Chad Lowe Welcomes Daughter Fiona Hepler

11/20/2012 at 06:30 PM ET

Chad Lowe Welcomes Daughter Fiona Hepler
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Update: The couple have chosen the name Fiona Hepler Lowe for their daughter, Lowe announced Tuesday.

Hepler was Lowe’s late mother’s maiden name and is his brother Rob‘s middle name.

Originally posted Nov. 17: It’s a girl for Chad Lowe.

The Pretty Little Liars star and wife Kim have welcomed their second daughter, the actor announced via Twitter on Friday.

“It’s a girl!!! And she’s as beautiful as her mommy and [3Β½-year-old] big sister Mabel,” Lowe, 44, writes. “We are blessed!”

The couple, who married in August 2010, announced the pregnancy in June.

“I’m trying to bank some sleeping hours, which is a little tough,” Lowe joked to PEOPLE last Saturday, sharing that his wife was due to deliver this week.

— Sarah Michaud

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pam on

Congrats ❀

Mia on

2 girls – he is finally breaking the all boys cycle! Congrats!

Rhonda on

Congratulations to you and your wife!

Charli on

Good For them! They seem very happy together.

Kat on


al on


Chloe on

Very happy for him and his wife! Been a fan of his since Life Goes On. Congrats to you!! He looks so happy.

Nadia's Daughter on

Terrific actor. He needs one great block buster of a movie to make everyone pay attention to his skills…Congratulations to Chad, Kim on a lovely family…

amelia on

I clicked on this story, i know i know…but…WHO CARES!!!!??? A story about Chad Lowe having a kid is the top story? What a joke, he is a nobody and no one has heard from him since his divorce.

aj on

I’ve heard of him a lot, you I have never heard of.

lovinit on

Your comment takes the cake..spoken like a true smart a** LOVE IT!!! ; 0)

Sandra on

Congratulations to the happy family! I have 2 girls myself and they are daddies girls even though they are 20 and 14! Enjoy your girls as they are little now because they sure do grow up fast! Can’t wait to hear the name of their newest little bundle.

meghan on

He’s one of my favorites. Who are you Amelia?

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the happy newly extended family!

whoknew on

Congrats! I’m so happy he is at a much better place in his life these days. And left Hillary behind, after she cheated on him. Good luck with your beautiful family!

Kat on


casserasser on

Right, Mia!!

cassie on

Congrats!!! πŸ™‚

Karen M. on

Love Chad! Congratulations.

Jamie on

Loved him on Life Goes On!

blip on

His first wife (Hillary Swank) was a lot better looking.

winnifred on

so stop….married only two years…..two kids, enough, 44 is old to be parent to a newborn.

Mom has very cool glasses.

blp on

My husband was 45 when our first daughter was born! He is loving and sweet to her, and appreciates fatherhood more than any 20 yr old just looking for a romp in the sack! Don’t judge a person before you know them!

winnifred on

she looks like gabrielle carteris (I think that spelling is wrong).

I wonder, if the children had been boys, if dad would have said “They are as beautiful as their mother” — or would he have said “They are as beautiful as their father.”?

it’s important his daughters be beautiful I guess.

Jill on

Quit, Winnifred, before you start to sound worse than you already do.

Marky on

Winnifred, are you serious? What is important is that Daddy believes they are beautiful. I was born with a facial deformity, and it couldn’t be repaired until I was a teenager, both because of the type of problem and the fact we were poor. My father always made me believe he thought I was beautiful and talented, and without that, I might have been emotionally hurt. In his eyes, no one was a beautiful as my mom, but he made me feel a close second, and I’m grateful all the time for that!

Anonymous on

Winnifred- Would you rather he think that his girls are ugly?!

amelia- The birth of a celeb baby is always top news here on Moms&Babies. It doesn’t matter who the celebrity is. And I don’t see anything wrong with that. Every new life should be celebrated!

Anyway, congrats to them, and I can’t wait to hear the baby’s name (which it sounds like they haven’t decided on yet)! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

whoknew- That’s a pretty serious accusation (the cheating thing) to be making about someone you don’t even know! To my knowledge, Chad has never spoken about the break-up (or if he has it’s been very briefly and in hardly any detail) and the only explanation Hilary has ever given for the demise of the marriage was that Chad had alchohol addiction issues.

So whether there as any infedility involved (on either side) is something we’ll never know!

klutzy_girl on

Ooh, Fiona is pretty. I love it.

Stacey on

Since they gave her a semi-normal first name, being celebrities and all, they of course had to come up with something horrid for her middle name!

guest on

Have you stopped to consider that perhaps her middle name is a family name, or maybe it has special meaning to the parents? Not your kid, not your place to judge.

Claire on

Hepler is Chad’s Mother’s maiden name. It states this in the article. I think it’s wonderful to use a family surname – as long as it’s the middle name. She could just as easily have been named Hepler Fiona which would’ve sounded awful! I’m always saying, “If you’re gonna do the unusual name, at least make it the middle name and not the first!”

lydia on

at least her first name is normal unlike her sister’s . terrible middle name however. Poor kid

myladyeve on


Momof2in1year on

Stacey, the middle name sounds like it is probably a family name. Who cares about a middle name anyway– I never use mine unless forced to for a legal reason (it’s Marie, so not weird), and my Mom doesn’t have a middle name!

Bree on

@Stacey maybe before spewing your insults you should check your facts, Hepler is Chad’s mom’s maiden name as well as his brother’s middle name.

Why do people feel the need to be so insulting especially when it comes to children and a parent’s right to name THEIR child whatever they want!!

LOVE the name Fiona!! And the significance of her middle name, what a wonderful tribute to Chad’s mom and brother, I have to admit family middle names are a favorite of mine (my own daughter, Elianna Josephine Louise, is named after my paternal grandmother, my maternal grandmother, my mother and myself)

Can’t wait to see pictures, I am sure she is a total doll just like Mabel.

Congrats to the whole family πŸ™‚

Kelly on

Love the name!!!!!

Huh on

Hepler is a family name, including Uncle Robs middle name.

Kat on

I love the name, so ladylike and sophisticated. It rhymes well with the middle and last name.

Charli on

I’m such a moron, at first I thought the baby’s middle name was Helper. lol Pretty name. Congrats to the happy family!

Cathy on

Love the name Fiona, congrats!

Don’t people, ironically, read the article? It says right in it that Hepler is a family name. Horrible or not, he is honoring his late mother, and I think that counts more than anyone else’s opinion.

Cathleen on

Lovely names, congrats to Chad and Kim!

zerb on

Anonymous said “whoknew- That’s a pretty serious accusation (the cheating thing) to be making about someone you don’t even know! ”

I am not suggesting that the claims of cheating are true or our business but you can’t assume that Hillary Swank is someone who the person doesn’t know. Is it that inconceivable that a famous person knows people, even as just an acquaintance who use the internet and goes to sites like this like you and I do?

Carolline on

Mabel and Fiona? Ohh, that’s adorable!

Anonymous on

Cathy- I’m guessing that the part about Hepler being a family name was added later than the part about the baby’s name being Fiona Hepler. PEOPLE updates posts all the time when they find out further information (and generally only major ones, such as the announcing of a baby’s name, are actually marked as such). πŸ™‚

Anyway, I completly agree with you. They were honoring family with the middle name, not trying to be weird because they’re celebrites! I don’t get why so many people seem to automatically assume that whenever a celebrity names their child something unusual, it’s for attention and to try to “top” other celebs!

I’m sure some do, but most cite family or some other special significance as the reason for chosing the name they did. πŸ™‚

Brooke on

Mabel & Fiona is an adorable sibling set. Love it.

ecl on

Jen – Where did he say that he is the only parent with a lack of sleep? He just made a comment about having a new baby. A generic one, but that’s because he’s being interviewed by a complete stranger. I will never understand how a comment about parenthood is ALWAYS interpreted as “I’m the only one who has ever had this experience” on this board. He’s actually saying it because he know that this is something EVERY parent can relate to.

Anonymous on

ecl- Exactly! Jen must not have kids or hang around people who do, because if she did, she’d know that pretty much EVERY parent laments the lack of sleep at some point! It’s just usually not to the public since most people aren’t celebs. πŸ™‚

She also apparently missed the part of the article where it says that Chad was joking!

tanya on

Mabel & Fiona… Their names sounds like they are princesses! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jan on

Isn’t he the one who was caught with someones little girl one time? I wonder if some day it will happen to his little girls????