Tori Spelling Introduces Son Finn Davey

11/11/2012 at 08:00 PM ET

Tori Spelling Introduces Son Finn Davey
Michael Simon/Startraks

Meet Finn Davey McDermott!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott introduce their fourth child, posing inside the 10-week-old’s nursery in a set of recently released photos.

After a difficult pregnancy that included hospitalization and bedrest due to placenta previa, the actress delivered her son via c-section at 37 weeks.

“I would rub my belly and talk to Finn. I kept telling him, ‘We’re going to be fine’ and ‘I can’t wait to hold you,'” Spelling, 39, tells PEOPLE.

Now happy and healthy at home, Finn joins siblings Hattie, 13 months, Stella, 4, and Liam, 5Β½, as well as Jack, 14, McDermott’s son from a prior marriage.

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Tori Spelling Introduces Son Finn Davey
Michael Simon/Startraks

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Meg on

dad certainly has the dominant genes there-the kids look just like him. she had her last two kids one right after the other-so hard on a woman’s body. can’t help but think her health problems were connected to that. giving yourself a break and using protection when you have a newborn at home-be nice to yourself!

cmonppl on

Tori, you look like The Joker. Enough plastic surgery already. And enough kids! Maybe the fact that you “almost lost your life” should be a wake up call that you shouldn’t have 2 kids in one year.

Anonymous on

cmonppl Ur comment is very rude u silly person if u don’t have nothing nice to say stay off this page, ugh people like this really make me sick get a life!

sleighml on

So let me get this straight…you are telling this person not to be mean yet they make you sickad should get a life? Kind of hypocritical don’t you think?

Agatha on

My grandmother had 11, it’s not abnormal to have kids in a row. And I think it’s great she did everything for this baby, bed rest, etc.

Go Tori!

Melissa on

Tori’s condition was directly caused by how close together her pregnancies were, at least that is what I read. I am glad all worked out for them, very cute pic.

Gail TK on

You’re THE Joker for exposing how Stupid you are. She looks great and enjoys being a mother. I’m happy for her and her family.

Dee on

Gorgeous family photo! The kids are adorable. I wish them nothing but the best.

FFS on

Dayum, she is one homely woman. Cute kid though.

Anonymous on

cute family

Michele on

Beautiful Family πŸ™‚

BDC on

This family seems so very loving and I enjoy watching them as they grow, but I just seems strange that they put out these family pictures and leave out Jack, Dean’s oldest son.

Kay on

Jack’s mom doesn’t want him in all the media stuff.

Elara on

What a beautiful family picture. Now that she has two boys and two girls, I hope. for her sake, that she is done having kids. At least for a few years. Her body needs a break. I’m glad that she and baby are ok after the scare.

Emily on

Cute kids! the older ones look so much like their dad!

Jeana on

They make pretty babies

kaitlyn on

Love them! Still trying to figure out who Hattie looks like??

mom of 4 in 2 1/2 years on

Why is Dean’s son from his previous marriage never included in their “family” pictures? How sad they leave him out.

Cheryl on

His ex-wife has requested that Jack remain off of TV and out of magazines and they are respecting her wishes.

Juju on

Oh no look at her face. She looks horrible. I think the health scare was a way to keep her out if the limelight so she can get a face lift. She looks awful. Therapy!!!!!!’

Lisa on

What a beautiful family! Although I would not recommend having 2 kids back to back like she did and all the health complications, it’s at least nice the kids will be so close in age. Liam and Stella are close in age as well. I also remember Tori saying that Hattie is a Daddy’s little girl being that he took care of her through Tori’s whole pregnancy so I hope all are adjusting! Seems like Dean always has Hattie! And Finn is a cutie!

NM on

Not one of those children looks like Tori. They all look like Dean.

jenna on

i’m sorry, but whats with the “Those kids are adorable” comments?! are you blind?!? they aren’t adorable! they’re kids, so they’re cute, but…. come on. tori and dean aren’t reading this… no need to fake nice.

Anonymous on

No need to be mean either…whether you think Tori and Dean are attractive parents no need to be mean towards their children (who are cute, by the way)

NM on

@cmonppl-Who put you in charge of Tori’s sex life??? Geez!

macey on


trixiejo on

Really a beautiful family ! God bless

jenna on

poor hattie, the inbetween and forgotten about child 😦

Canfield on

Some of you people are so ridiculous!! Anyone hating on their family is obviously jealous! She looks amazing for having 4 kids, & they really do make gorgeous babies. If they want to have 10 kids, who cares! Kids are a blessing & they obviously understand that! Plus she wasn’t trying to get pregnant w/ Finn. She was breastfeeding & thought she would be fine… Seriously people on here are so pathetic when they spew their hatred. Get a life instead of bashing those who actually have one. It’s easy to be a bully sitting behind a computer where no one can c your face…makes me understand why there are so many disfunctional kids in our society- because they learn best from their parents!

ava on

How can anyone say Hattie is the forgotten child, you know nothing about this family except the little glimpse you see on tv. They appear to love each other and their children very much. I hope they are blessed with as many children as they desire. They appear to be very genuine people.

Shawna on

Dean’s son Jack isn’t in any pictures because, the ex-wife won’t allow it. That’s why Jack isn’t on Tori and Dean’s tv show.

whoknew on

That is one ugly family.

kristy on

How I love this lil family. I wish people would quit bashing her and how she has 4 kids. SO WHAT IF THEIR 15 mths OR 10 mths apart. WHO CARES!!!!! It’s her body and her mind. Let Tori and Dean live their own lives just like the rest of us.

hollybear on

Its funny how people take the time n critize tori n her family. People need to find new hobbies n leave this family alone! All her children are beauitful inside n out n if u dont like it or them kick rocks! U think ur better looking u must b conceited then n ugly! Ur just jealous they are rich n u aint. πŸ™‚

Christy on

Congrats and God bless you all!

Sam on

Dean and Tori are ….cheaters. Not sure how cheaters can forget what they did to people…and carry on to think they are so wonderful. The people they hurt don’t forget. Tori is looking for the love she didnt get as a child…sure hope her kids truly make her as happy and fulfilled as she acts. Dean….laughable…that boy got ‘lucky’ in the $$$ department, living in big fancy LA…after his childhood living in Ontario Housing, he was not living that way as an adult. Carry on peeps.

JDub on

I am a fan of hers so I enjoy reading about her…but her smile does not look natural in either pic. Agree w/ pp, having children so close together is so hard on your body, but she’s said it was unintentional. Hope she makes 100% recovery to chase around all those kids!

berthasthoughts2012 on

My mother had me and then my brother within 10 1/2 months of each other! It was not intentional of course!! So, my brothers birthday is in May and mine is in June (I’m the oldest), making us the same age for six weeks every year. Seriously. This year for his birthday, he turned 39. I was already 39 so until my birthday six weeks away, we were both 39 til I turned 40 on my birthday!! We were born in the early 70’s and I don’t know what kind of problems my Mom had with having us soo close. She never talked about it. But, my bro and I came out fine so I guess all is good in the end!! πŸ™‚

Aimee on

Your kids are all so cute!!! Congratulations on the birth of Finn

Kelly on

they make the most beautiful babies

M on

her kids are beautiful, but Tori has not aged well at all. either too much plastic surgery or too much stress, or both, but she looks incredibly freaky

sally on

that is one dirty carpet!! should have had it clean before the pictures were taken

TJ on

Thank goodness the kids all look like him. She is so freaky weird looking anymore…

Catca on

Wow, people sure do look hard to make negative statements. “Dirty carpet”? Sally, you do realize that when carpet fibers don’t all face the same direction they appear in different shades. That’s what makes the lines when you vacuum.

The kids look adorable and Tori and Dean look very happy, but Tori does look like she’s still recovering from her health scare. Feel better soon Tori!

Carrie M on

Attractive family….All the best to them!

ashley on

Nice Photo… but I’m posting to set one thing straight… Dean’s son is a big part of their family… his mother refuses to let his photo be published with Tori and Dean… they even have to blur his face and the photos that include him hanging in their home when they film…. it’s not Tori and Dean. They are great people and have made a wonderful family.

Colleen on

Man….she is one ugly chick. If she didn’t have millions of dollars to fix face (which is still a nightmare), she wouldn’t have one cent to her name.

Barbara on

Liam looks just like Tori’s brother and Stella looks just like her Dad. Not sure who Hattie looks like but she sure is cute!

L on

The reason why Dean’s son is not in the picture is that Dean’s ex doesn’t want him involved with anything to do with the media and the family and that is why he is not on the show.

ForSure on

family is lovely, happy, healthy etc. but what a weird shot, why are dad and hattie posed between a dresser and chair???

Summer on

To all you haters. Finn was an accident and total surprise. They were not going to have any more kids. As for Dean’s son Jack, his mother does not want him on the show or pictures taken of him. They are a happy family, leave them alone.

Gina Nicole on

Love that she chose a normal name for her son!

hj on

dang, poor liam looks like his homely mom. Good new, others look like hubby. whe better hope he doesnt leave her like he did his wife. Karmas a beotch sometimes.

hj on

Dang, poor Liam looks like his mom. Glad the the others look like dad. Better hope Kama dont catch you and your hubby leaves you, like he did his first wife. What goes around comes around. How come home wrecking isnt mentioned?

Lacey on

I’m as always a HUGE tori spelling fan, and these pictures warm my heart and put a smile of my face. I am praying Tori will put out another “mommywood” type book because I devour them! Congrats to the spelling/ mcdermott family! You are all beautiful! P.s. …cmonppl and readers like you.. why do you even read or look at these articles to write such horrible rubbish? Is your life so sad and lonely you have to pick on the sweet people out in life to make yourself feel better? I will pray for you. God Bless.

Brenda on

beautiful family God bless… πŸ˜‰

m on

I do admire Tori for her work ethic and love for her children, but thank goodness those kids look like their father!

Mel on

That room is scary looking. BLAH! Hope she recovers from her trauma. Glad a blessing came out of her scare. God Bless.

Mel on

cmonppl, you are making me laugh out loud! I am not trying to be mean to anybody but your comment about the Joker just strikes me so funny!

pebbs on


Anonymous on

Cute picture. Glad you all made it through such a difficult time.

pebbs on

stop having kids already

chrissy on

Tori has got to be the ugliest person EVER!!! next headline about this family… tori spelling pregnant with 5th child!

Sunny on


Anonymous on

I see a little of Tori’s dad, Aaron, in the children.

Spoken4 on

Is it me, or does that carpet look nasty???? The family is beautiful, but if your going to have family pictures done, check the carpets first, really takes away from the beauty of the picture!

Isabel on

How many times do they plan on introducing him to magazines. Geeze.

Cammy on

There’s WAY too much trolling going on here….Tori is beautiful, her kids are beautiful, and I admire the fact that she’s out doing her own thing. Her Dad was right to have her work for her own money, and she’s a great businesswoman.

As far as who her kids look like? I think Stella looks like Dean and Hattie and Liam look more like Tori. It’s a bit too early to say who Finn looks like, but it might be Dean as well.

Amy on

Love them! Great family pic!!!

CestLavie on

What the heck is wrong with Tori’s face? She looks like Joan Rivers!

Kate on

I’m not crazy about the name Finn, but it’s okay. I’m glad he’s healthy. All of the children are beautiful. Congratulations on your beautiful family, Tori and Dean. Best wishes:)

queenanneteacher on

The reason all the kids look like Dean is because Tori’s had lots of plastic surgery. She doesn’t look like herself so of course her kids wouldn’t.

I still don’t think they’ll make it long term. Be interesting to watch…

ririzuma on

If she looks like Joan Rivers already, what will she look like at 70? yeeee (and Joan had just ONE kid).

Now that man has five biological children. Amoral is spelled with an A.

Today on

whoever call this photo “ugly family” is ignorant idiot…some of the posts are just outrageous

Anonymous on

Not one of her kids looks like her. They all look like their dad! They are all cute kids.

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

She is one “Fertile Myrtle!!”

All the best and many blessings to the whole family.

NewEnglandGirl on

Tori Spelling is BUTT UGLY!!!

Julie on

I love how everyone is a doctor- having plecenta previa has nothing to do with having babies close together. Just like getting gestational diabetes- which also has nothig to do with having babies close together.

Anonymous on

they ALL look alike..

Kenzi on

Can people quit being rude already? The reason you never see his son Jack is because Jack’s Mom will not let them put him in pictures with them or on the show. In fact Jack has said before he wishes his mom would let him be more part of Dean’s family.

CCEx on

Tori only has 2 girls and 2 boys. The stepson is not her kid and she is not obligated to mention him every time she discusses her family.

MyTwoCents on

Happy that all is well NOW but it was kinda irresponsible to have kids back to back like that… If what they just went through doesn’t put the brakes on the baby making, I don’t know what will.

sheila on

Woooow. Put your hand over Toris forehead and eyes, and tell me she doesn’t look like “Jigsaw” from the Saw movies!!!!!!!

Sonja Strickland on

I hope she got those tubes tied

Anonymous on

I can’t believe how nasty and rude people can be. They can have as many children as they chose and it’s their business how close together the kids are. She is not the only one who had 2 children within a year. At least they love and take care of their kids. Give them a break. They seem very family oriented.

Retha on

Ladies you know who you are and I use the term ladies for a reason, those of you who want to bash this young lady for having kids and having a good man who wants to be a father she looks great , so girls that want to be a lady stop hating her ,because you have not had any children or botox and you look like you had a litter just stop

reneadijab on

Tori DOES look like the Joker in a strangely compelling way… the upward turn on the corners of the mouth, the highly prominent rosy cheeks… and Dean’s head looks like a canned ham. And for goodness sake, google it, the mother of his first child, has enough sense to not let her child be a part of the media circus. They are not excluding him; his mother is protecting him from the humiliation of being part of this family, and thankfully, he is not part of the family cash cow… but as long as they’re happy…

ashley on

her kids are really cute kids…I’m sorry, but Tori Spelling is just one ugly woman. she should be grateful that her kids take after her husband, who unfortunately, really isn’t that good looking either.

Marie on

Beautiful family and they all look great. Tori is such an amazing person and amazing mom. So happy she is healthy and so are all the kids. She is such a sweet person and hating on her because she doesn’t fit your ideal of a hollywood women is pretty pathetic.

Eva on

Ya’ll can stop hyperventilating now, she won’t be having any more kids. She said it herself, the doctors told her that she has too much trauma from everything she went through with Finn, another pregnancy would be very dangerous for her and for the baby, as well.

sharon on

she is lucky to be alive!!!!!!!! god bless and enjoy these kids and keep your legs closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

robin on

people that comment on her looks are mean. people can’t help how they look. she does the best with what she has. that being said, she annoys me as a person. and i wish she’d fix that.

Kamkat on

Dang, she does look awful. What is she, in her fifties?!

Kamkat on

Dang, she sure is ugly. What is she, in her fifties?!

Lindsay on

All the money in the world can’t buy this woman taste. What horrific decor! Cute kids though.

Anonymous on

She has a lovely looking family but she really needs to lay off the plastic surgery. It seems like she has procedures with each child and she really looks weathered and fake. I thought she was really cute before, wish these girls would muster up the self-esteem and courage to be happy with themselves

Anonymous on

jenna (the first one)- Actually, I’ll bet anything that Tori DOES read this. Some celebs do, and she strikes me as the type that does.

Jenna (the second one)- I suggest you visit Tori’s website. You only have to read it for a few minutes to know that Hattie is not ignored or left out. In fact, if anything, Tori has talked more about Hattie on her website then Finn lately!

Also, there are plenty of pictures of both Tori and Dean holding her (especially on Tori’s website).

Anyway, Finn is adorable, and I disagree that all the kids look like Dean (in fact, it makes me laugh that so many people do. I mean, if they all looked like Dean, then they’d all look practically identical to one another, right? But they don’t!).

I think Stella does a lot, and Liam does somewhat as well (although if you look at pictures of Tori’s brother Randy as a kid, he favors him quite strongly, too!). However, I think that both Hattie and Finn (Hattie especially) look a lot like Tori.

Kali on

I hate to say it because of her recent health scare but she looks pregnant again! Look at her face!

Anonymous on

Cute..the kids are growing up too fast. God bless

lori on

I ‘m so happy for you . You have 5 blessings from God what a gift. Congratulations Tori and Dean! Thanks for sharing your photo.

Anonymous on

Julie- Actually, that’s not entirely true. Having mutiple C-sections and getting pregnant within a few months of a C-section (both of which are true of Tori, who had all her kids via C-section) both increase the risk of placenta previa.

In fact, I believe Tori has even said that her doctor told her that her placenta previa WAS probably caused in part by her getting pregnant so soon after her last C-section.

Sharon- So a happily married woman should stop having sex just because she has four children?! That makes perfect sense! I agree that they should probably stop having kids, but that can be accomplished via one of them getting snipped!

And to all of you who are saying she looks terrible….What new mom DOESN’T look like she’s been run over by a truck?!

CS on

I hope those giraffes are made out of foam or are removed before he starts pulling up – they sure don’t look safe for a nursery!

Laine Atcheson on

I feel so bad for those kids. Soon Dean will abandon them just like he abandoned his kids with his ex-wife. I don’t care if he’s a great dad to these kids, he lost my respect when he abandoned his first round.

Anonymous on

Kali- I’m guessing she just hasn’t lost the weight or water retained (most women retain some toward the end of pregnancy) while pregnant with Finn yet. Plus, with all she’s been through she may be on some medication that causes bloatiing.

Anonymous on

Why do people keep saying they are sweet and wonderful? Do people have that short term of memory that they forget they both were married when they got together and hurt two other people?

kiley on

Yeah she’s ugly so what. You guys act like you’ve never seen an ugly person before. Go to Wal-mart, they are in no short supply there.

The nursey decor is horrid.. her dress is horrid… her husband looks burned out. The kids are cute though.

liarlairpantsonfire on

tori looks like carnie wilson. her face looked best before ALL of the surgery. why does she keep doing that? seriously, its like she’s got padding in her cheeks now. enough.

Madeline on

The kids look great, the nursery looks like something out of the Willy Wonka movie, Tori’s head has always been 10-20x larger than what it should be, and Dean needs a vasectomy.

Yvonne on

I’m thinking it might be time to stop having babies before these babies find themselves motherless. Even today that can still happen. And it doesn’t matter how much money you have, there’s a point of no return sometimes. I do wish them well though, they look happy and I’m glad for them.

J on

her face is creepy.

Lynn on


Becca on

I love this family! Jack is not in any family pictures or on their reality shows. He lives with his mother (in Canada), and she has requested he not be in the public eye.

A on

I am happy for Tori. She’s a good person and I wish her and her family the best.

Why must some of you be so rude? I don’t think she could go back in time and change this so why must everyone say “tori, it’s bad to do that to a woman’s body!” Well, no s*it! But what can she do? Nothing! Mistakes happen. I don’t think she needs to be praised because she should have watched out but should is a dirty word.

VVK on

The girls/women on here who are bashing Tori’s looks should be ashamed of themselves. As women we should be supporting, encouraging and uplifting one another not putting each other down…does society not do that enough to us as it is? Would Tori spat horrible things about you all over the internet? Of course not! Tori is a beautiful person and mom inside and out. The most important thing is that she is ok and able to be the loving mother she is to her children. I am sure she feels completely blessed and thankful. Congratulations Tori and Dean, your family is beautiful!

lovely123 on

They look happy, but if it were possible I would have wanted my first born from my previous relationship in there somewhere.

Kath on

Has it occurred to anyone that Dean’s son’s mother might have prohibited Dean and Tori to show him in public?

Guest on

What a gorgeous photo! So glad there are two older and two younger. They will be good friends!

Guest on

Gorgeous photo! Love this family. So glad they are two older ones and two young ones. They will be good friends.

Heather Herighty on

They are a lovely family. They look so happy! I think Tori is lovely (such a kind, loving person and it shows in the sweet expression on her face.

mileysucks on

Good lord she is hideous. Let’s hope the kids take after the daddy.

CestLavie on

What is wrong with her face? She looks like the joker

merry on

Wow, I can’t believe how many negative comment there are. It makes me really sad. What is wrong with you people? The nursery is ugly, she is ugly, she has too many children, she doesn’t include her stepson..

Obviously, there is a reason for the last one. Her nursery is just her business. As is the number of children she chooses to have, especially when she is more than able to provide for them all. If you think is ugly, I sure hope you look like a supermodel and are able to look at yourself in a mirror for more than a few seconds. I think she is actually pretty, or normal at least. She has four little kids, so she must be tired.

I like the portrait and this family, they sure seem loving and the children are all cute.

Scooter on

Cute kids, handsome hubby….ugly walls and carpet…always afraid I will read that he has left her. Hope this one works.

Tanya R. on

Perfect baby, like all of Tori’s children!!!

stephanie on

If you can’t say anything nice…don’t say anything at all – good motto. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tori but after reading her books I can appreciate how much effort she puts into mothering and not repeating the mistakes from her own childhood. She has my respect for that and those kids sure have a wonderful mum who cares about them more than anything. Looks aren’t everything but those children seem to be raised in a stable, loving home and that is so incredibly important.

CC on

she’s ugly….but the kids are cute. Great family picture.

abby on

These kids were lucky to take after their dad!!

Meg on

Wow, she looks awful. Was the second hospitalization for lip and cheek implants?

Jennifer on

If you read up on her story of how she found out she was pregnant with Finn, you would know she didn’t plan this pregnancy, so yes, it was her pregnancy with Finn that caused her health problems. She never thought she could get pregnant within a month of having a baby. She went to the ER to be treated for a migraine and they did a pregnancy test because it’s part of the hospital protocol before giving medication for treatment of anything. She said it was not necessary because she had a 4 week old at home. Shocked when it came back positive.

Lori on

nice family photo, however, is it just me or does that carpet look filthy??

Sandy on

a baby is a blessing and she’s been blessed four times! congratulations!

Anonymous on

She’s had so much work done, you don’t know what she looks like anymore that’s why all you see are the husband in those kids.

Kerri on

Poor Tori, looks like all of these mishaps took a toll on her face. Maybe it’s just stress. She looks like she aged 10 years.

k1029 on

I really enjoy watching Torri, Dean and their family, I can relate to them and for a Hollywood couple they have managed to remain pretty normal. They love their kids and each other and that is what is really important.

Sandra on

Wow, that has to be the ugliest looking nursery I have ever seen in my life! I think a child would be scared to death in that room! Only he would love something that homely looking! She looks like a fly! But then again, he is nothing to look at also! Hard to believe she has cute kids.

Laura on

Tori’s face looks like a Halloween mask. But her kids are cute!

aseret on

it’s heartbreaking to hear the comments about this young woman’s appearance..granted, her boobs are out of control..but how in the world can you criticize a human for their naturally inherited looks? should she be like that heidi montag freak and get 10 or more plastic surgeries so that she can be acceptable to the idiots that post such mean comments? or should she accept herself the way God made her and just be a happy lady with what seems to be a stable life considering the wealth she grew up with?

i’m so disappointed in you idiots that get so cruel about her looks. granted, she’s not at her best right now after the birth of the fourth child, but when you look at the heart that she seems to have, you have no right to speak of her genetic inheritance. you few make me sick.

Connie on

For those we are upset that they “leave out Dean’s oldest child” that is not their wish but the 14 year old’s boy mother’s wish. She does not allow him to be photographed and his face is always blurred if you see him on the show. It is respect for the mother of his oldest child. That makes me like him even more.

gracie on

I am wondering if Tori is on some kind of medical steriod treatment as her face looks odd and puffy…often the case when steriods are involved. She has had a lot of plastic surgery and as she gets older, she is looking more harsh and “fixed”. In any case, I wish the family well.

Melissa on

beautiful family. she looks pregnant again though ha ha ha!

Rhonda on

Her family is cute. All of her children look like their father.

Traci on

Love you Tori and Dean. Kids are beautiful. Enjoy your family, they grow too fast!

Flipper on

holy cow what did she do to her face, fillers, cheek implants and way too much botox yikessssssssssssss

K.B. on

I’m not a fan of his, but I like Tori. I think she tries really hard and seems to be a good mom. But, like them or not, you have to admit one thing: Tori and Dean have beautiful children.

lyn on

I love the colors of the nursery. They look like a lovely family. I hope they are as happy as they look in the photos. Those are some lucky kids

colorado on

I am afraid hattie got the cursed Spelling looks. too bad. Tori is just so unattractive! I feel for her – growing up physically ugly in Hollywood must be pretty hard. Dean is a loser that tries anything to make it look like he is capable of doing something. I am amazed this family has made it as far as they have.

KW on

Cute kids! Momma, you look like grandma. Take care of yourself! Maybe get your carpets cleaned soon.

Poppy on

Hard to know if the kids resemble Tori as she’s had so much plastic surgery and unfortunately it hasn’t improved her looks. Glad she is doing well physically and I wish her the best with 4 kids that close in age (her mental health).

Mary on

Oh my goodness, some people should really adhere to that golden rule, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say something at all.”

Tori, you are gorgeous πŸ™‚ and you have an absolutely stunning family. The McDermott’s are always my favorite family to see on this site.

I really miss when this blog wasn’t run by People, so none of these nasty comments and spam messages would be allowed on. This place went from an inviting website to just another tabloid with viewers allowed to spew whatever garbage they desire. I can’t even count how many times I have seen a comment about someone and just wondered how on Earth that was allowed to be published, but then remember that this is People and they and don’t care…Sad.

amy on

I like them and think they’re family is beyond cute but I really hope she stops with 4 kids. Her body has been through a lot in a relatively short period of time so let it rest and enjoy the babies you have because they grow up so fast. πŸ™‚

rlb237 on

Beautiful family. So glad she & Finn are healthy and home now.

valeskas on

Tori stop popping out babies and enjoy all of your kids for a while. Its too dangerous for you.

Mel on

Cute family, hope she’s done with kids and plastic surgery. Enjoy what you have..

Lynn on

Stop having kids, they’re also both home weeckers who destroyed his family. She cheated with him while he was married. They need to stop featuring them in People magazine. People talk bad about Octo mom and the Duggars but praise Tori. Uughh

Liz on

Jack may not be in the picture becuase his natural mother may not want him in the media. Before assuming that they don’t want him there think there might be a ligit reason. Beautiful family and I’m glad they are all doing well.

Kari on

Thank goodness the children are beautiful. Tori is hi-deeeee-ous.

justlise on

Is that Tori Spelling?? What happened to her face?

sal on

They make the cutest kids

Ann on

She does not look good so hope this is her last baby…..4 is enough unless she is wants to join 19 and counting!!!

Laura on

I too have four kids and love having a big family. I came from a large family myself and unfortunately my parents died when I was very young and my older siblings took care of me. Tori looks happy and I wish her and her family the best!

melinda on

Tori just had a baby. Her face and body isn’t going to look its best. She’s going to be swelled and puffy… and all u girls with children should know that.. and all u boys have mothers who went thru having babys.. stop hateing.. those kids are adorable.

Ashley on

On her behalf she did just have a child so that might be why her face looks different. But I agree on having two kids in same year. My kids are 14 months apart and it’s hard on me. I can’t image have two near the same age plus two more…But the kids are beautiful Though!

Sunburn on

Beautiful family but perhaps she should count her blessings & call it quits. She was very lucky this last time that things turned out the way they did and she’s getting older now. I wouldn’t push it if I were her……Four is quite enough, don’t ya think, Tori?????

Dittodame on

Beautiful Happy Family

Ashley on

I’m not a fan of hers, but I am glad that she was able to survive the scare she had. Though, I agree with the one who said that she sort of brought it on herself when she didn’t make sure that she took care of herself after the birth of Hattie. Having given birth myself, I know that physicans caution you against unprotected sex after you have a baby because you are extremely extremely fertile in that post-baby period. I hope she learned a lesson.

Anonymous on

Completely agree…the kids are cute and Dean isn’t bad looking, but what happened to Tori!? She is about the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. Thankfully her kids look like their dad!!

lola on

lovely family…i wish you nothing but the very best!

Ashley on


I understand that it may not have been planned, but they do warn you about things like that. My first post baby check up ever, my OB told me to use extreme caution because it was so easy to become pregnant right after having a baby. Chances are, since she’s had three prior to Finn, she knew this. So…being sexually irresponsible when you have a four week old at home is on her.

Jay on

I am trying to figure out who could be aroused enough to reproduce with her. That face would make a freight train take a dirt road.

Cappy84 on

Hahaha Madeline – love the Willy Wonka comment, so true! And as for Dean getting his **** clipped, yes, he does that!

And yes people I know they are rich and can afford all these kids, but money doesn’t buy everything – kids need individual attention too. And didn’t Tori have some recent health problems? Prob should not put her body through the production cycle again anytime soon (if at all)….

Michelle on

@meg and cmonppl…for those uneducated in Placenta Previa, it is extremely dangerous for the mother and unborn child, and has nothing to do with frequency of child birth. I know because I had it and almost died, losing 51/2 pints of blood delivering my son. What you probably think is plastic surgery, is the make up, as she most likely lost alot of blood . Rest easy Tori, everything will be ok. I know because my Previa baby is 5 and we are both very healthy.

nikki on

Tired of her pumping out kids and then presenting them to the world like they’re her trophies and she’s really accomplished something…..uhh.. HELLO!! No achievement here! ..and what’s with the dirty carpet? Did we miss that little detail in your perfect picture Tori?

fucriticsunited on

Dean’s son is never included because the son’s mother does not want him included. Dean mentioned it on several episodes of HSH which is why his face is blurred out on the photos in their stairway leading upstairs. The photos of Tori, Dean and their kids are fine, but Dean’s son from his first marriage is blurred out.

Ramona on

Why is Jack being left out of FAMILY photos?

sryan on

They are not leaving Jack (Dean’s oldest son) out. His mother does not want him in the media spotlight. Whenever he is on their show, his face is blurred out.

rocky mountain girl on

WOW…. an article that mentions his FIRST child, Jack. It’s about time!!!

Nicole A. on

I don’t like how her placenta previa is being mentioned like a death sentence.

I had it with my two girls.

Yes, it’s serious but doctors and specialist (which I’m sure she can afford the best) know how to monitor it and keep Mom and babe(s) safe.

Side note: Man do those kids look like their Dad! No mailman jokes there πŸ˜‰

Jessi on

This is my favorite type of family photo: relaxed and natural.

The kids look like they just ran in from playing and flopped on the floor, the baby is holding a prop that she probably would’ve fussed over if they tried to take it away, the parents look tired but happy. Everyone is wearing normal clothes and doesn’t look like a team of stylists just spent the morning with them.

So much more authentic than the magazine spreads…those are beautiful, but they aren’t real life.

Jenna on

Not going to read all the nasty hater comments. I just have to say that I really enjoy Tori. Have read all of her books and she is so funny and real considering her childhood. I think a lot of people can relate to her (money aside). She loves her kids and just wants whats best for them. Hope her show comes back on soon!

Anonymous on

Very cute family. Very ugly nursery.

KT on

this family is just sooo beautiful! her babies are truly beautiful. so happy for them! tori seems like a good person and she and dean are SUPER cute together.

LEO on

OMG! Tori has had so much plastic surgery I almost didn’t recognize her. She looks FRIGHTENING!!!

whoknew on

l love how the baby looks frightened in the first photo. He’s thinking “oh my goodness, my mother is SCARY looking”, and begins to cry.

nicki on

Beautiful family! I love Tori and wish her and her gorgeous brood all the luck and love in the world!

tlc on

Wow…talk about a bunch of hateful, judgemental, sanctomommies! Holy crap!!!

Why is it that every single time this family is shown, out pops the harpies who consistanly bring up their past? It’s been OVER SEVEN YEARS!! Get over it. Everyone involved has moved one (Mary Jo is remarried and living in Canada). It has also been said MANY times here that Jack is NOT allowed to be shown in the media as per Dean and Mary Jo’s divorce agreement. Mary Jo isn’t a saint herself either…there were rumours about her many times in newspapers here. She and Dean were in trouble LONG before he met Tori.

Insulting Tori’s looks is one thing, but to allow people to insult and belittle CHILDREN is disgusting on People’s behalf. I mean, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but PEOPLE MAGAZINE, doesn’t mean you have to print them! Degrading innocent children is not funny or interesting to read. It’s mean and nasty and disgusting. Shows more about the ADULT saying it, though.

If you don’t like Tori or Dean then DON’T CLICK ON THE’s easy…

Also, my last point. A lot of you would benefit from some grammar lessons. Maybe your points would get across a bit better if you sounded and wrote a bit more intelligently.

YOUR = possesive meaning (It’s YOUR car)
YOU’RE = contraction for YOU ARE (you’re welcome)

Learn it…no wonder the US is going down the toilet.

Anonymous on

The reason Dean’s oldest is not in the family pictures is at the request of his mother who wants to keep him out of the spot light.

stella on

What a beautiful family…..Tori and her husband look very happy together. She might try coral or pink lipstick colors and avoid the dark shades.

fanofboardwalkempire on

great looking family and so happy that the health scare worked out fine- The family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Kaycee on

The kids definitely take after their father and are cute kids.

Tori it’s time to get back to your roots as in hair color. That washed out plat blonde is NO LONGER working for you and is making you look washed out. Maybe you don’t have to go as dark but please rethink this plat look. Not sure what’s going on with how puffy your face is but if it’s from plastic surgery then again I will say STOP. You use to be somewhat decent to look at and now it’s just painful.

Best of luck to you and your family.

Enough already on

First of all, Tori would have been a nobody if not for Daddy’s billions and his influence in getting her work.

Secondly, both of these people cheated on their spouses to be together, and now we’re supposed to embrace whatever offspring they choose to have?

Thirdly, as far as I’m concerned, Tori has no style sense whatsoever, be it in that gawd-awful nursery decor or her clothing.

Fourth, Tori is the poster child for bad cosmetic surgery and is the last person I would choose as a spokeperson for beauty.

Lastly, I am sick and tired of People giving this couple the promotion they crave. Cut them off and let them fade into the background where they belong, once and for all.

bevvie on

tlc, you said it all and said it well.

christyhutcherson on

Tori, Tori, Tori – yikes.

Casey on

This is a great family picture. The kids are all cute and healthy looking. I think Tori looks more like her mother as she ages. I’m also really tired of people commenting on her looks. She is no different than the rest of us in the fact that we all do the best we can on any given day. I wonder if it makes the people who post such negative things actually feel better about themselves, I doubt it. Good wishes to Tori and Dean and all the kids!

InsGirl72 on

Kids are adorable πŸ™‚ Cute family.. Love them!

Chris on

Public pics of the family do not include his older son Jack because of the divorce decree between Dean and his ex. She does not want him seen in there show or in publicity photos.

Denise S. on

What a beautiful family. Congratulations to you Tori & Dean. May you have a long, happy life with your beautiful children.

Guest on

Kids are adorable – lovely family but no one could clean the carpet???

Melissa on

All the kids look like their daddy…thank god.Glad she and the baby are doing better now.

stacey on

Little girls are adorable, but I wonder why she never fixes Stella;s hair. There are NO words to describe how hideous that room is. And she is introducing Finn…….we can barely see his face!!!

C. on

Sweet family God gave them! No one else’s business how many children they have or will have. They didn’t ask anyone for their opinion on children. Some people are so rude, and I would hate for someone to bash my family. Put yourself in their shoes.

Sun on

Beautiful family! Now time to give your body a long break from having next baby. Some women do have babies in one year it happens.

Anonymous on

Tori, I think you’re beautiful! And what a beautiful family! I always wanted 4 kids, but not to be. Don’t worry about the naysayers, or those that are critical. They are very immature, obviously. Hopefully they can learn about kindness somewhere along the way of life. God bless you all.

Phoenix on

Tori looks better with added weight on her. Congrats to the whole family!

Joni on

I had my last 2 daughters even closer and they have been like twins their entire lives–all 4 of my children are blessings from God that I rejoice in each day–now they are 36, almost 29, 20 and just turned 20–I know Tori and Dean feel the blessing too….

Ronda Reed on

Glad everything turned out well. Cute children and nice family.

Shell on

Beautiful Family!!!!!

brwmerrill on

if u all can’t say something nice then why even bother to type anything. to all who type negatively, one word….looser!!!!!!

linda on

Who cares? Tori has had so much plastic surgery, she looks like an alien

adnaper on

Tori Spelling looks like the character Damen (I think?) Wayans played as a white chick.

Lola on

Great family and I really enjoy them! The reason that the oldest son isn’t generally included is that he lives most of the time with his mother. They go into detail about it alot in the first few seasons of the show – Dean and his 1st wife had a crazy nasty divorce so I am sure that leads to some “rules” on how the first son is shown in the media….They really are a nice family!

Sarah on

WOW! And we wonder why the US has so many bullying problems? Take a look at yourselves before being so nasty and remember how you would feel if someone was bullying you!

Anonymous on

Very cute family! Wish I could say the same for the decor in that room, YUCK

michelle hogan on

Why do people have to post such negative comments. Tori is beautiful and an excellent mother and wife. Her older daughter looks just like her father. How adorable. Tori and Dean I am so happy for you and your family. Your children are just precious. Contrats…

weezer on

Tori, pls take a break with the babies!!

zee on

Wow, they ALL look like McDermott!

Easyup on

Love Tori, Dean and their kids – beautiful family but that room is ugly and the wallpaper is especially hideous. Sorry Tori.

Anonymous on

Hideous woman; hideous nursery! Colorado and Enough already said it all!

Jackie on


Anonymous on

To everyone asking about why Dean’ son from his previous marriage isn’t ever in family photos. Its because his mother doesn’t like Tori and she doesn’t not want him photo or even seen on the show with them. When he is on the show, his face is always blurred out. So Dean doesn’t have much of a choice, unfortunately.

angela on

wow cmonppl, that was a very rude comment. Her children are beautiful and so is she. screw you cmonppl

Dee on

I think the kids look like them both except Hattie and she looks like Tori’s mom. Great family!!

whatever on

I wouldn’t be so concerned about Jack! I would feel more sorry for Lola, the little girl that he and his ex were in the process of adopting when he left her for Tori. He simply stopped the adoption process and left his ex to finish the adoption alone.

Shannon on

What the heck is wrong with her face???

Jojo on

Really that nursery looks awful for a baby…should fire the designer. What is with that smile on the one pic??? Looks terrible…like an evil clown.

laurie on

Mary Jo Eustace..deans ex wife..doesnt want their son in the public eye, thats why he’s not ever in the family he lives in Canada so he’s in school!

Mz B on

WOW!!! i sure am glad i dont post pics here 10 wks after giving birth to my FOURTH child. there are some RUDE & IGNORANT people on here. not sure why i’m so shocked at all the negative comments, but i just cant imagine posting something so rude & mean for the whole world to see. everyone of the people on here that left a negative comment should have the a** kicked! she’s their mom. and NO ONE is perfect looking. even some runway models are FUGLY with no make up & hair staff up their a**! it would kill me if these comments were made about me or my daughter. SO HATEFUL & HURTFUL!!!!! PEOPLE SUCK!!!!! havent any of your moms ever taught you that if u dont have something nice to say then dont say anything at all!!! probably not, your mother is probably a HATER like you! and hopefully KARMA WILL GET YOU GOOD one day! ok, done venting about these IDIOTS! Cute family!!!! the kids look very well taken care of & happy!!! anything else, IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!!!! JERKS!

Julesy on

They certainly make beautiful children!

Misty on

Do you think they could have had the carpet cleaned before taking a family photo? Gross!!

Michelle J on

Seriously Tori stop filling! Your face looks freakish! It was fine before!!!!

Liz on

I can’t help but think how heartbreaking these photos must be for his son, Jack. There’s my dad with four of his five kids. 😦

Amy on

I am thoroughly disgusted at the majority of the comments being made on here. Tori Spelling seems like a very loving mother and wife. She nearly lost her life recently so of course she is going to look pasty, weak, puffy…among other things.

The fact of the matter is she loves her kids. She is proud, she is thrifty and I am personally in awe at little Finn’s room. Her sense of style is wonderful, vibrant and creative. Did you see Hattie’s birthday and the photos? If not, I recommend going to her site and checking it all out! She`s fantastic.

I don`t think she has had as much surgery as some of you think. Breasts, sure, but she is still lovely.

Dean’s firstborn cannot be in the photos for legal reasons, so please for the love of God, shut your ignorant yaps.

a oliverlane on

It has been well documented jack’s mom does not want him in spotlight, or T & D


I love Tori and how cute she gave Finn her middle name! Stella looks like daddy and Liam looks like Tori’s brother! Congrats!!

a oliverlane on

Congrats tori, dean, liam, Stella, hattie, finn,
Too many people are hatred that need to get a life:);)

Tee on

Can’t believe someone said they’re trying to figure out who the youngest looks like…all four of the kids look very much like Dean, with the exception of hair color. Finn’s lil bit of hair looks dark (for now anyway). Wasn’t he a 10 pound baby? Or I may be thinking of Jessica Simpsons baby. His head is very big. I think their family is complete now. I am not positive but I recall a few years back that an agreement between Dean and his ex-wife was made to not include him in any public media pics. I recall seeing him only once, and that was right after her & Dean got together.

Anonymous on

Good Gawd – I sure hope she got those damn tubes tied.

V on

Your fam is beautiful. Please don’t let the hate on here distract you from all the good you have. I watch your show and you are an amazing mom and such a creative person. If only
We could all have the love you guys have! All the best

mgd97 on

Come on people, why do so many of you have an overwhelming need to be so cruel?? I happen to feel that they are very loving & hands on parents who adore their family life!

As for their choices, they are THEIR choices to make, not anyone else’s. Whether their children ages are close together, or their 1st marriages didn’t work out, who are you to judge?? Many marriages don’t work out for many reasons & you don’t know the facts so don’t be so quick to judge!!

I say, congrats to Tori & Dean & enjoy your children & treasure & love them forever like you are doing now! They are ALL beautiful & anyone who says such disgusting comments like “they are ugly kids like their parents” need MAJOR therapy! Only sick & insecure people make comments like that about a child!! Any of you on here saying negative & non-factual stupid comments should be ashamed of themselves. Only low-life’s attack other’s children & families!!

God Bless Your Family Tori & Dean…I wish you all the best!

Missy on

Adorable Family..I think the older son of Dean’s is left out of public photos by the request of his mother.

soph on

Retha, please make some kind of sense before posting. And no, Tori’s not a “young lady.”

Also…Dean, attractive? Okay. Nice forced smile he’s wearing…

Ann on

Cute. Jack is probably left out because his mother doesn’t want him in the pictures. Makes sense. Hope Tori is done having kids because I think her body is saying no more. They do seem very loving though.

Shelliec69 on

The kids are cute. Tori looks like she has had more work done on her face so it’s hard to remember what she really looks like. I hope that she uses herself as a cautionary tale when teaching her daughters about self esteem and the need for physical perfection. A nose job, fake tatas and a botoxed face is hardly something to emulate. Grandma Candy is a beautiful woman though.

shannon on

What in the name of God is going on with her FACE?

Joan on

Congrats to both parents! They’re children are beautiful!!

erika horton on

i love tori and dean but gosh them and having kids. every time u turn around they r having another lol. im soo happy for them that they have such a awsome family and are so happy together keep up the good work guys u all are awsome parents and make the most pretty babies .

Ronnie on

I think the reason that you never see his older son could be because his mother doesn’t want her child’s picture plastered all over the media. I’m sure she would have the right to object to that. As well he is 14, maybe he doesn’t want to have his photo made public.

another selfish celebrity on

Sorry, but is it just me, or is that the NASTIEST nursery you have ever seen? Also, I am generally a fan of Tori and her books, ect- but that picture is not flattering to any of them, at all!

vallejobaby on

I watched their show once and fell in love. They crack me up, and they have the cutest and happiest kids despite being in the limelight. I wish them all the best in whatever they do, which is always something. They go for it pass or fail and I love that about them.

Carter on

Someone wrote that the kids aren’t adorable…that they are simply cute…but that’s normal because all kids are cute.
I totally disagree! Not ALL kids are cute. But these 4 kids are very cute.
Someone ELSE wrote β€œpoor Hattie..the forgotten child.” But if you ask me…she is the most adorable little thing. She’s so beautiful.
Like or dislike T&D…but there’s no reason to talk poorly of these kids. They seem like very sweet children who really love their parents…and they’re all very cute.

Bridget on

I don’t care for the nursery, that’s for sure! It’s too loud and I think calmer colors would be better! I think they should paint a savanna in Africa at sunset as the background.

Bridget on

I hope Finn says, “Mommy, giraffes are scary!”. There is nothing calming or soothing about that room! I think a pale teal would have been better and maybe some African foliage painted on the wall.

Anonymous on

It’s the shameless self promotion and “sharing” everything that opens them up to any negative they get. Those of you saying “they are wonderful, beautiful, happy people…” blah, blah, blah. You don’t know shit. Go take another “selfie”, post it on “facebook” and wait for everyone to tell you how gourgeous you are like that’s not the only reason you posted in the first place…