that] they are like, ‘Gosh, you can never do anything for yourself,’” Hart says with a laugh.

I’m sure her 4 and 6 year olds aren’t laughing. This woman is just as annoying as her face!

Kelly on

She “hates” being pregnant. She should consider it a gift. Many women would love to have the opportunity to “hate” being pregnant. As someone who went through 8 rounds of IUI and 6 unsuccessful IVF attempts I would love the chance to “hate” pregnancy. Unfortunately, I never will…

Sacha Laine on

I understand where she’s coming from, Kelly. I had a pregnancy from hell. The only thing that kept me going was my son.

yikes on

It took me 4 years to get pregnant. I understand your frustration Kat, but seriously, maybe you should avoid reading articles like this. Seriously there is no need to throw the “At least she can get pregnant card.” You’re totally manipulating what she is saying here.

Anonymous on

It doesn’t matter if you have a boy or girl! Be thankful that you can get pregnant and have beautiful and healthy babies. There are many women out there who struggle with getting pregnant (myself included). There are women out there who would love have just 1 baby! Don’t complain about wanting to have a particular gender! Be thankul for what you do have!

BBB on

@Jemma, I understand what you’re getting at with the pose and her leg. Sometimes though you just do something, a picture gets taken, and instantly you’re like, “darn, I think that probably showed my less flattering side” and it’s hard to tell paps to delete the picture and do it again.

As far as the adopting: some people have commented that it’s not so easy, it’s not like the pound, and it’s also not for everyone. If she doesn’t mention it then it’s not for her, let it rest. I wonder how many people who drop the “adoption” comments have ever adopted someone.

Dawn on

I like this actress. That being said, those of us who can’t get pregnant get irritated when others complain or state things like “I want a …..” We would be greatfull just to get pregnant and have a baby of any gender. If you are able to be pregnant, be thankful. Now for those who feel like jumping others, we know interviews only publish a little bit of what was said in the interview, so there is no “hate” coming from me.

JL Miller on

Wow. All she does is whine.

Sacha Laine on

I know, JL. She should just be glad her kids are healthy.

katrina on

Well it took Victoria Beckham 3 tries and she now has a daughter but be happy with what God has blessed you I say. And Im 4 months pregnant now and I agree I am sooo over being pregnant. This is my first and last child lol I dont know how women have more than one lol its been really tough on my body 😦

Sacha Laine on

I don’t get some women’s obsession with having girls. I for one prefer boys but would have been happy with a girl.

Snow on

I think she should keep it to herself too. Some people aren’t able to have ANY kids. I was never able to have more than one, and would have felt truly blessed with 3 boys.

Jessica on

I am so annoyed by women complaining about pregnancy. Try being unable to have a child!

yikes on

Jessica, I honestly do not understand why saying you didn’t enjoy being pregnant is so offensive to infertile mothers.

Can these women be so naïve that they think pregnancy is 24/7 sweetness and light? Between the heartburn, nausea, morning sickness and constant worry about your baby, his/her health and development in utero – pregnancy is tough, and admitting you didn’t enjoy it in NO WAY means you are not grateful and blessed for your baby.

I think people are forgetting that you don’t get pregnant for ‘pregnancy’s sake’ but so that you can have a child. A true mother loves her child beyond all reason, not the pregnancy.

kazumi on

I love my kids with all of my heart and soul but I absolutely hated being pregnant too so sue me!

I would also go through the same painstaking process again if it meant having my kids in the end, I’m sure MJH would do the same thing, and to all you sensitive and overreacting women, don’t vent out your frustrations at her and blame her for your infertility, yes, it is a sad thing and completely devasting, but don’t go blasting anyone who is not in the same situation, never in the entire article did she say or imply that she was ungrateful or regretful about her family.

Julianna on

I’m Brazilian, and a Brazilian actress called Carolina Dieckmann said more or less the same thing a few years ago, after she gave birth to her second son. Carolina said she hated being pregnant because she felt fat and ugly and not sexy at all. She hated not being able to fit in her clothes. She also said she was going to renew her vows with her husband (the father of her younger son) because she wanted to look gorgeous on a wedding dress and because when she married him, she was six months pregnant and felt hideous wearing a potato sack for a dress.

Compared to what Ms. Dieckmann said (which I find way more insensitive and vain), what Melissa said isn’t that offensive, in my opinion. She doesn’t like some of the aspects of pregnancy (the lack of energy of the first months and the need to adapt her diet), not the pregnancy as a whole. It doesn’t mean that she isn’t proud of her children or that she’s a bad mother.

kb on

Being able to conceive and carry a child to term is a blessing as well as a miracle. It is a temporary stage in one’s life that brings a much longer reward of having a child to call your own. There many women in this world who for many reasons are not able to conceive and carry a child to term. She should be grateful for the miracle that is bestowed upon her. In the future I believe she should choose her words more wisely.

princessesmom on

I have two energetic and beautifull girls, I got pregnant of my third child and I wanted so badly for another one!! but I just gave birth to the most handsome little boy…I thought I was all girls, dolls, dresses, princess and fairies. But now I’ll never change my boy for anything in this world..

barbara on

This article angered me very much. After having three miscarriages in 8 months, it is very insensitive of anyone, celebrity or not, to make a statement like this. She sounds like a spoiled brat.

yikes on

It is NOT insensitive of her! I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriages, but even that does not givr you the right to judge her. You may want to be pregnant more than anything in the world, but that doesn’t automatically mean everything about pregnancy is awesome and great. Sometimes pregnancies are difficult, and just because she admits that is no weakness on her part. Maybe you could show some of the compassionate understanding you demand of others. Just a thought.

Amanda on

I hate to sound mean but if she hates being pregnant, then she should stop getting pregnant. And besides, if she wants a daughter that badly, she could always adopt a little girl.

nan on

To each momma her own! I have one of each ( in my family we only had girls) each has their own thing raising girls yep you get to dress them up in cute clothes ( but if yours dont wanna wear them they wont ( that dont change if they are 18 months or yrs) and then theres dating omg and moody and their cycles! Boys they are happy with t shirts and he can be at times strong willed, but as have the video games ( some violent so when u tell the 12 yr that only e rated games and he is saying but everyones gets to play it, and you then walk out of the store, as u said u would if he put up a fuss) you are their parents not their friends! Its like those thathave girls and they buy 4 of the same dress for pictures, thanks mom lol

Noodles on

I feel her pain. I have 4, and every pregnancy seemed to be worse and worse. I love my kids and they were worth it, but the more kids you have the harder it is on your to be an energetic mom and take care of yourself despite the fact that you feel like sleeping 24 hours a day!

My last one was a girl. =) It can happen! And I can understand the desire to have a bit of the balance in the family, but like I tell my kids, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit! 🙂

Best of luck to her!

Stephanie on

I think a lot of women feel this way. We understand how lucky we are to be able to conceive, but it doesn’t take away from the negative side-effects pregnancy can bring. I can say I feel VERY blessed for my 4 children. I have one boy and three girls and would LOVE another boy. I just don’t want to be pregnant again. I am blessed and accept my family just the way it is. 🙂

NM on

Since when do you have to change your diet during pregnancy? The first trimester sucks, but the second trimester, most woman eat anything they want. No one said pregnancy was easy.

Britt on

Absolutely your diet changes when pregnant. Lots of things see considered off limits. Sushi, cold cuts, certain fish, caffeine, rare beef. Perhaps she even had gestational diabetes and had to eliminate carbs and sugars.

Ann on

Lol. Little girls don’t just sit there and color. My daughter was the toughest one.

Yai on

What is wrong with her? Adjustments? Changing your diet? Being pregnant is so beautiful, so special! Who can care about the little nuisances? Amazing…

Marky on

I swear, women can be such b@%!#s! Really? MJH can’t say pregnancy is not her favorite time because you “can’t get pregnant without IVF, can’t get pregnant period, (your) baby didn’t survive” and on and on??! I do NOT denigrate your experiences; since I experienced infertility myself and IVF would never have been an option because we were in our 20’s and hardly rich!

The thing is, as a society, we are becoming people who “one up” the other person over and over. We never seem okay with the other person just talking about their own feelings and their own experience. Wow! When I was dealing with infertility, everyone I knew was getting pregnant, even the ones who were broke and didn’t want another child at all. Myself and a friend (who lost ELEVEN babies, most 2nd trimester and later) smiled and congratulated each and every one of them and offered any and all help we could–because our experiences were ours and theirs were theirs. Eventually, with amazement all through our pregnancies, each of us had one more bio child. My friend didn’t even consider adoption at any point, because “we could never love an adopted child as much as the bio child we have”. My husband and I, on the other hand, spent every last dime we had adopting our daughter, which we never really thought of NOT doing, nor did we question whether we would love her.

I can’t say I didn’t question why someone was willing to go through what she did to have a second child (I would have gone crazy losing that many babies), but those questions were inside my head, not shooting out of my mouth!

When did we become a society that says, “you are entitled only to feelings that don’t make me irritated”?? WTH? Most of the people saying she shouldn’t say she “hates” pregnancy, sound WAY more hateful, rude, and negative than MJH. Recently, I have become increasingly aware that many people seem so angry and bitter at their own situation so they jump down the throat of those around them who may only be trying to make conversation, or express their own experience. Suddenly, the other person is telling them off and freaking out, because, “after all, you never thought about what I’M going through, have GONE through, or whatever!” Really? What ever happened to sharing your sadness with your closest friends, and allowing others to think, feel, or endure whatever THEIR experiences are?

Recently this was brought home to me when my husband became very disabled and our whole lives changed on a dime, but I “mustn’t say anything about the difficulties” we face–because my SIL is a widow. I was there for her at the time and I am now, but of course, I “should be grateful my husband is still alive”, and not try to figure out how we deal with the drastic changes that are now part of our every day lives, especially if it means saying I’m tired because I have to do everything now. You posters are doing the same thing.

MJH is NOT complaining; in fact, it appears she was having a light-hearted conversation with an interviewer, but you are turning it into a competition about fertility, infertility, and whether girls or boys are best! She didn’t say she thought boys were dreadful and no one should have them! She was also proud of her little boys talent at drawing and writing stories and saving them under his bed. Sheesh! Grow up; are you all in middle school?


poor poor poor Melissa, having to be pregnant 3x and HATING it soooo much.

Know what I hate? I hate injecting myself in my stomach each night with fertility drugs. I hate the 2hr round trip drive I make everyday during cycle monitoring. I hate failed IUI attempts. I hate getting bloated from hormones. I hate having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to try and get pregnant. I hate having miscarriages.

But poor poor poor Melissa, she really HATES being pregnant. I really feel for her.

yikes on

Quit your whining CIDM. It doesn’t look good on you.

Linda on

I do not see the problem with her comments. She’s admitting in public what many moms talk about in private with their friends, family, etc. The only difference is that she gets subjected to the scorn of public opinion because she’s a celebrity, but she is saying the same thing as many other women. Her comments sound like those of the average woman.

She is venting about the downsides of pregnancy. So what? I don’t see the problem with talking about the bad side of something. Haven’t you ever complained about anything in life? If you don’t think she should be complaining about anything, you shouldn’t either.

Brittany on

…for a few months?!? More like changing your lifestyle for 9+ months and then some.

Adoption is Awesome on

Adopt! If you really want more kids and you have the means to do so, there are so many wonderful children – girls – that need loving homes.

Also, I have a little girl, and she too can be a terror. Stop with the gender stereotyping.

yikes on

Why do people feel the need to play the “at least she can have kids card”? She made a valid point about how pregnancy can be tough – one that mothers routinely get criticized for saying. Good for her, frankly. With all of the women struggling with post partum depression or even just struggling with new parenthood in general: forget these bitter women telling you how to feel, or what your response “should” be. Motherhood has BOTH good and bad, it’s never one way or the other alone.

Donna on

not sure what she is talking about. I had two daughters 25 and 23 and i have to say that I LOVE BEING PREGNANT. I wish i could have more. Also, be thankful for the three healthy sons YOU ALREADY HAVE.

Kat on

I don’t think she’s complaining. I think she’s just talking like all us moms talk. And if we all saw what we said written on paper we’d probably be shocked what comes out of our mouths too. I have three girls and of course some days I think of wanting a boy. And I absolutely ‘hate’ being pregnant too. And the first 6 months are absolutely hard. For crying out loud give the girl a break.

gg on

Some of you should stop analyzing every statement/word you read and get a life! I feel sorry for those of you that sit around tearing apart everything you read.

renate on

your busy active sons sosund just like my daughter. who said they just sit and colour. give me a break. at 11 my daughter pitches a ball so hard the boys in the neighborhood can’t catch for her. suck it up, just be glad all yuour kids are healthy….

melissa on

I understand how people can take offence to some of her comments.I would never say I hated being pregnant. I have two kids a daughter 6 and a son whose a month and a half. My first pregnancy was easy while my second was a little tough at times but I felt so blessed to be pregnant again.

My heart goes out to those who can’t have kids or who have lost theirs.I have an aunt who had trouble conceiving and later had to have a complete hystarectimy (sorry its spelled wrong). Those of us who have been fortunate enough to be able to have or carry ours to term should not complain so easily but in all honesty thank god for his blessings regardless of how they were received. Boys or girls. Easy or tough pregnancies or special needs kids.

But those of you who can’t shouldn’t be so quick to judge. What she was saying was not meant as a personal attack so please don’t take offence so easily. I can’t imagine what any of you have gone through and don’t agree with some of the rude comments but some of you have also opened my eyes and hopefully others to be thankful.

Anon on

I would give anything to be pregnant….And, all the fat, flatulence, tiredness, moodiness, achiness, cravings, and swollen feet that comes with it!

Jojo Momma on

for now i only have a boy. but someday yes i would LOVE to have my little girl to play barbies with and do makeovers and have her braid my hair and i hers… i kno i can do all the baking and stuff with my son. but so different with a girl. lol but i LOVE my son!! i wouldnt change it for the world! im happy i had a boy first. now if i do have a girl.. she will have this older brother to look out for her.. and torment her. LOL

Stephanie on

many people would be grateful to carry a baby to term or get pregnant in the first place….this is a seriously ridiculous article.

TMB2012 on

She could adopt 4 girls…get her brood of 7…sigh…so hard being a celebrity…boohoo

Anonymous on

I have 3 girls Alyssa;13 Bryce;5 Brooke;1.They are definitely a challenge, I have wondered sometimes what it’s like to have three boys…

myladyeve on

Just be happy you have healthy children.

Pumpkin on

On behalf of all infertiles, I’d love to smack some sense into Ms. Hart. What I wouldn’t give to be able to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

cmg on

Just because some of you have struggled with infertility doesn’t mean that you need to hate on her comments – I was quite frankly tired of being pregnant, and mine was a fairly pleasant one physically. Her life is hers and your life is yours. Geez, shut up already.

Anonymous on

Am I supposed to feel bad for her because she “hated” being pregnant? Some of us have struggled with infertility for years and would be beyond thrilled to finally be pregnant. For some of us it just isn’t that easy, Clarissa, and we don’t have the luxury of “hating” being pregnant.

cmg on

No, you’re not supposed to feel bad for her because she hated being pregnant but she can say that. Don’t read the story if it upsets you so much – why torture yourself. Like it is mandatory to read People magazine or something.

Francesca on

What this comes down to is opinions, mostt of us may not agree with what she is saying but it is HER opinion, just because it is different, doesn’t mean it is wrong.

Lady M on

I had to stop after reading a quarter way down and just say this. For all of you going on and on about “not being fertile,” and “can’t get pregnant,” and “she should be a little more sensitive,” what the heck are you doing reading a celebrity BABY blog?? Key word being BABY!!!

If it hurts too much to read what celebrities say about their children, go read something else! If you insist on staying here, then all I can figure is that you enjoy tormenting yourself. You reading this blog is like a fertile woman reading infertility blogs. And they’re are plenty out there so have at it. Take your criticism and go!

Jennifer on

Why is she complaining about having 3 boys? She should be thankful for 3 healthy children. I give any thing to be able to have a child. I dream about being a mommy.

Anonymous on

Jemma’s worried about Melissa’s legs…..I’m more concerned about her son looking like he has TWO penises!!! LOL!

Anonymous on

Being someone that was unable to have children of my own, and turned down by several adoption agencies…(our ages were a factor, being a second marriage for my husband was a factor, etc., etc.,) it really irks me when someone who is blessed with three adorable, healthy children complain about their gender. She should be counting her blessings. And if she really thinks that this putting it out there for the world to know that she really wants a little girl isn’t damaging, come back and talk to her sons about it, later in life.

cmg on

I know a lot of women with all boys who yes, they wanted a girl but are happy with and in love with their boys. There won’t be anything wrong with her boys (even if they read this stupid article). Shut up.

Danielle on

Did she really say?:

“I would have seven babies if I didn’t have to be pregnant. I hate being pregnant — the lack of energy at the beginning [and] having to change your diet…it’s a huge adjustment and you have to change your whole lifestyle for a few months.”

She should try talking to those who are unfortunate and unable to get pregnant after many years of trying. Wonder if she’d trade the heartache of those woman for 9 months of pregnancy then. She should feel blessed!

Jennifer on

I have two girls and my third is a boy. My boy has been an easy little thing since the day he was born. My oldest is so sweet, kind and thoughtful. She’s happy coloring and reading all day. My 2nd daughter is an animal and is constantly running, screaming, jumping, and tormenting her siblings. She’s just 4 and I’m hoping she’ll eventually grow out of it, but she is who she is. The first thing the doctor said when she was born was “this is an angry one that doesn’t like to be messed with.” Things haven’t changed. Not all girls are sweet little angels that play dolls all day. Having said that, I do think it’s nice to have at least one of each.

Anonymous on

I would have loved to be able to say I “hate” being pregnant – however, I was never BLESSED with the opportunity. Be careful what you wish for…

ann on

this is a response to Holiday.What a terrible thing to say! You should be having a baby because you want to be a mother and have a child,not because you want a girl or a boy. i have two boys and never once did I ever say “i hope I’m having a girl”. I just wanted a healthy child.

melissa on

Gosh, all these people attacking her for her own personal feelings. I’ll agree as a mom of two little girls, they can be pretty wild and I find myself longing for the days when they just laid there and I could go to the bathroom and they wouldn’t move. She views pregnancy as something difficult and hard and sometimes it is. I had two totally different experiences with my pregnancies. If all my pregnancy went like my first one, I would never have a baby again. If they all went like the second one, I would have 10 kids. I feel bad for her that her experiences have been bad enough that she felt miserable enough to say she hated being pregnant. All that being said, this is her interview where she was asked questions about her pregnancy and parenting experiences. Sorry if you don’t like her answers, maybe you should read something else instead of being so judgmental. Maybe she has explored adoption and has found that isn’t an option for her family. Most women want to have their own children.

Cris on

It is so sad to read this message board. Partially because of the fertility struggles that many face and partially because people get their panties in a wad over everything that they don’t like or agree with. I am fortunate to have four beautiful children and hated every second of being pregnant with them. I have faced trying pregnancies and trying deliveries and know what could happen when something goes terribly wrong. I feel fortunate that I have my youngest because I lost the pregnancy before it in my third trimester. But even after knowing how lucky I am, I still do not like being pregnant. It is my experience and I have the right to my opinion. Just like everyone else here.

Louise on

So many people want a child and can’t have one and you COMPLAIN about being pregnant. Figures you would be another snobby celebrity….what a Jerk!

Anonymous on

… How about be happy and blessed with what you have? … “to want what I have, and take what I am given with grace….” Simply, all children are blessings…

Guest1 on

I am 18 years old, and DREAM of having kids one day. But I would NEVER ever wish for a specific gender for my child. I would be perfectly happy to HAVE a kid, ANY kid, whether it’s a boy or a girl, and I think people are selfish to think that way. It makes it look as if having a boy is a disappointment. I would love to have a nest of little boys, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be wishing specifically for them. I will be happy with anything God chooses to bless me with!

Sue on

Give the poor woman a break. Not everyone ENJOYS being pregnancy. I’ve heard many a woman whine during pregnancy, especially the more babies they’ve had. Pregnancy can be a rough time for women. Not everyone glows and runs around smiling and rubbing their bellies with joy. Feet and hands swell, nausea and vomiting can be very disruptive, sciatica sucks and there’s not much that helps…the list goes on. I doubt she’s saying she’s not grateful for the three kids she already has…and for those women who do struggle with IVF..IUI’s…etc…I’ve seen just as many of them COMPLAIN just as much if not MORE once they do become pregnant……

Holiday on

Ann- Many women have gender preferences! In fact most women I know have told me they have a preference , especially for the 2nd child so they can have the experience to raise both genders. I also wanted to raise a son and daughter and I was lucky and have the opportunity and was blessed with a girl. So many moms on here admit to having a preference so dont get on me. Your attitude suggests you wish you had a girl as well

Dee on

She should think before she makes a comment like that or before People prints it. She would never make that comment if she had ever lost a baby. I would endure the worst pregnancy ever, just to be able to meet my little one. The worst pregnancy is the one that ends with no baby.

Kate on

I have a friend that tried for years to have a baby. She would be depressed around our children and we constantly listened to how fortunate we were to have kids when we would occasionally complain about the hard times. Then it finally happend, she got pregnant…..and reality hit.

She loves her child and is happy to be a mom but soon realizied how hard pregnancy and raising a child is. And apologized for giving us such a hard time.

It’s easy to be critical of others being real about a situation when you haven’t been there yet.