Pregnant Lisa Ling Feels ‘Lucky’ and ‘Cautious’

10/26/2012 at 03:30 PM ET

Baby Girl on the Way for Lisa Ling
David Livingston/Getty

With five months of pregnancy behind her, Lisa Ling is considering herself quite fortunate this time around.

“I’ve been so lucky — I have felt completely normal this entire time,” the Our America host, 39, said Friday on Access Hollywood Live. “Other than the fact that I feel like I’m getting this big gut, I didn’t have any morning sickness or anything.”

After suffering a miscarriage in 2010, Ling is understandably prudent this pregnancy.

“I’ve just been trying to be very, very cautious about everything … with diet, with exercise,” she explains.

“I used to do extremely rigorous Bikram yoga in 110 degrees and I would go on these long jogs. So, I’m trying to temper it a little bit. I’m now just doing stairs up and down, which is great to do at hotels.”

Ling and husband Paul Song, whom she married in 2007, are expecting a girl.

— Sarah Michaud

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Katie on

So happy for her! I wish her and her husband the best!

Jennifer on

No sickness during pregnancy can mean trouble so she shouldn’t count herself lucky, she should consider that a warning.

Mrl on

I didn’t have morning sickness with either of my two beautiful, healthy children! So happy for Lisa! Having a child is a miracle!

Maria on

That’s not true Jennifer. I’ve had 4 pregnancies without morning sickness….not a single day. My children were perfectly healthy.

A on

What year are you living in Jennifer? That’s an old wives tale. I never had morning sickness and I have a perfectly healthy 6 month old.

galen on

Kind of a negative comment Jennifer, no?

Ozgirl on

Umm, where did you hear that rubbish Jennifer? I didn’t have a day of morning sickness and my son is fine. I think you need to check your facts.

Good luck to Lisa! It is such a blessing having children and the love that she will undoubtedly feel for her baby.

Kathleen on

Morning sickness is a result of certain pregnancy hormones, and getting sick in that way is a good sign (that’s not an old wives tale) because it indicates that your body is producing sufficient quantities of these hormones. However, every woman is different, and not getting sick isn’t necessarily a sign of trouble.

BH on

I never had morning sickness with either of my children. They both were born very healty and nearly 8 pounds each. Good luck to Lisa and her husband.

Misty on

Not true Jennifer…many women have no morning sickness and have healthy babies.

Anonymous on

I’ve had three healthy pregnancies and babies, no morning sickness with any of them!

Anonymous on

Why would someone post that…being a pregnant woman myself….unless you are a doctor and know that something is wrong! SHUT YOUR MOUTH JENNIFER!

AB on

Not true Jennifer, I never had morning sickness with my son or daughter and had great pregnancies and big healthy babies… 8.5 lbs and 9 lbs.

Colleen on

Jennifer, that is not true. I agree many women have no morning sickness and have healthy pregnancies and babies. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently and each pregnancy a woman has can be comepletely different.

Susan Albert on

Good luck to you and your husband. I was hardly sick with my son and he was a normal healthy baby.

Marky on

I not only didn’t have morning sickness with #3, I had NO symptoms of pregnancy, and found out I was pregnant at 14 weeks when I had my yearly physical! I weighed 104 lbs, and was 5’3″! Imagine my shock, but the baby was born full term and was just fine, so Jennifer, that’s an old wives’ tale that’s bull-honkey!

Anonymous on

Is she saying she did that kind of exercise while she was pregnant before? If so… yikes.

A on

Anonymous, it’s perfectly fine to exercise as normal. She DID NOT cause her miscarriage, if that’s what you were insinuating.

Debbie on

Jennifer – Really – no morning sickness means nothing. Get your facts straight. Had 3 kids and NO morning sickness and they are perfectly fine.

NW Mama on

congrats to the happy couple, hope all goes well for them this time.

I had no morning sickness with my first daughter and had the morning sickness with my second daughter, and that was only with certian types of foods that I ate. Both girls were healthy and fine (8lb3oz & 9lb3oz).

Cassie on

Jennifer, the fact is, 1 out of every 4 pregnancies a woman has can end in miscarriage, whether you have morning sickness or not. I miscarried my first pregnancy (I had some nausea), but studies show the next time around will be absolutely fine.

Lb on

no sickness here..two extremely healthy babies, full term and huge! Best wishes to Lisa and her hubby!

Manomer on

I had no sickness during either of my 3 healthy pregnancies….such a dumb thing to say Jennifer.

Anonymous on

I never had any morning sickness either. The only time I DID have morning sickness, I miscarried. Everybody is different. Congrats to Lisa and her husband!

ThinkPink on

Jennifer, please go have a seat. I was 12 weeks along the day I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t have a single symptom, so of course I was happily shocked beyond belief. My precious daughter was born perfectly healthy and full term, thank you very much!

Heidi on

Jennifer don’t say that – I know friends who had no symptoms at all, didn’t even gain a pound, until they were five or six months along. And myself, I was so sick I couldn’t even move my head, or I’d throw up… and I miscarried all three times.

Lisa does not need to be any more anxious than she probably already is, having had a miscarriage before and taking two years to get pregnant again.

Jules on

Prayers for a healthy baby girl! I really like Lisa!!!

Tee on

Ugh to Jennifer, are you a doctor or anything other than a person with an opinion? Lots of woman don’t have sickness or issues during pregnancy so your comment is totally unfounded. Congrats to Lisa & Paul.

fanofboardwalkempire on

wishing Lisa great happiness and joy in the coming months

Cesa on

Perhaps your doctors said just take it easy. Please listen to them. You only have a a couple of trimesters left, so just put your feet up and relax. You will have the rest of your life to take care of your child. Enjoy your pregnancy and the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Anonymous on

Not all women get morning sickness. I have two wonderful boys and I didn’t have morning sickness with either pregnancy.

erin on

Jennifer, that is such an uneducated thing to say. Best to Lisa and her husband.

kolleen on

So we go from congratulating Lisa and her husband on this joyous event to focusing on a comment that was either rude or just not well thought out. C’mon people….focus.

Sarah on

I am so jealous of you ladies that didn’t get morning sickness! I was positively green throughout all three of my pregnancies!!

Lee on

I carried twins and never had a moment of morning sickness. Everyone thought for sure I would because there were two in there but I delivered two, healthy 6 pounders! Every pregnancy is different, just as every woman is different. Morning sickness or the lack of it does not give you an inkling of what’s to come…

Courtney on

Whew Jennifer – you really started something!

People – Give Jennifer a break. She said “can”.

Congratulations Lisa!!

Irene on

I’ve had 2 kids– no morning sick sickness with either of them and they are both healthy and I had a great pregnancy, labour and delivery.

clara on

OMG everyone, if Jennifer didn’t get it before I’m sure that after the last 65 posts, she now knows what a stupid comment she made.

eavan on

No morning sickness here. Maybe 1 day of queasiness. Gave birth to a 10 lb 6 oz bruiser who is now a very skinny 11 year old..

amsjll507 on

To be clear, every one stop arguing now: Morning sickness IS a sign of a healthy pregnancy as it indicates high hormone levels. But the lack of morning sickness does not mean anything is wrong, as everyone pointed out.

Jennifer probably had bad morning sickness and was told it was a good thing. Its an easy mistake to make, that if the presence of something is good then the absence of it must be bad. Now lets drop it, ok? Way to kick a dead horse people.

decapr on

I’ll defend Jennifer . . . I think what she meant to say was that sometimes when there is no morning sickness it can be seen as a sign that your hormones hcg levels may not be as high as they should be.

My fist two pregnancies I didn’t have morning sickness and no worries. My third pregnancy was a little out of the norm and because I didn’t have morning sicknes in the beginning it was another red flag for them to watch me more closely. That’s all. It doesn’t mean anything it could just be an indicator if there are or have been complications.

Congratulations. I wish Lisa and her husband all the best.

Becky on

Best to Lisa and her Husband. I had one complication after another. Was one bed rest off and on. I was green till my ninth month. Had my daughter 2 weeks after not throwing up anymore. So, I got to throw up during labor. I wouldnt change a second of it. She is 13yo, 5ft10in and a straight A student. She is my blessing from the heavens. If we were all the same the world would be pretty boring. All take care.

MyTwoCents on

Ok everyone, so Jennifer doesn’t know everything… Give it a rest now! Congratulations to Lisa & her husband though 🙂

Lea on

Congratulations. I am three months pregnant after having had a miscarriage previously and I know what its like to feel the loss of a pregnancy. Thanks Lisa for sharing your story. It’s inspirational to hear stories that are positive after an initial loss and I know that while grieving the loss of a pregnancy such stories give hope. All the best to you!

Mandy on

Ugh I had morning sickness with my miscarriage so, not having it is NOT a sign of danger. I had another healthy pregnancy with morning sickness as well after the miscarriage, and ended up losing that one at 33 weeks to stillbirth due an abruption, pregnant again with morning sickness and so far things are going good at 17 weeks so, morning sickness or no it doesn’t matter. I wish her the best since I know the road is not easy. I hope she has a lovely rainbow!

Meghan on

Ugh….I HATE all you women who had no morning sickness. I was sick the whole entire time and even in the hospital for dehydration! Its just so unfair!!! I would have 3 more kids if I could not feel sick during pregnancy….lol. Oh yeah and Jennifer you are a dumbass.

wombwasteland on

Jennifer, please educate yourself before you share such an opinion. Some women get morning sickness, others don’t. It is certainly not a warning. Perhaps you’ve never lost a pregnancy; I suspect if you had, it would have never occurred to you to say such an awful and unhelpful thing.

Anonymous on

I’ll probably get ripped to shreads for saying this, but I actually thought the same thing as Jennifer when I read Lisa’s comments about morning sickness. Having read about how morning sickness is an indicator of a healthy pregnancy because it generally means high hormone levels and all, alarm bells went off in my head when she said she didn’t have any and I felt concerned for her.

However, I’ve calmed back down now that I’ve read the comments…because they reminded me that just because morning sickness is thought to be a sign of a healthy pregnancy doesn’t mean that the lack of it is a sign of the opposite!

I also remembered on my own that the experts only SUSPECT that hormone levels are a major cause of morning sickness. No one really knows for sure what causes that unpleasant side effect of being pregnant, and thus there’s no real way for us to know at this point whether (and if so, how much) morning sickness is actually a “good sign” or not.

In short, I over-reacted and made an honest mistake…the same thing it appears Jennifer did. I personally don’t think she deserves to be bashed for her comments! Politely educated, yes, but not bashed!

Sure on

Dear heavens people, get off Jennifer already.

It’s a proven fact that those who experience morning sickness in early pregnancy are less LIKELY to miscarry. Not that they will, just less likely.

Here, educate yourselves:

krystal on

WOW!! People get off Jennifer’s case it was a simple comment. Most of your comment make it sound like a bunch of bullies on here. I have had 4 pregnancies and 1 that ended in a miscarriage and I had very little to no morning sickness with that one. Morning sickness is caused by a rise in hormones in your body so if you don’t experience morning sickness it could be a sign of problems. She wasn’t saying run to your doctor ASAP because she is going to miscarry she was simply stating a fact. You don’t have to jump down her throat.

kvnlawt on

Morning sickness is toxins leaving your body. She is very healthy to start with. This may be the reason she hasn’t been sick.

moncher on


pug_lover on

aww, congrats! I love baby girls, it’s so fun to buy all the pretty clothes and hair bows! Of course I love my baby boys too, they are all so sweet! You’ve never known true love until you hold your baby in your arms, there is no other feeling in the world that compares!

NBCheryl on

I never felt better than I did while I was pregnant – no sickness, not even a touch of nausea, and had a perfectly healthy baby. Must be an old wives’ tale that Jennifer is referring to!

Tanya R. on

Congras to Lisa and her hubby and hope this pregnancy will be a success!

MAC on

For everyone beating up Jennifer….she is actually right from a scientific/evolutionary perspective. Morning sickness was believed to be a way for women to 1) know they were pregnant and 2) avoid potential toxins that could harm a baby. Obviously, we live in a time where we can take pregnancy tests and don’t have many food safety issues. It’s a trait that is going away via the natural selection process, but still exists in the population. Learn a thing or two before bashing someone!

sunniemonnie on

Jennifer ..really ? I have four children (a set of twins) no sickness each time and all four are healthy ..your comments are really really stupid.

Alyx Smith on

Jennifer YOU are very wrong. Having morning sickness or not having morning sickness does NOT spell mean trouble nor should it be interpreted as a warning. And for the record I never had morning sickness once with either of my two pregnancies and I have two incredibly healthy daughters!

Glenn Viggiano on

Hang in there Lisa, your going to do great. My wife went thru just about the exact same thing. We now have a wonderful 4 yr old girl and 5 yr old boy. Much love

Mandy on

My sister in law had no morning sickness whatsoever with her two boys, then her third pregnancy came around and she was sick for 12 weeks, she had a miscarriage. She had a fourth pregnancy after that and had morning sickness like crazy again. She has two healthy boys and a healthy little girl. Some women don’t have morning sickness, it doesn’t mean anything other than you don’t have morning sickness. Me I’ve been sick all three of my so far pregnancies and lost one at 14 weeks, one at 33 weeks, and now I’m 17 weeks. Morning sickness is NOT an indicator of anything, Toxins leaving the body, lord those of you who said that are miseducated. I’m healthy, eat extremely healthy (no gluten, no red meats, no fat, no sugar, no salt, cook with coconut oil) I don’t know what toxins I’m supposed to have in my body to get rid of but that’s foolish to say that someone is getting rid of toxins while they have morning sickness. Seriously, the only thing morning sickness or lack of means is that you either have it or you don’t.

Ms Jordan on

(responding to Jennifer) My twin sister and I had just one day of morning sickness each during our pregnancies 10 yrs apart. Mine stemmed from having no coffee first thing in the morning (felt better after getting morning coffee) and twin’s morning sickness happened when her husband accidentally elbowed her in the stomach when getting out of bed. Both of our pregnancies went full term with our son’s being fine. Congrats to Lisa and her husband.

Anonymous on

Many women have one miscarriage. Not sure why, but all of my friends have had one.

g kemp on


g kemp on

Wishing you lots of luck and a beautiful healthy baby! 🙂

Courtney on

Jennifer- Not only is that statement completely false, it is also very very hurtful.

My first 2 pregnancies I was sick as a dog and ended up miscarrying both of those sweet babies, and this pregnancy I wasn’t sick at all and am now 25 weeks along with a perfectly healthy baby girl.

Shut your mouth if you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

Kim on

@Jennifer what u said is not true I had no morning sickness now 20yrs later different story ex. tuition housing food hes girl crazy n they love him to ahh currumba

Anonymous on

Kathleen- I think you said it best of all! Jennifer, basically, was both right AND wrong with her comment. She was right in the sense that morning sickness has been proven to be an indicator of a healthy pregnancy and that women who have it tend to have a lower rate of miscarriage than those who don’t.

But she was wrong in the sense that the LACK of morning sickness isn’t neccesarily a bad thing, and plenty of women with no morning sickness go on to deliver healthy babies.

Anonymous on

Also, if you want to talk about old wives’ tales, then let’s talk about the fact that Lisa has had no morning sickness and yet is having a girl. A perfect of example of how morning sickness+girl, no morning sickness=boy IS an old wives’ tale! 😉

N on

I don’t think morning sickness can be associated with high hormone levels… I think everyone just handles the levels differently. I had very high levels with my third… drs. even thought it might be multiples at first.. and I STILL had no morning sickness… just like my other 2 pregnancies.

Congrats to Lisa – I’m a huge fan and she seems like a great person!

CAF on

I’m so happy for her and her family, and I wish them all the best!