Halle Berry: Nahla Prays Every Night for a Sibling

11/01/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

Halle Berry: Nahla Prays Every Night for a Sibling
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What do you give to a woman who has everything? Just ask Halle Berry.

The actress, 46, says having another child would make her daughter’s dreams come true.

“Every night, we do our prayers,” Berry says Thursday on The Wendy Williams Show, of herself and 4½-year-old Nahla Ariela.

“We pray to God, so sweet. She says, ‘God, please bring me a bunk bed and a baby sister.’ And I say, ‘I can do one of those things, I know for sure. The other one, we’ve got to keep praying on.’ What do you say to her when she wants that and can’t understand why God’s taken so long?”

Berry, who doesn’t elaborate on whether or not she plans to have more children, says she’s grateful she had Nahla at a later stage in life.

“I’m a much better mother at 46 — or 41, when I had her — than if I were like 21 or 25,” she explains. “I mean I was just a little baby just trying to figure it out — trying to figure out who I was, let alone having the responsibility of trying to help another little soul develop and grow. I’m so glad I waited.”

Berry acknowledges that the career she signed up for involves being scrutinized by the media, but she doesn’t believe Nahla should be affected by it.

“She’s just a little kid, and I just want her to be a little kid, and have normalcy and be like everybody else,” Berry says. “As her mom, that’s my job — to provide her with that, you know? It’s frustrating when you feel like you can’t.”

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Reesca on

I hope she doesn’t have another child with her current flavor, because it won’t be long before she turns psycho on him and tries to strip all of his parental rights as well. Nothing like making sure your child(ren) have a healthy relationship with both parents!

CJ on

That was harsh. No one knows the surrounding circumstances regarding her family. We shouldn’t judge. Pray…that she’s guided to so what’s right for her family and her child.

Ivey on

Maybe her Dad, can give her a sibling.

Names4Real on

Oh, Nahla is so sweet. I wonder if she’ll have another.

Katie on

What she did to Nahla’s dad Gabriel was a horrible thing!!! You always saw him photographed holding his little girl or holding her hand. He expressed wanting more children with Berry. I feel bad for Gabriel and Nahla. Never break a bond between a parent and their child. She is pure evil, Halle is!

meghan on

She’s 46. Good luck with that Nahla. She’d be better off with Gabriel giving her a sib. Of course Halle likes to act like he doesn’t exist.

kpmonkeymommy on

you tell your child that God hears all prayers and answers all prayers, but that sometimes, the answer is no, or “not yet”, or even “maybe…. that even God can’t say yes to EVERYTHING.

Fatima on

Maybe She Will Adopt

fanofboardwalkempire on

I think we should give Nayla a baby sister- go for it Halle!

guest on

Well, maybe Hale can explain her daughter that god is busy watching american sports and politics, he’s even too busy with all that small insignificant business to help starving and suffering people in poor countries.

.... on

yeah somehow I just dont think this is gonna happen…

Ladies on

That is cold to say. You only know what the media tells you. You don’t know what actually went on her relationship that little girl’s father. And who the heck are you to be judging that woman. You’re not GOD. Stop believing everything the media tells you. They lie all the time.

Beth on

Why not adopt?

Chi on

Hater. You don’t even know the situation.

Sweetly on

Halle is crazy. No doubt.

s on

I do not understand of how she wants to keep her life private and talking about moving where her daughter will have a normal life then she is in the spot lighting talking about something personal makes no sense. I wish her the best and I do hope her daughter gets a sibling!!

Im Jus saying on

Reesca you don’t know anything. You only know what the media tells you. So you should keep your mouth shut about other peoples business.

andante on

Why is she doing that to that child, fostering superstitions like that? It’s so cruel and backward! Jeez. Babies/siblings don’t come from god, they come from adoption agencies, foster homes, or uteruses. If she wants another kid, she can adopt one the same age as Nahla. How horrifying that she prays with her every night, that is really offensive! Why would she “pray” with her daughter, and why does she think it’s “sweet”? She could try infant sacrifices, those would be sweet too. UGH!

WiddoMouse on

At age 46 the chances are getting slim. How about adopting?

Holiday on

Thats why I feel bad for only children. How sad to grow up with no sibling.

jones on

Here’s the thing about Halle. She has been married and divorced twice and has had several other relationships fail. At best, she has bad taste in men and chooses poorly. At worst, she is the problem in her relationships. Either way she really should not add another child to that mix.

Laura Estrada on

Honey hold on to your prayers the Lord has His reasons why it would or would not happen ..never the less you have nala and many grandchildrens so that I am sure will make up for you babies and they are awesome you loved them even more never the less you love them the same so …Hold on to your prayers ..He hears you all the time…Be blessed you and your family

Laura Estrada on

we make mistakes in our lives but rest assure we learn from them and I don’t think he would stoop that low to take her away … Halle Berry will never let that happen Nala is her life ..

Carolyn on

Holiday–my son is an only child and has never wanted a sibling.

Rather than being sad he is an extremely gregarious and happy young man with many friends and 26 first cousins.

Laura Estrada on

What business is to anyone whether she has a baby or not ..stop pounding maybe it will happen …I care about her she is a great actress …and Let go and Let God ….You go Halle keep doing what you are doing there are a lot of haters that wish they were you …..Take Care …Love you and baby girl

S. Miller on

So now she is crazy? Wow, so glad to know regular everyday people know her business so well. To the person saying they are offended because she prays with her daughter…how bloody dare you! If you don’t believe in praying or God or anything else, you can deal with it because there ARE people who believe in God and a higher being than you piss ants! If anyone ever dares tell me they are offended to my face because I believe in God and also pray, they will get a smack down like they have never seen! i don’t care if you think it’s a Christian way of handling things or not, I will stand behind my beliefs just like everyone else!

Anonymous on

Amen sister!!

Bored on

What for?? so she can use her too, I used to like Halle but after all this shit she has done to her baby daddy, I don’t like her so much anymore. She is a selfish individual who doesn’t consider what is best for her child, she should be grateful her ex is a good father and let him be a father because at the end of the day a child needs both parents to be on the same page. I totally dislike her now.

AC on

Ha! This lady is still trying to figure it out. Wonder how long it will be before she’s on to the next man.

Anonymous on

lets just hope the ex has the kid, no her

Jester on

Halle, although still a classic beauty, you are too old to have another baby, so why not adopt and spoil your child. You know you want to. LMAO! I like how she justifies being glad that she’s an older mother. Maybe she should just say that she couldn’t keep a man until recently, but then again it’s still early. This guy will leave her soon too.

Bigdede on

This crazy woman should not have another child. Any woman who would try to take their child away from the child’s father does not deserve another child. Halle was on Oprah saying how great Gabriel was then after she meets another man, now all of a sudden Gabriel is a racist, abusive, bla bla bla. She is a horrible woman. Thank goodness her latest movie was a big fail. I so feel for Nahlia. Halle grew up without her father and it seems she wants that life for her daughter also.

Anonymous on

Why would you at People support web exposure at
‘MadameNoire’ for such a biased and stupid article.
This is more trashy than any gossip magazine. Goodbye
to you.

Guest on

Just make sure the next baby-daddy isn’t a child-abuser/maid-beater/money-grubber like Gabriel

Anonymous on

CJ and Ladies- I agree completely! Frankly I’m not too impressed with Halle after what I’ve heard about her lately either, but the fact of the matter is that we don’t know what really went on during Halle and Gabriel’s relationship, or what kind of parent each of them is, and we probably never will. What the media tells us is usually only a very small percentage of the truth.

That being said, my personal opinion of the situation (going from the little we DO know about it), is that BOTH Halle and Gabriel have issues they need to work on in order to succesfully co-parent together and be better parents to Nahla.

And as for Nahla getting a sibling, I have a feeling Gabriel might give her one, since he talked about wanting to have more children and how he felt it was important for Nahla to have a sibling a few years back. 🙂

Also, I hope Halle realizes that her odds of having another child are probably slim to nil, considering the fact that she’s 46, has indicated several times that she had a very difficult time concieving Nahla, AND she’s diabetic (which, from what I’ve read, makes fertilty treatments- which Halle would probably need in order to concieve at her age- extremely risky as the hormones involved tend to mess with sugar levels).

Anonymous on

Guest- You don’t know that he’s any of those things. Just because the media and Halle claim he is doesn’t make it so! I’m not saying he’s a saint or anything. As I said in my last post, I actually do think that he, like Halle, has issues he needs to work on.

However, I also don’t think he’s nearly as bad as the media portrays him. If he was, then Nahla wouldn’t be looking at her daddy as though he hung the moon in practically every picture we see of him! 😉

Elise on

@Holiday – I’m an only child. I’m 26 years old and have never, ever wanted a sibling. I had a great, happy upbringing. Don’t feel sorry for me.

francesca on

This child needs therapy

Rhonda on

Andante I am going to pray for you whether you believe in God or not.

KR on

Nahla don’t waste your time praying. Mommy is too old to have a baby. Even if she wasn’t she would probably accuse the daddy of abusing the kid so she could have it all to herself. On second thought, Nahla, you need to pray for your crazy mommy.

Marky on

I was involved in this field for quite awhile, and to be truthful, once all the workers involved state there is no case, the judge says there’s no case, there’s no case against the father. I have literally seen this happen before with women who want to believe the child belongs only to the mother. They want the money, etc, but they try to keep the child from the father, even if he is a very good father. There was one mother who even accused the father of sexual abuse for using medication on a diaper rash which occurred under the mother’s care! The father had fortunately protected himself against another round of accusations by having witnesses with him the whole time he had visitation. We were all just shaking our heads after 4 years of this crap, and the judge finally nearly threw the mother in jail for false accusation. By that time the child was a mess. This is a sad situation, and Gabriel doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. He has kept his mouth shut, but too bad the judge doesn’t just give him custody. He got used, just like everyone eventually does, by Halle. I used to respect her until this custody thing…no more.

lynni on

She’s 46. No so young anymore.

LInda on

I am sure her daddy can give her a sibling. I think that Halle has more on her plate than she can handle. Being vindictive towards the father of your children…well…probably shouldn’t have another.

Vanessa on

Pay no mind to Holiday. She’s a boy hater who “feels sorry” for everyone whose family makeup isn’t the same as hers. If anyone needs to be felt sorry for it’s her son.

valeskas on

Used to love Halle, after she tried to take away Nahla’s dads rights not so much. A child needs their real father. Gabriel was always out with the little one and I can only say, the way Halle behaved towards him, makes me believe something is wrong with her or she is only a very hateful person.

Dee on

Hmmm…a child Nahla’s age probably doesn’t KNOW what she is missing and wouldn’t know to pray for it unless someone was constantly talking about it around her…or Halle is lying…I am no fan of Halle(think she is a TERRIBLE actress)…but she should have thought about the type of life she would be subjecting her child to a long time ago…taking her to a new country (i.e. taking her away from her dad) is cruel and selfish…she made her bed, now she has to deal with the consequences…Gabriel isn’t going anywhere

yapaa on

I think she will adopt

Shell on

Wow. People really can be judgmental. No one knows her personally, they’re just going by media accounts. As far as that thing with her ex, there are 3 sides to a story: her side, his side and the truth. And I really believe that if this was a story about Jennifer Anniston, very few people here would have anything negative to say about the perfect little blue-eyed blond. Pretty transparent…

Faye on

Her ex called her the “N” word… Where in from, that is a dealbreaker!!’

Sandy on

I would ask Gabriel if he would be willing to provide the sperm for invitro so the baby would be an actual sibling.

Brooke on

She accused Gabriel of ABUSING Nahla….Never forget that. It came out in the court and was dismissed as no evidence. I lost all respect for her during that court case. Team Gabriel here…

Hea on

I guess Halle was one of those who grow up and mature late in life if she was a baby at 21.

laylaf13 on

What is her issue? She was extremely fortunate to have her daughter at that age? She wants everyone out of her daughter’s life (press, etc) when she wants and then she wants to make these type of announcements and talk about her when she chooses. The way she treated her daughter’s father, sorry not a fan of hers, and her daughter will grow up and read about that period of time where Halle was accusing him of everything from racism to abuse and giving interviews insisting her daughter is ‘black’ because ‘I am her mother and I am black’? Your daughter is 1/4th black, if that and why is that so important to you if you looked for a sperm donor the whitest white man you could find?
if God had anything to do with who has children you would not have been at the top of his list.

Get real on

Get real, this was a win win situation for all involved; she got her kid and this gold digger gets his monthly checks. I feel she does want the kid all to herself, the same way he does for a check. While she was going to court to strip him of his parental rights, he was going to get more money from her. Neither parent is innocent and both have made disgusting actions regarding their child.

Cara on

She is 46, hellooooo ……… maybe that has something to do with ‘how long it is taking ‘God’ to give her another baby ! Why do none of these middle aged stars ever admit that they are likely too old to conceive naturally.