Lisa Loeb: My Not-So-Cute Costume Idea for My Kids

10/31/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Lisa Loeb: My Not-So-Cute Costume Idea for My Kids
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All of Lisa Loeb‘s hard work to prepare her daughter for a baby brother has paid off.

Since welcoming son Emet Kuli in June, 2½-year-old Lyla Rose has proudly stepped into her latest role as big sister.

“She’s really interacting with him well,” the musician tells PEOPLE. “She loves him so much and is really kind and sweet with him and likes to talk to him.”

And what better way to display their blossoming bond than matching Halloween costumes; Loeb has been looking to a favorite children’s book for a bit of inspiration.

“We were thinking of Harold and the Purple Crayon. The baby could be Harold and my daughter could be the purple crayon because she loves the color purple,” she explains. “But it’s not really a very cute costume. It’s just … a purple crayon.”

But her costume conundrum is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to parenting challenges.

“As a mom it’s been interesting transitioning from having one kid to having two kids,” she shares while visiting the PEOPLE offices to promote her eyewear line. “Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it [then] having another baby, [and now] I’m still getting the hang of it.”

Her greatest battle has been the never-ending balancing act between her career and her kids — a topic of conversation she continues to engage fellow moms in.

“Luckily, I have a pretty flexible schedule so I have a lot of leeway, but it’s been really interesting trying to figure out the balance,” Loeb, 44, says.

“I wrote about that a lot in [my] blog because I really do want people to give me advice on how to make it work.”

— Anya Leon

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Jennifer on

Good luck to Lisa!!! My brother and his wife just had their second child less than a week and a half ago.

Suzanne Muir on

OMG. These celebs and their baby dramas and all of their drama filled blogs. Blah, blah, blah. Like they’re the only ones who have ever experienced any of these challenges. Man, what did millions upon millions of moms do before the days of AAM (all about me).

Taraakapinky on

They were asked to blog about their lives and she’s asking for advice. What more do you want from her?! She’s not saying she knows it all, she’s being honest and saying she’s struggling. I was really impressed with this entry.

Laurie on

Why do people feel the need to say something negative about these blogs? I am not a mother, but have been enjoying several blogs. Lisa, you keep up the blog, and congratulations on your new addition!

Holiday on

My son will be 7 next month and my daughter is 2 years 5 months and I STILL feel like I am adjusting to two kids. Finding a balance to meet the needs who are two different stages can be difficult.

Megan on

^ This isn’t one of her written blog entries though – looks like she stopped by the office for an interview.

But agree – I like when celebs admit that everything isn’t perfect and parenting has its difficult moments.

Anonymous on

Parenting is difficult and just when you start to understand the little person in your life and their quirks and needs along comes another to throw the mix off and a new set of standards has to be developed to make both little people and adults run smoothly. And I understand what she is saying, tryig to make certain she is bringing up her children to be healthy, fulfilled, self assured adults who are contributors to society does take thought and effort. Unlike some who criticize as baby dramas we as parents should be supportive of caring parents who are admitting they do not have all the answers but are just like others who just need to know that what they are doing is not going to damage their children’s future potential.

Tammy on

I found I had a harder time adjusting from having one child to two children than I did adjusting to #3 & 4. It does get easier as they get older, so hang in there Ms. Loeb.

Anonymous on

Suzanne Muir- Why do I get the feeling that if Lisa’s blogs were filled with her thoughts about how “perfect” her kids and life were, you’d be bashing her for that, too?!

That being said, I disagree with Lisa that a crayon costume is not cute. I gave candy to a very cute green crayon tonight. 🙂

Anonymous on

Oh, and Lisa, if you’re reading this, I hope you eventually share with us what your kids DID end up being for Halloween! 🙂