Zac Hanson: Our Sons May Form a Future Band

10/29/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

Zac Hanson: Our Sons May Be a Future Boy Band
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Their singing careers began with their sensational single “Mmmbop,” but these days, the Hanson brothers are juggling their fan following with their own brood of babies.

And with nine children between the three of them, the multi-talented musicians admit balancing the best of both worlds isn’t always so easy.

“I think the last … four years in a row we did right around 40 to 50 shows in the U.S. every year,” Isaac, who along with wife Nicole are parents to sons Clarke Everett, 5½, and James Monroe, 4, says during Tuesday’s episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, airing at 10 p.m. on OWN.

“It can be a hard thing. We all have kids and wives and lawns to mow,” Zac, dad to Shepherd, 4, and Junia Rosa Ruth, 22 months, with wife Kate, quips.

Recently becoming a family of seven with the arrival of daughter Wilhelmina Jane earlier this month, Taylor, 29, takes the blame for “off-setting the scales” with Jordan Ezra, 10, Penelope Anne, 7, River Samuel, 6, and Viggo Moriah, 3½, his children with wife Natalie.

“Zac and I don’t have that many between the two of us!” Isaac, 31, jokes.

But amid the chaos of kids, there may be a future band in the making; The famous fathers liken the relationship between three of their sons to their own tight-knit trio.

“Each of us have a boy that was born in 2008 — they sort of fit our roles,” Zac, 27, explains. “Viggo … he’s kind of the mastermind, and Isaac’s 4-year-old Monroe, he’s kind of the show man, the frontman, he’s very outgoing. And my son Shepherd … he hits things! He’s sort of the muscle.”

“He’s like, ‘Hey, Shep…” Isaac says with a laugh, leading Zac to interject, “‘Go beat that kid up. That kid stole my lollipop, beat him up!'”

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

Forget the heartbreak of Justin Timberlake getting married…..hearing Hanson talk about their children is making me feel like my heart was shredded in a blender. My inner 12 year old is devastated 😥

Meghan on


Niki on

This is an adorable story!

Vanessa on


tayzbeth on

These guys are great people and musicians … their career over the last 15 years has been a joy to follow. Their new music is always a thrill to discover and their generous humanity is charming and heartwarming.

Tara on

Well said!

Amy on

I love Hanson!!!

itzchezsa on

i really love Hanson because of their music and i have so much respect for them because they have age pretty well..they became very responsible parents and husbands to their respective family and at the same time making all their fans happy..:)..i really hope the whole interview will be posted soon..:)

Megan on

This story makes me feel incredibly old. They’re not much older than I am and I remember when they first came out, time flies…..

hbomb1225 on

Agreed Megan. I still remember my seventh grade locker decked out in Hanson pictures…ahh memories!

crescentmoon on

Love this article!

jessica nelson on

Im kinda obsessed with them still 🙂 They are adorable!!

Alex Genie on

Love them always!

jen_weeks1022 on

I grew up listening to these guys and I still listen to them every day! Love them and love how they seem to be so well grounded and wonderful parents. Hope they never quit with their talent of music. Makes me feel old tho that they are all married with that many kids lol

Willa on

I’m 29 and I can’t imagine having 5 children… how does Taylor and his wife do it?! Kudos to them. These guys are great, I remember being in love with Isaac when I was 13! His wife is HOT.

Tara on

I think it’s wonderful that they have such strong family values and have been able to maintain a strong career! I have been a Hanson fan since 97 and I always will be.

name on

I’m sorry but every time I see them at utica square in Tulsa they are freaking snobs!!!! Just wish they were a little nicer as they want everyone to believe.

Jamie on

Everyone I’ve talked to who lives in Tulsa and sees them around all the time says the exact opposite actually.

Nikki on

I agree willa… But wth were tay n zac thinking??.. Both of them are hotter then there wives.

Jamie on

Long lasting marriages are built on substance, not something as superficial as lust or how hot the spouse is.

Rhonda on

Would be neat to see the little girls in a band too. Especially since these boys have morals and truthfully would love to see a girl group that can maintain a good healthy image for tween girls to look up to.

crescentmoon on

I love how these guys aren’t putting their kids aspirations down. Alot of celebs say they wouldn’t let their kid into acting/performing, but really- if it’s the path they choose, so be it.

Anonymous on

lovely!! Hanson is Love!!!!

mimi on

they just seem so nice and down to earth. lovely guys.

we were all in love with taylor hanson as kids haha.

Andrea on

I wonder how their kids sound in a band? I bet it’s cute!

Cara on

Are the Hanson guys Mormon? Just curious.

Anonymous 2 on

Correct English – when you are talking of 2 or more it would be “among the 3 of us” not “between the 3 of us” regarding the number of children you have!

Irene Hipertor on

Hanson is the only band I know that can balance career, family, religious and charitable activities. Really good models. I love all their songs and albums. Waiting for their next album. I am a fan and forever supporting them till the last drop of my blood.

ashday on

That sounds creepy :/

Sandy on

How refreshing to see three successful brothers, in the music industry- and none in rehab or bouncing from one women to the next. All have families and are responsible parents- their parents did an excellent job in raising them. What great role models for the kids who grew up listening to their music.

j. Stewart on

WOW! What an impressive trio. Not only gorgeous and multi-talented, but DECENT and well put together too! They are an inspirtation to us all. If they continue like this, they will be happy and successful in the important areas that matter in life-the ones that LAST!!! Blessings to them in every way. They deserve it. Now if others could only follow their lead…….

k on

Good morals and role models????
After talking about their religious upbringing and how God comes first in their lives for all those years in the beginning, trying to sell this wholesome family band that was Hanson, Taylor’s wife Natalie was 4 and a half months pregnant when they got married and Isaac’s wife Nikki was almost 3 months pregnant when they got married. The only one with good morals and could be seen as a role model would be Zac for sticking with his faith no matter how many groupies were around him. If you don’t practice what you preach then you are not a good role model and if you’ve knocked up your girlfriends before you’ve married them then you don’t have good morals.

Jamie on

Right, because we all know Christian kids having premarital sex has never happened before. Give me a break, get off your high horse and stop judging. These men are legit, don’t be such an uptight prude.

Megan on

Love them!! 🙂

Jenny! on

They had 1 or 2 songs that were ok, pretty much 1 hit wonders why come out again when they got so much to take care of like the kids. Didn’t care for them much, and i can’t stand when boys sit with thier legs crossed 😦

Jamie on

They never left the business, they’ve been making music all along. They just went indie, so it’s not like they ‘came back.’ They’re one of the most respected bands in the industry now.

brooke on

sure there’s lots of love & chaos when they all get together. kudos to them for juggling it all pretty well. hope to hear some new music soon 🙂

Shannon on

@Cara, no they are not mormon. Evangelical Christian I believe.

Kelsey on

What a sweet story. I will forever be a Hanson fan…& now there’s hope that someday my 20 month old daughter will have an amazing band to follow just as I have since I was 12! 🙂

Anonymous on

I love Hanson still! Awesome band. Great clip, thank you for posting.

Windy on

Omg! I absolutely love Hanson! Its almost hard to believe its been 15 yrs since MMMBop came out, and I drove my sisters and parents crazy when I would turn Hanson up full blast in my room!

Marie on

Zac’s wife is absolutely stunning.

Jennifer on

LOVE Hanson!! But reading some of these comments about the wives appearances is disheartening. Some people are obviously not over the fact that Taylor and Zac are married. Natalie and Kate are beautiful women. Don’t try and make it seem as though they are not. You should be ashamed of your judgmental attitudes. Especially if you claim to be a fan of this band.

Jamie on

Yeah, it’s really sad and pathetic. It’s been over 10 years, get over it already.

Anonymous on

Ike has the best looking wife.. Just being honest. Shes also very nice.. The other 2 or never very friendly. I dont get it. get over urself. The stinky attitude will make any woman unattractive

Renee on

Hey Anonymous, you are straight up lying! I’ve met both Natalie and Kate and they couldn’t be sweeter people. Haters to the left. Its just so unbelievably disgusting to me that fans would treat their families like that. I’m sorry but I have had it with people like you! You are never going to be with Taylor or Zac so stop being such a b. Get a life because they sure have one with their beautiful families.

Jamie on

AMEN! A lot of fans are really disgusting to them.

Anonymous on

For ur info Renee. Ike has always been my favorite. I have met all of them several times and on several occassions. I stand by what I said.. If it was just one time. Thats cool.. Everybody has a bad day now again… But 6 different times ive meet them… Maybe u should tell them to get over there selfs. Ugh

Jamie on

And lots of fans have said the opposite when meeting the wives several times. Don’t act like it’s a fact they’re bitches because you had bad experiences. A lot haven’t. Maybe get over YOURSELF for feeling so self- important.

S on

Go soak your head, k.

Jamie on


Anonymous on

Wow. You guys r nuts. Lol

Eman on

Funny if non of there kids become famous. Probably the only reason they are having so many kids.

Jamie on

Except not, they’ve said befor it’s not their first choice of a career for their kids. They have a lot of kids because they’re Evangelical. Do your research first and try again.

Lacey on

i remember when MMMBop came out and then i never heard about them again (i thought they were one hit wonders), until this year. i heard some of there songs and they are great. so what if Isaac and Taylor knocked up there girlfriends, people do make mistakes.