Jennie Finch Still Undecided on Daughter’s Name

10/31/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Jennie Finch Still Undecided on Daughter's Name
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For the first time, Jennie Finch is caught playing the name game.

But despite some indecisiveness on her choice for her third child — a girl due in January — the former Olympic softball star hit home runs when it came to naming sons Ace Shane and Diesel Dean — an accomplishment which she happily credits to Casey Daigle.

“My husband and I had just started dating and he was like, ‘Hey, I have to run something by you. I always told myself that my first boy would be named Ace, so I just want to make sure if this all works out, you’d be okay with Ace,'” Finch, 32, tells PEOPLE during a recent visit to the office.

“I was like, ‘Where did that come from?!’ In some ways it was super cute because he was already thinking down the road.”

An instant fan of Daigle’s choice, the couple were delighted to discover their first child would indeed be a baby boy. “Us both being pitchers, from [his] standpoint, Ace is the best of everything,” Finch says.

And when she learned they would be welcoming a second son a few years later, the proud parents turned to another all-time favorite.

We liked Diesel when I was pregnant with Ace. We knew we liked those two names, but obviously our first was going to be Ace,” she recalls. “So we were like, ‘All right, he’s going to be Diesel.'”

The final decision on what they will be calling their daughter, however, has not been so easy. With “a couple” possibilities in mind, Finch reveals she is leaning toward the more traditional route the third time around.

“Everyone is expecting something crazy and outrageous with having Ace and Diesel, but we’re not sure,” she explains. “[One option’s] a really sweet Southern name that we might end up with. That’s kind of in the lead right now, but we haven’t decided completely yet.”

Taking a break from baby names, Finch — who visited PEOPLE with Chobani Champions — has focused her attention on Halloween — including the tedious task of keeping 15-month-old Diesel outfitted for the night.

“He could care less. I’m just worried about trying to get a costume on him and it staying on him,” she says with a laugh. “Diesel loves Mickey Mouse so I’m trying to search for a cute little Mickey Mouse costume for him. I’m worried about the ears — I don’t think they’re going to stay on!”

As for 6-year-old Ace, it’s back to the drawing board after a failed attempt at joining forces and morphing into a Power Ranger alongside his baby brother. “We went out and got [Ace]’s Power Ranger costume and I got Diesel a little matching one,” she says.

“It was a little short and he was not so much a fan of it so now we’re in the shopping range.”

— Anya Leon

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Adrienne on

Diesel Dean Daigle?

Yep, that’s an accomplishment all right!

I wouldn’t want to take credit for that either…

Do you think they ever said it out loud before writing it on the certificate?

Michelle on

I looked on Baby Center Name Finder and the suggested sibling names are:

For Ace –

Ava, Olivia, Alyssa, Addison, Aviana, Allie, Jaiden, Aubree, Summer, Kaylee, Rayley, Savannah,

For Diesel –

Ava, Anisa

Marky on

Love Jennie Finch and have for the last 10 years! She’s a fantastic role model, and adorable pitcher. Everyone gets to name their own children; maybe we wouldn’t like you children’s names, Adrienne, or maybe we would. I’m sure they thought about his name before they put it on the BC. Whatever…….

Adrienne on

Maybe you wouldn’t!

And that would be ok.

It’s called having an opinion.

If I gave an interview for an online magazine about how I chose my son’s names, then I would also be open to others’ opinions. I think that name is clunky – it sounds awful. How fabulous the parents are as people has nothing to do with it.

Not liking the name someone chose for their child is not equivalent to saying that they’re not a good role model or pitcher 🙂

alicia on

Ugh what awful names….

Anonymous on

I can’t wait to hear the name they chose for their daughter!

e on

i think a good name for a girl would be diamond like in baseball diamond for the sport that both the parents share

Lauren on

Yes let them name her diamond. She’ll have a great career as a stripper.

Jess on

LOL that’s exactly what I was thinking Lauren.

Brooke on

“Sweet Southern Name”??? Hmmmmm

Dixie, Arabella, Georgia….any others?

Jill on

Great idea e. Diamond Dazzle Daigle. Love it.

kh in sj on

Lol!! Make it happen Jill! That’s awesome! 😉

Mina on

Michelle, I was thinking Savannah too!

KRS on

It would be an interesting experiment if anybody offering a negative or critical “opinion” (that nobody asked for, btw) had to offer up their names and/or their kids names to be subjected to the same scrutiny. It would probably help to cut down on some of the crap.

J-Nelle on

How about Daisy Bagel? Daisy Bagel Daigle!

Rebekah on

Sorry, but I am just not a huge fan of either of her sons’ names. Ace may be cute for a nickname, but he will spend his whole life explaining that it isn’t a nickname. Diesel? Why would you name your kid after gasoline? Seems like you are just setting your kids up to be teased to the hilt! I sure hope they do better with naming a daughter!

Eri on

Did you even bother to think that the name “Diesel” gasoline might of been someone’s name or maybe last name? so technically the gasoline was named after somebody.

A on

How about Finch? Kind of different like Ace and Diesel but not too crazy or outrageous. It would be nice to be named after her mom and her dad and finch is the name of a bird which is kind of sweet. Maybe the middle name could be after a favorite family member. I love family names. They are very special and have a lot meaning and significance.

Becky on

I like the name Ace and Diesel..I even like Dean, just not with Diesel..I have noticed a lot of people are naming their girls Pearl, so maybe they’ll name her Savannah Pearl Daigle..

teresa on

She gave her sons dogs names, I hope she gives her little girl a real name.

Chi on

OMG to all you people criticizing her name choice shut up. Good grief. She could’ve picked way worse names, I personally know more than one person named Ace and Diesel so what’s the big deal?

We all name our children what we choose to name them. I personally was given a unique name and therefore I chose to give my children names that were not unique, but then again that could be considered boring. To each their own! Can’t stand the negativity among women!

Congratulations Jennie and Casey on your third child.

anonymous on

I am still amazed that people named their child Rebekah with a ‘K’. Didn’t they think about how that child would be teased? poor kid most likely grew up to be a nasty person. Shame on her parents.

Guest on

Rebekah with a “k” is the Jewish version.

Taraakapinky on

What on earth is wrong with the name Rebekah?!

Michelle on

I would go with January for the girls name…

chief5675 on

People can be so cruel to their kids with names- look at williard- he won’t even use it. She can call the next kid Three.

KS on

How about don’t run the article until you can give us the information, People! I could have saved a few minutes and just read the headline with this one…how dumb!

Jennifer Coombes on

Ace…okay, not too out there. But diesel? Naming your sweet little baby after a smelly fuel? Also, it rhymes with “weasel.” What are you going to name your daughter? Tree stump? Work boot?

Kim on

Ace and Diesel? Ummm-k. I know someone with a dog named Diesel. Maybe they’ll name their daughter Spot.

writerinresidence on

She should name her Finch.

Chris on

With a name like Ace, will he be allowed to follow his own path, or feel he must be a pitcher? And what if he’s anything but an “ace” at it? (which would be taking after his dad, not his mom.) And I cannot say “Diesel Dean Daigle” with anything but a redneck twang.

Rachel on

Are you kidding me!?!? I just had my second child and with both he and his sister their dad and I argued about their names before deciding the day before each came home from the hospital. To add further complication my husband is calling our son by his middle name, his choice, while I am calling him by his first name, my choice. So I think picking a name several months in advance would be a miracle .

kh in sj on

Wow Rachel. You and baby daddy need to get your s**t together.

pbryan on

I also like the name Finch for the girl, Finch Alyviah Daigle is cute or spelled Fynch

Poppy on

I think it’s safe to say it probably won’t be Mary.

Yesman on

Adrienne – right you are. I think someone (KRS) has missed the whole point in having a “comment” section! Yes – I believe that it is offered to ask readers to give their “opinion.” Good grief! It would be a very boring comment board if everyone agreed with one another & we couldn’t witness individuals such as yourself who get so riled up about it.

Deena on

Those are awful names, and she can’t name her “daughter” because she doesn’t have a daughter, she has only a fetus (or, more likely, an embryo). It’s creepy to name an organism before it’s born! Jeez. Wait until it’s a person, until you see it and hear it and have a sense of it. Let the baby tell you her name!

Hey, it’s what I did….I didn’t know what sex my child was when it came out (preferred not to)…..and later as I got to know him, certain names seemed right. I like how First Americans waited (wait?) a year to name a child.

and I’m with Adrienne, I think Diesel Dean Daigle is an abomination; I hope the kid sues when he’s of age. Fortunately, changing one’s name is very simple!

Anonymous on

Ace…no. Diesel…wow.

GL to baby girl. Charlotte & Savannah are ok.

Andrea on

Here’s a few to consider:
Fiona Elizabeth
Genevieve Michelle
Sophia Abigail
Ava Olivia
Whatever you pick will be great. Have fun and get creative!!! :0)

Emmy on

I can’t wait to hear what she names her daughter. I am sure it will worthy of a stripper pole.

Jester on

I completely understand why it is taking her awhile to come up with a name. Stupid and embarassing names don’t just pop out of your head.

Kayls on

Hahahahaha that was great Jester.

KRS on

Yes man, comments are great! Maybe some congratulations, or even some suggestions for names. But insults or rude remarks – disguised as an opinion? For real? You seem new here, maybe haven’t seen some of the ugliness on some of the other threads. I think a general rule is…if you wouldn’t say it right to the person, why on earth do you think it’s ok just because you’re “anonymous”? But hey, as long as you’re entertained, I guess!

Maggie on

My oldest and youngest have traditional names, my middle son’s name is Maximus. No one in my family liked it at first, they all hated it, especially my grandmother, however once I told her the meaning behind his first and middle name combined she liked it, and the rest of the family came around to it as well.

Brooke on

Brooke! , you should name your daughter Brooke.

anaccidentalvegetarian on

Ace & Diesel? Sounds like names for puppies!

Anonymous on

people need to stop being rude. it is not your kid so yo have no say. if you don’t like the names don’t say anything at all. Did you ever think that people might not like your name or your childrens?

JessicaB on

woman’s softball is in the olympics?

Cindy on

If she wants to go “literary”, and use her maiden name, she could name the baby JeanLouise Finch and call her “Scout” as a nickname 😀

davecat on

If you can’t say something nice……

davecat on

@taraakapinky, it was a sarcastic response to an ugly comment. A very funny one, in my opinion.

bertha gross on

Esabelle (Bella)

Anonymous on

Rebekah with a “K” is the Biblical version and it doesn’t really create a problem at all for my daughter!

deb on


AMC on

Diesel Daigle??? Are you kidding me??? smh….

LHR on

I have to say I am kind of shocked by how many rude and disrespectful comments there are. Both of her children have normal middle names that are completely respectable to go by should they choose to do so…..and for all we know they just might!

Just because they choose to give their kids original names is their preference. We should not judge because realistically, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, we end up remembering these kids names and therefore remembering their parents. Maybe there is a method to the madness. Think about the children named Pilot Inspector, Zuma, Apple, Rumer, Scout, Tallulah….amongst other equally “hand picked” names. I would wager that 70% of the people reading the boards know exactly what celebrity these children belong to without even giving a last name. Children are a parents legacy. So is it selfish that these people might be doing this….yes, because well just look at the name. Is it any of our damn business what they name their own kids….nope! (and before anyone tries to rage the war on me yes I have a child and no he does not have some crazy name).

For all we know, they could read these posts. Highly unlikely, but it is possible. Having your own thoughts and opinions are great but if you can’t put something nice out don’t say it.

I say congratulations to the parents and big brothers. I wish her an easy delivery, smooth recovery, and whatever they choose to name their daughter will be perfect…for them!

Sevilla on

How about Gasolina or Pitcherita?

Rad79 on

I just don’t get it. I just don’t understand how parents can give their kids names like that. Not only do the kids have to deal with it, but it reflects poorly on the parents. If a woman introduced her kids Ace and Diesel to me I would instantly think she is white trash. Let’s hope she doesn’t pick a stripper name for her daughter. Charlotte or Savannah would be lovely.

Rolling at the comment about Rebekah with a K. People really need to start educating themselves more.

lynn on

Sorry, but IMO those boy names are pretty bad. Silly parents don’t realize what kids with crazy names will go through.

Marky on

I had a guy friend who knew from the time he was a teenager that if he ever had a son he wanted to name a certain name, and when he began to date his future wife, that was one of the first things he told her. Sure enough, when their son was born, that was what he was named. I darn sure knew my first son would be named after my amazing father, and it was a great decision. People who want to ridicule others choices of names, are beyond rude, and egotistical, if they think they can better name Jennie’s children than Jennie and Casey can. I volunteer in elementary schools, and I have to say, many children have odd names, and “traditional” names are out of fashion when many of the children are from other cultures and countries. Where do you people live, anyway? Podunk, South Carolina, where everyone has stayed for 19 generations, are all the same color and nationality? What a small little world you live in, to make fun of children’s names. SMH

ceeli on

Evangeline Kae Daigle
Cassidee Raine Daigle
Leah Caroline Daigle
Eva Abbigail Daigle

Just asking on

Is Diesel Dean the guy who sells gasoline?

sally on

Oh my gosh! Really? Maybe she should be worried if the child has been her a month or 2 and no name! This is a stupid article!



Morgan Olivia
Ariannha Casey
Fynch Lyn

gigi on

I don’t like the names either…but that’s my opinion. I agree they sound like dog names/nicknames. But to each their own…how wonderful they are adding a little girl to their family…even though I have no clue who they are! And shame on People for running this story…wait till the kids born and u can run the full story.

jnick on

I really like both the boys names. Each have special meaning and are yet creative… With all of the Sophia’s and Graces and Jaidens and Aidens in classrooms nowadays having names that stand out are important. I always hated having the same name as people and instead of being called by my first name only I had to add my first letter of my last name in there as well. So what be mad who cares if you do not like her kids names at least she was original and cared enough to not name them something like everyone else. Get off your high horses already.. these are not your children they are hers and she can name them what she wants to and does not deserved to be criticized by people that have no sense of respect.

Lindsey on

Fergie is a good name, Jennie. Do you like that name? Yes? See– deciding wasn’t easy. Oh, how about Fergie Louisia for a middle name. I’m 13 and I’ve always liked the name Fergie.