Malia and Sasha Obama’s Chic Election Night Style

11/07/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

First Lady Michelle Obama‘s style icon status is already trickling down to her girls.

Joining her parents on stage prior to President Barack Obama‘s re-election acceptance speech Tuesday in Chicago, 11-year-old daughter Sasha looked primed to follow in her stylish mom’s footsteps in a gray cardigan, layered necklaces and a Zara bow accented top, paired with an emerald print skirt by American designer Chris Benz (which was handed down by her big sister) and matching J.Crew flats.

Older sister Malia appeared equally celebratory in a scoopneck black top, a hot pink Zara belt, an ASOS peacock blue circle skirt and J.Crew black flats befitting her 14 years.

Sasha Obama's Chic Election Night Style
Win McNamee/Getty

“The girls have very full lives in D.C. now,” a source tells PEOPLE of Sasha and Malia’s first four years in the White House. “They are very settled and happy.”

While not often in the public eye, the stylish siblings have been known to set trends on the campaign trail in chic, age-appropriate pieces from H&M to Anthropologie. We call that a victory!

— Brooke Showell

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Amy on

Beautiful family 🙂

Mys on

They all look fantastic 🙂

Brooke on

Malia is wearing flats. FLATS. That girl is going to be six feet tall….I love her skirt.

Joyful on

Sweet look with both girls and its good to see the happy faces on this family!

Kim on

I love that both of the girls dress is very age appropriate attire. It’s refreshing!

stacey on

BARF!!!!!!! Look at the hideous legs on those kids, especially the younger one!

Katie on

You are vile stacey. How dare you make fun of a child’s appearance, especially when she is a gorgeous girl! Shame on you, some troll who is probably 5’2 and even if on the outside your pretty, your insides show how truly ugly you are.

Ramona on

Um, Katie you are just as vile. Why would being 5’2 make someone ugly or a troll? People come in all beautiful shapes and sizes. I agree with you though that both girls are very pretty.

goldenpenpen on

Stacey, you silly, pointless twit. Bullied, reviled and shunned by everyone who has encountered that savagely jealous character of yours. And cover up those hobbit legs of yours.

linda on

Seriously This is a beautiful family!

jrt on

Who criticizes a child’s legs? What is wrong with you, Stacey?

Dean Keyes on

Both girls look darling and also look as if they are truly enjoying being there for their Dad.

Anne Marie on

Stacey, the child’s knees are astronomically more beautiful than your face. Barf? I hope your mother knows that you’re still on the computer on a school night.

Cara on

Stacey, you are a horrible, horrible person for critizing a young girl’s body. Hopefully you never have a daughter with body issues. What a rude, miserable person you must be.

Catca on

Those girls have grown up so much these past 4 years and my goodness are they beautiful. President Obama is going to have his hands full soon when the boys start asking these girls out. Lucky for him he’ll have a little help from the Secret Service.

sat on

The girls looked gorgeous. It must be extremely challenging to face that kind of global exposure as a child and as a young adult. I hope their parents continue to keep them totally out of the public eye, not cloistering them, but just keeping normal as possible lives for them.

meghan on

Lovely girls.

Jen DC on

Beautiful, happy family.

I was a little nervous for Sasha when Malia got her growth spurt, but I’m glad to see hers has started as well! They are the same age difference as my sister and me, 3 years. Of course, now my “little” sister is taller than I am! The changes in these four years for these girls has been amazing to watch. They seem very sweet and well-adjusted for having to go through puberty in the public eye.

B.J. (the girl) on

I can’t believe how much Malia looks like her father, and how much Sasha looks like Michelle! Both Obama girls are beautiful young ladies, they’ve grown so much in four years and I look forward to seeing how they turn out in another four years!

Nancy on

The girls look like they are wearing Bloch Shoes, not J.Crew.

JM on

Beautiful family. and as a non-American, i can tell you the rest of the world sure is glad that America made the right choice. that was a close one, but luckily sanity prevailed.

good luck to the obamas!


Ahhh, what a beautiful family.

annachestnut on

GORGEOUS family. Each one is stunning!!!!

jessicad on

Beautiful girls, love this family and so happy he won again. 🙂

Julie on

How much? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Sarah S. on

@jlduke55…well said, couldn’t agree with you more!

Susan on

He is the president… not a rock star! Why do we care what he or his wife or his children wear? For goodness sake, there is so much more at stake for this country than his rise to stardom. Praying for him and this country is all that I know to do!

Amy on

Although I don’t agree with his political vision for the country, I have always thought that they seem like a lovely family and I appreciate how age-appropriate the girls are dressed when out and about.

Anonymous on

Not a fan of his politics or Michelle’s style….but the kids look cute!

kasia on

malia looks beautiful 🙂

Tee Tee on

All personal opinions about President and Mrs. Obama aside, they sure do seem to be loving parents. I really appreciate how their children dress in mostly appropriate clothes!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Malia and Sasha look wonderful. very stylish and yet very age appropriate.I applaud the great job that Michelle and Barack do with their daughters. Setting a great example for all teenagers!

LOL! on

They are a beautiful family, but considering that the Obama’s have asked for privacy for their daughters I find this article inappropriate, especially given the nasty comments that have already been posted by people with very bad judgement against two innocent young ladies.

Lynda on

I am surprised this is under the Moms and Babies section; the girls are 11 and 14. I don’t think they would appreciate being thought of as babies.

blue on

Really who cares? Just more things that me as a taxpayer have to pay for. Along with the many vacations that they took in the last four years. No one pays for mine.

Brooklyn on

I thought they both looked pretty, and age appropriate. Home run if you ask me!

Anna on

Beautiful lovely family. Those girls are gorgeous dolls. Obama#1

Raquel on

I love these girls! 🙂

Mira on

Malia and Sasha looked beautiful! I love that they dress appropriately for their age and they look classy and elegant. It’s nice to see mostly positive comments on this blog. On other boards, the majority of posters have been downright nasty making comments about the girls. Malia and Sasha haven’t done anything to anybody!

kim on

so nice to see girls dressed appropriately and classy for their age. very pretty.

Jester on

Beautiful family all the way around. Sorry for the sore losers that have to pick on the children to get their aggression out. Hope you feel better now.

lisaisalefty on

Wow, Malia is super tall! Beautiful family and lovely outfits for the girls, very appropriate. As far as some who feel it is okay to ridicule children’s appearances, you are what is wrong with this young generation with the problems we seeing with bullying and disrespecting each other. You wreak of insecurity and jealousy. You don’t have to agree with the president’s policies or vision, but to say hateful things about children is just obnoxious.

Anonymous on

What a gorgeous family….love them.

RSmith on

Dresses are way to short for the event. Trash in the making!!

Ashley on

Okey doke: BARF all around. Stacey, I am with you. They are two of THE most heinous looking children. 1460 days until they are out of the WHITE House. It can’t come soon enough……..

Agatha on

SICK! Both of you! (And if I may guess, this is written by the same person, just to make you feel better!)
Last week there was an article on this site against teasing, (girl committed suicide) You should take a mirror! and look at your self! Because these comments are clearly from someone that is insecure about herself! Project it on you and start crying because we don’t care! She’s 11 year’s old! -_-

jessica on

They all look great, wow Malia is so tall!

Anonymous on

What a beautiful family. The Obamas seem like such nice, genuine people! Love them!

Anonymous on

Help me out, J Crew for kids is not inexpensive. Maybe the first family is a little out of touch like the Romneys.

noelle on

stacy your are such a rude person i cant believe you said that about those beautiful girls BARFFFFF in your face god only knows what you look like

jo on

Not crazy about Obama’s politics at all. His family is just like a lot of other families…yes I will admit the girls are very pretty and very nicely dressed. But then again i have a lot of more nicely dressed people in the public eye – not just Obama.

SoccerGal86 on

@ Katie. I agree with you on your sentiment regarding stacey’s inappropriate comment on Malia’s legs. However, your comment on stacey being “some troll who is probably 5’2” is just as offensive to those of us who are, in fact, 5’2. That being said, I agree that both daughters look great (along with their parents).

LA on

Gorgeous girls and Gorgeous family! So happy we get another four years with them!

elsa on

I am not a fan of President Obama, but I do think that he and the First Lady are doing a wonderful job of raising their daughters. Good for them!!

Y on

Malia is pretty…Sasha is…well, lets just say she looks like her mother….

Tricia on

What a beautiful family. So happy for all of them AND for our country!

Nota on

Stacey, I shouldn’t give you any attention as you obviously want some, but your comment about another child’s legs makes me wonder about you. Julie, you look at the picture and the first thing you thought of was how much the clothing cost? It didn’t cost you a dime. My own comment: Both girls looked proud of their dad, looked lovely and my how they’ve grown! Great looking family,

Arielle on

Love that they shop at Zara and Asos! So European and classy!

Anonymous on

It’s ashamed how someone could talk bad about kids just because you don”t like there fathers views’on America..I think they look great and very age appropriate..much better than what this generation is wearing…short skirts and low riding shirts.

Stop Hating on

@Ashley You do realize that they’re part-white, don’t you? Or does that still offend your racist attitude that different races mix?

Ms. Ari on

Not a fan of the president. But his daughters looked darling on election night.

Anonymous on

Beautiful family! The girls are gorgeous.

Cat on

@Stacy: I’d suppose it we all could create ourselves, we would all look exactly how we’d like to look. Since this not humanly possible, criticizing how someone’s legs looks shows your utter ignorance. The Obama girls’ clothes are stylish, beautiful and age appropriate – and they are beautiful, as well.

Anonymous on

Very Happy Obama won! We need unity in this country.

Karnesha Slaughter on

Crazy that Malia is the same age as Kylie Jenner…if she was up there she’d be in 5 inch heels and a skin tight mini dress.

Cat on

@Stacy: I’d suppose it we all could create ourselves, we would all look exactly how we’d like to look. Since this not possible, criticizing how someone’s legs looks shows your utter ignorance. The Obama girls’ clothes are stylish, beautiful and age appropriate.

Y on

Obama does not bring unity to this he has divided this country…

Stayce on

They are beatiful young women! Whether you agree with the Obama’s politics or not, it is pretty slimy to criticize their children. For those of you who think the taxpayers pay for EVERYTHING they eat, wear, purchase, etc.: Please know the POTUS receives a salary that is his to do with as he pleases. Also the Obamas were NOT paupers (look that word up because you are, most likely, too dim to know the meaning) before they arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.! If they want to dress their girls in J.Crew — for an event where they are photographed and seen on TV around the world — it is their business!!!!

Mary Ann Long on

To all of the haters, get a life! Also, please pray you and yours are (or become) as fortunate as this family, and I don’t mean financial weath.

heather on

They are cute! Very classy!

Leslie on

Malia looks cute. Not sure who dressed Sasha but not fond of that outfit on her. I wouldn’t exactly call Michelle Obama a style icon. Jackie Kennedy was a style icon.

Cathy on

Would have rather seen the Romneys here. 4 more years, arghh…. the girls look nice, unfortunately, they have money to spend on that stuff, while the rest of us suffer.

nicole on

Speak for yourself Cathy. I’m not suffering. In fact I’m living the American dream. Maybe you should work harder instead of begrudging the Obamas ability to dress the beautiful girls in cute adorable clothing.

Toya H. on

At Stacy you must have low self esteem to talk about a child! Please look at yourself………………………….. Anyways beautiful family.

Gloria on

Beautiful family!

Anonymous on

Wow, all of these people really wanted Obama to win….why so as a tax payer I can pay for ALL of your things? Thanks….it’s going to be 4 LONG years…

Grace on

Hi Stacey (and Ashley), I’m a conservative Christian. I take it neither one of you are Christian and are right with God? Who are you who could make nothing to criticize anything the Most Holy God made? Jesus said that we are to make righteous judgments, not superficial judgments. Jesus was God.

Ralph on

Okay. PLEASE look up how much a US president makes. He nor his wife nor his children get free clothes from our tax dollars. They take their paycheck and buy their clothe likes anybody else. He’s doing the hardest job in the world. The family looks classy and they are great people. You should be proud.

gracie on

For all you ignorant posters making uninformed comments on the cost of the Obama girls outfits, the facts are: taxpayers DO NOT pay for clothes for these children, Their parents pay.The President does receive a salary for the work he does and what he spends it on is no more anyone’s business that what all of you spend your salaries on. The Obamas are very financial stable…check out the President’s 2011 tax return… so they can well afford their kids’ clothes. The First Lady does receive a clothes stipend as she has to dress for so many official events associated with her job a FLOTUS. Anythig she spends above that again, comes out of personal money.

Anonymous on

What a loving family they are — and a great model for families all across the U.S.

Candace on

I am disappointed, but not surprised at the hateful, derogatory comments about the two young Obama girls. I don’t see the point, nor do I see the reason. Seriously, I think the negative comments come from severely mentally ill people. What else could be the reason? Jealousy? They’re on drugs? Democrat or Republican, criticizing children is just wrong.

Clare on

thank you… to all the mature, normal individuals! stacey SHAME ON YOU!…these are CHILDREN!

Bex on

Both girls look great. I am glad they are like any other American family that uses hand me downs. Yes, they could afford new clothes for every event but it shows they are just an average American family from Chicago. Beautiful and humble. The President and First Lady are doing a great job as parents.

Clare on

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (& age appropriate clothing 🙂

SHAME ON YOU stacey! These are CHILDREN! (please see a counselor, as your comments are TRULY a reflection of WHO YOU really are & feel about yourself.)

Catca on

Well Ashley, I’m happy to have love and compassion in my heart, not racism like you. Note, the “White” in White House refers to the color of the building, not the color of the occupants. We live in a country where there are many people who aren’t white, and all us have the same opportunities to grow up to be doctors, lawyers, scientists, and yes, even President.

alaplane on

Proud of our First Family: Beautiful and their love for each other is so real.

justwondering on

Not sure, but when i read Stacys comment, i took it as she thought that the dresses were too short, like too much legs showing?

kristie on

These girls are very pretty and look like well rounded respectful ladies. I must say tho, as much as I respect and appreciate the job that Obama does for myself and my family, it bothers me that my tax dollars are going towards teeth bleaching and other expensive stuff, while I struggle to take care of my childrens health and dress them. Not to mention myself!. How about we get back to the basics and sure keep the teeth clean and healthy and the children clothes nicely, but all the extra vanity stuff needs to be spent else where!!!

ladyofargonne on

The girls look thin to me. Poor kids have probably never had a Happy Meal.

RRF on

Not sure why people have to mention they aren’t a fan of President Obama and/or his policies and talk about being worried about the direction of the country. The article is about Sasha and Malia’s style. Sheesh! BTW, they look great.

Haems on

why do so many people think that we, the taxpayers, are paying for the Obama family’s wardrobe? as other commenters have noted, the POTUS has a salary. not to mention, he has made millions from his books. how they spend their money is none of our business. and besides, while J.Crew is a little on the expensive side for a middle-class family, it’s still a mall store, not a luxury brand. they’re not dressing their daughters every day in Chanel and Gucci.

Jules on

Riiiiiiiight. Obama is just SO in touch with the majority of middle class Americans. I mean, don’t ALL middle class family’s buy their 14 year old’s clothes at Anthropologie and from “American Designer’s”?! What a joke! America is TOTALLY in the can and history books will soon be talking about the President who was elected even though he wasn’t an American citizen at all. Wake up people! These girls are being taught by the Rev Jeremiah Wright –all the designer clothes in the world won’t change the fact that he is raising two racists.

kristie on

@2Infiniti …I am sorry to burt your bubble here on more than one of your ignorant statements, however when OBAMA decided to run for president of the USA not only one but twice, he MADE his business OUR business. And two, um he has insurance, and other tax breaks etc that WE pay for…So how he spends money etc, from OUR tax money IS our business, WE as a nation are HIS boss, with a very unique twist of him managing OUR money that we work very very hard for, so we have every right to question anything and everything he does. If you want to naive enough to trust every single person someone with that type of power does then that is your ignorance, and right. However do not sit upon your high horse and try to tell others how to think/act.

Anonymous on

To Stacey commenting on Sasha’s Legs…………

Screw you cynical nobody.

kristie on

@Haems why is it that people like yourself are so quick to jump into a debate/conversation with OUT educating yourself of the FACTS of things first….I suggest you go and do some googling on the designers etc and THEN come back here…Maybe then you will not make yourself look so foolish…

rachel on

It is refreshing to see clean washed well attired young ladies!!!! It gets tiresome looking at grunge and dishevelled chaotic attempts at attitude/edge. Kudos to EVERY young lady that likes to look like a LADY.

savvyfoodies on

Such classy young ladies. It was so nice to see age appropriate girls…I hope they start setting more trends!!! Love this family!

lillith on

Stacey you’re so mean to criticize a child’s legs. I mean, really. but Ashley….you’re a small minded, red neck , ignorant, racist. Crawl back under your rock.

savvyfoodies on

I immediately noticed their stylish outfits the night of the election. It’s so nice to see young ladies dressing in age appropriate ensembles. They are beautiful and they don’t have to reveal anything to get attention. BRAVO!

Anonymous on

Great kids, growing up fast. Malia is so tall, she should play volleyball

SAR on

I like that Sasha gets hand-me-downs from her big sister. The Obamas are certainly well-off but they prefer to act the way less well-off families do.

SmiaVS on

Come on People, as much money as you make, you can’t afford to hire someone to moderate this site? The petty comments about a child’s appearance are bad enough, (especially considering they’re plenty old enough to stumble upon this site themselves) but allowing racist remarks to go unchecked? Shame on you.

Kica on

Young ladies actually looking like young ladies. How refreshing!!

Connie on

I agree with Amy, you don’t have to like his Politics but there is no reason to say anything negative about his children (who are not grown ups)! I think they look classy and age appropriate and what strikes me most is how comfortable they seem in front of a large audience. This will aid them throughout life to be comfortable in many many settings.

Kitty on

Some people cannot stop themselves from making obnoxious comments. In order to avoid complicity in this abuse, People should remove the opportunity for comments on stories about children and other vulnerable individuals.

Cappy84 on

Malia is certainly a tall young lady! Both girls look lovely and it’s SO NICE to see young girls dressed age appropriate. Congratz to the Obama family!

Michelle on

The girls are truly blessed as a whole and dressed very beautiful. I love the age appropriate dress. As for our country being blessed with Obama as president for the next 4 years…NOT SO MUCH! Obama should of never won again. Barak Osama Obama…Yeah, thats American!

melody on


Laura on

to stacey who criticized the obama girls legs…. ima need to see a picture of your legs and or your childrens. i’m astounded that you would say something so ugly about these young girls.

Jen DC on

Knee-length skirts on a 14 and 11 year old are “inappropriate”? Um… since when? I can tell you right now, Malia – at 14 years old – is near 6′ tall. Her mother’s 5’10” and in heels and looks to only be a few inches taller than Malia in the group of pix from election night. Thus all the clothes for her AGE are likely too short and further look ridiculous because they probably also look a little young for someone as tall as she is.

@Ashley: The “WHITE” House? So… only WHITE people are welcome? Even though it was built by BLACK labor and mostly BLACK people have labored within its walls as janitors, etc? Please don’t try to be cryptic; if you want to make a racist comment, the internet is anonymous. Be straightforward. Own your position. The fact that you can’t come out and say what you mean implies shame, which is the proper emotion to feel.

@Pam: So now an 11- and 14-year old are imminent sluts? What was your reaction to the Bush Twins’ repeated run-ins with the law regarding underage drinking?

@Blue: You don’t pay for the Obamas’ clothes (nor their private vacations, other than the Secret Service support, etc). Do some research prior to proving your ignorance.

@kristie: Actually, how he spends his PRIVATE money isn’t your business, unless it’s for an illegal purpose. That’s like saying because my tax dollars help pay for the road in front of your house, I have the right to ask you what you’re doing with your paycheck. And if this is your attitude, I hope you have as much vitriol for the 435 members of Congress who raise their salaries, upgrade their benefits and then fail to bring to the floor or vote on policies that would help all Americans. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…

MAN y’all some haters.

mary on

It’s nice to see teen girls dress like teen girls & not mini adults.

meghan on

ladyofargonne, it’s hardly a tragedy if they don’t eat fast food. You know what is a tragedy? Renal failure.

Marcia on

I love the Obama girls. I am tall as is my daughter, and I always tell her to stand up straight and be proud. These girls carry themselves well.

bevvie on

Ashley and Stacey, shame on you for being so small minded!

sussy on

i am sure all the stacys and others who left all those racist and rude remarks are REPUBLICANS, that is not how we want to run this county …. Great job Obama and Michelle and the girls. Four more years who do not like it take a vacation

BL on

Both girls are beautiful and Malia is turning into a stunner!

renee on

My guess is that Stacey is either a right-winger who is pissed about the outcome of the election or a mean spirited person who lives to point out the flaws of others. Could be both though.. either way what she said was uncalled for.

Astrid on

Gorgeous family. I love them. I wish them all the best to deal with what is ahead.

Anonymous on

Such a beautiful family.

Trudy on

In reply to Stacey-What a disgusting human being you are. These are two young girls who have the courage to step out in front of millions of people. Grow up and become an adult. Find a hobby…Loser

ecl on

Very confusing to me that there seems to be so much animosity toward the well-off from Romney supporters.

Trudy on

In reply to RSmith…You typed this post as you climbed down from the pole at your night job…What a disgusting person to call two young ladies trash. Get a life….

ClaireSamsmom on

Beautiful girls….so lovely! Very happy about the win!

chan on

FIRST of all, if NO ONE else noticed Michelle’s dress has been worn 3 previous times!! So the stipend that she is provided is well and thriftily spent. She has re-worn many of the outfits that she wears and keeps those “designer” looks to a minimum, to where in the passed many first lady’s would not go out in anything off the rack or NOT specifically designed for them. So EVEN if some of you ignorantly assumed that YOU as a taxpayer pays for those cute dresses those BEAUTIFUL girls are wearing being that Michelle was NOT in a NEW dress yet again they could have “afforded” it. AND to anyone that would make degrading remarks about these girls future, or dress how they look is NOT about politics and putting YOUR hatred and anger on them is the reason why a President that represents YOUR views and outlook in life LOST to people that respect other people and have a loving giving attitude in life.

Tara on

Some of you ladies are classless pigs. Grow up! I hope your daughters don’t have to endure your nasty demeaning or this kind of demeaning from any other adult. They deserve better role models than you that’s for sure. I pity your children.

joan on

excellent post, Jen DC.

All you dumbies posting about Obama and the cost of clothing, do you think Romney would have been cheaper?? HECK no. They have more expensive tastes.

The girls look lovely, age appropriate and I am happy for it.

Chet on

I’m so sick of these people. Who cares what they wear. Fix the economy, Mr. Empty Promises.

sparkle74 on

Sad that this much time is spent on what they look like and what they wear. If even an a tiny fraction of that time was spent on what his policies are and how he or any other leader can get America out of the $16 trillion dollars of debt (yes, that is the real figure) and the fact that China owns that debt (therefore America is owned by China and is no longer even close to being the super power is used to be), then maybe a smart decision would be made about America. I feel very sad for the country when people are so focused on whether they are wearing flats, what their hair looks like etc…a serious reality check is needed for some very shallow people who only comment on fashion and what people look like, but that explains why America is in the mess it is in at the moment and will be for generations to come.

Cdyana on

Stacey is an I-D-I-O-T!!!


Interested in specific reasons why women reading this article don’t support our President! Please share what’s so bad about a social safety net, financial and healthcare reform, and responsibly ending our military obligations in Iraq and Afganistan. Especially with the alternate choice of Mitt Romney, who would do little to reduce our national debt and make a tiny dent in the yearly deficit. I’m thrilled that President Obama was re-elected, but curious as to other women’s specific reasons that they voted otherwise. We are fairly annonymous afterall.

sparkle74 on

This is why America is sadly $16 trillion dollars in debt (yes, that is the real figure) and the debt is owned by China (therefore China owns America) but so much time is spent it what they are wearing and how they look, which is sadly why America is not even close to being the super power it used to be. If even a fraction of time was spent on the reality of the situation as opposed to these shallow issues, then maybe future generations would not be handed a country that is in dire need of a total help….very sad.

Jayme on

Blue, and anyone else with similar comments…taxpayers DO NOT pay for the Obamas’ clothing. Taxpayers DO NOT pay for their vacations. The “job” of First Lady IS NOT a paid position. Yes, they fly on Air Force One and Marine One; and, yes, they do have Secret Service protection — that is and has been true of every president since the Secret Service began.

They also pay for their own personal groceries!

Margaret Watson on

What a nice, beautiful family. Daughters are growing up to be gorgeous. I wish them happiness.

nyb on

stacy, im pretty sure your legs look worse than that, and its depressing to know that your have nothing better to do than talk about someones legs. also i love their kids and their family and think they have wonderful fashion.

Susan Trippett on

The family look’s great and Miss Malia is an absolutly beautiful girl. Both girl’s seem very well grounded. Good job mom and dad for showing the girl’s to be humble.

meghan on

sparkle, are you kidding? Do you really expect People Magazine to be discussing the economy? If you want a discussing about policy, go to a website were policy is discussed. People is celebrities, fashion, gossip, basic news stories and human interest pieces. Do you go looking for discussion on healthcare reform at TMZ?

kathy on

The girls look absolutely great! They have the glow of children that are loved and safe. I am always happy to see children that have that glow.

And to any other girls that may be reading these comments–remember, your legs can never be too long or too short. Diversity is the spice of life.

ladyrara67 on

What Pretty Girls! The Older daughter(Malia?)Looks almost as tall as her dad:-)

Arlene M. Baladi on

What a beautiful First Family we have!

Sarah on

If I earned 400,000 a year and used 12 million dollars in tax payers money to enjoy luxurious vacations and shopping trips I’m sure my children could look just as stylish. Instead of posting garbage such as this why don’t you focus on urging the president to cut his pay in order to help America get back on her feet. It’s not like he needs 400,000 a year anyways. His house is free, his food is free, his vehicles are free, and his plane is free.

Kat on

I think I’m more concerned with Stacey using the term “BARF” to describe the child’s legs than the fact that she doesn’t like them. What is up with you, Stacey?

jackie benjamin on

How can someone make a remark like that about a child, Michelle reminds me of my upbringing and also how I brought up my daughter. I love when parents dress children especially girls age appropriate, than dressing them as adults before their time.

Guest on

I definitely agree, the girls are dressed beautifully. Very appropriate for their age, which is so nice to see. What I don’t get is how the media refers to Michelle Obama as a “style icon”. What??? There is nothing special about the way she dresses or the way she looks! Average at best. She does seem to be a wonderful mother, I give her that.

GEM on

@ Stacey & Ashley = you two must bee the most jealous ugliest (on the INSIDE) white racsts trash. Just because your dads are not the PREZ doesn’t mean you have a right to trash the Obama girls. They are beautiful and seem so sweet & happy. Hope you two have daughters who people call ugly and see how you feel!

Rickey on

Blue this shows how you do not know the facts. The President pays for his vacations. When he and his family were in Europe they paid for their vacation out of their pockets. Of course the travel was paid for by the citizens but we have for every single President. So again, as so many others fail to do, get your facts correct. I do commend the President and his wife for keeping their children modestly dressed and age appropriate.

Anonymous on

Stacey, kindly post a pix of yourself, then we can all judge how you look, lmao

Norma on

Those girls are lovely; and, a credit to both of their parents. There is nothing wrong with their legs. They are both beautiful inside and out. However, it is very hypocritical of People Magazine to not have a hissy because the youngest daughter is wearing her older sister’s skirt. It is a “crime” for Kate Middleton to recycle or wear the same dress to more than one function; but, it is endearing and charming when the First Family’s children wear each other’s clothing.

Gabbysmom on

Those girls are absolutely GORGEOUS! They’re growing up to be smart, beautiful people just like their parents. I really love how age-appropriate their style of dress is.

P.S. Normally, I wouldn’t even waste ANY energy on you but… hey haters? You mad?! LOL!

Danielle Aldrich on

Yep..they can’t make any other headlines unless it has to do with fashion or vacations. That is what America has to look forward to in the next 4 years..congrats America!

Mimi on

I love the fact that Michelle wears clothes more then once and is like…..yeah……so what? Good for her! She also mixes pieces from affordable, “you and me” stores. She always looks great! The girls always look classy and age appropriate too!

Jen DC on

@ Trisha: Yes, they are privileged and wealthy… because their parents worked hard, made good grades, entered into lucrative professions, repaid their loans and continued to work hard and save money. You know, the whole “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality conservatives / Republicans like to throw in the face of any- and everyone not at their level. If the Obamas are anything like my parents, they make sure those girls understand that they are privileged and how hard their parents worked to get them the education and accouterments of the wealthy lifestyle they enjoy.

So are you bashing them because *you’re* not wealthy, or are you bashing them because they did what they were supposed to do, i.e., get educated, get a profession, stay out of trouble, make money, and become self-supported? Is that not the American dream? To provide better for your children than you had yourself? Barack Obama – child of a single mother, now President (twice); Michelle Obama – daughter of a nuclear family, but raised lower-middle class on the South Side of Chicago… And you’re hating their CHILDREN because the parents made good?


I am so glad that Obama will be our president for four more years! With that being said, the Old, white, party of exclusion better know as the republican/GOP and their outdated out of touch philosophies are quickly becoming extinct! America is evolving and is embracing diversity. The Obama look wonderful congrats Mr. President 🙂 Ashley, Cathy, Kristie, and the rest of the loser Republicans that were overruled in the election Hate is the reason the Republicans are on the sidelines for 4 years when your stupid candidate gives the finger to almost half of the population you will get the middle finger back!

Tiff on

Mitt lost- haha. Get over it.

Anna on

Doesn’t take a genius to know that the president has a personal salary and has to put in extra hours despite that yearly salary.

His personal salary is used for everything personal. Pretty sure you are not paying taxes for the undies he puts on every night.

ashley on

Yeah….they have ugly daughters. Really awkward, skinny looking ones. Or maybe they’re ugly ducklings now and will blossom later. Their mom is a beautiful lady who has aged gracefully so I guess that’s them in 20 years.

Hanna on

The girls are stunning, Mr. President is handsome in whatever he chooses to wear. Michelle O is one beautiful, and lucky lady!

Deborah on

While I am a Southern woman of a certain age and not enamored of the sleeveless cult led by the First Lady, I am a Democrat of the first order. Tell her to watch her fashion statements for kids. The trickle down theory never works in fashion and should be avoided like the plague. See also: what the F to do with hand me downs?
Malia, Sascha: what would you do if you were poor and had to wear your sisters cut down wedding gown to the Prom?
My advice: Don’t go-remember .

orciani madrid on

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