The Simpson-Johnsons: Trick or Treat

10/31/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Zac Hanson: Our Sons May Be a Future Boy Band

Happy Halloween from the Simpson-Johnsons!

Jessica Simpson shared a photo of her little treat, 6-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew, dressed up as a chicken on her website Wednesday.

Also getting in on the holiday fun? The Fashion Star mentor’s fiancΓ© Eric JohnsonΒ as a convincing William Wallace of Braveheart.

Meanwhile, Simpson, 32, showed a slimmed-down shape in her own cinched-waist costume — a far cry from last year’s pregnancy-confirming mummy outfit.

“She’s going on with everything,” a source recently told PEOPLE of Simpson’s state of mind after her parents’ split. “She’s sad, but she’s okay.”

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Reesca on

I think she looks fantastic! And Eric looks a lot like Dean McDermott in this photo. How funny.

Chica on

SO much like Dean McDermott!!

Jessica on

I agree Reesca! Jessica looks AWESOME. Way to go girl. And baby Maxwell is a cute little chicken.

laurie on

I thought that was Dean McDermott until i read the article.

Lori on

Jessica is rockin’ that outfit – she looks great! I love the chicken outfit, too. Cute family picture!

michelle on

She looks great and so does her family happy halloween

Jennifer on

She looks AMAZING.

Lauren on

Jessica really looks good! Can really see weight loss in her face!..

Sabrina on

WOW She looks great!! Go JESS!! She lost a ton of weight!! Her baby is adorable… Sad to hear about her parents.

marie on

aww how cute is that little chicken! parents look great too! wonderful!

Lisa B on

Cute pic. πŸ™‚

Jester on

Wow! What an adorable chicken costume and Jess looks fabulosa! I agree with the poster who thought it was Dean. I did, too.

Jo on

Babies dressed as animals are always adorable

Carol on

She looks amazing way to go Jess….

Dany on

She looks great…but what is she?? A Pirate? A Scottish Slut?? I can’t tell….

Janice on

They are so cute! Jessica looks great — love the picture. Maxwell is getting so big! Thanks for sharing.

Frances on

Awww little Maxwell

Brooke on

She looks fantastic. And Baby Maxwell is adorable.

al on

Great family/Halloween pic!! Jessica looks fantastic!

Anonymous on

She looks fantastic, but seriously – I love how the photo is about her baby dressing up and there she is vamping it up…come on. I love Jessica Simpson, but this comes off and a photo op to me for herself.

Dee on

Yeah for a minute I thought she was promoting an up and coming wife swap with Tori Spelling. He does look like Dean. Jessica looks great. Her daughter is so cute. Sorry to hear about her parents.

ileana on

They all look great.

Aly on

Cute picture, but I thought Eric was Kato Kaelin!

Nikita on

It’s nice to see nice comments on here for once. Cut pic! That baby is to die for adorable!!!! Those lips! Omg πŸ˜‰

nat on

She looks AMAZING!!!! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous on

She looks awesome! Go girl!

Anonymous on

Jessica looks awesome! WTG ! I also thought it was Dean McDermott & thought ‘why is he with Jessica?”

JessicaB on

jessica went as her dad? what did he go as, an honest man?

guest on

They look so cute! They seem like a very happy family. He was a good match for her. That baby is so adorable. Love the name maxwell.

derrikluvjsimps on

This should be on the next People cover! What a great pic! Jess you are beautiful, your baby is a doll and your man is hot!

Kendra on

She looks amazing! Where are all the reporters now calling her “Fat?” You look great Jessica – way to stay true to yourself.

Andrea on

She looks fantastic and maxwell is so cute! Good job on the weight loss Jess! By not losing it all in a month she’s proven that she’s just like the rest of us and doesn’t starve herself. Nice to see such a down to earth woman and family!

Anonymous on

She looks great! Whoo hoo! Body AND Baby!

Nicole on

Make up, a tight corset top, a push up bra, and hair extensions obviously work wonders…..

melissa B on

Go Jessica!! Get it girl!!

Sharon on

She looks great, I am happy for her. Her family is adorable.

Becky on

Yep, I’m jealous..She looks fantastic..Baby Maxwell is such a cute chicken…

LisaD on

I thought Eric was Billy the Exterminator, in a kilt! Jessica looks fantastic, and baby Maxwell is absolutely adorable!

Patti on

I love Jess she looks great and beautiful baby..however I wil admit she looked like Tamera Barney when i first saw the pic..hmmmm

Just My Opinion on

I’ll wait until I see her on a Weight Watchers commercial. Sorry, but this is a photo from her own website. Do you think she would put out anything but a retouched photo? When I stop see headshots of her on the Weight Watchers, then I’m a believer.

Anonymous on

he looks exactly like Kato Kaelin

Anonymous on

Is it just me, or did it seem like she was pregnant for 2 years? she looks beautiful…………..

Anonymous on

I thought the exact same thing.. Dean McDermott !!

Charli Mabriel on

First, good for you Jessica – you look wonderful! WW rocks!

Secondly, I’d like to say a big “I told you so” to all of the terrible people that called her names. I knew she’d lose it and boom, she has! Just because you enjoy your pregnancy & indulge food-wise doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

Tara on

she has an uncanny ability to tart things up.

Amy on

I’m not a Jessica Simpson fan at all BUT she looks gorgeous! And her baby is so precious. I agree that Eric looks like Dean McDermott a lot.

icrochet2 on

Jessica looks like Patsy of AbFab!

kristy on

She looks AMAZING AND GORGEOUS!!!!! Keep it up Jess. Baby Maxwell and Eric look so Cute. : )

Anonymous on

Why is baby’s legs all bare and just dangling like that. It’s disturbing.

traci on

Jessica looks great and Maxwell is too cute!!!

lynn on

Not to be negative Nelly here, but makeup has made her face look thinner and she really does not look like this. Next week there will be a much bigger, not so pretty picture of her out there-anyone wanna bet? So tired of hearing about her figure. Just go away and be happy. Guess the stars need their fame or they cannot live.

Anonymous on


MollyF on

Yeah, I love when people like Annoymous say, “Sorry to be a negative Nelly but,” and then insults someone. Jessica looks great. Weight Watchers seems to be helping her out. As a fellow Weight Watcher, she looks great. Weight Watchers is a great program. And Maxwell looks so cute in that chicken outfit.

Jeana on

Jessica looks beautiful and the baby is one of the prettiest babies I have seen-Great family photo and the chicken outfit is too cute!!!

Catherine on

Okay so Laurie’s comment is by far the best. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’! =)

carolyn on

People regardless is going 2 have something 2 say. I guess that what makes some people day. What ashame! Ur baby girl, U,& Ur man are beautiful. So stay strong, live 4 the future take care of ur baby & be happy.

Jade on

She looks amazing! Keep up the good work Jessica.

Cappy84 on

Jessica looks super hot! Go jes!

Anonymous on

Jessica looks AMAZING!!! Keep it up girl- your family is beautiful and your daughter is precious!! πŸ™‚

DeeAnn Pruitt on

SO tired of her. Seriously. Can’t sing. Can’t act. Why is she famous, other than for her mouth and her chest?

Nikki on

I thought it was Dean McDermott too!!

She looks awesome and the baby, of course, is precious!

jacki on

nicole, jessica has always had huge boobs and she is very beautiful without makeup.

Rosey on

What a cute family pic!

laurenashley66 on

maybe for xmas she can give her a girls name πŸ™‚

Julianna on

Look at Maxwell’s cheeks! She’s an adorable, precious baby!

harr on

gorgeous family!! wow jessica is hot!!

alexis on

jessica looks amazing n maxwell is such a beautiful baby.. grt looking family!

Jess on

damn she looks great!!

marty on

Jessica is sexier then ever!! luv that baby!

Another Sharon on

Jessica looks good!!!!! Great picture!

Anonymous on

laurie.. That is sooo weird. I thought the same thing.. lol

Daffygrams on

Too cute!

LA on

Jessica, you look gorgeous! Eric lookin good too (the hair is a lil like Kato) bahaha! Maxwell is a little doll! So cute! Love your family! Happy 1st Halloween Maxwell!

lola on

Loving it, she looks amazing!!

Anonymous on

must be nice what a little money can get you. A personal trainer, etc,etc. Rest of us stuggle for years to get the weight off.

Anonymous on

AGH. Does JS always have to make that same face??

Nancy on

Jessica looks great and Maxwell – well I just wanna bite those chubby baby legs!

pixie on

She’s lookin’ quite sexy.

Cesa on

Jessica looks fabulous, and that cute chicken is an adorable asset to a wonderful family.

Merie on

Ah dorable

Brianne on

Jessica, way to go on dropping the baby weight; you look GREAT! Maxwell is a PRECIOUS lil chicken!!!

Gal Capone on

If losing weight was sooo easy that all it took was access to a personal trainer there would be no overweight celebs. Always those who make that ignorant comment. Jess looks great. Those neck up promos for WW had me worried. Lol. Good for her for putting in the hard work to get the weight off.

Rayne on

WOW Jessica looks spectacular! She obviously has worked so hard getting back in shape, She is stunning and Maxwell is such a beautiful baby!!!

Lauren on

This is not a bad comment about Jessica. I think she looks great!! With that said, I can just picture her daughter looking at this picture years down the road and saying something along the lines of “GEEZ MOM!!! Boobs much!?!?”

Patsfan on

Is that chicken of the sea???

dustin on

amazing! the whole family!!

Terri on

Jessica all your hard work has paid off. You look AMAZING!!!

Rachel on

The jealousy some people are showing on here is hilarious..she looks great!

Anonymous on

this has got to be the best Halloween picture I’ve seen today! Jessica is beautiful and her baby looks like a little doll. Good for her, she looks great!

janet on

Wow Jessica looks great! the picture is simply adorable.

janet on

cute family picture for halloween. Jessica looks amazing.

guest on

Well that photo will serve the child well during future therapy sessions.

Kelly on

Jessica looks amazing! I think she looks great at any weight, but glad to see she looks happy and healthy.

Dallas on

Wow Jessica looks AMAZING!!!! look at her mouth and her babies…LOL identical!!!!!!

Marky on

Jessica is looking great; obviously whe is working hard and sticking to WW.

“must be nice what a little money can get you. A personal trainer, etc,etc. Rest of us stuggle for years to get the weight off.” No, lots of us don’t struggle for years to get the weight off, but you should NOT use the “wah, I’m not rich, so I have to be fat” excuse. I didn’t have money, in fact we were broke after #3, but I could exercise when the kids napped, and I did it in the living area by myself. I walked while pushing a stroller 12 blocks to the store and back. That “must be nice to be rich and have a personal trainer crap is just that, jealous crap. Not everyone is rich, and not everyone can be as skinny as Miranda Lambert, but you can eat healthy without a chef, and you can exercise without a trainer! And WW is cheap…..

dudley doright on

they look scary

Katie on

Jessica looks AMAZING! She’s been given such a hard time about her appearance and her hard work has paid off! This is such a cute family picture πŸ™‚

Wendy on

I love this picture! What a beautiful family they are!

jb on

He looks bored to tears….maybe even a little embarrassed. Also, besides resembling Dean McDermott, he bears an uncanny resemblance to Papa Joe Simpson. Yeck.

Alexia on

Very cute. I’m a sucker for adorable animal costumes on little kids.

Jennifer on

Wow! Jess looks AMAZING!! Good for her. And what a cute baby! Awesome pic.

erin on

she looks fabulous, good for her

Alex Genie on

Maxwell definitely inherited Jessica’s pout! What a great little family. Jess looks amazing!

Anonymous on

Jess looks great and lil Maxwell is too cute.

T Mama on

Maybe he’s *trying* to look like Dean! I thought the same thing when I saw the picture.

sandy on

I knew there was a slim waist under those big bulky sweatshirts. She looks AMAZING!

grace on

Jessica is so hot!! πŸ™‚ Beautiful family.

guest on

Wow, Jessica looks AMAZING!!! I always thought she was gorgeous anyway, but good for her!

Guest on

Hello, boobs.

margie o on

My first thought when looking at this picture: “Holy boobs, Batman!”

The.Pretty.One on

Great photo of the family, HOWEVER is it just me or are her boobs doing something weird. Looks like the left one is one cinch away from breaking free. Yowzers!

Norah on

I thought it was Dean McDermott, too, and I kept thinking, “What has Tori Spelling done? She doesn’t look like herself at all. And where are all their other kids?”!!!

Norah on

Am I missing the theme here? The baby’s a chicken, he’s from Braveheart, and what’s she?

Emry on

Jessica, its Halloween, your supposed to dress up and you didnt.

Paula on

Love, love, love it!

Maija on

Nick dodged that bullet. Kid is just too little to go through the trauma of all those feathers and then the flashlights.

lynn on

This is not about the baby, but her. They are not even dressed up in a group costume. What does the baby chicken costume have to do with hers? She cannot stand not having her picture taken and being in a magazine. Funny Hollyweird likes to take pictures and use media when they want, then they complain they have no privacy.

Nicole on

Ah so jealous! She lost her baby weight faster then I am losing mine and she had lots more to lose!

cami on

she look great and i’m glad she lost the weight i’m in the process my self and on ww … only wish they had smiled in the picture … bb maxwell is so cute.

AmandaC on

I thought that was Dean McDermott at first! Baby Maxwell has suck pretty skin tone and Jess looks fabu!

Stacy on

I think Jessica looks SO great!! Good for HER! I’m so happy she lost the baby weight- ( always knew she would) and what a cute family picture!!

valeskas on

Wow, Jessica, Wow.

Dee on

They all look great….it’s fun when the whole family get into the Halloween spirit of dress up πŸ™‚

dancer92136 on

Wow…you proved all those nasty negative people wrong. You look AMAZING. Your daughter is the cutest chicken ever, and you look happy. GOOD FOR YOU JESSICA!!!

mg on

Looking good Girl!!


awww… baby is adorable. Jessica you look like a Hot Mama!

Jennifer on

Being cinched into a corset will give anyone a seemingly smaller waistline and boobs up to your throat. Plus, this isn’t a Papz pic, it’s one SHE posted on her own website. Photoshop anyone?

That said, the baby makes a cute chicken. Though I’m sure she told everyone the baby was dressed up as tuna.

Hea on

Maija – Trauma? Really?

Julesy on

I really wish these people would go away. They get on my last nerve.

Brooklyn on

Cute picture!