Baby No. 2 on the Way for Ian Ziering

10/29/2012 at 11:40 AM ET

Ian Ziering Expecting Second Child

Ian Ziering and wife Erin are preparing for the patter of more little feet — their second child is on the way this spring, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.

“I feel blessed, having a family is something that I’ve always wanted,” the actor, 48, says. “Having a second child is the realization of a dream come true.”

The couple are already parents to daughter Mia Loren, 18 months. “We tell her ‘baby’ and point to Erin’s belly,” Ziering, who married his wife in May 2010 explains. “Now she points to Erin’s belly and says, ‘Baby.'”

Erin is in her second trimester and the baby Β­– whose sex is unknown — Β­is due in May.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star continues to act, produce, direct and pitch TV show. Says Ziering: “I have a lot of irons in the fire.”

— Diane Herbst

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Angela on

I just love him, and their daughter sure is a cutie!

Tee Tee on

I’m so excited for them! Ian seems like a really good father and it’s so nice that Mia will have a little brother or sister!

JAG on

Wow! I never would have guessed he was pushing 50! Congrats to you guys on a beautiful little girl and the new bundle of joy on the way!

Jessica on

Wow…I had no clue he was that old…he’s a only a few years younger than my father…he’s still hot though

Wendy Scott on

OMG that family photos is adorable!

Isabelle on

Beautiful family. Congrats on the new addition.

Deb on

48 and still having children? I find that selfish, sorry.

Guest on

Why Deb?

Kathleen on

Not selfish and its not your life or choice

Michelle on

There it is, always one Debbie downer. I think it’s selfish to expect everyone to live by your timeline.

Think 48 is too old, then don’t have kids that old. I promise they aren’t worried about your opinion.

Congrats to them!

gloria on

Deb Downer. . .why is that too old? U ALWAYS comment negative stuff on peoples pages. U said ugly things about Tori Spelling and now Ian. U must live a very boring and pathetic life because of your ugly comments. Stop being a downer!! Oh and by the way, my husband is 58 and I am 38 and we are pregnant. If that makes us selfish then by God I love being selfish. Mind your own damn business!!

Nancy Smith on

Does anyone else find it strange that she is in her SECOND trimester, and she’s not due until MAY. Are women pregnant longer these days? It’s only October!

Taraakapinky on

Thanks for apologizing, deb, because that was rude and ignorant and nobody asked you.

Cammy on

Deb, in response to your comment:
If Mr. Ziering is lucky enough to live to be 90 or older, (and he looks darned good for 48) his children will be in their 40’s…. he will get to experience a good portion of their lives. I’m sure they won’t feel that he was being selfish for being their Dad. πŸ™‚

Laura on

Aweee πŸ™‚

Lori on

Deb, would you rather him have fathered children when he was very young just to please your warped sense of selfishness? I am glad he waited and is stable and in a happy marriage! Get a life and quit judging. And my guess would be, you were a pregnant teen a just a little jealous that you never had a life.

Krista on

Congrats to the happy family!!

Krista on

Cute dog!

weezer on

To Deb, it isn’t selfish at all! People are living until their 80’s and 90’s!!! If anything a more mature parent can give more than a young one (emotion, time and money).

KiKi on

Man he looks great for 48. Loved him in 90210! Congrats on the coming addition!

denise on

Best of luck!!!!!!

Reesca on

@Nancy Smith, it just seems like women are pregnant longer, however, she is actually right on track for a delivery in May. She must have just hit her second trimester before announcing this, so she’s between 12-16 weeks depending on when in May she is due, however I suspect it’s closer towards the beginning of the month. I know this because I have a child who was born in mid-May and I hit my second trimester in November.

Cinder Lou on

Go ahead and rag me all you want, but I’m going to side with Deb on this one. My parents were in their early 40s when I was born, and my entire school years other kids asked me if my parents were really my grandparents. I found it incredibly embarrassing as a kid. I offer congratulations to Ian and Erin on fulfilling their dreams, but I feel for the children as they grow up.

Anonymous on

It is a personal choice to have children later in life. My mother had me when she was 43 I too am 48 and she is now 91 and still doing really well and living a very independent life. However, I personally would never have children at that age as it was tough growing up with parents so much older than all my friends and it did affect our relationship. It was more like having a grandmother instead of a mother. But things are different these days, more and more people are choosing to have children later in life so it will not seem that unusual for the children compared to my experience. Just my two cents worth…

Stef on

Why on earth do people have children close to or over 50! He has “a lot of irons in the fire” okaayy

Jessica on

Their daughter is adorable!

Jen on

Nancy – there is NOTHING strange about her being in her 2nd trimester!

Pregnancy hasn’t changed…. it is 40 weeks… she is likely due at the beginning of May and so just starting her second trimester.

Halley on

Hard to believe Steve Sanders is almost 50! Crazy! I dont think it matter so much that he is 48. His wife is much younger, and lets face it, she’ll be the one doing most of the work.

9021ohyeah on

He used to be married to a plastic playboy gal and now seems to have a very grounded life. Nice for him.

t h on

48?!?!? whaaat? I had to google him to make sure People didn’t make a typo…He looks amazing. Congrats on the baby! Lovely family photo.

Heather on

I wish the picture had the mom and dad a bit closer together. He’s with the dog barely holding the baby’s ankle and nowhere near his wife. It’s almost foreshadowing of most end results of divorces–dad is in the doghouse and mom gets the kids.

agnes on

i’m happy for steve

jane on

i think the downer comments about his age are terrible – having an older dad that can be more present because he isn’t in the prime of building his career can be awesome! Also, i’m confused about the one-sidedness of the age comments – does everyone just not realize how young Erin is? She is about 28. (see their wedding announcement below – she graduated from high school in 2003)

This kid has a mom on the younger side and a dad on the older side, which i’m sure will spark its own controversy, but really, it’s not a bad draw for those kids πŸ™‚ She’s in the prime of child-bearing age and he has the time and stability for kids.

guest on

Deb, having children is always selfish. so what’s your point?

meghan on

Heather, be dumber.

Cindy on

Cinder Lou, I suppose you prefer you’d never been born at all? Love listening to the ingrates whine about older parents. Eyeroll.

Danielle on

Deb, how is that selfish to be 48 and a parent again? That’s not selfish at all. He has a great career, he’s traveled, seen plenty and lived his life then settled down. That’s playing it smart. Actually; if he was 20, still living with his parents, unemployed, no interest in a college or trade school with a pregnant girlfriend and expecting his parents to take care of the baby. Now that’s what real selfishness is.

jane tyler on

I am the child of a father who was 52 when I was born and my mother was in her 30’s. I was never “embarassed” by my father and if anyone ever asked about the situation, I would explain it and that would end it. I would not change a thing, as my father’s wisdom, patience and sense of self made up for anything I missed in having an older father. In fact, he was already winding down a successful career, was no longer an avid sports fan, etc… so he probably was around alot more than many fathers. Being young has NOTHING to do with your ability to be a good parent.

jane tyler on

Cinder Lou on October 29th, 2012

Go ahead and rag me all you want, but I’m going to side with Deb on this one. My parents were in their early 40s when I was born, and my entire school years other kids asked me if my parents were really my grandparents. I found it incredibly embarrassing as a kid. I offer congratulations to Ian and Erin on fulfilling their dreams, but I feel for the children as they grow up.”

EVERY child is embarassed by their parents at some point…would you rather have been “embarassed” by parents who were alcoholics? Drug addicts? Adulterers? Chronically unemployed? Trailer trash? Disinterested? Abusive? Neglectful? If you have loving, involved parents who are any age, you are ahead of the game.

Ava on

Such a beautiful family. Love the dog too πŸ™‚

Gina on

I think he looks absolutely great for 48. I will be in my early to mid 40s if I ever have kids. It’s has been my goal to be stable and married before having kids. I say good for them!

Susan on

Love this article! I am so happy for Ian and his beautiful family!!!

Ashley on

I guess I’m in the minority too who feels having a child near 50 is selfish. When his child graduates HS, Ian will be close to 70 yrs old. There definitely are benefits to having kids when you’re older and stable than young and immature but hitting close to AARP age when having a newborn is quite unfair to a child. Just the fact that the avg age of death in the US is in the early 80s or so. And let’s talk about generational gap. Sociologically speaking, these two will be worlds apart and thus hard for each of them to fully comprehend each other due to being raised in vastly different eras. We always say our “parents don’t understand” but now it’ll be like my grandparent doesn’t understand. At least they will be loved.

Kristen on

I find it odd that many of you find it weird that a kid could have parents in their 40’s but grandparents who are ONLY in their 40’s seems “normal” to you?

Seriously on

Nancy, many people consider 12 weeks to be the start of the second trimester because of the developmental significance of that time (all major organs/systems are formed and it’s primarily growth of the fetus from then on). If she were 12 weeks today, her due date would be 5/13/2013. However, a lot of celebrities will pad their due date to avoid media scrutiny so it’s somewhat likely she’s due in April making her well into her second trimester. Pregnancy is still the same 40 weeks (9 months + 7 days) that it’s always been!

kiloney on

@ Nancy Smith- I’m due in May and just started my 2nd trimester…do the math my dear..2nd trimester runs from 3 months to 6 months….it is November in a few days and pregnancy’s actually go 40 weeks (which is more like 10 months)

Anonymous on

cinder lou- I doubt Ian’s kids will have trouble because their parents are older. Considering how many people are waiting until they’re older to have kids, most of Mia and her sibling’s classmates will probably have older parents, too….thus making it a “normal” thing for them rather than an odd thing!

Anyway, I don’t see the big deal with a 48-year-old man having kids. Like someone pointed out, a lot of people are living into their 80s and 90s these days (with a growing number even living into their 100s!), so Ian will likely still be around for a good chunk of his kids’ lives (if he lives into his 90s, then his kids will be in their 40s as another poster pointed out).

Also, not all pregnancies are planned, and this baby could have been an “oops!” for all we know. If s/he was, then what exactly were Ian and Erin supposd to do? Abort their child just so s/he wouldn’t have an older dad?!

Anyway, congrats to the family!

Anonymous on

Nice family portrait but it was the dog that brought me here! What a sweet-looking dog! Can I have him/her?

ergad on

huge mistake to have a child at 48 although he is in a different situation i’m assuming. he must have lots of help besides his wife to help raise the wee one. i know from personal experience that raising a child as an older human can be EXTREMELY difficult.

Kaleigh on

Having a child at a young age does not guarantee you’ll be around for much of the child’s life. A friend recently passed away at 25 leaving 2 small children behind. You never know what life will bring, so if he is going to be a good father than age is irrelevant.

gail on

CONGRATS to them.

Victoria on

Congratulations you guys!!!

To those who make bad comments just show who the really are….now come one they were just married in 2010 it has been 2years she’s alittle younger he’s alittle older who cares….congratulations on the newest addition to ur family and many more to follow. Remember age ain’t nothing but a number go live ur life to the fullest and be happy!!!!

Hattie on

Hey Deb,he won’t be alone in his old age.Better late than never too.

Anonymous on

kiloney- You’re spot on except for one thing- The second trimester runs from FOUR to six months, not three to six. The third month of pregnancy is the last month of the FIRST trimester. πŸ™‚

Beeb on

Really? This article says he’s 48?! In my opinion, if that is true, that’s a little late to be having children. He’s going to be old/dead by the time they are graduating college. He looks good though πŸ™‚ All the happiness to them.

cj on

always liked Ian from back in the 90210 days, very happy for them!