Rebecca Gayheart: My Older Daughter Likes to ‘Steal the Spotlight’

11/04/2012 at 11:30 AM ET

Rebecca Gayheart: My Elder Daughter Likes to Steal the Spotlight
Stefanie Keenan/Getty

It looks like Eric Dane‘s oldest daughter is already following in his footsteps. (And we’re not talking about a showbiz career just yet.)

Nearly a year after welcoming Georgia Geraldine last December, 2½-year-old Billie Beatrice is “a good big sister,” wife Rebecca Gayheart tells PEOPLE at Baby2Baby’s first annual gala, held Saturday in Culver City, Calif.

“But she knows how to steal the spotlight,” she adds, which is something the actress jokes her daughter picked up “from her dad.”

The two girls have two very different personalities. Billie “is a spitfire,” Gayheart, 41, says. “We call her my spirited, challenging child ’cause she’s just full of fire.”

She adds: “Everyone thinks she’s 4. You know, having full-on conversations and taking over her preschool.”

But 10-month-old Georgia “is like my little Buddha baby,” the actress says. “She’s sweet and happy all the time. She truly is just the sweetest baby on the planet.”

Here’s something else to envy: “She sleeps well. She eats well,” Gayheart, who enjoyed Beau Joie champagne at the gala, says. “She’s a gift.”

— Alison Schwartz with reporting by Raha Lewis

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rachel on

she acts all sweet and innocent. Didn’t something happen with her and her husband making movies. Wonder what theyll say when the kids see that?

Noonesbizness on

Who cares its her business, who hasn’t made a video of them self we all do smh

Lisa on

Rachel, I’ve made videos with my husband. U really think we should all pull our videos out and play them for our children!? U r a moron!

Kimberly on

Anybody care to guess who the favorite is? HAHA!

bella on

She’s so beautiful!!!!!!

Loveisfluid on

I just want to start of by saying I am speaking from a completely unbiased place as I am not a fan of her work nor seen any of it.

It’s bullies like you who make this world what it is today . Do you honestly think that she woke up that day and decided to kill a young boy with her car? It’s called an accident! But I’m sure you have never made any of those right?

Just because she killed a boy in an ACCIDENT doesn’t mean she can’t have the chance to move on. Does that make her someone who is an unfit parent and doesn’t deserve happiness?

I think you need to ask yourself that.

meghan on

Amazing how many assholes on this site have never made a mistake.

Jessica on

Seriously? You don’t think she still feels awful about what happened? You don’t think she looks at her children and sees that child she ACCIDENTLY killed. You are not perfect so leave her alone already.

Kimberly BH on

Love Rebecca Gayheart, and always see her in reruns of BH 90210! I bet your girls are gorgeous like you.

Becky on

Wow, some really pissy people on here..Accident..Look it up, she wasn’t sent to prison..I’m sure she thinks about that a lot..As for the three way, they aren’t the first people to do that and they probably won’t be the last, not up to me to judge..

Dml on

Look up the facts. It was hardly an accident. She didn’t want to wait in stopped traffic, while on her cell phone, went into left lane and killed a child. Those are the facts. So tell the parents it was an “accident”. She’s also a pretty well-known junkie!

Amy on

Wow, it’s bloody remarkable how a lot of people who comment on these things are ‘perfect’ and have never made a mistake.

Firstly, that accident, yes it could have been prevented but I’m sure she would think about that every single day of her life.

I have had a child be killed by a driver who was on their phone, i was walking my child home from school and i was hit also. You people don’t know what that phone call was about. And can you all honestly say that you have never touched your phone when you’ve been driving.

Secondly, if Rebecca wants to smoke during her pregnancies that’s her business, not yours. I dont think i ever saw any evidence of her smoking during her second pregnancy so I’m not going to jump to conclusions and say she did. And she isn’t the only woman to have ever done it and she wont be last. You all give Rebecca shit for it. But we know Britney Spears did too. What’s the difference?

Now lastly, what her and her husband do is completely up to them. No one has any right to say they are unfit parents. That video was filmed a while ago, before their kids.

As long as their kids are happy, healthy and are fed, bathed, clothed and have shelter and a whole lot of love then who the hell cares.

I am, by far, not a perfect human being, nor am I the perfect parent, but I sure as hell love my kids.

Stop coming on a site thats supposed to be about children, a happy subject, and digging up the past on everything you can find.

Rant Over.

Tammy on

Jen, that’s all I can think of everytime I see her. She killed someone else’s child and didn’t spend a day in jail. I will always despise her for that.

Storyideas on

People magazine should write an article about all the Haters/internet trolls. They certainly have a lot of material.

Marky on

I don’t agree with smoking at all, especially during pregnancy, BUT my sister smoked and her son is finishing his PhD at a major university, was Valedictorian when receiving his Master’s degree, is a well-published author and already known in his field, and is a distance runner. He doesn’t smoke himself, but I sure wouldn’t call him unhealthy from any direction!

meghan on

You mean the jaywalking child who darted out from between two cars, dml? You’re so interested in the facts, then state ALL THE FACTS.

meghan on

My mother smoked her very last cigarette on the way to the hospital to deliver my ten pound eight ounce brother. The only one of her four pregnancies she didn’t smoke during had it’s most complications and lowest birth weight. All three of my brothers are and were completely healthy. Generations of children were born to smoking mothers. We know better now, but it’s hardly the worst thing a person can do.

Ness on

@Meghan a car had stop to let the child cross the road this is when Rebecca, who was on her phone, over took the car that stopped and hit the child!

Sammirae on

This was hardly an accident. It was an act of negligence. She was yakking on her cell phone and ran over a 9 year old boy. Then a few years later, she and Eric Dane videotaped a sexual and drug-fueled romp with a former Miss Teen USA. I’ve seen the tape- Rebecca saying she doesn’t advocate smoking crack but it sure is fun. Now we’re supposed to be all “Oh how sweet!” about her family life? I hope she and Eric have cleaned up their act, but I doubt it. She’s a drug and sex-addicted murderer, and Eric is an enabler. I feel sorry for their kids.

BellaTodd on

The death of that young boy was a tragic accident…

Being naked, high as a kite, in a jacuzzi with her husband and another woman, on video, is not an accident or a mistake.
It’s straight up nasty!

meghan on

And he was jaywalking–crossing were there was no crosswalk. That is a fact, every bit as much as the fact that Rebecca was on the phone and went around a stopped car. It was a ‘perfect storm’–the elements came together in just the right way to create a tragic event. Stop raking the woman over the coals over a tragedy.

Vic Fox on

What a bunch of hypocrites!! Y’all need to censor
your hate spewing selves.. Living in glass houses peeps!!!

Anonymous on

She is so ugly…her face is so heart shaped that it looks way too big for the rest of her body…Just an observation before y’all get all catty on me

obamagirl on

What horrible comments! As long as you are anonymous, you feel you have the right to say whatever you want. Shame on you!

Anonymous on

Sammirae- I didn’t realize that having ONE threesome (even one that’s a bit wild) makes someone a sex addict! I also didn’t realize that doing drugs at one point in your life means you will do so for the rest of your life!

Amy- I think you said it best of all! Rebecca made mistakes…just as we all have. I agree that hitting that little boy was a tragic accident. A preventable one (by BOTH her and the boy. She shouldn’t have driven around the parked car, but the boy shouldn’t have attempted the street where there was no crosswalk. And I’m NOT blaming the victim here, just saying that he made a mistake too…one that unfourtnately cost him his life.), yes, but still a tragic accident.

I’m sure she thinks about the “what ifs” all the time, and there’s probably not a day that goes by when she doesn’t feel horrible about what she did and wish she could somehow turn back time and make better choices.

Anonymous on

As far as the threesome goes, I don’t get the uproar. Was it the most responsible thing to do? Of course not. But it was in their own home with another consenting adult and I fail to see the harm in that (to others, that is. Obviously if they didn’t use protection and not all of them were “clean” then it may have harmed one of them. But if they want to engage in risky behavior like that, that’s their issue, no one else’s!).

More importantly, they didn’t knowingly share such a private moment with the world if I’m remembering correct. The tape was leaked without their permission as I recall.

And finally, about the smoking. As Amy said, there’s no evidence that Rebecca smoked during her second pregnancy, and there’s a lot of debate over whether the one picture of her supposedly smoking during her first one is actually from that time. She has a different hairstyle in the smoking picture than in the others from the same “set”, for example, and her belly isn’t visable in the picture (it’s chest-up, if I remember correctly), so it very easily could have been an older one that the media just passed off as a “current” one to stir up controversy (and it wouldn’t be the first time they did that. They also did it to Nicole Richie when she was pregnant with Harlow,).

So since we don’t know all the facts, I say we cuI say Rebecca some slack on that one!

Anonymous on

@ Jen

Can we all just get past this situation?

YES she made a mistake would YOU like it if YOU were constantly reminded every time you turned around about every mistake you have made in your life?

If you can’t be positive about anything Jen then I suggest you quietly refrain from posting. >:0

Amy on

We all make mistakes. The child jaywalked. She shouldn’t have been on the phone. State the facts people.

And you cannot honestly say you haven’t jaywalked either. Stop being so freaking judgmental of other people when the truth is that no one is perfect. No one NEVER makes a mistake, we all have made mistakes in our past. And we will in the future. We aren’t the perfect parents, but we all have one thing in common here, we all love out children unconditionally and for those that don’t have kids you will love your children unconditionally in the future (i hope).

Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith are two people that smoked when pregnant and then abused substances after their childrens’ births. Stop being so hypocritical of others when you aren’t perfect either.

This is Cyber Bullying. It doesn’t just exist on Facebook or Twitter.

All i can say is KARMA.

If you don’t agree with me then fine, each to their own. But please, stop being so ‘perfect’ when the truth is that you are from it, we all are.

Mary on

Amy, breaks my heart to think of what you have been through. I have two children and they are my world. Bless you for not being a judgemental prick like so many others.

Nikki on

I’m not getting on the “crucify Rebecca” bandwagon..

But as a Claim Adjuster for a major insurance company, I want to respond to those saying that this 9yr old was jaywalking.

In a lot of states, kids under the age of 12 aren’t totally responsible for their actions. They are legally called “infants” because they are children.

When there is an adult vs a child, the child should be given the benefit of our compassion, not the adult talking on their phone.

Because as a driver, you have a Duty to maintain control of your vehicle and to pay attention to your surroundings.

not crossing in a designated crosswalk, is not a total defense. It’s a mitigating action. Meaning, instead of getting $1 million dollars, his family would possible get $750,000….

Talking on your phone while driving is considered, in my opinion, a reckless action(sure a lot of us do it, but that doesn’t change the action)….add to that, passing in a left turn lane because you’re impatient…….that is worse than gross or simple negligence.

She plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter and was placed on probation….if you don’t like the punishment, we should be upset with the judge…….and I’m sure her insurance company paid a pretty penny to his family……she personally paid something as well, I’ll bet….

May he rest in peace.

Amy on

Mary, thank you.

It happened to me, and I still cannot deny that i have never picked up my phone when behind the wheel. At first, yes i was angry that someone could be so stupid and then i realised that i have picked my phone behind the wheel too. I dont know what that call was about. It could have been an emergency, her child, her husband or her parent could have been in some kind of trouble or something.

I admit i have picked up my phone behind the wheel but only if it is my childs school or my parents. i know that is no excuse but still no one is innocent in that kind of situation.

It took me a while to realize that and when i did it made a lot of sense. People thought i was crazy for it. But i wasn’t going to be a hypocrite.

People, it’s happened to me and even i can find it in my heart to forgive someone. None of you are related to the child, or are the child himself so calm the hell down. I’ve been through the trauma of losing a child in the same way that little boy died. And i was at a crossing when it happened. I will never forget what happened, it will be etched in my memory forever but i do have a big enough heart to forgive.

I just pray that other families dont have to go through the pain of losing a child. Nor would i like to see anyone not forgiven for something knowing that the people accusing them and making negative comments on the issue are also guilty of talking on the phone behind the wheel. Anyone who says they NEVER have is a liar.

Jen DC on

Oh, I thought Billie turned out to be so beautiful; too bad there are no pictures!

It’s called distracted driving and why many states have enacted laws against texting / calling and driving without ear pieces. For you law newbies, “negligence” implies a lack of intent with an underlying judgment that one should have been more careful. It’s the legal definition of “accident.”

RG was found to be negligent in the death of the child, and apparently made great amends – as much as one can make – to his parents, beyond what she was legally made responsible for. She’s not a horrible person for accidentally killing a child. There are truly horrible people out there who are taking, assaulting and killing children FOR PLEASURE. This was a horrible, juvenile MISTAKE.

Thank you Amy and Nikki. My heart goes out to you, Amy. The rest of you… Well, good luck leading your perfect, mistake-free lives.

valeskas on

Jen, you are despicable.

valeskas on

So many haters out there, we all made have made mistakes, some not so bad, some real bad. But people like you are the scum of the earth, it was an accident and it can also happen to you. God hates ugly and you haters sure are ugly.

Anonymous on

Looking at all the comments about how the accident took place, MsGayheart in her impatience and distraction, committed the fatal flaw of 1)not pausing, stopping to check her way was clear once she went around the stopped vehicle and just took off down the road in one acceleration, hitting the child or 2)because she was so distracted her vision did not register the boy on the roadway and hit him anyway. What a sad chain of events, those are shoes I would not want to be in. Terrible.

Kelly on

Wow, folks! Jealous much? Yeah, you can call it whatever you want to make yourself sleep at night, but it boils down to plain and simple jealousy.

kendrajoi on

I don’t know anything about the car accident, but since when is a threesome among consenting adults considered wrong? Do you all have sex in the missionary position with a sheet between you at all times? Get over yourselves. The ones raising an uproar about the videotape are probably the freakiest of all!

Lisa on

You are an insensitive idiot Jen! Go learn some class

Jen DC on

@ Debra: How is she treating the death of Jorge Cruz (I’m pretty sure that was his name) like the accidental breaking of a glass from the kitchen? She nearly didn’t work for four years. She contacted the social worker associated with the parents to ask if there was anything else – beyond the obvious of turning back the clock to undo her momentary lapse of judgment – she could do. They – the child’s parents – even consented to allowing her to attend the funeral. Does that sound like people who aren’t satisfied with the amends she tried to make? Does it sound like she just up and moved on as if the accident never happened?

Mel on

When I was 19 I was driving and hit an 11 year old boy riding his bike. My friend and I were acting silly and singing our favorite song and I took my eyes off the road for 2 seconds and looked at her while I was singing. The boy came flying down a driveway, right out into the street and I had no time to react. He didn’t die, but was paralyzed and left with some brain damage. I was going 5 miles over the speed limit, so I was given a ticket but never charged with anything.

Unless Rebecca Gayheart is a psychopath with no feelings, she probably thinks about that accident almost every day. Being a mother probably made her feel it even more, because now she can imagine the mother’s loss. My situation happened 16 years ago and since then I have gotten married and had a child. I still think about the accident almost every day. Some of you need to remember seeing celebrities on a website, doesn’t mean you know them. For all we know she could still cry every day.

Jenni on

You people are so nasty and mean!!! You don’t even know her and always feel the need to talk sh1t about her. I understand she did wrong before, but it was not on purpose. Stop being a$$ holes

meghan on

This happens every time this woman is featured on this site. Why do we not get this same reaction to Nicole Ritchie? She drove the wrong way down a highway before she had kids. She drove under the influence. She did HEROIN. The grace of God is the only reason she didn’t kill anyone. But all I ever hear is “OMG! Nicole is soooooooooooooooo great! It’s amazing how her kids have turned her life around!”. You are such a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

liarlairpantsonfire on

i know their second child is special needs, but i don’t know the diagnosis. does anyone here know?