Jewel: I Have Five Halloween Costumes for Kase

10/30/2012 at 12:45 PM ET

Jewel: I Have Five Halloween Costumes for Kase
Courtesy Jewel

The holiday season is gearing up for a good start in Jewel‘s household — and the excitement is set to begin on Halloween.

The first-time mama and her husband Ty Murray have already compiled quite the collection of costumes for their son Kase Townes.

“He’s going to be about five different things, he’s going to have more costume changes than a Cher concert,” Jewel, 38, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “He’s going to be a chicken, a hammerhead shark [and] a little monkey. [And] at least two other ones.”

But for her baby boy’s day-to-day style, the songstress and children’s book authorΒ works to keep a balance between comfortable and country.

“There are days that I put him in little cowboy boots and a little plaid shirt, which is very cute,” says Jewel, who lives with her family (and their menagerie of animals!) on their 2,400-acre Texas ranch.

And while the new parents are still “grooming” their 15-month-old to help with the farm’s daily chores, Jewel shares he is excelling at all of his major milestones — including perfecting his furry friends’ signature sounds.

“He makes lots of animal sounds. He can do the monkey, the dog, the goat, the duck,” she reveals, adding he imitates the animals when he spots them on the property. “Especially cows. He likes the cows a lot.”

Jewel: I Have Five Halloween Costumes for Kase
Courtesy Murray Family

— Anya Leon with reporting by Amy Jamieson

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joan on

he is such a cute kid! Those cheeks!

Sandy on

Why 5 costumes? Talk about spoiling!

debianddaisy on

Love it that he’s doing such great things, rather than spending all day out at celebrity sightings. Kids need that grounded lifestyle and he sounds like he’s having fun. And I had a hard time limiting myself to one costume for my daughter,… much fun dressing them up!!!!!!

Noneya on

He is so freakin’ adorable! Great job Jewel and Ty!

Melisa on

I have loved both of the them separately for a long time, and now together. They are such a beautiful family and that little boy is a cute little bugger!!!

auntblue on

Kase looks just like his daddy! He will look adorable in all of his Halloween costumes.

abby on

Kase is adorable ,,and he is going to look so cute in all five of his Halloween costumes. He also looks like his daddy!

jessica laine on

I’m sure he will look adorable in all of them… but may be a little bit of overkill, no?

kelley on

What an adorable photo.

Nancy on

Cutest. Kid. Ever.

Anonymous on

A little bit of overkill on the costumes, but glad to sweet this sweet jewel happy and contend.

LisaD on

How sweet! Love this family!!

Lisa B on

He looks as mad as can be! LOL. So cute! Enjoy these moments, Jewel! πŸ™‚

fanofboardwalkempire on

Just the cutest face!

Stella on

The cutest little boy…..would love to kiss those precious chubby cheeks…. πŸ™‚

Alana on

Very sweet! She seems like a wonderful, grounded, down-to-earth mother. More articles about her and people like her please!

DJo on

Jewel is getting prettier every day!

yf on

Really? Five outfits in this economy? When the rest of us are scraping by to get our children one? What a useless story!

cmack on

Jewel has worked hard for the $ she has earned, so if she wants to buy her son five HUNDRED costumes, she should be able to do so without ignorant comments from jealous people. Don’t be bitter & hateful just because you’re not wealthy. Time to grow up & quit being envious of others who have more than you have, and quit being catty.

joan on

to yf – at least she is trying to support the economy!

cmack on

Right joan?!?

Anonymous on


Mys on

I had about that many costumes for my kid’s first halloween too lol. We got all of ours at thrift and yard sales and ended up using them as dress up clothes.

meghan on

yf, Jewel does charity work for child hunger. She can spend her own money however she wants. It’s her first Halloween as a mother, if she wants to go overboard, that’s her right.

cmack on

Seriously Meghan! Thank you. People like YF really are the definition of whiners.

ecl on

I don’t really care how many costumes she bought her kid, but the comments here do bother me and they come up over and over again on this site. Just because someone has the money and right to do something, doesn’t mean they should. Hummers for personal use is a prime example of something rich people have a right to buy, yet harm the greater good.

MrsFish on

For goodness sakes Ecl there is a HUGE difference between buying hummers and buying Halloween costumes. How does buying Halloween costumes harm the greater good? For all you know, she will donate them so that some other little kid can enjoy them next year. If you are really worried about the greater good, actually do something about it as opposed to complaining about how many Halloween costumes Jewel bought her son, for heaven’s sake!

ecl on

As I stated, I have NO PROBLEM with her buying those Halloween costumes. I am simply stating that the argument people make in the comments section over and over again on these pages is obnoxious. And making an argument to the contrary isn’t the same as whining. Also, making an argument doesn’t preclude me from working for the greater good. They are not mutually exclusive.

poor baby on

Poor Kase, doesn’t look too happy. Must be thinking about those 5 costumes his parents want him to wear. lol

Anonymous on

meghan- This is NOT Jewel’s first Halloween as a mother, it’s her second. It says in the article that Kase is fifteen months old, meaning that he was three months old last Halloween. πŸ™‚

I DO agree with your point, though. If Jewel wants to buy her son five costumes, what’s the big deal? She’s not hurting anyone by doing so! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I also want to point out that we have no way of knowing that Jewel actually bought all those costumes. Some of them may have been gifts from friends or family members.

Peggy Smith on

Come on … five costumes for a kid that age? Get real!

vbaby on

I agree with you. What a waste of money. He will prob be spoiled

JM on

I do love the double standard that if this was suri cruise or the jolie-pitt kids LOTS of people would be talking about how the kid is probably already a spoilt brat because he has 5 halloween costumes. different rules for different celeb parents on this site, always has been the case, always will be the case.

personally i don’t think any kid needs five halloween costumes but i also do not care if she wants to buy her kid five halloween costumes, none of my business, just because it’s not how i would raise my child, does not mean that she shouldn’t, that’s up to her. i just hate that there are these double standards…..

avalyn on

He is adorable.

As for those complaining about multiple costumes. at least in my experience, when my brother was younger (his first 2 halloweens) he had to costumes. Was it because we wanted to spoil him? No, it was a simple matter of my mom bought him a costume and my grandparents did as well. They both saw something cute and bought them for him. What we did was on the day trick or treat happened at our house, we dressed him in the costume my mom bought. Then when trick or treat happened at my grandparents, we dressed him in theirs. That way everyone’s costumes were used, no one had hurt feelings. Maybe that is the case here. That things were bought by her and Ty as well as family.

avalyn on

I noticed a typo in my last comment it should say two costumes not to costumes. I pressed w key but it didn’t work like it should have. I have been having issues with it . Very temperamental. But I wanted to correct it!

Anonymous on

To the people saying Kase will be spoiled…It’s very common for babies, especially firstborns, to be a bit spoiled for the first couple years of their lives. But then it usually tapers off quite a bit. I suspect that’s what will happen with Kase. πŸ™‚