Reese Witherspoon Introduces Newborn Son

11/08/2012 at 01:30 PM ET

Reese Witherspoon Tennessee James First Photo

Meet Tennessee James Toth!

Reese Witherspoon gave us a peek at her 6-week-old son while out and about in California on Wednesday.

The actress’s third child — her first with husband Jim Totharrived Sept. 27 in Santa Monica, her rep told PEOPLE exclusively at the time.

Although Witherspoon, 36, has stepped out solo since the arrival of her baby boy, this is the first time she’s been spotted with her new son.

“Everyone is bonding with the baby,” a source tells PEOPLE of the relationship Witherspoon’s elder childrenDeacon, 9, and Ava, 13 — have with their new little brother. “And Jim has had a lighter workload and has been spending a lot of time at home with the baby as well.”

Adds a Witherspoon pal: “She’s so content. Tennessee is a great little guy and he’s fitting right into their family. Jim’s been incredibly supportive, pitching in with Ava and Deacon and generally just being someone for Reese to lean on. They’re all very happy.”

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Reese Witherspoon Tennessee James First Photo

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Dervish on

Precious! OMG those little feet. ;))

Taraakapinky on

He is adorable! I’ve always loved Reese and her new baby is just precious. She looks like such a good mama.

Guest on

He’s adorable. Congrats to the whole family!

Carly on

Cute baby. 🙂

Sun on

Aw, little peanut! He’s adorable — congratulations to Reese and her family!

Alyssa on

Yep….looks like a normal baby folks…nothing to see here…keep moving.

Lisa on

Shut up Alyssa! Obvious you are miserable being and wish the focus was on you!

Magnolia on

Understood Alyssa. Im not a huge baby fan either, but next time, don’t write anything!

Sapphire on

omg, he’s precious!

John on

Yeah. She wasted no time showing off her baby to the public. Sad. Also, she doesn’t look to fond of him at all.

Nik on

Best you head back to grade school Johnny Boy, to learn all about “to” and “too”. Knowing you are brain stupid saves you the flogging over your comment.

Some People on

“… showing her baby off to the public?” What did you expect her to do? Never leave her house again just because she had a baby and someone may take a picture of him?? You need a nap!

Amanda on

@John: I hope that’s sarcasm because Reese held off 6 weeks before the public eye could see her son. She is also holding him protectively. What mother isn’t fond of her child? Your comment (sarcastic or not) has no place here. Go take a nap! -__-

Magnolia on

Don’t say what mother isn’t fond of their child… I’ll show you one I knew as a baby! Otherwise, you’re right, it’s been six weeks! How long does it have to be? Plus, she’s a star, paparazzi follow her when she goes out!

Susan on

Once again I take issue with the phrase “Reese gave us a peek”… more like the stalkers/ papparazzi leapt out and ambushed her. Let’s call it what it is.

m on

I hope they call Tennessee and not TJ. I think it’s a cute name.

aj on

Maybe she is not “fond” of all the people taking pictures of her baby!

LuckyLady on

@ John….the saddest thing of all is YOU>

AmandaC on

Don’t really call it a peek, some stalker papp took it! Although I’m sure when she left her house unless she kept him covered the whole time some papp would get a pic. Anyway, he is a cutie pie!

AmandaC on

John…WOW really???

Noodles on

yay! I love Reese, Im so happy for her =) She deserves this!

fanofboardwalkempire on

He is just too cute for words- Darling baby boy!

All on

I imagine that she did it so that the paparazzi would stop stalking her and fighting to get that first shot of her new baby. Now that his photo is taken, the value of his photo goes down drastically. Considering how protective Reese is of her and her family’s privacy and her past problems with the paparazzi, I imagine this was deliberate.

John on

She did sell her wedding pics. Privacy is the last thing she does best.

hbomb1225 on

@Susan I was thinking the same thing!

my2cents on

He is sooo precious…what a beautiful blessing to your family!

Noneya on

How cute! Congrats Reese, Jim and family!

Photog 101 on

@Susan. Yes! lets call what it is please! No one is stalking. We were called by her agents, given the time and place where she was going to be. We don’t STALK! And for the record @John, you are correct!

DD on

Baby toes makes my uterus ache! So precious.

Anonymous on

uhm @John, it isn´t like she sold pictures or anything. She was out with him. And I find it amazing how you can judge by ONE picture taken by a paparazzi (annoying) how a mother isn´t fond of her son…
Adorable baby!

Anonymous on

Oh.. how cute he is!

Photog 101 on

If ya’ll think this isn’t a photo op setup, then ya’ll are just as delusional as Witherspoon! I actually feel sorry for that kid!

Lisa on


Rhonda on

He is precious! beautiful baby boy! 🙂


Photog 101: Yeah, and I am president Obama. LOL.

Mickey on

How much you want to bet John and Photog are the same person?

lili4582 on

Lmao, I think they are too!

Manomer on

John, I’m sorry that people like you even exist on the planet……I realize she should just hide in her house and never come out….get a life….

guesswho on

She hardly “introduced” her son, more like you guys stalked her for a picture without her permission. And PS, all babies look alike, so big whoop.

cb on

Adorable — and he seems to look a lot like Mom.

Michelle on

He needs socks.

Alexandra on

Congrats … he is so cute little munchkin! God bless !!!

jane on

Photog 101 I don’t believe you for a second. If you are a photographer for celebs I doubt if you would have time to be on blog board on School must have gotten out early or your mom is going to be mad when she finds out you skipped school.

meghan on

If anyone reading this thread actually believes photog101 is a celebrity photographer, I have I bridge I’m interested in selling….

kristy on

Eeeeeekkkkk!!!! He’s such an adorable lil guy. She’s such an amazing Mommy and Woman. He looks just like her through the eyes. PRECIOUS!!!!

Maria on

Beautiful Reese has a beautiful baby!

Let’s be positive, people! She’s not looking for attention. She’s merely out with her child, like any mother would be. The paps follow her.

pinklily on

Some people are idiots. Reese going out in public with her newborn is no different than you or myself going out with our newborn. The only difference is between her and us is that we do not have creepy people taking our photos and if you do have creepers taking photos of you, I have one word for you: lawsuit!

jsp81355 on

What a precious baby! God bless!

sunny on

I have to ask why this baby’s head and feet aren’t covered? We lose a lot of our body heat through those two places and infants lose it faster then you and I- a lot faster.

Miss Witherspoon seems like a sensible and down to earth person compared to the majority of those in the entertainment world. IMO, she just misstepped on this.

taylor miller on

ummm where is his socks? too cold for the adorable little guy!

Magnolia on

Ok… This is for all, not just Taylor… We do NOT lose most of our body heat through our heads or feet… All even… Secondly? She lives in Southern California… It really doesn’t get cold there! Stop worrying about his feet and head, you’ll overheat the poor thing!!

Julie on

In reply to John, if she did call the photographers much better to do it this way than to have them swarming after her possibly in a vehicle. Now the “first photo baby bounty” is off their heads and they can proceed with life unless of course you figure she should stay inside with the baby until its time for college?

Mary on

John, your an idiot, didn’t look she sold the first pics of the baby to a magazine. I’m sure she didn’t call the paps to tell them she would be out with the baby. Cute baby.

K.B. on

Awwwwww…. He’s so cute! Congrats to Reese and her family on their precious little bundle!

susan schweitzer on

so cute! they smell so good!

Daffygrams on

what a cutie!

T on

He is adorable!

Abby on

Sneaky! It should be the parents choice as to when the babies picture is put up for the world to see. Adults are one thing, they picked this profession but not the kids. He is cute tho.

ecl on

I always find the quotes from “pals” to be so weirdly worded. They sound fake since most people don’t talk that way. He’s “fitting in?” He’s a “great little guy?” He’s 6 weeks old!!! Her husband has “been a shoulder to lean on?” Like it’s her baby and he’s along for the ride.

Kim on

I’m not sure who is more pathetic; John, or Photog101. Guess grade school got out early today, huh kiddies?

Lisa B on

Awwww….what a cutsie wootsie! 🙂

Jennifer on

He is soo adorable I Love Him SOO CUTE :)) ❤ ❤

Denise on

Very cute, of course.

CherryBerry on

Awwwwwe, what a little cutie! How precious :).

TunechiGal on

He is really really cute but isn’t he too little to be out in November without socks on?

BlueSkidoo on

“isn’t he too little to be out in November without socks on?” It’s been like 85-95 degrees in the LA area the last few days. Today’s cooler, but this says it was yesterday. Yesterday I was about to spontaneously combust.

Anonymous on

I seriously hope they don’t call him “TJ” GAWD!

denise on

Beautiful baby. Looks like the Dad to me….

Gina on


deb on

Awww, look, she is spending five minutes with her little baby.

shid on

He’s just adorable. If only they would just stay that size 🙂 Nothing like holding a sweet little baby.

Really?? on

John is using SARCASM! Come on people! Lighten up, no need to take every comment so seriously.

Sarah on

What a sweet baby! So happy for Reese and her family!

John Dear on

….did someone say something about a bridge for sale?

Photog 101 on

Women have babies everyday. So what gives with this one? Kid is decent looking but feel sorry him. Won’t know his biological father and his mother is Mommie Dearest!

Lisa on

What a tiny cutie. I’ve always been fond of Reese Witherspoon,she’s always been a class’ve never seen her drunk in the bars lookin like a fool or showing her girls and her privates to the world like many other younger actresses..she’s always stayed controversy and drama free,and devoted to her family..

Hattie on

Hey 101,you’re a sad pathetic person.

badmom on

Birthmarks all over his feet ¿

Amy on

Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, CUTE! I got nothing else!

Bird on

BREAKING NEWS: Reports have just come in that Reese Witherspoon picked up her son Tennessee James for 5 minutes for a photo op and then handed him over to the nanny. Reese then left in her Range Rover to get her $250,000 ring cleaned and go shop at Rag and Bones. We do have an exclusive interview at 9 pm. Reese will be revealing the biological father of Tennessee James. Reports have been that James Joseph Toth aka Jim Toth is not the father. Tune back in at 9 pm!

SC on

Precious baby and very cute mommy. Congrats!

Charli on

Looks like a baby and she is just going around with her baby not giving anyone a peek. Let her live.

Maryanne on

Arg dd. I am with you. Those toes are cute.

Kat on

There are some odd phrases in this article from this “source”: “Everyone is bonding with the baby,” including elder children — Deacon, 9, and Ava, 13 — have with their new little brother. “And Jim has had a lighter workload and has been spending a lot of time at home with the baby as well. Tennessee is a great little guy and he’s fitting right into their family. Jim’s been incredibly supportive, pitching in with Ava and Deacon and generally just being someone for Reese to lean on. They’re all very happy.”

It just sounds like someone is trying too hard to make this sound good. Of course the baby fits right in. Jim’s “supportive?” He’s “someone to lean on?” What the…?

Bird on

Actually OLD phrases! This is what we call “recycled” PR.

Carrie M on

Awww… I want another baby 🙂

sat on

awwwwwww 😉 what a sweet lil guy.

Holly on

They’re not REALLY going to call the baby Tennessee though, right??? ……..

Misty on

For the record, we have had some unseasonably hot weather here in So Cal.

JRW on


dudley doright on

cute kid

Jax on


Anonymous on

ecl and Kat- It’s not automatic that a baby will “fit in” to his or her family. Sometimes, for example, older siblings have trouble adjusting, especially if they’re from a previous marriage as in Reese’s case.

And sadly, not all husbands are supportive of their wives. So I see no problem with Reese’s pals assuring us that Jim IS supportive and that Ava and Deacon are adjusting fine to the new baby. 🙂 I also see nothing wrong with the comment about Jim being “a shoulder for Reese to lean on”.

Most men DO offer their wives “a shoulder to lean on” as they recover from childbirth.

Anyway, Tennesse is adorable!

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Reese’s pals said some of those comments (such as “he’s fitting right in” and “Tennesse is a great little guy”) JOKINGLY! Really, does no one have a sense of humor anymore?!

And in terms of John and Photog 101, don’t waste your energy responding to them and getting angry with them. That’s just what trolls like them want!

godismyhero on

Awwwwww he’s a little angel!!! So adorable

godismyhero on

Awwwww, little angel!!! He’s so cute!! Congratulations to Reese and family!

Catherine on

So happy for Reese and the whole family!

Tee on

Actually, this was a photo op. Plus, the nanny was also present hence the hand on the stroller’s handle.

Micki Franks on

This is such a beautiful thing, so glad to be able to “peek” into what is going on. I am sure they make wonderful parents!!!

Peggy on

He`s adorable, congrats.

Gonna be tough tho learning to spell that first name.

She`s a good Mother, besides her acting career.

Vivian on

John is upset that no one was fond of him when he was a baby. That said, the baby is beautiful!!!! Congrats!

sarahsmommy09 on

First off, tennessee is just too adorable. @john and @photog101 (and @bird): please get a life. You guys really dont have much to do in your life, dont you? You have nothing to do but troll (which is pointless, because nobody likes it).

Reese is a great mom and a great actress. So, get over it already.

Deb on

He is beauiful. God Bless him!!!! You are so blessed with your beautiful family ❤

seaandsun on

adorable, she seems to embrace motherhood..very heartwarming. makes me miss those days. now my 2 are 28 and 30…looking forward to the grand babies…

Romy on

these were paid photos from an agency, a set up photo op. it’s not paparazzi. you can read about it on another site

guest on

snort. right, “we were called” my a**. you are sitting in your office watching paint dry until Reese called *you* to take a picture. good for you.

guest on

lol, all the people who think he needs socks: I’m pretty sure after 2 kids she knows how not to overreact. he seems fine without socks.

LAStory on

LOL too cold?! Where do you people live?! They are in Los Angeles….a “cool” 80 degrees …

cj on

my favorite ACTRESS, a woman who actually ACTS!!! lol. what a great person too!!

Alicia on

TOO CUTE! Congrats to Reese, Jim, Ava, and Deacon!

Reese has been one of my favorite actresses ever since she was first starting out in ‘The Man in the Moon’! 🙂

freya on

Oh my god that baby looks like a precious doll such a punam bear

Names4Real on

What a cute baby!

Romy on

Jill, she used a photo agency that doesn’t send papparazzi out and then the photos are sold through Gettty Images for a big price. So she did set it up, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s on Laney

Victoria on

aawwww he’s so precious!

lynn on

Okay, for the people blasting her about showing off her baby, it seems to me that she is just out doing things like any other normal mom of a newborn is. I think most of us probably went to the grocery store, to pediatrician appointments, etc. but we weren’t doing that to “show off” our children. We were doing it because it’s normal life. As for her not looking to fond of him as one person said, all I can say is “Seriously???” You can’t even see her face in one picture and the other she just seems to be either putting him in the stroller or taking him out. I didn’t realize that you were supposed to be 3 inches away from a baby’s face and making little faces and laughing at every single turn. I would think she didn’t like him if they’d photographed him with a nanny and his mother nowhere to be seen like some in Hollywood do. So to me, I think she’s trying to be his mother like any other mother of a 6 wk. old if the media would stop following her then maybe she could.

Ashley on

I wanna know how you assume that it’s a nanny? Who’s to say it isn’t her daughter? Or her mother, or mother in law, or something? I find it odd how people always think celebrities dont’ care about their kids just because they have nannies…

Meg on

What a cute baby!

Jojos Momma on

gee john how about u b a famous star and have a baby and know that the WHOLE world wants to see him and stalk you and everything…. the baby was probably fussy and she was trying to calm him down while some crazed lunatic took their picture…

Lizzie on

He IS ADORABLE!! BLESSINGS 2 the entire Family!!

audra on

Nothing like seeing a baby in a comfy outfit, then looking down, NO SOCKS! What an uncomfortable feeling, apprently momma doesnt know best!

Ramona on

John is an idiot. What a stupid thing to post.

meghan on

audra, do you wear socks when it’s in the 80s? Cause my kids don’t. I guess I’m a bad mother.

Tracy on

adorable, but put some socks on that poor kids feet. I cool here in California now!!!

Camrin on

Very adorable baby.