Tamera Mowry-Housley Introduces Son Aden

11/15/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Meet Aden John Tanner Housley!

Adam and Tamera Mowry-Housley introduce their new son in a photo shared on both of their Twitter pages.

“Chillin with my grandma Darlene today! She hooked me up with a cool outfit,” the actress, 34, wrote in the voice of her newborn.

As for the little guy’s names, Housley, 40, explains the meaning behind them. “He has two middle names,” the FOX News correspondent writes. “A for me, T for Tamera and John [is] our fathers’ middle name.”

Arriving Monday evening in Los Angeles, Aden is the first child for the couple, who wed in May 2011 in Napa Valley. “Thanks for all the love and well wishes,” Mowry-Housley Tweeted Wednesday. “Adam and I are very overjoyed with love and feel so blessed. Being a new mommy ROCKS!”

Tamera Mowry-Housley Introduces Son Aden
Courtesy Housley Family; Inset: Frederick M. Brown/Getty

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Elisa on

ow he’s so cute!! congratulations!!


Anonymous on

he is so cute ❤

Aly on

His little cheeks are sooo cute.

Karen on

So Cute. Lots of health and happiness.

Emmalani on

He’s adorable. Congratulations on the new bundle of joy.

Sami Jo on

He’s Beautiful

Alicia on

Congrats to this lovely family. He is such a cute baby! I always loved both Tia and Tamera on “Sister, Sister” when I was younger! So happy for them!! ❤

ClaudetteS on

AWWWWW he’s so cute!!! Congrats!!

Alyssa on

He’s less than a week old and already being splashed on the internet. :-/ I really feel for celeb babies.

annoyed on

Ignorant Alyssa. It’s called being a proud parent. Most parents (including myself) put pics of their children on fb in the first few hours of being born. It’s not “splashing” them anywhere. It’s pride.

more annoyed on

@ annoyed: you’re an idiot

Anonymous on

i love this baby!!! so cuuuuute! congrats you two!!

camila on

He is so cute!

Mysa Love on

He is such a cute baby :]

Melissa on

He is adorable!

mrsodell on

AHHH…he is such a cutie pie!

april on

he is very handsome…congrats to you both

Misty on

Oh so preciuos how wonderful!!! I watched Tia on some Episodes when she was pg with her son, he is just beautiful!


he is so beautiful congrats to you both

Mary on

Cutie pie, I want to both pinch and kiss those cheeks.

Tajma on

Beautiful baby boy

Sandy on

awww, so cute! but take the paci out so we can see him!

Mom of 2 on

He is just beautiful! Enjoy kissing those cheeks!

cookie on

Look at those cheeks.Beau -ti -ful baby.

Anonymous on

What a little cutie!! So happy for the whole family

KD on


RobRob on

What a little cutie!!! Congratulations to you both he is absolutely precious

Kendra on

He’s adorable!! Look at those cheeks!

valeskas on

So precious.

Danielle on

Congrats to u both he is absolutly adorable!!! Best wishes to your family.

Donna on

OMG he is soooo beautiful!!!!! Love love his name. Conragts!!

denise on

So beautiful. Best Wishes!!!!!

Terry on

Cute baby but take those mittens off! Babies need to explore and their fingers are their tools! If you’re afraid of him scratching his face, wait til he’s asleep and cut his nails.

tanya on

Aww he is adorable!

Christine on

Congrats to the family. What a cute baby!!!

Deb on

Ahhhh every since I posted I recognized hubby in local news report the media has been showing him more…GREAT! Congrats mommy/daddy!! Wow the memories of my daughters Godfather (RIP) sending them tapes of the TandTs show Sister Sister when we lived in England!

kp08 on

Don’t be so rude! Cree is adorable and looks just like the twins when they were babies!

Lisa on

What a cutie! They seem like a very sweet family – I wish them the best!

Michele on

I have to say I agree with Alyssa…He’s a beautiful baby, but my goodness he’s all of 9 minutes old and hes already on the internet, publicly…. I can see putting up a pic for friends and family…But not publicly

Anonymous on

Such a cutie!!!! God Bless!

envyofnone on

So cute!!! Congrats to your new crazy life as parents! Also, to those commenting about celeb babies gettting ‘splashed’ all over the internet, how many pics of your kids are on your FB page, ALL OVER the internet?? Get over it. This is life as we know it today. 🙂

Erin on

He’s gorgeous and so is his cousin Cree. It’s awful how people have such mean things to say on these sites. These are children people, how would you like it if someone said that about you or your children!

Linda on

Congrats to the Housleys family!!! Your baby is so adorable!!!

Keep giving him alot of LOVE!!! God Bless!!!

I'm Glad on

I’m glad she posted a pic already!, that’s to show you she’s not like her SISTER Tia! and other celebs, who waited MONTHS! or even a year. I think it’s GREAT that she let her FANS! see her baby!, We put MOST if not ALL of the celebs on the MAP! and can’t even see their BABY’s!! thats not RIGHT! Like Beyounce, we still don’t get to see Blue Ivy and Mariah Carey we don’t even see the twins all the time. I know they want their privacy, but DANG!! you wouldn’t be who you are if it wasn’t for FANS!!

I'm Glad on

Cute baby, I knew he would be.

Julie on

SCRUMPTIOUS!!! Beautiful couples makes beautiful baby!

Tina on

Awww, Hello baby!

t on

Congrats. such a beautiful angel you r truly blessed. He is gorgeous. Godbless u and your family.

Jen on

OMG, he is soooo beautiful! God bless your family.

J on

LOL w/ Lisa. Agreed!

MyTwoCents on

Good looking baby!! He’s a cutie!!

Jacksgran on

He is a beautiful baby boy!

missy on

He’s cute. My daughter has the same outfit, nice to see a celeb who kid is in affordable clothes for once.

Anonymous on

He is adorable! So glad she didn’t go the Hollywood route and get induced for convenience’s sake.

gagirl on

@ annoyed —And what EVER did we do before facebook? I think she does have a point. The baby’s fresh out of the womb.

@ Terry –Thanks for sharing your opinion, “babies need to explore”. Right, because we all know babies are sooooo adventurous at one week. They obviously make baby mittens for a reason. If you don’t want mittens on your kids, then don’t use them. She can use them if she wants. Who cares anyway?

Jemma on

Oh Alyssa hush! When I had my babies I was so proud of them that I “splashed their pictures on the internet” too! Beautiful Baby!

Anonymous on

My sons have double hyphenated names. He is so beautiful. Congrats to them!

Anon1 on

You really can’t tell right now how this baby will look, because his cousin Cree was also adorable when he was born, but now he is not as cute as he was. Sorry just being honest.

Shawn on

aww SO cute! Happy New Baby Adam & Tamera!

Anonymous on

congrats…your baby is absolutely adorable…and I am thrilled that everyone has wonderful things to say.

Lisa B on


Kira on

Look at those cheeks! He is too cute!

jamelle on

Too cute and to think the next episode she goes into labor. Timed that pretty well.

Vanessa on

He is sooo cute!!!

ladyofargonne on

It’s a beautiful child but what is the big hurry to share with the rest of the world. This photo is nice for the family but the public doesn’t need to see the baby until they’re smiling and their eyes are open. Next they will start publishing photos with the cord still attached.

One Voice on

Awww, such a blessing to have a new baby in your life! Congrats to the family, he is adorable.

ava on

Congratulations, Tamera and Adam! Aden is just beautiful, like his cousin Cree! Enjoy every minute with him 🙂

Marky on

Anon !, you aren’t being “honest”, you are being rude, period. Cree is the absolute spitting image of Tia and Tamera at the same age! It is almost spooky, he looks so much like them. Aden is adorable, and Tand T have turned out to be nice adults, never got in trouble, and are young women to be proud of. Their children are precious, and you should be so lucky!

Stop with the crappy comments, people–not even slightly clever or “not rude”!!

lola on

All of you who are making negative comments about Cree, what exactly is your problem that made you such horrible women? It is even worse that these comments are from women. You are talking about a very small child! Aren’t women supposed to be the hearts in eachothers family? How can you be that to your family when it’s obvious you have no heart. How dare you.

Carrie M on


Seraphina on

He is so cute. I want to kiss those puffy cheeks.

Julianna on

He’s so adorable! Look at those cheeks! God bless you, Adam, Tamera and Aden.

a oliverlane on

So precious love the names, Congrats, was cking the net the DAY b4 for news, yeah!!!!

Lisa on

He is adorable!!!!! His stats were almost the same as my oldest sons…except my son was 22 inches long! And I didn’t carry him 2 weeks past my due date…..bless her heart!!! I truly wish y’all all the happiness in the world!!! 🙂

Europa on

He is cute and adorable! 🙂

Mya on

I don’t get the A and T part of his explanation. I understand John, but A and T and they get Tanner?? It’s still normal, so it’s good. Congrats!

Carrow on

Alyssa everyone with a social media account splashes their baby pictures over the internet not just celebs. It’s the age we live in.

Shi on

@ Mya… I think you’re making it too complicated. They gave him a name that starts with A because of Adam. And they gave him a name that starts with T because of Tamera. Anyway, his name is a mouthful but it’s still nice.

I’m sure he will be as handsome as his big cousin Cree. I just love seeing pictures of that little boy. He always looks so happy. Never fails to make me smile.

valerie on

What a cute little “Dumpling.” Love those cheeks!

Ivy on

“lisa” stop showing your ignorance. How can you use negative comments about an inocent beautiful child and GOD in the same sentence. I guess you don’t understand that GOD is LOVE!!!. It’s so nice to hear folks sending so much love and well wishes to tamera and her family. God bless you all, even lisa lol.

peggy on

He is adorable. I am so happy for Adam and Tamera. They are going to be great parents.

Jojo Momma on

wow alyssa.. really??? when my son was born 2 years ago i put up millions of pics on both facebook and myspace.. its called being proud of being a new parent!!! obviously u dont kno about this… so take ur rude comments elsewhere.. as for tamara and her little family CONGRATS!!!! hes adorable!!!

Angie on

He is a cutie and he looks like his cousin and they are 2cuties.

Desmo on

For goodness sakes its just one picture, what’s so wrong with that! I’m sure she did it so her fans could get a glimpse of him because she was 2 weeks overdue and not to mention it has been a few days since was born, so there is nothing wrong with that. I waited until I returned home from the hospital to post pics of my kids but ONLY my friends could see my pics. Anyway, congrats to the happy couple :))

Anonymous on

Okay, am I the only one who is completely confused as to why people are so up in arms about Adan being shown off so early? I mean, what harm is it possibly going to cause him or anyone else?!

Anyway, he is adorable, and so is Cree!

Robbie D on

he is adorable

Erika on

I think it’s funny that those who are complaining about the pictures being on the internet chose to click on the article to read it and see the photo since it clearly says “Meet” in the heading. To each their own if they want pictures on the internet or not.

And a week old baby isn’t going to be exploring anything with is hands and fingers yet.

Love the polka dots!

Alice on

Ahhh he is really cute; can’t wait to see more pictures of him. Mommy and Daddy must be so thrilled. Now both sisters can share in the lives of their “little boys.”

rachel on

how cute…. looks like dad

Kathy on

Blessings to you and your family!

Carrie on

He is adorable! Congrats to you two on your beautiful blessing!

Kelly Ehmke on

Congratulations on your baby boy! He’s precious!

Meg on

So sweet….Congratulations!

Anonymous on

Cutest baby ever.

Melissa on

So adorable!! I’ve loved them since “Sister, Sister.” Both such positive people

TruthDotCom on

Sigh…congrats on having a beautiful baby Tia or Tamara or Tamar or whatever. However, we didint need a play by play of your entire pregnancy nor do we need an all points bulletin on the birth of your child. Seriously, no one was checking.

Jeana on

why the mittens

mom of 2 on

I love the name Aden! Congrats, he is a cutie!

spawtyspice on

He is beautiful! Congrats!

JD on

What an ANGEL! Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

guest on

Super cute love those cheeks congrats to the family.

stormy on

he’s beautiful

Doubled79 on

What a cutie!!! i love Tamera, her personality is so different than her sisters.

Gaia on

Beautiful baby! Congratulations to the parents.

Julie on

Finally, one celebrity with a normal name for their kid:)

Carolyn on

A cute little guy, but the name Aden and its various spellings is so overused.

Dory on

Awwww….what a little sweetheart! Tia and Tamera have always seemed to be really nice, and I’m sure they are going to be two of the most awesome moms ever. I’m disappointed about all of the rude comments….if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all…MOVE ON!

jonie on

A soother already???? Comon! Parents are so afraid of a crying baby. The picture would have been much nicer without it

Anonymous on

He is the cutesiest baby of the year!

Sarah on

Congratulations on the new addition! He is beautiful….Love the name Aden John Tanner…

Today on

I really like these two sisters Tia and Tamera…they are really pleasant people.

jomama on

i must say, very cute indeed.

lilly on

Those rosy chubby cheeks look sooooo kissable! Congrats!

kellytoldmeto on

Is it a human or a doll?

Babies hate having their pictures taken. Early weeks are so hard for them, with all the lights and scratchy clothes and loud sounds and unaccustomed contact and intrusions and DIAPERS and attention. Life outside the womb is a big, traumatic shock.

As for “proud” parents, parenthood is a very ordinary thing, has been for centuries. It’s your beloved baby, and it’s special, but it’s after all just another baby in a long string of babies….everyone posting on this site was a baby once. Shudder.

So surprised not to see the usual default unclever “who pissed in your corn flakes” jab in this thread. Where are the fans of that jab?

phillygirl215 on

Y’all making me mad with these rude comments. The baby needs to have mittens on not just so he won’t scratch his face but to keep his hands warm. She posted a picture get over it, when he gets older and see his picture ONLINE he’ll be excited. Just because you didn’t post your baby picture up doesn’t mean anything she’s another person let them live they life and let them be great.. Stop the hating yo seriously it’s embarrassing.

phillygirl215 on


phillygirl215 on

Are you mad because you and your kids is ugly? You need to be punched in your face for talking about someone CHILD!!

Kristen on

OMGosh! He is just perfect! Too cute! 🙂

Anonymous on

Cheeks for days, he is adorable! Congratulations on your beautiful baby!

daimblond on

He’s a beauty!

Charli on

What a cutie-pa-tootie. He looks like a little bundle of joy. Congrats to them!

Guest on

@I’m Glad Mariah Carey shows pictures of her kids. they even have thier own website

Tish on

so beautiful…I’d love to kiss those cubby little cheeks…I bet your sister is so happy for her little cutie pie to have a cousin to be close to…God Bless your little baby

Anonymous on

phillygirl215- Mittens are inded useful for preventing scratching, but they aren’t neccesary to keep a newborn’s hands warm. As long as the newborn is indoors (or outside on a warm day), all s/he needs to keep warm enough is a proper outfit and perhaps a blanket. 🙂

kellytoldmeto- Funny, Aden doesn’t look too bothered to me! 😉

jonie- I guess you’ve never heard of “comfort sucking”? Babies do it all the time, and a “soother” is an easy way to help them achieve that. So Tamera and Adam were most likely just helping Aden meet his needs. 🙂

Tish on

Congratulations!! beautiful baby : )

and Lisa, if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself..you are beyond ignorant!!…he is beautiful just like his cousin…and may they growup to be beautiful loving best friends..

TheSarahIR on

Congrats mamas! He’s a Big boy!!! Can’t wait 4 my lil girl to come, 2 more months! I’m counting down! God Bless your new family!

Charli on

When I was little I had a life sized baby doll that looked just like him. He is soooo cute. Congrats to the family. Tia’s son will soon have a playmate.

Amilyah on

Handsome young man!!! However, I’m sure he will never wear that cute newborn outfit again, he is almost too big for it now.

Sky on

Great Name….He’s adorable….Congrats…

Eire on

Tamera’s newborn son Aden is so handsome and adorable. I’m so thrilled for Tamera. She is such a sweetheart. I know she will be a wonderful mother!

Abbie on

He is beautiful!

twinhappy on

Congrats to them!

Tanya on

He is just adorable!!!!! Congrats to the parents and the extended family! Boys rock 😀

camilleleflor on

Yipee!!! He is as beautiful as his parents.


honest on

ok, i understand that we don’t want to call a baby ugly, but lets not get besides ourselves calling Cree cute… i’m sure he WILL be because Corey’s a nice looking guy and he DOES look exactly like Tia and Tamera when they were babies… and they GOT cute… LATER… that does not mean they WERE cute at that age… luckily we go through phases and changes and who we are is not always who we were and what we will be… (smile)

honest on

how do we know he’s cute… his eyes are closed and the paci is covering up a good portion of his face… all we see is his cheeks and the top of his nose… come on….

Kaitlynn on

He’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute, congrats.

Carol on

Always been of fan of the twins. I watch the new show every week, (tape it if I can’t be home). It awesome to watch how they make things work bwtn them and having family and thier line of work. Congrats to both Adam and Tamera and Adan! Congrats to the whole family!!!

Mahoghany on

Congratulations Tamara on the cute little one. Now youboth have such cute babies. Cree must be excited as well. He is becoming a little man so handsome. Can’t wait to see Aden and Cree grow up. Lisa what is wrong with you? God blessed both the twins with such cute babies. Cree is adorable as well. Stop hating. Watch what you say

Marlaina on

I would much rather Tamera post pictures of her choosing and on her terms before the media invades her privacy. She is proud and has every right to be. I wish her and Tia all the best and thank the LORD that their children are healthy and happy. Their both beautiful!!