Lisa Ling: Pregnancy Makes Me Nervous

11/16/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Lisa Ling: Pregnancy Makes Me Nervous
Cindy Ord/Getty

Lisa Ling has battled child traffickers, traveled to remote areas of the Congo to help women and raised awareness for her sister, captured and held in North Korea in 2009. But having a baby? That frightens her.

“I’m finally going down this road and it’s scary,” the expectant mom told PEOPLE Tuesday at the Women’s Media Center‘s 2012 Women’s Media Awards, where she and her sister Laura were honored.

“I’m really excited but more nervous than anything,” says Ling, 39, who is six months pregnant with a baby girl.

“I’m nervous about all of it. I’m nervous about how my life is going to completely change. I’m nervous about how I’m going to actually carry the baby. I’m nervous about changing diapers. I’m not someone who likes to be nervous. I’m someone who is always in control.”

“But I feel very fortunate,” the Our America host adds. “My husband [Paul Song] and I are very, very lucky that this is even happening. I’m really excited about investing our emotion and love in another person. I’m finally ready for it.”

The best part so far? “I didnt have any morning sickness at all and feel pretty normal other than getting this belly!”

— K.C. Baker

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cn tower on

Maybe it’s the lighting, but I think Lisa needs to get a new make-up artist. She’s one of those lucky few that looks way better without any make up.

Sarah S. on

I think she would benefit from taking some classes, talking to her sister (whose a Mom herself) and joining new Mom groups to help ease her nervousness.

rachael on

One of the first things I learned about having a baby and becoming a parent – I’m no longer in control, especially when they are babies. I agree, it would be helpful for her to talk to other Moms and get some good advice, and above all – enjoy this pregnancy, what a blessing!

Doreen on

OMG!! She looks terrible!! Didn’t even recognize her!!

Gina Nicole on

Don’t worry, Lisa. Your feelings are normal 🙂

Coey on

Lay off the plastic surgery lady!!! Doesn’t even look like you anymore!

Marky on

Asians don’t need plastic surgery; they rarely look their age, even if they have been living in war zones. My daughter is Asian, and I have Asian friends–they all look great and younger than they are. This is the worst picture I’ve ever seen of Lisa and I think it’s the lighting and the angle, but you need to check your facts before you assume someone has had surgery.

Lisa is gorgeous and she looks great! Can’t wait to see her baby girl and hear the name! Best wishes always to a fantastic, caring, lovely couple!

Lordyme on

Lordy, your face makes me nervous!

Lauren on

That’s crazy to be so so nervous of having a baby at 39 yrs old. She will fall so in love w the baby and she’ll wish she did it years sooner. Having a baby is the best thing in life!

Manon on

Lisa, your maternal, natural mothering instincts will kick in! Just wait & see! I think you will be a great Mom. Hope you read these comments!

RKF on

She’s starting to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein. Her eyes are terrifying.

TXDenise on

Just a bad picture/angle. She doesn’t look anything like this on her show Elementary. I just watched it last night, and she was beautiful.

ges on

Lucy Liu not lisa ling in elementary. they are two different people.

Joelina03 on

aw congrats to Lisa! totally love her, she is such a great role model and inspiration to all women!!

orangekitty on

Very happy for her and her husband. On a different note, I hope this is bad makeup and/or lighting – she doesn’t even look like herself 😦

Elizabeth on

Denise, are you talking about Lucy Liu, the actress who stars on Elementary? Completely different person. Lisa Ling is a investigative journalist, not an actress.

guest on

yep…the no control thing is true….the first year is very hard and then it changes and gets easier…but then gets harder in different ways. kids are hard…but nothing worth having was ever easy… 🙂

. . on

Congrats Lisa. I first saw you when you used to be on channel one news when I was in high school. I have watched your stories and you are an inspiration to women. You are beautiful and Congrats to you and your husband!

Mara on

Elizabeth’s right; you’re thinking of Lucy Liu, who has a squarer jaw (where Lisa has an oval-shaped face) and freckles, to start with. It’s funny I never noticed that they’re both L.L’s, though.

jojo on

whooo hooo! nothing like a bunch of women to come and tear another fellow woman apart for the way she… abuses children? no. flaunts her money? no. does drugs and drinks? nope. for the way she looks. yes folks, this woman has put herself out there for years to help other woman and children around the world. she put herself right smack in the middle of the congo where she could have been raped and macheted to death to report and assist those in need. she went with a camera into the homes of admitted pedaphiles to share stories and get information out so families knew what to look for. she DEFINITELY deserves to be talked smack about. *eye roll.

Lisa is a beautiful woman. She could lose her hair, her teeth and an eyeball and would still be worth more as a person than you picky, rude commentors. straight up. and as long as woman continue to act this way, we will never be equal to men. bc men don’t go to websites to talk smack about someone’s hair do.

Tania on

WELL SAID jojo! This is a fearless woman and she will be an amazing Mom. I’m so glad that she’s going to have the chance to be a mother. It’s such a special, lucky thing. 🙂 xo to you Lisa. Be well and be healthy!

T. on

PERFECTLY said Jojo!!

whoknew on

Her FACE makes me nervous. I have a very good asian friend, and her face got really weird every time she was pregnant. Asians do not look good (facially) pregnant.

Guest on

That’s a stupid comment whoknew!

Tania on

Whoknew – Really? Are we really going there? How stereotypical and ignorant. Your comment should be deleted by the moderator.

Guest with 3 Names on

She is worried about the baby and all things related to new parenthood. Natural feelings. Everyone else seems to be worried about her looks. My goodness. I don’t have the impression Lisa Ling is the type of person to worry about plastic surgery or anything like it ever. And does pregnancy not sometimes change your appearance sometimes?

fanofboardwalkempire on

Lisa – wishing you and your husband Paul all the joy and happiness in the world with your precious little baby girl that is on her way to you.

. . on

Have some of you never taken a bad pic? Leave her alone!

shid on

I’d be nervous too… passing a head doesn’t sound like fun.

shid on

Camera, angles and lighting are everything… she looks great. This photo just happens to not be one of her better ones. And to the person who said Asians don’t look good “facially” when pregnant. What an utterly stupid, and senseless generalization to make. I miss the days when this was celebritybabyblog and comments were moderated. I wonder what the original site owner thinks about all this, since she signed on with to take over her blog.

Heather on

It’s not just this pic she was on TV recently and she has had Botox and fillers. Asian women’s skin is awesome why on earth did she succumb to the Hollyweird madness?

MR W on


Liz on

It looks like her right eye is trying to run away…

Heather on

@guest with 3 names

Pregnancy doesn’t give you the Botox brow.

Southerngirl on

shes annoying.

KP82 on

Wow, she does NOT look good here. It’s either botox, bad lighting, bad makeup or baby bloat. She usually looks so good.

dj on


mctruth on

I have always admired her for her humanitarian work but I am beyond annoyed hearing about her miscarriage yet again. She’s been riding this pity train for way too long. Millions of women suffer miscarriages and they don’t dwell on it, consistently discuss it in the media and let it define them. I’ve had three and I don’t make it my life’s work to talk about it repeatedly. Enough already Lisa, it’s time to move on and talk about other more important things. If this is the worst thing that ever happens to your in your life, you’re lucky and of all people, you’d think you’d get that. Now get over yourself already and be real.

kim on

oh god. shes going to be one of “those” mothers. totally paranoid and sketchy. poor kid.

snowballice on

Those eyes need to be lifted even more!

sat on

I am sure Ms. Ling has a thick skin after what’s she’s seen and been through, so these truly asinine comments about her will hopefully roll right off her back. I am excited for her and hope she settles into a wonderful rest of her pregnancy!!

Mandy on

Being 20 weeks with a rainbow myself, (a baby after a loss)my first lost at 14 weeks, and second lost at 33 weeks, I know this fear she has. She’s beautiful! No one should ever tell anyone they look horrible. No matter how true it is. i think she looks beautiful, that was my true first thought when I saw her picture here! Loving that beautiful belly!

Cara on

OMG, she looks totally weird. She used to be so pretty when she was on The View.

Why did she destroy her face? Asian’s age so beautifully and naturally and she had to mess with herself, what a shame for her, so very sad when women disfigure themselves.

Sandy on

RELAX Lisa and enjoy it! You don’t want to look back and wonder why you spent the whole preg. freaking out. Everything will fall into place- it always does. Take a deep breath- your on your way to being a mom!

Ceeteefeebs on

I’m always amazed- silly me- at how callow and vapid women can be. There are just so many petty, unsatisfied women in this world. You’re seriously criticizing a pregnant woman on her looks? I’d love to see what you guys look like! I’m sure you’re a bunch of Giseles.

Leah on

Well said

ktanne2639 on

It’s called pregnancy, everyone! Sometimes your face swells weird and can alter your look. I’ll agree it’s not a very flattering angle. I don’t think she’s had plastic surgery. I’m only 31 and I’ve had 5 kids, sometimes I’m unrecognizable the last couple months!

Anonymous on

mctruth- She’s talking about her baby on the way, not her miscarriage. The only mention she made of the miscarriage in this article was when she said that she and her husband are “very, very lucky that this (her current pregnancy) is even happening”.

And I don’t see what’s wrong with that. In my opinion, she was just trying to put things in perspective (basically saying that she may be nervous about parenthood, but realizes that she’s lucky she’s going to get to experience it at all).

Also, everyone grieves differently and I don’t think we have a right to tell Lisa how she should or shouldn’t deal with her loss!

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll do fine, Lisa!

Anonymous on

ktanne2639- Exactly! I wish people would remember that she’s at the end of her second trimester of pregnancy (not to mention the fact that this photo appear have been taken from an awkward angle and with odd lighting) before assuming she’s had plastic surgery.

Troker on

Who are the unfortunate souls who click on the sad or angry face for stories like this? And she looks amazing! She’s just smiling too hard.

Charli on

What’s wrong with this picture? She is normally a very attractive girl but she looks crazy in this picture. She looks better without makeup. This looks like she is trying strange.

Merie on

ewwww what happened to her face

Doreen on

She looks like that cat woman who had all of that plastic surgery! Good God….

Leah on

It’s refreshing that so many people are sticking up for another woman against those making ignorant and racist comments. People clearly think they can get away with it hiding behind the anonymity of a blog. Women should be rallying behind other women, showing comeraderie and support instead of tearing each other down.

KCheeks on

Are you people serious?! Plastic surgery allegations, calling her ugly and telling her to “get over” her previous miscarriage? Really? REALLY?! It’s dumb sh*t like this that makes me wish that People magazine would shut off the comment section. Why would you even THINK to post such vile comments? Do you know her? Do you know how she feels? Have you walked in her shoes? NO! I wish trolls and unhappy b*tches would just STFU sometimes. UGH!