Alex O’Loughlin and Malia Jones Name Son Lion

11/10/2012 at 03:30 PM ET

Alex O’Loughlin and Malia Jones Welcome Son
John Sciulli/Wireimage

Update: The actor told reporters Saturday (and PEOPLE has confirmed with O’Loughlin’s rep) that his newborn son’s name is Lion.

Originally posted Oct. 26: It’s another boy!

Alex O’Loughlin and Malia Jones have welcomed a son, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The baby reportedly arrived Thursday, Oct. 25.

The Hawaii Five-0 star, 36, is already father to 15-year-old son Saxon, while Jones, 35, is mother to 3-year-old son Spike, each from previous relationships.

O’Loughlin and Jones, a surfer and model, first stepped out last November. The couple announced the pregnancy in August.

In addition to his role as Steve on the CBS show, the actor is also known for starring opposite Jennifer Lopez in The Back-up Plan.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Lesley Messer and Elizabeth Leonard

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, congratulations to them! Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name.

Also can’t wait for new H50 on Monday.

nykee on

Didn’t you read klutzy_girl? They named him Lion.

Jenn on

Aww so happy for them!..Can’t wait to hear what they named him!

nykee on

Did you not read they named their son Lion, Jenn?

Amanda on

Nykee maybe you need to be the one reading. When they posted the comment about waiting for the name, it had not been published yet! Read the top, it says, “UPDATE!” Then it says the story about them having a baby boy broke the day after birth then, days later, they found out the baby’s name & published it as an update!

Paige on

Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear the name!

Bet he’s going to be handsome.

m on

Alex please get off the drugs. Now that you have a son to take of.

Shaylimar on

You just shouldn’t be commenting on anything, m.

Jennifer on

Congratulations to them both.

Like the rest, I wonder what they are going to name their new son. If it’s anything like Spike, then best of luck to the kid.

Seriously, Spike was the name of the pet hamster I had when I was a kid.

Emry on

I love hawaii five o!!!!!!!!!

meghan on

Why do you think he went to rehab, m? To get off drugs! Stay on topic.

Beebop on

I wonder what they will name him! I bet it will start with an S to match his big brothers.

Beebop on

@m – GROW UP! Alex sought out rehab the moment he realised he had a problem in an effort to get clean. And what do you mean by ‘now you have a son to take care of’?? He’s had a son he’s been taking care of for fifteen years! Please don’t talk about things you obviously know nothing about.

Krissy on

Another baby momma, no husband.

Luz on

Alex has been a favorite male actor since I first saw him. He is a terrific actor and is very handsome. I heard he had been in re hab. I wish him and his family the best of everything.

Luz on

I have loved Alex as an actor since I first saw him and he is doing a terrific job on H5O. I wish him the very best and please stay off drugs or it will ruin his career.

Tanya R. on

Congrats to Alex & Malia on their new son! Also congrats to new brothers Saxon & Spike! Hope on a normal name for this boy!!!

Kim on

She has a 3 year old fom a “previous relationship”..first “steps out” with Alex last November..and has his baby 11 months later? Wow..she doesn’t waste any time. Good luck Alex, you’re gonna need it.

Shaylimar on

Love the comment Kim!

Karen on

Congratulations, Alex, on the arrival of your son! I am so happy for you, your family and the success of H50. No one deserves it more than you!!

Gemma on

Also known for being one of the hottest vampires ever on television in Moonlight. Love Alex. Congratulations.

seaandsun on

you’re cutier than her Alex!

Victoria on

Another celebrity couple who never heard of birth control. Hope the show lasts a long time now that Alex has child support to pay to TWO baby mommas. Model and surfer? Not anymore! Now, Malia can sit back and collect a check for the next 18 yrs from Alex. Unless he marries her, which he probably won’t. You’d think the guy would have insisted on using a condom. Well you play, you pay.

Anonymous on

Totally agree with you. I love him to pieces but she saw $$ as soon as it was announced his $7m net worth.

Yellowknife on

Dude needs to learn how to use condoms.

Marky on

For all you posters saying “he should have used a condom”, are you aware they don’t always work? I have a GS whose mom was on the shot AND using condoms, and a GD who is a result of the BC pill failing. BC is not perfect, no matter how hard a person tries. If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex; if you have sex you MIGHT get pregnant.

meghan on

Jealous much, victoria?

Zee on

Maybe he should get married before the kids? I’m just saying.

Lynda on

Congrats to both of them on the blessed event of a new baby boy-!!! He will be also blessed if he has his father’s super looks. I did not even know who he was until I seem the back-up plan a few months ago and he is a great actor and gorgeous man. I also pray for his continued sobriety -!!!

RosalieT on

This guy would be so handsome if only he didn’t have those ugly tattoos all over him. Ugh.

seaandsun on

he’s cuter than her

Anonymous on

Saxon, Spike, Next up, Spatula.

lemondedemimi on

Hi there,
First of all, i knew there was a lot of silly people out there… but that much… could you please erase those silly posts…
And now this comment for the new parents :

take care of yourself and live a happy private life with your new kid. Everyone deserves that as unknown people, so do you!
byebye all, and please stupid idiots stay far from this place, you’re not welcomed!

Josie on

Did she ever get divorced from the last guy because when she got pregnant she was still married?

myladyeve on


kelly on

Congratulations to them both! That is surely 1 beautiful little boy. To my fellow commenters: Babies are a blessing no matter how they come into the world. Spreading negativity on a blog only shows the ugliness within yourself. Projecting love will get you much further in life

matt on

Seriously what is wrong with some of u ppl? The normal thing to do when sum1 has a baby is congratulate them. It’s a happy time. If u you’re gonna be hateful then keep your comments 2 yourself it’s not your business anyway. These are consenting adults who just expanded their family with love. Good for them!

roche on

Thnk u Matt.

Anonymous on


Melody Janeiro on

I just want to say Congrats to the new parents! To all the haters obviously he realized he needed to get help if he went to rehab and he has 2 kids with 2 different women who cares??? I think you people need to get lives and worry about more serious issues other than who they have kids with.

mlblogsfrankie13 on

The best thing in the world having children.Congratulations on your baby boy.

mlblogsfrankie13 on

The best thing in the world having children.Congratulations to your baby boy.

Melissa on

I’m sorry, but it’s sad when we live in a society that celebrates intentionally broken families. Get married if you want to show commitment, then have kids. They will never get married. Celebrity couples tend to be horrible role models, and this is no different. Sad. Nothing but a relationship based on lust and superficiality. Still won’t be happy. I guess money makes people dumber and more irresponsible.

Hannah on

Why are people being nasty when It’s one of the happiest moments of their lives?!

1. He went into rehab & has spoken out about his problem, which is a brave thing to do, and he is fine now.

2. Just because they only stepped out in November, it doesn’t mean they weren’t together before that. And so what if they have only been together for about a year?

3. He has two children. Why are people saying he needs to learn how to use a condom?! They might have planned for a baby for all you know.

People need to stop judging others when they have no idea of their lives.

I am very happy for them and wish them all the best for their future 🙂

RachaelMall on


Malia is a successful model ad surfer. Has been since her teens. She has own own money, she was already famous before she met Alex. Just because you don’t know of her doesn’t make her a nobody having a celebs baby for money. You sound ignorant AND jealous of her!

And by the way, you fools, her son is from her first marriage. Some of you people are so judgmental! Try learning something about the person you’re criticizing!

Isabel on

Yes, Melissa, because marriage solves all problems. What a joke!

Congratulations to the two on the birth of what I am sure is a beautiful boy.

Amanda on

Alex, Malia, & boys

Congratulations on your baby boy & brother. I am so very proud for you all. Enjoy him- it goes by way too fast.

Hugh fan! Love ya!!!

Agree w/ above: needs to get rid of rude & uncalled for post. Lets put on our Big girl panties!

Amanda on


OMG I must have died and gone to heaven-oh but wait no I didn’t cause I am leaving this message. I forgot NO ONE is PERFECT!!!

Lis on

Three years seems like a very small time period to have two babies with two DIFFERENT fathers. Wow.

I think people forget that they are not welcoming just a baby into the world, but a PERSON… why so many children are born into unfortunate circumstances is alarming 😦 (And I’m obviously not referring to financial when saying “unfortunate”…money can’t buy happiness…)

Sheri on

Congratulations Alex and Malia on the birth of you precious son!

To you cruel and ignorant fools who don’t know better – Alex sought treatment for ‘prescription drug’ dependency caused by an injury incurred while filming. Thank God he was smart enough to seek the help he needed.

He’s a 36 year old man who has fathered 2 children in 16 years —– hardly an irrresponsible person.

You haters need to get a life

Lou on

I remember reading an interview with her ex-husband and he said how shocked he was when she accidentally got pregnant and how it was a huge adjustment for him to be a father. Obviously their relationship didn’t make it, and maybe that information is only relevant if Alex and Malia didn’t plan to have a baby. If this was an accidental pregnancy, it’s her second which is a bit odd.

Hopefully they’re really happy and if their relationship doesn’t last, maybe they’ll be great co-parents.

Jaye on

From what I hear when she’s in danger of losing her man she “accidentally” gets pregnant. Twice now? She knows fully well what she’s doing. A very deceitful woman. Don’t blame the guys when they leave her. I think she’s making this her career.

phyllis flair on

Congratulations to you both also I bring you good luck and best wishes for all four of you. Please take care.

Belindabell on

He’s too handsome to be married to her.

delo on

Some people should not have children. Poor kid I see a lot of therapy in his future.

Emry on

Lion? Really?

La La Outlandish on


courtneyqj on

Sorry, but yet another stupid name. I feel sorry for his son going through life as “Lion”.

B.J. (the girl) on

I actually like Lion, but it is my favorite animal and my favorite movie is The Lion King. It definitely beats Spike!

Anonymous on

Lion…why can’t celeb’s give their children normal would they like to go to school with the name Lion? Sounds ridiculous.

JR on

He must be lion about those kids’ names.

Guest on

I dont know which one i like best Spike or Lion?

Joyce on

Why would they pick a name like Lion for?!?! This poor kid is going to not like his name when he is old enough to see the other kids tease him… Should of just name him a normal name! Poor baby boy your parents did this to you… 😦 so sad!

Anonymous on

Ya can not wait to hear the babys name!! so excited!

Guest on

Lion O’Loughlin. They named their kid LOL. That’s just cruel!

Sapphire on

So, it could be spelled L-I-O-N, but maybe instead of ‘”Lion” they’re pronouncing it “L-E-O-N” in a French sort of way. If not, then I feel bad for the kid :-S

dk on

That BETTER be prounounced LE-ON!!!

AQ on

So many hateful people commenting.

Nicole A. on

How can such pretty people pick such awful names!?!

Lion, Saxon and Spike!?!!!

Me on

LOL………..or should I say LO’L………bahahaha

Em on

Lion O.? Thunder Thunder Thunder THUNDERCATS!

Puckersbabe on

Aww, my son’s name is Liam and we call him Lion (our daughter, Lily, is Lamb), so it’s perfect for us. I think it’s fitting since their other children have unique names. Let’s not bash people naming their children. Congrats to the family!

lucy on

I kinda like it.Better than some i’ve heard of like airplane pilot!!1and its really not nice to talk about people ya dont know.

marti on

LION!!!! Really??!!?? *sigh …..

Maria on

I can hear the teasing now. Lion is “lyin’!” That Lion is quite a little lamb.

I really don’t know what people are thinking when they choose names for their kids that are made for mocking. Do they think it will make baby stronger to go through the ordeal of naming them a type of animal?

Maybe it will be fine. I hope so. I guess having a brother named Spike might help. I can’t imagine the name Saxon is considered common in America. I know a few Brits named Saxon – I always thought it was a common name.

Good luck to the O’Loughlin/Jones family!



D on

And their next 2 will be named Tiger and Bear, LOL Oh My!

Sharon on

I just burst out laughing!!!

Melanie on

Read his wiki, lol it sounds like he wrote it.

BH on

Lion? Really?

Sammie on

another stupid Hollywood name for a kid. Maybe the next one will be called Shoe.

Sandra on

Lion, seriously they named him Lion???? What is wrong with these celebs naming their newborns the craziest names? Do they not think of the child when he or her grows up and how they are going to be ridiculed or asked so many questions about how they got their name? Ridiculous!!!!

Melissa on

Jesus! of all the names to name your child! I was shocked at this until i read that she had named her son Spike and then it all made sense lol.Poor kid.I am really glad that he is a healthy little boy and she is just fine so don’t bash me for my opinion people lol ;)~

switzart77 on

For everyone wondering what the name is…it’s in the title of the article AND in the article. :S

a oliverlane on

Think it is kind of sweet, definitely unique, & if he is made fun of that is BULLYING like what you haters do on here, omg be nice, or gal..get a life

Sharon on

Sweet name? Sorry, that name is just INVITING that child to be bullied.

Anonymous on

What a ridiculous name

Shawna on

Lion? Really? Lion O’Loughlin?

Don't understand people on

Lion! Oh come on! My word, does anybody ever stop to think of a name and picture themselves with it for 90 years?! I have had six kids and I work long and hard on the names and see if that is something that I would want following me for so many years! What is next, dare I ask? Why not call a child Turd, Monkey, Snake…. has anybody ever heard of nicknames?? Give a kid a name that they can be proud of! Only in Hollywood!

MaddieW on

Congrats to the family. Glad to hear mom & baby are healthy. Happier more to hear Alex chose rehab to handle his addiction. It takes a strong person to admit you need help & do something about it. Continued GOOD LUCK

Sally on

Lion?!hahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha again hahahahahahhahahahahha

Marie on

Years ago, I dated a guy whose middle was “Lyon.” It’s a French name (other versions included Leo and Lionel) that means fierce or shining one (as well as a region of France). It wouldn’t have been my choice, but it’s a real name.

CanadaGurl on

Poor child to be called Lion O’Loughlin :p

susan on

That is a dreadful name! This will not last – it didn’t with his baby mama in Oz and her marriage didn’t – do the math – she was dating him 2 mos and got pregnant? Can we say entrapment??

karen on

airplane pilot????? REALLY?????

Melissa on

Jason Lee named his son Pilot Inspector Lee

Hannah on

It’s disgusting how horrible most people are being! So what if they’ve given their baby an unusual name?!?! A lot of people are saying he’ll get bullied when he’s older/goes to school, well here’s an idea: how about people teach their children that It’s not acceptable to tease or bully another child just because of they have an usual name??

Also, lots of people are saying celebrities always give their children ‘stupid’ names; normal people do too, you just don’t hear about it because they’re not famous!!!

People can be so cruel & shouldn’t be allowed to post negative comments.

Stop hating on

Yep marriage is the answer! Have a kid with someone who is legally obligated to be there, instead of someone who wants to be there not because a piece of paper tells them to be! Yep because every child born into a married household! You all are complete morons! Hi welcome to this century! How was your trip to the 1950’s!

susan schweitzer on

Well, I guess it’s better than naming him Sheep.

The Zoo on

This may be the worst celebrity baby name ever. Congrats to the parents on guaranteeing your son a lifetime of extensive therapy

Sharon on

Klutzy did you read the article? They did name their kid — “Lion” — if this article is to be believed. These celebs need to stop naming their kids these totally outrageous names. It is NOT cute. It is just plain ignorant.

Kat on

Sharon, some of the comments were posted in Oct b4 the name was released….

Eileen on

Lion? Huh? I feel sorry for that boy.

Kat on

I’ve heard children named Bear, Tiger, now Lion, may be someone will name their child Leopard or elephant? Please… what has the world come to where a kid cannot even get a decent name.

zerb on

Sharon, instead of asking Klutzy if they read the article properly, how about you do some reading and notice that when they wrote the comment it was over two weeks ago before the article was edited with the name.

Terri on

Well, Lion is different. I don’t think i have ever heard of anyone named Lion, well except maybe a lion, lol.

Anonymous on

i like it

Paige on

Lion’s a different and unique name. Of course we don’t know the official pronunciation of it. It could be Li-un or Le-on.

That said, Alex is SO dreamy. ❤ Hope all is going well with them and their newly expanded family.

Edie on

WEll…What about. TIger …..or Bear…Tarzan named his kid “Boy”

nadia on

Poor kid, he will hate his name all his life. He should have called him Tiger at least.

Sarah on

Saxon, Spike and Lion. What ridiculous names for children!!

kaemicha on

I like it – Lion O’Loughlin. Kind of rolls off the tongue.

MickiS66 on

That is a crazy name but certainly not the craziest I have heard! My nephew teaches in an inner city school and has a student named “Shazam”! Talk about getting teased!

Pidge on

Lion is a great name!! I know a 3 yr old named Lion, as well, and great kid! Pronounced like it should be, like the animal.

Pidge on

Lion is a great name!! I know a 3 yr old named Lion, also, and the name really suits him. Great kid. Pronounced the correct English way, like the animal.

lovely123 on

Well, Bear was already taken. They didn’t have a choice.

Sarah on

I think I’ll reserve judgement until I hear the pronunciation, but part of me hopes this is just Alex and his notorious sense of humour messing with the press and having an LOL moment! He has, however, made several comments about how fierce Malia is (perhaps our boy is a little henpecked?!?!) so maybe this is her choice, an ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ statement!!

Oh, and for those of you who think Spike is a strange name, I come from a small village in Scotland with a population of less than 400 and there are 2 men called Spike in the village. No Saxon’s though, but I think it’s a good, strong name.

Whatever the circumstances around his conception (and what’s happened in his parents’ lives previously) the important thing now is that he’s loved and cherished. And we’ll just have to hope he never joins the circus!!!! 😉

ivanan on

I come from a Slavic country and know numerous men named Lev. Which, translated, is Lion. Nobody makes fun of them, it’s just a name. I’m sure friends of Lion will see that four letter combination just as that too.

Alayna on

Saxon, Spike and Lion- interesting family.

Meg on

He is their little Lion man. Congrats!

Rhonda on

Wow….a “Spike” and now a “Lion”!! Genius of parents, lol!!! poor kids!!

Izzie on

Lion? Lion is the name they saddled on that poor child? All of these foolish actors who are trying to make a statement with names are only causing the child ridicule later in life. Perhaps Lion will marry Apple.

TexasDey on

Lion… interesting name choice. Anyway, congrats to the new parents.

LOL on

Lion’s initial’s will be LOL.

Denise S. on

Lion? Seriously?

Victoria L on

Congrats to Alex and his family on their new arrival. What a unique and beautiful name to give him. Good luck!

Sharon on

Lion? Come on already….

Cindy on

“Lion”? Really? You know the jokes the kid’s going to get.

tom on

I think he’s one of the hottest guys on tv. Just sayin…

alpha 11 on

Get a life, people! “stepped out” means they went public for the first time. Who knows how long they were together before that. Certainly no one here! As to what they named their son, no one’s business but theirs. Lion is strength tempered by gentleness. What better name for a man. Congrats to the whole family!

demhka on

congratulations and welcome to the list of weird celebrity baby names! Atleast u r show is not as bad as the name!

Anonymous on

They named the boy LION, did anyone read the article??

Victoria L on

Of course read the article first and the comments too. Just very happy for Alex. At least he has been a good father and supports his children. Wish others were that supportive.

Vanessa on

Alex I love you but Lion? Really? That name comes with a lifetime of teasing and zoo jokes. Please let this be a nickname or joke.

wy on

Could be worse. I graduated HS with a girl named Robin Hood. 2 sisters 2 yrs ahead of me in HS were Christmas Carroll and Frosty Carroll. Honest truth! Lion doesn’t seem so bad now.

Ali xx on

I agree that Alex is gorgeous and very sexy and agree the name lion is bad but I don’t agree with u all being so mean about his girlfriend u don’t no anything about her u all sound so jealous he is just an actor so stop taking it so seriously and stop being so cruel about his life if u r true fans of his u wouldn’t say these wicked things

Amanda on

Does anyone else think he is one of the hottest men walking right now?! I love Hawaii 5-0! He makes that show, awesome, dreamy, ummmm…Scott Caan is also great on there BTW!

Ali xx on

Oh leave the man alone I know the name lion is bad and Alex is gorgeous but there is no need for the mean remarks about his girlfriend u r all just jealous well I don’t blame u but still it is cruel he obviously loves her and u don’t even know anything about her poor woman just coz she’s with the most hottest man on the planet .

Brooke on

Alpha11, they had been together about 4 months when she got pregnant according to a source who is familiar with these people. Not a good way to start out by having a child with someone you barely know. Make no mistake, they barely knew each other when they got pregnant. Lion is a ridiculous name but what could be expected considering previous names she chose.

Ali xx on

Yes Brooke I agree 4 months isn’t long to have a child with someone but u don’t know who named that child Saxon isn’t exactly good either don’t get me wrong I’m not sticking up for his girlfriend he could of given into her and let her have her own way but we don’t know that do we I just feel sorry for that boy when he starts school anyway I still think Alex is hot….

Heather on

I has my baby boy in May and named him Lyon. I spelled it with a Y though, I have always loved that as a name! Excited that a celebrity thinks so too!

Patti on

Does anyone know his middle name yet?

banane on

It’s so mean calling a kid Lion