Chad Lowe: Our Baby Is Due This Week!

11/12/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Chad Lowe Sofia the First premiere
Nate Beckett/Splash News Online

Make way for baby!

With their second child due this week, Chad Lowe and his wife Kim have been busy wrapping up loose ends — and gearing up for the late nights — before their little one’s big arrival.

“I’m trying to bank some sleeping hours, which is a little tough,” the actor, 44, told PEOPLE during the premiere of Disney’s Sofia the First in Burbank, Calif. on Saturday.

“I have been out buying a lot of stuff to organize [everything] we have. It is amazing how much stuff babies need. It is incredible.”

But at the top of their list of prepping priorities has been readying 3½-year-old daughter Mabel for her special role as big sister.

“We’ve been introducing her to the concept and she seems to be very excited,” Lowe says. “She knows she’s got a big job and a lot of things to teach her sibling.”

Admitting that simultaneously juggling his personal and professional lives has been anything but easy, Lowe reveals his secret to success when it comes to his ongoing balancing act.

“The most important thing is being present when you are with your family and not being distracted by work or outside influences,” the Pretty Little Liars star explains. “I just really try to be present in all the moments when I am with my daughter and my wife. I am really lucky because I have gotten to be [with them] a lot.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Patrick Gomez

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Nancy on

I still wonder why he and Hillary split up.

julia on

he looks happy…too bad we don’t see him more often on the screen. he’s a good actor to watch.

Meg on

Nancy–probably because she wouldn’t give him kids.

Poppy on

Good for Chad! His wife is channeling a bit of Eddie Munster!

tt on

No because he was addicted to drugs and she was sick of it!

Anonymous on

So cruel Poppy to say that about his wife

Katherine on

Wow Poppy, mean-spirited much? His wife looks great! She’s pretty! Okay, she’s not Hillary Swank/Angelina Jolie gorgeous, but she’s attractive.

Congrats to the family, I hope they have a smooth delivery and transition from one to two children!

stella on

Nancy, Hillary had an affair with her manager, and they stayed together almost 7 years before recently parting ways.

davecat on

@Katherine, chill a bit,he was referring to the widow’s peak she has. Poppy, I found it humorous.

Claire on

Beautiful family, and congrats to them but I never understand when parents say something like, “It is amazing how much stuff babies need.” No, really, aside from a carseat for the ride home your baby requires a full belly, a clean diaper and a warm place to sleep. So bottles and formula (unless you’re nursing) diapers, some onesies and some blankets.

I don’t understand why parents practically bankrupt themselves buying thousands of dollars worth of “stuff” that they think the baby “needs.” Wait a little while to see what you’re really wanting and would find convenient before you buy out half of Target! So often I see closets and garages full of the “stuff” parents were told their babies “need,” that they never used! And while I’m sure Chad and Kim can afford it, most of the “stuff” can be purchased at thrift stores or consignment shops for a fraction of the price. All my kids’ clothes came from Value Village and consignment stores – and the best part was, due to parents giving away stuff that they had too much of and couldn’t use fast enough, most of it looks brand new!

. . on

They are celebrities . .have to have the best of everything apparantly . .

whatevs on

Your response was hilarious Claire. You’re lecturing lol! Umm….Target?? Thrift stores???

Sarah on

Baby due this week? Well, what they did on Valentine’s Day has just been confirmed! 😉

Best of luck, y’all!

KarenB on

That is one of the dumbest comments I ever hear “They think they need to have the best of everything for their baby”. Do you not attempt to buy the best of everything that you can afford? So what’s the dif. They can just afford more expensive things than you because they make more money. Get over it!

. . on

Calm down sweetie . .I am entitled to my own opinion. Go take your Midol CHILLAX . .witch

tt on

No its because she got fed up with him being addicted to drugs… and him lying to her about it all the time. Look back at all the reports hello do research.

Rhonda on

I agree with you, Claire. Babies really don’t need more than the basics, but these are wealthy parents who can afford to buy everything! I also believe in holding onto things so they can be reused. Since their daughter is only three, I am sure they saved some of her things that can be used with the second baby, even if it’s a boy.

Best of luck to them on the upcoming birth of their baby.

L ANN on

Their little girl is just BEAUTIFUL. Good luck with baby # 2.

whoknew on

Very good looking family. @Nancy……I think they split because he had addiction issues, that I think he has since conquered, and because she didn’t want to/or couldn’t have children.

Bree on

@Clair, do you have kids?? Babies do need a lot. We NEED our high chair, bibs, dishes, toys, baby gates, saftey tools (Electric covers, baby locks) a lot more clothes than a couple onsies, diaper disposal, stroller.

Yes there are a lot of things out there that babies don’t need but they do need a lot more than you seem to think. And while some things can be bought second-hand or passed down through the family, some things can’t for safety or sanitary reason. Like car seats, soothers, bottles ect… And really as new parents my husband and I wanted to get our daughter new stuff. Yes we are saving a lot of stuff for our next baby but we will also be getting a lot of new stuff too (Especially if we have a boy, my daughter is all about pink and it shows in her clothing choices and toy choices!!)

We use everything I mentioned on a daily basis and we only have one baby. And if you have more than one baby there is more that you will need, like a swing (With my daughter I rock her to sleep in my arms and let her nap there, my sister who has a son my daughter’s age and a three year old does not have that luxury) and a double stroller.

Congrats to Chad and Kim!! Mable is such a cutie pie!! Hopefully this little one doesn’t keep them waiting and they don’t go to much past their due date, or past it at all (My daughter was 13 days late, longest two weeks of the entire pregnancy!!) Can’t wait to see pictures and hear what they name the newest addition 🙂

Claire on

@ Bree – Perhaps what I was trying to say didn’t come out right and I apologize. The point I’m really trying to make is that it’s silly to spend tons of money on tons of stuff right away. Of course babies need more than the few things I listed – but not on day one! Wait until these things become an issue before you buy them. For example, when my first baby started crawling, I put baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs and locked the “under the sink” cabinets right away. But that was really all I needed to do. None of my (3) babies ever went for electrical sockets, the toilet, or anything else that you can baby proof. They were taught from Day One of crawling what they were and weren’t allowed to play with.

We never needed/used bottles, pacifiers, swings, Bumpo chairs, baby shampoo, potty seats, sippy cups, special plates, fancy diaper pails, disposable wipes, separate flatware and cups, separate bath towels and many other things people deem to be necessary. With the things we did use (bibs, clothing, shoes, stroller, etc.) we bought used and didn’t buy a lot. With everything else, our babies used the “adult” versions (toilet – after potty training of course! – , shampoo, soap, dishes) and were fine. Their nurseries were never decorated, and were furnished with a crib, a second hand dresser, and a few simple (used) books and toys.

It’s everyone’s right to buy what they wish for their baby, of course, but babies don’t require as much stuff as companies lead us to believe. We choose to live simply and put more money into savings. We utilize the library and parks for fun. Our children/baby are healthy, and happy with what they have. They do not feel the constant need for entertainment and are happy entertaining themselves.

Becky on

Congrats on the new baby..Beautiful family..

@Bree..No, babies, don’t need all of the stuff that you gave either..You don’t need gates, outlet covers, high chairs, dishes and a diaper disposal..Really, a diaper disposal? I have twins that are 10 and I never used any of the crap that you are talking about..It’s the parents that want that junk and stores love it..

fuzibuni on

How on earth did parents a generation ago get by without purchasing all these “necessities?” Apparently babies can’t live without them now… how did we survive when our parents didn’t buy all this crap?!

It’s all marketing, people.

guest on

OMG his daughter is gorgeous.

meghan on

tt, they split after he sought treatment. It only came out because she felt the need to tell the world his personal struggles in Vanity Fair.

Anonymous on

Becky- Gates may not techinically be 100 percent neccesary, but they ARE very helpful and can prevent babies from potentially seriously injuring themselves by falling down the stairs. So I understand why many parents consider them a neccesity.

I agree with you about the other stuff, though. You can use regular old garbage pails for diaper disposal (and if you’re concerned about the smell, there are plenty of techiniques you can use…including the tried and true method of putting a box of baking soda in the can!), washclothes for wiping, etc.

That being said, I can’t wait to hear the new baby’s name and gender!

Kresta on

I have never found Hilary Swank to be remotely beautiful.

Bella on

He got his family that he always wanted… Best wishes..