Heather Tom Welcomes Son Zane Alexander

10/29/2012 at 06:45 PM ET

Heather Tom Welcomes Son Zane Alexander
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

It’s a boy for Heather Tom!

The Bold and the Beautiful star, 36, and husband James Achor welcomed their first child, son Zane Alexander Achor, on Sunday, Oct. 28 in Los Angeles, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Baby boy weighed in at 8 lbs., 1 oz.

“This was the hardest and best thing that I have ever done in my life,” Tom, who was able to have a drug-free birth, tells PEOPLE. “Zane is truly amazing!”

The couple, who married in September 2011 and announced their pregnancy in May, have another joint production in the works as well. Their new design series, Renovation Unscripted, is set to air on HGTV.

— Sarah Michaud

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Laura on

That’s funny I think Zane was the name of her son on One Life to Live!

evie0370 on

Yes it was 🙂

Beth on

When she was on One Life to Live, her character had a son named Zane—Lol!

Carrow on

Yay Heather! She had the cutest baby bump!!

I’ve watched her since I was 11 from Y&R to B&B =)

Good catch Laura.

evie0370 on


Toni n sauls on

Best of luck with your new son Zane. 🙂

UnKnown on

Congrats to the happy couple!

K.J on

It’s great seeing more women do natural birth! Drug free!

Stephanie on

Honestly KJ, what difference does that make in the grand scheme of things? Who cares if someone has a natural birth or if someone chooses an epidural or other forms of medicinal pain management…that says nothing about the type of mother someone will be and does not make someone more of a woman for choosing that option.

I have worked in that particular field and I can tell you that you’re still a mother whether you go drug free, have an epidural, have a vaginal birth, have a c-section, breastfeed, don’t breast feed and so on. I just hate seeing such emphasis on something that really doesn’t matter.

shopcorie on

Whoooooaaaa! Hold your horses, Stephanie! I, for one, read NO JUDGMENT in the drug-free post. Simply a cheer for the new mama who had the opportunity to experience a drug-free birth. Pretty exciting!

virgo007 on

AMEN!!!….I agree!

virgo007 on

AMEN!!! I agree to Stephanie’s comment!

Jennifer on

Hey…I remember her from Y&R. Congrats !

Niko on

Haha, Heather Tom looks like a brunette Janelle (of BB fame) in this pic, at least IMO. Congrats on ber baby boy, Zane.

Ava on

How wonderful! Love the name too. I met Heather many years ago when she did a play. She was so sweet and down to earth, as was her sister, Nicholle. I wish this family all the best 🙂

NickyGiGi on

My Zane Alexander is 4 years old and is a total nut! Hope its not the name:-)

lynn on

Congrats. Still love her the best as Victoria Newman Y & R. Wish she would return to that soap-they were crazy to let her get away.

Toni Madewell on


Lauren! on

Great, another mom that wants to boast that they had a drug free delivery. I suppose the other moms that had emergency c-sections are worthless since we had to have the drugs and could not deliver naturally. Shame on you and this article!

Holly on

I remember her on YR too, I liked her on that show and I like the the name and middle name she chose.

Tina ") on

To Heather,
I hope when they hand out the Soap Opera award’s, they think of you first..for what you did while pregnant is real life and what you went through on Bold and the Beautiful with having the baby, heart attack, while you were pregnant was just unbelieveable..You need to be commended, I just started watching Bold and the Beautiful because All my Children was no longer on..so I started Bold…but you are one of the greatest actress’s of all time..Congratulation to you and your husband…wish you all the best, what life has to offer..

cindy on

She shouldn’t get a Emmy for crying. That’s how she won them all. Crying.

Tina ") on

The greastest actress in Soap Opera history..you deserve it..the work you put into Bold and Beautiful was tremendous..especially the heartattack, having a baby, and pregnant in real life..Your a great lady Heather..I just started watching Bold and the Beautiful..you put a lot of work into that story line..I was even worried for you being pregnant..Great Actress, beautiful too..congratultions to you and your husband..many wishes..”)

B on

Wow they waited a long time.. Very happy it all panned out!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! As a side note, is it just me, or does it seem like every celebrity baby born lately has been a boy? 😉

Tania on

Agreed, she’ll always be Victoria to me! Congrats!

a oliverlane on

Congrats, so happy for them!@ she definitely deserves Emmy nom for her work next yr!!

pug_lover on

I didn’t know she was really pregnant! That explains why she’s suffering from post-partum and has run off on the Bold and the Beautiful! Congrats!

monease on

yea, Heather congrats…….Now it makes sense, why the writers on the BBB, wrote Heather Tom aka Katie logan Spencer, out as running off and abandoning her husband and baby. She needs to abandon that piece of crap of whom she calls husband. I wonder how long will Heather be gone? We all know the baby she had back in sept will be a full grown man, when she comes back from maternity leave (LOL)…..

Rhonda on

Congratulations Heather! It seems that you were pregnant for years…..LOL

Mindy on

Congrats! Excited to hear that she had an unmedicated birth.

Lauren, we don’t need to hide that we are excited for ourselves. Sure some moms need a cesarean, and some moms have ones that they don’t actually need but may have been convinced that they do, and some choose surgical birth and some choose to use drugs, but we don’t need to pretend to be ashamed of our choice.

cookie on

Congrats Heather.Like someone else said,you will always be Victoria Newman.

texaschickeee on

I’m glad for her. She stared with Y&R. went to OLTL and went back to the Bells to B&B. She shows a lot of power as a women to have a drug free birth.

brenda on

Been watching her forever on my favorite soaps!! Congrats

jecca64 on

Congratulations. I literally saw her growing up on camera on both of CBS soapopera shows. Always liked the three siblings, including the old young Billy on Y&R.

sherquetta on

congrats to her and her husband

Mira on

Except, Stephanie, it does make a difference how you deliver. There’s more and more scientific research that proves that c-sections are worse options both for mother and for the baby than a vaginal drug-free delivery.

yasemina on

I’m very happy for Heather. But, I’m also a Pro-Life Obama supporter who just feels sad for her aborted child. I know that it must have been a hard decision and she was very young, but I can’t 100% congratulate Heather knowing she chose to terminate the life of what I assume was her first child way back when. This little boy Zane would have had a lovely brother or sister if it weren’t for Heather’s awful decision. So congrats, but I just hope you now understand the magnitude of your choice each time you hold your son.

Mzdiana on

First off you don’t know why she terminated a pregnancy! You have NO RIGHT TO JUDGE! There could’ve been a problem with the fetus! You Libs are so quick to Judge others that it’s Ridiculous! Go Hug a Freaking Tree! I had a child born 17 wks early & went thru Hell, was born dead,16 surgeries & alot of medical problems. When I got pregnant again if there would’ve been the problems as the 1st one, I would’ve had aborted. So until you know all the facts don’t be so judgemental, just goes to show what a fool you are! He how is without Sin cast the 1st Stone. This wasn’t a post about her past you insensitive idiot, its about a new Life! So reserve your judgement & your Pro Life agenda on something else! Its a personal choice not something you get to throw in peoples face!

sherquetta on


anne on

That was her son’s name on One Life!

FaithLynnette on

I’ll always remember her as the “spoiled rich brat” = VICTORIA NEWMAN…on “The Young And The Restless”…hehehe. ALL THE BEST TO HER/HER HUSBAND WITH THEIR PRECIOUS LITTLE BOY…(great name, too!)

Sandy on

TO NICKYGIGI ON OCTOBER 29— SHAME ON YOU. Your comment is rude and totally uncalled for. A baby is a blessing and your comment about your son is rude and shocking.

Anonymous on

Congratulations Heather! I don’t watch very much TV but love to hear about the miracle of a child no matter how they come into this world. I personally had an epidural with my son three yrs ago and when my twins came three months ago I unfortunately had to have a cesarean. If given the choice I would have loved to try naturally but that wasnt to be for safety reasons. And honestly IMO she did an amazing job. To be able to have that experience would make me feel very triumphant. I don’t see why anyone would begrudge her her choice of birthing method period. I’m actually quite envious lol.

God bless them! on

Calm down there Lauren! She is not boasting about it. You don’t know the extent of the interview and for all you know this is the only part PEOPLE decided to print. Wish her well and get over yourself! She never said a thing about those who can’t , won’t, don’t have a drug free delivery.

Seriously on

Seriously, Mira, are you an Obstetrician? If you are, have you delivered every baby on earth? I did nursing clinicals on a high risk labor and delivery unit at a major Los Angeles hospital, and there are many babies and mothers who would have died without medical intervention. A mother’s choices remain between her and her medical staff. Get over yourself.

Mzdiana on

Agree! I had a Placenta Previa Abruption… I had an Emergency C-Section at 23 wks. I was dying & my son was dead at birth! If I would’ve had him vaginally we both would’ve died! Not all pregnancies go the way you want them, no matter how hard you try! The point is we are alive & well. I was given the option with my daughter, I choose C-section, I don’t regret it for one minute! Back 20 yrs ago you didn’t have the luxury of an epidural. But I did have one when I had my hysterectomy, no way did I want to be put under also had epidural with my daughters C-Section. Don’t knock what you haven’t tried!

Robyn on

Congrats Heather! I guess you really liked the name Zane… I wonder where you got the inspiration? Perhaps 1 life to live?

Tracie Smith on

I loved her as Victoria on The Young and The Restless!!

Eileen on

Does this mean she’s leaving B&B for good? I know her character just had a baby and she couldn’t deal with it and was leaving. Is this her out for her new show?

yasemina is an idiot on

yasemina, are you on something? What a bizarre and pointless post! I’m sure Heather doesn’t read the comments here anyway.

I had an abortion when I was 18 and although I regret getting pregnant in the first place, I don’t regret the abortion for a minute. My life turned out amazing and it wouldn’t have if I’d had to deal with being a single mom, had to deal with the jerk father, etc. I now have a fabulous husband, great kids, a high-paying job, and it’s because I made the right choice.

Really, what a woman chooses to do with HER body is nobody else’s business. You can’t expect a woman to suffer through an unwanted pregnancy and ruin her life or hand her newborn to a stranger, just because of your crazy religious fanatic beliefs. Just because you’re a stressed out unhappy bible-thumper, doesn’t mean everyone else shares your warped views.

You can say all you want to try and make a woman feel guilty for having an abortion. I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t feel any guilt. And I hope that drives you crazy. 🙂

Mzdiana on

I so totally agree with you here! I was in your shoes also & did the same. I’m a Christian that made a mistake or Sin, either way its a womans right to choose! These Libs have No Clue! My life turned out for the better too. I think that’s why so many kids are neglected & abused because they were n’t wanted to begin with. I think its a shame to bring a unwanted child into the world. Also if you don’t have the resources to care for a child its more likely to be abused or neglected! I’m all for Pro Choice its better than overpopulating the system & world with unwanted children. Shes obviously an Idiot that has no comprehension of Life!

LuvBigCity on

Awe congrats. My youngest is a Zane : )

fanofboardwalkempire on

congratulations to the family!

Linda on


Laura on

She sure was. She played Kelly Cramer before it was cancelled.

Anonymous on

Good Name. My son and husband are named Zane

olhussy on

OMG I can’t believe some of the comments on here about C-Sections. Do you people think that women like being cut open and having a big beautiful scar? I went through labor, all the way and my son would not come out, when he got in fetal distress they decided to take him. My son weighed 9lbs. 4 3/4’s ounces, just to big for me to have. My other birth was normal,. I don’t think anyone wants a Csection unless its some big movie star who has their priorities mixed up or some Doctor because its convenient for them. My scar, well it’s ugly but it’s there out of necessity. Would I have surgery to correct it, NO Way, everytime I see it I think of my wonderful son and how I almost died having him. You see after I had him I quit breathing in recovery and went right on into ICU. Well now if anyone wants a C’section you are a dam fool. There are just to many risks but if its medically necessary so be it. Oh and I didn’t have any drugs until they had to do the emergency Csection.

Sabryna on

Congrats to the couple. She has always been a good actress and a lady. Never hear negative things about her and that is nice, for a change. At least she is married, and that’s nice, too.

Mzdiana on

CONGRATULATIONS TO HEATHER! I remember her when she first came on Y&R as Victoria also, always been a Fan. If any of you read her Bio, she was raised by a single mother herself. So the comments regarding her alleged abortion is just Ridiculous! Typical Idiocy! Like the saying goes Unless you’ve walked a mile in my shoes who are you to Judge!

Shes a Great actress & a Beautiful Woman. I wish her & her husband all the Best!

Nice to see that the B&B writers have included several important real health issues into the script, i.e., PPD, Cancer & the homeless problem. Love the Show, just wished it was more than 30 minutes. :-\

Mzdiana on


djm on

Her sons name on OLTL was Ace not Zane.

QM on

Actually her son name was Zane. She had a baby by Kevin’s son Duke, which was Zane. Ace is the baby her brother Paul (which was portrayed by her real life brother David Tom) gave her that belonged to Babe on AMC.

Anonymous on

Don’t watch OLTL but my 13 y.o.’s name is Zane…. great choice!

Laura on

Congrats to mom and dad. I’ve watched Heather since the Y&R. She is a great actress and I’m sure will be a great mommy.

Nicole on

Placing a child for adoption isn’t merely “handing a child to a stranger”. Most birth mothers carefully choose parents who can give their child want they can’t out of love. You don’t have to belittle the choices other women make to defend your own.

Mzdiana on

Great Point Nicole! Adoptions are Great, its just Sad that people like Jolie-Pitts don’t adopt kids from here instead of foreign countries. Theres so many kids here that also need homes!

Heather on

People who get so invested in crappy characters on daytime soaps, performed by mediocre actors at best, are losers. Living vicariously through the tv daytime need to diet and exercise. Most fans are overweight recluses. Glad mommy and baby are healthy!

Nicole on

There is no shortage of prospective adoptive parents for birth mothers to choose from. Most adoption agencies have books of profiles of people who have been waiting for quite some time.

jan on

My daughter in law just had a baby two weeks ago and named him Zane alexander how ironic

Anonymous on

Nicole- Thank you for pointing how infant adoptions actually work most of the time. So many people think that putting a newborn up for adoption rather than aborting him or her means putting him or her in the “system” (which I will certainly agree has plenty of issues these days!).

But more often than not it doesn’t. As you said, most women that know they can’t care for their baby for whatever reason but don’t believe in abortion chose their child’s adoptive parents long before birth, and then proceeds to hand the baby over to those parents in the hospital.

You also made an excellant point about how there are far more prospective parents waiting to adopt babies here in the U.S. then there are babies avaliable. Getting adopted is not a problem for U.S. babies!

Older children are a different story, but sadly a lot of the older children in foster care have been abused or neglected in some way, and have a lot of serious emotional and/or behavorial issues because of it. It takes a very special person to properly care for a child like that, and I don’t think it’s right to pressure someone into something they feel they can’t handle just because it seems like the “right” thing to do!

Anonymous on

Oh, and as far as the Jolie-Pitts go, I don’t blame them one bit for not adopting from here in the states. Remember the “stories” the tabs ran about people claiming to be Zahara’s birthmother, Zahara’s bio grandmother, Pax’s birthmother, and Pax’s bio grandparents (and in the case of Zahara’s birthmother, they did it not once but twice…with one of those times being in fall 2007, over TWO years after Zahara was adopted!)?

If they adopted in the states, there would probably be almost CONSTANT “interviews” with people claiming relationship to the child (at the tabs’ urging, of course!). And that wouldn’t be good for ANYBODY involved in the long run (especially the child!).

Basically, I think adopting from the states would, unfourtnately, be a bit too risky for the J-Ps.

Anonymous on

Getting back on topic a bit (sorry for going off on such a tangent!): Did Heather actually ever confirm she had an abortion? Or is that just something that’s rumored?

Also, a response to Mzdiana-
So you can honestly tell me that you look at your precious firstborn and wish that you had known about his/her medical problems beforehand so you could have aborted him or her?!

Wow, just wow! Children with special “challanges” (as I like to call them) aren’t any less deserving of being loved and cherished than “regular” children. I feel sad for your poor child that you apparently see him or her as a burden rather than a gift!

RaChaelMall on


You’re an idiot. You don’t agree with something someone said so you automatically label the “Libs”? Talk about judgmental.

And FYI, most of those “Libs” you hate support abortion rights! They are unlikely to discriminate against anyone who had an abortion. Think for once, would you?

Angela on

I’ve been watching her for years! I love her! Congratulations!

donna on

I am so happy for heather and her hubby and son. Best wishes and good luck. I have always been a fan.

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