Beverley Mitchell Expecting First Child

11/05/2012 at 08:00 AM ET

Beverley Mitchell Pregnant
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

The nose knows!

Beverley Mitchell suspected something was going on when she suddenly developed a super sniffer around four months ago.

“My sense of smell was off the charts, to the point where I could smell a kid’s dirty diaper from the other side of a restaurant,” says Mitchell, 31, best known for her role as Lucy on the long-running drama 7th Heaven.

The actress, who plays Kaitlin on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, soon learned the reason for her acute new sense: She and husband Michael Cameron are expecting their first child in early April, she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Still, the news took a little while to sink in.

“I was like, ‘No, it can’t be that,'” says Mitchell. “I took seven pregnancy tests. I went to the doctor and had two more tests and they were like, ‘Bev, usually when the first one comes out positive, the rest of them will all say the same thing.'”

The parents-to-be recently squeezed in a very special babymoon: They celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in Italy, where Mitchell and Cameron, 32, an accountant, wed in 2008 in the town of Ravello. The couple then attended the week-long wedding celebration of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, one of Mitchell’s closest pals since their days costarring as sisters on 7th Heaven.

“Jess was one of the first to know [the baby news]. I started crying,” Mitchell shares. “It was really exciting to share that with Auntie Jess.”

As for her friend’s ceremony, “going to any wedding pregnant is definitely an experience if you’ve never done it before,” says Mitchell with a laugh. “I’m just absolutely thrilled to see my best friend marry her best friend.”

— Raha Lewis

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Brittany Hale on

My baby is due in April 14th. Hope you have a good & easy pregnancy Beverley. Start thinking of names because You’ll go through about a million before you stick to one.

Lisa on

Congrats! My first baby is due May 16th! So exciting! I am overwhelmed with picking names too.

Rebecca Carnes on

We have nearly the same due date Lisa!

hc on

I love this girl!! She is so refreshing and real. She will make a wonderful mother. Congrats!

boston on

Could she be any sweeter?

MommytoanE on

LOL so true Brittany…names are so hard to pick. Specially with so many darn cute ones out there.
Congratulations to Beverly!! I’ve always adored her as an actress.

Anonymous on

Now this story was a pleasure to read. Congratulations to Beverley!!

Jordan on

Aw congrats to her and her husband! What’s so funny is after Justin and Jessica’s wedding, I was thinking: “When is Beverley going to have a baby?” And I guess she was pregnant! Haha.

I’ve always loved her since 7th Heaven, I wish her nothing but the best and hope she has a healthy and happy pregnancy! And of course a healthy baby! Congrats again!

Noneya on

Wonderful news! Congratulations you two!!

Tee Tee on

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited! Love Beverley!

Lori on

Aw how sweet! I love that she and Jessica remained best friends. Considering how much Jessica wanted to leave the show, its nice that her costars (or at least one) stuck by her, and it’s nice that she stuck by Beverley even as she became a bigger celebrity. That’s a true friendship right there! I wonder if any other 7th heaven actors was at the wedding too. And I’m so happy for Beverley! Lucy was always my favorite!

ava on

I’ve always admired the way Beverley handled fame and fortune. She seems incredibly down to earth. I think she and her hubby will make terrific parents. Congrats!

janette on

Congrats Bev, I am so excited for you and your husband. You will be an excellent mom. As I saw on 7th Heaven how you were around the twins and (Savannah) This baby is going to be gorgous. This baby is going to hear beautiful music at night time. Best of luck.

Joyce on

Wow – imagine that. A couple waiting until they’ve been married a while to have a baby. Best wishes to the happy family!!

BlueSkidoo on

Congratulations to them! The “super sniffer” was one of my first symptoms as well, although unfortunately it stuck around even after the pregnancy. I hope hers goes away and she has a smooth pregnancy and delivery. 🙂

mg on

Babymoon? Really? Must be nice to be rich.

Mj on

Wow!! Talk about bitter mg! Here is some awesome news for two people and you focus on the babymoon! I am by no means rich but my husband and i saved up to have a babymoon before my daughter was born. Its called saving and planning for what you want.

amber on

You don’t have to be rich to go on a babymoom FYI! Me and my husband went on a babymoon to Gatlinburg TN for 3 days, stayed at a hotel and hung out and walked around. People like you are so judgemental its a shame. You don’t have to have millions of bucks to go somewhere for a few days…just to get away and spend one on one time before baby comes.

kristy on

LOVE THIS GIRL! Couldn’t be happier for her. She deserves nothing but a great pregnancy and healthy one too.

Kate on

@mg: it is. work hard and you can go on a babymoon too.

UnKnown on

That’s too cute LoL

Congrats to Beverly and her hubby 🙂

SMSinTX on

Congratulations Lucy and Mary!!!

Big Fan on

Love her, congrats!!!

Cierra on

Congrats on the new addition. I know that u r going to be a wonderful mother. Congrats again.

Emmy on

MG – a babymoon is just a trip together as a couple before you become parents. We are not rich but my husband and I had been saving for a rainy day and decided to go to France before our son was born.

Edie on

Congrats…at least someone is Hollywood gets the order right.

Lisa on

I agree with mj we didn’t have a lot if money either but we also saved up and just did a weekend trip.

mickey on

Who cares she got married first? If their break up one of them will still be a single parent. Are they can stay married and one could be abusive or just not there for the baby. Being married doesnt matter when it comes to raising kids.

Rebecca Carnes on

Thank you Mickey! I’m expecting my first baby with my boyfriend, and though not married, this baby is already loved. I was getting sad reading all those comments!

stacey on

That increased sense of smell thing is so true! My husband said I could’ve been hired as a police dog!!

Brooklyn on

Love her! congrats to them both!

Meghan on

GOD!!! The right order according to WHO???? WHO CARES which order you do it in? I had my son a year before his father and I got married. All of you jerks who think there is only one way to do things need to get your uptight conservative heads out of your butt holes!!!

Rebecca Carnes on

I agree Meghan! I’m expecting my baby with my boyfriend! I’m still so happy even though “not in the conventional order”!

Krystin on

That’s so sweet! Best of luck to them with their first child!

Ann Marie on


mickey on

Respect for who Ann Marie? I know people who are married who could be better parents and I know people who aren’t married who child has a great life. I just watched a show where the parents were living their life by the bible. They beat their kids with paddles and rulers cause that’s what the bible said. The mother didn’t get help when she started to lose her mind cause she was told to just pray the sadness away. She ended up stabbing and setting fire to her daughter. They were married so I guess their kids lives even the 2 cut short were way better then us poor kids who parents weren’t married. You are so judgmental it makes me ill.

Selfenchanted on

Beautiful story! All the best to her, her hubby & their child!

Meep on

This is NOT to be rude, but to those people who are saying that it’s the “right” order. I don’t get how it’s okay to have an unplanned pregnancy AS LONG AS YOU’RE MARRIED… but it’s not okay to have a wanted, planned baby if you’re not married. I know plenty of couples who PLAN their kids even when they don’t want to get married. (Their choice!). I’ve just never understood why it’s okay to accidently get pregnant if your married but people give unwed couples who LOVE each other and are committed to each other hell, even when their babies are planned. Not everyone believes in the same things and just because a couple isn’t married doesn’t meant they shouldn’t have kids. Some people need to get the heck off their high horses and let other people live life they way they see best, not the way you or your religion or your bible sees it!

tgirl on

Yay! Awesome! I wish her a healthy & safe pregnancy. What a blessing. I love to see God’s order in a relationship, because that’s my personal belief.

Sammii on

These comments are hilarious and the same ol’ crap. Why anyone matters if someone is married or not married before having children is beyond me. As someone mentioned, there IS a such thing as divorce (which the US has a HIGH rate of) which will leave each parent as single parents, regardless.

I also think it’s funny b/c everyone is talking about the actress like they know her. You don’t know someone just b/c you see them on tv or b/c they LOOK like a “nice” person. Come on, people. She has been acting. She IS an actress. We DO know this, right? We are grown-ups, right?

Good for them for getting pregnant. I hope they have a healthy, happy baby who grows up to be a PRODUCTIVE citizen to society whether they stay married or not.

Mzdiana on

@sammii… I totally agree with you! Some of these ppl act like its someone they went to high school with or an old friend! I had to click on the article cause I’ve never heard of her before. People get way too involved with celebrities these days! Like I posted hollywood marriage is like a sport to those people, do it for awhile until they get bored then move on to the next. I honestly wonder why they even bother to get married! They’re a whole different breed!

Tish on

Wow…congratulations Beverly…it seems like yesterday that my family watched you as a little girl on 7th heaven…time flies…I feel almost like your making me a grandma again…lots of love to you and your growing family…and I would also like to say that anytime a baby is born is a gift from God, so enjoy your pregnancies girls and don’t worry about what other people think, it’s how you feel about yourselves.

Mzdiana on

Seriously Lady? Come on your killing me here! You act if your related! Are you seriously that bored or what? Like shes going to read all these posts & the other millions on other websites! Get real!

Anonymous on

She’s actually one of few people I like on tv and I am so happy for her.

Sandy on

babymoon??? what is with all these LAME terms??? how silly. most people have to work even harder since a baby is on the way. very easy to have a fun before baby comes right at home without spending all that money.

Connie Andrews on

Congratulations to the beautiful and talented Beverly and her hubby Michael. I watched ‘Lucy’ grow up on 7th Heaven and she and her ‘siblings’ became our ‘second ‘kids, so it’s exciting to now see her become a mom. Just proves that not ALL celebrities lead a wild lifestyle of booze, drugs,etc. Thank you for sharing her news with us. And may her pregnancy be easy and happy and may their little one’s life be filled with the choicest of God’ blessings.

Alison Maddox on

I’m due April 23,2013!

Mzdiana on

I’ve never heard of her before. Some of you act like shes really going to read your comments… Come on Really? Good for her & her husband. Lets hope they stay together, most hollywood couples get married just for the sport of it I think. Kinda like adopting a dog, its fun for awhile then they get bored & move on to the next thing! Some of you get way too involved!

Mickey on

Mzdiana, why do you care that this woman you dont know caring about an actress you dont know?

Mzdiana on

Some of these comments are just a little overboard! Its not like they are friends! Wishing someone is well is one thing but don’t act like its your best long lost friend! Keep it Real!

HeavenlyOsmond on

Congrats!And God bless Bev!

Lis on

I agree with the others who say it’s nice to see someone in Hollywood that still have some morals and values! There are exceptions to every rule (as many of your have pointed out!), but bringing a baby into the world as a LOVING, married couple is the typically the right way to do things!!! Good for both of you! Very respectable 🙂

Mandy on

Some of the celebrities DO come HERE and read the comments. That’s why some of them have blogs on here! With nasty bitchy comments, I’m amazed any of them can stand it here. Many of the celebrities stop doing the blogs here due to these upsetting comments. Too judgmental! The way someone chooses to live THEIR life is not for YOU to decide, the only thing YOU can do is live by your own morals and common sense, which some here seem to be lacking. Grow up and stay out of others lives. We don’t need a debate about how someone has it “right” when something else works for someone else! Not good to tell someone they are right and another is wrong because this worked for you, not everything works for everyone. Some people choose to have children and don’t have any desire to be married for whatever reason. Not our business!

faith on

When I hear, “me and my boyfriend are having a baby” it makes me cringe and think of white trash, living in an apartment on food stamps. Oh, and it makes you a whore and your children bastards.

Congrats Beverly!

Mickey on

Faith, just because the baby came after they were married doesnt mean she didnt sleep with anybody before she was married. Also everyone I know that is or was a single parent worked even before they had kids. So stop judging people because you don’t know what’s going on in somebody house. So they married she might start spanking the child at 6 months or not feed it. Being married doesn’t make you a good parent.

Mzdiana on

@Faith you’re a ignorant moron! What kind of Racist statement is that? Saying everytime you hear a girl say “me & my bf are having a baby, makes you think of another white trailer trash on Welfare!” That just goes to show how intelligent you really are! Do you honestly think that only whites are having kids out of wedlock? Celebs do it, so does every ethnicity. Just because a woman isn’t married doesn’t make them a whore nor does it make them trailer park white trash on foodstamps! You should check your facts before running your ignorant mouth! You sound like some uneducated racist moron! Not all women chose to be married this day & age to have a child! Grow up & take your racist rhetoric elsewhere you Bigot! Those who are without sin cast the first stone. When you get the real facts about unwed mothers then open your mouth! You’re an idiot!

guest on

yes Brittany, I am sure actors are reading the comment section of people mag and follow the comments. because they don’t have any real friends and such.

Anonymous on

Mandy- Exactly! Why people automatically assumes that celebs never read comments here when some have made it very clear that they do (by replying to them with comments of their own or sending an “open letter” of sorts for PEOPLE to post in response to negative or mis-informed comments on posts about them) is beyond me!

A-listers are one thing. Most of them probably DON’T read the comments here, due to the fact that paying attention to such things much just be hazerdous to their health (let’s face it, A-listers get ripped apart and vilified by the media and the general public far more than celebs of any other caliber!), not to mention that they’re probably way too busy to do so.

But a lot more “lesser” celebs than we realize probably do, and I don’t think we should assume that ANY celeb (even A-listers) won’t be reading comments about them on this or any blog or media site!

Joanna on

@Mandy..exactly it’s no one’s business, but still those celebs who enjoy having kids w/ ppl get married, divorce, sleep with others have affiairs is NOT good morally anyway. It’s their lives, but to point out they are setting bad examples for the younger generation of doing this. As a celeb, you can live the way you want, but it doesn’t excuse you to get rid of morals and values that will have a impact on their kids and future generations, and a very hurtful and bad impact.

Joanna on

And also congratulations to Beverly!! I loved her as Lucy on 7th Heaven! Ah! So excited!! 🙂