Nancy Grace Brought to Tears over Twins’ Fifth Birthday

11/02/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Nancy Grace Brought to Tears (the Good Kind) Over Twins' Fifth Birthday
Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty

Tough as nails in the courtroom and now on TV, Nancy Grace can’t hold back the emotion over a milestone she once feared she’d never see: her twins Lucy and John‘s fifth birthday, coming up this weekend.

“When Lucy and I almost died in childbirth, I promise you I thank God every day for this,” Grace, 53 tells PEOPLE, her voice choking.

“I just can’t believe this miracle in my life: the fact that they’re turning 5. The truth is, I’m probably going to start crying.”

The HLN host delivered the twins by c-section on Nov. 4, 2007, having suffered a pulmonary edema during pregnancy and developing fluid in her lungs. Baby John was released from the hospital first, Grace and her daughter a few days later.

Grace says she just sent out the invites “calling all mermaids and superheroes. We’re going to party like it’s 1999,” she says. “We’re going to blow it out with a big cake with Ariel and Spiderman.”

That’s just one big event this weekend. On Saturday, Lifetime airs The Eleventh Victim, based on Grace’s best-selling novel, starring Jennie Garth as a hard-charging New York prosecutor inspired by Grace from her courtroom career.

The movie also costars Los Angeles Lakers player Metta World Peace (as a detective), whom Grace met when they both appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2011. (Garth is another Dancing alum from a previous season.)

“Metta and I made friends because we were the only two that were holding down a full-time job with children,” says Grace, who also is a producer and has a small role in the film. “He and his wife were just so kind to me and just considerate that when this opportunity came up I thought of him.”

— Mike Fleeman

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Heather on

I keep relate to her story. As I to almost died after childbirth of my twins for a disease called HELLP Syndrome. I count my blessings everyday and they are coming up on their 1st birthday. It will be an amazing day.

Happy Birthday Lucy & John

Jennifer on

Dear Nancy, You have made this world an immeasurably worse place so in that sense Im glad your kids will be living in the awfulness you’ve created.

Dre on

Wow. You must be a miserable person yourself Jennifer. Asshole.

Muneca on

Wow Jennifer you are a heartless b$&ch! It’s the awfulness and ignorance you spew that makes this world a terrible place.

Nicole on

Well said Jennifer! I totally agree with you. Nancy Grace is a disgusting, disgraceful woman.

Stephanie on

Wow jennifer how mean can u be. Even though nancy kinda.gets under ur skin thats not right to talk about.her innocent children. God I hope you dont have children. I had my daughter early and I almost lost her you will never know what it is like to watch you child almoat die you f&$#king b&$#ch.. You can rot in hell….

Jenna on

I also think Nancy grace is a horrible person, she is very jugemental rude, And does not have any compassion , she cast a lot of stones, one day I hope someone is in her seat degrading her.. About on other note nobody should be mean about her kids

Diane on

Nancy has a tv personality that sometimes gets to me, but the more I hear her interviews, and watching her sportsmanship on DWTS I have grown to like her.

Linda Whisler on

You go girl, I think you are one inspiring woman. I remember when you got started. Tough as nails, and your show just started changing and getting bigger. now look at you. With 2 beautiful babies, and a loving husband. Nancy I wish you all the luck in the world. Have fun raising your kids. Don’t take things to seriously. My child is 24, I raised alone. Just enjoy it.

Terri on

I remembering watching her every single night when Caylee went missing and later when she was found dead. Blessings to your compassionate coverage and honoring that innocent precious child in her death. Best wishes to you and your family.

JessicaB on

“Jennie Garth as a hard-charging New York prosecutor”, hahahaha! i’m sure it will be right up there with tori spellings classic, “mother may i sleep with danger?”!! i smell emmy!

librababe on

Lol JessicaB! That little sentence made me chuckle inside, too.

AllisonJ on

As an Atlanta girl myself, I connect with Nancy Grace. Best wishes to her gorgeous twins on their 5th birthday. Such a blessing!

gma22littleguys on

Jennifer, your comment was mean spirited and horrible. You must be a really unhappy person. Although you may not care for Nancy Grace, your comments were downright disgusting. Thank God, Nancy is a beautiful human being–inside and out. Her children are lucky to have such a loving mom.

Karen on

Not my favorite lady, but glad she and the kids are okay. Not sure how anyone can watch her show. The way she speaks to people is beyond rude. Hopefully she will teach her kids better manners.

yesman on

Jennifer – just curious (really not arguing) why do you say that she’s made the world a worse place? I thought she was a fighter for the underdog & victim’s advocate. I don’t know that much about her so please explain if you would. Thanks

nicole on

I LOVE when Nancy shows pics of the twins on her show. She is wonderful!!!

CCEx on

Only opened this to say she is an awful woman who is on level with scum. Her tv show is full of bias and lies. She is a cold hearted woman who did nothing but bash a mother of a child in an emergency when she asked her for help. She accused this mother of doing disgusting things on national tv when her young son had left their house and gotten lost. Due to this woman’s accusations police energy was spent investigating this mother while her child died of the elements two miles from their Arizona home. She’s a pig.

CCEx on

Ugh I can’t stand her.

Ranting over.

CCEx on

Too bad she didn’t die during childbirth. Glad her kids are fine, but we could do without her.

Rhonda on

Jennifer you need to get a grip! Nancy is an advocate for women and children. She has made this world a BETTER place. Perhaps you’re just bitter because you have not done anything with your miserable little life.

Kristina on

I really like her, more so once I saw her on DWTS. Her tv persona is a little harsh, but I think she is a good person and dedicated mother. Glad to see her & her children are doing well.

CCEx on

They won’t approve my comment of how nasty she is. She verbally assaulted a mother trying to find her child. Took the focus off the kid and insinuated the mother was responsible. The child died two miles from home because of the elements because this witch can’t shut up.

Not to mention she has the most annoying self important attitude I’ve ever seen. Rivals dr.phil.

CCEx on

Speak it Jennifer!!

CCEx on

Nancy G is a pig.

CCEx on

Hate nancy and her crappy show.

CCEx on

You almost died because you were 48 and pregnant with twins. Duh

CCEx on

Quit deleting my comments People!

These people should know how nasty she treats some of her guests and how she verbally assaults them and accuses them of disgusting things on national tv.

Oh ya she’s really beautiful inside and out. :/

Stop hating on

CCEx maybe they are deleting your comments because they are down right nasty and baseless! This was a post about her kids birthdays! Innocent children! Dave your damn rants for another place and time! If your dont have anything nice to say don’t comment on it! Why even read it? So please shut your pie hole! Happy birthday twins! You have a wonderful mom who I know teaches you right from wrong, and how to deal with heartless and gutless miserable human beings! Misery loves company!

CCEx on

These people should know how nasty she treats some of her guests and how she verbally assaults them and accuses them of disgusting things on national tv.

CCEx on

Looks like PEOPLE is in Nancy’s back pocket. Can’t say anything negative.

CCEx on

Nancy Grace is a disgraceful person.

Stop hating on

It’s 2012 we have TVs and we have seen her show! Your entitled to your opinion yes! But again since you odviously can’t read this is not the place to get nasty about her, it’s a post about her children’s birthday! Damn I hope you didn’t or don’t procreate!

jjmh8075 on

Ccex you are a disgrace for saying such horriable things. You should never wish.a person dead. You must be one sad miserable person. Ill pray for you.

Livelaughlove on

Ccex i feel sorry for the hate and judgment you pass so harshly on a person you don’t know personally.You come off as more of a pig than the person you are judging.

Kasey on

I’m so glad that she and her twins made it. She’s lucky to have them at her age. Just goes to show how much doctors’ experience and technology has come. My mom wasn’t so lucky. I’m one of triplet girls and 21 years ago, I wish my mom had the right medical attention she needed, I’m not bashing the doctors, I just wish things were different. Anyways, I’m not a huge fan but Nancy seems like a great mom!

Cinder Lou on

I agree with Karen that the way Nancy speaks to guests on her show is incredibly rude. That aside, best wishes to her twins and a very happy birthday to you both!

Micayla on

Ignore the haters Nancy!! Many blessings and congratulations to you and your little ones for reaching this milestone.

Isabel on

Not a fan of hers by any means but I’m glad she and her family are happy and healthy.

Jessica on

Nancy fights for the rights of those who are not able or can no longer fight for themselves. She brings their stories to the world so they are not forgotten and maybe something can be learned from the terrible wrong done to them.

pllzzz on

Give me break . . How immature are you, I think that small minded people that can make comments like that are what is wrong with society. Get a grip on REALITY.

T in Texas on

I just don’t like the woman ! When her twins are old enough to date and hang out with friends . You know that when they come home Nasty Nancy will be waiting at the front door tapping her foot and making that ugly face she always does . . . Feel for the twins . . Glad there is two of them though to help each other out . When she goes after them . . lol

Tina on

Jennifer…you are such a nasty person….why on earth would you wish badly on children. What a creep!

Holiday on

Heather I had HELLP to when I had my daughter 2 years ago. She was almost 5 weeks premature and I had an emergency csection and I was in the ICU for 11 days. I was pretty close to dying and the doctor told my family there was a good chance I was not going to make it.

Diane on

I can also relate to her story, I had my son 5 days before she had her twins, my son was also born early by 12 weeks. There is nothing more terrifying then having a child in the NICU. God bless her and her children

Emily on

Jennifer, I pity you. Do you need someone to talk to? You sound like such a sad and hateful person.

Diane on

I like Nancy Grace, but she can be so overly dramatic at times! Anywho, glad her and the kiddos are doing great!

Peeps on

Nancy Grace…keep it rockin’…a true victims advocate!

dianne on


Paula on

Jennifer, you’re real bitch!

TheNiteNurse on

Being pregnant so late in your 40s puts not only your life at risk but the overhealth of the baby. I’m pretty sure Nancy’s twins were the result of fertility treatments. I’m glad it turned out well for her but I wouldn’t advise having a child that late in your 40s. Why not adopt if you want a baby that bad?

Deb on

48 is waaayyy too old to be having children, jeeez, what’s wrong with Hollywood?

Amanda on

What is wrong with Hollywood? Nancy has been an educated, hard-working woman, and may waited to have children later than the national average. Maybe she did use fertility assistance…maybe not.

I am pretty sure this article was to celebrate a huge milestone for nancy, and not to invite discussion regarding the potential incompetence of her reproductive organs. Sheesh! Just be happy for her that she can celebrate her twins birthday! Nancy deserves a pat on the back for being a hard-working woman AND a dedicated mother to TWINS.

Amanda on

I usually do not comment, but I was so surprised to read the bizarre hateful reactions to this story.

I understand not being a fan, but the commentary/continued bashing by one person in particular is over-the-top and obviously misplaced. It would seem that this person should seek counseling to address their intense feelings toward nancy grace or whatever is actually responsible for the abnormally angry reaction displayed above. It is NOT normal.

Do not think it can be justified by viewing a couple of episodes of Nancy’s show. I understand you think she negatively affected the outcome of a case, but your response is way too emotionally involved. Please take a step back before you come off like a creepy stalker.

CCEx on

Okay Amanda, I will acknowledge that I went a bit rogue there. All I was missing was a shiv.

Moving on…

I don’t spend time thinking about this woman on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, but when I read about her she gets me riled up. I do have anger towards her, her very questionable interviewing practices and the way she railroaded my friend into the killer mother role. Please read about Emmett Trapp the wonderful boy whose fate may have been slightly different had Nancy shut her mouth and opened her ears. Her show is all about ratings and those who think they’re getting the real story…well, they probably think FOX is a reliable news source too. Reading all the posts about how she is so wonderful and helping people made me angry.

I’m not creepy (just mad) and I certainly wouldn’t ever stalk her. I couldn’t look at her that long. So I’ll apologize for my rantings earlier, but my sentiment stays the same.

Dany on

This woman is the definition of “melodramatic”.

I’m not referring to her rough delivery, That’s legit.

But on a daily basis she blows stuff so out of proportion, I can’t believe people actually watch her or believe anything she says. She is a tool-shed. She sensationalizes everything and creates far more problems than she solves. ALWAYS assuming the WORST!! Ugh!!

And that “hair clip to the side” only works in for 8yo. You’re wayyyyyyyy to old for that crap. LOL

Melissa on

Nancy Grace is an evil bitch who makes money talking about other people’s tragedy.

MollyF on

I’m not a fan of hers, but the disgusting comments towards her is really uncalled for. I wish people would use something like Facebook connect to make sure people would use their real identites and a report post button. Oh wait, People Magazine doesn’t care who posts what here.

joivre on

CCEx and Jennifer – you are entitled to your opinion, but when you wish someone dead – then you are most unwelcome here or anywhere in the world. If Nancy Grace is as bad as you say she is (and to me she isn’t) – then you are a thousand times worse. You are bigger scum, more atrocious and cruel, because Nancy Grace never wished someone dead, nor for someone’s children to live “in awfulness”. I am sick of people who attack Nancy Grace. She is only in search of justice for the weak and disenfranchised. I defy anyone who has spoken trash about this woman to tell us what they have done in the last week, month or year in search of justice for a murder victim. If you haven’t done anything – then shut – up!

CCEx on

That’s the fabulous thing about this place, joivre, I don’t need your permission to be here! Crazy how that works hey?!

I was out of line with the death comment, but that’s no worse than things she said to a friend of mine who was in search for her son. So I really don’t feel too badly.

How I wish I could find the transcript for that episode so perhaps y’all would see why I dislike her so…

Anonymous on

I almost starting liking her on DWTS, thought she was so much nicer when she smiled, but, she’s just a media sellout, a drama queen. I want to throw up when people call in and gush over her and her twins.

renee on

Jennifer – that is a horrible thing to say. Grace’s personality grates on my nerves but to say she’s contributed to making the world a bad place and that you’re glad her kids are living in the world she has made worse by her presence is a beyond rude.

Lauren Kaminski on

I love her & her family! Happy Birthday Lucy & John!:) You have great parents.

Mom of four on

holding down a job with children, and performing on Dancing with the stars? With Nannies close by of course. Get real, like she does it on her own like we all do! Give me a large break Nancy and go cry your alligator tears somewhere else. We do it every day, what do you want a medal???

Tayler on

CCEx…. you clearly have issues girl! I can see why People would be deleting your comments as they definitely should be. From reading the one’s that are still left on here, they clearly have not been deleting them fast enough. I do not understand why you would say such horrible things about another human being no matter what the circumstance. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT! With that being said, the exact things you are berating Nancy Grace for, you yourself have now become! You are a filthy, loudmouth, outspoken, individual and you should not be heard any longer. If you are a mother, I feel sorry for your children. If you are not, obviously you need not be. You are not suitable mother material by any means.

CCEx on

Tayler of course the go to feel sorry for my children comment. Because what I say on some tabloid website really has bearing on my children. They’re fine, don’t worry, I put them in their crates when I’m on here. I attach water bottles because I’m a good mom.

PK on

What DOESN’T make her cry?

Denise on

I sincerely hate this bitch.

JessicaB on

interesting that SO many celebs report being near death as a result of simply being pregnan or giing birtht. don’t think i know anyone that had this experience personally. wonder why the % is so hih in hollywood(???)

CCEx on

JessicaB probably because many are of “advanced maternal age” and undergo fertility treatments. She was 48 and pregnant with twins, that’s very high risk.

Frenchie on

This woman makes money off the unfortunate losses of others. She is the Nancy DIS-GRACE!

Amelia on

Happy birthday Lucy and John!

Cindy on

Happy for Nancy. I like her concern for victims, having had a fiance murdered.

Cindy on

Happy for Nancy. I like her concern for victims.

Cassie on

How wonderful! Happy birthday, John and Lucy!

tilly on

I watched her on Anderson today. The woman never shuts up. She has an opinion of everything to the point of being rude and abrasive. Every time I see her on t.v. she talks about her twins and near death or her dead fiance. Her husband must love it. Millions of woman have had similar experiences but she seems to think she and her kids are special. I can’t look at her. Very rude to guest who don’t agree. She just has them removed or silenced. Very rude woman.

Anonymous on

JessicaB- If you have honestly never heard of anyone in “real life” who has been in a near-death situation during pregnancy and/or delivery, then you, your friends, and family are extremely lucky.

A LOT of women have complications during pregnancy and delivery, and a good number of those complications are life-threatening (HELLP syndrome, which a couple commentors on here have mentioned, is an example).

Also, Nancy didn’t “claim” she was near death simply because of being pregnant and giving birth. In other articles, it has been explained that she suffered from pulmonary edema, a life-threatening pregnancy complication (it can also occur in peole who AREN’T pregnant for various reasons).

So she was near death because of complications in her pregnancy, not because of “simply” being pregnant and giving birth.

Anyway, happy birthday to John David and Lucy!

Anonymous on

Ccrx- I’m not saying what Nancy did to that mother was right. However, to play devil’s advocate for a minute, parents ARE often responsible when a child goes missing.

I didn’t follow that particular case, but perhaps Nancy had a reason to believe that that little boy’s “dissappearence” was due to his mother having done something to him (or possibly having NOT done something to him- i.e., neglect).

Anonymous on

Just want to clarify that I don’t think what Nancy did to that boy’s mother was approprite and I’m not excusing her actions. I’m just pointing out that we shouldn’t automatically assume that she was doing it out of spite.

She may very well have been coming from a good, caring place….but just didn’t go about voicing her concerns the right way.

Lizzie on

HAPPY BIRTHDAY John David & Lucy Elizabeth!! Looking forward 2 seeing the movie!! GOD BLESS you & your Family!!

Bettina on

CCRX…This is not the way to preserve the memory of Emmet Trapp. I understand that you feel that Nancy treated your friend unfairly and you feel a lot of pain and anger because of that. You said that reading things about her gets you riled up and that is what causes you to post the comments that you post.

I don’t mean this in a mean way at all. I think that you should take the time and energy that you take reading articles and making posts about Nancy Grace and put them into preserving Emmett’s memory in a more positive way. I think if you did that it would bring you some since of peace. Although in a situation like that of the Trapp family, it will never be complete peace. My heart aches for them.

Please do not read anymore articles/posts about Nancy Grace. Avoid it completely. Preserve the precious memory of Emmett Trapp in a loving manner.

Anonymous on

wow Jennifer – do you even know who Nancy Grace is

new girl on

CCEx: I hope you feel better soon. You are very rich with vengeance for NG. Do I think NG is awesome? No…but she sure doesn’t rent that amount of space in my head for free. I am just glad she and her kids were okay. She seems like a good mom, but I don’t know her, but I can tell she is sure grateful. That’s good enough for me.

new girl on

@CCEx: you seem very angry and I think you might know that family in AZ. I don’t blame you for being so mad, but to have that much vengeance for anyone is only toxic to you, sadly. I am sorry for your GFs little one. 😦

I am just glad her kids are okay and she seems pretty grateful, so that is good enough for me. Will I watch her show(s)? No way. I am not a fan of her, either, but I don’t let her rent that much space in my head for free.

In other news, I do like your sense of humor. The kids in the crate with water..hehe.

betty on

ok, how many times do we have to hear how she and Lucy almost died in the lifetime, get over it Nancy, she is not dead , your not dead, move on , god i cannot stand this stupid women….

Angela on

After reading these comments, I no longer have to wonder why kids are bullied at school. Can you imagine the home life these kids have who have parents who say things like they say on here in the comment section? I am assuming most of you who are commenting are adults. Sad that our children have such horrible role models. Even more sad is that they are their parents. When your kids get in trouble at school then you are the first to ask why…& the answer is because you taught them well unfortunately.

Tiffany on

If you don’t like her or her show, don’t watch it! Common sense people.

Glad her and her twins are okay. HBD 🙂

lola on

Ccex……. woah, you are a true nut case! Maybe someone should put you back in your crate.

If you actually believe that law enforcement would listen to a television personality, then why wouldn’t you blame them? So this all has to do with what happened to your friend? LIAR!!! You couldn’t possibly have any friends.

Now go back in your crate and leave us nice normal people to enjoy our wonderful day without a freak like you. Get a little mental help. You could make a therapist a very wealthy person.

dudette on

Forget to take your Prozac today, CCEx?

TheNiteNurse on

Nancy you chose to have babies when you were almost 50. Using no doubt fertility drugs. You risked your life and the lives of two babies who could have died or had severe health problems because you were a high risk pregnancy. You were selfish and very very lucky.

Kris on

Congrats Nancy Grace!God bless you and your family.

CCEx on

Ya ya I’m crazy. Whatever. Clearly I’m not the only one who has noticed her penchant for assaulting her guests. She’s a judgemental self righteous tool.

Oh and thanks for the advice randoms, but I’ll continue to read whatever I like and react how I’d like.

See ya.

Gemstone on

Jennifer…why so much hatred? She’s talking about her children. I hope you find peace within yourself. You’re wasting too much negative emotions.

Anonymous on

This woman has a heart of gold!!! people shouldn’t talk about her in evil ways… She does a lot of good by getting the word out on missing children….We need her and her show people!…

Anonymous on

We need you Nancy and you show!!!!! thanks for helping to get the word out on all the missing children! Happy Birthday to the twins!

Anonymous on


laylaf13 on

Another celeb that won’t tell the truth about their fertility issues, she no doubt used donor eggs but when asked blew up at the person asking her and yet she wants to talk about the pregnancy, the kids all the time well then be prepared to be asked! She is also very self serving and down right mean at times to people who have not been convicted of anything including other parents. The vast majority of fertility clinics will not even take a pt much past 43 with their own eggs because they know the chances they will conceive and have a health baby are practically 0, and yet these celebrities all want us to believe they have no expiration date on their eggs like mere mortals. They just have buckets of cash that is the difference.

Jester on

Nancy Grace is so far over the top and dramatic. Talk about somebody who can turn the crocodile tears on and off in an instant. However; I am glad that she and her family are well.

Anonymous on

Nancy Grace is a self-absorbed, uptight witch. She only cares about ratings. She makes my skin crawl. If I see her on TV I change the channel, she makes me sick! I stopped watching DWTS the season she was on it. She’s so nasty!

TheNiteNurse on

CCEx aka Mr. Nancy Grace.

Faye on

She was crying because it’s a wonder she’s still alive… Too old to be a mother to kids that young…I wish old people with little kids woulda had kids when they were less self absorbed in the early years!!! It just shows desperation of not getting old!!

JL Miller on

Jennifer, what a horrific thing to say. You need to grow up and show compassion for others.

meghan on

The fact that she has so many people snowed into believing that she cares about victims is laughable. She cares about ratings and money and being right–even when she has been proven wrong. She covers the cases that will get her the highest rating and turns her crocodile tears on and off at will. She makes me sick and her fans make me sad.

Michelle on

Nancy is not rude just blunt, it is awesome for me to see someone who will find and tell the truth, since the lies have become what this country is based on. So happy for her that she and her kiddos are healthy and going strong! For all the ones who get pissed off … It is better than being pissed on! Congrats Nancy and happy birthday to the twins ! 😉

Nicole on

Wow, there’s some really sick people in this world. Whether you have freedom of speech or not there are some things that shouldn’t be said. Nobody should wish someone else dead, that’s cowardly. She has two beautiful children and is obviously a great mother who appreciates her miracle, it’s as simple as that. Maybe those who have nothing nice to say shouldn’t say anything at all, and take a look in the mirror because you’re no better than anyone else.

ClaireSamsmom on

So glad that her twins are healthy and thriving. I’m sure she is emotional looking back at how far they’ve come!

Anonymous on

She is such an evil bitch. She always brings her kids into every story and her ex into every story.

Anonymous on

Not my favorite televison personality by any means, though I did like her in Raising Hope. I don’t know this woman as a person, and I would never want to. That being said, I’m happy that she and her children made it. No one should knock this woman about her family and her struggle just because you may not like her. It’s not Ms. Grace that is sending this world to hell in a hand basket, it’s the intollerance of people. Feel how you want to feel. That’s your right as a person. Hell, say what you want to say, that’s your right too. But be mindful. What comes out of a person’s mouth has the abliity to make them look like a real asshole. What’s that saying every mother spouts, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

Leecee on

UGH!!! ENOUGH of Nancy!! I use to like her but not now! I’m glad her kids are okay. I saw her on Anderson the other day and she kept talking and talking. Anderson would start talking and Nancy would interrupt him, talking over him which I thought was RUDE!! She is a loudmouth!!

CCEx…I’m sorry she did that to your friend.

The more I watch Nancy, I think she does that to others as well.

imani on

Wow can’t believe the twins are five. It seems like yesterday that Nancy was pregnant. They are so sweet. I wonder what school they will attend in NYC. Hopefully not with Suri Holmes she is sort of spoiled.

Kathy M on

I used to faithfully watch Nancy ‘s show since the beginning and I really liked her.I bought her books and I truly believed that she cared about people,but after awile I could see she didnt.She has changed or maybe she had us fooled. Her being rude to her guest is all part of the game. Sometimes they have to keep from laughing.So I decided to quit watching her.Thats all she cares about are her ratings and I know alot of people feel the same way.

lady truck driver on

Like the CB Radio: if you DONT LIKE wwhat you hear..TURN IT OFF! DUHHH!? The JOY of the Blessing of children in your at ANY age brings tears to any loving parent! (I have 3).Congratulations Nancy, husband, Lucy & John! ~~~Like Wrestling, Bubba and many others >> Sensational, Ratings-grabbing SHOW. Love it..or leave it. ‘500’ other channels..just tap the remote button.Duhhh~~!? Love u Nancy! Cyberhugs! (Former Police Officer).

Dean463 on

Nancy Grace is an very annoying person. WOW i cant believe the dullards who support her. She acts like shes the only one on earth who has ever had kids. She should have remained the old spinster that she really is.

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