Anansa Sims Welcomes Son David Bernard III

11/14/2012 at 05:30 PM ET

Anansa Sims Welcomes Son David Bernard III
Courtesy Patterson Family

Election day ended in a big win for Anansa Sims!

The plus-size model and her husband, former NFL player David Patterson, welcomed their second child, David Bernard Patterson III, on Tuesday, Nov. 6, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Weighing 8 lbs., 13 oz. and measuring 21 inches long, baby boy joins big sister Ava Brielle, 16 months.

Equally excited about her grandson’s arrival was Beverly Johnson.

“[I’m] feeling so blessed! Being a grandparent is the best!!!” the supermodel and star of Beverly’s Full House, 60, tells PEOPLE. “I am so in love! Go straight to grandparenthood!”

The couple — who tied the knot in 2010 — announced the pregnancy in April, with Sims sharing her high hopes for a baby boy.

Anansa Sims Welcomes Son David Bernard III
Courtesy Patterson Family

Anansa Sims Welcomes Son David Bernard III
Courtesy Patterson Family

— Anya Leon with reporting by Melody Chiu

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Kat on

Awww, beautiful baby!

. . on

Cute. .

Lauren on

I’ve never heard of her, but congratulations nonetheless! Beautiful baby!

sherquetta on


denise on

Beautiful!!! Congratulations

sherquetta on


m on

Cute Baby!

Anonymous on

1) very disturbing that they had to use the words “plus-size” instead of just “model”. 2) very beautiful baby =)

Cdyana on

Boy does she look like her mom. Gorgeous baby…Congrats to both of them!!

Lydia on

David Bernard Patterson III? Ugh! I hate when people name kids after the father! It’s so lame. Not to mention sexist. Rarely have I met a woman named Jennifer Jones IV. Women do all the work and men get the “honor” of having the kids named after them. Dumb. PLUS, it puts pressure on the women (who I think are extra-dumb to even feel a remote amount of anxiety from it) to have a boy. I have one friend who has 3 girls and she doesn’t want anymore kids but her husband wants to keep going to get a boy since he is a “III” and wants his “lineage” to continue on. Blah. So weird.

cj on

Wow, you’re weird! How could you say it’s sexist for a boy to be named after his dad, but seem as though if a girl did it that would be fine? I don’t think any girl wants to be a “junior”, and unless girls took their mom’s last name they couldn’t really be anyway. Just let it go, it’s a tradition for some people and the guys I know who have their dads name think it’s cool.

Kica on

For those that don’t know Beverly Johnson was the first Black supermodel back in the day. Gorgeous family 🙂

enoughalready on

I agree, babies (and adults, which babies usually become) need their own names, not carbon copy names. As if we don’t have enough “Davids” on the planet already anyway. eeeeek! No one wants to be a Junior or third or fourth or 10th (well, at least no one rational or self-respecting). Plus-size mom, plus-size dad, plus-size baby plus plus plus and poor big (as in big!) sister will have to share the lactation devices! I guess, given that mom has a job, dad is the primary caregiver for the kids?

J on

And you could use a plus-size brain to go with your plus-size attitude!

ro90045 on


Just my 2 cents on

@Lydia though I somewhat agree with your comment I have met a family where the females are all called Genevieve, it’s a name that has been passed down.

Gorgeous baby!!

Lydia on

BTW…despite my hating the concept of the naming process these parents have gone with…I forgot to mention Congrats on the beautiful baby. He is adorable! I’m not a mean person…I just had to voice my opinion on the name selection 😉

Anonymous on

You’re dumb Lydia. Instead of going on and on about the name you should have just said congrats and kept your negative remarks to yourself. It’s about a sweet little boy who had NOTHING to do with naming himself. Hater.

Sarah.S. on

Everyone commenting on him being a third are lame. So these parents should have to follow your naming style just because you don’t like having a junior? How about you name your child what you want and they will enjoy their David Bernard III.

Congrats to this family, he is truly beautiful!

Willa on

My brother is also a David III and he hates it. Give your child their own name!

cb on

Beautiful family!

Sandra on

@lydia and @enoughalready- Get over it already!

jean on

beautiful family…correction to Kica…Donyale Luna was the first Black Supermodel…1965…she broke the barrier!

Frances on

Beautiful baby. Beautiful family. Congrats 🙂

Anonymous on

awww, such a cutie

Tara on

So cute! Love this couple, big congrats to then!


I can’t believe some of you HAVE NEVER heard of Beverly Johnson, she is a legand

bevvie on

so precious! so cute! kudos to all!

@lydia on

@lydia Some people are actually proud of their families and are honored to be named after family members.

Rhonda on

Awwwww he’s so cute. He looks just like his mommy.

Marky on

Congratulations to this lovely couple on their latest addition! Nice name, and beautiful baby! Very handsome family!

How can people continually post, “I don’t know who this (these) people are, but,,,,” all the time?! Look it up, and if you don’t know, don’t care or whatever, just skip the whole thing, maybe. .
Beverly Johnson was one hot model and the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue, and was married to Danny Sims, a producer, who is the father of Anansa. She lost custody of Anansa to Danny, and spent almost all her money for years, to get her back. She used to date Chris Noth for several years. You can easily find all this info, if you don’t already know it. Google, just google 🙂 .

People name their children whatever they want; some people have a preference as to the sex of their baby, some don’t, and they may have that preference for multiple reasons. As an L&D nurse, I actually saw some women want a particular sex so much they wouldn’t even hold their baby or feed her/him for several days. Made me realize how sad it can be for the child who “wasn’t what the parent(s) wanted”. I think it’s sort of common to feel it would be nice to have the opposite of what you already have, but I have a sister less than a year younger, and I’m grateful all the time we were both girls. We had so much fun all our lives because we did a lot of the same things, and were enough different in personality to keep from being bored. We used to say we “always had a friend”……..

?!? on

I think it’s an honor for a child to be a Jr. Or a III and so on. For the people saying they need their own name, there are thousands of every name already taken so that’s a lame comeback. Better than naming your kid Pilot Inspector or Apple. I think he’s an adorable and somebody’s mad that they weren’t special enough to carry on a family name. Lol

Rhonda on

Let people name their child what they want to name him/her! Would you appreciate someone criticizing you on the names you chose for your children? This is THEIR son and if they want to name him after his father that’s their business. Get a life, folks!

Beth on

That’s exactly how big I was when I was born! Congratulations! Yowza, I have 16 month old and can’t fathom having a newborn!

Rusty on

First off, beautiful baby, congratulations!

Secondly, ever wonder why David is such a enduring classic name? Besides sharing the name with the greatest king of Israel, David means “beloved.” A lovely sentiment for a new baby or a grown man.

Third, you need to remember, not that many generations ago– many African Americans had no family surname and also had no guarantee that their children would grow up knowing their parents. When a father names his son after himself, it’s a very public way of saying: “This is my child.”

Anon on

You people complain when they name their kid something crazy like Apple or Blu Ivy and you complain when they name their kid something normal like David. Are you guys EVER happy? Geez.

Anonymous on

enoughalready- He’s not a “plus sized baby”! 8lbs 13 ozs is a perfectly healthy weight for a newborn in this day and age, so he’s just right! 🙂

With that out of the way, congrats to them! And as far as the whole Jr. thing goes, I don’t like it much myself (I like the idea of honoring family, but prefer that a baby’s middle name be used for that purpose rather than his/her first name. That way the family member gets honored but the baby still has his/her own name!).

However, I’m sure Anansa and David Sr. don’t give a rip what I think, and the most important thing is that the baby is healthy! Also, I think it’s worth noting that there are nicknames out there for David (including Dave and Davey/Davie), so little David might very still have an identity very much his own. 🙂

Marky on

Enoughalready, if no one else cares to state the obvious, I will. You are a total a$$! That is one of the rudest comments I’ve ever read, and I’ve read plenty. Wow! You need to get a grip and quickly…….. What? Lactation devices?? And not all children even WANT to nurse forever. I let my kids wean themselves as desired, and they were done at 14 months–their choice.

For those who say no girl is ever a junior, I was. If I had chosen to not take my husband’s name, I would still be using jr. at the end of my name. I wasn’t even the only one I knew about, for that matter. Cobina Wright, Jr. was a famous socialite in NYC, for one. Get out more, read learn. You are being rude and judgmental regarding people’s appearance, people’s right to name there own child, and what kind of job they have. Really???

nicole on

He’s gorgeous!

aj on

I don’t think an eight pound baby is plus sized. Even if he is, doesn’t mean he will grow up to be plus sized. My son was eleven pounds at birth and now at seven is skinny.

Deb on

Welcome newest member of Buckeye Nation!!!! My daughter was just asking when is show coming back to OWN after Sweetie Pies (my birth hometown)!

candykane on

Congrats to the new family. Daddy must have some really big hands to make an 8 pounder look so small 🙂

of2minds on

That is one of the cutest newborns I’ve ever seen!!! He’s absolutely adorable!

And mom is drop dead gorgeous!

Becky on

Congrats on the beautiful baby..Love these pictures..

@Marky.. I don’t really know anything about this couple, but is it really that big of a deal to say congrats on a blog even if you don’t know who the parents are?

As for them naming him David 3rd..I don’t really care for naming babies Jr, 2nd or 3rd, but if that’s what they want, it is their baby, people need to stop making lame, smart hateful comments..

Megan on

What a beautiful baby!

Denise S. on

Why does People Magazine have to preface the word model with “plus size” all the time? She’s a model period. In the real world she is probably an average size person.

fanofboardwalkempire on

beautiful baby- Congratulations to the entire family!

Denise S. on

The name David is timeless and will probably still be in use 100 years from now. Seems to me people aren’t happy unless they can complain about someone’s choice of a baby name. They gave their son a nice, normal name and you complain. If they had named him Tucson or Abercrombie you would be on here complaining that they didn’t give him a “normal” name.

And it’s traditional to name a boy after his father. We did it with our son but we call him by his middle name. Some people just like to criticize because they can stay anonymous.

Tina on

Awwwww, look how sweet!

Sam on

So you’re basically calling her a plus size model and her mom a super model. What’s the difference? They’re both beautiful and talented. There should not be a difference in titles. Congrats to the beautiful family.

Michelle Adriano on

@enoughalready – take a hint from your screen name. Unless you are named after someone yourself it is quite presumptuous of you to ASSume that no one wants to carry on a family name. I have known many guys who are IV etc and are proud of the fact that they carry their family name on in honor of their father and grandfathers before them. And are you the final word on having enough “David’s” in the world? It is certainly a much more self respecting name than Apple or Blue Ivy or any other fad name the celebs pull from a hat. Give your head a shake.

Elizabeth on

She IS a plus-size model though. That’s what she’s known for. There’s nothing wrong with referring to her that way.

Anonymous on

what a beautiful baby !!

Khalada Salaam-Alaji on

Beautiful baby abd family

Marky on

Becky, my comment was directed at people who keep posting “I never heard of these people”, or “who are these people?”, etc, and acting as if their not knowing anything about the particular celeb means that celeb isn’t worth the print-time. It’s easy look up the people I don’t think I have heard of before i comment, and not comment or only say congratulations to couples I know nothing about. I don’t think I called anyone an ignorant jacka$$ for not doing that, I am simply saying it’s like a fly in the soup for people to do that over and over. I actually put a smiley face on my comment for that reason. 🙂

cookie on

One word,Adorable.

Sheila D. on

Absolutely Beautiful!!! Black Love Baby…I Love It!

Julesy on

Beautiful photos. Adorable baby.

Anonymous on

Marky- Exactly! Plenty of women are and have been Jrs. Perhaps the most famous example is Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the author of “Frankenstein”. She was named after her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, who was also an author.

Annette on

Yes! her mother was a top model back in the day but why do the press have to print this story about her daughter giving birth. Really this is worse than stars giving birth and the press goes crazy, how they have gotten their shape back, how good they look after giving birth! Women have been having babies for thousands and thousands of years. These stars that give birth have not done anything special and if I had a trainer, nanny and money for plastic surgery after giving birth to my three sons I would have looked like a million bucks TOO!!! And if she wanted to name her son after his father BIG DEAL!! where is the news in this!!

Krissy on

No WONDER she can be a model with that face and body, nepotism is alive and well!

daimblond on


Charli on

Cute baby. I have no idea who these people are but I am beginning to think if I sent my baby’s pics to People they would post them. lol

Anonymous on

Charli- It says right in the post that Anansa is the daughter of Beverly Mitchell, a very famous supermodel (and a very important figure in black history as she was one of the first, if not the first, black supermodels). She’s also a model in her own right. 🙂

Anonymous on

Annette- Because, as I said before, Anansa is a model herself, and therefore famous in her own right. 🙂

Truth on

The reason parents name their children after the fathers (the majority of the time) and give them suffixes like III, IV, etc. is because when the girls get married they normally take on the name of their husband. So, the family lineage is broken and eventually is no more because there was no one to carry on the name. If no one carries on the last name of their father for instance, Brown, then the “Brown’s” will eventually fade out and their will be no more Brown’s once the elder people pass away.

jennjifer on

So what she named her son after his father, big deal, @ least she didn’t give him seven freaking names like one movie star did. Ladies and gentlemen you have the right to name your child whatever you wish, everyone else will just have to live with it & get over themselves. Anyway congrats on your bundle of joy cherish the moments with him he’s beautiful.

Sassy Bizzness on

Anansa and her children are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it is not a big deal to bear your father’s name in some communities it still an honor in the black community. My brother is a IV though he chose not to name his first born son the same.

Beverly Johnson broke down doors and was a role model to me personally, as a little girl growing up in the late 70’s there were no models who looked like my mother on the cover of major magazines. She was the first to appear on a number including Vogue.

Finally, the family still has a very successful and POSITIVE television show on the OWN network. For those of you not familiar with them , you should check it out.

BTW Anasa’s husband is a successful businessman who played footbal for Ohio State, not a stay at home dad.