Christina Applegate’s Blog: My Tips for a Working Mother

11/08/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Please welcome Christina Applegate for a four-part blog.

The actress, who stars as Reagan on NBC’s hit comedy Up All Night, is also mom to daughter Sadie Grace, 21 months, with fiancé Martyn LeNoble.

Applegate, 40, is the creative partner for, a monthly outfit club for stylish girls sizes 2-8.

She can also be found @1capplegate on Twitter.

In her first blog post for PEOPLE, Applegate shares some of her most tried-and-true tips to making it all happen as a working mom.

Christina Applegate's Blog: My Tips for a Working Mother
Working on FabKids — Courtesy Christina Applegate

As most mothers know and first-time mothers quickly learn, having a baby is something you can never fully prepare for. Of course, people will tell you how much your life will change, but understanding the full impact of having a little one come into your life is something you just can’t fully comprehend until it actually happens!

Before my daughter Sadie was born, I was already a busy person. Between my acting career, personal life and the work I do for my breast cancer charity, Right Action for Women, I was already performing something of a juggling act. And now that Sadie is in my life, I am busier — and happier than ever before!

This year, I was thrilled to join, a monthly outfit club that empowers girls to express their own personal style in a way that builds confidence and lets them shine. I love that we help take the guesswork out of keeping your kids in fun, ready-to-play clothes — great for all of us working mothers!

I am all about finding the best tips and tricks to achieving balance and every mother has her own strategy to handling the juggling act of work and life. Here are some of my personal favorite tricks that I have learned along the way:

Find something you love to do with your daughter

Finding something you can bond with your daughter over is completely priceless. You learn so much about her when you spend quality time together and the act of doing something together that you both enjoy brings you closer than ever. It’s also a great opportunity to create a life lesson.

Right now, Sadie and I are building an urban garden, filled with vegetables. I love this idea because it feeds Sadie’s interest while teaching her healthy eating habits and gives her an introduction to sustainable living. Would you believe it? She loves kale!

Build a support system

It can be easy to forget that you are not alone when you have so much on your plate. Building your own support system gives you a shoulder to lean on when it comes to all the things that come with raising a child. It’s great to surround yourself with like-minded people — or people you trust to be involved in your every day life.

In my case, I’m incredibly lucky because in addition to my family and close friends, so many of us on the set of Up All Night have kids around the same age. We even have a playroom on set!

Christina Applegate's Blog: My Tips for a Working Mother
On set at Up All Night – Courtesy Christina Applegate

The ongoing juggling act and the power of distraction

The main point of a successful juggling act is to not drop the ball, no matter how many balls there are up in the air! When it comes to Sadie, I have found that distracting her with something engaging is a much more efficient way to get her to switch gears, as opposed to just telling her “no” or “stop.” She’d much rather discover something new than be told to stop doing something. To be honest, I would too!

I love being a busy mom. Every day I feel enriched by everything that’s going on in my life. And it goes without saying that Sadie is my favorite part.

— Christina Applegate

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Jemma on

The company is a cute idea. I went over to the fabkids site and took the style quiz and based on what they put together I would not subscribe to this service. Cute, but I would rather put my daughter’s clothes together.
Christina is such a great woman. I am glad to see her doing so well. Seems like she has it all 🙂

Mindy on

Christina is so down to earth and identifiable to working moms. I get a monthly Fabkids infusion for both of my girlies. The fall over each other when that bright pink box drops on our deck. They can’t wait to tear in and see what little goodie is in there with the clothes ( headband, hair bow). We adore Fabkids!

guest on

there should be a disclaimer that this is an ad on this blogpost.

Megan on

^ Her relationship is disclosed:

“Applegate, 40, is the creative partner for, a monthly outfit club for stylish girls sizes 2-8.”

Guest on

I adore Christina Applegate! She seems to be such a fantastic mother and is so down to earth. I am so glad she is happy and I love the name Sadie!

Anonymous on

Its easier to juggle with a nice bank account.

Denise S. on

I love how stars tell us working mothers how to manage a family and career. Most of us don’t have the money to afford housekeepers, nannies, etc. Sure it must be easy to handle a child & and a career when you’re not the one cleaning your toilet and doing laundry.

Stephanie on

Sorry, I’m not a mom, BUT I don’t think that celebrities should be considered “working moms.” As someone said below, the juggling is a lot easier with a healthy bank account. I’m sure she has some kind of full time help, where as the average working mom does not.

Leigh Anna on

I like her as an actress but she truly does NOT know what it’s like to be a working mom. I think the company is a cute idea but not for a mom in the mid west who leaves at 5:30 to return at 5:30…who has time to take a quiz?

efid on

Probably would take about the same amount of time if took to read and post on this article, Leigh Anne.

Vmunz on

Regardless of your bank account, her tips are great. Lets work on being kind to each other. C’mon ladies!

gwen on

She is NOT a working mother. She’s a celebrity with tons of $$ that works on a TV show. Big difference.

gwen on

Love her!!

Brooklyn on

Does she work? Yes. Is she a mom? Yes. Therefore, working mother.

Lena on

I love her! I think she is as good of an example as you can get out of these celebrity working moms. She does work, and although it is not your typical 9-5 job where you can’t bring your kid to work with you, at least its better than being a snooki or a kourtney kardashian.

Monica on

Out of touch!

Anonymous on

She is a working mom. She is a mom and she works. So boom she qualifies. If you don’t liker her advice that is fine. You don’t have to be mean in your comments.

Meena on

Some of you overworked mothers need to stop being martyrs. Get your husband to do his part. Finally, Christina Applegate is a working mother, just as I am. Sure, her situation is a lot different than mine. But whose situation is the same?

Brookie on

I have loved Christina since Married with Children! Seems so down to earth. And Up all Night is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time- love it! And yeah, seems simple to me. She works. She’s a mom. She’s a working MOTHER. Sure, her bank account is bigger than mine but money doesn’t provide you the tools you need to be a good parent.

jane tyler on

I don’t know why so many women get angry about celebrities who talk about their kids and then complain about “how tough it is for them to parent.” If you chose to have children and can’t afford a nanny, childcare or a housekeeper, that is not the fault of a celebrity or someone with more money. If you don’t like the situation you are in, you should have a). Not had children and/or b). Picked a career that would afford you the income to have nannies and housekeepers.

Jadey on

Hear hear!! She may not have your average 9 – 5 job but she still works, people need to stop being so mean!

meg on

someone said 2 have our husbands do their fair share which i would love’……if i had one.single working mom here and there is not enough time in a day 4 any parent 2 do everything we want 2 do. No matter what job we have. Time goes by 2 fast 4 everyone.just enjoy every minute with your babies.

Meli on

Lot’s of money. Maids and nannies. We should get a real working mother to give us a few tips. One that don’t have too much money and a load of free time. May be a mother with a kid and a broken down car, tired-run down. Not much extra time to get a second job. I’ll bet a mother like that can give you good tips.

penny on

so now that she’s a mother she can tell us how to dress our kids. It’s sad that she now has this company and is taking advantage of the poor naive women who will sign up to her over price website. I can put my daughters outfits together with no help from a celebrity.
i don’t see this company of her being successful

Kim on

Are we supposed to believe “tips” for a working mother from this overindulged wealthy celebrity? Oh please tell us how to “juggle” our time to plant an urban garden and mix and match overpriced children’s about a dose of realtiy? Most of us do not have nannies..we stress when school or daycare is closed because we can’t take time off work for fear of losing our jobs..we pay certain bills but not others in order to be able to buy food….we use hand me down clothes for our younger children….we clean our own house..and do our own laundry..etc. etc.

judy on

anyone who would have their breasts hacked off “just in case” is insane and shouldn’t even have children . What might she have cut off of them?

Michelle on

Agree working Moms! I like Christina too, but am so tired of the celeb moms acting like they do it all. “Such a hard juggling act” – sure, right!? I’m a working Mom and struggle some days finding time for a shower! How about that ball in the air? 🙂

Anonymous on

A lot of you sound like bitter bitches. You’re jealous of a beautiful, talented woman who survived so much and is making the most of her life. Wow…. take some Midol.

Carol on

Celebrities live in a different world from regular Joes and you have to take what they say with a grain of salt. These people are WEALTHLY and can AFFORD the luxuries that they have for motherhood. Most working moms don’t have HIRED help, we see these kids in our school system everyday and a lot of them are in regular daycares, the mothers are Exhausted when they finally get to see them or its a broken home. The behavioural problems are incredible with some of these kids and what our teachers have to deal with, thats REALITY. I’m fortunate enough to be able to stay-at-home with my kids but its sad for some people.

Kim on

to Anonymous: No, not bitter, just living in the real world. How about some real tips not fluff….

Kiki Bridges on

So arrogant! She has the nerve to think she has tips for working moms? Sorry. But a millionaire with nannies and personal assistants who get to bring their babies to the “set” are NOT working moms. As a real working mom, I find it insulting.

liarlairpantsonfire on

None of her “tips” are new. “I have found that distracting her with something engaging is a much more efficient way to get her to switch gears, as opposed to just telling her “no” or “stop.”” (Duh).
I like her but honestly, what was the point of this article? To say she’s selling clothing???

N.H. on

Love Christina. There are quite a few assumptions being made about someone you DO NOT know. Stop being bitter about your life and your choices. Why does motherhood have to be such a competition? If you can’t relate to her blog, go read another of the various blogs (with varying perspectives) on this website.

Jill on

On the working/not a working mother tip, she does work. Clearly. But–while I don’t think the vitriol is necessary–I agree with people who are irritated. The point they are getting at is that a parent needs time to do all the lovely things that celebrities can advise or demonstrate. But that time is in far less supply for average people than it is for celebrities. So it sounds sanctamonious and out of touch to suggest that parents do this or that with their kids from the standponit that average parents wouldn’t know to do these things without a celebrity having to suggest it. We know what we want to do, but when we get home, we have to make dinner, walk the dog, scrub the floors, fix the flat, water the lawn, sort the mail, take out the garbage, call the cable company, and on and on and on first.