Brian Austin Green: How Reese Witherspoon Kept Our Baby News Quiet

11/06/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

Brian Austin Green: How Reese Witherspoon Kept Our Baby News Quiet
George Pimentel/Wireimage

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are counting their lucky stars — or at least one particular starlet.

Confirming they had welcomed their first child together, son Noah Shannon, three weeks after his birth, the actor attributes the couple’s ability to keep the news under wraps to one woman: Reese Witherspoon.

“I’ve been wanting to send Reese Witherspoon flowers for, like, a month and a half now, ’cause she actually gave birth [the same day as] us in Santa Monica,” Green told Ryan Seacrest onย his radio show Tuesday.

“We were lucky enough to go in at 2:30 in the morning to the hospital and nobody knew.”

After spending two days there, the proud parents learned that Witherspoon had welcomed a son. The media was too entangled in the actress’s breaking news to notice the Fox-Greens had also added a brand new baby boy to their family.

“We got out of the hospital and nobody knew. We got home and thought, ‘This is unbelievable.’ We weren’t expecting to be able to get away with it. We were expecting all the [paparazzi] guys in the hallways and the parking structure,” theย Wedding Band star shares.

“So we just figured we would go with it as long as we could. Until [E! News] found out first and we thought, ‘Okay, let’s put something on Facebook then.'”

Already dad to 10-year-old son Kassius Lijah, Green didn’t think much of becoming a father again a decade later. The arrival of Noah, however, quickly snapped the actor back to reality.

“I really felt young for my age until my new son was born. I’ve never felt so 40 in my life,” he jokes. “He’s really good — he sleeps but it’s only in three hour increments.”

And it’s those late-night wake-up calls that has the doting dad beat. “You get about three hours and then he’ll fuss about something,” he explains. “First you spend 10 minutes figuring out where you are, then you realize, ‘I’m home and it’s my child.’ Then you figure out what’s wrong — a diaper or hungry.”

— Anya Leon

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Meli on

How about they continue to keep it quiet

Brandy on

Why if you want to be so negative meli dont you just keep it to yourself

grace on

Who are they anyway?

amanda on

congrats on the new baby and on the ability to keep it out of the media ! so glad you were able to keep your privacy !

Judy on

Ha, ha, ha, Maybe no one cared!

Jen Piazza on

No one cares that is why you got away with it.

Kat on

Wow… How rude? To
Actually take time to write a negative remark. You are what’s wrong with people today… People like you who spread negativity. Your mother had to have told you if you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing at all. I hope when & if you become a parent your child will not know of the negativity that you spread. I hope you have a great day… Maybe you just need a hug!

jess on

Or….nobody cares????

Nobodycares on

I think the reason nobody found out is because in reality nobody cares. If Megan would’ve gone into labor first she would’ve been overshadowed by Reese.

christy on

Its just like when Farrah died the same day that Michael Jackson died. One story is always going to outshine another one. Just glad that both babies were born healthy and happy.

mello on

lol people would care. hello, this is megan f-ing fox having a baby. judy, jen piazza, judy: if insults is the first thing that comes to mind when reading a story like this, go get your priorities checked.

Kayla on

Yeah, nobody cares that’s why you clicked on the article and took the time to comment. Geez get a life and don’t bash other people you don’t even know!! Congratulations I can’t wait to see a picture of him. I love the name too โค

Jeana on

I would have been more interested in the Fox-Green baby.


Emily on

They got away with it because they are not stars.

tiff on

who gives a crap! they could use all the attention they can get- neither one has done anything recently to speak of. they should have used the baby to there advantage and at least tried to show off a little bit. maybe they’ll get some attention when she dumps him – he’s waaaay to old for her and i can’t put my finger on it but she just has a weird look about her…maybe mental health issues,…..who knows time will tell…

my honest opinion on

i didn’t care when reese had her baby either. honestly, i only read this story cuz i thought maybe they were in rooms next to each other or something…this is just more filler for People. nobody cared – cuz EVERYBODY has had a baby or is having a baby – i think the interest ended with Beyonce and her ‘fake’ pregnancy – LOL (i don’t think it was fake) its so boring, they were trying to make it interesting again. pregnancy and babies is only interesting to the family involved. we REALLY don’t need every B celebrity to blog about it either. fyi

BH on

Does anybody really care about these two?

BBB on

You mean, how no one cared?

M on

I think it’s just that no one cared. Megan Fox is kind of a has-been at this point, and so is he. 15 minutes are over.

Anonymous on

I vote for no one gives a crap!

Joelteha on

I don’t even know who these people are.

JenH on

Congratz!!!! Cant wait to see a pic!

em on

Congrats to the parents ๐Ÿ™‚

Kate on

loooove the name! I’m considering Noah for my son, and I’m so happy for them! Congrats!

VB on

Damn, for so many people “Not caring” it’s funny how many felt the need to read the article and comment on it. When I don’t care about something, I don’t usually put any time or effort into said thing :P.

Becky on

Cograts on the new baby..Like the name Noah..

Melba on

Wow, I know celebrities are narcissistic but dang. Reese is a much higher profile celebrity than they are. Maybe that had something to do with it? Ya think? Congrats to all the new families but coming out with that statement sounds a little desperate for attention.

noshhhtt on

duuuuh. That’s what the whole article is based on and what they said themselves pretty much.

Big Fan on

Haters, shut up….let them be, my gosh people are NASTY.

Kathy on

Because u both are irrelevant lmao

Kat on

If the hospital was staked out with paparazzi for Reese, they must have been forgettable for some reason, right?

shortcakes on

congrats on both babies many blessings xoxo how bout you guys stop being so rude if you dont care get off the page what if someone said these rude things the day you were born

peekingatu on

I didn’t care and still don’t. Not being mean, but who would?

Anonymous on

HUH??? Cause no one gives a hoot??

daisy on

Geez, did all you take your nasty pills today? For so many people that “don’t care” there sure are a lot of minutes spent reading and commenting. What thoughtless jerks.

Congrats to the new family! Love the name and happy they had some alone time.

Emily on

These two are big on their privacy, unlike alot of celebs who would be so quick to sell the first photos of their baby. Congrats to them, I’m sure that little boy is adorable.

barthokr on

so they think they’re as famous as oscar-winner reese witherspoon?

elizabeth on

It’s so sad how some people are so mean….It’s a baby, its a blessing……I don’t think it’s because no one cared, they just wanted their business to be private. Congratulations to them, always good to hear when someome has a baby.

gina on

Oh Brian, disapppointed much??

Jamie Baker on

I’m going to go with no one cared. Reese Witherspoon is so cute and people love her. These two are odd and really contribute nothing talent wise that would really grab people to want to follow them or take interest in their lives. Congrats on your baby!

Whatever on

That’s cause no one cares!


@tiff – Mental health issues because of how she looks???? What an uneducated, prejudiced, and ridiculous thing to say! You obviously know nothing about people who suffer from mental health illnesses, and have succeeded in insulting in one stupid sentence both Megan Fox and the entire community of sufferers (which, based on current reports, is approximately 10 percent of the population). Go back to school and learn something.

Linda on

I hope that Vanessa Marcil has another healthy baby too. Love her!

One Voice on

I think these two have exaggerated their fame…a tad. Fox peaked a long time ago. Green hasn’t been relevant in Hollywood since the eighties. Sorry. Just being honest.

joules on

Ego much? No paps b/c no one cares!

LM on

Christy – I thought the same thing. And Ed McMahon died the day before! And my son was born that day. I will always remember being in the hospital and all that was on TV was Micheal Jackson’s death. Nuts.

Andi on

Geez there are some a-hole comments here…
Congratulations to the parents!!

Cristina on

Seriously no one did care. I clicked on the article because I was curious how Reese kept their “baby secret”….

Caroline on

Geez, some of you people are so freaking rude!!!!!!! Get over yourselves! Any baby is such a blessing!!! Congrats to Megan & Brian!!!!!!

tara on

Why does everyone always post rude comments.. I hate to say it, but stop trying to make yourself look bigger when you are just being petty..

Bella on

The paparazzi don’t and didn’t care about you an your skank having a kid…Isn’t that why you keep talking to the media about .. it’s because no one wanted to know.. Your unimportant an uninteresting…

liz on

why so mean? goodness! congrats to them.

kristin on

Didnt read it because who gives a crap? Oh, that’s right, NO ONE!

Kat on

Judging from the responses on here plenty of people care. But people like you are the reason negativity spreads. Honestly I hope your child never knows the ignorance of you!

Anonymous on

Or maybe no one cared?

Anonymous on

Must’ve been a slow news day for them to put this story on. FYI, Reese probably didn’t say anything about Brian Green’s baby because she was busy taking care of her own baby!

dudley doright on

maybe they r not quite as popular/famous as they think

eli on

Tiff, Brian Austin Green has a show that debuts soon. He has been doing something it just hasn’t been aired yet because common sense dictates that…nevermind you’re obviously not that bright.

Sarah on

How does he know it’s not Shia LaBeouf’s–or someone else’s–son?

c on

why does she always look like she smoked a bag of weed when they photograph her? wasted….

my_opinion on

maybe the paparazzi wasn’t there because…NO ONE CARES!!!

2Park5 on

who??? Who???? WHO?????

cub on

It was a good thing that the papparazzis and the world did not care

Goolll on

People has increasingly begun reporting filler stories that aren’t really all that interesting.

Hea on

Meli – How about you find a different page to surf on.

pinklily on

People should really stop shortening papparazzi as “paps”. Id rather see “pops” instead of being reminded of papsmears

julia on

No one cares about these people. What was the last movie with megan fox or brian austin green did anyone go to.

Barb on

Hmmmmm…. I don’t think I would have given an interview confirming how irrelevant I am. WTG now where’s that Honey Boo Boo

Bugs on

Without being exactly mean but agreeing with mostly everyone here, it’s really not that hard to keep it quiet when you’re not an A-list celebrity.

Rosie on

Perhaps because the pictures are not worth much…. congrads anywayz

Anonymous on

I personally, am more interested in their birth than Reese’s. so I guess someone does care!!

cc on

I think someone is jealous!! HAHAHA!!! No one cares about you two

Erika on

To me it seems like he is so uninterested with his life, Megan….. kinda Been there done that attitude… I feel that this is the reason he waited so long to marry her.. DUDE it’s Megan Fox! she just had your baby! WTH!??!?!

Brooke on

I wish there was a delete button and People could wipe these comments off. What an ugly world we live in where so many people read an article about the birth of a child and took the time to leave comments filled with piss and vinagar. This is a magazine/website about celebrities – A,B and C. If you don’t expect articles about them – go somewhere else.

Congrats Megan and Brian – look forward to pics of Noah!

Kim on

This man needs to get over himself. NOBODY cared abolut his baby. LOL. Reese is an A-lister, Megan C list. Brian C/D list.

jen on

No one cares, Simple as that. To have to put it on Facebook shows how desperate you want to be noticed.

Mimi on

Hello! Gorgeous couple! can’t wait to see this baby

stacey on

These two go overboard with wanting to keep things private. If they wanted to live such a private life, they should’ve chosen a different career!!

Tracy on

I can’t believe the amount of obnoxious, rude, and insentisive people commenting on this article. You are all obviously jealous. You all wish you looked like Megan Fox & had a gorgeous husband like Brian Austin Green. I haven’t seen much w/Fox in it but I have always loved whatever Green was in. He is actually pretty funny and he of course is easy on the eyes. I’m sure they work very hard on keeping their privacy.
Congrats on your little boy. (Love the name)

Isabel on

The comments about popularity are true. Reese is a much bigger public figure so there was more interest in her pregnancy. I don’t see how that’s rude to point out. Aside from Transformers, none of Megan’s films have been a real success and Brian hasn’t been relevant since the 90s.

Claudia on

to the people saying that nobody cares about them, why did you click on this article maybe you cared?!? Congratz to the beautiful couple on their blessing!!!

Bella on

I care. That’s why I clicked on this article. I’m more interested in Brian and Megan than Reese and whatever-his-name-is. Congrats Brian and Megan!

Romy on

I have read that he is not a nice guy and is so controlling of Megan. She was so young when they met, he was older. I hope they have a good life together with their sweet baby.

Anonymous on

I can’t wait to see pics of their baby…..I bet he is so cute!

Anonymous on

Bella- I care, too (and not because I’m a huge fan of Megan or Brian or follow either one of them. I’m not and I don’t. I care because I love babies and hearing that a new, precious life has been welcomed into the world always makes me happy!), so it’s not true that NOBODY cares. I hate it when people use absolutes like that!

Jen- Or maybe they announced the birth on Facebook for the same reason countless other people do….because they’re proud parents and wanted to scream it from the rooftops!

On a similar note, I don’t see this article a him being egotisical. He specifically said that he and Megan are GRATEFUL to Reese for inadverently helping them to have their baby and get him home in peace. I don’t get a “sour grapes” vibe from him at all. In fact, I get the feeling he was probably laughing and saying it jokingly! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

First all, I do congratulate them on having a baby. Secondly, the reason no one reported on it, was because no one cared! Megan Fox, has pretty much disgraced herself in Hollywood because she had diva like behavior and could not keep her mouth shut!

knowone cared on

Get over yourselves! Knowone cares about you has beens! Who cares if you procreate! What an ego! Poor Reese to have to be mentioned by this douche

Iva on

and after waiting for 3 weeks and realizing that no one really care about it, you decided to issue a statement !!!! Megan is no Reese. she had 1 role in her life and thinks she’s an actress…..

NickyAngel on

Megan looks like might have had some done…I would advise her to stop.

Sandy on

you hate the paps until they no longer show up- then it’s like- wait, where are they? then you start to panic and wonder if anyone cares any more. eventually the attention will always shift to someone else.

Rachael on

Everyone else has said it. No one cared any more than they would about a complete stranger’s baby being born. Fame was fleeting for you. Now go away and quit trying to be relevant.