Baby on the Way for Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

11/05/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Pregnant
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Life is imitating art for Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

The Parenthood actor andΒ House of Lies actress are expecting their first child in late spring, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“They’re so excited — they’re both ecstatic. They can’t wait to become parents,” a close friend of the couple tells PEOPLE.

“Kristen had a little bit of morning sickness early on but she just started shooting the second season of House of Lies and is feeling great now.”

Bell, 32, and Shepard, 37, started dating in 2007 and have been engaged for nearly three years.

While promoting their film Hit and Run this summer, the couple said children were definitely in their future and would likely come before a wedding, since they don’t plan to marry until same-sex marriage is legal in their home state of California.

“We wouldn’t want to invite all of our friends who don’t have that right to celebrate us, who have that right. We just don’t feel right about that,” Shepard said on The View in July. Added Bell: “Can you think about how rude that would feel?”

Having kids before marriage, Bell told Larry King in August, “doesn’t really bother us.”

— Marisa Laudadio

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GuestX on

like this couple a lot!

Noneya on

Congrats to the happy couple! Now – let the hating being – idiots!

Lala on

Wow. Looks like the hate started with you Noneya. Calling people that don’t share your viewpoint idiots is not exactly spreading the love…

klutzy_girl on

Aw, I like them both a lot, especially together. Congratulations to them!

ava on

LOVE these two! Congrats!!!

Anonymous on

There goes the last shred of whatever mortality they had. They’re completely wrong with their state of mind. Kids before marriage, on top of being same sex supporters? Awful. They more than likely have never read the Bible or given someone two seconds to talk to them about it. God help their child.

Jess on

Not everyone has the same beliefs as you so calm down and back off!! God says do not judge and then you judge these people!

Doesn’t make sense to me!

lilybird on

I agree, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. We are no one to judge anyone else. Leave the judging to GOD. One day everyone will be standing in his presence and we will be held accountable for all our actions until then let people be.

All you can do is nicely quote a passege of the bible and you have done your part. It is up to them if they will choose to use it or not.

Blessings to all!

clara on

I nearly died of laughter reading your post Anonymous. I guess they needed someone like you to teach them the ways of the christianity. Good thing the bible teaches you not to judge others as only God is worthy of such judgment but I guess you pick and choose which parts of your religion you like.

The funny part of your comment is that not only are you completely closed minded and ignorant, you seem to think that anyone who has a different opinion and view on the world must not have read the bible or listened to a idiot like you trying to “teach” them the right path. If anyone is going to rot in hell it won’t be the “gays” but you for your evil view of others.

Good thing I’m not christian so I can judge the shit out of you.

Jess on

So true clara. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Anonymous is entitled to thier opinion but putting it on other people and saying we r bad cu we don’t read the bible is pretty stupid!

Bb on

I love your reply clara. It is spot on.

Bb on

It’s people like you with your narrow minded religious beliefs that are wrong with the world, Anonymous. News flash- not everyone is religious or believes in god. Just because you choose to does not make your beliefs or opinions the “right” ones.

Personally I think religion is what is wrong with the world and that fanatics like you are responsible for the majority of the problems faced today. Who are you to judge? You all preach these virtues of religion, but you are also the first to point fingers and judge others. Shame on you for being so close minded. And the bible is just a book- not the be all and end all of everyone’s lives. So get off your high horse and quit preaching your outdated and offensive opinions.

Good for them- waiting until same sex couples can marry is a great idea. And their baby will be adorable- she is my favourite actress. Ever since Veronica Mars.

Jess on

Okay Bb this is my favorite post and I love this! I hate when people put thier religion onto everyone else and it’s so annoying! I think is more moral to go with ur own feelings as opposed to letting a book dictate your life.

Sharon on

I couldn’t agree more, Clara. Well said…and congrats to the happy couple, and kudos to them for wanting ALL their friends to be part of the celebration!

J on

I have read the bible cover to cover, am married and had my children in wedlock. I also firmly support same sex marriage, people in same sex relationships and people who have their families out of marriage. The world is full of different and beautiful people and I for one do not need to berate everyone who does not think the exact same think as me.

Live and let live.

Congratulations to Kristen and Dax!

Bb on

This is the perfect example of how religion should be, J! You have your beliefs and you do not need to force them on others to be happy with your life. I also love that you are compassionate and support same sex couples.

I wish the world had more people like you when it came to religion. It would be a much better place πŸ™‚

Sharon on

I second that, Bb..the world needs more people who think like you, J πŸ™‚

Stg816 on

Lol wow! A child is a beautiful gift that develops out of love. Shame on you for being such a judgmental and ignorant person. There is proof that the bible was written hundreds of years by a MAN after said events happened. There is also proof that as humans we are never completely hetrosexual or homosexual but rather we are on a spectrum. Also most people that feel the need to bash homosexuals are in many cases projecting there own sexual insecurities.

Guest1 on

Mortality? Please understand the words that you are attempting to use before you post a negative response to someone else’s life choice and opinion. Please note that I am not judging YOUR opinion based on my OWN beliefs. Maybe you should learn to live by such a principle.

sydney on

I only have to laugh becos the author clearly means MORALity instead of MORTALity.

Y’all make a lot of noise about judging. You don’t just have to be Christian to judge. Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, etc. are all very good at this game…as you’ve shown quite beautifully.

I wish people would get married and then have children. I wish “first comes love, than comes baby” wasn’t the norm. Yes they can afford to give the baby everything it could ever want as opposed to a lot of teenage parents.

And enough with the thought that heterosexual couples messed up marriage. Homosexual couples marry and break up too.

Am I perfect? Far from it. But this is a land of religious freedom and EVERYbody has the right to express his or her thoughts on this line…traditional Christian or not. So before everyone jumps on everyone else’s back…remember that. We also have the right to express how we feel, whether we have traditional views or not.

Amelia on

So true!!!!! Have to pray for people like this and continue to love them. There is still hope for them, but right now they are blinded. When you are in relationship with the lord revelation comes as well. It says in the word to judge by the spirit, you have that right as a believer when you are in covenant with God. Love the people, but hate the sin!!!!!

Aimee on

I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that judgement and hatred are what Jesus would want from us is just plain delusional.

rose on

you are going straight to hell !! stop reading the bible & start loving the world . you know who u should be hating people who kill& rape little kids. people who harm others for no reason. not people who are trying to be in a relationship with the person they love!!

oh on

Thick headed and hateful Christian. You people never change, your take on the Bible just creates problems for others like this happy young couple.

poohtattoo on

I love how you are so convicted in your beliefs, but not proud enough to share your name with those beliefs….probably because God is ashamed to call you one of his children. Shame on you!

Anonymous on

love love love!!!!!

caseylyne on

So happy for them. Love to see Michiganders doing so well out in hollywood!

Angel on

I hate it when celebrities get on the same bandwagon. You would think they could come up with a new “reason” that they don’t want to commit their lives to one another rather than use the same thing that others have said before. Off the top of my head, I remember Charlize Theron saying this years ago as well as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I think they should just admit that they don’t want to make a commitment and move on. But I guess that wouldn’t grab the headlines.

Nic on

So because other people feel the same, and had similar statements, they can’t feel this way? It never occurred to me that having a wedding when others couldn’t and then inviting them was rude… But it is! It’s not about a lack of commitment, it’s about equality.

jy. on

hey anonymous, not everyone needs to read the Bible to be a good person. they belief in equal rights for everyone–what is so bad about that?

btw–mortality? I do believe you mean morality.

Jess on

Agree 100% jy.

Goosie on

@Anonymous, and there goes any shred of intelligence that anyone may have thought you had. With your statement, are you saying that the two are immortal now, since they have shed the last shred of “mortality” they have?

Also, I believe you had meant to say “moral” but what does the bible have to do with morality? Have you read the bible? There are many instances of polygamy and slavery, among other things, and it seems unfair that today, people think they can pick and choose parts of the bible and label it as “moral.”

Fortunately, there are many people who are intelligent enough not to have a book tell them what is and is not moral in this world, through communication and respect for all others, not just the ones that may seem like them.

Tori on

Give me a break,you love each other so much you should get married. Do the right thing Dax and put a ring on it already!

Taraakapinky on

He did put a ring on it already, just not the one you people who demand they are married before they procreate want. Lol

Anonymous on

Congratulations, I think they are a great couple…bless them & their new baby!

latsevj on

If and when they get married will they invite an infertile friend? If so, to quote Mr.Shepard, β€œCan you think about how rude that would feel?”

NM on

@Jess, God is there whether people believe in Him or not, that doesn’t make what they’ve done right! A new life is always cause for celebration.

glam on

I love both of them so congrats to them if this is true! We no longer live in the “scandal era”, where you have to be married before having a baby…As long as they are happy and in love then more power to them and forget all the naysayers:)

NM on

Yes, Clara, and God will do the same to you, even though you aren’t a Christian!

BlueSkidoo on

Congrats to them! They’re one of my favorite couples, and I love that they’re doing things their way, not anyone else’s.

Kelly on

Posting as anonymous…typical. Because you know you should be ashamed of your comments. God does not judge, which apparently you have no problem doing. Who are you to judge? As far as the Bible goes….the greatest work of fiction to date. Good luck to both of them.

alex on

I love when anom people post. I get a tickle for the day πŸ˜€

who cares they are having a baby before marriage? They’ve been together long enough. I’m pretty sure they are both very capable to raise a child.

I love this couple, always have. Kristen is one of my favorite actresses so, I’m excited for her! I can’t wait to see her growing bump.

Cappy84 on

Aww congrats! They are such a cute couple and I’m sure they’ll prob have the cutest lil’ blond haired-blue eyed baby πŸ™‚

Christie Rivera on

Umm, what?! Are you supposed to celebrate YOUR love on YOUR wedding day? I mean, not that I don’t care, but who would care in a moment like that? Specially when you’re supposed to celebrate each other and your love for each other? Rome wasn’t built ib one day so what the hell are you waiting for? It’s great that you support a cause that you truly believe in but when it comes to something like your love for each and specially now your baby, nothing in the world should matter. Family (no matter how its composed) and your love for each other should always come first and making a commitment like that shouldn’t have ANY exceptions.

Cappy84 on

@Clara – so hilarious, love your post! Good reply πŸ™‚

Casey on

Congrats to this great couple. They are good together and I wish them all the best. For all you negative nellies out there….just what does their beliefs or ideas on when and why they should get married effect your lives in any way? In this day of hating everything that moves, breathes or otherwise exists, the fact that two people love each other and are committed to each other should be enough for anyone ….especially people who don’t even know these people!

latsevj on

If & when they do get married will they invite an infertile friend? Because if they do, to quote Mr. Shepard,β€œCan you think about how rude that would feel?”

hbomb1225 on

Going off his quote that should mean they shouldn’t invite that friend to the baby shower, latsevj. That has nothing to do with a wedding.

Chaddie on

I have had 2 children before marriage and I am getting married 2.5 weeks! Things are different these days! I went to catholic school && believe in God with all my heart! My children came from God himself so all you CRAZY people saying they have never read the Bible or dumb stuff like that – it says in the Bible not to judge, correct? Have you read your Bible? If you have, you are violating God’s law as well!!! Congrats to 2 people who I am sure will be WONDERFUL parents!

Anonymous on

It’s no wonder that the morals and values of our country has been shot to smithereens. I don’t believe that homosexuals should have any rights to be legally married. God said, “ONE Man and ONE woman.” The Defense of Marriage Act of 1995, also states the same thing. Dax & Kristen, do yourself and your child a favor, GET MARRIED, before you have the baby. Children should be born to MARRIED parents, not to two people playing house. Make your commitment a REAL one before God.

Bb on

Oh get off your high horse Anonymous. Not everyone believes in the bible or god. And I think people like you with your religious rants should be stripped of your rights the way you want same sex couples to be.

The bible is a work of fiction- so the “one man one woman” excuse is a load of bull- I suppose you believe in slavery, polygamy and I bet you believe Sunday is a day of rest for you- but have no problem going out and making others work.

The ideals of marriage are a joke these days because heterosexual couples have made a mockery of it- not same sex couples. Divorce is highest amongst heterosexual couples… Yet in your opinion it is the be all and end all.

Quit preaching your outdated beliefs and find some compassion for fellow human beings.

B on

Oh yeah cause one MAN and one WOMAN has such a great track record. I mean seriously what’s the divorce rate in the country? If 2 men or 2 women think they can do it better then by all means let them give it a shot. As for how children should only be born to marry couples that is b*******. If most straight marriages end in divorce do you really want your children caught in the crossfire? That right there is lousy and selfish parenting. In fact gay couples would probably be better at making a marriage work then most straight couples. Seeing as how they have stayed together for years and years despite the fact they could very well split up easily with out having to deal with the sometomes complicated legal repercussions that straight married couples do. Gays have shown us that they’re willing to work relationships out when it’s so much easier to go to separate ways since divorce is so readily available to anybody who wants it. And maybe instead of spending all this money on anti gay protests people could do some REAL good with it.

Jamie on

I am so happy for them. I love these two…. never get sick of them!!

rashidajones on

Baby before marriage. Gays should get married. Tattoos and piercings all over the place. Drug overdoses are commonplace. Husbands killings wives and coaches molesting children. That is the state of our nation.

It is sick as sick gets. This has nothing to do with “feel good’ emotions and everything to do with a nation that is rotting of remnants of any moral fiber left.

If anyone can do anything because it feels good and it is so called ‘out of love’….or whatever….then there should be no moral codes of conduct and we can do whatever we want.

That’s called being ANIMALS.

Our country is going to pot. Religion or not…look at the sick things tht go on everyday. Everyday. God help us.

Soddom and Gomorrah is looking like disneyworld.

J on

Wow there are some serious views on here! ‘Animals’ and ‘sick and sick’ !

If you are talking about gay people in this statement which it looks like you were, I am curious rashidajones have you actually ever met a gay person?

nikki on

@rashindajones who the hell so you think you are? I got married 5 months pregnant and barefoot with a shotgun themed wedding and it was amazing. Moral fiber? Go bang your bible elsewhere. You shouldn’t just be censored, you should be quiet!

Powerof1 on

Look at all the bullies on here. I support same sex, but can’t believe the so called-intelligent women giving each other high fives over bullying and bashing some stranger’s beliefs. At least be honest with yourself…You can’t tell someone, “Who are you to judge (full in the blank)”, and then turn around and judge something YOU don’t agree with. I don’t believe in judging anyone’s religious beliefs, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, agnostic. If you want to make a point by telling someone not to judge, don’t turn around and exhibit the same hateful demeanor, and then slap each other on the back for doing what you originally said you despise! This isn’t meant to be a hateful post, because I’m sure you all are intelligent people, but come on!

rashidajones on

what happened to my comments???????? sheesh…are we now being censored.

Guest on

I think she is one of the most obnoxious people on the planet, but so happy for them nonetheless! They’re so good together!

BW on

I love this couple! They seem to be a great fit for each other and very real. Not everyone feels the need to be married in order to be committed to each other. I’ve been with my fiance for 15 years, we have 2 children together. Instead of judging others simply because they choose not to live the way you feel is the “right way”, why not love your neighbors as the Bible tell you to?

Erica on

They can believe whatever they want, but I would feel horrible if my legal inability to get married justified my friends not getting married! If they want to get married, they should get married! And then do everything in their power to advocate for their friends!

crystal on

They seem cute. Congrats to them!

sad on

these two are great actors, but why put someones deviant behavior before there children. that is saying the babies don’t matter. sick of all this. I will not watch any of their shows until they get married,

Goosie on

Why do people always try to mix the law and religion? Religion is a private, personal belief. The law applies to everyone.

It is ok to have the personal belief that people of the same gender should not be married (though it may cause others to believe you are ignorant and unwillingly to acknowledge change, should you decide to share your belief among those that do not share that belief).

However, it is not ok to make a law denying marriage to those of the same gender. Marriage is not about religion. Marriage is not religion specific. It is about the sharing of property and taking care of your spouse.

Bb on

I could not agree more Goosie! Religion should have NO place in the law. That is like saying one religion is above another- and while most religions believe this- it is NOT the case.

America would be a MUCH better place if religion was erased from the law completely.

chellebelle on

Congrats to them!!!! I can’t talk, i have had kids before marriage. I am also a christian (although i am not a very strict christian, im very openminded towards gay rights as well).

Yes, i made some mistakes but my children werent the mistake. God blessed me with my children and didn’t give me more than what i could handle. Heck, in my case, i got dumped twice while pregnant. SO…..before anyone can judge people for not being married, sometimes life has other plans for some people.

I don’t think i will ever get married. I am now with a great guy but i don’t feel that we need a piece of paper to prove anything. To me, marriage mortals died years ago so why bother going through the process if people can’t respect it any more? I’d rather NOT be married than be married several times for no dang reason but to get married (like KIM k. or j.lo)

My son is just fine knowing his dad on weekends and knowing me on the week days… works out fine for his sake, we don’t fight, we never see each other so he doesnt have to deal with that drama.

gilda on

Hope it’s not a sloth! LOL! Congrats, you guys!

Tina on

Oh, how nice. Best wishes to them both.

Kate on

Wouldn’t it be so nice for this baby to be born to his married parents. Living together is fine but every child deserves a mom and dad who are committed to each other and marriage is a bubble that kids can grow up in. If they have been together for 5 years and engaged for 3 why not get married and begin life as a legal, binding couple. Congrats no matter what!!

Bb on

Kate, the only difference would be a very expensive piece of paper. Being married wont make them better parents. They are obviously committed to each other- how would the piece of paper change that?

Anonymous on

Anonymous on November 5th, 2012

“There goes the last shred of whatever mortality they had. They’re completely wrong with their state of mind. Kids before marriage, on top of being same sex supporters? Awful. They more than likely have never read the Bible or given someone two seconds to talk to them about it. God help their child.”


GaryDMN on

They seem nice, but the second entertainers comment on politics, they are no longer entertaining. I’m sure they are successful enough to lose half their audience and not care.

katrina on

awww Im happy for them

Leslie on

Congrats to them! About the snide remarks: Not everyone is a christian, and they may not have the same beliefs as you do. Not everyone believes that marriage and children have to go together.

I agree with their stance on marriage. I think it is very selfless what they are doing to not have a wedding until everyone is able to marry. Yes, other celebrities have said that as well, because it is a big deal to those people.

Celebrities fighting for gay rights have donated millions of dollars to the cause and are helping people more than most can. So I don’t think people should get torn apart for not getting married before having a baby. It is not the end of the world.

diane on

love them!!! congrats!!

K.B. on

I’ll put this as gently I can: I hope that baby looks like her.

kristy on


TJ on

I am pretty sure there committed, they’ve been together for 5 years. In some states they are married for common law purposes, do they need a piece of paper telling them they are? Marriage is more spiritual. So who says they haven’t spiritually married eachother? Society puts too much emphasis on a piece of paper that costs $50.

Anonymous on

That’s so noble of them to wait to get married. How ’bout waiting to have children until all infertile couples can have them?

NOTE***In case anyone has reading comprehension problems, my first sentence is dripping with sarcasm.

UnKnown on

Awwwww congrats to Dax and Kritsten. Lots of love and happiness to them πŸ™‚

Mandie on

Wait….I thought it was allowed in California now that Prop 8 has been dismissed? Or am I missing something?

Jax on

Awwwww! Congratulations to them! I like this couple!!

gooniesandy on

Ok, first of all, inviting an infertile friend to your baby shower may be difficult for them, however it isn’t something people get to vote on and could change. If I could vote for all the infertile people that want to have babies to be able to do so, I would in a heartbeat. Not a good analogy at all, people.

Second, they’ve been together for five years and are having a baby together. That’s a pretty big commitment. With the divorce rate as high as it is and people in second, third, fourth, etc., marriages, marriage isn’t exactly a big commitment these days anyway. I don’t think it’s “the gays” that are tainting the old sacred marriage, it’s the married people that give up once things get rough (and I am NOT talking about people in abusive relationships or the like). Go worry about your own relationship, not theirs!

Congratulations to Kristen and Dax… I am sure you will have an adorable baby, and you will fill its life with love and sloths!

Goosie on

Comparing same-sex marriage to infertile people are apples and oranges. Same-sex marriage is about having the right to the property of your spouse, and the right to care for your spouse. This has nothing to do with being biologically unable to have children. If a person that happened to be in a heterosexual relationship were to pass away, than, under marriage laws, the spouse is able to inherit that person’s belongings, including any property. This is not afforded to same-sex couples.

Jen on

If they really wanted to get married, they would. They’re blaming it on gay marriage as an excuse. Give me a break. I’ll pray their kid looks like her and not him…….. creepy.

LA girl on

Really, How about getting married because you have a child on the way and want stability for that child???? Just tired of all of Hollywood and their sick values being shoved down our throats. Pretty sad example for all the teens out there who grow up thinking this is the norm. NOT!!!

Bb on

LA Girl, I’m sick of religious propaganda being shoved down my throat. Marriage is NOT a guarantee of stability for children.

Monica on

I was SO hoping that Dax would have his children with ME!! LOL – congrats – these two are adorable!!

LA girl on

To all those who say as Christians that we aren’t supposed to judge….You are 100% correct. We have no right saying who is going to heaven or hell. We do not know their hearts. But we have every right to comment on what we believe is wrong behavior based on what the bible says and the Church teaches. Otherwise we would be out of line to say that murder is also wrong, or theft, or adultry….etc. etc. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

happylime77 on

of course having kids before marriage wouldn’t bother them! why would it?? they are already living together & using their immoral beliefs to make headlines, so why not have illegitimate children?

Cathy on

Congrats to both of you; I find you to be very endearing, and if I had to hazard a guess, I would think that a sloth would have a prominent spot in the baby’s room. πŸ™‚ I hope you have a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy.

On another note: People Magazine, as much as I like to congratulate someone having joy and something to celebrate, maybe for stories like these, you shouldn’t have a comment section. It really shows a lot of people at their worst, and the couple don’t need that right now.

mandi on

Ugh sooo tired of all these ignorant religious pigs who have their judgements to express about others. NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES IN GOD MORONS. Not only that but I’m pretty sure God wouldn’t be too keen with you judging others because they decided to create this blessing before marriage. Congrats to them and we’ll see all you judgmental religious idiots in hell right along with us!

Latonya on

I love it when people throw the bible around at their convenience. You do realize that Jesus doesn’t distinguish between sin. I lie whether by ommission or blatant carries just as much weight as having a baby out of wedlock. Trashing someone else’s beliefs are no different then premarital sex. Being a faith based person is a daily committment. Anyone with true faith and true knowledge of the bible knows this but often times needs reminding.

w on

This will be one beautiful baby!!

Latonya on

BTW: They appear to be a great couple. You can tell they LOVE one another and those around them.

Jeanine on

I love this couple! Congrats! If you want to see a hilarious video of her, watch her and her Sloth meltdown on Ellen!

Anonymous on

Sorry, but their reasoning for not getting married until “everyone can” is a cop out. You get married because YOU want to, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. I doubt many people are saying “Look at Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; they’re not getting married until everyone can, so I won’t either.” Please. Also, people are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, so let’s lay off belittling others whether they are Christians or not. I am a Christian and while I don’t agree with having a child out of wedlock or gay marriage, I am not going to judge. With that said, congrats to the couple and I hope she has a healthy baby.

Julianna on

Aw, their child is going to be suuuper cute! Congratulations to them!

Me on

For all these people that say same sex couples shouldn’t be married…. Remember our country was founded on the principle of keeping CHURCH and STATE seperate!

Congrats to them on their baby πŸ™‚

sadforfamilies on

This world just gets sadder and sadder. I just lost respect for both of these actors.

Lisa on

Disgusting!!! They are as bad as Brad and Angelina!!

Lacey on

Love this news, such a great couple! Congrats to them!

Maggie on

from an earlier comment: “There goes the last shred of whatever mortality they had.”

Hey morons: MORTALITY is a very different thing from MORALITY. And neither of those things have anything to do with these two people, who are in a loving committed relationship, having a baby or supporting gay marriage.

guest a on

I DO like this couple, but I do not understand their reasoning. They won’t marry until all their friends who are of the same sex can get married because it feels rude. Well what about all their friends who may have fertility issues and cannot have children. Wouldn’t it be rude as well to have a child if their friends cannot. Feels a little like talking out of both sides of your mouth to me.

Also, with some of the comments I have read about bible and morality….. Yes, there is polygamy and slavery in the bible and a lot of immoral things however those were in the old testament and we are no longer living under the law as they did in OT times. Those things were to be done away with when Jesus came to die on the cross for the sins of mankind. When Jesus died on the cross, we began living in the age of grace, not under the law. God himself destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their immorality. And with regards to homosexuality. God hates the sin. Yes, he loves the sinner, but hates the sin. If a gay person calls upon the name of the Lord for salvation, he will save them from Hell, and with that, if the person is truly saved and begin to follow the Lord, they will learn His truths and turn away from that life because it is deplorable in God’s eyes. Also with that…. Sin is sin in the eyes of God. Lies, steeling, pre marital sex , murder, adultery, homosexuality, all of it. There is no small white lie. It is a lie and will be judged by God just the same as the gay and lesbian activities or heterosexual pre marital activities. And….. just being a good person will not get u into heaven. Hell is full of wonderful people.

Cindy on

@Anonymous and @rashidajones
I totally agree with you. God said that marriage is between a man and a woman. Don’t listen to the haters/atheists! Like their devil, they are the kings of deception.

Kat on

I love how all of these H’wood couples say “we won’t marry until…” or “I’ve leave the country if the other guy is elected…” I call BS on that one. Marry or don’t; doesn’t matter. Have you seen that episode of “Key and Peele” when they are celebrating the legalization of gay marriage, and one guy is dragging his feet (now talking about the “other” states that don’t allow it, etc). Too funny!

Anonymous on

just another reason for a celeb couple not to marry. Sad

Jessica on

Nikki, why should Rashida’s opinion be censored? Simply because she has a conservative view of marriage and family? The religious, moral views in this country have to always be suppressed and shut down by the “Liberal Left”. Good luck to you on your pregnant, shot gun themed wedding. It sounds like a lovely affair, which I am sure your parents and family were so proud and happy to attend.

Just because Rashinda represents the oppressed conservative “bible beaters” as you so put it, doesn’t mean her voice can’t be heard. Offer your liberal opinion, and don’t tell others to shut up.

THAT is what pisses me off.

As for the real topic at hand, congratulations to Dax and Kristen, I am sure you will be very blessed, because that is exactly what a baby is; a blessing from GOD. Enjoy that, and take care of that.

Teknosbeka on

Well they better not invite their homosexual friends to the baby shower then either – how rude would that be rubbing it in their faces that they can have biological children together when same sex couples cannot.

maryhelenc on

Congrats to them!

I can understand that feeling of being able to participate in an event knowing that my friends couldn’t do the same thing for themselves someday. Charlize Theron has said the same thing and long before same sex marriage became such a hot topic. Frankly, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my wedding knowing that my best friend couldn’t celebrate his love with his partner in the same way. Fortunately, in Canada it’s legal.

But I digress. These two have been together for quite some time and seem blissfully happy together. You never hear gossip about them having drama or whatever. I hope they enjoy parenthood and have many more years of happiness.

Edie on

You know, I find it very interesting when the leftie liberals say “let the hating begin” and then one after another spew hatred against Christians for their belief systems.

We believe that marriage = one man, one woman created by God. If you don’t like it, TOUGH! We don’t hate you as you hate us. You can speak your beliefs but you are NEVER GOING TO SHUT US UP NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY! End of story…

I agree that his couple needs a reason not to commit so they take the “cool” way out. It’s so fake.

missJ on

Congrats to both of them, love Dax on Parenthood πŸ™‚

By the way, has anyone given this a thought that the “Anonymous” might be someone from, trying to say all the “correct” hateful words for giving a boost to the “comments” section?

Edie on

ROMNEY/RYAN WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bb on

I fear for the world if that is true Edie. Those idiots will set the world back 50 years.

Cindy on

@Anonymous and @rashidajones
Finally, smart comments in this stupid-filled comment section. Marriage is between one man and one woman. LOL at all the atheists on here like that idiot @Bb who are doing the only thing they know how: twisting the truth. Nice try! God exists, whether you believe in Him or not and His way is the only right way. And I know it’s hard for you to believe since you’re gay, but not everyone is gay like you. There is such a thing as heterosexual. I know, shocker! (sarcasm) If you immoral people ruled the world (shudder), then anything would go. There would be no boundaries. Not accepting homosexuality is the same as not accepting murder. Love the sinner, NOT the sin.

Bb on

I am not gay, Cindy. I’m actually a heterosexual married woman with three children. I am just a compassionate, educated woman who chooses to believe that the bible is a work of fiction and that religion is in fact the root of all the evils in the world.

I believe that ANYONE should be allowed the right to marry their partner. It should not be up to the religious fanatics in the world to dictate how others live. Religion and Law are supposed to be separate entities but in your country ( I have the good fortune of being Canadian) religious idiots seem to rule the country.

Murder and homosexuality are in NO ways the same. Your ignorance makes me sad for those like you. I fear for the world as long as bible thumping fanatical idiots think like you. YOU are what is wrong with the world and IF there was a god that existed I would hope he would banish idiots like you. You realize there are many religions that believe in a different god or entity and they believe that your way of thinking might be wrong as well.

You should listen to your own advice. When you say that there are heterosexuals as well as gays— there are those who do not believe in the myth of god and the bible.

You are an awful excuse for a human being.

Jodi on

I’m always confused when people get mad that others are having babies out of wedlock! First of all, they are in a very committed relationship. Marriage does not necessarily equal a better, stronger relationship. I had my first child when I was married to my first husband. We are no longer together. How did that marriage help, or hurt, my daughter? It didn’t. But, the relationship we have as PARENTS can. What matters most to the child is that they have loving parents.

Anyway, love this couple! Have from the start!

jenna on

umm… they’re from Michigan.

MGuggey on

I’m not going to judge them but it seems like they want to throw in the gay rights card to prevent them from getting married. My husband and I have been together for 8 years and finally got married 2 months ago. We also have a 5 year old child and now expecting our 2nd. My grandmother is very old-fashioned and constantly pressured us to get married for years and those who got married prior to having children were favored by her even though my husband and I were still in a committed relationship. Not everyone believes in the bible on today’s society and it seems that they are more than capable to care for a baby and they have the financial means to do so. I just hope they stay together and do get married for themselves and not based on anyone else’s opinion.

Lisa B on


You bring up an interesting and good point.

I think they mean well by waiting for gay marriage to be legalized and trying to not be rude. But what if some one CAN’T get pregnant, or some one becomes widowed or divorced, or this or that happens. No matter what they do, it may sting some one in their own unfortunate phase of life.

So I think they should go ahead and marry if they want to, and their TRUE friends will be happy for them, instead of offended.

iantoad on

Those of you criticizing them for having children before being married, that is YOUR opinion, and that does not mean they are terrible people just because they don’t share the same opinion as you. I am so sick of people judging others just because they don’t have the same opinion. I am thrilled for these two! Congratulations and best wishes!

Ana on

Congrats to them both on their pregnancy! Babies are a blessing!

Ps to everyone so angry about what “anonymous” and “rashida” wrote, practice what you so loudly preach. They JUST like you, believe in something… But the moment they decide to express it, all hell brakes loose. (Take chic-fil-a as an Example. Protested so hard against them just bc they dont share same View) I’m so tired of that. Gays (not all) want respect and want to be accepted but the moment someone doesn’t share their opinion they want to call them every name in the book. If everyone would just respect each others views, whether it’s believing in the bible or believing in same sex marriages, we would all be better ppl. The end.

Dorie on

” the couple said children were definitely in their future and would likely come before a wedding, since they don’t plan to marry until same-sex marriage is legal in their home state of California.”

Pulling and Angelina & Brad thing huh?! So stupid! Nice to be considerate BUT think about your own family your creating rather than what’s going on with everyone else around you! Don’t hold your breathe for same sex unions to become legal and actually considered marriage. It certainly WON’T in God’s eyes!

linda on

Congrats!!!! I wonder how she will react when the baby comes/ I would love to see that video and compare it to the sloth video. lol

Megan on

Ughhhh, so over the bible thumpers being “anonymous.” Just as heads one, including Kristen and Dax I’m sure, give a shit what you think. So go ahead and judge that. πŸ™‚ Happy to see you’re stuck in 1882. I feel for your children, who have to grow up with such a close-minded, judgemental mother. It’s because of parents like you that bullying is a problem in this country. So keep sitting up on your high horse. I’d love nothing more than to knock you down. πŸ™‚

Bb on

I agree 100% Megan.

al on


Cindy on

Thank you for proving that atheists are bad just by being yourself. LOL And talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Everything you accused @Anonymous of being, that’s actually YOU. You’re the close-minded ignorant idiot who’s only good at twisting God’s word. Rosemary’s baby had NOTHING on you. LOL

Lola D on

to this guy “There goes the last shred of whatever mortality they had….” The insult of your post was lost when you used the word “mortality” instead of morality. Pretty funny when people don’t bother to edit before hitting “post.” And for all the people who have a flippant opinion about this couple choosing not to marry until gay marriage is legal in California – a news flash… your opinion is not fact or collective reality. Some people have depth and I commend Dax and Kristen for using their celebrity for a cause they believe in. Traditionally and not-so-traditionally, marriage isn’t just about the couple. Its about the community, hence why people are invited to witness a wedding. And finally, for all the bible people… I am pretty sure Jesus (although I doubt he ever thought about this topic, EVER) would prefer children were raised by living devoted parents regardless of gender or wedlock. By your reasoning, as long as they are married it doesn’t matter how loving, caring, and kind they are to the kids. Because to you the relationship isn’t what matters, what matters is the stamp of the church, essentially. I think Jesus would agree with me that you have your priorities backwards. Not that Kristen and Dax read these inane comments, but good on ya guys!

Cindy on

Some things will never change. God’s word, although right, is unpopular and ridiculed. But the atheists who are the children of Satan have all the power in the world. God help us!

Eulalee on

CONGRATULATIONS! You two make a lovely couple. I watch kristen everytime she’s on with craig ferguson. Happy for you both.

Nadia on


Brooklyn on

Congrats to them!

tigerlily on

@ Anonymous: Get off your soap box already! You sound like a close minded, rambling fool! I was raised in a Christian household and believe a lot in the faith, but I have chosen to change with the times and leave the judging to God himself. Who are we to condemn people? It’s not our job and I sure would not feel comfortable walking around presuming I know what God is thinking, and/or assuming it is my mission to stamp it out for him. If you’re going to teach of the faith, teach the positive and good things.

My cousin was just married last week to her longtime love and I couldn’t be more happy for them. Your thinking just doesn’t make sense. We like people before we know they are gay, and then when it’s all out in the open, that feeling changes?? Ridiculous. You seem like a sad human being. I hope whatever judgement God has for you, that he shows a little more mercy than you are showing them and their beliefs. It is their right to live their life as they want, and stand up for the rights of others. And I’m sure they’ll do it gladly without any second thought on opinions like yours! People like you are what make many people dislike the Christian community!

jane on

LOVE THEM – so happy to hear this news!!!

Jane on

Sorry, I am one who thinks marriage comes first, then kids. Using the same-sex marriage issue seems a pretty poor excuse; it wouldn’t prevent any guests from enjoying THEIR day and if they really wanted to they could have had a destination wedding to a state that does permit gay marriage.

Today on

Great!….Happy for them!…Love Dax!

djg on

Disagree with their choices, but, wish them well!

Jenn on

Congrats to this lovely couple! They will make amazing parents. It’s so nice to see two people who stand up for what they know is right!

Also to “anonymous” (who was too cowardly to even put a name) people who act like you push people away from God and religion, they do not bring anyone closer to God. The fact that people like you are out there makes me very sad for this world.

Southern Mom on

Why not wait until every mother can have a child of their own too? That really isn’t a valid reason not to get married.

dancer92136 on

Love them both…think they will be the BEST parents. Good Luck

love on

So if they won’t get married b/c not everyone has the right to marry, why are they having children when not everyone can have children? Aren’t they afraid of offending infertile people? Do you think that they worry about kids waiting on adoption thinking they are rude for having a biological child? Give me a break. Celebs are ridiculous. If they wanted to commit their lives to each other, they would. Period. They aren’t “proving” any point or advancing any cause.

Kris on

Oh my God…..I love her….congrats!!!!

max on

I like these guys but why do celebrities think they’re so important that if they attach their name to something its going to change something.


Good for them!

taradawes on

Congrats to them! They seem like such sweet people. Who cares if they have kids before marriage, they are obviously committed to each other and have every right to put off marriage for the reasons they stated.

lisa on

Why is always an “anonymous” person who comes up with awful things to say – because they don’t want anyone knowing their name or any part of them? Talk about standing behind a white sheet. Shame on you. I thought G-d wanted us to all love each other, different or the same. Thought about that?

Erin on

You don’t need to be married to be committed or to show a child love. Open your minds.

Anonymous on

Two more people with no morals. Where I come from children born out of wedlock are bastards but in Hollywood that seems to be the norm….another kid without their parents being committed.

shannon on

If they want to get married, just do it. Most of us all want equallity for people, but that doesn’t mean you have to put everything on hold to wait for stubburn politicians. Your friends who are gay will understand. They don’t want to hold you back for everything they have been fighting for. Just ask them. Have the wedding if that’s what you want. It’s ok!

MissScarlett on

Why get engaged if you have no plans to marry? I feel sorry for any children these lunatics bring into the world.

Lola on

They should have waited to have children when same sex couples could biologically have them as well. Way to stand for equal rights!

Brock on

I am a very committed Christian and student in seminary, but I do not understand people making references to the Bible and what is and should or should not be acceptable behaviour. Let’s assume they are not Christians- why are holding them to a standard of Christ’s teachings- we don’t want say a Muslim or a Buddhist to tell us our actions are wrong because their faith teachers something different, so why do we insist on telling someone else their behaviour is wrong because the Bible may speak against it….

I do not believe Common-Law is the way to go and is not something I would ever do, however, I am not going to tell someone else they are immoral because they choose to live common-law. It is different if they ask my opinion, but I cannot judge someone based on my standards of living. If the only argument that you can make is that its in the Bible, then your argument is weak to anyone who doesn’t hold the Bible to the same value/level as you….. …

Honestly, why does it matter that they are not married, they can wear a ring and are just as married as someone else, do you really ask to see the marriage licenses of your friends? Legally they have the same legal rights as a couple married by the state. And that paper will not make a relationship last or make them better parents.

Bb on

This is the best comment on this page- thank you for restoring my faith in humanity, Brock. This shows that just because you are deeply religious, you don’t have to force it upon others to prove your worth. Thank you for being open minded in your faith. πŸ™‚

Stacey on

Funny how she is worries about what other people think but isn’t stopping to think how her child will feel ( about wanting parents who are married.) Also find it interesting how she throws around her religion and being a good christian and all that and then has a baby out of wedlock. Just sayin’ hypocritical.

Annabelle on

My goodness…what year is this people? Being married does NOT mean that the child will grow up in a more stable, loving home. I have a friend who has two children with her boyfriend, and they aren’t married yet. Is that supposed to mean they aren’t committed to each other, or won’t provide for these children like anyone else? It is fine to have your beliefs, but when there is no proof to back it up, you should stop criticizing others.

Krystin on

I’m all for gay marriage and all… but using marriage equality for all as an excuse not to get married is just stupid. Who are these people kidding… they aren’t making a point! Do something more substantial to support the marraige equality situation!!!

Deb on

super normal couple – soo happy for them!

Katy on

Don’t judge them just because they sin differently than you do.

JLopez on

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them. Congrats

InsGirl72 on

So awesome! Love them. Congrats!!!

Linda on

I had a child before I was married, There is nothing wrong with it.

dorie on

Wow! Now they sound like Brad and Angie, a lesser known version that is. I would think if you really love one another, its just natural for you to want to get married and bring children into this world. I think it is rude to have a baby and not be responsible enough to get married and make a decent home for the child.

tgirl on

What’s the point of being engaged, if your not getting married?? So, buy a house, wear the ring, live together and have a baby but don’t get married? Ridiculous! I wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy, but get married.

Such a bad example.

boohoobytch on

she’s over the top adorable and her Sloth/birthday video was too cute…congrats to them.

Milky on

For Pete’s sake, infertility is a medical problem that can be dealt with – it’s not an unfair discrimination like the laws against gay marriage! Stop comparing them!

Krystal on

If Kim Kartrashian can get married and trade husbands in like shoes, ANYONE should be able to get married….

Michelle on

I wish I had thought of that same excuse when people kept asking about a wedding date…it sure would have shut them up quickly. It does make you wonder why people bother to get engaged if they never plan on getting married or set a condition like they have. It isn’t a God issue to me, just a cold feet type of issue. Priorities will change when the baby arrives, I hope.

xtina_bee on

No one values marriage anymore, so who the heck cares!!

myladyeve on

Congrats to the couple!

Karolina on

Yay! Congrats to them. I think they are a cute couple!

Anonymous on

way to go anonymous!

amparker on

Congrats to them. However, I am a Christian and do not judge others. The Bible that everyone is quoting says we are to Love the Sinner and hate the sin. My only concern is what an example this is to our young people. It is hard to teach my sons that you wait until marriage if these celebrities just think it’s ok to bring a child into this world without the piece of paper that says you are commited for life. Marriage is just a joke to them. If they really meant to get married in the first place then move to a state that allows what they want. But why would he marry her. If you can get the milk for free then why buy the cow so they say. But they are not the first the list is loooooooong of celebrities that think this is ok.

TheNiteNurse on

Dax told Howard Stern that he and Kristin aren’t getting married until all gay people can get married. Wow they are going to wait a long time. Besides most male female couples are really common law married if they share expenses.for a while.

Victoria on

I love them! I’m so happy for them!

guesswho on

Personally, I’ll be ecstatic when marriage, like Halloween, just completely dies out and everyone decides to love each other without a $20k wedding and asking the government for permission to validate your relationship. The piece of paper is nothing more than a trap.

Christi R on

How awesome! Congratulations!

alexx on

Normally, I hate when couples actively decide to start a family when they are not married but I absolutely think it is a very nice thing that they are doing: standing up for their belief that everyone should have the right to marry who they want and they won’t get married until that happens. Kudos to them and congrats on the baby! They are both good actors!

Jill on

Congrats to Dax and Kristen!! I am very happy for you. Although, I hope you are not reading this. These people are whacked. I would just like to address a couple of completely absurd things I have read here. 1. Somebody posted that thier child wants parents who are married. What? My son is 3 and is just learning that his parents are married and he thinks that means “daddy gave mommy a ring.” 2. Bastard is an ignorant, disgusting word that people use to criticize babies. Please refrain. 3. It does not matter why they aren’t married yet. It is their decision. Just like it was your decision to go all hatey at them. 4. The bible does not define morals, it defines sins. I don’t see having a baby while not married in the ten commandments. 5. Please tell me what magical spell helps married people love their children and partners more than committed couples without the marriage certificate.

Marlene on

Bible = Fairy Tales. Religion = cults. Wake up people!!! God did not write the bible, people did. Just like Aesop wrote his fables.

I am happy for this couple, seems to me they have more morals than the people who are so called religious and righteous!

Charlotte on

Yayyyyyy this is so exciting! Congrats to them!

Schmerk on

These guys are awesome – they’re so down to earth and level headed. And God love them for their views on marriage rights. I am so happy for them.

sat on

Looovvvee her!! Treat her right, Mr. Shepard!

Maggie on

Good excuse to not get married,,,,our friends can’t come..

Mina on

Thats gonna be a cute kid! With the both of their coloring…I hope they have twins, boy and girl, mini her and mini him.

As for marriage…I’ve been with my guy for 12 years, unmarried, 1 kid, talking about another, and 1 house later…..its funny cuz all our friends who were married are now divorced! lol

How does everyone feel about divorce, remarriage, step-parents, etc…cuz that happens alot! Is that better than being together non-married?

Anonymous on

Fact of the matter is a child born out of wedlock is a bastard. Don’t like it? Don’t have children out of wedlock.

Bb on

Take your narrow minded views back with you to the 1800s. I feel sorry for any children you have with a close minded bigot such as yourself for a parent. What a horrible life they must lead.

Anonymous on


meghan on

amparker, Kristen is a human being, not a cow, not property to be passed from her father to her husband. That’s what marriage was traditionally, a business transaction that produced children to create further business transactions. Don’t throw god into it the fine tradition of treating women like chattel.

soph on

rashidajones, I’m just puzzled at the fact that you call yourself rashidajones. Do you think that actress holds your same opinions or something? lol

Jules on

What a ridiculous comment! Going to be a small guest list, no divorced people, widows, people who have been dumped or left at the altar. No invites for people who have been unable to conceive (better delete them from the Rolodex forever), or lost a baby, that’s a pain that doesn’t go away!

MollyF on

Yeah, those who think they should get married before they have kids have a right to your opinions, but you really should keep them to yourselves.

I love Kristen Bell and Dax is great too. they are a cute couple and I’m very happy for them.

Wonder if Kristen will give her kid plush sloths, since she has an obsession with them. *lol*

A. Nonny Moose on

Hey “Anonymous” how can I get some of that there “mortality” you’ve saying this couple will lose?

A. Nonny Moose on

?? location ??

Anonymous on

YAAAAYYYYY! Congratulations, Kristen & Dax! I loved Hit & Run, and I think you are an awesome couple!

In response to some other comments….they aren’t jumping on the “not getting married until same-sex marriage is legal” band wagon. Kristen and Dax have stated in several interviews that the majority of their friends are homosexual and for them, PERSONALLY, it seems rude and offensive for them to invite their friends to a celebration of a right they have but that their friends don’t, and really that makes a lot of sense. From their interviews, they seem like a well-grounded, stable, mature couple and as long as they maintain the level of commitment that they’ve clearly already established, the fact that they aren’t married shouldn’t be a reason for Bible-loving Jesus freaks to get all puffed up on their high and mighty soap box.

Kay on

Leave it to liberal “pseudo-stars” to promote their agenda with the news of a baby. I really don’t care why you are not married, but feel free to announce it to the world to get your viewpoint announced in a major magazine. Let’s take the news off of the baby and on to your political and social agendas. Zero respect for these two. I feel bad for the baby.

rschick on

Kelly you are about as ignorant as ignorant comes. Have fun rotting in hell!

Victoria on

@Anonymous. Thankfully there is no god!. Congrats to this couple. Babies are wonderful!

Anonymous on

I am really so happy for them!

lovely123 on

Just an excuse not to commit. Comment to having a baby, but getting married causes second thoughts.

lovely123 on

Besides, if their friends really wanted to tie the knot they could do in a state that allows it. Besides it’s better for the kid if parents are married.

lovely123 on

If you think it is old fashion to have a piece of paper stating a commitment then why does everyone want the right to have it?

meghan on

Kay, those comments about marriage are not from the pregnancy announcement, they are from prior interviews. The problem lies with including non-relevant quotes.

Lanna on

Aww i didnt even know these two were a couple. So Happy for them πŸ™‚ I think they will be a fun energetic family so happy for the child.

Slm on

Congrats to the beautiful couple. Between her looks and his personality, that kid is gonna be AWESOME!

His on

I’m a heterosexual woman, married with four children. I honestly couldn’t care how other people make their families, as long as everyone’s happy and healthy. Gays should be able to marry, people are committed these days without marriage, women work after having babies, some men stay at home to raise their baby while their wives or girlfriends work, some people have babies on their own, some people have IVF or use other means to have a baby. It’s no business of mine and I don’t make it any business of mine. The world would be happier if people stopped pushing their views on other people. That is all.

I’m happy for this couple. They’re committed to one another without marriage, because of their beliefs. They’ve been together for five years, and you’re telling me that people who meet and marry the next day, their relationship is more sacred because of a piece of paper? Please.

I do sometimes wonder whether people in these comments actually live in the 21st century? Maybe they’d be happier burning unwed couples at the stake.

dorie on

Wow they sound like Brad and Angie, a lesser known version that is. Wouldn’t you think it is just natural, when you love someone, to want to get married, and bring children into this world. Think of the children, what kind of example are you setting, do whatever you want kids, no rules. Sad!!!!! I think it is rude to bring children into this world and not have enough sense to make a commitment to the person you so call love.

s on

That’s fine, anon, you can think their values are all screwed up. I think yours are all screwed up, so it all works out, doesn’t it? They will be great parents.

Mina on

Kid out of wedlock is a bastard? I dont believe in marriage or God, therefore even if I DO get married it wont be in a church and the ONLY reason I would get married is for the insurance/money…a peice of paper doesnt tell me how much I love my guy!

Chloe on

I was born out of wedlock, i was religious til I was 12 when my uncle died – I couldn’t see the reason why my uncle should have to die when there are pedo’s and murderers out there who deserve death more.

I’ve always found marriage silly – who do you need a piece of paper and a ring for you to love someone til you die?

Even if I change my mind about marriage I’d refuse to get married before same sex marriage is legalized EVERYWHERE!

this couple is a breath of fresh air. marriage is not a necessity for a healthy family/children – that is a silly thought process.

Stephanie on

I’m happy for them. You FAKE christians can shove your ignorant rantings of your skewed bible views up your ***.

Oh, and by the way, according to ancient Jewish texts, Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with homosexuality, and everything to do with economic inequity, much like what is happening in our country today.

Sharon on

Why is it made to be such a big deal to have a baby out of wedlock? Its 2012, not 1952. Jeez.

Jill B. on

Actually many couples do…Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins both said they had no desire to marry. And until they had multiple children together Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie said the same thing, Charlize Theron has said recently she doesn’t really believe in marriage as has Cameron Diaz and millions of others of people. Some people just really care that adults can’t marry another adult THAT much.

Jill B. on

@latsevj the difference between being infertile and not being able to get married isn’t the same thing. Infertility isn’t choice. Marriage is. You’re comparing apples and oranges.

Goodirishgal on

Good for them! Life’s too short to not be happy or to not stand firm for what you believe in. Forget the haters- happiness wins, again!! Congrats!

M. Bohn on

They are a cute couple, a little goofy but cute. She looks like she’s cross-eyed; he talks through his nose – very nasal. He can be super funny at times; she is boring, never shuts up, and is a certified nut case. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were throwbacks from the sixties – hippies I mean. I wish they would have a little respect for the sanctity of marriage, especially with the baby on the way. I picture them both riding a motorcycle and the baby in a sidecar… life is crazy. Hollywood is crazier!!!!

JayV on

If marriage is so reprehensible, outdated and downright meaningless, as many posters have stated, then why on earth would anyone be pushing for gay people to share in such misery???

Angela on

I *loved* them in When In Rome. All the times he dressed like her. Love them as a couple. Can’t wait to see that baby.


Confused on

If they’re so concerned about their friends that don’t have the right to get married, then why stop there? Why don’t they wait to have a baby until their same-sex couple friends also have the ability to naturally create a baby? Doesn’t having a baby, when their friends can’t, feel just as rude???

t1w082b on

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