Jennie Garth Shows Off Daughter Fiona’s New Haircut

11/16/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Two months after Jennie Garth rocked crimped hair at a PEOPLE StyleWatch event in Santa Monica, Calif., daughter Fiona Facinelli paid homage to another old-school style.

On Wednesday, the actress Tweeted adorable before and after photos of her youngest daughter’s new haircut. “Fiona’s bringing back the bi-level!” Garth wrote.

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Courtesy Jennie Garth

We have to say, the short and cute ‘do really does frame the 6-year-old’s face, especially her sweet smile. Plus, Fiona has officially joined the ranks of other Hollywood kids (Shiloh Jolie-PittKingston Rossdale, Willow Smith and Coco Arquette) who like to have fun with their hair.

TELL US: Do you let your child try new and unique hairstyles?

— Anya Leon

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candykane on

my daughter Fiona is almost 6 and she has the same hair cut. She loves her hair short and asks for a cut wenn it gets to her shoulders.

Cammy on

There may be some folks who find it a bit too mature, but I think it’s absolutely fun and adorable!

Tams on

I have no problem with a child trying out different hairstyles. My thoughts are its hair and it will grow back. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t feel the same way. In 2nd grade grade, I wanted short hair. My parents didn’t think girls should have short hair, their compromise was a mullet. 😦

Laura on

Tams – you weren’t the only one! I’m glad there aren’t many photos of me between the ages if 8 and 12.

Bad hair, very bad hair! Lol

Mina on

I HATE hair that is not one length. It looks like she did it herself. Like a child took scissors and just chopped off one side of her hair. ANd when it grows back it will look like a lopsided mess. I dont mind short or long hair but stick to one length!

ava on

Looks adorable!!

Jemma on

Wow she looks a lot like her dad! I love short hair on little girls. My daughter finally said yes to an inverted bob this summer and it’s so cute.

Carli on

She’s such a cute little girl!! I don’t mind short hair on little girls but I do agree with Mina that when it’s different lengths (on young children and adults), it looks like someone just grabbed a pair of scissors and did it themselves with the result being not too flattering.

Bree on

Very adorable!!

As for people saying it is two different lengths, I am pretty sure if you look closely you will see that it isn’t. She has her head tilted and her hair pushed behind her ear. If she had it brushed loose and her head straight it would all be the same length.

SmiaVS on

No, Bree, it’s two different lengths; that’s what ‘bi-level’ means. Anyway, I think she looks adorable.

Anonymous on

Tams- Yikes! Makes me very thankful that my parents were much more open to girls having short hair (I had a Shiloh-esque haircut/style for most of my childhood…because that’s what I wanted!)! Personally, I think kids should be allowed to choose what length and style they want their hair to be, within reason.

It’s just hair, and it WILL eventually grow back! 🙂 Oh, and I think Fiona looks adorable!

cmama on

I’m sorry, but I think it looks terrible..
one side short to the scalp and the other side longer.
when my daughter was 4 ..i put an ep of dora on for her, while i hung the washing up..
i came inside to find bits of blonde hair everywhere..
she had given herself a hair cut.. that looked exactly like this..
one side boy scalp short.. the other longer..
im all about letting them have long or short hair.. i even put 2 pink streaks in my daughters hair..
if i saw fiona in the mall.. i would think she had given herself a hair cut and that it needed to be evened out more..
not a good look.

Deb on

The girl looks cute but the bad parts about trying a short new cut is that it can look horrid growing it out. I also had the dredded mullet when I was a child and it took years to grow out. I cringe every time I look back at old school photos.