Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Name Son Rocky James

11/17/2012 at 07:00 PM ET

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. Welcome Son Rocky James
Claire Greenway/Getty

Update: The couple have named their son Rocky James Prinze, a source close to the family confirms to PEOPLE. He was born on Wednesday, Sept. 19 at 4:13 p.m.

Originally posted Sept. 24: Hello, little Prinze.

Sarah Michelle Gellar “had a baby boy last week in Los Angeles,” her rep tells PEOPLE.

She and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. “are thrilled to announce” the news, the rep confirms to Access Hollywood, adding that “mother and baby are doing great.”

The newborn joins the couple’s daughter Charlotte Grace at home.

Their 3-year-old, who was spotted out with a still-pregnant Gellar last Tuesday, “is very excited to be a big sister,” the rep adds.

“They are thrilled that Charlotte [has] a little brother,” a source close to the couple told PEOPLE in July.

“They love their little girl more than anything in the world and know that love will only multiply.”

Gellar, 35, and Prinze, 36, were married in September 2002.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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Mia on

What a lovely anniversary present!

miss s on

Probly some beautiful offspring

Alexandra on

This is first time I’ve heard “baby son” in a sentence.

Sharon on

Aaaw congrats!! Can’t wait to hear his name. I love Charlotte Grace. It seems as if a lot of boys are being born lately!!

Marilyn on

The last photo her pregnant was last Wednesday (Charlotte’s birthday) so she obviously had the baby sometime after that. I wonder what his name will be. I thought she was due in late October, but maybe that was wrong.

alicejane on

Congratulations to Sarah, Freddie, and Charlotte! Very exciting news, I can’t wait to hear what the name is. I know both Sarah and Freddie are both only children; what a different dynamic this will be for them to witness!

momma bear on

These two are an awesome couple. Congratulations!

Wendie on

What wonderful news!! I love how this couple flies below the radar, and show that Hollywood couples can have a happy and healthyrelationship.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Sarah and Freddie! Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! love them both!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the family- can’t wait to learn the name of the new baby boy!

donna on

i think they will name the new little one Freddie Prinze the III

jones on

Congrats to them! They are one of my favorite celeb couples and I cannot wait to hear his name. I am guessing it will be normal by Hollywood standards given their daughter’s name.

Lisa on

They seem like one of the few strong couples in Hollywood. So happy for them! Congrats to the big sister as well (and so far, one for one on normal names!)

Marky on

Glad to hear their baby is here! Can’t wait to hear what they named him; congrats to this precious couple; they really seem to have their stuff together…. They are such an adorable family!

Paige on

So excited to hear this news. Congratulations to them! I love Sarah and Freddie together. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the name.

maya on

What a great couple. Congrats and wishing them a long, happy life as the beautiful family they are.

Carrie M on

I’m so happy for them! They seem like a wonderful family! Congrats to the Prinze family!

Anonymous on

These two are class acts! So happy for them!

Annie on

LOVE the name Charlotte Grace. I’m no where near having kids but I’ve always adored the name combination…:)

Julianna on

Awesome! I can’t wait to hear which name they chose for their little prince!

Anonymous on

Freddie James Prinze III???

Anonymous on


ck on


Ten years if marriage in Hollywood, is like 25 years elsewhere…..

Cinder Lou on

Congrats to Freddie, Sarah and Charlotte. I can’t help but wish Freddie’s dad were still around to share their joy.

brandi on

congrats to the family! nice to see a “celebrity” couple that is still married after 10 years. They make a great couple and its nice to see a couple that isnt in the news everyday for drama. Congrats again!!

Nicole on

Congratualtions! to the new Family on there new baby boy! cant wait to hear the name.

Anonymous on

Hope they didn’t name him Camden!

CanadaGurl on

I wonder if he’ll be Freddie Prinze III?

Marie on

Congrats!… But what’s his name? Hope it’s normal like their daughter’s name! She has a beautiful name!

Michele on

No such luck Marie.

toodles on

He will probably be named Freddie Prinze III


Congratulations to a couple who manages to keep their major events private! Kudos to you for managing to live your lives in public with dignity and grace.

Rob S on

Chico, the vampire slayer!

Jennifer on

Congrats to Sarah and Freddie!! It’s also amazing that they have celebrated 10 yrs of marriage. I triumph for a “Hollywood” couple! Much love to them, their daughter, and their newborn son. 🙂

Anonymous on

Congrats to them..cute family! 🙂

Barbara on

What’s with them? (They got married before having babies! How strange these days. ) Really, though. Congrats to all. They now have a girl and a boy, and I’ll bet they are really cute. Look at Mom and Dad.

Alex on

I hope they name is Freddie III 🙂

m on

Sweet! I love them.

Andrea on

Fantastic news! Congrats to Freddie, Sarah and of course big sister Charlotte! i cant wait for a name and photos! i love this family!

Ari on

YAY! I was hoping they’d have a little boy! Congrats!

Angela on

Congratulations to them! I can’t wait to hear what they named him. Maybe Freddie Prinze III?

Lizzie on

CONGRATS to them, they seem to be such a loving couple & parents!! Charlotte Grace is beautiful, she’ll make a wonderful “Big Sissy”!! BlessingS to them!!

Mrs G on

Congratulations to them all 🙂

Faye on

I love these two…yes , they should name him Freddie prinze III. That would be awesome!!!

Tee Tee on

Alexandra, I use the phrases “baby son” and “baby daughter” all the time but they are very common phrases in the plain community. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a non-plain person use that expression!

I’m so excited for the Gellar/Prinze family! They really seem to adore little Charlotte, so it will be fun to watch them interact with two children!

Amy on

They seem like a real down to earth couple. Congrats to them on the birth of their son.

Mei on

Very happy for them. Freddie Sr. would be smiling down upon them now….his son was so precious to him. (I worked with Freddie Sr. on “Chico” for two and half years and he was overjoyed when Freddie Jr. was born. Much Happiness to Freddie and Sarah and Charlotte Grace. .

Amy on

Congrats to the happy family!

Brianne on

Congrats Sarah, Freddie and Charlotte! Can’t wait for a name and pictures!!!

mimi on

so lovely! i agree, such a beautiful “gift” on their 10 year anniversary 🙂

guest on

bet they named it after him and its another freddie prinze

Gigi on

Congratulations to the beautiful family…and for being a great example to other married couples…marriage Can work…if you are committed…

kaemicha on

I love this couple and very happy for their new arrival.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! Like most people, I can’t wait to hear the name. I don’t think it will be Freddie Prinz III, though, going by this quote from Freddie (from the interview that accompanied Charlotte’s debut photoshoot in PEOPLE): “A lot of guys want sons, but that would have been a lot of pressure. I know throughout my childhood, there were many times I couldn’t stand being a “Jr.” I wouldn’t want anybody else to go through that. If we’d had a boy, he wouldn’t have been another Freddie Prinze.”

That out of the way, I noticed they’re being much more private this time around. With Charlotte, they announced her name and birth date right away, but with this baby, all they’ve announced is his gender and that he was born sometime last week.

Other celebs have done that as well: Announce pretty much all the details right away with the first child but be more private with the second. I wonder why that is? Not criticizing them at all, just something I’ve been curious about for a long time! 🙂

Boricua on

Congrats to Freddie, Sarah and Charlotte. Now they are a whole family…..and best of all Freddie is half Puerto Rican. Puerto Rico La Isla del Encanto…….BORIQUA!!!!!!!!!

lovely123 on

I wonder if they are going to name him Buff Y. Prinze.

lovely123 on

How about Slayer Prinze.

Jen on

Awwww, congrats and God bless their family.

macey on

oh yeah…great to hear it’s a boy..seems too many girls have been born lately..

Kelly on

It’s a breath of fresh air to see a Hollywood couple (or any couple for that matter) that is actually married and in love when they have kids’!!! I love these two!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! They seem so down to earth, nice to see in hollywood!

Susan Albert on

Congrats on the birth of your baby boy.

Claudia on

awww Congrats they have always been my favorite Hollywood couple!!!

boohoobytch on

awww, congrats to them

Becky on

Congrats on the new baby…Not trying to sound ugly, but I hope that they don’t name him The Third..I have never been a fan of giving the son the same name as the Dad..

Lyoness on

I’m a few years younger than them and watched them on television/movies. I’ve always liked how low key there are as a little family unit. Congratulations to them. For some reason I really hope baby boy is Freddie III. They seem fairly traditional in their naming choices.

JAN on

I am truely surprised that people care so much about celebs and their offsprings. Guess what…NON-CELEBS HAVE BABIES EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY SINGLE DAY!

TigerMom on

“This is first time I’ve heard “baby son” in a sentence”

Alexandra…what are you talking about? What a strange thing to focus on. It’s not even written that way in the article, but if it was, what does it matter? Grab a cup of coffee and refocus, honey.

Anonymous on

cute family ,,congrats to them all! ❤

stacey on

She certaintly didn’t look 9 months pregnant.

Stef on

For those of you who may not know, Sarah is Jewish. While I don’t think she is super religious, she still may hold onto some traditions. Girl births are announced usually right away; not so with boys – they may be waiting the traditional 8 days for the Brit Milah, at which time the name is revealed for the very first time. If not, it’s really nobody’s business but theirs. Super happy for them; always like them as actors (they are in my age group). Other young Hollywood couples should look to these guys for how to have a good relationship.

Anonymous on

Wonder if the baby will be Freddie Prinze III?

AKM on

They just might be my favorite celeb couple…chill, laid-back, and not attention-seeking at all. Not to mention that “BtVS” is my favorite modern show of all-time. Good on them, and many congratulations to them and Charlotte!

sherquetta on


Misty on

Yay! I love them. Congratulations!


They are such an adorable couple. Love them. Congrats on baby & 10 years of marriage! Amazing.

Mia on

That is true – they may be waiting 8 days + also…they won’t name him a III due to Jewish tradition. Will probably find out

kaitiemac374 on

Or they probably didn’t name him III due to what Jr.’s father happened to be notorious for… Drugs and depression.

I usually don’t mind names but something more classy and on key with Charlotte Grace would have been nice. Regardless, Rocky is such a beautiful sweet anniversary present to his parents.

Hattie on

Congrats to the family!!!!!

Royals Sin City Journal on

What does this guy have that I dont have..I mean besides having more hair..and being younger and richer ….I mean besides that…..oh never mind congratulations and many more

Shari on

Congratulations to the Gellar-Prinze Family on the addition of their baby boy! I bet big sister Charlotte will be lots of help, too! Wishing lots of good things to come their way!

Anonymous on

Stef and Mia- Excellent point! Molly SIms and her husband are Jewish as well (or at least one of them is. I can’t remember if both of them are) and they waited the eight days before announcing their son’s name. So it’s very possible that Sarah and Freddie are doing the same!


This couple is a true success.

Anonymous on

congratulations to a beautiful family. hoping they stay a family forever.

Julia on

I miss Buff and congrats on the new angel

Lynne on

I remember the Sr. Prinze so well and he was a sweetie. Wow! A ten year Hollywood marriage. Good for them. BTW, do we know the Little Prinez’s name?

Katrina on

Awwww!!! Congratulations to the them!!! 😀 Soo cute!!

Susie on

I can’t wait to find out the name/a picture! Thy wont name him Freddie III as they both said in a past interview.

jj on


Anonymous on

I love these two!

Aritul on

I am definitely fan of this couple. Congratulations on the birth. I wish them many years of wedded bliss.

Sandy on

I don’t blame them for not putting the name out-
All you hounds just waiting to critique and say what a stupid name it is. People are SO critical of others.

kaitiemac374 on

Rocky is a stupid name. Anyway there’s plenty of names that meet the class of Charlotte grace and this wasn’t one.

Anonymous on

what a nice couple & famiy these two make. so very refreshing.

Katie on

So happy to hear a celebrity family doing so well.. growing their family.. and keeping out of the limelight and staying sane! So for this couple!!!

Niko on

Very rarely do you see celebs giving their kids very normal names. Good for them! Perhaps they love the movie, Rocky? It flows very well with James. The boy could also go by “R.J.”, which flows fantastically well with “Prinze”

Kaylaerin13 on


Heather on

It’s a cool, strong name but I don’t think it gels with Charlottes name much.

Carolyn on

Charlotte Grace is so pretty. Why would they follow it with Rocky???

Amanda on

What the hell? You give you’re daughter a normal and beautiful name and then name you’re son ‘Rocky’?! Ugh. But I like the middle name, that they did right, congrats anyway!

cmonppl on

“The eye of the tiger…”

Romy on

Charlotte Grace is so nice, but I don’t care for Rocky. jmo, I know.

Cynnical on

Rocky James? Rocky Prinze? Oh no they didn’t…..

Marky on

Maybe Sarah and Fred thought it would be a very masculine name the way Charlotte Grace is very feminine. Rocky isn’t my fave name, but it may suit their baby to a “T”. Glad to hear the name; I was just thinking about the fact we haven’t heard what the name yet…….

liarlairpantsonfire on

suspect baby will be called RJ.

Anonymous on

Interesting name. I’m guessing it probably has special significance to them. I hope we see a picture of the little guy soon!

Poppy on

Rocky? Maybe Rocky, Sparrow, Bronx, and Tennesee can all hang out together and wonder normal names that could have been called. I’m not about Bob and Bill but something a little more realistic ….. people name their dogs better than these.

Anonymous on

Rocky is great name, cough.

robin on

rocky? what a horrible name. at least their girl has a good name.

Isabelle on

Ok. He will probably deal better with that name than Nick Cage’ s son “Kalel” (Superman! Now that is a tuffer name to live up to!!) Hollyweird… Must’ve talked to Uma the week before birth, lol!!!

Cyn on

Very disappointed that they chose Rocky for his name since they chose such a beautiful traditional name for daughter. But just as we chose our children’s names, its thier choice and I am sure with them as parents he will grow up happy and healthy regardless of what we think of his first name.

So congrats to the Prinze family!!!

fido on

poor kid….people shouldn’t give their kids a popular dog name. they could have at least named him james rocky prinz, that would have been kinder.

Limner Jade on

Rocky? You are teasing us, right? This is November. These comments are from September. Stop playing!

CanadaGurl on

Poor child. In my opinion it would have been nicer if they named him Freddie Prinze III and nicknamed him Rocky.

jadexxx on

Congratulations! xxx

People really p**s me off, for a start its not your baby and so what if they call it something YOU don’t like! It’s there baby. A name is just a name! So f**k the haters!

And good luck to you all in the future! xxx

RockysMom on

What a great name! My son is Rocco James, we call him Rocky. He’s named after his great-grandfather and his father. Yes, he’s had to endure years of “Yo, Adrienne”, but he loves his name. Sure beats Apple or Moon Unit.

Avery on

I went to high school with a kid named Rocky, we never thought twice about his name, it suited him. As I’m sure it does this baby as well. People are so critical and hateful. Best wished to the Prinze family!

Jay on

Disappointed by the name. After such a beautiful name for their daughter I thought they would pick something a little more traditional and normal. Maybe they will call him RJ??

macey on


jsp81355 on

Of all the names in the world. I just don’t get it.

what of it? on

Maybe it’s Rocco James Prinze and Rocky is the nickname. “A source close to the family” might not actually have seen the birth certificate. In any case, it’s a fine name.

whoknew on

Rocky is something you name a dog. Not a child. Rocky Prinze???? Never got her appeal either. She’s always looked mouse-y to me.

Pamela on

They named their new son Rocky.
Guiliana Rancic named her son Duke.
These are names for pets not children.

Guest on

I love the name! I think its a good, strong boys name.

NM on

Yay, he’s been named after a piece of stone!

Tara on

Rocky? Seriously? WTF are they thinking? Of all the ridiculous names Ive heard- Moses being the worst- this ones a close second. Better get that kid into Karate when he can walk or I can see him getting beaten up regularly trying to live up to the movie hype of this name!!

Heidi on

Don’t you posters read? His name is in the heading; it is “Rocky:.

sup on

i´m sorry, Charlotte and Rocky? where does this makes sense? but by all means, not my child.

Today on

My Bengal is Rocky also :))

BH on

Surprised they didn’t name him Freddie III. Best wishes to the cute couple and Charlotte.

Anonymous on

Really? I hope they’re calling him by his middle name.

Nancy on

What a great couple. They are down to earth and sweet together.

I love that he gave his kids the greatest gift and actually MARRIED their Mom before the kid were born. Remember girls! If you’re good enough to have his baby, you are good enough to marry!

weezer on

What a ridiculous name!!

BW on

I just love them!!!

Niko on

Shocked at the comments I’m seeing here. Rocky isn’t a bad name. WTF? It sounds more like a nickname, but whatever, its normal and NOT weird at all. Then again, there are always hard-to-please people on this board who have a tendency to overreact. As if the kid is theirs….

Niko on

Tara, calm down, seriously. Its not like the baby’s name is Sundance or Exton. Its Rocky! Nothing so terrible about it. He’ll have a normal life…

Anonymous on

LOL @Sandy.

You called it as the haters are certainly out in full force. Never would’ve seen that coming. *snort* Rocky isn’t among my choice of names but it’s their baby, not mine. I’ve also heard a lot worse. Congrats to them! Can’t wait to see pics of him soon! Then again, with posters like the ‘ladies’ on here, maybe they shouldn’t be so quick to want to show him off just yet. I wouldn’t blame them if we don’t see pics of him until he’s 20.

kjc on

I’m surprised so many people dislike the name. I really like it. I had Rocco on my list of boys names, but decided against it only because my dog’s name is Rosco, and obviously those are just too similar.
A lot of people named after their fathers, like Freddie is, dont like it because they don’t feel as if try have their own identity. Not everybody, I know, but many do. Maybe Freddie has always felt that way, so he didn’t want to carry on the tradition to his son. Here’s hoping Rocky does get his father’s looks, that’s is one good-looking man!

Anonymous on

Pamela- Actually, Giuliana and Bill’s (why do people always critcize only the mothers of celeb babies for their names? These kids have fathers, too!) son is named Edward Duke.

So at least they gave him a “normal” first name should he decide he doesn’t want to be called Duke as an adult! 🙂

kjc- It’s interesting you should say that. Freddy said shortly after Charlotte was born that there were times growing up that he didn’t like being a junior and therefore Charlotte wouldn’t have been named Freddie III had she been a boy.

So it would appear that you are spot on about why Freddie chose not to have his son carry on his name. Also, Sarah is Jewish and Jewish tradition dictates that babies not be named after living relatives (if I’m remembering correctly, it’s believed to bring bad luck to the child).

In anycase, the name is not my cup of tea (the first name, anyway. I like the middle name), but I don’t think it’s that unusual or “out there”.

Anonymous on

Marie- From what I’ve read, that’s because he’s a very private, shy man who prefers to stay out of the media (and away from the cameras).

Anonymous on

Something I’ve been wondering about for awhile: Is Freddie’s full first name just Freddie, or is it Frederick? Anyone know?

Marky on

Really? So now she is “mousey” and “no one has heard from him for awhile”? They are good actors; love him in comedies, and would LOVE to see his character on Psych about once a month! Sarah is a very enjoyable actress, they are a gorgeous couple, and their daughter is precious! Why get on here and make hateful comments about people you don’t know personally? Do you think they should have thicker skin that your friends? Too much hate!

Karateleshi80 on

I would prefer rocco too but it’s their kid, their choice. The only celeb baby names I like are Everleigh and Harlow. Each to their own. They usually go by nickname or change their names when they are old enough anyway.

lovely123 on

I wonder if Rocky will be a Manny when he grows up? “Friends”.

Vons on

Is this a joke?? Surely Sarah Michelle wouldn’t give her baby boy a name like that. Absolutely awful.

Cara on


xadrea on

To everyone complaining about the child’s name: STOP. First of all, complaining about it will not change it, and secondly, it’s not your baby! I have a slightly unpopular name myself and I’m glad for it! It’s got to be annoying coming up with a popular or common name because 5 out of 10 other kids you run into on the playground or at school have your name! I came to know six different Olivia’s before I was in middle school!

Marky on

It’s Freddie, and they always have said if they had a son, they would not name him Freddie III. Freddie Prinze was a good actor and comedian and very popular, but the sadness of his suicide, wasn’t a good legacy…..

Krystin on

Love these two! So happy for them.

Memphis on

My brother is named Rocky, so I’m use to it. It sounds normal to me. Most people do have the “yo Adrienne” reaction when they first meet him though.

Sophia on

Wow, I was definitely expecting something more along the lines of Henry or Edward after Charlotte Grace, but Rocky James is cute!